Kerberothis was the worst ubuntu upgrade i had ever00:46
Kerberoended up reinstalling00:46
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:27
KilosMaaz, coffee on05:27
* Maaz puts the kettle on05:27
superflymorning Kilos05:27
Kiloshi Vince-0 05:28
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!05:31
KilosMaaz, ty05:31
MaazEnjoy Kilos05:31
Vince-0Hi Kilos05:37
Vince-0Morning Ubuntu-za - time for wek!05:37
superflytime for work? I've already been here an hour!05:39
Kilosyou gotta make allowances for the young and the self employed superfly 05:43
Squirmthanks Kilos05:43
Kiloshi Squirm hows things05:43
SquirmI usually wake up in about 30min time :P05:44
Squirmbut work made me wake up early05:44
Kilosah you wet the bed?05:44
Kilosyou still there near newcastle Squirm ?05:45
SquirmNewcastle is about 1/1.5 hours away. if you consider that near, then yes05:45
SquirmMaaz: coffee for all05:46
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already05:46
SquirmMaaz: thanks05:46
MaazSquirm: No problem05:46
Kiloswhew i lost, forget where you are exactly apart from near a dam05:46
Squirmnever heard of the place05:46
KilosMaaz, coffee please05:46
MaazKilos: There isn't a pot on05:46
Squirma town called Winterton05:46
Kilosoh yes thats it05:47
Kiloswhat are you doing now Squirm 05:47
SquirmI'm and IT Techy05:50
Squirmand it finally got interesting05:52
Kilosin winterton05:53
Squirmmaybe not *interesting*, but better than it's been05:53
SquirmKilos: yep05:53
Kilosor you doing online work05:53
Squirmin WInterton05:53
Kilosthats good though. the winterton i member was to small to have more than 5 pc's in the wghole town05:54
Squirmjust got a new client, lots of work needs to be done there. he has a big pig farm and lots of work. he didn't trust the other IT guy he used05:54
Squirmbut he set up the network right, many network cables and they're all just jumbled up behind the main PC05:55
Kilosgive it your best shot. the name you make for yourself when young you carry with you to the end05:55
Squirmguess who has to sort them out05:55
Kilosyeah ian also bitching about the last guys mess ups05:56
Squirmit's a pain05:56
Squirmbut when you get paid per hour, shouldn't complain hey...05:56
Kiloslol no05:56
Squirmgoing to get a rackmount switch and stick it all nicely in that05:57
Squirmrather than having 2 small 8-port switches05:57
Squirmit's not a *lot* of cables like some guys are used to, but it's just a business :P05:58
Squirmand finally getting to setup the Long Range CPE's in the field ^^05:58
Kilosyeah but make him happy and he will tell others05:58
Squirmsee how they play out05:58
SquirmUbiquiti NanoStation M505:58
Squirmhe's on a farm, so linking his butchery, offices, house, etc. they're all spaced apart05:59
Squirmand hopefully going to install IP cameras :)06:00
Kilosian is also doing lots of that for security etc06:01
Kilosbut all the software only works on windows06:01
Squirmyes :(06:01
Squirmanyways, I'm off06:10
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:11
maiatodayhi Kilos06:11
enderjullle staan te vroeg op06:12
Kilosmôre ender06:13
enderhi Ook Kilos :006:13
maiatodayender, ek werk al :)06:13
superflymoring maiatoday, ender06:16
maiatodayhi superfly06:17
enderhi superfly 06:20
magespawnmorning all06:38
Kiloshiya magespawn 06:46
magespawnhowdy all07:05
Kiloslol again07:05
magespawnterrible lag the first time thought everyone was ignoring me07:09
magespawngot the mythbuntu up and running07:09
Kiloswas even worse yesterday07:10
Kiloson what pc magespawn 07:10
Kilosold one small ram etc07:10
magespawnyup trying to get onto twitter and is taking awhile.07:10
magespawnnewish board running 1 gig of ddr2 ram but in an old case cause of the form factor07:13
Kilosmpower off till 1800 i think. and i forgot to charge fone07:35
Kilosmsee yas darktime07:35
Kilosmbe good07:36
drubinsuperfly: I can't login to the ubuntu-za website any more ;/ 08:05
superflydrubin: which page are you on? what method are you using? what browser are you using? what error messages do you see?08:54
drubinsuperfly: Firefox, home page click log on - > http://ubuntu-za.org/user/login click on open id login08:57
drubinthen login and it takes me to the sign up page08:57
superflydrubin: a bit busy here at the moment, will look when I have a chance09:16
drubinsuperfly: I didn't expect you to fix it now :)09:28
Kilosi am sure its gonna rain here. was told power would be off till 1800 but its on already11:15
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:15
* Maaz flips the salt-timer11:15
KilosMaaz, quick before they kill the power again11:16
MaazKilos: Huh?11:16
Kilosmagespawn, you were gonna tell me the specs of that pc11:17
Kilosdont act like you are thinking11:18
Kilosi can smell the wood burning from here11:18
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:19
KilosMaaz, ty11:20
MaazEnjoy Kilos11:20
superflyhi Kilos11:20
Kiloshiya superfly min dae hey11:20
magespawnhi kilos yup hold on 11:20
superflyKilos: too busy to notice11:20
magespawnkilos remind me tomorrow the pc is packed up and ready to be moved11:22
magespawni need to use the os cannot remember the spec but has 1 gig of ram but now 40 gig hard drive11:32
magespawnstrangely enough no problems getting the os installed this time, so maybe that drive was faulty from the start11:34
Kilosyeah musta been hurt11:43
Kilos1g ram is lekker11:43
Kiloslo kbmonkey 11:43
magespawnyup want to see how it is going to handle all the media on my external drive11:44
kbmonkeyKilos, I made a terminal profile for elinks. bigger font, black-on-white color, and set elinks options to use 256 colors. much nicer to use with mouse.11:44
Kilosshouldnt have any probs11:44
Kilosi got 640m ram and can watch and play anything11:45
Kiloslol kbmonkey how you did that11:45
magespawni also want to stream from there to other points in the house11:45
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 11:45
magespawnhi kb monkey11:45
magespawnor kbmonkey 11:46
Kiloshim too ya11:47
kbmonkeyin the terminal menu you can edit the 'profiles' Kilos. you can then make a desktop shortcut to run gnome-terminal, and give it the "--window-with-profile=NAME --execute elinks" options to sort you out ;)11:49
Kilosty  i will look into that11:50
Kiloseish what does all that mean11:52
Kilos--window-with-profile=NAME --execute elinks11:52
Kilosdoes that go in new on profiles11:53
kbmonkeyit opens gnome-terminal with the profile you give it, and runs elinks :p11:53
kbmonkeysorry do I move too fast?11:53
Kilosi am there but what goes in by name11:53
Kilosor is that a complete command11:54
kbmonkeyah, NAME would be whatever name you gave the profile you added :)11:54
Kiloswhere do i put in that command11:58
kbmonkey1) add a new terminal profile and call it NAME11:58
kbmonkey2) create a shortcut on your desktop or a launcher in your menu, with the command11:59
kbmonkeythat's all11:59
Kilosoh you mean use that command in the terminal to open elinks?11:59
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
kbmonkeyyou can run it in a terminal, but you can put it in a shortcut on your desktop for easiness12:00
kbmonkey"gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=NAME --execute elinks"12:00
kbmonkeysorry I am going quite fast today. was up super early to jog XD12:01
Kiloswhat has changed12:01
Kiloslooks same12:02
kbmonkeyjust thought you would like this trick12:02
Kiloslol whats changed12:02
Kilosits easier to type just elinks in terminal12:02
kbmonkeyyou can now change the font of the NAME profile12:02
kbmonkeychoose something more readable, so it looks more like a real web page12:03
kbmonkeyand its easier to click on the links with your mouse!12:03
kbmonkeyyou can also set a custom title for the window if you want12:03
kbmonkeydisable scroll bars if you need, and such things. just little tricks12:04
Kilosi havent even been able to find fonts in elinks or make a shortcut to desktop even12:05
kbmonkeyyou mean gnome-terminal. you change the fonts in there, not elinks12:06
kbmonkeyoh is okay, just thought I point that out :)12:06
Kiloswhere is this gnome terminal12:07
Kilosi got plain terminal and root terminal12:07
kbmonkeyclick the menu "Help" and "About", what does that say12:08
Kilosdont laugh you too far away to klap12:08
kbmonkeyhe he he ;p12:08
kbmonkeyjust the plain terminal should do12:08
kbmonkeyonly use root for admin type stuff12:09
Kilosthe help has contents and get help online etc12:09
magespawnlater all, another game drive in the rain today. will tweet some more photos if possible.12:09
Kilosok magespawn 12:09
kbmonkeysounds great enjoy magespawn 12:10
Kilosleave that thing for now i will read the contents of that gnome terminal help12:12
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
=== kbmonkey_ is now known as kbmonkey
Kilosevning all of ya18:48
Kilosevening as well18:48
nlsthznAlo uncle Kilos ... I have to go and play some Word of Tanks now to figure out why I should bother :p18:52
Kiloslol explain that in english18:53
Kilosif its a game then go enjoy18:54
Kilosits the to figure out bit i no unnerstand18:54
Kiloshi Waceman 19:00
Kilosdid you win19:00
Kilossorry we were busy inna meeting last night19:00
Wacemanno worries... not yet mate.. 19:00
Wacemantrying to install the drivers from a manual download19:01
Kiloswas something with nvidia hey19:01
Wacemanbut the installer says I need to do something with Kernal Sources and Kernal Headers?19:01
WacemanI've downloaded a package which says it has support for my card19:01
Wacemanso think this will do the trick..19:02
Kilosneed to do what19:02
Kiloslets hope19:02
Wacemanquite a mission ;)19:02
Wacemangoing to go mal when I get this working!:D19:02
Kilosmine worked on default19:04
Kiloshavent ever needed other drivers19:04
Wacemanhow new is your pc? nvidia?19:04
Kilosand my pc old19:05
Kilosmethinks 199919:05
Kilosfirst p419:05
WacemanI think I got mine in 200119:05
Wacemanstill plays quake 3 like a champ! 8)19:05
Kilosand ati graphics but withonly 32m ram on graphics card19:06
Wacemanyeah, me too 19:06
Wacemanusing 11.04 with gnome atm... dig it19:06
Wacemanon this pc19:06
Kilosyeah gnome works well for me but i on maverick and will go ocelot inna few weeks19:07
Kilosi tried 11.04 and it complained about the graphics card19:08
Kilosthen something didnt work kiff so i went back to 10.1019:08
Kilosquake3 on windows?19:08
Kilosi gave up gaming when i went ubuntu19:09
Kiloshey Vince-0 what are you using19:10
KilosOS wise19:10
Wacemanyeah windows ME haha19:10
WacemanI gave up gaming a couple years ago too19:10
Wacemanwith win ME, I used to format the thing once a week19:10
Kiloswe used to have some guys here that were big time gamers 19:11
Kilosoh yes i know all about win me19:11
Kiloswasnt bad at all19:11
Kilosas long as you dont mind formatting often as you say19:11
Kilosthen i went xp and formatted even more often19:12
Kilosthen i went online for the first time and learned about virusses19:12
WacemanOK - here's the error... brace yourself19:15
Kiloslol sometimes formatted twice in one day19:15
Waceman"Depending on where and how the kernel sources (or the kernel headers) were installed, you may need to specify their location with the SYSSRC environment variable or the equivalient nvidia-installer command line option."19:15
Kilossuperfly, please explain that in ballie taal for me19:16
Kilosthe kernel its talking about is what kernel19:17
Kilosthe linux kernel or nvidia19:17
Wacemanbeats me man19:17
Wacemanthis is a read me on how to install the drivers19:17
KilosWaceman, superfly is our local python fundi19:17
Wacemancheck the section on "KERNEL INTERFACES"19:17
Kiloshave you read the readme?19:18
Kilosi havent got data to go see links19:19
Wacemanwell, up until that section19:19
Waceman"[1] NOTE: installation requires that you have a linker installed.19:19
WacemanThe linker, usually '/usr/bin/ld', is part of the binutils package;19:19
Wacemanplease be sure you have this package installed prior to installing the19:19
WacemanNVIDIA driver."19:19
Wacemanwhat is this guys?19:19
Kiloslemme see in synaptic19:20
Kilosyou have aptitude19:21
Wacemandunno ;P19:21
WacemanI have synaptic?19:21
Kilosyou know how to use cli/19:21
Kilosin synaptic type in binutils in the top right little window19:22
Kilosthe search block19:22
Kilosit should show immediately19:23
WacemanI've shutdown lightdm as it was required by the installer...19:23
Wacemanso it's just sitting on the error message atm19:23
Kiloswithout having to hit search19:23
Kilosok that nvidia package19:24
Kiloshave you got the details of which version nvidfia card it is19:24
Kiloslook in synaptic type in nvidia19:25
Kilosand look through them for that version 19:25
WacemanThis is my problem: Driver version 71 is the only one that says it supports my card... the rest don't... in synapic.. the oldest driver package is 96.. no 7119:25
afrodeity() -  [/]19:25
afrodeitysilly plugin19:26
Kiloswhat does that mean afrodeity 19:26
afrodeityweechat didn't load something19:26
afrodeityor I forget the key combo19:26
KilosWaceman, 19:27
Kilosyou have that package downloaded hey?19:27
Kilosis it a .deb file19:27
Wacemanyes, it's sitting in my downloads folder19:27
Wacemanno, it's a .run19:27
Kilosthere the prob19:27
afrodeityhow old is the card?19:27
Waceman2001 ;)19:27
WacemanGeForce 256 DDR19:28
Wacemanit's great19:28
Kilosin synaptic get alien19:28
Wacemanwhy? haha19:28
Kilosubuntu likes .deb files19:28
Wacemanthe install doesn't work with GUI... it requires the GUI to be shut down.. only terminal19:29
Kilosalien converts .tar.gz and if i member it can convert .run files to .deb as well19:29
afrodeitythen use a terminal19:29
Kilosyou have no gui at the moment??19:30
afrodeityno battery in my mouse19:30
afrodeityso i flipped off the gui19:30
afrodeityit much better down here19:30
Kilosnot you afrodeity Waceman 19:31
WacemanKilos: no GUI19:31
KilosWaceman, have you got gui at the moment19:31
Wacemanonly terminal19:31
Wacemanmore of the installation error19:31
Waceman"If you are using Linux 2.6 kernel, please make sure you hav configured kernel sources matching your kernel installed on your system. IF you specified a seperate output directory using either the "KBUILD_OUTPUT" or the "O" KBUILD parameter, make sure to specify this directory with the SYSOUT environment variable or with the equivalent nvidia -installer command line option."19:31
Kilosok the in terminal type in19:31
Kilossudo apt-get install alien19:31
afrodeitydid you self-install your kernel?19:32
afrodeityok I get it you want to compile the nvidia driver?19:32
Wacemandoes this alien convert the package to a dep file?19:33
WacemanI dunno?19:33
Kilosyes alien is a converter of .tar and .run to .deb19:33
afrodeitycompile from source matching your card description, at least last known working source for card19:33
Wacemanafrodeity: to get you up to speed... I have shiteold graphics card... none of the conventional ways of installing the nvidia drivers works... The only driver package which supporsts my card is package 71... So I downloaded if off www.nvidia.com... trying to install that19:34
WacemanKilos: the install file is running...19:34
Wacemanbut gives the abovementioned errors after a couple of steps19:35
Kiloswhy it started running now?19:35
Wacemanalways was running19:35
WacemanI used "sh" command19:35
Kiloshave you got alien now19:36
afrodeityi've configured my kernel sources once19:36
afrodeitywas some time ago19:36
Wacemanafrodeity: http://uk.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/71.86.14/README/README19:36
WacemanCheck that out, and look under "Kernel Interfaces" and let me know if it makes sense?19:36
afrodeityhave to switch to another term to do tht 19:36
KilosWaceman, look at that site and see if they have a .deb file19:37
Wacemanok lemme try it... but I don't think that's the problem19:37
Kiloson ubuntu you cant install .tar or .run files directly19:38
Kilosunless you very clever19:38
Kilosbut i dont understand why your install didnt give you a default gui19:39
Wacemanthis is what came in the readme19:40
WacemanBefore beginning the driver installation, you should exit the X server.19:40
afrodeityREADME looks terrible in elinks19:41
Wacemandoesn't look much better on prober gui ;)19:41
afrodeityI need a browser list down here19:42
Kilosdown where19:43
Kiloswhy you closed gui19:43
KilosWaceman, sorry i was thinking of .rpm paclage19:44
Kilosok Waceman lets see if you have gdebi19:45
Kilosthen you right click the package and install with gdebi package manager and it will get dependancies that are needed too19:46
WacemanKilos: appreciate the help.. but I think you're going in the wrong direction19:47
Kilosi think from maverick gdebi is not installed by default19:47
superflyWaceman: you need to install the "build-essential" package, if you haven't already19:47
Wacemanthe installer won't work in GUI no matter what you do to it19:47
Wacemanyes, I've done that superfly19:47
superflyWaceman: installing "linux-headers" should install the headers compatible with your kernel19:48
superflyWaceman: then, I think you need to run the .run file as root19:48
Wacemansuperfly, I used "sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`"19:48
superflythat works too19:48
WacemanI've done that too19:48
superflyWaceman: Ubuntu has meta-packages, so you install one and it installs the correct version for you19:49
superflyWaceman: is that the only output you get, or is there other stuff too?19:49
superflythat just doesn't sound like the entire story to me19:50
Wacemanmaybe the driver package is just too old for 11.10?19:51
afrodeitythere used to be a lot more cli browsers on my system19:51
Wacemansuperfly, can I send you the error log file?19:52
superflyWaceman: pastebin.com please19:52
Wacemank, it's on my other pc.. just have to reboot to get it ;p19:52
afrodeitynot the command sorry19:53
Wacemansuperfly, this is the readme for the install file... maybe you'll understand it better than I do: http://uk.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/71.86.14/README/README19:58
Kilosafrodeity, lynx links and links219:58
KilosWaceman, did you have no gui from when you started installing19:59
WacemanKilos: the readme for the installer said I had to kill X server19:59
Wacemanso I did everthing from a terminal20:00
Wacemancuz the intaller won't work with gui running.. it promts you to kill it20:00
Kilosfrom the ubuntu installer20:00
Kilosdidnt you even see the ubuntu options to install or try20:01
afrodeityKilos: was looking for links2 thx20:01
Kilosno what20:02
WacemanI tried software centre... did not work20:02
WacemanI tried every version synaptic had to offer... did not work..20:02
WacemanNow I'm trying to install the drivers manuall.. and they just so happen to be the ones that support my card20:02
Kilosi am asking about when you installed ubuntu20:02
Kilosbefore the nvidia thing20:02
WacemanI installed it fresh off a cd20:02
Kilosajnd all in cli20:03
Kilosno graphics at all20:03
Wacemanno man.. the graphics work.. but it's very slow 2D... 20:03
Kiloswhew i got worried there20:04
Wacemanhaha - geepers this is quite a frustrating one20:04
KilosKerbero, wb20:04
KilosWaceman, have you only got 11.10 there20:05
Kerberowtf was that?20:05
Kilosyou went20:05
* Kerbero swears at ubuntu20:05
Kerberothere is a new distro out there20:05
Kilosremote guy killed your connection20:05
Kerberoit is called fubuntu20:05
Kerberomy computer logged out as soon as i pressed enter20:06
Kerberoas a reply to your "wb"20:06
Kilosha ha ha20:06
Kilosis it fixed now20:06
Kerberowell i can type now20:06
Kerberowithout it logging out20:06
Kerberobut ubuntu is still fubarred20:06
Kerberoie, still fubuntu running here20:07
Kilos11.10 Kerbero 20:07
Kerbero11.10 gave me problems from the start20:07
Kilosnever done these things before20:07
Wacemansuperfly, here's the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/gt7ay5R620:07
Kerberoand unity doesn't handle my dualscreen well at all20:08
Vince-0was afk: Kilos - I'm running android phone, transformer, ubuntu 11.04 media PC, Centos6 server20:09
Kilosthats great Vince-0 20:09
afrodeityi need a better clibrowser20:09
Vince-0I like unity cos its easy to use from a tablet via vnc to desktop attached to TV! 20:10
Kerberounity is really nice20:11
Vince-0but I run 10.04 on work latop, gnome2 with compiz multiple desktops20:11
Kerberoi installed debian last night with gnome 220:11
Kerberoit just doesn't come near unity20:11
WacemanKerbero: been having nvidia troubles, seen many people having dual screen problems20:11
Kerberobut i really need it to be stable20:11
KerberoWaceman: i'm using a nvidia card20:12
Vince-0which is what I'm about to do now - TV! so peace out ubuntu-za20:12
Kerberobut havn't installed the drivers yet20:12
Wacemangood luck! I've been battling with an old nvidia card.... 20:12
Kerberoso i guess i'm using the neveau drivers20:12
WacemanI haven't tried those, you?20:13
Kerberodon't know if i should install the drivers or not20:13
Kerberowell they should be the deafoult now20:13
afrodeitytry rebooting into the console20:13
afrodeityshift or tab depending on the version20:13
afrodeitywhen you reboot hold the key down20:13
superflyWaceman: you could try the noveau drivers, they might actually work for you20:14
Wacemanok, I'll do that next20:14
Wacemansuperfly, what do you make of this, "ADVANCED: You can install the NVIDIA kernel module for a non 20:15
Waceman   running kernel (for example: in the situation where you just built20:15
Waceman   and installed a new kernel, but have not rebooted yet) with a command20:15
Waceman   line such as this:20:15
Waceman    sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-71.86.14-pkg1.run --kernel-name='KERNEL_NAME'20:15
superflyWaceman: that has no bearing on what you're doing unless you upgraded the kernel after having installed the drivers20:16
Wacemanok, did you see the error on pastebin... I have no idea what's wrong?20:16
superflyI honestly don't know either, it doesn't seem to really say what the problem is20:17
WacemanSo any ideas from this at all, "Depending on where and how the kernel sources (or the20:19
Waceman       kernel headers) were installed, you may need to specify20:19
Waceman       their location with the SYSSRC environment variable or20:19
Waceman       the equivalent nvidia-installer command line option." - eish I feel like I'm so close20:19
KilosWaceman, was this your prob20:23
superflyWaceman: I'd suggest trying the noveau drivers20:24
Wacemanthanks guys20:24
Kerbero"slow performance" is a understatement20:25
Kerberomy mouse is lagging20:25
Kilossorry it not fixed yet20:25
Kilosare they all nvidia related20:25
Kerberowell no idea20:25
Wacemanyeah my mouse was shockingly slow20:25
Kerberoonly been using this install for about 20hrs now20:25
WacemanI wanted to install 10.04, but can't find my CD ;(20:26
KilosWaceman, dont stay away when you foud the prob20:26
WacemanKerbero: I activated the drivers and it was much faster... only thing is Unity didn't load... :P20:26
KilosWaceman, you uncapped20:26
Wacemanno, but got bandwidth20:26
Kilosunity wont use a 32m graphics card20:26
Wacemanis that the problem??20:27
Kilosno i was thinking of downloading the iso for maverick but data is too expensive20:27
Wacemanyou on adsl?20:27
Wacemaneish 3G is very expensive... I've been chowed by them for a couple years.. 20:28
Kilosyeah its murder20:28
Kiloswould be interested to see if maverick works there20:29
Wacemansuperfly, does this make sense to you? https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=6266720:30
Kilosnlsthzn, you not in bed yet20:35
KilosWaceman, when you found the solution blog about it so others can get help20:40
WacemanI'm trying your updated drivers now20:40
Wacemanthen I'll try nouveau20:40
Wacemanthen I'll throw the pc out the window20:40
Kilosno man20:40
Kilosim msure unity is more mod pc oriented20:41
nlsthznKilos, not yet... changing to night shift of tomorrow night20:41
Wacemanya... but my pc could play quake 3 perfectly ;) 20:41
Kilosmine plays AOE3 but in some funny mode because it needs a 64m graphics card20:42
Kiloswith xp20:43
Kilosbut it cant do ubity20:43
Kilostime to learn kubuntu20:43
nlsthznkde can be heavy with all the pretty set up high20:44
Kilosnlsthzn, is the unity package in maverick the same as unity in 11.04 and 11.1020:45
Kilosits only 1 and a bit meg download20:46
nlsthznKilos, no (AFAIK)20:46
Kilosi just dunno what it will do to my gnome20:46
nlsthznthe first Unity was a "netbook remix)20:46
nlsthznthen it changed for Natty20:47
Kilosoh so trying it in maverick is a waste of time20:47
Kilosand data20:47
KilosKerbero, you different nick from work?20:48
* nlsthzn agrees20:48
Kiloswho is that dlimit20:48
Kerberone idea20:49
Kerberomy stuff seems to work actually20:49
Kerberowith the nvidia drivers20:49
nlsthznlekker slaap almal20:50
Kilosnag nlsthzn  jy ook20:51
KilosWaceman, try sudo dpkg --configure -a20:51
Wacemank, still installing new version20:52
Kilosoh ok20:52
Kiloshope it works now20:52
Kilosnew version of nvidia hey/20:53
Kilosnot new ubuntu20:53
Wacemanhow do I connect to the international ubuntu chatroom?20:53
Kilos   /j #ubuntu20:53
Kilostheres 1700 peeps there20:54
Kiloscan get lost there20:55
Kilosdunno how anyone follows that lot20:56
WacemanEmpathy froze..20:56
Kilosyou here on empathy?20:57
Kilosget xchat20:57
Kilosi dont like empathy20:57
Kilosuse xchat for irc and pidgin for other im20:58
Kilosgood luck Waceman see you tomorrow again21:04
afrodeityweechat plus byobu 21:04
Kilosnight all sleep tight21:04
Wacemancheers man... sorry on the phone21:04
Wacemanthanks for your help21:04
Kilosi here every day21:04
Kilosthnk when its working21:04
afrodeitymiles is a bot21:04
Kilosmaybe i dream up a solution21:04
afrodeitycli cult21:05
Kilostoo much brain work21:05
Kiloshey Waceman 21:05
Kiloscan you get back to before you tried to install the nvidia driver21:06
Kiloslike a recovery mode on booting21:06
Kilosan early one21:07
Wacemanthink so21:08
WacemanI may just reinstall the whole OS21:08
afrodeitywhat I suggested21:08
afrodeityrecovery mode21:08
Kilosthen go with those noveau drivers from there21:08
Kilosor install from  scratch might be quicker 21:09
Kilosi think also maybe where it said driver is installed but not activated or something21:12
Wacemanyeah it said that??21:12
Kiloscould be because there another driver working there that needs to be removed first21:12
Kiloslike clash of interests21:12
WacemanI removed them all... then installed just 9621:12
Kilosyoum still in cli mode\21:14
Kiloshow do you get to synaptic from there21:15
Kilosin synaptic you can try edit and fix broken21:17
Kilosif ocelot still has that function21:17
Kilosor this21:18
Kilossudo apt-get --fix-broken21:18
Kilossudo apt-get -f install21:19
Kilossudo dpkg --configure -a21:19
Kiloslol hopefully one of them works21:20
tumbleweedthose get you out of a partial upgrade21:21
tumbleweedif dpkg hasn't aborted, none of those will do anything useful for you21:21
* tumbleweed reads the backscroll21:21
Kilosty tumbleweed he has crazy nvidia probs21:21
Kilosdriver installed but not activated21:21
tumbleweeddid I see something about downloading the driver from nivida.com? Seriously don't do that. It does horrible things that are hard to undo21:22
* tumbleweed once spent a couple of hours trying to uninstall one of those...21:22
KilosWaceman, ^^21:22
Kiloshe needs an old driver tumbleweed 21:23
Kiloshe found it but then probs started21:23
Kiloswas a .run packge21:23
tumbleweedyeah :/21:23
tumbleweedoh wow, that card is a relic :)21:23
tumbleweedright, not supported by any of the packaged drivers...21:24
Kilosoh my21:25
KilosWaceman, where are you21:29
Kilosnight guys. i falling of chair here21:30
Wacemanyo, was on the phone21:30
tumbleweedWaceman: so, what was the problem with the driver package you downloaded from nvidia?21:31
WacemanOK, so brand new fresh install, on an old pc... everything loads fine... except everything is very slow.. mouse jittering... so I realise nvidia drivers not installed... So installing nvidia-current21:32
Wacemanreboot... all seems fine.. but Unity doesn't load... if I get "Additional Drivers" says driver is activated but not in use"... 21:33
Wacemanremoved that driver.. then went to synaptic package manager... installed version 96... which is an older version...21:33
tumbleweedright, because none of the nvidia drivers packaged for Ubuntu support your card21:33
WacemanUnity loads on reboot... but still jittery21:33
tumbleweedthe 96 verison supports GeForce series 2 and later, according to the package description21:33
Wacemanso I found a package.. 7121:33
tumbleweedyeah, that's what you need21:34
Wacemanyeah, but I have GeForce 256 DDR21:34
tumbleweed256 < 221:34
Wacemanbut package 71 is only on nVidia website, not in synaptic21:34
tumbleweedand now?21:34
Wacemanok, so Then I try to run the intsallation file, and I get Kernel Source / Headers error21:35
tumbleweeddo you have linux-headers-generic installed?21:35
Wacemannot sure?21:35
Wacemanbut I think I"ve tried that21:36
tumbleweedinstall it, then21:36
tumbleweedok, what exactly was that error you are getting21:36
Wacemanfirst, I'd like to remove this repository? add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates21:36
Wacemancuz I added it for the very latest drivers21:37
tumbleweeduse ppa-purge21:37
Wacemanwhat's the full command line for that?21:37
tumbleweedinstall the ppa-purge package21:37
WacemanI'm newb my brother ;)21:37
tumbleweedsudo apt-get install ppa-purge21:37
Wacemanok, have found it on synaptic?21:38
Wacemansame thing?21:38
tumbleweedinstall it21:38
tumbleweedthen run sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates21:38
Wacemansorry man, had to get rid of a rain spider... ok all is uninstalled...21:45
Wacemantumbleweed: what's the command of linux-headers?21:46
tumbleweedsudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic21:46
tumbleweed(you might notice the pattern) :P21:46
Wacemanhehe :)21:47
WacemanOK, says I already have the newest version21:47
WacemanThis is the driver I'm Installing: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/linux-display-ia32-71.86.14-driver-uk.html Maybe the readme will make more sense to you.21:48
tumbleweedsounds right21:48
tumbleweedok, what's the error you are seeing?21:48
WacemanHere's the error log when I run the install file... http://pastebin.com/jnSz3L0K21:49
tumbleweedit doesn't support your kernel version21:50
tumbleweedprobably expecting 2.6 rather than  3.021:50
Wacemanok, anyway around it?21:50
tumbleweednot easily21:51
Wacemanso my PC just too old for 11.10?21:51
tumbleweedIs nouveau not usable? That's what I use21:52
WacemanThat's what I'm going to try now21:52
tumbleweedyou probably want unity-2d21:52
Wacemanhow's the 3d for that?21:52
tumbleweed3d causes it to crash, so I avoid that21:52
tumbleweedbut I can get away with a few minutes of 3d every now and then21:53
WacemanIt logs me in with the 3d version, but it's really 2d21:53
Wacemanok, shall I use synaptic for nouveau?21:53
tumbleweed(the machine I'm talking about runs Debian, so I haven't tried unity on nouveau)21:53
tumbleweedalso, nouveau 3d support varies between card models21:53
Wacemanworth a try for me21:53
tumbleweedright, there's nothing you need to install. You're probably already using it21:54
WacemanI removed all nouveau looking things in synaptic, in case there was a conflict ;)21:54
tumbleweedok, in that case install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau21:55
Wacemank, will I need to activate it? or is that just for propriotary?21:56
tumbleweedcorrect, it'll just work21:56
Wacemanok, how do I make it auto log in on 2d?21:58
tumbleweedclick on the nut to the right of the login dialog and select unity-2d21:58
Wacemanok, but I'm not using a login screen... just auto loading into ubunut21:58
tumbleweedreenable the login screen then :)21:59
Wacemanwhat kernel is 11.04?21:59
Wacemankernel version?21:59
Wacemannouveau is just a bit laggy.. no way you can think of getting those drivers installed?22:02
tumbleweednot without playing with them myself.22:04
tumbleweedyou can wait for nvidia to update them for newer kernels...22:04
Wacemanok... btw, when I installed the 96 ones... and updated the xorg.conf ... my pc didn't boot into any GUI... 22:06
Wacemancould only use terminal22:06
tumbleweedright, because X couldn't start with te configuration file you'd told it to use22:07
Wacemancuz the drivers didn't support my card?22:08
Wacemanok thanks man.. you've been very helpful :)22:08
Wacemanwhich linux do you use?22:09
* tumbleweed is a Debian & Ubuntu Developer. But I primarily use Debian22:10
Wacemanso you are quite hardcore then ;p22:11
tumbleweedheh, a little22:11
Wacemanthanks man, I'm outta here22:13
tumbleweedcheers, good luck22:15
tumbleweedI'm amazed that card is still functional22:15
Wacemanlol - played Quake 3 like a champion22:15
Wacemantumbleweed: I'm back - if I install an older version of ubuntu, which would you recommend?22:19
tumbleweedlucid, it's LTS22:19
tumbleweedmaverick and natty both go out of support next year22:20
Wacemanok thanks!22:20

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