worstadminFixed it00:00
worstadminIm awesome00:00
Locus_Asafjay: init.d is a file isn't it?00:00
DasEiblip-: I'm too busy to really go after your issue right now, it's not too hard else to install the right driver, so maybe find your g-card and ask here again00:00
blip-DasEi, np. thanks00:00
shantorn_blip do you kmow what card you have?00:01
jay_why_beelocus_adaf: not it is a directory...  lots of scripts00:01
V13AxelI have a rather odd situation. I just installed Ubuntu 11.04, and now for some reason, my 4.0 surround sound refuses to work. I've gone to Sound Preferences and changed it to 4.0, and made sure that the speakers were plugged into the right jacks, and they are. The main problem is that the master volume only controls the front speakers, the rear speakers are controlled by the ALSA plugin[plugin-container] under Applications, and refu00:01
V13Axelse to be changed otherwise.00:01
Locus_Asafjay: should it be a !#/bin/sh type file?00:01
blip-shantorn, no it's a nvidia card in the laptop, anyway the problem here is that it's a Nvidia Optimus laptop ie 2 graphic cards.  And the official nvidia driver doesn't support this under Linux00:02
NewbeeansI typed the low resolution command....I now have - in blue going down the screen.00:02
jay_why_beelocus_Asaf: sure...  just make the script.  Reboot and test by hand.  Then put it in your init scripts.00:02
shantorn_i have the same system, let me get you what i used00:02
NewbeeansShould I do anthing or reboot?00:02
c03Can anyone help with an aptitude problem?00:02
en1gmaim really wanting to put ubuntu iso on my usb drive but it wants to erase my grub4dos multi-boot options that i already have there....is there any way i can do ubuntu 11.10 iso on my usb stick and still have all the multiboot options i already have?00:03
c03I have tried all the apt-get clean all00:03
c03apt-get update00:03
blip-shantorn, ah ok.  I have a Lenovo T420 btw00:03
c03and -f install00:03
FloodBot1c03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:03
Locus_Asafjay: I'm not familiar with update-rc.d, what is that?00:03
en1gmaif i just do pendrive usb setup i believe it will only have boot option for ubuntu00:03
c03I just write fast FloodBot100:03
en1gmaso i still want to have some kind of multiboot meny so i can select my ISO`s00:03
shantorn_machine doesnt really matter its the optimus thats the glitch, give me 2-3 minutes to get it for you, it worked like a champ for me00:03
blip-shantorn_, great. thanks :)00:04
NewbeeansChannel: should I exit vim?00:04
jay_why_beelocus_asaf : it simply creates the sym links in all the rc#.d runtime directories.00:04
en1gmathere has to be an alternate way then pendrivelinux00:04
en1gmacome on peeops00:04
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: If you know your runlevel,  (say 2) you can just create a link to your script in /etc/rc2.d00:04
Locus_Asafjay: sorry, sym links and runlevels are over my head00:05
Locus_Asafjay: Don't want to be a pest and make you explain too much here00:06
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: in the terminal go into /etc/rc2.d     Then do "ls -l" and you will see all the sym links pointing tho various scripts in /etc/init.d00:06
shantorn_blip- what does the trick is ironhide driver system https://launchpad.net/~mj-casalogic/+archive/ironhide/ go to the bottom of this site and read about natty it works for 11.10 as well http://linux-hybrid-graphics.blogspot.com/2011/08/ironhide-branch-first-release-including.html00:07
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Locus_Asafjay: yes I see that, I see this for example "S99rc.local -> ../init.d/rc.local"00:07
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: cool... so the S is for "start" and K is for "kill"00:08
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: the number is just the order it is executed00:08
en1gmajust msg me...i cant tell if someone has replied to me because im in 4 channels asking same thing00:08
en1gmathis is ubuntu related and no help00:08
Locus_Asafjay: okay gotcha so far00:08
Locus_Asafjay: so how do I set up these sym links?00:09
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: so if you want to link this script to start in runlevel 2.  And you copy your script called "my_portfowd" in /etc/init.d00:09
DasEi1en1gma: you could have an additional grub2 chainloaded by the one in your mbr  to achieve it, take it asa hint, no walkthrough now, installed to a partition, not the mbr for that00:10
c03Can anyone help resolve this: http://pastebin.com/scEu5nvg ???00:10
en1gmayea but the one i have now should already work00:10
Locus_Asafjay: Okay, I have a script that just executes the three iptables commands inside /etc/init.d/00:10
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: you link with the following command: ln -s /etc/init.d/my_portfwd /etc/rc2.d/S99my_portfwd00:10
en1gmai get an error with i try to do it with ubuntu 11.10 about needs to be a continuous file00:10
SeperandWhats the difference in xterm and uxterm?00:11
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: also make sure your script: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward00:11
blip-shantorn_, I thought there was no solution for this, so this ironhide lets you use only your discrete card on an Optimus system ?  Or it can switch between the 2 cards ?00:12
shantorn_it allows you to switch betweeen them, it defaults to the intel and you start 3d apps with optirun name of app from command line or change shortcut00:13
blip-shantorn_ hmm is this the same thing as the bumblebee project ?00:13
shantorn_the second page is an on going revoltion for it00:13
Locus_Asafjay: That echo should be in the script you're saying?00:13
shantorn_its what bumblebee changed into00:13
NewbeeansI need to set my driver nvidia. How do I increase resolution?00:13
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: yes...  You will need to enable ip_forward on each restart.00:14
Locus_Asafjay: is that what the echo does? I'm a bit confused because I haven't entered that command before, just the two iptable commands and the port forwarding worked00:15
blip-thanks shantorn_ I will try this out00:15
overdubgoogled for "install skype ubuntu 11.10" and got many pages saying to "apt-get install skype" but I get: Unable to locate package skype00:15
overdubanyone know how to fix this?00:15
shantorn_if in doubt google ironhide and read more00:15
shantorn_its an option00:16
NewbeeansHow do I skip Ubuntu screen?00:16
NewbeeansI can't boot past it?00:16
jay_why_beedo a quick: cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward00:16
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: see if it is set to "1"00:16
Locus_Asafno it's set to 000:16
blip-shantorn_ ok great.   btw you ran this successfully on a Lenovo system or other brand ?00:17
klslslhaving funny problems00:17
shantorn_asus with optimus00:17
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: but it is working?00:17
csdbhi. Is there a way to tell apt-get/aptitude to upgrade from only 1 source?00:17
csdbCouldn't find anything in the manpage00:17
blip-ok thanks for the help shantorn_00:17
shantorn_sure thing blip-00:18
klslslwhen i open a virtual terminal to try and stop xserver it wont recognise my password says login failed00:18
DasEi1csdb: you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list00:18
Locus_Asafjay: I have glassfish server installed whose default network listener is on 8080, when I load the server on 80 its is successfully redirecting to 8080 so seems to be okay00:18
klslslmeans i cant install nvidia driver00:18
shantorn_did you setup su password?00:18
digzMy left click doesn't work in Ubuntu 11.10.00:18
shantorn_are you trying to su or sudo klslsl00:18
digzI'm stuck in the LiveCD, where it does work.00:18
csdbDasEi1, do you mean to comment all of the other ones out? I was hoping for a more command-line way :-)00:19
shantorn_thats odd the password doesnt work, hmm beets me sorry00:19
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: if you flush your iptables does it stop working?00:19
klslslsudo sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-285.05.09.run00:19
DasEi1csdb: is what I would do, though apt and dpkg have some options like holding certain packages and such00:20
Locus_Asafhow do you flush the iptables?00:20
three18tiwhat do you do when ubuntu docs say  /etc/inetd.conf should have a line in it, but your version of ubuntu doesn't use init scripts?  I feel like I should know the answer but I'm at a loss to explain why tftp doesn't work for PXE boot...00:20
jay_why_beelocus_asaf what all chains are you using?  iptables -F00:20
Locus_Asafjay: nvm I found it00:20
klslslalso  when login it doesnt work sometimes have to take power line and battery off to start up then nvidia flashes up on screen and it does work00:21
Locus_Asafjay: the flush doesn't effect the forwarding00:21
csdbI have to tell some users how to upgrade just our local debs that are in our local repo and I'm afraid of telling them to go edit the sources.list00:21
Locus_Asafjay: the only thing that messed with the forwarding was doing a restart of the machine00:21
DasEi1Locus_Asaf: sudo iptables --flush00:21
csdbmaybe I'll write an sed script...00:21
csdbis there a way to enable/disable sources via commandline ?00:21
DasEi1csdb: can use nano as editor or move/recreate the list00:22
csdbso that I could "disable all sources but mine; upgrade; re-enable disabled sources" in a script?00:22
DasEi1man mv, man echo, man cut, man touch ..00:23
Locus_Asafjay: is there a way to overwrite or delete the ln thing I executed, I think I messed it up slightly00:23
csdbDasEi1, thanks. I'll try to play around with a script that replaces sources.list,upgrades, and then puts back the original00:23
jay_why_beelocus_asaf sure, just "rm"00:24
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DasEi1csdb: there you are00:24
Locus_Asafjay: okay it's looking good00:25
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Locus_Asafjay: should I just do a restart and see what happens now?00:25
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: it is the only way to be sure... :)00:26
DasEi1csdb: on the other hand, try such 'games in a vm, you can easily bork systems with such00:26
klslslne programmer logically work out why password wont work in virtual terminal00:26
econdudeawesomeHowdy all. Having a problem getting my printer to print in grayscale since upgrading to 11.10. Tried reinstalling hplip, no change. There is a new "option" too--"color", but nothing is there. ANyone having similar issues?00:26
bfrederiHi, I'm having trouble booting 11.10. I've installed it from scratch, but every time I boot up, it stops around the "Checking Battery state" message. I think it has something to do with the nvidia drivers, but I don't know how to get rid of them.00:26
Locus_Asafjay: not sure why the flush doesn't do anything nor if I need to change the ip4 port forward00:27
econdudeawesomebfrederi: I would get that occasionally. One thing to try is getting into a tty-shell (alt f1 through alt f6) once you reach that portion, and run the command "startx" or "gdm". Then restart and see if the xserver config righted itself00:27
jay_why_beelocus_asaf: It is curious.  I was wondering if you needed it at all...00:28
econdudeawesomebfrederi: if not, at least you have a good idea to start a fix00:28
Locus_Asafjay: that sym link seems to have done the trick00:28
methods1where would i configure things that i use to put into intitab now ?00:28
bfrederiecondudeawesome: whenever I ran that, it would fail on me.00:29
econdudeawesomebfrederi: what error do you get? Is x installed?00:29
jay_why_beelocus_asaf.  Great news!   For more understanding checkout the man page on update-rc.d00:29
bfrederiecondudeawesome: as far as I know?00:29
bfrederiecondudeawesome: I'm running from the live CD right now, so I'm not sure how to check.00:30
JoseeAntonioRHello! I have a problem. My best friend has been hacked on Facebook and wants to recover her password. Do any of you know how to get it back?00:30
econdudeawesomebfrederi: do you have a GUI, or are you running command-line?00:30
bfrederiecondudeawesome: GUI on live cd.00:31
DasEi1JoseeAntonioR: offtopic here, send FB an email (lol, and delete account), ask in #ubuntu-offtopic00:31
JoseeAntonioRDasEi1 Thanks.00:31
Locus_Asafjay: thank you very much for your help00:31
bfrederiecondudeawesome: I can install anything from command line. It can't access the repositories for whatever reason.00:31
econdudeawesomebfrederi: interesting. I've had this issue before, but usually running "startx" would do it, or running "gdm" (well, Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't use GDM anymore, so whichever it uses. Let me check).00:31
Locus_Asafdoes updating to oneiric really take several hours?00:31
bfrederi*can't install00:31
jay_why_beeLocus_asaf: Not a problem.  Glad I could be of some help.00:32
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econdudeawesome!gdm econdudeawesome00:32
klslslubuntu is out of control no one know what to do life of its own00:32
swoopersup people00:32
klslslim going to call my brother in law he codes in his sleep00:32
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bfrederiecondudeawesome: trying to start gdm or kdm didn't work for me, it said it didn't exist when I tried from command line.00:32
FireSt0rMIs there a core package that one can install onto Ubuntu Server?00:33
econdudeawesomebfrederi: the standard install of Ubuntu 11.10 no longer uses gdm, it uses lightdm. But I don't know if the command is "lightdm"00:33
econdudeawesomebfrederi: you could try that, as lightdm tab-completes in my terminal (its what I use)00:33
Locus_Asafhas anyone updgrade to oneiric or how ever it's spelled? How long does it take to update?00:33
klslsl'try that'00:33
klslslhear that alot00:34
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klslsldont update install from scratch00:34
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
econdudeawesomeklslsl: Yes. I am not a paid professional, nor are many here, but the complaints are typically statistically common, allowing us to call upon collective knowledge00:34
john32hmm for some reason eog won't open at all and i can't seem to find any logs of it or anything in terminal00:34
econdudeawesomeklslsl: questions* not complaints00:34
Locus_Asafklslsl: was that a response to my question?00:34
klslsldont update install from scratch00:35
Locus_AsafI'm in the middle of updating, is my ubuntu going to be screwed now?00:35
klslsli saw that on a header on ubuntu disccussion forum in mibbit00:35
klslslso i guess its good advice00:35
econdudeawesomeany luck bfre00:35
econdudeawesomebfrederi: any luck?00:35
jay_why_beeI updated last night to 11.10.  I am on it now just fine.00:36
klslslother than that have no idea what im talking about can code simple visual basic nothing more. bash is an anathma00:36
=== econdudeawesome is now known as econdudeawesome-
cbilljonescan i start gnome from ssh?00:36
swooperare people freakign out about updating00:36
=== econdudeawesome- is now known as econdudeaway
bfrederiecondudeawesome: I'm running from live CD, I will have to reboot to do anything. Then it takes like 100 years to load all this shit up from CD, so I'm goning to take my time and get a few solid ideas put together.00:37
bfrederiOr just switch to Mint Linux...00:37
swoopermint runs quicker?00:37
bfrederiswooper: I hear good things.00:37
newmarthere is some package that i can use for listening music when i put the cursor in a music in ubuntu 11.1000:37
bfrederiUbuntu is getting bloated in my opinion.00:38
john32okay ths is annoying i can't seem to get any output to why eye of gnome wont load00:38
john32 nothing in syslog, nothing in console00:38
john32nothing in gdb even with eog-dbg00:38
leo-unglaubhi firends, is the file preview sushi compatible with unity or only with the gnome shell?00:38
swooperbfrederi: bloated? good consideration -> after i updated to 11.10 on my netbook i went to xubuntu00:39
john32and too many useless posts like this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100166000:39
newmari installed sushi but doesn t work00:39
klslslcan someone tell me what backend, daemon and mysqil are00:39
klslslor summin like that00:40
leo-unglaubnewmar: hmmm, but have you any  negative effects?00:40
swooperklslsl: cant u look those up on wiki00:40
newmarleo-unglaub, nothing00:40
klslsloh i suppose yes00:40
leo-unglaubokay, so i will try it :)00:40
swooperdaemon is like a background service i think00:40
klslsli wish i understood the linux file name system00:40
newmarleo-unglaub, just when i upgrade to 11.10 stop working songs when i pass the cursor00:41
swooperie printer daemon listens and acts on a port00:41
klslslwas just getting head around windows00:41
klslsl.exe etc00:41
swooperklsl: i think its a matter of considering what the devs though of. exe = executable etc00:41
tensorpuddingklslsl, mysql is a database software00:41
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klslslwhats a dev file or etc file for instance00:42
ultimahello guys, I'm trying the last version of Xubuntu (11.10) and I have tried yet the 11.04 but I had a lot of problems!! and so now I want to come back for another old release of Xubuntu.... what is the best??00:42
leo-unglaubnewmar: well, it works...but beautifull is deferent :)00:42
NewbeeansUninstalling again...00:42
tensorpuddingklslsl, a backend is a abstract notion of the part of some machine, algorithm, software, etc. that does "heavy" processing work, and exchanges I/O with some sort of "frontend" which deals with actual humans00:42
klslsli c00:42
LehthanisI got a quick dumb question.  how do I shell into another server from terminal?00:43
newmarleo-unglaub, which package do you used00:43
klslslnever heard that in windows ha00:43
leo-unglaubsudo apt-get install gnome-sushi without any other ppa's00:43
klslslmind u theyre all brain dead00:43
tensorpuddingklslsl, device files are special files that abstract devices, etc is just a place where text files containing configuration are stored00:43
klslslis there a good place to learn this on the net00:43
leo-unglaubnewmar: and after this a nautilus -q to restart it00:43
klslslfor simpletons like me00:43
DasEi1klslsl: learn what ?00:45
fugi123Hey, I', in some dire need of install help00:45
klslslall the lingo of linux00:45
newmarleo-unglaub, are you using gnome or unity00:45
klslsland simple bash commands00:45
newmarleo-unglaub, to me doesn t work00:45
leo-unglaubnewmar: well, i think you didn't miss anythink00:45
DasEi1klslsl: google is your friend, aka linux-filesystem, ubuntu-wiki, bash-commands ..00:45
fugi123I could use some install help if anybody has some sparetime00:46
klslslwhoever puts somehting together will be rich . it seems alot of newbies would like to learn but linux is populated with nerds who dont realise how much they know00:46
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
klslslso theres a chasm in between. fill it an d make money00:46
tensorpuddingklslsl, there's lots of tutorials on the shell though they tend to be oriented to teaching you the finer points of scripting and less basic admin commands00:47
DasEi1klslsl: web is full of it, and rich ? now retards with too much time and too weak brains ;)00:47
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:47
usr13klslsl: Linux is pretty well documented and it is pretty easily accessable once you realize it.00:47
fugi123Does anybody know what would cause the error "The ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda) failed. "?00:48
usr13fugi123:  WHat do you need?00:48
usr13fugi123: Could be a bad HD.00:48
klslslme im not logical at all. i would rather be tortured than try and complete a sudoku board. i learn by doing and feeling me. so not much hope anyway ha00:48
tensorpuddingklslsl, there's the big old gnu manual for bash, it's kinda dry reading though http://www.gnu.org/s/bash/manual/bash.html00:48
klslslthere youve proved my point00:49
klslslnow sit down and write something  simple and sell it00:49
overdubklslsl: to solve sudoku, you do and feel with your brain00:49
tensorpuddingthere's tons of books on bash00:49
klslsllook me up i will be first in que give you a tenner :)00:49
tensorpuddingthey sell decently well00:49
usr13fugi123: You could tty to another console session and do some checking, but I'm thinking you probably have a defective hard drive.00:49
tensorpuddingo'reilly has several00:49
overdubO'Rielly Learning the Bash Shell is a good one00:49
klslslnething to defeat the evil windows00:50
swooperFOR PONY00:50
fugi123usr13: is there any good software to check the hard drive or should i just buy another?00:51
klslslyou have to help people who arent techies and broaden the appeal of linux00:51
klslslreally. i should be paid for my advice00:51
usr13klslsl: The learning curve is very steep.  You'll see.00:51
luis__fugi123: What is the make of the HDD?00:52
usr13fugi123: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/  (It's what I use.)00:52
klslslunless i just use a mac os emulator if there is one.... heard its the best os00:52
fugi123@luis: it00:53
usr13fugi123: But you can do some cheking now.  Ctrl-Alt-F6  and try to format again and do a filesystem check00:53
fugi123it's a wetern digital, thankyou00:53
msprouthey folks. i have a plug computer (TonidoPlug), and am running into a brick wall about making a USB hard disk spin down at all. I've tried hdparm, sdparm, hd-idle, etc - nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any experience with this?00:53
fugi123When would i ctrl alt-f6?  from the live cd?00:53
klslslnow after discovering how to get nvidia driver onto computer the virtual terminal wont recognise my password. dear me. nuts00:53
usr13fugi123: Ctrl-Alt-F6 and issue command sudo fdisk -l00:54
kn100`I Have no sound on my acer aspire 368000:54
klslsloff on my monumental task...i have a feeling its doomed to failiure...00:54
xnxsmsprout, is your os on the drive?00:54
kn100`What can I do00:54
msproutxnxs: no sir. should it be?00:54
usr13fugi123: That will tell you what partitions are on it.00:54
msprouti believe it's loaded on the flash at the moment.00:54
fugi123okay i'll try that soon just need to boot back into the live CD00:54
xnxsmsprout, well, if it was that would be the reason it wouldnt spin down.00:54
msproutYeah, it's just some dude plugged in. It's not read/writing for a while, and it *still* won't spin down. I can't even seem to force it to do so.00:55
newkidcan someone help me install 'gksudo' without the internet?00:56
newkid(please and thank you)00:56
luis__fugi123: WD has some great tools you can download for their HDD00:56
fugi123Luis_: are they run-able from a boot enviroment?  or do they require an OS?00:57
KingPinnewkid,  how would you get the package without the interwebs or am i understanding the question wrong??00:57
junglistI have just upgraded to 11.10 and now I cant get past the login screen. Any Ideas?00:57
luis__fugi123 they are all run from a boot enviroment00:57
bfrederiwhen I try to do a startx during booting up, I get an error saying module "nv" does not exist.00:58
newkidKingpin unfortunetly you have it just right. I'm trying to install a server on an old box of mine and can't connect to the internet, even with ethernet. one troubleshoot suggested 'gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases to shut off iPv600:58
fugi123Luis_: I"ll look for the WD software00:58
boldfilterWhere are the user groups in 11.10. Cant find them.00:58
newkidbut when I tried to run the command, I was told that 'gksudo' isn't installed00:59
Fevernewkid: cant you use vi or vim?00:59
tjiggi_fonewkid, it should be installed by default. If you type: man gksudo into a terminal and get the output from man then it is installed00:59
newkidbut"no manual entry for gksudo'01:00
newkidmaybe that's my issue?01:00
luis__fugi123: I took a WD HDD that you could not load anything on adn did a low level format on and it ended up working just fine01:00
newkid(@ kingpin)01:00
junglistI have just upgraded to 11.10 and now I cant get past the login screen. The screen goes dark but x fails to load. I have tried multiple desktop environments. Please help.01:00
newkidorrr tjiggi*01:00
fugi123Luis_: Could you sugest some software to do so Luis?01:00
newkidand fever, I don't know what those are (newwww)01:00
cmn__junglist: check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:00
PiranahAnyone else run into extreme network lag after upgrade to 11.10 ?01:01
Fevernewkid: Vi and vim are terminal text-editors that should be installd by default in ubuntu server01:01
Fevernewkid: try type vi or vim in the terminal01:01
tjiggi_fonewkid, can you use plain ol' sudo?01:01
newkidoooo ok that popped up a screen fever01:02
newkidand tjiggi_fo, tried it, got a 'no such command' type of error?01:02
Zoogoodoes anyone know if there are decent enought drivefr for the sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6770 yet? with working 3D too.01:02
Fevernewkid: Nice, wait one sec. I will get a manual for vim or vi. Its alittle bit tricky to work with the first times01:03
matt7879Hey guys, is am I making this up or is there a beta .iso or something for Macs?01:03
luis__fugi123: try fdisk from a dod boot disk it should have a low level format program on it01:03
attarzoogoo : i am using the proprietary driver with that card now, no complaints so far01:03
Daditoshi, I think I screwed up the Unity's/Ubuntu's 11.10 tiling system... Wasn't it supposed to dock windows on the sides when dragged to a border?  How can I enable this?  I reset compiz configuration to default already01:04
newkidthank you fever. usually I'd say I can research it myself but I'm a little lost without a gui in a new ow :O01:04
cmn__matt7879, modern Macs are x86 so you should just be able to pop in the normal disc and press 'c'01:04
cmn__on boot01:04
Fevernewkid: No probs, if you want you can try to use "nano" instead01:04
PiranahAnyone have a fix or ideas to help with the buggy networking in 11.10 ???01:04
matt7879well i tried that, and got an odd error01:05
Newbeeans_Channel: I went back to 10.4. How do I get my drivers for nvidia? Or do I ignore it since the display is working?01:05
newkidfever: "nano" instead of what? "gksudo"?01:05
Fevernewkid: Its more easy yo use01:05
matt7879I just remember seeing a link somewhere a long time ago for a Mac-specific ubuntu distro01:05
Fevernewkid: no, nano is another terminal text editor01:05
lafonhas anyone used an hsfsoftmodem in oneiric?01:05
newkidfever: got it. so my goal is to run that same command in here?01:06
cmn__matt7879, there was once a PowerPC ubuntu but they killed it off a couple years ago01:06
Fevernewkid: try: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/aliases01:06
craigbass1976I was in earlier today while I was at work and now I'm home with the busted box in a relaxed environment...  I can't log in.  When I do, I see a black screen for a split second, then I'm bounced back at the login screen.  A new user I just setup can log in fine.01:06
dariusHello can someone help me? I'm getting erros when trying to open Skype.01:06
matt7879oh got it. Thanks.01:06
matt7879man trying to get ubuntu installed on my MBP is a pain in the ass01:06
craigbass1976darius, microsoft bought skype; I noticed it getting screwy soon after...01:07
matt7879It's giving me this error when I try to boot from disk: "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"01:07
newkidfever: I'm already in this nano editor (just typed 'nano' and pressed enter). How do I exit nano so that I can enter that other command?01:08
dariuscraigbass1976, hmm that's weird, when I first downloaded it it worked great, but now everytime I try to open it I get binary file corrupt, please reinstall skype, and i did multiple times.01:08
Piranahnewkid, ctrl x01:08
Fevernewkid: If you look at the bottom of the terminal (program) there is a list of commands. ^ means hold down CTRL. So to save file, CTRL+w and to extit CTRL+x01:09
craigbass1976darius, are there ANY files left when you delete, like hidden directories in /home/yourname ?01:09
newkidthank you piranah and fever, working on that other command atm01:09
Piranahnp :)01:09
Fevernewkid: np :)01:10
newkidok fever: so at the top I see 'File: /etc/modprobe.d/aliases' ... where should I be headed form here?01:10
dariuscraigbass1976 should I try and check that? If so what should I do? Go to home and press shift H and see if skype is there?01:10
K4khi, after an unclean shutdown I can no longer load my desktop in 11.10. only indication of a problem is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log i see a line "power button: close" any ideas?01:10
lafondarius: how did you remove it?01:11
PiranahThink I may have to roll back to 11.04 im scouring the forums and not finding a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the strange network lagg in 11.10. Im not on wifi so that rules out half the answers01:11
FeverThats all for me tonight (german time), see you tomorrow01:11
dariuslafon, apt-get remove skype01:11
newkidThank you for your help fever!01:11
craigbass1976darius, I'm not sure.  ls -a in your home directory and that should show you something.  Maybe a .Skype ? That's what's in mine01:11
Newbeeans_Is there a way to kill frozen tasks?01:11
Fevernewkid: No problem, good luck =)01:11
craigbass1976darius, I'm on lucid though, things may be different now01:12
lafondarius: try apt-get purge skype01:12
craigbass1976darius, yes, what lafon said.  I keep forgetting about that...01:12
dariuslafon, craigbass1976, http://pastie.org/275375901:13
ultimaSomebody can help me? My problem is at startup (Xubuntu 11.04): I have 30-40 seconds black screen after grub and before the login screen.. because is this the strange thing, that after 40 seconds of black screen start the login screen and all works good!!!01:13
craigbass1976Anyone have any idea on my login issue?  I've googled for the errors I see in /var/log/auth.log, but nothing pops up that looks like an answer01:13
craigbass1976type exit, then just sudo apt-get purge skype01:14
DasEi1hello, liupei01:14
craigbass1976darius, ^^01:14
liupeihello DasEil01:14
newkidSo if gksudo isn't installed by default I have a corrupt installation, logical conclusion? I installed this on an old computer, so perhaps ubuntu is referencing the worng disc partition?01:14
dariuscraigbass1976, I get the same error01:14
lafonso , has anyone used a conexant modem in 11.10?01:14
liupeiwhere you are?01:15
DasEi1lafon: no haven't, but pure modems for dialup can try sudo pppoeconfig01:15
craigbass1976meh?  you're not typing a # in front of the command are you?01:15
dariuscraigbass1976, http://pastie.org/275376501:16
bugaloohi... I have a dv2000 laptop running ubuntu 10.10 with a sound problem: when I plug my headphones, speakers doesn't mute. Still, if I put the volume only at the right speaker, it mutes the speakers and plays only at the right side of the headphone... it seems a module/support problem for my board... does anybody know how can I fix it?01:16
lafonDasEi1: ahh, ok I'll have to get a live disk and see if it works. dial-up is the only internet i have :/01:17
craigbass1976darius, I've never seen that error...  Perhaps the package isn't called skype, but Skype ?  Oh wait, did you even install it with apt?01:17
DasEi1lafon: give it a try01:17
dariuscraigbass1976 yes i installed it with apt-get install skype01:17
lafoncraigbass1976: I installed skype via the .deb file from their site and purge worked fine01:18
liupeisee you later01:18
dariusim gonna restart my computer01:19
Newbeeans_Is there anyway to install Nvidia drivers for version 11.10?01:19
Newbeeans_...before I upgrade & am unable to see a terminal01:20
Piranahlast shout out to the chan for help, anyone have a fix for slow network performance in Ubunu 11.1001:23
PiranahAll was fine in 11.04 and earlier01:23
lafonPiranah: via ethernet?01:23
Piranahlafon, yes ethernet01:23
Newbeeans_11.10 is driving me crazy01:23
Piranahthats the odd part01:23
JetJagurXPI have just setup a conky-launch.desktop file so I can autorun Conky when I login to Lubuntu 11.10.  It auto starts just fine, unfortunately it doesn't close when I log out.  Did I do it wrong?01:24
lafonPiranah: oh. sorry I know mostly dial-up and wireless :(01:24
Piranahlafon, its ok i suspect something to so with the nvidia drivers in 11.10 and network manager01:25
Piranahsetup ran fast as heck on 11.04 and earlier01:25
jmcantrellis there anything that can position windows automatically based on rules?01:25
lafonactually speaking about fast setup wubi never works with 11.10 so is there an alternative?01:25
ScuniziUninstall network manager an manually configure to see the difference01:25
Newbeeans_I am going to restart...probably wont work again bb01:25
rickbeeHello! This is the 3rd day of my inability to record videos using flash. :( I have installed flash in every single documented way that I have been able to find, I am a long time *nix user and pretty skilled, it just will not let me click the flash settings.. i can't click allow to give it access to my webcam. :| any ideas?01:26
Piranahbbiab thanks all for the help01:26
Piranahthis chan rocks01:26
=== luist_ is now known as luist
dr_willisjmcantrell:  devilspie, or theres some compiz plugins i recall.01:27
dr_willisrickbee:  theres been flash accessing webcam issues for ages...01:27
gusnanjmcantrell, as dr_willis said, try devilspie, or my project devilspie201:27
lucas-arggnome-shell i love so much...01:27
rickbeedr_willis: any ideas? where does flash store the excpetions or the 'always allow' 'list'?01:27
jmcantrellgusnan: diff between devilspie and devilspie2?01:28
newkidSo if gksudo isn't installed by default I have a corrupt installation, logical conclusion? I installed this on an old computer, so perhaps ubuntu is referencing the worng disc partition?01:28
dr_willisrickbee:  if you cant click on the buttons in a flash window. thats an old issue thats also been around for ages. I seem to recall some work arounds.. like disablng compiz, or trying a shift-click, or  holding down the right/menu mouse button then trying to click01:28
gusnanjmcantrell, devilspie isn't very maintained, and devilspie2 is based on LUA instead of the regular expressions of devilspie.01:29
dariuscan anyone help me with this please? http://pastie.org/2753808 I get it everytime I do something in terminal01:29
lafonnewkid: not sure. ive never been without some form of sudo01:29
lafondarius: try installing it again with "sudo apt-get install skype" and then "sudo apt-get purge skype"01:29
JetJagurXPI guess my question is:  What is the correct way to auto launch an app when I login to Lubuntu?01:29
dr_willisrickbee:  if flash is workng in other ways. its installed corectly. :)01:29
newkidlafon: normal sudo works, but gk does not :/01:29
newkidlafon: and allegedly it should be installed by default on the server distributuion of linux01:30
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  lubuntu/lxde uses openbox. and i think it can use the ~/.config/autostart/  directory01:30
lafongksudo or gksu?01:30
gusnanjmcantrell, http://www.gusnan.se/devilspie2/01:30
craigbass1976dr_willis, you ever run into not being able to log into the gui, but terminal and ssh are fine?  I'm getting (and still searching the web for the terms) "Unregistered Authentication for session /org/freedesktop....." and another line that I thought was interesting containing "user ingroup nopasswdlogin".  I'm also looking through today's channel logs as I was in and pasted the exact errors then.  Box is not on a netowrk01:30
craigbass1976at the moment01:30
dariuslafon http://pastie.org/275381301:30
dr_williscraigbass1976:  not seen that issue.01:31
JetJagurXPdr_willis  I did that.  However, the application I started doesn't close when I log out.  I guess that is the expected behavior.  But I want it so shut down when I log out also...01:31
jmcantrellgusnan: needs a ppa01:31
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  cant say ive ever noticed the issue.. guess ig can depend on the app.01:31
gusnanjmcantrell, hmmm... yeah, I guess you are right... I am not using Ubuntu as my primary system however...01:32
dariusdr_willis can you help me with this? http://pastie.org/275381301:32
K4ki found another error in /var/log/auth.log, lightdm: pam_succeed_if(lightdm:auth): requirement "user ingroup nopasswdlogin" not met by user [myuser]" anyone care to lend a hand? i can't get past the login screen.01:33
jmcantrellgusnan: ah, i just assumed... given the channel01:33
rickbeeomg i love gnome-shell01:33
dr_willisdarius:  at least summarize the issue. most people wont go to every URL posted to read the actual problem...01:33
rickbeejesus, these devs are effing awesome.01:33
Zoogooit's 02:33 here in england and i am gasping...01:34
dr_willisrickbee:  been having gnome-shell lock up on me when i try typing in anything to 'search' for an app today..01:34
rickbeedr_willis: Guess what, it fixed my issue with flash!01:34
rickbeeSwitching to Gnome as my session type fixed it.01:34
dariusdr_willis, I have an issue everytime I try installing something, it says either error merging package or it says 6%...01:35
gusnanjmcantrell, I am however working on getting it into Debian - This means you will get it into Ubuntu too.01:35
dariusdr_willis, using the apt-get install command01:35
p4nWhen pressing the power button to boot up my machine, sometimes it boots up, and sometimes it doesn't. It's that simple. The only details I can give is that sometimes it goes to the boot screen (and sometimes it doesn't). Any clues as to what I could do?01:35
dr_willisrickbee:  its likely it was compiz somehow interfearring withn your ability to click on buttons in flash window./.  that was an issue ages ago...01:35
dr_willisp4n:  the boot screen of Ubuntu? or the BIOS/Post boot screen? or the Login screeen?01:36
p4nBoot screen of Ubuntu, then goes to black. Signal/notification/power light still stays on my machine as if it's on and doing something, though. But the screen stays black.01:36
dr_willisIf its not posting/showing the bios scrren - then you got some hardware issues.. I have a similer old pc thats a little flakey.01:36
JetJagurXPdr_willis  Should I add a line to my bash_logout file to close it if it's open?01:36
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  you could try.01:37
jmcantrelldoes anyone use the compiz grid plugin?01:37
computer_Thanks all for all the work, just received an very interesting update the other day for 11.10 labeled something like 'alsa-plugin-somthing' and now my internal mic on my laptop sounds just as good as any Mac or Windows internal mic I have ever heard.01:37
p4nIt goes past the BIOS screen and then it either goes straight to black and nothing, OR it shows the Ubuntu boot screen for a few seconds then goes to black. If I'm lucky, like right now, it boots all the day.01:37
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  ive never seen an app manage to stay around after i log out of X. :)  unless i spawn it to the background..01:37
p4nIt fails about 25% of the time.01:37
dr_willisp4n:  remove the quiet/splash option in /etc/default/grub  (replace quiet splash, with noquiet nosplash nofb)    so you can see all the error messages.. it Might give a clue when it next fails to boot up.01:38
dr_willisp4n:  it sounds more like a hardware issue then anything else to me.01:38
JetJagurXPdr_willis  I am launching it with the command conky -c /home/<username>/.conky/conkyrc01:39
computer_Was just curious if anyone knew what the road map for GIMP might be? As I see that it's integration with Unity to be ugly to use.01:39
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  ive never had conky prevent me from logging out.. what is it doing exactly?01:39
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  'conky  -yadda yadda &'   perhaps..01:39
JetJagurXPdr_willis  Oh I can log out.  But conky continues to run.  Shows up on the Login screen.01:40
hux_How do I top up a vodafone mobile donge (K3770) as they don't support Linux yet01:40
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  now thats an interesting bug.... never seen that befor.01:40
JetJagurXPdr_willis  If I login again conky launches a second time.01:40
p4ndr_willis: it says I don't have permission to save the file.01:40
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  check the askubuntu.com site and the forums perhaps...  you could do a 'killall conky'  in your logout file i guess.01:40
dr_willisp4n:  its a system file.. so of course. you need to use root/sudo access to it.01:41
computer_Of course I will ask in #gimp01:41
dr_willisp4n:  then you rerun 'sudo update-grub' to apply the changes01:41
JetJagurXPdr_willis  Is is because I'm launching it using a .desktop file in HOME/.config/autostart  ?01:41
dr_willisp4n:  is this a laptop or a desktop machine?01:41
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  shouldent matter.01:41
p4ndr_willis: laptop. I might need more specific instructions than that.01:42
beginneris there something like apt-get update to update to the latest spidermonkey ?01:42
dr_willisJetJagurXP:  conky is very popular. id bet if this is a common issue. theres mention of it on the forums, askubuntu.com and the conky forums.01:42
dr_willisIm off to work.. chat at ya laters.01:43
yagoobeginner, apt-get update, apt-get install spidermonkey .. if there's a later version of spidermonkey, it'll be upgraded01:43
beginnerthank you01:43
yagoobeginner, that is if there's a package name by the name of "spidermonkey" to begin with.01:44
hexacodewat does -r do in wget -r http://* ?01:44
JetJagurXPdr_willis  Thanks.  At least I know I didn't so something goofy.01:44
beginnerthank you yagoo01:44
usr13beginner: apt-cache search spidermonkey01:45
cmn`yagoo: $ apt-cache search spidermonkey says: libmozjs185-1.0 - Spidermonkey javascript engine01:45
yagoohexacode, never heard of a manpage before? (man wget)01:45
usr13yagoo: man thats' cool!01:46
NewbeeansWhat is the command to check my Ubuntu version? I don't want to update to 11.10 by mistake.01:46
yagooman man << you do that.01:46
usr13Newbeeans: lsb_release -a01:46
aefhey, how would I achieve bass redirection on a SB X-Fi Titanium on Ubuntu 11.10? on Windows its a checkbox in the driver tools01:46
yagooaef, well this isn't windows..01:47
yagooaef, and you do things differently..01:47
aefyagoo: yeah i know, that's why i ask01:47
Blue1Newbeeans: cat /etc/issue01:47
aefyagoo: do you have an idea how to do it?01:47
yagooaef, you really think it helps to tell us that you click a "checkbox" on windows? pfff.. smarten up here..01:47
aefyagoo: fuck you.01:47
yagooaef, i was going to help you.01:48
yagoonow i wont.01:48
usr13aef: YOu think that is helpful?01:48
NewbeeansI thought root was su -i01:48
NewbeeansHow do I get to root ?01:48
yagooNewbeeans, -i ?--- i simply use su - or su -l01:48
usr13Newbeeans: YOu are correct.01:48
yagooNewbeeans, what for?01:48
usr13Newbeeans: sudo -i01:49
yagooNewbeeans, (for nvidia yeah.. u need root)01:49
Blue1Newbeeans: why do you need root?  use sudo01:49
tony_hello all01:49
NewbeeansI just want those drivers! :)) haha01:49
aefi told you about the checkbox because i think its a hardware feature controlled through the proprietary driver tools and not something in an abstracted api available for all sound devices01:49
tony_I have a question about the "history" feature in bash01:49
usr13Newbeeans: But as others are letting you know, it's best to just use sudo.01:49
Newbeeansusr13: ok01:49
Blue1tony_: ask your question.01:50
tony_I typed "history" into the terminal and I see alot of things that I didn't type01:50
tony_have I been hacked?01:50
usr13aef: Just ask questions.  The other stuff is not helpful.01:50
Blue1tony_: what happens if you hit an up arrow?01:50
yagootony_, maybe someone else is using ur computer in the house?01:50
yagootony_, very unlikely..01:51
NewbeeansAfter 10.4, What is my next upgrade? The manager is not listing them.01:51
tony_it scrolls through typed in commands....  there are things like "sudo chmod 700 adoopy"01:51
tony_wth is that?01:51
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/01:51
yagootony_, i mean very unlikely ur machine is hacked unless you install somebody's crazy unknown script from the net01:51
aefusr13: i did exactly this01:51
Blue1Newbeeans: i plan to stay on 10.04 for awhile longer -- I am migrating everything over to debian01:51
usr13aef: You did what?01:51
tony_ok...so I'm being paranoid01:51
NewbeeansBlue1: I wish I knew what a debian was :)01:51
aefusr13: asking a quesion01:51
yagootony_, maybe.. are all your repositories official?01:52
Blue1Newbeeans: debian is ubuntu's dad01:52
tony_I get everything from the software center or offical ppa's01:52
tony_from ubuntu's site01:52
NewbeeansBlue1: Maybe I should stay put until I understand more of this OS.01:52
yagooBlue1, debian is ubuntu's dad.. but ubuntu is trying very hard to be an orphan..01:52
Blue1Newbeeans: yes.01:52
Blue1yagoo: well said01:53
tony_is it ok to paste some of the stuff I found in there?  or not cool?01:53
yagootony_, not cool01:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:53
tony_ok... then I won't01:53
yagootony_, i mean not cool to do that..(use pastebin sites)01:53
yagootony_, 1 line or 2 is ok01:53
usr13aef: We are not here to argue semantics or for philosophical discussions, so just drop it.01:53
yagoousr13, he wants people to look at his windows "checkbox" driver.. Like we have to know about it.01:54
usr13yagoo: drop it01:54
aefusr13: my opinion from the beginning, so do you know about a solution?01:54
tony_90  sudo chmod 700 /Desktop/adoopy01:54
tony_   91  cd /Desktop01:54
tony_I never go by the name adoopy and my gf is a totall linux noob01:55
NewbeeansHow do I turn off permission requests for Ubuntu Software center?01:55
craigbass1976http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1560241  I've got this same problem, but my .profile looks exactly like another one from a "good" profile on the same box01:55
yagootony_, ?01:55
yagootony_, someone is typing "cd /Desktop" << this path doesn't even exist.01:55
craigbass1976tony_, sure.  ;) ;)01:55
yagootony_, you sure you didn't type this, or is one of your own scripts?01:55
tony_I am just weirded out by the name adoopy in there and someone trying to sudo chmod.....01:56
yagootony_, that's you.01:56
cmn`aef, I don't think there is one. this might put you on the right track though: http://confignewton.com/?p=21101:56
* yagoo thinks tony wants a pacifier and a crib01:56
tony_adoopy is me?  I never went by that name....oh...lol01:56
yagootony, that's bs... /Desktop doesn't even exist.01:56
tony_like I said....  strange01:56
yagooyeah yeah yeah tony.. yeah yeah yeah01:56
yagootony_, #goreadabook01:57
aefcmn`: i know i had it working around 2009 with a SB Live.01:57
cmn`aef, I don't have an X-fi so I can't really help more than that, sorry. ^^;01:57
aefcmn`: thanks01:57
tony_ok... you all have a good night01:57
meowsusI use gedit for my web development, and rely on a lot of plugins that aren't supported by Oneirics installation of Gedit3. Is there a way to run Gedit3 AND Gedit2 on the same system, or to replace Gedit3 with Gedit2?01:58
yagoonice try dumb tony_01:58
gdea73hi I'm having problems with Suspend01:59
gdea73it sleeps once, and wakes up once, but after that it wakes up immediately.01:59
gdea73according to my dmesg command it's my SATA controller. So ... ?02:00
hux_How do I top up a vodafone mobile dongle ? (K3770) as they don't support Linux yet and my cell is Orange02:00
gdea73how do I troubleshoot this?02:00
usr13meowsus: You use gedit to edit html code?  Are there plugins that aid it?02:00
yagoogdea73, suspend/powersaving doesn't always work.. this is one area any linux is still miserably horrible at (and any linux distro)02:00
rahulneed some help02:01
rahuli am using Dell R1502:01
yagoorahul, wha'ts the magic word? you have any manners?02:01
gdea73yagoo: that's frustrating... especially for people using laptops. My laptop couldn't run Ubuntu anyway, but still02:01
gdea73anyway so there's nothing I can do?02:01
yagoogdea73, you sure sound like a dictator.02:02
yagoogdea73, can you ask nicely to the channel?02:02
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!02:02
rahuln sound card and touch pad doen't seems to work02:02
meowsususr13, with gnome2 you can find "gmate" on git that has a ton of textmate esque plugins02:02
yagoorahul, u say please help.02:02
attaryagoo, youre rude and extremely unhelpful, youre one to talk of manners02:02
meowsusand yes, i know i should be using VIM02:02
BlackWebJust curious how do you specify the display driver to use, would you do it in grub.cfg in the bootloader, Driver I want to use is "xserver=xorg-video-intel"02:02
gdea73hehe, sorry, might you please have any other suggestions?02:02
yagooattar, I'm saying what's the magic word. I'm telling to say please.02:02
meowsususr13, I've gotten quite used to it actually ;)02:02
yagoogdea73, just ask the question.02:02
enix316sometimes when i use a command like 'ls' or search in aptitude i get multiple pages of results. Is there an option to make it so that i have to press spacebar or another key to continue to the next page of results? Also, can anyone recomend a good shell web browser?02:03
BlackWebWhich its already installed but for some reason cant enable desktop effects02:03
yagoogdea73, touchpad needs X config options.. u can post the x log02:03
zykotick9_enix316, "ls | less" or the old way "ls | more"02:03
* yagoo ignores attar02:03
gdea73yagoo, touchpad? Sorry if I was unclear, I'm talking about my desktop.02:03
usr13aef: Sorry, all I use is alsamixer. Don't do a lot of fancy stuff to audio output02:03
gdea73didn't mean to get off on a tangent before.02:03
yagoo"<rahul> n sound card and touch pad doen't seems to work"02:03
yagoo^ touchpad02:03
gdea73oh, soryr, you attached my name to that.02:04
Gskelligis it just me, or does the new "system settings" UI look a LOT like the OSX one02:04
yagoooh sorry..02:04
yagoorahul.. that was for u02:04
gdea73it's fine02:04
hux_Does anyone know if #linuxmint is still on irc.spotchat.org as I get a dead link from Mint Servers via spotchat02:04
rahul'm new to Ubunto n that too linux environment02:04
enix316zykotick9, thanks, just what i was looking for.02:05
rahulwill you help me to get that x config option02:05
d0gbertSo I realize that this is not a perl channel, but I'm sure that some of you brilliant people know perl...02:05
usr13meowsus: I've probably used vim more than antying else, but CMS does the most for me nowdays02:05
zykotick9_!tab > enix31602:05
ubottuenix316, please see my private message02:05
shantorn_hux #linuxmint and then - something is needed, like -help -chat02:05
NewbeeansI used the upgrade command so I could get 10.10 then to 11.4 (I like the sidebar). The command stated no upgrades found. Any ideas?02:05
meowsususr13, cms! I'm intrigued02:05
yagoorahul, see what the xlog says-> apt-get install pastebinit; cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |pastebinit -t myxlog02:05
usr13meowsus: I've also used bluefish02:05
=== frankbro|out is now known as frankbro
hux_I know shanton but -help,-chatetc are all dead02:06
meowsusI've used bluefish, it drives me nuts02:06
usr13meowsus: Oh yea, cms is the wave of the future02:06
d0gbertI'm trying to debug a perl script and am getting the following... Code is:  "my @any_port = @{$attacks[0]};" and I am getting an arror that reads Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference.  Can someone tell me how to fix this?02:06
meowsusWhen i was a windows user i used e Text Editor02:06
meowsuswhich was modeled after TextMate for OSX02:06
enix316zykotick9_: i just read that too from the irssi man pages, thx for the reminder02:06
denis_u doing?02:06
meowsusand Gedit can be fluffed with to be close to both of them02:06
=== diamonds_ is now known as diamonds
zykotick9_enix316, :) glad to help02:06
meowsusWhat is CMS?02:06
usr13meowsus: This is OT, we should go to #ubuntu-offtopic   or pm02:06
usr13busy channel here...02:07
gdea73yagoo, [  678.590108] ata9: failed to stop engine (-5)02:07
gdea73[  678.590121] ata9: exception Emask 0x52 SAct 0x0 SErr 0xffffffff action 0xe frozen t402:07
gdea73[  678.590124] ata9: SError: { RecovData RecovComm UnrecovData Persist Proto HostInt PHYRdyChg PHYInt CommWake 10B8B Dispar BadCRC Handshk LinkSeq TrStaTrns UnrecFIS DevExch }02:07
gdea73[  678.590129] ata9: hard resetting link02:07
gdea73[  680.160048] ata9: failed to resume link (SControl FFFFFFFF)02:07
FloodBot1gdea73: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:07
yagoogdea73, DONT DO THAT02:07
yagoogdea73, use pastebin02:07
shantorn_hux have you asked a question or offered a greatting in chat?02:07
rahuldidn't work for me02:07
d0gbertsomeone anyone help?02:07
gdea73Here is the log, with the failed suspend... any suggestions please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/718436/02:07
BlackWebHow do you specify a display driver to use02:08
enix316zykotick9_: you have been over several days now. glad u are here02:08
yagoogdea73, it's actually pretty complex to fix suspend/powersaving.. it takes x number commands to find out what's wrong..02:08
yagoogdea73, and u have to check the bios, the kernbootline... see if theres any irq conflicts.. it's a real pita02:08
Gskelligwhat is the best way to have a command auto run on boot (not as root)02:08
gdea73bummer. and this has been driving me crazy for a while too, but ah well02:09
yagoogdea73, yeah.. best is to see if google "ubuntu wiki" + other keywords can help solve the problem..02:09
yagoogdea73, as i said it's real pita..02:09
gdea73yeah :/02:09
yagoogdea73, i have 2 systems and I cant do sleep properly with them..02:09
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as WhoAmI
zykotick9_BlackWeb, typically you would use an xorg.conf file - but it's automatic (for intel, these days).  Do you know what driver is currently being used?  "less /var/log/Xorg.0.log" to check.02:10
=== WhoAmI is now known as M0hi
yagoogdea73, as i said (it doesnt matter what distro).. linux still sux in this arena02:10
gdea73that's too bad. anyway, so no idea what error "-5" means with an ide controller?02:10
gdea73actually I was repeatedly trying to suspend about a week ago02:10
yagoogdea73, the older hardware.. sleep wasnt very much implemented..02:11
craigbass1976http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1560241  I've got this same problem, but my .profile looks exactly like another one from a "good" profile on the same box02:11
yagoogdea73, notably pre-usb stuff02:11
gdea73ah ok02:11
gdea73just interesting that Windows 95C on a Pentium II suspends juust fine ;P02:11
NewbeeansHow do I upgrade to 10.10 ?02:11
gdea73(or on mine at least)02:11
yagoogdea73, and ide is pretty much very old.. you have usb?02:11
yagoogdea73, oh pentium 2..02:11
gdea73oh, no this is newer hardware02:11
yagoogdea73, dont worry about getting sleep working properly on that..02:12
BlackWebzykotick9, Heres the problem Installed 10.10 worked fine with desktop effects, then installed packages and now desktopeffects cant be enabled02:12
gdea73not old hardware, I'm just getting distracted... the P2 is completely separate.02:12
BlackWebthe hardware is intel02:12
gdea73my current PC actually has SATA, but it's in "IDE Mode" (not AHCI)02:12
BlackWebwhich the intel driver is install "xserver-xorg-video-intel02:12
gdea73I just keep the Pentium II for fun, that's in the basement :P02:12
BlackWebhow would i make it use the intel driver again, or the default one it was using02:13
gdea73actually this is sort of odd, in the log, it says says "pci_legacy_suspend(): ahci_pci_device_suspend ..."02:13
yagoogdea73, you using ahci?02:13
gdea73I was originally but now anymore. Did that affect things if I installed using AHCI and switched in BIOS later?02:13
gdea73anyway it's just odd, because this is not PCI, it's not legacy, and AHCI is off...02:14
zykotick9_BlackWeb, "...then installed packages..." sounds suspicious ;)  Do you currently have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?02:14
yagoogdea73, these are very hardcore stuff...02:14
HansLandacan anyone help me configure my wlan without ndiswrapper? ubuntu 11.04 - dell notebook02:14
gdea73also - is there an actual speed advantage to AHCI? I couldn't tell, but I'm not sure.02:14
zykotick9_!tab > BlackWeb02:14
ubottuBlackWeb, please see my private message02:14
=== HashNuke_ is now known as HashNuke
NewbeeansHow do I update to 10.10? Updater is not showing the upgrades.02:15
yagoogdea73, u can interchange ahci to something else without data damage.. as for affecting sleep in linux i have noclue..02:15
R3db3ardNewbeeans, go to software sources and select the tickbox that gives you every update02:15
zykotick9_Newbeeans, by default LTS will only update to another LTS release (there is a way to change it, but I've never done it)02:15
craigbass1976HansLanda, what have you got for a card?  What you done so far?  I make no promises...  I haven't had to monkey with a card since before dapper02:15
yagoogdea73, it's possible a config in linux has something set to ahci. But i have no clue to that.. (probably #kernel may know)02:15
gdea73yagoo, ok. I just was unsure if something was "configured" for AHCI when I installed. Like if ahci was on when I installed, it might mess things up by turning it off later...02:15
BlackWebNo dont have a xorg.conf file in /etc/X1102:15
gdea73yeah that may be..02:16
gdea73oh well I guess I give up then, for now :P02:16
yagoogdea73, a reason why u have ahci switched back off?02:16
zykotick9_BlackWeb, sorry I have no suggestions then, good luck.02:16
tigranesHi! Can anyone help me figure out why Unity 3D is not working on my Intel 4500 video card?02:16
Blue1BlackWeb: this may/may not help:  http://pkill-9.com/ubuntu-etcx11xorg-conf-livecd-fixes-debian-video-problems/02:16
NewbeeansR3db3ard: Where do I select other sources?02:16
gdea73well actually because I thought it would suspend without AHCI lol02:16
gdea73no other reason in particular02:16
gdea73I remember getting an AHCI error on resume, before.02:16
yagoogdea73, you are?02:17
gdea73it was only on screen for like a fraction of a second though02:17
gdea73I *was*, when AHCI was on.02:17
yagoogdea73, is ahci module loaded ?02:17
gdea73I don't think so, maybe..02:17
yagoogdea73, turn bios back to ahci.. reboot then see if ahci module is loaded (or shown in dmesg)02:17
gdea73well I have dmesg right here for now02:17
gdea73and it already does show up :S02:17
yagoogdea73, u need to set it to ahci in bios02:18
gdea73well I thought i saw it, one second..02:18
R3db3ardNewbeeans, system > administration > software sources > updates02:18
gdea73yeah "ahci 000:04:00.0: restoring config space at offset 0x6 (was 0x1, writing 0x0) several like this <002:19
gdea73* <-02:19
yagoogdea73, did u try fsck ?02:19
R3db3ardNewbeeans, on the updates tab there is a Release upgrade dropdown box02:19
R3db3ardNewbeeans, change it to normal releases02:19
=== t0nic is now known as diamonds
gdea73I have not yet. I will.02:19
yagoogdea73, reboot, turn ahci on, then use something like gpartedlivecd to do an fsck (can rt-click on partition and choose check filesystem)02:20
diamondshi friends02:20
diamondsjust updated ubuntu....02:20
R3db3ardthen in console type 'sudo apt-get update' then sudo apt-get upgrade02:20
diamondsand me mouse pad stopped workin'02:20
gdea73actually I have a short story to tell, in relation to this02:20
diamondsshiver me timbers02:20
gdea73I was repeatedly trying to suspend.. the next morning, it suspended once, as usual02:20
diamondscan anyone recommend a path to fixing this?02:20
craigbass1976Is there something that would lock me out of gdm if I had too many failed logins?02:20
gdea73I went to eat breakfast and I came back, and tried to wake it up02:20
gdea73and there was a loud clunk, followed by loud, sporatic clicking02:21
NewbeeansR3db3ard xcelent!02:21
yagoogdea73, maybe it was trying to use ahci02:21
gdea73and I reset the machine and then the AHCI BIOS (this was back when I had AHCI), said "no devices found"02:21
R3db3ardNewbeeans, glad to help :)02:21
diamondsis there some... switch I might need to flip?02:21
diamondssudo /etc/mousepad start?02:21
gdea73I kind of flipped out then, I thought the HDD died. But that afternoon, it was fine o.O02:21
yagoogdea73, then try loading the module02:21
gdea73(after toggling ahci)02:21
zykotick9_gdea73, sounds like you are describing a dead or dieing hard drive02:21
gdea73zykotick9_ I HONESTLY hope not.02:22
diamondsanyone else had mousepad trouble on Dell inspiron with 10.10?02:22
yagoogdea73, doesnt have to be a dying hdrive02:22
gdea73there are no signs of failure as far as smart attributes.02:22
yagoogdea73, it isnt02:22
gdea73oh ok :P02:22
gdea73it's a one year old 1TB drive, and I've only partitioned 128GB, the rest is unallocated.02:22
gdea73anyway I will get to all that later I guess... (fsck, livecd, etc)02:23
gdea73this is still sort of gnawing at me but if it's giong to cause me to procrastinate more, on other things, I should wait02:23
gdea73thanks for the help02:23
javier__I have detected there are bad sectors on my hard drive. I backed up my files, but I want to try to repair them. is there a program that does it? thanks!02:23
gdea73alright bye for now.02:23
yagoogdea73, i think i should reportbug what i had 2 weeks ago. I had end-request I/O error on one of my new AHCI drives.  Did a full test inside out with manufacturing tool. And a sector test that lasted 6 hours.  Completely clean.  It was a malinforming tty message.02:24
xtjacobdoes anyone here have experience with parsing json in c?02:24
yagooxt3mp0r, wrong channel.. you'd have to ask #c02:24
yagooxtjacob, i mean.. and i dont' think its impossible..02:25
xtjacobit's telling me #c in invite only02:25
yagooxtjacob, your nick is registered with nickserv?02:26
xtjacobit was sometime ago, but it isn't anymore02:26
yagooxtjacob, so register it.. /msg Nickserv help02:26
yagooxtjacob, if u still need help on this-> #freenode02:27
diamondsok I'm trying the system test program02:27
diamondsbut without a mouse I can't move the scrollbar down, so I can't see what's below the fold :/02:27
diamondsthat's not so good02:27
yagoodiamonds, this a serial mouse?02:28
diamondsyagoo: this is my built in mousepad02:28
HansLandahello there02:28
=== teng-away is now known as teng
diamondsworked on... 10.402:28
HansLandacan anyone help me configure my wlan without ndiswrapper? ubuntu 11.04 - dell notebook (private msg please)02:28
yagoodiamonds, what model is the mouse?02:28
x3qt0rI need to able to play mp3 files on a computer without internet connection02:28
javier__I have detected there are bad sectors on my hard drive. I backed up my files, but I want to try to repair them. is there a program that does it? thanks!02:28
x3qt0rHow do I get those necessary packages02:28
diamondsyagoo: not sure how to tell...02:28
yagooHansLanda, check online that "that" driver works for your hardware. Not everything can replace ndiswrapper if the linux driver isnt updated to support it02:29
xtjacobyagoo, thanks that worked02:29
yagooxtjacob, np02:29
yagoodiamonds, this a laptop?02:29
diamondsyagoo yes02:29
diamonds^ the output of modprobe --list | grep mouse02:29
boldfilterHow do you edit user groups in 11.10?02:29
yagoodiamonds, um.. well what laptop model?02:30
diamondssorry, I mentioned it before I wasn't sure if you'd seen02:30
yagooand by mouse.. do you really mean touchpad or controlpoint?02:30
x3qt0rI need to able to play mp3 files on a computer without internet connection02:31
x3qt0rHow do I get those necessary packages02:31
diamondsx3qt0r: have you seen the mediubuntu stuff?02:31
diamondsx3qt0r: I think that'll do it02:31
diamondsx3qt0r: I can't control my cursor, can you look it up yourself?02:32
x3qt0rI did02:32
diamondsyagoo: can you recommend somewhere to start looking?02:32
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
diamondsman -k touchpad returns a listing for synaptics02:33
diamondsi guess I'll start there :)02:33
x3qt0rSo I should be downloading each one of these02:33
diamondsx3qt0r: have you tried... reading the site?02:33
=== joel is now known as Guest33288
Guest33288has anyone ever set a static ip on a wireless interface?02:34
Guest33288on ubuntu server?02:34
yagoodiamonds, well ..02:34
yagoodiamonds, it's abuilt-in..02:34
yagoodiamonds, anything show with lspci? (lscpi -nn|less)02:34
diamondswhat am I looking for?02:34
yagoodiamonds, anything that says trackpad or touchpad02:35
cococnutzhey where i can ask about windows 7 ftp server ?02:35
diamondsno but i can bin it02:35
yagoodiamonds, it may be called something else.. so u can pastebinit02:35
yagoodiamonds, apt-get install pastebinit; lscpi -nn | pastebinit -t xxx02:35
diamondshow do I pipe to my local clipboard?02:36
Guest33288I need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason02:36
ldz420I want to check if I have a shared library on my system. when I try to use find / -type f -name filename of library the only place that is shows up is /usr/share/lintian can anyone give me a clue?02:36
diamondsso I can | pastebinit | cb #then paste in channel02:36
x3qt0rdiamonds,  I dont find any instructions on how to install these packages on a computer with not internet02:36
diamondsx3qt0r: oh you don't have internet on the computer at all02:37
diamondslike, not just when you want to play mp3s, but ever02:37
=== Guest33288 is now known as jobalcaen
x3qt0rI want to download these packages and take them to that handicap computer02:37
x3qt0rso that I can play those mp3s02:37
yagoodiamonds, what about dmesg ? (dmesg |pastebinit -t xxx)02:38
diamondsx3qt0r: huh... I don't know w/o internet02:38
diamondswhat's the -t xxx?02:38
=== determinology is now known as DETERMINOLOGY
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason02:38
gdea73hi all, I have a new question now... please help...02:38
yagoodiamonds, -t is just for title.. if u want to give it a title name02:38
gdea73my HDMI is not working anymore. After rearranging this room...02:38
jobalcaenwhat is your questionj gdea73?02:38
gdea73I've double checked the cable, but the PC and the TV both show no sign of having it plugged in :(02:39
ldz420x3qt0r: you will have to transfer the files onto machine. but I believe that you can refer to your local machine as a repository02:39
gdea73do HDMI cables die, often?02:39
diamondshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/718451 < yagoo02:39
_jesse_x3qt0r: you can download packages using apt-get on a internet-connected computer and use dpkg to install them on the other02:39
dr_willisgdea73: iv had some go bad02:39
x3qt0r_jesse_,  elaborate please.02:39
yagoodiamonds, [    8.138612] Synaptics Touchpad, model: 1, fw: 6.2, id: 0x180b1, caps: 0xa04713/0x200000/0x0  line 728 :)02:39
yagoodiamonds, that's good news..02:40
_jesse_x3qt0r: I can't really elaborate more than that02:40
jobalcaengdea73.....try reducing the resolutionh or refresh rate on your pc02:40
gdea73darn, this is the only 6' one, the others are like 6"02:40
andykrisshello guys.. which driver would u recomend for the geForce 7025/nForce 630a?02:40
diamondsyagoo: hooray!02:40
yagoodiamonds, it should be workable.. with X then..02:40
gdea73jobalcaen, in catalyst the second display doesn't even show up, and it can run at 1080p just like primary02:40
yagoodiamonds, see what X says-- cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit -t xx02:40
cmn`x3qt0r, if you apt-get the packages on an internet connected computer, then copy /var/cache/apt/archive/* to the handicapped comp02:40
diamondsis there a way to move these windows keyboardwise?02:40
_jesse_`apt-get download` will also download to the current directory02:41
dr_willisgdea73:  ive had some monitors not like some ofmy cables also02:41
diamondslike windows 7?02:41
cmn`x3qt0r, then dpkg -i {mp3playerprogram}.deb02:41
javier__hi. Is there a way to repair bad sectors in HDD in ubuntu?02:41
CarlFKnatty, how do I enable compiz?02:41
x3qt0rWill the 10.04 packages work for 11.1002:41
diamondswindows 7 you can windows-left to move the window screen left02:41
gdea73dr_willis, ok, but this is the same configuration that was working before...02:41
jobalcaengdea73...did ou physically move the pc or tv?02:41
K4k"Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead" I get this plus GPG signature errors doing apt-get update. I believe it's due to an incomplete update from earlier today. What's built in to apt to correct this?02:41
diamondsok yagoo, lemme type that in before i lose my buffer02:41
diamondsyagoo: can you type that again :(02:41
_jesse_x3qt0r: not likely, you can download the .deb's from the website in that case02:41
x3qt0rWhich website.02:42
gdea73jobalcaen, yeah. I wonder why that would make a difference though?02:42
diamondsxchat window is over my terminal so I can't see both at once02:42
gdea73that's really the only change too, since it last worked. This TV has already had problems recognizing HDMI (xbox 360, etc)02:42
gdea73but it eventually worked, I wasn't sure how, or why..02:42
jobalcaenmaybe you pulleda socket loose?02:42
diamondstheres a way to make windows less opaque... can I do that keyboardwise?02:42
cmn`javier__, boot from livecd then e2fsck -c <drive>02:42
dr_willisgdea73:  seen them get interfearance from power supplies also02:42
CarlFKdiamonds: you can cut/paset into a terminal - copy from chat, right click in the term, select paste02:42
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason02:43
diamondsCarlFK: updated ubuntu, mouse doesn't work02:43
gdea73really... maybe my wireless keyboard is doing that, because it's missing a lot of keypresses now.02:43
javier__cmn`, saying -c it will scan all my hard drive? (I have several partitions, windows included)02:43
diamondsCarlFK: can you paste back in what yagoo wrote, or message me?02:43
x3qt0rWill installing VLC solve the problem02:43
x3qt0rwithout installing the packages?02:43
jobalcaenis anyone here using a static ip on a wireless interface?02:43
gdea73meaning, maybe that is interf. with the psu as well, I mean the receiver is 2" below it.02:43
yagoodiamonds, see what X says-- cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|pastebinit -t xx02:43
gdea73jobalcaen, not on linux...02:43
CarlFKdiamonds: shift insert is the hotkey, looking up what you need...02:43
jobalcaenis anyone here using a static ip on a wireless interface?02:44
cmn`javier__, e2fsck only does ext{2,3,4} partitions, so no. -c updates the bad sectors list in the partition table02:44
gdea73ah well... guess I'll rewatch some of the shows on TiVo02:44
gdea73thanks all02:44
cmn`you'll need to do scandisk from windows for the rest 'mafraid02:44
diamondshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/718456 < yagoo02:44
javier__cmn`, ok. So I will run that. And for ntfs partition, can I do it somehow?02:45
yagoodiamonds, you have this-> [    21.098] (II) config/udev: Adding input device SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad (/dev/input/event5)02:46
cmn`javier__, I haven't tried this but the ntfsprogs package has a 'ntfsck' command02:46
diamondsyagoo: in the new log or old?02:47
x3qt0r_jesse_, there are so many packages over there02:47
yagoodiamonds, in the last one u posted02:47
x3qt0rwhich one should I be downloading02:47
diamonds yagoo I cat'd both02:47
cmn`well it did, anyway. the latest version apparently doesn't.02:47
diamondsit should say the name before each...02:47
HansLandacan anyone help me configure my wlan? ubuntu 11.04 - dell notebook (private msg please)02:48
diamondsyagoo: so...02:48
yagoodiamonds, it's good news.. you must be close to having this work.. something may need to be triggered or something..02:49
diamondsyagoo: yeah that's what I was thinking02:50
javier__cmn`, can't I install ntfsprogs without unistalling ntfs-3g?02:50
diamondscuz like I said, it worked 'til I updated02:50
diamondsis there a service mouse restart?02:50
K4kI'm getting an error that "The following signatures were invalid", failed to fetch all the repositories (updates, security, release, backports). Anyone know how I can correct this?02:50
yagoodiamonds, did u look into synclient?02:50
diamondsnope :)02:50
zakfI am trying/hoping to install RAID 1 (mirror) on a fresh install of 11.10, and I cannot for the life of me get it to work. Can anyone help me to set up mirrored drives?02:50
=== [snake] is now known as [ownyou]
yagoodiamonds, i'm no expert in this.. but i'm sure u're close to getting it work.. just 1 stupid command somewhere..02:51
cmn`javier__, ntfs-3g has the same programs, it's a fork of ntfsprogs.02:51
diamondsyagoo: yeah that's how the NIC was02:51
* yagoo hates problems like diamonds is having..02:51
* diamonds appreciates yagoo's sympathy02:51
arooni-mobilehi folks: i'm getting this error message: "junglediskdesktop: error while loading shared libraries: libnotify.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when i try to run jungle disk on ubuntu 11.10 64 bit version02:51
diamondsthe nic was like... network eth0 soft enable or some shit02:51
arooni-mobilehow do i fix02:51
javier__cmn`, all right. Thanks02:51
diamondssome stuff02:51
FloodBot1diamonds: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
usr13arooni-mobile: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120411602:52
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yagoodiamonds, at least you know that it is loaded by the kernel and X.02:52
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason02:52
arooni-mobileusr13, thats not for me is it02:52
yagoodiamonds, I can still see what else can be done..02:52
yagoodiamonds, don't spam like that..02:52
diamonds1000 thanks02:52
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usr13arooni-mobile:  apt-get clean02:52
zakfAnyone know how to set up mirror drives? RAID 1?02:52
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arooni-mobileusr13, same error02:53
diamondsyagoo: sorry, just forgot the "language" policy so I was correcting myself02:53
yagoodiamonds, "file /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input"  << command, what does it say?02:53
usr13arooni-mobile: http://en.newinstance.it/2009/06/22/the-following-signatures-were-invalid-badsig-40976eaf437d05b5-ubuntu-archive-automatic-signing-key/02:53
xananaxHello...I am getting apt-get errors: a GPG error for security, and a failed to fetch for updates...What can I do?02:53
diamonds << command?02:53
arooni-mobileusr13, i'm not having a signature issue;  i'm having a run time issue02:53
usr13xananax:  http://en.newinstance.it/2009/06/22/the-following-signatures-were-invalid-badsig-40976eaf437d05b5-ubuntu-archive-automatic-signing-key/02:53
javier__cmn`, unfortunatelly it doesn't seem to work. I get things like unsupported replay_log or check_volume, unsupported cases found. BUt it says "volume is dirty"02:53
diamondsyagoo: directory02:54
usr13arooni-mobile: Sorry. Wrong nic.02:54
yagoodiamonds, i did. file is a command.02:54
yagoodiamonds, ok02:54
diamondsI see... a few .so files, drivers02:54
diamondsone synaptics02:54
yagoodiamonds, "ls /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input"  is a directory?02:54
xananaxusr13: Yeah, I googled this and got this page, tried the steps listed...To no avail02:54
yagoodiamonds, can u pastebin this?02:54
scribus12anything similar to logmein for ubuntu/linux ?02:54
cmn`javier__, can you post a paste?02:55
xananaxI got no error message while trying the steps, but got no positive effect either02:55
diamondshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/718459 < yagoo02:55
[v4riabl3]is anyone familiar with synchroneyes software? I was wondering if the software would still be functional if one booted into a live cd. does a client(usually a teacher) need to connect to a server for each computers settings and info, or is it done solely through the network?02:55
javier__cmn`, sure, but it's only this: http://pastebin.com/pvJ0FcGq02:55
yagoodiamonds, did u see if u plug in a mouse, that the touchpad works?02:56
yagoodiamonds, i'll look into synclient02:56
K4kusr13: thanks for that link, that's exactly what I was looking for too02:56
diamondsok I'll try, brb yagoo02:56
none_13hi guys02:56
yagoodiamonds, synclient -l << says anything?02:57
none_13im new in unity can u help me? i nned to set on desktop clock and shutdown-logout buttons02:57
scribus12====== What do u guys use for remote administration? I need something similar to logmein to install on my moms Ubutnu computer so I can take over it whenever I have to.02:57
cmn`ah, ntfsprogs? I thought you were talking about e2fsck :) I haven't used them unfortunately. Windows' tools were designed by the guys that designed the fs, but ntfs-3g's tools aren't all that great.02:58
Polahscribus12, SSH for command line, VNC for graphical02:58
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason02:58
SimonJaihey guys02:58
Diamondcitescribus12: I think teamviewer should also work02:58
none_13use ssh  or ssh -X02:58
usr13arooni-mobile: find /usr/lib -name libnotify.so.1* -type f02:58
K4knone_13: See if you can find what you're looking for here, seems pretty info packed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity02:58
DiamondciteFor ssh.. try ssh -CY user@host02:58
xananaxHello...I am getting apt-get errors: a GPG error for security, and a failed to fetch for updates...What can I do? I tried apt-get clean, moving the lists dir, and apt-get -f update, I get the same errors02:58
* yagoo thinks ssh -XY is good too02:58
diamondshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/718461/ < yagoo02:58
Diamondcitethe -CY is for compressed ssh with Secure X11 forwarding02:59
Polahxananax, what repository?02:59
SimonJaifor some reason our ubuntu lost its static IP02:59
scribus12none_13: I use ssh a lot, but her ip is dynamic anything I can do about it?02:59
SimonJaii found this in the logs:   Oct 25 02:40:20 server dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 6702:59
xananaxPolah: security & updates02:59
SimonJaiany ideas?02:59
yagoodiamonds, i'm guessing.. the bottom of that log looks normal? maybe u just need 3 values to set the edges02:59
yagoodiamonds, maybe a gui app just changes those 3 edges..02:59
diamondsyagoo: what gui?03:00
Polahxananax, you could try removing and readding the repository. I don't know the command to remove, but to readd would be sudo add-apt-repository <repositorygoeshere>03:00
usr13arooni-mobile: You may need to do a synlink,03:00
arooni-mobileusr13, how can id o that03:00
javier__cmn`, I just found that gparted can do something similar, but if I try to run the test, it can't even make the first step and finds an error03:00
xananaxPolah: in other words, archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates & security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-security03:01
yagoodiamonds, not sure--- but chechk this out-> dpkg -L xserver-xorg-input-synaptics03:01
Polahscribus12, set a static IP on there system's or router's network settings. Of course, if you'll be accessing it externally (outside your home network) you'll also need to configure port forwarding on the router and ask your ISP for a static IP as well03:01
luistwhats lighter to boot, unity or gnome?03:01
diamondsyagoo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/718465/03:01
yagoodiamonds, use firefox to navigate to /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics to read README.alps03:01
xananaxPolah: Ok I will try this....Would the command be sudo apt-add-repository http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ for example?03:02
usr13arooni-mobile: If you only have libnotify.so.1.1.3   Do this:  ln -s /usr/lib/libnotify.so.1.1.3 /usr/lib/libnotify.so.103:02
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason03:02
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cmn`javier__, I think gparted uses the ntfs-3g cli tools in the background ;)03:02
Gunz4MiPPlewhen I start Gnome session, compiz is running, and no gnome-shell!03:02
diamondsyagoo: I don't get it... what's an ALPS vs. Synaptics touchpad?03:03
usr13arooni-mobile: sudo  ln -s /usr/lib/libnotify.so.1.1.3 /usr/lib/libnotify.so.103:03
Polahxananax, yes, or thereabouts. Copy the line for that repository from your /etc/apt/sources.list, then remove it and save (you'll need to use sudo to edit it), then sudo add-apt-repository <copy paste line here> should work03:03
Polahxananax, if you want, back up your entire /etc/apt/sources.list elsewhere just in cas03:03
xananaxPolah: yes i'll do that03:03
watieanyone, how to setup wireless canon printer on ubuntu?03:04
usr13watie: Same way you would any other network printer.03:04
usr13watie: I usually just use cups web based interface.03:04
watieusr13 : i have never install any03:05
sdzmy gnome session just froze... mouse cursor moves on black screen... any ideas on a way to give it a little kick or just restart gdm?03:05
usr13watie: localhost:631   #In firefox's address bar03:05
javier__cmn`, yes... but, any idea why it can't make it work?03:05
watieusr13: type in to the web browser u mean?03:05
Polahscribus12, don't message me privately please, keep it in the channel. In that case you'll need to get your ISP to provide a static IP (as well as assigning your own internal network IPs statically)03:05
jobalcaenI need help setting a static ip with a wireless interface connecting to a WPA network. It works fine using dhcp but not on static for some reason03:06
yagoodiamonds, i bet u dont even need to edit the xorg.conf03:07
yagoodiamonds, u there?03:07
diamondsyagoo: yep03:07
diamondshttp://askubuntu.com/questions/17590/synaptics-touchpad-on-my-acer-4530-stop-working reading this03:07
yagoodiamonds, that readme.alps shows to set values for the edgess..03:07
watieusr13: im not using firefox, i use chromium web browser, how?03:07
luistwhats lighter and faster to boot, unity or gnome?03:07
usr13jobalcaen: First, see if our router has provision for it.03:07
cmn`javier__, if i had an NTFS partition to play with I'd be able to help with your issue more, but all the hd's in this house are ext3/4 ;)03:07
yagoodiamonds, so try to use synclient to make settings for the edges you dont have ..( all edges are currently 0 )03:07
usr13watie: tame way03:07
javier__cmn`, good choice :) thanks a lot anyway!03:08
yagoodiamonds, if it still doesnt work.. try to use some misc values based on that readme.alps.. maybe 1 or 2 items need a value set03:08
diamondswhich command showed the edges, yagoo ?03:08
Polahjavier__, what are you trying to do?03:08
watieusr13: then?03:08
yagoodiamonds, duh.. synclient03:08
yagoodiamonds, the log u posted..03:08
yagoodiamonds, all EDGES ARE ZERO03:08
usr13watie: add printer03:08
diamondsyagoo: yeah I posted it but I don't know what any of the logs mean :p03:08
scribus12Polah: thanks. I'll see if they'll d that:)03:08
xananaxPolah: No, this does not work; apt-add-repo is only for PPAs. To add repositories, you edit the file (or echo the line >>)03:09
xananaxSo in the end it's the same as disabling/enabling the repo03:09
usr13watie: Or Administration and then  Add Printer03:09
xananaxit does not get a new GPG key or anything03:09
watieusr13: they need username and password, its my desktop login or what?03:09
yagoodiamonds, in a sec03:10
Polahscribus12, might cost you extra. I believe there are services that provide hostnames for dynamic addresses if you want to look that up as well03:10
Polahxananax, no it works for all both.03:10
diamondsthanks, I'm reading the manpage03:10
cmn`javier__, I don't know if this will help but I just got pointed at testdisk, it's in the repos so you can apt-get it03:10
Polahxananax, also automatically gets the key for it.03:10
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xananaxPolah: ok I am a noob so you must be right, but it does not show any message that it's getting the key like it would when I add PPAs03:10
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m477some pdf files have prohibition of copy text from them via ctrl+c, how can I go around it?03:11
Polahxananax, Check it's added it to your sources.list quickly, it might not like having spaces or suchlike03:11
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watieusr13 : do i have to plug in my printer usb cable into my pc?03:12
xananaxPolah: It does get added, but the line is not the same; the line I removed is "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates main restricted universe multiverse" and the line I have now is "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/"....03:12
diamondsyagoo: what do you mean the edges are all zero?03:13
diamondscuz it doesn't appear that way when I synclient -l03:13
yagoodiamonds, http://paste.ubuntu.com/718461/03:13
yagoodiamonds, um yes it does03:13
watieusr13 : i cant find the printer that i want, but i got printer that connect with my pc using usb cable03:13
diamondsyagoo: I believe you if you say so03:13
diamondsbut it says LeftEdge = 175203:13
yagoodiamonds, are u an ass? You pasted that url u gave me -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/718461/03:14
diamondsyagoo: I know but at the top line two is "LeftEdge                = 1752"03:14
yagoodiamonds, i said the bottom (if u see the irc log.. i talk about the "ending" of the log)03:14
Polahxananax, remove that, save again and then run this:  sudo add-apt-respository 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ natty-updates main restricted universe multiverse'   see how that goes03:14
diamondsyagoo: OK I see now!  There are multiple things called *Edge03:14
diamondsyagoo: please don't get upset, I appreciate your help03:15
Polahxananax, make sure it hasn't added lines with just "deb" and "natty-updates" and the like too, in case it's interpreted each string separated by spaces as individual arguments03:15
yagoothats ok03:15
diamondsI'm sorry I don't know more about the kernal and whatnot, I'm using ubuntu cuz I was told it was "easy to use" :(03:15
yagoodiamonds, dunno much about synaptics.. i would compare that synclient -l output with that readme.alps sample and try to merge what u dont have..03:16
yagoodiamonds, if it still doesnt work.. go the xorg.conf and   Option"Device""/dev/psaux"03:16
diamondsI read the synclient manpage and I didn't see how to SET settings03:16
yagoodiamonds, i pastebinit that readme.alps for easier copy/paste -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/718469/03:16
diamondswhere's the config file?03:17
xananaxPolah: I get the same error as before: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty-updates_universe_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch03:17
yagoodiamonds, u can probably throw in synclient command line in ~/.xsession -- form is-> synclient var1=value var2=value .. ..03:17
xananaxThis is killing me03:17
yagoodiamonds, it's 1 line..03:17
Polahxananax, I don't know then. There is an option to ignore non-matching keys when using apt-get but obviously it's no ideal to have to do that every time.03:18
xananaxPolah: do you know if I can delete my gpg file and refresh all keys?03:18
diamondsyagoo: I still don't understand, this http://paste.ubuntu.com/718469/ doesn't address AreaTopEdge etc.03:19
Polahxananax, that could work. I'll test it for you03:20
xananaxPolah: thanks a lot, sorry to be a bother03:20
diamondsIf  sup‐ ported by the server (version 1.9 and later), the edge may be specified in percent of the total height of the touchpad. Property: "Synaptics Area"03:21
diamondshow can I figure out my synaptics server version?03:21
Polahxananax, apt-get update doesn't like me for doing that03:21
oooaaaooohey guys have a question about window sizes in ubuntu 11.04; Some of my system windows are oversized; e.g. when I open up evolution's preferences i cannot see the OK/APply buttons at the bottom. Sometimes I get away with resizing the windows manually but most of the times i cant resize them. WHat should I do? Change my resolution?03:21
Bentley_hi all, I've upgraded to 11.10, and everything was working great. Then I went into compiz settings and disabled "snapping windows". After I did that, I lost my unity sidebar/launcher and the top panel. Rebooting doesn't help, I'm left with no way to use my system. I managed to open a terminal and start xchat, and here I am. Any idea how to debug?03:22
arooni-mobilehi folks: i'm getting this error message: "junglediskdesktop: error while loading shared libraries: libnotify.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" when i try to run jungle disk on ubuntu 11.10 64 bit version03:22
xananaxBentley_: run03:23
magn3tsDoes anyone have NGINX starting at boot in Oneiric or is this anohter thing to add to the list of BROKEN?03:23
TheEvilPhoenixoooaaaooo:  set the max resolution you can.03:23
xananaxBentley_: compiz config from the command line and change the setting back for now (I am looking for the command)03:23
TheEvilPhoenixmagn3ts:  #ubuntu-server03:23
ouyesis there any painting tools , I am reading a computer text books, I want to make some notes, so I need a tool to draw lines, rectangular, and put texts besides them?03:23
TheEvilPhoenixmagn3ts:  may I /query you?03:23
magn3tsTheEvilPhoenix, uh, sure?03:23
magn3ts(I don't know what that means)03:24
oooaaaoooTheEvilPhoenix: i just checked and it seems to be the max03:24
TheEvilPhoenixoooaaaooo:  netbook?03:24
xananaxBentley_: alt+f2 then ccsm, or just ccsm from the command line03:24
oooaaaoooTheEvilPhoenix: yeah03:24
diamondshow do I enable shmconfig?03:24
dariuscan anyone help me? I'm still having issues with Skype and Minecraft03:25
diamondsman -k shmconfig yields nothing03:25
TheEvilPhoenixoooaaaooo:  yeah... you might be out of luck... i have the same issue with *ANY* version03:25
TheEvilPhoenixdarius:  what's your issue with minecraft?03:25
oooaaaoooTheEvilPhoenix: aww :( I guess I could hook it up to an lcd and up the res?03:26
dariustheevilphoenix, whenever im at the login screen it says that it can't connect to minecraft.net when I try and sign in03:26
TheEvilPhoenixdarius:  that's a networking issue03:26
diamonds"Today's X rarely requires manual configuration." heh... yes "only if you want to use your touchpad" :p03:26
TheEvilPhoenixdarius: or the sites are being blocked03:26
scribus12does there have to be that menu on left side? is ther a way to disable it and have more usual start button?03:26
dariusTheEvilPheoni, how can I fix that? I have a Minecraft server running on the same network and that connects fine03:27
xananaxscribus12: you can remove unity and put back gnome2, but that won't hold for long, if you are using ubuntu you are going to have to get used to unity03:28
Bentley_xananax, thanks, that got me into the compiz settings. Still no love though - no unity launcher or top panel. Compiz seems to be working (ie: i can turn on wobbly windows and see it working)03:28
xananaxdid you try running gnome-panel?03:28
xananaxBentley_: my problem is I have no idea how unity works, I can deal with gnome errors, but I ain't using unity so...03:29
Polahxananax, you could try reimporting the key manually, but I don't know the keys for the repositories.03:29
Bentley_xananax, I noticed that there is a Ubuntu Unity Plugin" in compiz settings. It was turned off.  Turned it on a viola!03:30
xananaxPolah: thanks a lot for all the effort anyway. Do you have any idea where I could find that?03:30
scribus12xananax: I guess i' might be better off trying lubunu or xubuntu.03:30
dariusand can anyone help with my skype issue? all I get is binary file corrupt, I've reinstalled skype 10 times and it stil says it.03:30
xananaxBentley_: Good luck!03:30
yagoodiamonds, file /etc/X11/xorg.conf << exists?03:31
xananaxscribus12: yeah, or Mint, it's still using gnome2, but eventually, it will have to switch to G303:31
yagoodiamonds, if not.. then i can tell u how a command can make a sample just for ur machine03:31
diamondsyagoo: no it doesn't03:31
Polahxananax, No idea. the command is gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv <key>  then there's a second one to add it to the keyring if I can find it03:32
diamondshere https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config it says /etc/xorg.conf and that's not there either03:32
xananaxPolah: thanks a lot, if I can get the key I should find my way around to add it to trusted.gpg somehow03:32
diamondsI tried sudo Xorg -configure but it said "Server is already active for display 003:33
xananaxscribus12: I am personally testing Mint 11 as I speak, it's cool, I it feels like my good old ubuntu again, but when gnome2 will not be an option anymore I'll probably turn to xfce, unless unity or G3 has evolved enough so I can customize them03:33
diamondsso I think I understand the issue now yagoo, as you pointed out03:33
diamondsit's ignoring the whole trackpad (it seems)03:33
watieanyone can help me : i want to setup wireless printer into my ubuntu desktop. i do have printer direct connect using usb cable but i still need to connect to my other office freind printer.03:34
scribus12xananax: I'm using centos and fedoa myself wuth openbox usually. was just looking for something easy for my mom.03:34
diamondsbut I don't know a) where to fix it and b) what values to add, because synclient -m doesn't work because SHMConfig is disabled and I can't figure out how to enable it03:34
Polahxananax, I don't suppose it's given you a string of letters and numbers with one of the errors, like D04AFJG145L or something like that?03:34
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scribus12xananax: ubuntu though seems way how can I put it .. untraditionally looking:)03:34
xananaxPolah: yes it did! GPG error: http://security.ubuntu.com natty-security Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>03:35
xananaxscribus12: if it's for you mom by all means get her mint03:35
xananaxscribus12: or jolicloud, looks cool, never tried it tho, but I was thinking of getting it for my own mom03:36
xananaxit's untraditional but seems to work well03:36
jo-erlendif I choose a different session than Unity before I  log in, that is remembered to the next login. Where is that stored?03:37
scribus12xananax: totally does.  I hate to be a help desk though. You know like - move ur mouse there. click there.03:37
MrKeunerhi, which key to see kernel options upon boot?03:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:37
en1gmais 'make-kpkg' only used when making kernels? i mean if i dload the source for say firefox and i go to build it i would not use 'mak-kpkg' there?03:37
ubottugrub 1 is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub for Karmic onwards03:37
watiehow to setup canon wireless printer?03:37
Polahxananax, I've just discovered the apt-key command which is nice and may help us here. Could you pastebin the output of apt-key list please?03:38
diamondsyagoo: so....03:38
diamondssynclient touchpadoff=003:38
diamondsI'm going to go hang myself now :)03:38
en1gmawhat about if i got the sources for a pci nic driver and wanted to build a module. would that use the command 'make-kpkg'?03:39
yagoodiamonds, ?03:39
diamondsthat was it03:39
Polahxananax, or rather run that as sudo please03:39
en1gmaanyone here that has done some custom building?03:39
xananaxPolah: woah, you're really going out of your way to help me, I appreciate it: http://pastebin.com/XjXCRxYa03:40
diamondsaaaaand... it's NOT in the synclient manpage, NOT in the synaptics manpage :)03:40
MrKeunergrub does not give me kernel selection menu in lucid, how can i choose another kernel when booting?03:40
diamondsso the next person who says to RTFM can GDIAF03:40
diamondsthank you for all your help yagoo!!!03:40
en1gmame me im next i called it :)03:40
Polahxananax, there's not much to do at twenty to five in the morning (;03:40
UngaHungaHi.  Ubuntu 11.04.  Is there a way to make a network shortcut on my desktop.  The network is an SMB mount(via gvfs).  Thanks.03:40
yagoodiamonds, np..03:41
yagoodiamonds, i actually learn something along the process of helping :)03:41
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en1gma'make-kpkg' when is it to be used? only for kernels, modules or packages like firefox?03:41
diamondshow does the manpage not have that option!!!! I'll email the synaptics ppl... tomorrow :)03:41
watieanyone, how to setup canon wireless printer?03:42
diamondsoh it's camel case03:42
Polahxananax, and the same for    sudo apt-key export 437D05B5 please03:42
en1gmais there another channel i should be in...it feels like 75% of my questions i ask are way beyond what most people can answer in here03:42
en1gmaits always one of the ops or regs that help me03:42
en1gmai want #ubuntu-tier303:43
diamondsyagoo it was actually right there in the paste XD TouchpadOff = 103:43
xananaxPolah: http://pastebin.com/DDJJHmVe03:43
cmn`en1gma, it's for kernels03:44
diamondswait, so the AreaTopEdge and whatnot are... I guess irrelevant if you set them all to zero03:44
kiruaxcomment je fais pour avoir a liste des chan ?03:44
diamondskiruax: /msg alis help03:44
xananaxen1gma: make-kpkg utility is used to create the kernel related Debian packages03:44
liamHi. I have just installed 11.10 on a lenovo idea pad Y560P. Everything works and then all of a sudden if stops booting. Can't see any error messages. I have already tried one reinstall and then the same thing happens again. Any ideas on how I could find out whats happening?03:44
en1gmacmn` so even if im building a module it can not be used? #2 ok i dloaded another (what appears to be a modified kernel) and it is missing the debian/scripts die03:45
en1gmaxananax so if i got a nic driver i want to build from sources i would or i would not use it?03:45
en1gmakernel related is drivers/modules right?03:46
xananaxen1gma, I truly have no idea sorry; never built packages03:46
cmn`en1gma, seperate modules are usually packaged seperately. make-kpkg is usually for just the kernel tree03:46
en1gmayou know what i have spent about 2 hrs on the ubuntu wiki how to compile a kernel and that thing is crap03:47
en1gmasomeone really needs to take a look at it...its actually brokebn03:47
xananaxen1gma: I would advise to go higher up in the doc (debian) for such low-level stuff03:47
en1gmaahh ok.03:47
daneshello, anyone knows if there is any media application to modify pictures and make them look like 3d?03:48
xananaxI never tried, but I guess the ubuntu doc comes only as a completion of debian doc when it comes to these things03:48
en1gmastrange stuff is happening in this area....its actually trying to use debian make files that are not in the right place for ubuntu03:48
xananaxdanes: what does that mean? make them look like flat planes rotated in 3d space?03:48
en1gmaok thanks gonna go back to googling03:49
danesxananax: I just want to make a picture look like 3d when you wear the blue and red glasses03:49
amerhi room03:49
amerhow are you all03:49
xananaxdanes: you have two pictures taken from two different angles (10cm)?03:50
diamondscan anyone tell me why ubuntu disabled my touchpad on update?03:50
CarlFKdanes: I think I just saw something about that using blender03:50
UngaHungaHi.  Ubuntu 11.04.  Is there a way to make a network shortcut on my desktop.  The network is an SMB mount(via gvfs).  Thanks.03:50
gelfstereoscopic filter of some kind?03:50
gwillakershas anyone been successful loading realtek 8111e lan drivers?03:50
amergot 1 doubt.03:50
Polahxananax, sorry about the wait. Your keys match for that repository, so I'm stumped as to why it's throwing errors about mismatches03:50
boldfilterwhere do I access user groups in 11.10?03:51
danesxananax: I am looking at using a single picture and make a phase shift of a copy aofthe picture in blue or something similar and make a 3d illusion. I am wondering if there is any app already there?03:51
amerwhere is documentation manuals installed on my machine. I just installed them from synaptec manager03:51
esteban__alguien me ayuda03:51
amerwhere is documentation manuals installed on my machine. I just installed them from synaptec manager03:51
Polahxananax, you say you've cleared your /var/lib/apt/lists?03:51
watieplease help03:52
danes!ubun-es esteban03:52
xananaxPolah: ?!! This is a two days fresh install, it's really killing me that it got broken so fast...Twas sopposed to be DA install of the year....Anyway, big big thanks for the effort03:52
xananaxPolah: yeah, several times03:52
xananaxbut I'll try once more03:52
MrKeunergrub does not give me kernel selection menu in lucid, how can i choose another kernel when booting?03:52
xananaxdanes: but you know this won't be 3d, right?03:52
esteban__alguien habla español?03:52
danesxananax: yes, I just want the effect03:52
liammy 11.10 install has stopped booting. The last thing I see before it stalls is "Speech dispatcher disabled edit /etc/default/speech-dispatcher checking for running unattended upgrades". Anyone know what might be causing this?03:52
Polahxananax, well if you're lucky perhaps next time you reboot it'll fix it (: Else, a fresh install certainly should but that'd be a lot of effort for a small thing.03:52
danesesteban, yo, pero aqui no vas a recibir mucha ayuda, ve al canal de ayuda en espanol ubuntu-es03:53
xananaxdanes: then you should be able to do it in gimp, copy the image, remove channels, merge both images03:53
amerwhere is documentation manuals installed on my machine. I just installed them from synaptec manager03:53
jhansonxiamer: /usr/share/doc03:54
xananaxPolah: Ok, I'm crossing my fingers...It would indeed be too bad to reinstall03:54
meta-coderamer, to see all the files that were installed when you installed a package usi this command: dpkg -L packagename03:55
jhansonxiamer:  The compressed docs can be viewed with the file viewer in Midnight Commander (mc; apt-get install mc)03:55
n-iCehello, what's the package name of Startup Disk Creator ?03:55
amerthankyou meta coder03:55
ameri appreciate your help03:55
zakfI am trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop from a CD, but it freezes during boot with "ISOLINUX 4.04 20110518 ETCD" on the screen03:56
xananaxdanes: this might help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfYMe_vYhu403:56
CarlFKdanes: http://linuxgazette.net/104/kapil.html  "How To Make a StereoGram with GIMP, Blender and StereoGraph"  mabye close enough to03:56
CarlFKhow do I enable compiz in natty?03:56
n-iCehello, what's the package name of Startup Disk Creator ?03:56
meta-coderamer, you're welcome. to just see all the files that have 'doc' in their path/name use: dpkg -L packagename | grep doc03:56
K4kI'm still milling over my login issue if anyone can help me. I log in to lightdm and I get booted back to the login screen.03:57
jakesguys anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu plz03:57
tripelbHello. I have a MacBook now. I have a copy of the ubuntu.iso on the hard drive. I have a 2G emplty "flash drive" SD card. I'd like instructions for making the boot from all this. The sitespages I found were from 2008. Something more current SVP03:57
ameri am kind of new to linux metacoder. also i decided to learn java programing on ubuntu. so iam kind of frustrated with problesm comming up03:58
xananaxOk I'm getting back to work; Polah, thanks a lot for everything, good luck everyone03:58
jakesguys anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu plz03:58
CarlFKtripelb: I hear you can now dd the iso onto a usb stick and it becomes bootable.03:59
amermeta-coder, how long it has been you are using linux03:59
n-iCeany software to create a .iso bootable disk in a usb? besides unetbootin03:59
meta-coderamer, around 1 year...03:59
jakesguys anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu plz04:00
meta-codern-iCe, Applications > Other > Startup Disk Creator04:01
n-iCeI am not in ubuntu right now, I want to install ubuntu I got the usb04:01
n-iCeand the iso meta-coder04:01
CarlFKjakes: asking that often is poor form.  there is #backtrack, but only 10 people, so no clue how well that's going to work.04:02
meta-codern-iCe, See these Google search results: http://goo.gl/x1xjN04:03
gwillakersHi all.  Has anyone been successful loading realtek 8111e lan drivers?04:04
watieok fine. theres no one can help me here. tq04:05
meta-coderQuote from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick : To install the i386 desktop version to a USB flash drive from a disk image on Windows, use the incredibly easy process described at http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-ubuntu-9-10-live-usb-in-windows/ .04:05
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
blsh0phey everyone, is there a pdf viewer in Ubuntu Software Center that lets you type/draw/underline/highlight the pages of a PDF?04:07
linuxuz3r_can you update from lucid to the new release04:07
meta-codern-iCe, http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ should work.04:08
matrilloxgreetings all. having an issue with Ubuntu Srv after applying the latest apt-get patches.04:08
linuxuz3r_hi meta-coder04:08
=== s is now known as Guest54798
linuxuz3r_can you update from lucid to the new release04:08
roasted_oh my04:09
matrilloxrunning 11.10 Srv, eth0 is not coming online during boot.04:09
osmosisany get compiz negative plugin working in  11.10 ???04:11
alex1017hi, is anybody seeing me?04:13
TheEvilPhoenixalex1017:  yes we see you04:14
alex1017is this a place to ask questions about problems with Ubuntu?04:14
TheEvilPhoenixalex1017:  but FYI, that's better asked in #ubuntu-offtopic - this is the Ubuntu support room - IRC support isnt the primary focus here04:14
TheEvilPhoenixalex1017:  yes.04:14
jakesanybody see me?04:14
gulzarhow to install "Imlib2 " for conky? Unable to find it in synaptic. Using 11.10.04:15
meta-coderjakes, yes we see you,,04:15
alex1017i am on a Dell Mini 9 using ubuntu, i am using automatic upgrades, everything has been cool, but the latest upgrade i downloaded, it says it doesnt have enough memory to install.....  any suggestions?04:15
TheEvilPhoenixalex1017:  check disk space first.  secondly, whats the update/package?04:15
gulzar<alex1017> sudo apt-get clean04:15
gulzar<alex1017> sudo apt-get autoremove04:16
jakesguys anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu plz04:16
alex1017gulzar, i will try those commands, i tried something similar.... phoenix, i will go back try again and get more details04:16
gulzaralex1017, use these commands and update/upgrade again04:17
gulzaralex1017, and check your disk space also04:17
gulzaralex1017, OK04:17
gulzarHelp please. how to install "Imlib2 " for conky? Unable to find it in synaptic. Using 11.10.04:18
savidHas anyone installed oneiric on a macbook pro 8 (early 2011)?04:18
yagoosavid, u need refit04:19
yagoosavid, refit.sf.net04:19
meta-codergulzar, i think it is libimlib2 and not just imlib2. And its relative URL is pub/ubuntu/pool/main/i/imlib2/libimlib2_1.4.4-1_i386.deb on any ubuntu mirror..04:19
savidyagoo, yeah,  I've already installed oneiric, I'm just having some issues with a few things04:20
gulzarmeta-coder, Ok . yes it is. But it is installed and I am still getting error with conky04:20
meta-codergulzar, what kind of error?04:20
yagoosavid, u need refit04:20
yagoosavid, install grub2 to linux's "/"04:20
savidyagoo,  I know that, like I said I've already installed oneiric on my macbook04:21
yagoosavid, partition04:21
yagoosavid, but what about grub2?04:21
yagoosavid, do u have refit , y/n?04:21
savidyagoo, yes, I've installed refit and have installed oneric.  It works fine, just having issues with wireless, trackpad, and keyboard.04:21
gulzarmeta-coder, see this http://pastebin.com/kDXVcqnt04:22
yagoosavid, i beleieve there's generic linux procedure for the macs.. (u may need a bootline option or not) (see google: ubuntu wiki mac)04:22
savidyagoo,   yes, I've read through the wikis, no specific instructions for my macbook version and oneiric.04:23
savidyagoo,  touchpad is "supposed" to work out of the box,  but doesn't seem to.  Do you have a macbook w/ oneiric?04:23
dariusDoes anyone know how to improve the performance of minecraft, my computer is supposed to have an extremely nice graphics card but minecraft runs horribly.04:23
meta-codergulzar, see this thread (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1295621 ) has any solution.04:24
=== adante_ is now known as adante
arooni-mobileis there a way to customize 11.10's unity alt tab behavior?  i kind of liked it when alt tab would only work on the current workspace; where now it works across workspaces04:25
alex1017gulzar? the autoremove cleared out a bunch of *****, like 40+ M....  i tried to update again, same lack of disk space msg (but i should have enough now i think) -- should i restart my computer for the autoremove changes to take effect and clear the diskspace it said it would clear???04:25
guest10320Hello I am a Ubuntu user and I have a peculiar problem since I have installed this os.04:25
dgrantis there any way to edit the entries that pop up in lens?04:26
guest10320Inside input boxes on websites such as gmail or what have you the auto-suggest feature that normally remembers my password and suggests it04:26
dgrantlike see what binary they actually execute?04:26
guest10320suggests a random string of numbe  slike "AJOndaJKL33jkkj" as if I typed that into the input box04:26
gulzaralex1017, no , no need of restart. Try checking disk space. How much is it?04:26
guest10320Can someone explaint o me what may be going on with these strings of numbers appearing in my input boxes?04:27
gulzarmeta-coder, Thank You04:27
alex1017gulzar, it says i am using 5.9 G of 6.8 G04:27
meta-codergulzar, welcome..04:28
alex1017gulzar, the install says it wants 262 and i need to free 12 M04:28
rmkhi -- has anyone seen an issue during installation where dns resolution fails regardless of what you do?  I drop to shell, can ping all the necessary resources but nothing will resolve.  /etc/resolv.conf is correct and I can ping the nameserver in question.04:28
alex1017262 M04:28
gulzaralex1017, Ok then... clear your thumbnails. from /home it will save lots of space. More than autoremove. If confused then use Bleachbit from software centre and use it to clean unused space. It wil surely save you04:29
gulzaralex1017, check disk space with disk utility.04:30
gulzaralex1017, it looks like something is wrong.,,,with the partitions04:30
gulzaralex1017, how big is your / ?04:31
gulzaralex1017, you made a separate /home or is it within / ?04:31
alex1017gulzar, ty, i dont know about thumbnails or bleachbit -- can you give me more specifics on where/how to use those?04:31
BlackWebHave a Intel Graphics embedded video card on labtop, which i have the "xserver-xorg-video-intel", and after manually telling it to use the intel driver then Desktop Effects still cant be enabled any ideas04:31
alex1017ohhhhhhh maybe there is a partition in there, but the upgrades have worked in the past04:31
alex1017i'm not sure how to answer your questions -- how to look at what you are askking me to look at04:32
gulzaralex1017, bleachbit is like ccleaner on windows machine. Install it from software center and its very easy to sue. You wil get it in first look04:32
SinnerNyxin what conditions would grub not do the usual countdown to autoselect the first option?04:32
gulzaralex1017, OK then step wise....04:32
gulzaralex1017, open disk utility04:32
alex1017taking notes....04:32
alex1017is that Disk Usage Analyzer?04:33
gulzaralex1017, you can use it also...04:33
alex1017ok i'm there04:33
gulzaralex1017, but disk-utility is preinstalled in ubuntu04:33
gulzaralex1017, if disk-utility is not there then install it with software center04:34
gulzaralex1017, very small and very handy04:34
alex1017how do i get to software center?04:34
alex1017btw i SUPER appreciate this!04:35
Anom01yhi, I am trying add a printer with Ubuntu 10.04, and the computer doesn't even recognize the thing is plugged in04:35
Anom01yusually when I plug in a new printer, Ubuntu detects it,04:35
gulzaralex1017, it is called software-manager04:35
Anom01ythe printer is a Brother msg ChanServ ACCESS #roomname ADD username +votiA04:35
* gulzar banging head04:36
Anom01ythe printer is a brother dcp-7065DN04:36
alex1017is it a menu option on the computer, or a website?04:36
Anom01yubuntu doesn't detect when it is plugged in ?04:36
gulzaralex1017, wait04:36
Anom01yshould ubuntu detect every printer or is there some exceptions ??!?04:36
RealKillazHi there anyone here knows how to make NetFlix work on Ubuntu?04:36
TheEvilPhoenix!enter Anom01y04:36
solid_liqanyone know if anyone has created a decent GUI based video transcoding app for Linux yet?04:36
TheEvilPhoenix!enter | Anom01y04:37
xangua!printer | Anom01y04:37
TheEvilPhoenixRealKillaz:  run Windows in a virtual environment?04:37
ubottuAnom01y: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:37
ubottuAnom01y: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:37
TheEvilPhoenixwoah lag04:37
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix, waw....04:37
gulzaralex1017, type this in terminal - sudo apt-get install gnome-disk-utility04:37
gulzaralex1017, done?04:37
alex1017ok got it04:37
gulzaralex1017, installed?04:38
TheEvilPhoenixRealKillaz:  i havent found a way to make it work in linux.  Short of running IE8 or something in Wine, with Silverlight... which only works 15% of the time04:38
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix, I still can not imagine such a service will not work on a Linux OS. I mean is it so difficult for them?04:39
TheEvilPhoenixRealKillaz:  they use Silverlight04:39
TheEvilPhoenixits a MS-only product04:39
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix, the fact they use SilverLight. I already think the service sucks without even watching one single movie!!04:40
gulzaralex1017, done?04:40
alex1017gulzar, it said it couldnt find package, but i am looking at something on disk usage analyzer that might help?04:40
gulzaralex1017, you can use it04:41
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix, I heard it is working on ChromeOS04:41
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix, and Mac04:41
gulzaralex1017, so how big is your root partition and how big is your home partition?04:41
alex1017it say "/" is 100% full at 2.9, which looks wrong04:41
RealKillazTheEvilPhoenix,  ChromeOS is a linux variant....04:42
RealKillazlinux distro04:42
gulzaralex1017, disk analyzer can do that work but for me it is confusing.. so finallly what is the result04:42
alex1017home is 7.2% full04:42
gulzaralex1017, no its not wrong04:42
gulzaralex1017, buddy .. you made wrong partitions.. but don't worry04:42
alex1017lol ty!!04:43
alex1017"God is my co-pilot" lol04:43
SinnerNyxif have to hard boot my machine, grub doesn't automatically go to the first option as usual.. how do i fix this?04:43
gulzaralex1017,  try this - sudo apt-get install bleachbit04:43
alex1017ok, on it04:43
SinnerNyxsorry that's not clear. let me try again.04:44
alex1017damn, it says it cant find that either04:44
matrilloxany 11.10 Server users here?04:44
gulzaralex1017, you should have made / to be atleast 5GB for normal functioning and 8GB for such upgrades04:44
SinnerNyxif i have to hard boot my machine, the next time I boot grub doesn't automatically boot the default system after a 3-second timeout. how would I make it ignore the state of the last boot and just use the default boot line?04:44
SinnerNyxya matrillox04:44
gulzaralex1017, Ok on which system are you?04:45
matrilloxhaving an issue after applying the most recent patches via apt-get update, upgrade.04:45
urlin2uSinnerNyx, what is the default, and what is it actually booting to?04:45
gulzaralex1017, which version ?04:45
gulzaralex1017, how big is your hard disk?04:45
SinnerNyxurlin2u, I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 server. The rest are all recovery options04:46
MrPocketzMan. Ubuntus acting wicked lame. Hanging and freezing wayyyy laggy04:46
jakesguys anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu plz04:46
MrPocketzheat issue me thnks04:46
gulzaralex1017, there?04:46
SinnerNyxessentially this is a headless VM, and I need to know that it will always attempt to boot regularly, so that it gets to the point that the ssh server becomes available.04:46
alex1017i think it says i have 6.8 G space04:47
SinnerNyxmatrillox, you'll have to be more specific04:47
gulzarMrPocketz, using Unity?04:47
matrilloxeth0 is not coming online during boot. only an ifdown then ifup at the console brings eth0 up.04:47
urlin2ujakes, not in the repos I sure you will have to look for a download of it on the web, why would you want it?04:47
SinnerNyxmatrillox: what issue, is this a clean install? did you install any non-default packages?04:47
gulzaralex1017, ummm which ubuntu version you are using?04:47
urlin2uSinnerNyx, I'm not familiar with servers sorry.04:47
MrPocketzyeah, i jsut noticed the PSU fan isn't spining..04:47
alex1017let me look04:47
SinnerNyxurlin2u, i dont think its any different from regular ubuntu04:47
SinnerNyxif i have a regular ubuntu and i do a hard boot, i believe grub wont autoboot the default system04:48
urlin2uSinnerNyx, sudo update grub will reload it posssibly if you have changed ut.04:48
urlin2usudo update-grub *04:48
SinnerNyxthats fair, just not sure what to change in the grub config. thanks for the pointer though urlin2u04:48
barberdtSinnerNyx: not sure how much help this will be, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:48
barberdtworth a peak though04:49
SinnerNyxbarberdt: thx. i am looking through it as we speak04:49
barberdtSinnerNyx: sounds good04:49
alex1017gulzar, how do i find out which version?  (sorry)04:49
alex1017this ubuntu came preloaded on a Dell mini 904:49
gulzaralex1017, I mean which ubuntu is it? 11.04 , 11.10 or  10.0404:50
gulzaralex1017, OK04:50
alex1017i'm used to windows :S04:50
xanguaalex1017: lsb_release -a04:50
gulzaralex1017, no probleam04:50
gulzaralex1017, open third menu04:50
gulzaralex1017, systems04:51
alex1017omg, it says 8.0.4....04:51
barberdtouch ^^04:51
gulzaralex1017, what????????04:51
alex1017pretty f***** lame, huh?04:52
gulzaralex1017, when did you bought that lappy?04:52
alex1017about 2 years agi04:52
gulzaralex1017, then also open the third menu from left on the top bar04:52
gulzaralex1017,  and search for synaptic04:52
barberdttwo years should still be at least 9.x04:52
gulzaralex1017, you sould give these informations before04:53
alex1017sorry :(04:53
gulzarbarberdt, ya it should but its not04:53
alex1017i'm sorry and embarrassed, guys04:53
gulzaralex1017, the only option is download the latest version 11.10 and install it .. You have no option left. 8.0 is over04:53
barberdtalex1017: never be embarassed04:53
barberdtthat's what these places are for04:54
gulzaralex1017, or try 10.04 it is long term editions04:54
gulzarbarberdt, I can't believe they ship that old verison04:54
barberdtI wasn't aware Dell was even shipping with ubuntu as an option back then04:55
gulzarbarberdt, yes DELL WAS but not now... I think they are drooping support for Linux. Very less options are there from the04:55
alex1017ok, thats what i'll do, research how to get the new OS,.......  you guys are totally great -- especially you, gulzar04:55
gulzaralex1017, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download04:55
=== sraue_ is now known as sraue
gulzaralex1017, mention not ;)04:56
SinnerNyxis it possible to boot without grub?04:56
gulzaralex1017, Linux is community where everybody have equal rights and equal freedom04:56
barberdtgulzar: I'm not too worried. I've stayed away from Dell hardware for some time now.04:56
gulzarSinnerNyx, yes with Lilo04:57
barberdtperfectly comfy with my thinkpad :P04:57
gulzaralex1017, follow the link04:57
gulzarSinnerNyx, what is your requirement?04:57
SinnerNyxgulzar Lilo is another bootloader? I don't want anything possibly holding up my computer on boot. I want it to just go directly to booting Ubuntu Server 11.1004:57
alex1017i will, gulzar....  10 pm here, gotta call it a night....  so i'll tackle tomorrow....  onward and upward....  again, thanks, and take care!!04:57
barberdtSinnerNyx: what I'm confused about is that, if it's 11.10 and there's only one system on disk, it should be bypassing grub alltogether, right?04:58
alex1017linux forever!04:58
barberdtor is that not the case on server edition...04:58
gulzaralex1017, urwelcome04:58
barberdti'm running 11.10 desktop ed. alone on disk, and i never see grub on boot04:58
SinnerNyxbarberdt: all the server editions i've installed have come with a grub bootloader with recovery options. I haven't installed the regular ubuntu package in a while04:58
=== Mud is now known as Guest29420
barberdtSinnerNyx: I don't doubt that grub is there, it just says "hey, only one choice here, so no need for me to show myself"04:59
barberdtSinnerNyx: but I guess that makes sense that it would show with recovery options when you hard boot04:59
Madpilotbarberdt, it might not be pausing on grub - my single-OS system doesn't really - but it's there somewhere04:59
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
gulzarbarberdt, SinnerNyx yes you can hide the boot menu and boot directly04:59
SinnerNyxbarberdt: exactly. those recovery options are listed a seperate boot options04:59
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest19677
SinnerNyxgulzar: sweet, so where do i start?05:00
gulzarSinnerNyx, wait.....05:01
somethinginterestrying to update Ubuntu 11.10 and install some applications. I often get a "this requires installation of untrusted packages" error. Help?05:01
gulzarSinnerNyx, install grub-customizer and use it to hide unwanted entries and menu05:02
SinnerNyxgulzar thats not a GUI thing is it?05:02
gulzarSinnerNyx, it is....05:03
barberdtsomethinginteres: a little old, but should still be applicable > http://jaypeeonline.net/tips-tricks/requires-installation-of-untrusted-packages-error/05:03
gulzarSinnerNyx, there are options wait...I will pastebin05:03
SinnerNyxgulzar: sweet thx alot. much appreciated :)05:03
=== GodfatherofEir1 is now known as godfatherofeir1
somethinginteresbarberdt: will try that. Seems strange to need the Source Code but thanks05:04
barberdtsomethinginteres: How strange it is I guess depends on what packages you are trying to install.05:05
gulzarSinnerNyx, edit this file /boot/grub/grub.conf05:05
gh0stif I'm an apple user migrating to a linux distro what's the best one that I might be most "at home" with?05:06
gulzarSinnerNyx, Remove (or comment out) the hiddenmenu line.05:06
somethinginteresbarberdt: fair point. :)05:06
TheEvilPhoenixhow can i disable the boot splash and display kernel informational messages on boot?05:06
TheEvilPhoenixi.e see what's output into tty1 / bootconsole05:06
xanguagh0st: if you ask in ubuntu, what answer do you expect¿05:07
gh0stI guess ubuntu05:07
SinnerNyxgulzar: do you mean /etc/default/grub.conf?05:07
SinnerNyxno grub.conf where you described05:07
gulzarSinnerNyx, grub.conf05:07
futureleaderhey guys how do I adjust screen brightness?05:08
cjs226I've run "/etc/init.d# update-rc.d myprocess_stop stop 1 0 1 6 ." which adds the appropriate links to /etc/rc0.d rc1.d and rc6.d.  however the scripts are called until AFTER a reboot.  any ideas?05:08
gulzarSinnerNyx,  try this also /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:08
gh0stis there a way to get the interface to resemble mac osx as close as possible?05:08
gulzarSinnerNyx, depending on your grub05:08
xanguafutureleader: tried energy settings¿05:08
gulzargh0st, try macubuntu05:08
futureleaderenergy settings?05:08
SinnerNyxok grub.cfg it is gulzar05:08
futureleaderpower settings doen't have it05:08
TheEvilPhoenixSinnerNyx:  do NOT edit that file.  instead, edit /etc/default/grub05:08
TheEvilPhoenixSinnerNyx:  its just "grub" in /etc/default05:08
TheEvilPhoenixnot grub.conf05:09
gulzarSinnerNyx, yes it is05:09
* SinnerNyx cringes :(05:09
futureleaderIs there like a slider bar so that I can adjust brightness05:09
gulzarSinnerNyx, so you are using grub205:09
futureleaderProgramme that can do it?05:09
SinnerNyxyes as that appears to come with ubuntu server gulzar05:09
gulzarSinnerNyx, comment out GRUB_TIMEOUT05:09
gulzarSinnerNyx, and do update-grub05:09
q0_0pcan anyone help me get my touchpad scroll working?05:10
barberdtq0_0p: what's not working about it?05:10
q0_0ptouchpad clicks moves works just scroll is having problems05:10
Abhijitsome time ago i printed a document to file in firefox. and now i dont remember its name. is there any way i can find that file?05:10
gulzarSinnerNyx, or try to change its value to 0 from 10 or 505:10
q0_0pbarberdt, touchpad scroll05:10
barberdtq0_0p: have you already looked at the system settings menu for the touchpad?05:10
q0_0pbarberdt, i notice in the mouse options there is no option for touchpad05:10
gulzarSinnerNyx, try both the methods and remmeber to do gub-update05:10
SinnerNyxgulzar: you're describing /etc/default/grub.conf. grub.cfg is a source code file05:10
q0_0pbarberdt, corrrect i've gone there but no tab for touchpad05:10
barberdtq0_0p: no touchpad options at all?05:10
futureleadergulzar: IS there a way to adjust screen brightness?05:10
gulzarSinnerNyx, *updat-grub05:10
ejnahcFirst sorry for bad english. I'm using ubuntu 11.10, when I using gedit, text selection works fine when starts, but sometimes text selection doesn't work. so everytime I suffer that bug, I restart gedit, then works fine. It's too annoying. How can I fix it? please help. thanks.05:11
q0_0pbarberdt, correct05:11
barberdtq0_0p: and you are using a laptop with a built-in toucpad I am assuming?05:11
q0_0pbarberdt, yes laptop with built in touchpad correct05:11
barberdtq0_0p: hmm. to me, that sounds like a driver issue potentially? Beyond that, I am unsure though. Perhaps somebody else who is more in touch with the hardware side of things in here may be off assistance.05:12
Abhijitsome time ago i printed a document to file in firefox. and now i dont remember its name. is there any way i can find that file?05:12
q0_0pbarberdt, i appreciate the help05:12
futureleaderHEy ppl pls Can I adjust the screen brigtness05:12
gulzarSinnerNyx, sorry ..... my mistake edit that file with this command05:12
gulzarSinnerNyx, you need to edit grub with special command05:12
barberdtq0_0p: np05:12
SinnerNyxgulzar: yep i've already editted it and run update-grub05:13
chandru_inGskellig, I got the battery estimation fixed. "gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power use-time-for-policy false" did it.05:13
Gskelligthats it!?05:13
q0_0pi have xserver-xorg-input-synaptics instsalled, i'm guessing that is the default05:13
gulzarSinnerNyx, fantastic... but it needs ..umm wait05:13
gulzarSinnerNyx, don't restart05:13
q0_0pi know scroll does work on ubuntu 1105:13
Gskelligchandru_in, is that permanent?05:14
q0_0pbut currently I'm using LTS version05:14
gulzarSinnerNyx, the file to edit is in /etc/default05:14
q0_0pim thinking maybe if i get the development version of synaptics?05:14
Gskelligchandru_in, do you know if that fixes the hibernation too?05:14
SinnerNyxlol ever watch those movies where someone has a command line and is about to press enter when someone runs into the room and shouts "WAIT!!!".. gulzar just IRC shouted "WAIT!!!" to me :p05:14
chandru_inGskellig, yes. It continues to give wrong estimates of time left. But it doesn't trigger the critical level action05:14
SinnerNyxgulzar, yep as stated i've already done that05:14
gulzarSinnerNyx, edit it there and then run update-grub05:15
gulzarSinnerNyx, or else there will be a problem05:15
chandru_inGskellig, It says 2 hrs left then 2 mins left then back to 1:45 left. But since % left works fine, it uses this now for determining critical level05:15
SinnerNyxgulzar: yep.. already did :S05:16
gulzarSinnerNyx, I usually use gui and refer to /boot so was little confused. But remember edit it from /etc/default05:16
gulzarSinnerNyx, Ok do it. no problem if you edit that file. Once you edit it in /etc/default adn run update everything will be in posiotn05:16
SinnerNyxgulzar: you reading this?05:16
gulzarSinnerNyx, nbow happily check05:16
gulzarSinnerNyx, restart and pray05:17
barberdtif I had a nickel for every time ... ^^05:17
q0_0pi think it seems the laptop as a N: Name="PS/2 Generic Mouse"05:17
gulzar<futureleader> using what gnome3 or gnome205:18
arooni-mobilewhy do i have to click activate on tray icon apps like skype05:20
=== Anom01y is now known as Anom
rootuser777how i disable screen going to darker in ocelot after 5sec05:20
=== Anom is now known as Anom_
jesushioty hioty05:23
=== jesus is now known as Guest21929
=== Anom_ is now known as Anom01y
meta-coderSomething wrong with the Floodbots?05:25
syn-ackGood evening, folks05:25
Axsuulhow come sometimes Ctrl+C doesn't end the program that is currently running in terminal. For example, I will see ^C. However, Ctrl+Z will suspend the program but the process seems to still be alive05:26
=== Anom01y is now known as Anom_
jamesripleyanyone here works with video? its more a design question than tecnical... what software could help me make a movie like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=38O7HvbzG90 (talking about the concept, the small complexity animations and style)05:28
Guest21929entra aqui http://www.muyzorras.com05:29
rudrahow can i download the whole ftp using wget?05:29
ActionParsnipOxi: howdy05:37
oxihia all05:37
oxii need  help with iptables05:37
oxi can anyone help me05:38
odin_hi, I have intalled both amd64 and i686, hthe amd64 has 36198 items in Ubuntu Software Centre, but i686 only has 2497 items, if there something I forgot that I ticked?05:39
ActionParsnipI appear to be the only person not asleep and I'm not good at iptables. Have you tried firestarter or is it a server install?05:39
tripelbHello. I have a MacBook now. I have a copy of the ubuntu.iso on the hard drive. I have a 2G emplty "flash drive" SD card. I'd like instructions for making the boot from all this. The sitespages I found were from 2008. Something more current SVP05:40
ActionParsnipOdin: make sure you enable the same software sources in both05:41
oxino is only for my system05:41
oxii have iptables configured05:41
ActionParsniptripelb: use unetbootin. Be sure you MD5 test the ISO you have05:41
tripelbexcept I dont have the ubuntu.iso so I'll have to get one. The newest I've used is the LTS 10,04 is the USB install the same for natty?05:41
tripelbhi action.05:42
odin_ActionParsnip,   enable ?  I did an standard install, I don't remember any tickbox or setting to show packages, I only installed amd64 around 6 hours ago (so I don't think my memory is that bad)05:42
pnormantripelb: I don't think anything with Disk Utility on OS X has changed in the last few years05:42
ActionParsniptripelb: same method, different file05:42
odin_ActionParsnip, I have allowed it to do software update and reboot and now I am looking for packages like "joe" and "build-essentials" in Ubuntu Software Centre, these packages are available from command like with "apt-cache show"05:43
tripelbActionParsnip, I use unetbootin - is that a mac program?  (Carlfk said that I could just DD it. But I dont know what DD is.05:43
ActionParsnipodin_: in software centre you can enable software sources like the partner source a05:43
ActionParsnipAnd so on05:43
ActionParsniptripelb: its available for Mac05:44
tripelbOK I iwll go to get unetbootin.  ActionParsnip pnorman - should I get natty or the 10.04 lts.05:44
CarlFKtripelb: dd is a command - open a terminal and see if you have it05:44
tigranesHi! When I run 'glxinfo' on my ThinkPad with Intel 4500 video card, I get an error "X Error of failed request:  BadRequest". Does anybody have any ideas what's going on?05:44
ActionParsniptripelb: I'm not sure the ubuntu ISO will work with dd05:44
infiniiffs, I spent an entire night only to figure out that there's a bug ubuntu's system update that removes grub-efi and replaces it with grub/grub-pc. I hate this EFI stuff, I can't my computer to dual boot05:44
ActionParsniptripelb: both are fine. I would suggest the latest.05:45
pnormantripelb: depends which you want to install. my server uses natty.05:45
tripelbCarlFK, hi. Mac has a terminal. that's cool. seems to have info dd. I typed dd and it just sat there. So I closed the terminal. looks good05:46
ActionParsnip!md5 | tripelb05:46
ubottutripelb: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:46
odin_sorry I still don't understand, all the software I want is on Ubuntu source and the setting for sources between systems is identical (in Systems Settings -> Software Sources)05:46
pnormanOS X does have dd on 10.3.9.  It's the BSD version, not sure if there's any syntax differences there05:46
tripelbActionParsnip, I've used md5 before on a windows machine.05:46
odin_I tried "apt-get update" thinking it would download things and refresh but no change in Ubuntu Software Centre05:47
ActionParsniptripelb: just covering all bases :-)05:47
oxino funciona  nada funciona estoy cansado tor not woking  iptables not working nada is working05:47
tripelbActionParsnip, I appreciate it. and yet, I feel good about saying, I got chops. Heh. I used it to identify a badly burned cd once.05:47
tripelbok bbs.05:48
ActionParsnipOdin: apt-get update will read the enabled repos and update the systems knowledge of what is on each05:48
odin_yes and the packages I can see from command line "apt-cache show ...." but the GUI only has 2497 items  (not 36198 items)05:49
tripelbfrom Where is the fastest  Natty download?05:51
infiniiprobably torrent05:51
tripelbfrom Where is the fastest  Natty download? is it torrent or direct. I have hella speed.05:51
dnlsrlGood evening, I'm israel. Is there any online user manual for the Recoveru console of Ubuntu??05:51
tripelbkk infiniii05:52
urlin2utripelb, ubuntu.com will get you the http or torrent link05:52
=== sanjid is now known as sanjid|away
oxihttp is better05:52
infiniioxi: why?05:52
tripelboxi because?05:52
bindibecause trollsols05:53
binditrollslols even05:53
infiniiwhy would you suckup ubuntu bandwidth when there is a torrent available?05:53
dnlsrlIs this a support channel?05:53
oxialmost all my torrent downloads (iso) are  damaged05:53
infiniidnlsrl: yes it is. but it's not a channel where we sit in here waiting for ppl to come in just so we can google it for you05:53
tripelbI asked which was faster, what would serve ME, not what would have me cater to Ubuntu. That bandwidth is just for this purpose. A user using it.05:53
SwedeMiketripelb: you should look where your closest or best mirror is and download from there05:53
infiniioxi: sux2bu05:53
dnlsrlso rough05:54
dnlsrlI asked 'cause i can't find it :(05:54
tripelbSwedeMike, I've heard that a lot but I'm in SoCal but I ususally use Belgium or netherlands or germany05:54
urlin2utripelb, http://releases.ubuntu.com/natty/05:55
SwedeMiketripelb: why?05:55
tripelbI'll have it in 10 minutes. I LIVE IN THE FUTURE.05:59
bindifloodbots going crazy06:00
dnlsrlOk, I got an Ubuntu 11.10 PC, and I activated the additional drivers of NVidia. But it makes my PC get stuck at the logon screen. Is there any way to disable this software using the Recovery console??? (Sorry for my English)06:00
dnlsrlI tried using Remote Session, but obviously it didn't work :(06:02
suzanne_does anyone know about hackintsh ?06:03
dnlsrlHello? Can someone help me?06:03
tripelbsuzanne_,  this is an ubuntu channel. hackintosh is PC and uses the regular ubuntu06:04
tripelbsuzanne_, I am on a mac now. I'm intending to make a bootable SD card.06:05
infiniitripelb: from an iso?06:05
nnullwhats that program that helps people install to a usb drive again?06:05
wckdnnull: try google06:05
dnlsrlIf nobody knows, just say it :(06:06
iceroot!google | wckd06:06
ubottuwckd: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.06:06
iceroot!usb | nnull06:06
ubottunnull: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:06
tripelbSwedeMike, sorry I didnt see you asked why I used western europe. becasuse I found it fast. It's been a couple of years though.06:06
infiniitripelb: http://www.proposedsolution.com/howto/howto-macosx/create-bootable-usb-thumb-drive-iso/06:07
nnullill just ask software centre lol06:07
nnulltheres only1 or 206:07
tripelbinfinii BTW I used a torrent because it's distributed so I thought, that's faster. And now I understand what you meant about ubuntu bandwidth. Thanks.06:07
dnlsrlPlease, anybody help me!06:07
nnullanswer: unetbootin06:08
nnullkthx gais06:08
infiniitripelb: i don't think you and I disagreed to begin with. I suggested torrent for that same reason. and regarding ubuntu b/w, well I don't see need for people to stress their servers when torrents/mirrors are readily available.06:08
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest67736
suzanne_tripelb,  i know that i ask here as a point of interest and a starter point for something i know so litte about ,which as is macs in general06:10
dnlsrlgartuz pierdes tu tiempo, aquí no ayudan en nada. Solo te ignoran y te dicen que lo puedes buscar en Google06:10
=== chris_ is now known as Guest51213
gartuzSi yo quisiera crear una consola de video Juego a partir de Ubuntu podria licenciar o usar imagenes con derechos de autor_06:11
wzssyqahello everyone06:12
urlin2u!es | gartuz06:12
ubottugartuz: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:12
suzanne_infinii,  you make a very fine point, just note to all the the check sum  is need to do its job,(asumming all info is already known)06:13
gartuzThank you06:13
urlin2ugartuz, no problem. :D06:14
EngonyrWhere can I suggest a feature/improvement to Ubuntu 11.10?06:14
infiniifeature? 11.10 is released already06:14
zlwzssyqa: hi06:15
suzanne_tripelb,  i ask be cuz i may need to know about a long list of stuff i  might need but there ,as you say windows only  , which i ask for the linux version of them , and a dual boot06:16
KSHawkEyeHey, I'm trying to create an ISO that has a few programs on it, and make it where the programs are excuteable from the disc but keep running into issues with permissions. Does anyone know how to do this?06:17
infiniiKSHawkEye: have u tried googling for guides on how to create a livecd?06:18
RussianPowerKSHwakEye, hit your computer!06:18
tripelbOOPS I have a 64bit computer will the 32 work on it?06:19
suzanne_KSHawkEye,  yes this channel has those ppl but if they are online are in question06:19
PolishPowerKSHwakEye where are you from ? :D Maybe I will go to you and I help :D06:19
NewbeeansIs Nataulis important?06:19
RussianPowertripelb, yes06:19
suzanne_tripelb,  in most cases yes ,  so what you running?06:20
PolishPowersuzanne :P :P:P06:20
RussianPowerCan i run ubuntu at Pentium 66MHz?06:20
infiniiwhy not?06:21
suzanne_Newbeeans,  ?  huh what you need that for , and yes , but depends on what you use it for.06:21
tripelbsuzanne_, I am on a macbook I want to put the system on an SD card. I will boot on that and then be able to access my USB kit with my old HD on it. I can only see the Windows partition from the Mac OS06:21
infiniiit was created on much slower06:21
lsd_hi there06:21
tripelbsuzanne_,  tripleb is also a woman. heh06:21
infiniitripelb: put what system? the mac?06:21
=== suzanne_ is now known as htmlinprogress
NewbeeansHow do I know which video card driver is best for me? Hardware GUI gives 3 choices.06:22
pnormantripelb: That seems like a round a bout way to access a partition06:22
tripelbI want to put Ubuntu on the SD card. I just downloaded it. the outboard drive was the one I used to run Ubuntu 10.04 on my old computer that does not work.06:22
tripelbWell pnorman if I had any other way to access it. ...06:23
futureleaderI need to know how to adjust screen brightness06:23
dnlsrlHello, can someone help me?06:23
infiniitripelb: so install the livecd iso you downloaded to usb, boot with it, then mount the drive you want.06:23
infiniitripelb: i already gave you a link for how to create the bootable usb06:23
tripelbpnorman, it's my 1T drive while this one is a 0.072T drive. hahaHA06:24
Newbeeansinfinii: Should I pick recommended driver with hardware gui for Nvidia GPU?06:24
tripelbright infinii. now that I have the .iso Ill go up there and find out what you told me to use and get that too. I'm ready now.06:24
infiniiNewbeeans: sorry I have no idea. I have a radeon and didn't need to select any driver when installing 11.1006:25
dnlsrlNewbeeans: Your graphic card is nvidia??? Was it included by default?06:26
NewbeeansOhhh no I'm not going to 11.10 again06:26
Newbeeansdnlsrl: it popped up in the hardware drivers box asking me to activate one06:26
htmlinprogressRussianPower,  umm  yes and no    you must streamline the os for it to be of any use,,,,, think of youtube  its GONIG to give you the finger cuz its way slow,  try xubuntu  or lubuntu  and the strip the gui down and all apps with the counterparts for older and slower computers06:26
NewbeeansI chose recommended but i'm afraid to restart because I've been getting "low resolution" errors.06:27
htmlinprogresstripelb,  no i forgot to get a diiferent name , im a guy06:27
dnlsrlNewbeeans: I recommend you not to click anything there. I just got that problem. Now i don't know how to deactivate it from the Recovery console :(06:28
Newbeeansdnlsrl: I had to start over :(06:28
dnlsrlNewbeeans: I jusk asked how to fix it, but the only thing they're saying is that i should google it =/06:30
NewbeeansI can't find a solution on google...looking since Thursday06:31
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  down touch nothing  but the irc line,,,  cuz06:31
NewbeeansSo I wait for advice :))06:31
qrwteyrutiyoupmaybe this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111903606:31
=== tum is now known as Guest41232
FloodBot1fargo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:33
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: thank you for the link :) How do I find my driver version?06:33
fargoPLS HELP ME06:34
Newbeeansso I can change xxx to my video card06:34
ultrixxfargo: what do you mean?06:34
ultrixxwhat is a ppp code?06:34
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  i tell you this cuz you need a back up  in caase you get a boot error   like a ubuntu flash drive  , ubcd    cd/dvd of your distro, a few  more others,, just in case of a mess up,,, its saved my computer alot06:35
infiniifargo: PPP is old and standard, I used it with modems like 15yrs ago. no need to write the code for it06:36
infiniiPPOE lolz06:36
infiniisomeone ban him for caps please06:36
dnlsrlhtmlinprogress: Ok, let's suppose I comitted the error in not backing up my system. How can i use a Recovery console to deactivate restricted drivers?06:37
infiniifargo: that's a programming question. this is a channel for ubuntu linux06:37
Newbeeanshtmlinprogress: I have the distro cd but it hasnt helped me yet06:37
infiniidnlsrl: maybe you could boot livecd. mount your partitions, use chroot. then update your configuration to not use the bad drivers06:38
ultrixxfargo: why don't you just have a look at the ubuntu sources? ubuntu has got ppp support built in06:38
dnlsrlinfinni: thanks06:38
Newbeeansdnlsrl: if you understood that my hats off to you ;)06:39
Stanley00fargo: please dont use ALL CAPS here, thanks.06:39
fargosorry stanley06:39
qrwteyrutiyoupNewbeeans, try something like "dpkg -l | grep nvidia-glx" to find out the version of nvidia-glx, if it's installed06:39
infiniifargo: unlikely cuz ur on my ignore list now06:39
=== Gskellig is now known as CharlieSheen
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: ok brb06:40
=== CharlieSheen is now known as Derpling
=== Derpling is now known as Derplington
RussianPowermy mom change root pass and i can't login! What should i do?06:40
dnlsrlNewbeeans: Haha, well it's not that I understood it. It's that I just got keywords for better searching. Tht's why I'm importing the whole conversation to a txt file :P06:40
=== Derplington is now known as RJ45Champion
=== RJ45Champion is now known as Granskelling
ultrixxRussianPower: obey your mom06:41
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: no such file or directory06:41
infiniiRussianPower: don't give your mom root password or a sudo acct06:41
TheEvilPhoenixRussianPower:  what ultrixx said, and also don't use root to do stuff06:41
=== Granskelling is now known as Derp
=== Derp is now known as Derpling
Newbeeanslet me check my typos :)06:41
=== Derpling is now known as Derplington
=== Derplington is now known as Derpazor
PolishPowerI need your help guys !!! My husband escape and leave me linux without instruction ;/ Where i can run internet communicator and configurate it :D06:41
NewbeeansThat time it went back to command nothing happened06:42
dnlsrlPolishPower: communicator??06:42
fargowhat should i do if i copy a system driver into another desktop and want to run it der06:43
dnlsrlPolishpower: You mean a VoIP client? Like Skype?06:43
=== Derpazor is now known as Gskellig
HansLandaanyone can help me? cant find wlan0!!!06:43
PolishPowerdnlsrl yeah that's right :D06:43
BazingaWhy can't i copy 4GB file to partition where i have 3GB free06:43
HansLandaUbuntu 11.04 - dell laptop - anyone can help me? cant find wlan0!!!06:44
qrwteyrutiyoupin my dell it's "eth1", HansLanda06:45
dnlsrlPolishPower: You can get skype from the Software Centre of Ubuntu06:45
ultrixxfargo: drivers are part of the kernel or are kernel modules. you can't just run them06:45
fargowher shal i find my installed aplications06:45
BazingaPolishPower: go out and never back06:45
HansLandaqrwteyrutiyoup thanks...i will try to find eth106:45
fargook but cnt i link them to kernel externally06:46
PolishPowerdnlsrl thx you are  very helpfull to me :*06:46
qrwteyrutiyouphow are you "trying to find" it, HansLanda?06:46
htmlinprogressHansLanda,  application/accesseries/ open terminal  then type ifconfig06:46
ultrixxfargo: i suspect you have far too little knowledge about what you are trying to do06:46
BazingaWhy can't i copy 4GB file to partition where i have 3GB free06:46
fargoya u are true ultrix06:47
fargobut i want to learn linux06:47
dnlsrlPolishPower: You did understand me, didn't you? Was my answer enough?06:47
NewbeeansI'm the same fargo but I think I need a class :D06:47
Bazingahelp me! please06:47
fargocan u sujjest me a good link wher i can learn linux06:48
NewbeeansBazinga: Do you mean you have 4GB free?06:48
tonyyarussofargo: help.ubuntu.com ?06:48
Bazingai go jumping from bridge06:48
Bazingathat is joke :P06:48
NewbeeansDon't forget clean undies Bazinga :))06:49
Bazingaok :)06:49
PolishPowerbazinga you must delete some files because you file have is to big (you have only 3GB free, file have 4GB)06:49
fargowher cn i learn to create device drivers06:49
fargocomplex 106:49
dnlsrlfargo: Linux has a lot of distros.06:50
fargoany link06:50
ultrixxfargo: get the kernel sources and read them06:50
fargowher shal i get these sources06:50
ultrixxfargo: kernel.org06:51
alainghi I've just updated from ubuntu server edtion 11.04 to 11.10 but its broken my wireless connection. How do I reinstall my wifi to get it to work?06:51
htmlinprogressHansLanda, did that help?06:51
fargook guys thanks guys for all ur help06:52
fargobye tc06:52
angelete2i'm getting a problem with my cron on ubuntu server 11.0406:52
ultrixxhave fun06:52
=== Alex`aw is now known as BaNz
angelete2my crontab is 47 3    * * 0   root    test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.weekly )06:55
angelete2but it executes on tuesdays instead of sundays06:55
NewbeeansI read the help page for Nvidia manual but I didn't see a command to check my GPU card version.06:55
qrwteyrutiyoupyou need the version of the *installed* package to remove, Newbeeans, not your GPU card version. that's why I suggested you to check it with dpkg (it "knows" the packages in your system..)06:56
Bear10Anyone know where i could find the default color codes for ls? I mean i don't understand what a blue text with green background is heh06:56
=== stanley is now known as Guest74573
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: When I typed your command it returned to main@desktop:06:57
Newbeeansnothing happened06:57
fargochat is a program that can perform simple handshaking between a PPP client and server during connection setup, such as exchange usernames and passwords. chat is also responsible for causing your modem to dial the ISP's phone number and other simple tasks.chat itself is automatically invoked by pppd when started .. but i didnt hav any such program loaded in my pc06:58
=== backbone is now known as Guest8230
Stanley00Bear10: you can try "ls -l" and then look for the file name, you will know what it means... ;)06:58
fargowher shal i get it from06:58
qrwteyrutiyoupNewbeeans, ok, that means that specific package isn't intalled. which likely means that solution won't work for you..06:58
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: why would it? hahahahahah06:58
Bear10Stanley, hmm still not sure lol06:58
Bear10drwxrwxrwx 2 root root 16384 2011-10-25 08:53 MyDir06:59
qrwteyrutiyoupNo idea, Newbeeans ; just tried to point you out to someone having a problem that looked like yours.06:59
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: oh don't get me wrong I'm more than happy to take your advice...i'm just disappointed that nothing seems to help.06:59
qrwteyrutiyoupHave you tried the dpkg-reconfigure command listed at that page, Newbeeans?07:01
Stanley00Bear10: haha, I confuse too... may be it's just a dir,07:01
Newbeeansqrwteyrutiyoup: I get information overload...I will try it if it wont hurt07:01
jkfangTWMy totem works fine with gstreamer. But Phonon has problems with gstreamer-backend. How to start to solve this problem.07:01
htmlinprogresschannel for hackintosh?07:02
Stanley00Bear10: I rarely use color code to identify a file type, just use ls -l.07:02
noiesmohi all I did an upgrade to oneiric and I am having trouble getting rid off a sources file in my sources.list.d directory. Everytime I delete it. the sources file comes back07:02
qrwteyrutiyoupAnd also, try to get more info from the log, like the last post. thet should point you out the actual problem, Newbeeans07:02
=== Newbeeans is now known as Newbeeans-AFK
angelete2any idea about cron?07:07
dr_williswhat about cron?07:07
pnormanI finished a check on my md raid array and it found some mismatches. Is the best thing to do now echoing repair into sync_action on the array?07:07
angelete2dr_willis: my cron is not executing weekly tasks on the day that are configured07:08
htmlinprogressDOCTOR IS IN THE HOUSE07:08
angelete247 3    * * 0   root    test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.weekly ) => it MAY execute on sundays, but it execute on tuesdays07:08
dr_willishtmlinprogress:  actually im at work on my lunch break. ;)07:09
htmlinprogresshow that bonic man going for you ?07:10
SilfenXI have a number of NTFS drives I d like to make accessible to a group of windows machines using samaba - where in the file system on the serever would it be recommended to mount these ntfs partitions and should their shares be created with root or user?07:10
=== CodeOmegaPrime is now known as CodeOmegaPrimeZz
dr_willisSilfenX:  i just put mine in /media/ via fstab with the right options for the proper permissions. as root.07:11
htmlinprogressdr_willis,  hows that bonic man doin?07:12
dr_willishtmlinprogress:  man? ;)  whats the point of a man....07:12
NewbeeansI think if the power doesn't go out...I'll be fine with Ubuntu :))07:12
SilfenXdr_willis: I ve just been through an ordeal here so starting over ^^ no win users were able to connect to the shares - they were visible but no other accounts than admin were able to connect to them from the windows boxes :/07:12
dr_williswhats up with the floodbots.07:12
dr_willisSilfenX:  you need the proper options for the mounting of the ntfs.. and proper samba options for the shares07:13
dr_willisi wonder if askubuntu.com has some info on what options.. i dont rember the ones i used07:14
SilfenXdr_willis: yes, just need to know where to edit it and what to put in ^^07:14
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:14
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE07:14
dr_willismount via /etc/fstab   share via /etc/samba/smb.conf07:15
dr_willislunch over.. bbl07:16
jabbarihelp search07:18
HansLandaanyone can help me?07:18
HansLandaanyone really know about configuring network names and adapters? ubuntu 11.0407:19
htmlinprogresswhat are you try to do?07:19
=== MmikeDOMA is now known as Mmike
HansLandaanyone really know about configuring network names and adapters? ubuntu 11.0407:21
conntrackWith all these issues looks as if ubuntu is unmanageable LOL07:22
conntrackI know that feeling haha. Care? No07:23
kamilnadeemhow select an application(firefox) for opening http in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.1007:23
hot2trotif I want to cat the name of a file to a text file, and not the contents of the video file to a test file, how would I go about doing that?07:23
HansLandahello there! anyone can help me? configuring wireless ubuntu notebook...thanks07:27
hot2trothow can I use the cat command to take the name of a file rather than the contents07:28
hot2trotie. i wanna add the word's abc.avi to the end of a text file, and I wanna use cat to do it, but cat uses the actual data in the file, not the name of the file07:28
HansLandahello there! anyone can help me? configuring wireless ubuntu notebook...thanks07:28
blinkizHello. I want to disable grouping of programs with many windows in the unity panel. How can I do this?07:29
SilfenXusing gnome-core and vnc in a virtual desktop on my ubuntu server - when I boot the server and go over to the windows machine and connect to the vnc session running on the server, the server is already logged on and desktop running but not as root - I need it come up as root the allow me to edit stuff from the virtual desktop07:29
=== haji is now known as magg
BenxyzzyCan anybody read this?07:29
prashant_123456hello all07:31
prashant_123456i have ubuntu 11.04 need to upgrade to ubuntu 11.10 how to do it offline ??07:31
NewbeeansI found my driver/software for nvidia. After I download it will it install like exe?07:32
=== giovanni is now known as Guest29716
alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10. Can someone help me with it please07:32
prashant_123456i have ubuntu 11.04 need to upgrade to ubuntu 11.10 how to do it offline ??07:33
chechehow do i open a bug of missing sound card support?07:34
checheI am running 11.10 and thia asus eeetop pc does not have sound07:34
chechelooks like recognize the card but it does not sound at all07:34
Newbeeans11.10 I don't have display :/07:35
NewbeeansAfter the download for Nvidia with it install with clicking or is the a command process?07:35
WaltherFINewbeeans: what is your native language?07:36
NewbeeansEnglish I'm just a bad typist07:36
WaltherFIoh, sorry then07:37
kamilnadeemhow to select an application for opening links in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.10?07:37
NewbeeansI have my answer about clicking...the drivers don't auto install with Linux.07:37
brainwave92Guys my /boot partition is said to be no longer detected07:37
kamilnadeemwhen I click on any links in thunderbird it asks me to choose an application07:37
brainwave92And my boot files are now in /root/boot07:37
brainwave92My boot partition is now mounted as a filesystem after the computer boots07:38
brainwave92even linux kernel images are stored in /root/boot only07:38
rdvonzUbuntu fails to sync the contents of any folder outside of the ubuntu one folder.07:39
NewbeeansHow do I open module blacklist?07:39
NewbeeansI'm on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157026007:40
htmlinprogress wahts the command like for seeing whats  a list of computer specs ?07:40
htmlinprogress wahts the command line for seeing whats  a list of my computer specs ?07:40
Kriss_Morning everyone.. Say.. Ive been doing a costum install of 11.10 so it looks alot like the old gnome. Ive added likewise-open for domain and all that jazz and it works. However. When i use remastersys to stuff it back into a dvd so i can install it. The computer always will hang at checking battery state.. Even though im booting on a desktop. What could i be doing wrong here ?07:42
Calinouhtmlinprogress: top?07:42
CalinouKriss_: hold shift at EVERY SINGLE boot, select "previous linux versions" in grub07:42
Calinoudue to ubuntu devs including linux 3.0, they were very, very wrong.07:42
jakesanyone see me?07:43
Calinoualso, my question, how can I make my computer boot the previous linux version ubuntu by default?07:43
=== james is now known as Guest95993
CalinouI'm sick of holding shift at each boot07:43
Calinouyes Guest9599307:43
susundbergCalinou: sure, just change the grub config07:43
Calinou...how? I don't want to break my computer07:43
brainwave92jakes, no i'm already commited07:43
susundbergCalinou: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130667007:43
infiniiCalinou: depends on if you're using grub or grub2. but edit the config then run update-grub. you are looking to change the default system07:43
auronandace!blacklist | Newbeeans07:44
ubottuNewbeeans: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:44
brainwave92My boot partition is now mounted as a filesystem after the computer boots, even linux kernel images are stored in /root/boot only07:44
Calinouspeaking of "grub_default", can I make grub at least appear by default?07:45
Calinouinstead of just skipping and booting to borked system07:45
NewbeeansHow do I get out of the blacklist?07:45
Kriss_Calinou well .. It only happens when i boot it off the dvd ive made. The actual install with the configuration and installed programs works like a charm. I just need to be able to put the installed back into a dvd so i can install that with all the features ive made.07:45
iffaI'm still confused by the program using linux ubuntu07:45
auronandaceNewbeeans: how are you in it?07:45
brainwave92iffa ?07:45
Newbeeansthis on a ubuntu thread sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:46
Newbeeansauronandace: IDK that I am!07:46
infiniiKriss_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68887207:46
auronandaceNewbeeans: it sounds like you have no idea what you're doing07:47
Newbeeansauronandace: finally someone understands me07:47
auronandaceNewbeeans: show us a screen shot07:47
susundbergKriss_: to me it sounds like the burn failed somehow -- either image is corrupted (or bad?) or the burn is bad -- have you checked the disk integry?07:47
=== vincent is now known as Guest85304
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,   lol im glad you found that person,07:48
Guest85304hey guys. I  need some help.I cant open update manager and I cant find out the reason07:48
Newbeeansauronandace: I know how to print screen but where do I put it in Ubuntu?07:48
auronandace!screenshot | Newbeeans07:49
ubottuNewbeeans: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.07:49
Newbeeansfound it07:49
infiniireminds me..is there a zscreen for linux?07:49
auronandace!find zscreen | infinii07:50
ubottuinfinii: File zscreen found in z88dk-data07:50
auronandace!info z88dk-data | infinii07:51
ubottuinfinii: z88dk-data (source: z88dk): data files for z88dk. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.8.ds1-8 (oneiric), package size 1546 kB, installed size 5956 kB07:51
htmlinprogress3090912 kB how much is this ?07:51
infiniiauronandace: I don't think that's similar to what I'm looking for07:52
infiniiauronandace: I found this though http://linuxandfriends.com/2009/09/21/shutter-screenshot-capture-tool/07:52
conntrackWhat is it four?07:52
susundberg2.5321e+10 bits07:52
auronandaceNewbeeans: why do you have a root terminal open? you also have the blacklist open in the background. can't you see in the taskbar?07:54
NewbeeansOhh the text page07:54
LoiAny of you guys know how to access a directory after installing another OS?07:54
Newbeeansauronandace: it doesn't do anything07:55
auronandaceNewbeeans: what do you mean? it is a text file, you edit it07:55
auronandaceNewbeeans: also why do you have a root terminal open?07:55
NewbeeansI don't like password every line07:55
auronandaceNewbeeans: the way you are writing commands is very unsafe to have a root terminal open (you don't know what you are doing)07:56
NewbeeansI'll close it but this is a pc I bought just for learning.07:57
auronandaceNewbeeans: that is a good thing at least07:57
auronandaceNewbeeans: what is your graphics card?07:57
NewbeeansNvidia Geforce 6 series 6150se07:58
NewbeeansI downloaded the driver for linux...so I'm thinking now what?07:58
auronandaceNewbeeans: how did you download the linux driver? from a website?07:58
Newbeeansfrom nvidia company07:59
auronandaceNewbeeans: ok, since you've likely done a lot that i'm not aware of, i suggest you reinstall and we can start over07:59
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=== Like_A_G6 is now known as FloodBot9
Newbeeansauronandace: How do I start? :-/08:02
blinkizHello. I want to disable grouping of programs with many windows in the unity panel. How can I do this?08:02
auronandaceNewbeeans: you've installed ubuntu before?08:02
Newbeeansauronandace: Oh yes many times this week08:03
auronandaceNewbeeans: then when you have a clean install, come back and i can help you08:03
Newbeeansokay..will try08:04
auronandaceblinkiz: i don't think you can, unity isn't very configurable08:05
htmlinprogressHansLanda,  are you there?08:05
zambahow do i set up ntp servers in ubuntu 11.10?08:06
infiniizamba: do you mean use ntp servers to sync your machine's time?08:06
auronandace!ntp | zamba08:06
ubottuzamba: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)08:06
zambathat's old documentation08:06
zamba-everything's- changed in 11.1008:07
infiniintp is pretty easy though08:07
infiniioh it has?08:07
RudyValenciaOK, so I'm setting up my test server and I want to be able to use Samba to edit test files on a Windows box; how do I set the permissions so Samba and Apache can both access the vhost directories? Like, a "web" user and "web" group, and 775, and then set Apache and Samba to use that user and group?08:07
auronandacezamba: i thought just the user interface is different, ntp will still work the same as it always has08:07
AdvoWorkanyone recommend a tool I can use(gui if possible) to show all IP's VS hostnames on my network? Looking for a certain PC thats ip has changed..08:07
zambaauronandace: yeah, but earlier i could adjust and install ntp through the gui08:08
zambaauronandace: why they've removed it is for me a complete mystery08:08
zambawhich basically means that ubuntu now is just as unsynchronized as windows, time wise08:08
johannI can't believe. I've been searching for the Ubuntu Irc channel for ages..08:08
zambai'm -this- close to going back to debian08:09
auronandacejohann: it is the default channel in irc for ubuntu installations08:09
=== tdubellz is now known as Guest58853
zambathis is ridiculous how much they've ruined in the latest version08:09
HansLandayes htmlinprogress08:09
zambait is*08:09
zambajohann: yeah08:09
htmlinprogresshow to change my mac adress?08:09
infiniiall because you can't figure out the gui? just edit the config files from terminal?08:09
johannI'm using 10.10, not going to upgrade anytime soon08:10
htmlinprogresshow to change my mac adress? and bot please08:10
infiniihtmlinprogress: u can't08:10
HansLandahans@omerta:~$ sudo macchanger --mac 00:00:00:00:00:00 eth108:10
HansLanda<HansLanda> <HansLanda> [sudo] password for hans:08:10
HansLanda<HansLanda> <HansLanda> Current MAC: 78:e4:00:8e:39:61 (unknown)08:10
HansLanda<HansLanda> <HansLanda> ERROR: Can't change MAC: interface up or not permission: Too many open files in system08:10
auronandacezamba: i use xfce, so i'm not affected by all this unity gnome3 stuff, i'm pretty happy with 11.1008:10
FloodBot1HansLanda: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:10
zambainfinii: i want to do stuff the -right- way.. suddenly starting to use the terminal and doing things manually can potentially break stuff when you're upgrading..08:10
htmlinprogressyes you can08:10
zambahtmlinprogress: aptitude install macchanger08:10
johannauronandace: How's xubuntu? Speed/interface/etc?08:11
infiniizamba: lol your "-right-" way isn't the consensus fwiw. most guis are just tools that help modify the very files I'm suggesting you edit manually.08:11
htmlinprogressinfinii,   Sometimes known as MAC spoofing)08:11
auronandacezamba: the gui isn't always the "right way", especially when it comes to servers08:11
zambainfinii: please refrain from using "lol" as a way to start a sentence.. it reflects poorly on you..08:11
htmlinprogresszamba,  thanks ,08:11
auronandacejohann: suits me fine, i suppose the speed depends on your hardware08:11
zambaauronandace: yeah, of course not.. but i'm using the desktop installation on my desktop..08:11
tripelbhi whoever helped me infinii Hi, I got as far as time to unmountDisk but I dont have the command unmountDisk in my terminal08:12
infiniizamba: please refrain from telling people that GUI's are the right way to administer servers. it reflects poorly....08:12
DeddlyHello, about to install Mint next to Win 7. Will it allow me to let Win 7 load by default?08:12
zambainfinii: i was administering a server?08:12
infiniitripelb: it's diskutil umountDisk....08:12
infinii"diskutil umountDisk..."08:12
zambathat's news to me08:12
DeddlyHello, about to install Mint next to Win 7. Will it allow me to let Win 7 load by default?08:13
tripelbinfinii (terminal has tiny letters and I have squinti eyes) It was a typo, thanks.08:13
infiniizamba: regardless, if you can't use a terminal+editor...don't be judging me08:13
auronandace!mint | Deddly08:14
ubottuDeddly: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:14
DeddlyThanks auronandace but I assumed the principle would be the same08:14
tripelbzamba terminal's not so hard - these guys will H8 me but I suggest - pico - as a simple editor.08:14
zambainfinii: of course i can use a terminal, but when i'm in the desktop environment i'm actually lazy enough to be wanting to do stuff like this without having to double-check docs and manually installing things.. especially when this worked as a breeze in earlier version of ubuntu..08:14
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
auronandaceDeddly: essentially, yes, but we can't support you further08:15
tripelbzamba or joe08:15
infiniizamba: i'll check it out when I get home. what ntp problems are you having specifically?08:15
htmlinprogressDeddly,  maybe , but it needs to set that up, grub is your biger problem08:15
infiniiOh how I hate grub right now08:15
zambainfinii: there's no options in the gui to define which ntp servers you want to synchronize to.. there's only an option that says "network time" and that's it08:15
Deddlyauronandace: Fair enough. I'm a Ubuntu user as well, though, and I would like an answer to the same question regarding Grub/Ubuntu08:15
zambatripelb: trust me, i have no problems using either vi, emacs, joe, nano or pico.. that's not the issue here08:16
auronandaceDeddly: i just said yes08:16
alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10. Can someone help me with it please08:16
zambai have set up ntp manually now and it's working fine08:16
Kriss_Susunberg Sorry i had to fix somthing (im at work) well its been like that for more than two complete installs. It seems like its the same problem each time. Ive burned like 4-5 discs and had a complete reinstall just in case.. same problem08:16
infiniimy computer's reset button is almost worn out from rebooting last night...trying to get 11.10+w7 booting on my UEFI computer08:16
Deddlyauronandace: Oh right, that's what you meant. Well is there a guide for that (Ubuntu)08:16
auronandace!grub2 | deddly08:17
ubottudeddly: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)08:17
zambai'm just annoyed that stuff like this have disappeared from the gui.. one of the powers of the earlier versions of ubuntu was that non-power users actually could get synchronized time quite simply, just by poking a bit..08:17
Deddlyauronandace: Thank you08:17
zambabut now the experience is exactly like windows.. no way to get to the settings that will let you do stuff like this, and you're stuck with unsynchronized time08:17
stevecamis anyone else having a growing dislike for gnome?08:17
auronandaceDeddly: np08:17
zambastevecam: oh yeah08:17
tripelbinfinii permission denied. must I use sudo ?08:18
zambastevecam: gnome-shell has fixed some of the issues for me, but it's still a huge step back.. at least for "power users"08:18
auronandacestevecam: i use xfce, never liked gnome (both 2 and 3)08:18
htmlinprogressits not grubs fault for its problem but windows purposely broke it with a few updates, (win7 auto installs it)08:18
* FloodBot9 sets mode -h #ubuntu :: goes to sleep08:18
infiniistevecam: my biggest peeve so far is when trying to resize my terminals. I hate how the resize cursor changes to the scrollbar08:18
tripelbinfinii - I got to the very last line and got permission denied.  Must I use pseudo?08:18
infiniitripelb: yes try sudo08:18
infiniitripelb: last line doing what? burning the .iso image to a usb?08:19
stevecaminfinii, i just recently tried to change my screensaver in the new gnome shell.....08:19
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ActionParsnipquiet today08:22
auronandaceActionParsnip: it's only just begun08:23
tripelbinfinii -- sudo dd if=/Users/taylorquigley/Desktop/Received\ Treasures/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m08:23
tripelbdd: /dev/disk1: Permission denied08:23
infiniiauronandace: do you mind showing me a screenshot of your xfce desktop?08:24
infiniitripelb: are you POSITIVE that disk1 is correct?08:24
tripelbinfinii the first time it asked me for the password, then said denied. the second time it wouldnt give me a chance. (ps the password was corriect)08:24
tripelbinfinii just a sec08:24
infiniiiirc you should be using /dev/Rdisk108:24
Axsuulhow come sometimes Ctrl+C doesn't end the program that is currently running in terminal. For example, I will see ^C. However, Ctrl+Z will suspend the program but the process seems to still be alive08:25
infiniitripelb: http://superuser.com/questions/63654/how-do-i-burn-an-iso-on-a-usb-drive-on-mac-os-x08:25
auronandaceinfinii: http://imagebin.org/18065808:25
infiniitripelb: btw, you better be absolutely positive that /dev/disk1 is the proper device...or you will in for a shock when you overwrite some partition in your computer08:26
alucardromeroAxsuul, It halts it and forks it to the background.08:26
=== Skippy_ is now known as f2knight
Fudgehi how can i get a dpkg -l or something similaar but get the installed size of packages?08:26
alucardromeroIt doesn't quite break the process.08:26
alucardromero...If I'm not mistaken.08:26
infiniiauronandace: cool08:27
auronandaceinfinii: feel free to copy anything you like08:28
tripelbinfinii (from terminal lines) -  1:                    EFI                    200.0 MB  disk0s108:28
tripelb-AND- $ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk108:28
tripelbDisk /dev/disk1 unmounted08:28
infiniiauronandace: i'm not sure I need to change from unity. tbh I use mainly terminals, browser, ide/editor, db client..and want most of that in a launchdock08:29
Axsuulalucardromero: any way i can end it without having to kill -9 pid08:29
ActionParsnipFudge: apt-cache show packagename08:29
ActionParsnipFudge: possibly08:29
alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10. Can someone help me with it please08:29
alucardromeroDo "ps -aux" find the process number and kill that process.08:29
infiniitripelb: please read instructions carefully. the umountDisk /dev/disk1 is correct. but if you notice..the "dd..." command uses /dev/rdisk108:30
ActionParsnipalaing: i suggest you run:  dmesg | less     and see what happens at boot08:30
alucardromeroThere's a way to pull it to foreground, but I forgot how to do that.08:30
infiniitripelb: disk vs rdisk NOT a typo08:30
alaingActionParsnip: thanks i'll try that08:31
tripelbinfinii I see what you said. I am bringing back the page to read more carefully. AND I made terminal a larger font.08:32
htmlinprogresswhy is this so dead in this channel?08:34
infiniiquiet help channel is good no?08:35
SilfenXI just broke my server : ( when it boots it stops when trying to mount the ntfs partitions and leave me with no prompt at all - most likely a typo fstab and I somehow need to get at the file to correct it but how?08:35
dr_willisfloodbots seem active08:35
infiniikinda like a quiet 911 switchboard ;)08:35
dr_willisSilfenX:  live cd is one way. recovery mode perhaps08:35
infiniiSilfenX: boot with livecd. mnually mount partitions and edit the fstab08:35
ejvSilfenX: find a live disc, boot from it, fix the file that needs fixing08:35
dr_willisi thought it eventually asked to skip the mounting..08:36
SilfenXit just sits there for 10 minutes now \o/08:36
f_droopySilfenX: boot from usb and fix /etc/fstab?08:36
dr_willisSilfenX:  you see text messages/errors?08:37
tripelbinfinii after I unmount it -- I'd think it would not be there when I repeat the diskutil list command. Am I right?08:37
htmlinprogressdr_willis,  whats with the floodbots?08:37
dr_willishtmlinprogress:  no idea. been     that way for a few hrs08:37
alaingActionParsnip: i dont see any mention about my wifi adaptor. I see all the other usb being started up. if i type lsusb it shows it08:37
htmlinprogresstheres not many ppl here?08:38
tripelband infinii  (this does not say rdisk. from the webpage)  So the whole command you need to enter is:  dd if=YOURISOFILE of=/dev/diskX bs=1m08:38
RudyValencia-Is it possible to setup an identd for IRC users on my LAN?08:38
almoxarifeRudyValencia-: yeap08:38
RudyValencia-er, a common identd08:38
SilfenXis it possible to access the unix drive if I boot the machine on a windows live cd? hm, most likely not08:38
htmlinprogressdr_willis,  are you the channel op?08:38
RudyValencia-how do I set a "common" identd up?08:38
dr_willisRudyValencia-:  should be. but why do you need one08:39
tripelbinfinii I think I should have used 0s1 for the disk. #1 was the listing number not the disk number.08:39
ejvjust enfoce a user mask via network services RudyValencia-08:39
dr_willishtmlinprogress:  nope08:39
FudgeActionParsnip  i think wajig large will do what im doing, but wanted to generate  a list of packages over a meg, not jsut 10 meg08:39
SadlyMistakenHello everybody, can someone help me installing GIMP 2.7.3... I just download it from official web site (in a tar.bz2 file) I just reconvert it into .deb file with ALIEN... I installed, but it doesn't appears in anyway... i can't use it08:39
htmlinprogresswho is then?08:39
RudyValencia-I'm behind NAT and thus only one PC can ident at a time08:39
ejvand why are you not using the build available in the reop SadlyMistaken ?08:40
dr_willisSadlyMistaken:  best would be to find a newer gimp ppa08:40
ejvor use the provided stable .deb08:40
XertroVHey, does anyone know why libdb4.8++-dev doesn't seem to be in the oneiric repos?08:40
dr_willisidentd is somewhat useless these days. ;)08:40
infiniiis it useful for anything other than irc?08:41
brainwave92Guys i upgraded to oneric and now things on my laptop screens look strecthed08:41
ejvso change the resolution08:41
infiniifree widescreen upgrade...SWEET! ;)08:41
dr_willisinfinii:  i think ive seen it used in other areas.. but overall.. not really08:41
dr_willisyou should be able to use idetd behind a nat i recall08:42
SilfenXis it possible to boot the instllation CD into some sort of live mode operation?08:42
almoxarifedr_willis: without identd I was seeing my user name being used by default, I didn't want that, that was my reason08:42
ejvhow many possible users could someone with a lan have... to warrant identd08:42
brainwave92Not much but enough to give me a headache08:43
dr_willis!cloak | almoxarife08:43
ubottualmoxarife: To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.08:43
SadlyMistakenejv because i wanted to use that version which has "full screen" mode..08:43
ejvi don't think he's looking for a cloak08:43
alainghi i've got a usb wireless adaptor which is using RALink RT2870 chipset.I had it working on my ubuntu server edtion 11.04 until recently when I upgraded to 11.10.  if i type lsusb I cna see it there but when i tried dmesg | less theres no mention of it. Can someone help me with it please.08:43
NewbeeansI'm back without errors :)08:43
ejvthis sounds like a personal project08:43
htmlinprogressreally ?08:44
NewbeeansI'm just going to leave well enough alone. Thanks to anyone that attempted to help me.08:44
htmlinprogresshow it go?08:44
NewbeeansYes...no low res error at all08:44
dr_willisive seen 5 line perl scripts that did identd. ;)08:44
ejvim just saying people use identd to guarantee uniqueness08:44
ejvon a small network, it's rather pointless08:45
ejvon a small network with services, it's more pointless08:45
NewbeeansOne good thing after I fought with UB this week...a wireless card that took me 6 hours to install on Win just said connected when I plugged it into this UB pc :D YaY!08:46
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  its ok you just need to find someone that can help you out, and as you can see most ppl  are not awake right now llol so ask in a while later08:46
htmlinprogressjust google it in the mean time08:47
auronandace!yay | Newbeeans08:47
ubottuNewbeeans: Glad you made it! :-)08:47
dr_willisaskubuntu.com is handy also08:47
htmlinprogressrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   to you to flooodddd bot!08:47
Newbeeanshtmlinprogress: I'm not going to do anything now...its working...step lightly here hahahaha08:47
ActionParsnipNewbeeans: nice when that happens :)08:47
alaingFloodbot is really active today lol08:47
ikoniahtmlinprogress: please don't08:48
NewbeeansFloodbot is making me sweat08:48
ActionParsnipNewbeeans: I suggest you note the chip or make and model of the card or mini pci or usb stick and stock up for future systems08:48
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  i forget what you get working ?08:48
alaingActionParsnip: i dont see any mention about my wifi adaptor. I see all the other usb being started up. if i type lsusb it shows it08:48
sroeckeralaing: did you try insmod rt2800usb ?08:48
NewbeeansActionParsnip: good idea. I hope to learn how to do this by new years.08:48
htmlinprogressikonia,  ok , just a bit fussy cuz of all the bots gone nuts and not one channel op to report it to,08:49
alaingsroecker: no i havent. What do i need to do to try it08:50
ikoniahtmlinprogress: I can see it - they are not going crazy.08:50
sroeckeralaing: open a terminal. sudo modprobe rt2800usb and then look at dmesg08:50
ActionParsnipalaing: unplug it, then shove it back in after a few seconds, then run:  dmesg | tail -n 1008:50
sroeckeror that, it should load automatically08:50
alaingok brb just going to try ActionParsnip suggestion first08:51
Fudgeis there a way to remove evolution-data-server-common         in lucid without taking half the desktop?08:52
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  ActionParsnip  knowns alot more then i do and get it done   , you can say hes' a graandfather lol)08:52
=== soixantecircuits is now known as senayar
ActionParsniphtmlinprogress: I don't know much. I just know the stuff to check. I move from there with websearches08:52
htmlinprogresswell you do a better job08:53
Newbeeanshtmlinprogress: ActionParsnip really tried to help but with my limited understanding it was nearly impossible without having me reading four days worth of "about Ubuntu".08:53
iqbalkhanexcuse me guys,,08:53
alaingActionParsnip: nope nothing there08:53
haroldHey guys I need help with O.O issues08:54
ActionParsnipalaing: tried a different USB port?08:54
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
iqbalkhani want to configure the grub, for triple boot08:54
iqbalkhanhow can i do that?08:54
ActionParsnipNewbeeans: I always try :)08:54
ActionParsnipiqbalkhan: os-prober may just pick up the OSes08:54
haroldsb help me08:54
iqbalkhanos-prober, that is a tools?08:55
NewbeeansActionParsnip: All of computer is based on some kind of text? (I'm trying to start from 1 today)08:55
haroldmy login screen does not look what it should08:55
auronandaceiqbalkhan: just run: sudo update-grub08:55
htmlinprogresslol!!!!!!!   i know that felling im still on 10.04 and  Newbeeans  you did good by doing that, now its remembering it and where you found it at is the challenge08:55
iqbalkhanauronandance: ok i'll try08:56
ActionParsnipalaing: doesit work in an oneiric liveCD?08:56
ActionParsniphtmlinprogress: Lucid is still supported fully and is no bad release08:56
htmlinprogress oneiric liveCD? whts that?08:56
alaingActionParsnip: tried a different usb port still the same results. lsusb is reporting the device08:56
auronandaceiqbalkhan: what 3 OS's are you trying to get grub to boot?08:56
iqbalkhanauronandance:xp,elementary os, and ubuntu 11.0408:57
alaingActionParsnip: I've not tried the live cd yet08:57
auronandacehtmlinprogress: oneric is 11.1008:57
iqbalkhanand all of the os in separate partition08:57
htmlinprogressthe few of the best out there:) , and ive tryin already 49 os08:57
auronandaceiqbalkhan: it should pick them up08:58
htmlinprogressi hope they done mess this one uo to  like the 11.0408:58
htmlinprogresssshutup bot!08:58
ActionParsnipalaing: it may be some old confuig making issues. The liveCD will have vanilla Oneric settings08:59
iqbalkhanauronandance: i have update the grub, what's next?08:59
infiniiauronandace: hopefully I get 3 oses to boot tonight. oneiric, lion and w7. so far no luck with ubuntu+w7...EFI problems08:59
ojiihi everyone08:59
htmlinprogressvanilla Oneric settings ? what the..?huh??/08:59
ojiiever since the upgrade to 11.10 it takes about 3-4 attempts to boot my laptop. how can i find out what exactly goes wrong?09:00
htmlinprogresshi ojj09:00
auronandaceinfinii: oh, macs.. i stay away from those09:00
htmlinprogressojii,  hi09:00
iqbalkhanauronandance: i just have update the grub, what's next?09:00
alaingActionParsnip: ok, I'll download a live cd and give it a try. is there a live cd for the server edition? could be because the kernel has ben updated to 3.0?09:00
ActionParsnipojii: what happens when it fails to boot09:00
auronandaceiqbalkhan: you keep spelling my nick wrong: reboot and see what grub offers you09:00
infiniiauronandace: I like OS X09:00
ActionParsnipalaing: possibly, the liveCD will be the desktop OS09:00
auronandaceinfinii: and i like not having osx09:01
ojiiActionParsnip, the splashscreen (the violet thing with the dots) goes away and I see the text telling what it's starting. (Eg: starting crypfs OK...) last line is always "Checking battery state OK" then it stops09:01
iqbalkhanauronandace:i'm sorry09:01
alaingActionParsnip: While I do have gnomedesktop running on my server for when i'm feeling super lazy09:01
auronandaceiqbalkhan: no worries :)09:01
ojiiActionParsnip, there's usually also some "fail" messages, usually the 'crash reporter' and 'mysql server' (the latter isn't even installed anymore...)09:01
ojiiActionParsnip, then when i hit the power button again, it starts shutting everything down and i can try again09:01
iqbalkhanauronandace:ok i'll reboot now09:02
htmlinprogressinfinii,  i warn you about mac loin  its a gui pain ,geared for portable devices but fixes a few major bugs i hear09:02
infiniiauronandace: i'm not an evangelist. I use the tool that fits the job. as earlier, most of what I use is terminal, browser, ide/editor which linux serves me fine. but XCode doesn't run on linux so....09:02
infiniihtmlinprogress: i'll see. i'm still on SL actually09:02
htmlinprogressinfinii,  xcode? is?09:03
infiniihtmlinprogress: ide for apple development.09:03
alaingActionParsnip: busy downloading livecd. i'll report back once I've booted the livecd09:04
ct529hi! I would like to move all files in a directory, but not the subdirectories, using CLI. Any clue?09:04
cvami installed 32 bit maverick in my 64 bit machine(Intel dual dore E5400). then i upgraded to natty.when I  update kernel i noticed it was 64 bit version.now shall I upgrade to oneiric or do a fresh install09:05
htmlinprogresshttp://developer.apple.com/xcode/   infinii  like this?09:05
infiniihtmlinprogress: yes that's it09:05
ojiiActionParsnip, any idea ?09:05
haroldhey how to exit apps running in top panel in oneiric09:05
ActionParsnipojii: when you start booting, press ESC so you can see the messages09:06
infiniiESC or SHIFT?09:06
ojiiActionParsnip, are those messages logged somewhere? Because i see the tail of the messages but they don't really help me at all09:06
Fudgeanyone able to tell me what the cursors look like in dmz-cursor-theme09:06
htmlinprogressinfinii,  we if you are new, you need to know theres about 20 million of ubunttu users  and im betting there a project that does that,09:07
infiniihtmlinprogress: i'm not new so don't worry. I know there isn't but thanks :)09:08
ActionParsnipojii: you can look in dmesg I guess, not sure where the last log is though09:08
crlcan81Does anyone here have experience with Fluxbox?09:08
ActionParsnipFudge: http://jimmac.musichall.cz/images/skins/dmz-preview.png09:08
ojiiActionParsnip, so press ESC during boot and take a video of the screen or what?09:08
ActionParsnipFudge: all I did was websearch09:08
cvami installed 32 bit maverick in my 64 bit machine(Intel dual dore E5400). then i upgraded to natty.when I  update kernel i noticed it was 64 bit version.now shall I upgrade to oneiric or do a fresh install09:09
ActionParsnipojii: sure, could give clues09:09
ojiiActionParsnip, i'll try to do that next time i boot09:09
ActionParsnipojii: also test your RAM09:09
infiniicvam: it's up to you if you want to retain existing system/apps or not09:09
Newbeeansyay! I got the beautiful photo I took to set as background..clicking is muh friend09:09
ojiiActionParsnip, how?09:09
ojiiActionParsnip, sorry I've been using ubuntu forever but since I never had problems before I don't know how to do these kind of things :(09:10
ActionParsnipojii: hold shift at boot and select memtest from Grub09:10
htmlinprogressinfinii,  when did you look for it?09:11
ojiiActionParsnip, does it mean something that usually the last boot runs an fsck and then boots successfully?09:11
ojiiActionParsnip, (that's not always the case though, might just be random)09:11
Younder a damaged drive09:12
infiniihtmlinprogress: I just know *wink*09:12
blinkizHello. I want to disable grouping of programs with many windows in the unity panel. How can I do this?09:12
iqbalkhanauronandace:It's working, i' really thank you..09:12
auronandaceiqbalkhan: excellent, have fun :)09:13
Younderblinkiz, you can't09:13
infiniihtmlinprogress: kind of like knowing msft isn't going to come out with a sqlserver version for linux anytime soon09:13
htmlinprogresswhats that you talk about?09:15
YounderIn fact the  non-configurablebillity of 11.10 is annoying09:15
ActionParsnipojii: there is an auto fsck after so many mounts09:15
htmlinprogressYounder,  really???? like how , and what way?09:16
alecatis it possible to maximize a window across dual screen ???09:16
htmlinprogressalecat,  hi09:16
icerootYounder: sudo apt-get install vim   and then you can configure what you want on your system09:16
Younderhtmlinprogress, Like I would like to disable the guest account and can't09:16
blinkizYounder, Thank you for the answer09:16
htmlinprogressYounder,  im guessing do it like the 10.04 versions09:17
Younderhtmlinprogress, You would be wrong, This account is created in /tmp. so disabling guest has no effect09:19
dardevelinanyone with knowledge on how quickly works to help a bit ?09:20
Younderdardevelin, what?09:20
auronandacedardevelin: quickly?09:20
dagerivi have low fps when viewing movies with totem or vlc. round 15-20 or so perhaps. new laptop. wtf?09:20
FudgeActionParsnip  I am not new to the process of searching.09:20
dardevelinyes quickly the framework09:20
dardevelinYounder, i was able to install it using the ubuntu repo09:21
dardevelinon debian09:21
dardevelinand its works just as same as in ubuntu, so thats nice09:21
htmlinprogressYounder,  i said its a guest,,, but if your working from a guest type account the how can you disable it?09:21
Fudgehow ever ActionParsnip  I actually asked if anyone can tell me what they look like as I am unable to see the images, not something I would expect you to remember of course. :)09:22
dardevelinnow the question is, how can i for example configure which glade will it use, or know where its committing since i didn't set up any lauchpad details on it09:22
Younderhtmlinprogress, No, no. The system creates a guest account and I can't disable it.09:22
auronandacedardevelin: it sounds like you'd need to ask in quickly forums or their support channel09:23
Younderhtmlinprogress, That entry manager gets in the way.09:23
htmlinprogressYounder,  then post/blog your topic, i bet your on to some bug or a faq09:24
bobeti need help about opening php files it redirect to download on firefox09:24
=== BaNz is now known as Alex`aw
bobetany help pls09:24
Younderhtmlinprogress, True with vim I could rewrite it. But I was hoping for something a bit less taxing on my time09:24
ActionParsnipFudge: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dmz-cursor-theme&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=855#q=dmz-cursor-theme&um=1&hl=en&client=firefox-a&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&tbm=isch&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=72fbc1cf6efa5c2f&biw=1280&bih=855    That's all it is.09:25
=== Alex`aw is now known as BaNz
celltechWhy is Mobile Yahoo loading on my browser?09:25
FudgeActionParsnip  I did not come across that09:26
dc5alabobet, what do you mean by opening? With a text-editor on your local filesystem or via a webserver?09:26
htmlinprogressYounder,  if its a big problem i would see to it that you get a dotnation from me09:27
NewbeeansI'm thinking of using the Software Center. Will those d/l's mess up my system?09:27
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=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
nnull!dvd > nnull09:27
ubottunnull, please see my private message09:27
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  whats d/l?09:27
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:27
nnullbah lag.09:27
auronandaceNewbeeans: no, that is what the software centre is for (to add software)09:27
Younderhtmlinprogress, well it compromises security09:28
tripelbinfinii are you still there.  This is what I have now:   (making Mac USB Ubuntu boot disk)  $ sudo dd if=/Users/taylorquigley/Desktop/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/disks01 bs=1m        Password:       dd: /dev/disks01: Operation not supported09:28
ActionParsnipFudge: what were you searching for?09:28
auronandace!software | Newbeeans09:28
ubottuNewbeeans: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents09:28
dardevelinauronandace, do you happen to know their support channel ?09:28
ActionParsnipFudge: keep searches simple and you#ll find stuff09:28
Younderhtmlinprogress, I found that I could break into my system in less that 5 minutes. Tat is well within a lunch break.09:28
bobetdc5ala, after i install apache2 then php5 i cannot open it via browser09:29
auronandacedardevelin: no idea, try searching or look up their site (i'd guess its #quickly)09:29
Newbeeansubottu: any recommendations? :-) useful items09:29
ubottuNewbeeans: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:29
dardevelinok :D09:29
auronandaceNewbeeans: what are you looking to install?09:29
dardevelinauronandace, thanks :D09:29
Newbeeansi'm just bored09:29
auronandacedardevelin: no worries :)09:30
FudgeActionParsnip  describe cursor theme +package name09:30
ActionParsnipFudge: can you see why mine yielded a hit...09:30
Fudgeunless someone reviews a package or theme though ActionParsnip  I figure people arent going to say the asthetic look09:30
dc5alabobet, have you installed libapache2-mod-php? (There is a command line version too). Also you need to restart apache for mod-php to get activated.09:31
htmlinprogressNewbeeans,  most of them are the main apps that the community uses  and are put there for there service and its safe , BUT!!  YOU MUST KNOW WHAT SAFE ,,,, its a linux princaple   you in controll you mess up then you crash and burn09:31
bobetsorry wrong send09:32
Younderhtmlinprogress, untill you do a distribution upgrade that messes with you security.09:32
htmlinprogressYounder,  pm please09:33
Fudgeyes ActionParsnip  I do, of course09:33
infiniitripelb: no offense but you odn't seem to get it09:33
jowophow can i change an iptables rule without ufw overwriting it09:34
FudgeActionParsnip  i.e keep it simple silly loL09:34
infiniitripelb: do you realize there is an extra letter in /dev/disk and /dev/rdisk ??09:34
Younderhtmlinprogress, Yes I am pissed off. Actually I am trying to be polite and avoid f.* words.09:34
htmlinprogressYounder,  i like to know more09:35
infiniitripelb: maybe it's better to find a GUI tool to use. I'm sure  OS X's Disk Utility can do it also but it's a bit finicky, google it for a guide.09:35
dc5alabobet, that transfer didn't work, if you want you can pm me09:35
=== root is now known as Guest85128
bobetdc5ala, i've already installed everything i send you a screenshot pls accept09:35
odin_hi there, is there a website/search I can use to see which packages came out with each Ubuntu release?09:36
ActionParsnipodin_: packages.ubuntu.com09:36
Younderhtmlinprogress, The new user manager is WAY underpowered09:36
ActionParsnipodin_: or you can ask ubottu if you chat with her09:36
bobetdc5ala, ok tnx09:36
odin_ah great thanks09:36
=== Mkaysi|ZNC is now known as Mkaysi
ActionParsnipodin_: start a chat with:   /msg ubottu hi09:37
ActionParsnipodin_: then say stuff like:   !info lxde maverick09:37
Younderhtmlinprogress, serious downgrade from the old one. I would like a option to disable a guest account. Then some more fine grained account management.09:37
htmlinprogressYounder,  im i that source of anger?09:38
ShogootHi people. I got an assignment that asks me "if LAMP is installed how to Ubutnu distro manage runlevels. where in etc/ is the service configured and how? is the  LAMP automatically installed and configured to run at startup? if no, how do you configure it to run at startup?"  Anyone has any experience on this tha cna point me in the right direction?09:38
odin_can I just omit version numbers from debian/control ?  i.e. there are no know minimums at this time09:38
cvamIn ubuntu natty mouse left click is not working. in last boot it is working but with some late and bad response after I left click . how to fix ?09:39
Sheldoncvan, but new mouse09:39
Sheldoncvam, buy new mouse*09:39
RajeshHello :D09:39
=== Rajesh is now known as Guest57881
cvamsheldon:no the same09:39
Younderhtmlinprogress, Of course not. The user manager is.09:39
htmlinprogressShogoot,  sorry most are still sleeping,, wait a few hours09:39
auronandacehtmlinprogress: depends where you are09:40
cvamRajesh: :D means what ra ?09:40
llutzSheldon: with "LAMP" you mean the xampp stuff, not the related packages from repos, right?09:41
htmlinprogressYounder,  i  say lets give the dev a piece of our mines,09:41
llutzShogoot: 1109:41
ActionParsnipcvam: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1135337&page=209:41
ActionParsnipcvam: is it a touchpad?09:41
Shogootllutz, i mean the linux apache2 mysql pph stuff. i have no idea what xampp stuff is09:42
htmlinprogressauronandace,  well the pattern for this channel is like so,,,09:42
cvamActionParsnip: no . it is working in windows09:42
llutzShogoot: those are started via upstart-scripts in /etc/init. there are no runlevels (they are all equal excep 0,1,6) anymore09:42
ActionParsnipcvam: itsa compiz glitch09:42
ActionParsnipcvam: so what windows does is of near zero value09:43
ActionParsnipcvam: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6337/usb-mouse-moves-but-doesnt-accept-left-clicks09:43
ActionParsnipcvam: sudo apt-get repository ppa:raof/aubergine; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade09:43
cvamActionParsnip: compiz had crashed several times due to seg fault09:44
ActionParsnipcvam: sounds about right09:45
Shogootllutz,  ok. ill google a bit more with that info09:45
ActionParsnipcvam: which release are you using?09:46
llutzShogoot: what do you need to do?09:46
Bear10Can rsnapshot do backups over a samba share or do i need to use openssh?09:47
ActionParsnipcvam: lsb_release -sc   will say09:47
ActionParsnip!info compiz oneiric09:49
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.6+bzr20110929-0ubuntu5 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 56 kB09:49
cvamActionParsnip: i installed maverick 32 bit version in my 64 bit machine(Intel Dual core E5400).then  i upgraded to natty. when i update kernel later i came to know that my machine is 64 bit09:50
GNOME_Chewero_O got punted here09:50
ActionParsnip!info compiz natty09:51
Younderhtmlinprogress, do Find /usr/local -exec chmod o-rw \; and repeat for /var and /boot and /etc09:51
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.4+bzr20110606-0ubuntu1~natty2 (natty), package size 5 kB, installed size 52 kB09:51
ActionParsnipcvam: try:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linaro-maintainers/overlay; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade09:52
tripelbinfinii thanks, time for sleep now.09:52
infiniitripelb: nice09:52
ActionParsnipcvam: gives compiz 0.9.5 which may help09:52
AtharvaHi...Why is FloodBot3 playing today ???09:52
denysoniqueHi, My Laptop fails to resume form suspend with Linux 3 on 11.10. How can I add a 10.04 repository to be able to install and receive updates for the 2.6.38 kernel?09:53
ActionParsnipdenysonique: what happens when you resume?09:53
denysoniqueActionParsnip: screen doesn't light up, power button is on, does not respond to magic sysrq nor to capslock09:54
* conntrack has had blackpudding for breakfast09:54
HemebondYou beauty! I have sound!09:54
AtharvaAny One to answer ????09:54
ActionParsnipdenysonique: what make and model system? What GPU? Do you have the latest BIOS?09:54
HemebondI don't know what update was pushed out today, but I have sound again. Fantastic stuff :-)09:55
antiihow can I add a client machine to a ldap server in ubuntu? (graphical)?09:55
denysoniqueActionParsnip: right now I want to get my computer working, later I will file a bug report09:55
* conntrack cries lol09:55
ActionParsnipdenysonique: doesn't answer my questions...09:55
denysoniqueI want to run linux 2.6.38 with updates. I know the bug is a kernel bug, I had that in Gentoo.09:56
denysoniqueActionParsnip: Can you help me getting 2.6.38, please?09:56
PMartinsHi guys, quick question09:57
ActionParsnipdenysonique: then you will need to install natty then09:58
ActionParsnipPMartins: ask away09:58
PMartinsa user appears as "logged in" on the GDM greeter09:58
PMartinsI want to log him out09:58
ActionParsnipPMartins: colud kill the users processes09:58
PMartinsbasically, the latest gnome update messed his account status09:58
PMartinsActionParsnip: but don't I need to delete a .lock file somewhere?09:58
ActionParsnipPMartins: to be honest, not sure but if you kill the processes it should kick him/her off10:00
PMartinsOk, ActionParsnip, I will try10:01
denysoniqueActionParsnip: sorry, but why are you bullshitting me? That I need to install Natty in order to get 2.6.38? This obviously is even possible by building the kernel manually.10:02
conntrack /join #ubuntu-offtopic10:02
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rootuser777how do i disable screen go darker after 5sec in ocelot?10:05
ActionParsnipdenysonique: if you install the natty kernel, you will be running natty. There may be features in the kernel which other stuff needs. Plus mixing packages from other releases is not advised or supported10:08
BrixSathello i have a problem connecting wpa_supplicant to a hidden wpa network :/ it does not connect10:08
moose-machinehi. i'm getting the following error: 'E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.' Can someone help me?10:08
ActionParsnipmoose-machine: what happens if you do as it says?10:09
moose-machineaction parsnip: i was in the process of installing vidalia. so when i do this the terminal turns into a blue screen and shows a text box saying 'Configuring vidalia' and a whole lot of text.10:10
rootuser777How do i disable screen brightness go darker after 5sec in ocelot?10:10
Shogootllutz, basicaly find a soure where the runlevel vs lamp config is explained10:11
moose-machineActionParsnip: i will be happy to uninstall vidalia to make it work again.10:11
sniperjorootuser777: xset s activate10:12
BrixSatjoin #ubuntu-server10:12
ActionParsnipmoose-machine: if you need to navigate that you can use TAB and ENTER to select stuff10:12
lelamalhi all, how do i install kubuntu alongside ubuntu?10:12
antnash_Hey guys. I'm running tightvnc server on one of my boxes and I've got an issue with permissions. It seems to be gksudo that's the problem as if I just plain sudo something it works fine, but if I try and use the software center or shutdown (without sudo shutdown now from a terminal) then it doesn't work.10:12
ActionParsniplelamal: install it like any other package10:12
moose-machineAction Parsnip: yes. that has done something. thanks a lot. i will see what happens.10:12
atomhey.. is there any workaround for the freeze on reboot boot ?10:13
rootuser777sniperjo: tnx mate seems like it worked, is there gui setting for it too?µ10:13
lelamalActionParsnip, which package do I install? there's no kubuntu in ubuntu software center10:13
ActionParsnip!info kubuntu-desktop10:13
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.239 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 56 kB10:13
denysoniqueActionParsnip: adding a new apt repository solved my problem10:13
onatshey guys, how do i enable remote desktop via command line? i am root user connected to the terminal, but i need to remote a users session10:14
moose-machineActionParsnip: yes. that worked. what a relief! thank u sooo much. :) cheers.10:14
sniperjorootuser777: probably in the power saving, or screen saver prefs10:14
ActionParsnipmoose-machine: np man10:15
sniperjorootuser777: by the way xset s activate, just temporary switches it on, but xset is the command you want10:15
lelamalActionParsnip, thank you10:15
rootuser777i found in system settings tnx sniperjo10:15
denysoniqueonats: u can run manually a vnc server, I am not sure how to run vinagre from the cli, though10:16
sniperjono probs10:16
ActionParsnipdenysonique: from what I remember, the compiz in natty isn't amazing but the later builds are10:16
Shogootupstart-scripts in /etc/init are those run on what runlevel in ubuntu?10:17
rootuser777how can i hide users in taskbar?10:17
ActionParsnip!runleve | Shogoot10:17
ActionParsnip!runlevel | Shogoot10:17
ubottuShogoot: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.10:17
NewbeeansAny pages on turning off permission request for Software center?10:18
StaRetjiHi Folks, I've Huawei e1550 usb gsm modem. I use usb_modeswitch to kick it out of mass storage mode to modem mode and it works just fine. However, I have strange problem, if reboot pc, bios will wait 5 minutes to check devices (checking boot drives). If I shutdown pc and power on, it boots fast, passes this check. However, if I reboot PC this problem show up. So, my question is, is there a way to force PC, or BIOS, to reboot the same way as it would if Powe10:19
ShogootActionParsnip, which means that any program refered from Upstart is the one that gets to run on upstart and they have no runlevel anymore. /or do they get a runlevel 0 which is equal to 3-4-57?10:19
BrixSatim trying to compile this but i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/718665/ :S10:19
denysoniqueActionParsnip: nope, I am still going to have the newest compiz from Oneiric, by adding the Natty repository I will only receive updates for the 2.6.38 kernel, the rest of the my packages will be installed from Oneiric repositories, as latest versions will be only provided by oneiric10:19
StaRetjiin other words, can I simulate power off, power on?10:19
stanman246hi, i'm trying to authenticate my ubu 10.04 lts agains a sbs2003 server10:20
stanman246have likewise-open up and running and added the computer to the domain. How do i get users to logon withouth the need of putting DOMAIN\ in front of their username?10:21
cyphahow can I use /etc/hosts to have my domain name point to a directory on my computer?10:21
ActionParsnipcypha: hosts file is used for name to ip resolution only10:21
denysoniquecypha: you will need run a server locally for this10:21
x0ris there any nx(nomachine0 users here who have used vnc to share a desktop?10:22
conntrackIs there a food channel so I can discuss frying blackpubbings?10:22
cyphaI'm running a server10:22
ActionParsnipconntrack: tasty10:22
GinoManHey, anyone remember how to find what processes are using a file on the commandline10:22
conntrackActionParsnip: I have had them for breakfast10:22
dc5alaGinoMan, lsof10:22
ActionParsnipcypha: then you can add:       name.domain.local10:22
x0rpsof with grep10:23
ActionParsnipconntrack: white pudding next eh?10:23
MrMindhi folks! I just wanted to check quick if it's possible to make the dock not autohide when maximize windows without installing ccsm, somebody?10:23
cyphaActionParsnip, how's that work?10:24
cyphaI point my nameserver to my computer's external IP address10:24
conntrackActionParsnip: I have 5 most days10:24
MindSparkhi, how do I change my window manager?10:24
Kaapaguys, lost the tray on the latest system update - any tips on how to fix this?10:24
ActionParsnipcypha: when you use the domain name, the hosts file will override network DNS and convert the name to (localhost)10:25
ActionParsnipMindSpark: managername --replace10:25
ActionParsnipMindSpark: e.g.    openbox --replace10:25
MindSparkActionParsnip, that's for the current session, what about if I want it to be done automatically upon login?10:25
ActionParsnipMindSpark: you could add a startup item I guess10:26
cyphaActionParsnip, so where do I point my domain name's nameservers?10:26
ShogootActionParsnip, which means that any program refered from Upstart is the one that gets to run on upstart and they have no runlevel anymore. /or do they get a runlevel 0 which is equal to 3-4-57?10:26
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MindSparkisn't there a way to do it through the environment? a variable such as WINDOW_MANAGER ?10:26
Kaapaactually, only happens in ubuntu classic10:26
ActionParsnipcypha: you will need to specify them in network manager, good admins will change the DHCP reply to set this automagically10:27
cyphaI don't have a hosting account10:27
ActionParsnipShogoot: afaik, runleve 2 to before GUI are the same10:27
cyphaActionParsnip, what network manager?10:27
lordmorgothHello ppl !10:27
ActionParsnipcypha: the network manager app10:28
PavillioxHow do I make it so I can write to an NTFS drive?10:28
dc5alaMindSpark, there was a setting for the window manager gconf, not sure if this is used by someone but gnome210:28
ActionParsnipcypha: or you can manually define up to 3 in /etc/resolv.conf10:28
icerootPavilliox: use ntfs-3g instead of ntfs10:28
ActionParsnip!ntfs | Pavilliox10:28
ubottuPavilliox: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE10:28
emanuelcdssomeone else is having trouble with boost 1.42 libraries after upgrade to oneiric ocelot?10:28
icerootPavilliox: which is the default in ubuntu10:28
Pavillioxcan I format to Ntfs-3g using gparted?10:29
MindSparkI am running 11.10 and I honestly have no clue what wm I am on right now and what unity has to do with compiz and how gnome is to all that. I miss the XFCE days10:29
MindSparkwhen everything was so simple and straight forward10:29
cyphaActionParsnip, maybe I need a step-by-step website on this10:29
icerootPavilliox: yes10:29
cyphaI really don't get it10:29
icerootPavilliox: but you will format to ntfs instead of ntfs-3g10:29
cyphalike from the point of the nameservers for my domain name10:29
PavillioxThen install ntfs-3g from apt-get?10:29
cyphaI don't know what needs to be done there10:29
kamilnadeemhow to select an application for opening links in thunderbird on Kubuntu 11.10.when I click on any links in thunderbird it asks me to choose an application?10:30
kamilnadeemand when I click select application it doesn't opens the application selection dialog but the chose a file dialog10:30
emanuelcdscan somebody give me some hit?10:30
ActionParsnipMindSpark: you can install xfce4  then log off and log into the xfce session10:30
StaRetjiolks, I've Huawei e1550 usb gsm modem. I use usb_modeswitch to kick it out of mass storage mode to modem mode and it works just fine. However, I have strange problem, if reboot pc, bios will wait 5 minutes to check devices (checking boot drives). If I shutdown pc and power on, it boots fast, passes this check. However, if I reboot PC this problem show up. So, my question is, is there a way to force PC, or BIOS, to reboot the same way as it would if Power of10:30
StaRetjiFolks* sorry :)10:30
MindSparkActionParsnip, yes, but I sort of got comfy with gnome, now it doesn't seem to be working properly because of all the inconsistencies between gnome2 and 3 and gnome-shell whate10:31
MindSparkwhatever that is10:31
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: i've used this in the past http://hsmak.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/howto-force-thunderbird-to-open-links-in-firefox/10:31
PavillioxWhy is NTFS support so bad D:10:31
MindSparkI choose the ubuntu session, I see unity apps are running, but then the cube doesn't work, I have to start compiz10:31
MindSparkusing --replace10:31
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ActionParsnipMindSpark: It'll be usinty shell in Gnome DE using Compiz WM10:32
PavillioxFAT32 is fine, but I need files larger than 4GB10:32
dc5alaMindSpark, when you are using Unity, then you are using compiz as wm, running Unity on top of Gnome310:32
kamilnadeemThanks ActionPasnip ,checking it/10:32
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: failing that, use this: http://www.zulustips.com/2007/03/28/forcing-thunderbird-to-open-links-in-firefox.html10:32
antnash_Anyone got any clue on the permissions problem with tightvnc server I mentioned earlier?10:32
MindSparkyes, that's what I figured, however some functionalities, such as the cube do not work unless I do a compiz --replace10:33
emanuelcdsHello, I'm having the following trouble... I develop an application that works fine in ubuntu 11.04 and it relies on boost 1.42 development libraries and libluaglue (that works fine with boost 1.42)10:33
emanuelcdswhen i upgraded to ubuntu 11.10...10:33
MindSparkanother issue is that the unity launcher hijacks the super-s button for its own workspace switcher10:33
emanuelcdscompiz and the software manager...10:33
emanuelcdslinked to boost iostream and boost serialization 1.4610:34
Dynamitchange the super-s button function10:34
MindSparkso again, I would have to disable then enable expo to let compiz take over that button again10:34
MindSparkDynamit, that's easier said than done. where are the unity configuration options?10:34
Dynamitin Compiz10:34
kamilnadeemThanks ActionPasnip , may you also help me with this10:34
kamilnadeemHow to get better font rendering in browsers(Firefox/Chromium) on Kubuntu?10:34
MindSparkohe problem10:34
MindSparkthat brings me to another huge problem10:35
DynamitUbuntu Unity plugin10:35
Dynamitthen you will see the hotkey super-s10:35
MindSparkthe compiz unity plugin makes the system unusably slow10:35
kamilnadeemThe fonts are fine on Ubuntu 11.10 but on Kubuntu 11.10 . it is not good10:35
Dynamitso is not easyer said then done10:35
DynamitMindSpark did you see how you will do to be able to change the hotkey?10:36
MindSparkjust enabling that plugin brings the computer on its knees10:36
Dynamitif you look in Unity Plugins10:36
Dynamityou will see hotkey super-s10:36
cyphaActionParsnip, I don't see anything on Google regarding changing my nameservers to make this happen10:37
cyphashould I just use my external IP address?10:37
FeverDynamit: Thank you for the super-s key, always woundered where they had put that one ;)10:37
ActionParsnipcypha: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html10:37
Dynamitno problem10:37
ActionParsnipcypha: you could, yes10:37
MindSparkDynamit, I know, but again, something is wrong with that plugin on here. It makes the OS unstable10:37
DynamitDo a sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade --yes10:37
Dynamitit maybe do your computer stable10:38
cyphaActionParsnip, what's the DNS server address have to do with this?10:38
kamilnadeemFixed the first one ActionParsnip , I moved to usr/bin/firefox in selection dialog and It works10:38
cyphaI thought that was for browser settings or someting10:38
joybinkive hp tuss10:38
kamilnadeemNow only if someone would help me with How to get better font rendering in browsers(Firefox/Chromium) on Kubuntu?10:40
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MindSparkDynamit, system is up to date10:40
ActionParsnipcypha: if you use your WAN IP, it shuld route back to the system10:40
htmlinprogresshttp://tinyurl.com/42lwzby  doing your part to better the open source10:40
alexluyaHello, has anybody enabled compiz's magiclamb effect in ubuntu 11.10 gnome classic?10:40
alexluyaThis plugins didn't get installed in my laptop,so how can I install it manually?10:41
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: sudo mv /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-hinting-slight.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/10-hinting-slight.conf.backup   source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153022410:42
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:42
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7634222&postcount=1210:43
kamilnadeemFollowing it up ActionParsnip10:43
ActionParsnipkamilnadeem: bit more hardcaore http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106783810:43
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:43
ActionParsnipalexluya: do you have compiz extra plugins    installed?10:45
ActionParsnipalexluya: dpkg -l | grep compiz | grep ext    will show you10:45
oratedHello! Its been only three days after installing system that I found /usr partition taking more space. I got 10 GiB for both / and /usr. And /var is given 11GiB . I know its not required to give this much space to the partitions but now I find /usr having only 3.7 GiB free whereas root and var got 8.3 and 9.5 GiB disk space left respectively. Is this normal? How can I increase space for usr?10:46
StaRetjiis there a way to cold reboot ubuntu (remote machine). I tried setting in reboot=cold but that didn't help10:46
cyphaActionParsnip, know of somewhere free domain names are available?10:47
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:47
cyphaso I can point to my localhost10:47
dr_willisorated:  i tend to just give /    like 30gb.  not sure theres much need for seperate /var or /usr these days10:48
awallin_hi all, on 11.10 why doesn't VLC respond to my keyboard's play/pause buttons? banshee does respond..10:48
ActionParsnipcypha: no-ip.com10:49
conntrackHow come noone fish slaps anymore :(10:49
dr_williscypha:  like the dyndns.com service?10:49
dr_willisconntrack:  we grew up.10:49
cyphak, cool, thanks ActionParsnip dr_willis10:50
dr_willisawallin_:  check the vlc keybindings perhaps.10:50
conntrackI liked the fish slapping :(10:51
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nanderWhy does my data copying speed keep dropping?10:52
nanderIt started at 8 MB/s and now it/s at 1.5 MB/s10:52
awallin_dr_willis: configure hotkeys, doubleclick "play/pause" vlc asks to press the hotkey, I press kbd/play but ubuntu gives me a "no-go" traffic sign overlay-display10:52
nanderI try to copy the contents of an entire HDD into a folder on a different one10:52
kamilnadeemThanks ActionParsnip , I ran the first command you gave and it is good now .10:53
kamilnadeemOk Leaving10:53
kamilnadeemPeace Be With You All10:53
jwtiyarhow to recovery .zip fiiles after fromat?10:55
szaljwtiyar: huh?10:55
jwtiyarszal, how to recovery .zip files after formt likerecoverying jpeg files,10:56
StompinBroknGlasHI :)10:56
PeanutHi - I'm doing security updates on OO, but one of the updates wants to rewrite /etc/gnome/defaults, completely removing acrobat and replacing it with evince. Why is that part of a security update?10:56
szaljwtiyar: still not clear10:56
PeanutThis is from the package 'desktop-file-utils'10:57
jwtiyarszal, see thishttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery10:57
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szal*sigh* explain-fu is weak in this one..10:58
szaland link-fu too10:59
rolandwhat kind of virtual machine should I use, if I need to use USB serial ports from within windows environment?11:03
jpdsroland: VirtualBox?11:04
rolandjpds: so the non-free version?11:04
Steristwoah cant believe i missed the release of OO11:04
ActionParsniproland: the closed source one from the virtualbox site11:04
SilfenXusing a plain virtual desktop via a VNC/gnome-core setup but when connecting to the VNC session from my win7 box doesnt provide root access to settings which I need. How do I set up the VNC session so that it uses root level access rights for the GUI?11:04
ActionParsniproland: there is a PPA for easier installing11:04
Steristhow can i force apt-get to quit? software center has been saying its waiting for it to exit for about 15-20min11:05
DeddlyWhen instructions say "rm ~/" the ~ bit means home directory, am I right?11:06
XMan2012I am having this following error "cp: missing destination file operand after `kylixlibs3-borqt/libborqt-6.9.0-qt2.3.so'" while running this simple commad "sudo cp kylixlibs3-borqt/libborqt-6.9.0-qt2.3.so"11:06
XMan2012Any idea,?11:07
XMan2012I am trying to install DB Designer on my Ubuntu 10.1011:07
XMan2012by this following way11:07
DeddlyXMan2012: http://www.computerhope.com/unix/ucp.htm11:07
rolandXMan2012: you need to specify target11:07
rolandcp source target11:08
XMan2012target means path  where file must be saved?11:08
rolandfolder or filename11:08
rolandfodler must exist11:08
rolandor it will think it's a filename11:09
luistwhats faster and lighter to boot, gnome or unity?11:09
crizzynot much, if any, difference between those two11:10
crizzyunity2d prolly the fastest :p11:10
Steristhow do i resolve this? http://pastebin.com/dv8BmPi211:10
NyashkaHI all!11:11
stephnihow can i install nokia pc suite?11:11
Myrttistephni: you can't.11:11
NyashkaI have question11:11
Nyashkahelp please11:11
stephniok whats the alternative?11:11
Myrttistephni: depends on what you would have done on Nokia PC Suite11:12
NyashkaHow do I change lxdm on lightdm?11:12
stephniconnect to the internet with my phone11:12
CandyTigerThunderbird in Oneiric now opens 2 instances, and ITs struggling. If I close one instance, the other one will chrash as well. Never seen that before. Have you ???11:12
Myrttistephni: plug the phone in, click the network manager, select to configure mobile broadband, rock and roll.11:13
ahhughezI can mount a hdd partiion anywhere I like right? So I can mount as /hdd1tb right?11:13
Myrtti!caps | Nyashka11:13
ubottuNyashka: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.11:13
crizzysudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm11:14
MonkeyDustNyashka: no caps please11:14
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Nyashka<crizzy> and all?11:14
stephniis not working ave done that before11:14
Myrttistephni: did you choose the pc suite mode on your phone too?11:15
Nyashka<stephni> "ave"?11:16
Steristsomebody PLEASE help :( http://pastebin.com/dv8BmPi211:16
NyashkaWHAT IS AVE?11:16
MyrttiNyashka: forget it11:17
MonkeyDustNyashka: caps please11:17
Nyashkai need I already use caps ...11:17
Nyashkawithout i need11:18
Nyashkaok thank you all for your silence!11:19
biglinuxAlguem sabe como instalar o epsxe no ubuntu 11.10 ?11:20
NyashkaWhy Mark said that he black? This advertising technique?11:20
stephniafter configuring i can't see where to connect but the settings has been saved11:21
Steristanyone able to help me with this: http://pastebin.com/dv8BmPi211:23
XMan2012whenever i run this commad "sudo /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd" it doesnt work and even having this error "sudo: /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd: command not found"11:23
stephnihello somebody help11:24
icerootXMan2012: ls -l /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd11:24
cyphadr_willis, are you familiar with setting up etc/hosts?11:25
XMan2012Now it says... "ls: cannot access /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd: No such file or directory11:25
XMan2012i tried to run  ls -l /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd11:26
melvincvHi all, what is the minimum hardware requirement for Unity in Ubuntu Oneiric?11:26
jribXMan2012: well the file doesn't exist...11:26
fuzzyLogicubuntu 11.10 is crap :X11:27
fuzzyLogici can't believe i installed it simply based on the way it "looked", now it doesn't work close to anything that could be considered practical11:27
FleckfuzzyLogic then don't use it11:27
Fleckand stop complaining11:28
wolfmitchellWhat do I run to update Firefox on Ubuntu 10.1011:28
XMan2012I have downloaded DBDesigner4 ... and follow this tutorial  http://mahmudahsan.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/dbdesigner-in-ubuntu/11:28
Skummelif you think so fuzzyLogic don't use it :) can't be hard11:28
FeverfuzzyLogic: I agree, but there is to much work going back...11:28
jribfuzzyLogic: what exactly doesn't work?11:28
fuzzyLogicFever, is this goiing to get better?11:28
fuzzyLogicjrib, well i'd like an extra panel for my icons like i had in gnome2.. but no11:28
GinoManis there a way to add applications to the applications lens manually?11:28
fuzzyLogiccan't have it11:28
FeverfuzzyLogic: Probebly, in time11:28
jribfuzzyLogic: if you're trying to cling to gnome 2 then I'd suggest giving up and trying xfce instead.11:29
fuzzyLogicand wtf is unity on about? it gets cluttered in 4 nanoseconds11:29
fuzzyLogici think i might go with xfce, kthnx11:29
XMan2012Anybody ever install DBDesigner4 ?11:29
fuzzyLogicbetter than this crap..11:29
XMan2012I am having problem11:29
fuzzyLogicanyway that's my two cents11:29
wolfmitchellDo I update firefox via command line by "sudo apt-get upgrade firefox" ?11:29
XMan2012please help me11:30
jribwolfmitchell: "install", not "upgrade"11:30
GinoManThere's also enlightenment and kde as well as a bunch of others11:30
FeverfuzzyLogic: Switch to KDE for a while and the come back to gnome when all is fixed :)11:30
conntrackWhich is the best ids for linux?11:30
wolfmitchellI installed it already11:30
jribwolfmitchell: I know.11:30
GinoManI have friends who swear by fluxbox11:30
fuzzyLogicFever, yeah i thought about installing KDE but i remember that didn't work so well either.. i tried running gnome classic on here but it's all frucked up11:30
dr_willisive seen lots of people sware at fluxbox.. but use what YOU like. :)11:30
jribwolfmitchell: "sudo apt-get install firefox" will upgrade firefox to latest version in repository11:30
fuzzyLogiclike KDE from previous experience11:31
FleckKDE works super great here!11:31
wolfmitchellDont think the Ubuntu repository has the latest version...11:31
FeverfuzzyLogic: Well, what can I say? If you dont like sovling problems then Linux might not be something for you11:31
wolfmitchellI have firefox 3x and the latest is 5x...11:31
dr_williswolfmitchell:  thats what ppa's are for.11:31
GinoMandr_willis: fwiw it's not my cup of tea11:31
dr_williswolfmitchell:  what ubuntu version are you using?11:31
fuzzyLogicFever, i've been using linux for 10 years son, only now is it becoming gay11:31
GinoManalthough I am interested to try enlightenment11:32
FeverfuzzyLogic: Oh, sorry about that one :)11:32
fuzzyLogicyou best be11:32
fuzzyLogici know what i'm talking about here11:32
XMan2012I am having this error now "libborqt-6.9-qt2.3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"11:32
FeverHey take it easy man11:32
fuzzyLogici'm chill bro lol11:32
GinoManfuzzyLogic: bow before me for I am root right?11:32
XMan2012running this commad11:32
XMan2012sudo /opt/DBDesigner4/DBDesigner411:32
fuzzyLogicjust agitated from this install is all11:32
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins11:33
=== BaNz is now known as Alex`aw
GinoManXMan2012: did you search the software center for the library?11:34
XMan2012it doesnt exist on the software center11:34
GinoMan(honestly it would probably be easier to search with aptitude or synaptic)11:34
GinoManhang on11:34
uggwarhmmm, unity doesn't want to auto mount my vfat usb drives. Anyone else experiencing this?11:34
XMan2012thanks in advance11:34
GinoManwaiting for upgrades.... love it11:34
uggwarmy android fired up shotwell, but any plain usb stick is ignored11:36
ugurhello does ubuntu 11.10 supports nvidia optimus or do i have to install bumblebee ?11:36
PolitikerNEUI had to install bumblebee11:37
dr_willisand hope for the best. :)11:37
GinoManXMan: what is DBDesigner4?11:37
XMan2012for Database designer11:37
XMan2012check this out11:38
fuzzyLogicokay i've decided to install KDE11:38
digzMy left click isn't working in Ubuntu.11:38
digzIt works fine on the Live CD11:38
XMan2012I dont know ... but i used this tool on window11:39
digzI'm now trapped on the Live CD.11:39
fuzzyLogicare there any ubuntu devs in here that had anything to do with unity?11:39
XMan2012and download and execute this application ....it just a matter of couple of seconds11:39
XMan2012to open and run11:39
dr_willisPleast take ranting to the OT channel.11:39
ActionParsnipdigz: Which release?11:39
XMan2012Ubuntu makes me crazy to rub this app11:39
digzActionParsnip - 11.1011:40
digzThis is my first linux install.11:40
XMan2012<GinoMan> Did you find any way to install this application on ubuntu 10.10?11:40
fuzzyLogicdr_willis, were you talking to me?11:40
ActionParsnipdigz: that is caused by a compiz issue, if you delete the compiz config folders in home then you will get default settings11:40
fuzzyLogicif ubuntu sucks i'm damn well gunna say it in the *ubuntu* channel11:41
fuzzyLogicend of story11:41
digzActionParsnip - like I said I'm a complete n00b. could you explain how to do this, particularly without the mouse?11:41
GinoMandr_willis: try the atayana mailing list :)11:41
XMan2012i think Ubuntu needs to be improved11:41
fuzzyLogicXMan2012, heck yeah11:41
uggwarall software needs to be improved :-)11:41
XMan2012but running a simple application...11:42
dr_willisXMan2012:  its constantly being improved..  thats why they add all sorts of features in between lts versions to iron stuff out for the next lts11:42
XMan2012which is hard to run11:42
stephnihow can i install nokia pc suite?is nokuntu supported in by ubuntu11:42
uggwarsimple? have you seen the source?11:42
fuzzyLogicwindows 8 is the same way, BS11:42
XMan2012Cant you imagine ... i am trying to run a simple application11:42
fuzzyLogicthe developers preview let me preview crap11:42
qin!ot | fuzzyLogic11:42
ubottufuzzyLogic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:42
XMan2012and ubuntu always shows me an error11:42
fuzzyLogicqin, yeah i need support right now11:43
dr_willishttp://fabforce.net/downloads.php   does not seem 'simple' to me.11:43
fuzzyLogicubuntu just fcked me in the arse11:43
icerootXMan2012: what error?11:43
icerootXMan2012: what command you are using?11:43
hadidonk1@stephni, depends on  u'r provider (enter phone number, username & passwrd)11:43
qinfuzzyLogic: Doubt that you will be provided one, after silly rant.11:43
icerootfuzzyLogic: stop that here11:43
jribfuzzyLogic: stop with the offtopic discussion.  This channel is for *support* of ubuntu.  Stop with the language also.11:43
fuzzyLogicqin, you're an idiot leave me alone11:43
XMan2012sudo /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd11:43
XMan2012this command11:43
icerootXMan2012: and the error?11:44
fuzzyLogicwhy are you guys butthurt?11:44
GinoManiceroot: it's missing a lib11:44
digzActionParsnip - did you see my message?11:44
OerHeksXMan2012, shouldn't it be >  /opt/DBDesigner4/DBDesigner411:44
XMan2012sudo: /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd: command not found11:44
fuzzyLogici'm stating the truth, we all know unity sux11:44
dr_willischeck your spelling and path..11:44
fuzzyLogicand any who deny it are probably idiots11:44
icerootXMan2012: command not found means there is no "/opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd"11:44
jribfuzzyLogic: this is your final warning.  Afterwards you will be banned.  Stick to support.11:44
XMan2012but if i run another command11:44
XMan2012it is somehow the same11:45
icerootXMan2012: ls -l /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd:11:45
fuzzyLogicjrib, are you an op? if so i might listen11:45
XMan2012let me show you11:45
jribfuzzyLogic: that's not relevant.11:45
XMan2012i tried this way as well11:45
icerootXMan2012: what is the output of that`11:45
fuzzyLogicjrib, it is actually. see if you're just a faggot i could care less11:45
icerootXMan2012: just show the the ouput of the ls -l11:45
fuzzyLogicyou see?11:45
qinfuzzyLogic: Sweet, another retard who can type.11:45
jribI guess I see...11:45
uggwari've been using linux for free for 15-20 years and these trolls still lurk about... jeez11:46
XMan2012ls: cannot access /opt/DBDesigner4/startdbd: No such file or directory11:46
digzanyone see my Q?11:46
XMan2012startdbd doesnt exist11:46
icerootXMan2012: so what is your question then?11:46
icerootXMan2012: there is no startdbd11:46
dr_willisXMan2012:  check your spelling and paths.. Case IS imporntant in linux11:46
icerootXMan2012: you cant execute a file if the file does not exist11:47
XMan2012sudo /opt/DBDesigner4/DBDesigner411:47
XMan2012libborqt-6.9-qt2.3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:47
fuzzygeez you guys are really gay for faggotry with the whole unity thing :/11:47
dr_willisXMan2012:  yep. You spelt it right.11:47
Stanley00digz: I think you should re-ask your question instead of the Q you have just asked...11:47
dr_willisXMan2012:  i can confirm same error here.11:48
digzStanley 00 - My left click isn't working in Ubuntu11:48
digzIt only work on the Live CD11:48
dr_willis!find libborqt11:48
XMan2012i just installed and downloaded by this way ...11:48
digzWhere I'm now trapped.11:48
ubottuPackage/file libborqt does not exist in oneiric11:48
private_metaWhat can I do when "shutdown" tells me it's out of memory?11:48
SilfenXcan someone please assist me with a samba share issue? I cant connect to any of the defined shares but they are visible. dont know where to edit access rights for the shares to allow the windows machines to connect11:48
Stanley00digz: can you move your mouse?11:48
digz[11:40] <ActionParsnip> digz: that is caused by a compiz issue, if you delete the compiz config folders in home then you will get default settings <--- | I was told to do this but don't know how as I'm a n00b11:49
digzStanley00 - yes, and right click. it's only left that's broken.11:49
dr_willisXMan2012:  you need to somehow find that support lib it wants..11:49
Fleckjrib good job! :) (kicking/banning :D)11:49
Stanley00digz: OK, now press Ctrl + Alt + T, you will at the terminal11:49
NewbeeansWhere are the general settings like printers?11:49
digzStanley00 - noted.11:50
dr_willisXMan2012:  now you know why its better to use ppa's and the repositories.. then precompiled binaries.11:50
NewbeeansI don't have an issue yet...do I just turn it on like most other Linux things to start my work.11:50
digzI can do it right now as I have to reboot.11:50
digzLike I said, i'm in the live cd.11:50
dr_willisXMan2012:  cant find that lib anywhere in the repos.. you may have to use source. or find a ppa11:51
Stanley00digz: you are in live CD? that make thing easier, brower to your home folder on the harddisk then delete some dirs11:51
ActionParsnip!info libborqt11:51
ubottuPackage libborqt does not exist in oneiric11:51
ActionParsnip!info libborqt natty11:51
ubottuPackage libborqt does not exist in natty11:51
antiihow can I connect my ubuntu machine to a ldap server?11:51
dr_willisexact version it wants is ---  libborqt-6.9-qt2.3.so11:52
XMan2012i found another way11:52
XMan2012but not sure it will work or not11:52
XMan2012i want to ask you guys first11:52
digzStanley00 - any particular ones? btw left click only works on the live cd.11:52
XMan2012it seems like i have to download exe file11:52
XMan2012and can run it while using wineHQ11:53
taalasI recently installed Ubuntu Server 11.10 on our new HP N36L. All went well, I would now like to add 3 HDs with a Raid5 SoftRaid and move the home dirs (and others) to the raid...is there a good instruction source for this? Or could somebody give me some tips for starting?11:53
XMan2012is it possible?11:53
XMan2012or it is just a fake video?11:53
dr_willisXMan2012:  that url is using wine to run it.. try it and see..11:53
dr_williswhy would someone make a fake video of that?11:53
XMan2012there are many video are fake on internet11:53
dr_willisand 'why' would someone lie about how to run a windows exe in wine...11:54
compdocmaybe they dont know11:54
wolfmitchellOk, I added the Firefox repository, and tried to install Firefox, but it's trying to get it from the Ubuntu repo.11:54
=== marco is now known as Guest79507
GoneLikeTheSunhey, i have installed ubuntu as a dual boot, but when i use it i can only access my D: drive, how can i access the C: drive?11:54
digzStanley00 - which directories do you want me to delete?11:54
Stanley00digz: as I said .conpiz* and .config/compiz*11:55
dr_williswolfmitchell:  you did a sudo apt-get update    after adding the repo?11:55
digzStanley - okay, thanks.11:55
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: which ppa did you add, which version of firefox do you want and what release are you using?11:55
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: also, did you run:  sudo apt-get update    after adding the ppa11:55
wolfmitchellAction I was about to11:55
Stanley00digz: some one said that .gconf and .dconf should be deleted too...11:55
dr_willisStanley00:  if you want to do a total reset of gnome settings.. thats one hardcore way. :)11:56
wolfmitchellI got it11:56
GoneLikeTheSunsorry about the nooby question11:56
ActionParsnip!ntfs | GoneLikeTheSun11:56
ubottuGoneLikeTheSun: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE11:56
Stanley00dr_willis: I just know that way, do you have any idea? ;)11:56
dr_willisStanley00:  i clean mine out all the time. :) be sure theres no critical settings you want to keep11:57
dr_willisStanley00:  that unsupported ubuntu-tweak tool has some setting/backup./restore tools also.11:57
=== Guest67736 is now known as p1l0t
digzStanley00 - how do i find these files?11:58
digzsearch gives no results.11:58
Stanley00digz: where did you install ubuntu?11:58
digzStanley00 - on my HDD11:59
digzthere's only one partition.11:59
shpi've got a bit of a problem: the sound only works on my external speakers, not on my laptop speakers .... it worked yesterday11:59
wolfmitchellYay, New firefox!11:59
=== jdoom01 is now known as slaughterhound
Stanley00digz: then use nautilus, mount that partition, then browse to /home/your_user_name_11:59
Stanley00digz: press Ctrl + H to show hidden folder12:00
Stanley00digz: you will see them there12:00
NewbeeansThe convo is prob over but I run Odin through wine12:01
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: not something to woop about if you ask me ;)12:01
digzStanley00 - it says i do not have the correct permission to explore the folders.12:02
wolfmitchellAction-The newest FF is awesome.12:02
killswitchguyguys, i have a simple question. how do i play a file from the terminal( just downloaded a webm file )12:02
wolfmitchellAnd I made my Ubuntu look like Windows12:02
dr_willisim sticking to chrome for the foreseable future12:02
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: i hate firefox dude12:02
Newbeeansdigz: right click >properties>permissions>allow exe12:02
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: that's fun though :)12:02
Newbeeansumm i think :/12:02
dr_williskillswitchguy:  nameofvideoplayer  nameofvideofile12:03
wolfmitchellAction-Want a screenshot?12:03
dr_williskillswitchguy:  ie:   vlc foo.avi12:03
killswitchguydr_willis, thanks a lot12:03
NewbeeansMine looks like a collage of my photog :D12:03
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: sure why not :)12:03
NewbeeansI'm out of ink so I'm not going to do the printer. The install popped up but mine is not listed...another day perhaps12:04
shpsound does not work on my laptop speakers, it works only on my headphones12:04
wolfmitchellThats my ubuntu12:05
digzNewbeeans: Stanley 00: I can't edit permissions either.12:05
Newbeeansdigz: I'm new but wanted to try to help12:05
digzNewbeeans: Stanley 00: you are not the owner so you cannot change these permissions.12:05
wolfmitchellOh, and I got someone in there trying to own Ubuntu with Mint.12:05
StravHi! I'm getting what seems a fairly common bug, although I got no luck finding a way to resolve it so far: when using ubuntu one, I'm only getting the root folder I'm trying to sync on the online storage and not it's content. I tried with a very simple folder, containing only a text file, didn't worked. Also tried with the ubuntu one folder, it did synced it's content. If I monitor the sync daemon queue or status, everything appears12:06
Stravnormal though no file ever get queue. Any suggestion? (I also did tried to remove everything related to ubuntu one and reinstall it (i.e.: .config/ubuntuone, .cache/ubuntuone, .local/share/ubuntuone)12:06
hadidonk1@killswitchguy: vlc urvideofile12:06
digzNewbeeans: I'm stuck on the Live CD.12:06
Stanley00digz: oh, you should run nautilus as root12:06
yogawhen I click on an application, there is a little circle running arround, what do we call that?12:06
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: I get you mine12:06
Stanley00gksu nautilus12:06
digzStanley00 - could you explain how to do that? I'm very new to linux.12:07
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/screen.png12:07
Stanley00digz: gksu nautilus <= run this in the terminal12:07
jwtiyariam opening eclipse now but its not shown in launch bar12:07
dr_willisdigz:  be very carefull with the nautilus file manager running as root..  and close it as soon as you are done doing your root needed tasks.12:08
zaellehi guys, I'm a journalist on a student webradio and today I will be talking about online-adultery. Do you consider that a wedding in a MMO is cheating?12:08
wolfmitchellKubuntu much?12:08
ActionParsnipzaelle: thats offtopic here12:08
Stanley00dr_willis: how did you install ubuntu-tweak? PPA dont have the version for oneiric?12:08
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: on my file server, yes12:08
dr_willisStanley00:  from its homepage...12:08
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: laptop is same desktop with LXDE12:08
wolfmitchellAnd yes, I'm running on Ubuntu12:08
Stanley00dr_willis: the deb file? thanks12:08
wolfmitchellEven my boot looks like 712:09
digzdr_willis: Stanley00: It gives me another permissions error12:09
hadidonk1digz: Alt + F2 => gksu nautilus12:09
taalasIf I add a Raid 5 softraid to my current system using this guide (http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/software-raid) will i be able to move the home directories to the raid without problems?12:09
=== yates is now known as Guest66111
wolfmitchellOn my Unetbootin bootloader, this shows up as 7.12:09
wolfmitchellEpic right?12:10
wolfmitchellImma go to #powder,12:10
yogaHow do I change that little running circle to something different, like a timer or something?12:10
wolfmitchellCant be in multiple channels with irssi.12:10
dr_willisStanley00:  the deb file/tool can enable the repo. :) so thats how i normally get it.12:10
dr_willisyoga:  what circle?12:10
wolfmitchellIf you need me, message me12:10
Stanley00dr_willis: it only has the alpha version for oneiric. Maybe I should wait :D12:10
dr_williswolfmitchell:  you can :) if you know how to use it..12:10
yogaWhen I am waiting for an app to start.12:10
yogadr_willis: the curser turns into an circle.12:11
dr_willisyoga:  you mean the 'waiting cursor' animation then...12:11
=== Alex`aw is now known as BaNz
dr_willisif an app hangs  it may get stuck i guess.12:12
digzStanley00 - could repeat what you need to me to delete?12:12
soccermitchyLol, I forgot I could just fire up irssi in another tab on another nick12:12
soccermitchyAnd yes, I'm wolfmitchell12:13
yogadr_willis: I want to change that 'waiting cursor' go another animation.12:13
dr_willissoccermitchy:  you can do multiu channels without needing to do that..12:13
olzhasAfter installing oneiric my laptop sometimes gets very slow! very slow12:13
dr_willisyoga:  you would need to make your own mouse cursor theme12:13
olzhashp 4520s12:13
ActionParsnipsoccermitchy: use ALT+channel number, the numbers in the bottom right are the channels with updates12:13
digzStanley00 - because i can't find .con piz12:13
soccermitchyWell, I fail.12:13
dr_willissoccermitchy:  might be a good idea to read the irssi docs some time :)12:14
yogaHow do I switch talk beside using Alt+Tab?12:14
Stanley00digz: do you have some config  you need to keep?12:14
yogaswitch task12:14
erkan^how change I Thunderbird/Firefox -Profilemanager English to Dutch --> http://picpaste.com/pics/thunderbird_profilemanager-Oa8rrPfJ.1319544622.png ?12:14
digzStanley00 - no, i haven't managed to use the OS yet.12:14
yogaThe task bar is gone.12:15
digzStanley00 - i just desperately need leftclick to work.12:15
Stanley00digz: so, just delete all folder which name begin with a "."12:15
dr_willisdigz:  does it work on the login screen?  add a new user.. does it work for them?12:15
digzdamn lol.12:15
digzdr_willis - no, it doesn't.12:15
digzStanley00 - doing that now.12:15
dr_willisdigz:  if it dosent work for a newly made user. or on the login screen.. that dosent sound like a user setting issue to me.12:16
digzStanley00 dr_willis: deleted the folders. note it didn't work when i tried the xubuntu live cd previously, either.12:17
digzthe only form of linux it's worked on is the 11.10 ubuntu live cd.12:17
dr_willisdigz:  if its failing on other disrots/live cd's that defainatly sounds like a weird config/hardware issue.. or bug.12:18
dr_willisdigz:  but not once you installed 11.10 ?12:18
wolfmitchellWhy is it that I need to use root nautilus to edit my website? (Files are in /opt/lampp/htdocs)12:18
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: ownership12:18
wolfmitchellCan I just make it so any--12:18
dr_williswolfmitchell:  because its not 'your'  users web site.  its the systems web site..12:18
dr_willis!permissions | wolfmitchell12:18
ubottuwolfmitchell: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions12:19
wolfmitchellAnd Chown12:19
digzdr_willis - no, 11.10 is my first install. i was told before it could have something to do with the clicks not working on my laptop trackpad.12:19
dr_willisand its best to use GROUPS to manage it.. not just chown it to be owned by you. :)12:19
dr_willisdigz:  Hmm.. IF the mousepad button was stuck DOWN or somthing like that.. it could interfear with a mouse i guess12:19
digzdr_willis - but the FN shortcut to disable it doesn't work , and there's no way to access the bios on this model.12:19
digzdr_willis - should a f* it up with a screwdriver?12:19
yogaWhen I am in gnome-terminal, if I press the Alt key, if shows me the menu bar at the top of the screen,12:20
dr_willisdigz:  run the 'xev' program via terminal, put mouse in its window., and click a few times.. see if it prints out some info.12:20
Vincent_my laptop cannot search any network in version 11.10.Is that the driver's problem?12:21
cyphaif my domain is asdf.zapto.org, how can I point to my local server?12:21
yogahowever I am in bash, if I want to do some command line editing, like Alt+b, it also just show me the menu, and idea?12:21
cyphaI have a /etc/host file, but apparently I'm supposed to use /etc/hosts?12:21
cvamhow to know what is the date when i lastly upgraded the Ubuntu12:21
llutz_cypha: /etc/hosts is the correct file12:22
dr_willisyoga:  gnome-terminal has some se3ttings to enable/disable spefific keys.. I always hjave to make it ignore F10 :)  theres also compiz settings to  clean out differnt keybindings12:22
yogadr_willis: Thanks.12:23
dr_willisalt-b goes back one word here.. but im in gnome-shell right now12:23
yogaI just come back for Ubuntu, after a few year, there are lot's of changes.12:23
erkan^dr_willis, are you busy?12:23
erkan^i need help12:23
dr_willisyoga:  theres been a lot of changes in the last 6 mo... :)12:23
dr_williserkan^:  state the issue.. see what happens.12:23
erkan^how change I Thunderbird/Firefox -Profilemanager English to Dutch --> http://picpaste.com/pics/thunderbird_profilemanager-Oa8rrPfJ.1319544622.png ? dr_willis12:24
alecatHi again12:24
yogaThe whole interface is changed, I like it better.12:24
dr_williserkan^:  no idea. ive never used differnt languages. or thunderbird...12:24
yogaThe dash home is allsome.12:24
digz[12:20] <dr_willis> digz:  run the 'xev' program via terminal, put mouse in its window., and click a few times.. see if it prints out some info. | <-- In actual boot, or in Live CD?12:26
dr_willisdigz:  anywhere.. its a test to see if the mouse is physically working12:26
erkan^ok, dr12:26
erkan^i am by #firefox now12:26
dr_willisif the mouse button is stuck down - it might say some info about it...12:26
cvamhow to know what is the date when i lastly upgraded the Ubuntu12:27
yogaThis there any way that I can switch task buy choose one with a click?12:28
stephnihow do i convert avi to 3gp?12:28
llutz_cvam: grep Start-Date /var/log/apt/history.log12:28
dr_willisyoga:  the webupd8 blog and askubuntu.com sites have dozens of unity tweaks and tips.12:28
cyphallutz_, I currently have https://gist.github.com/5634bbbdd8af944919c912:28
chemtailI've already done a painstaking manual 'mkfs.ext4 -c -c' on a partition that took over six hours to complete.  Now installing with alternate CD in ncurses mode.  How can I be sure the installer doesn't try and re-format the ext4 filesystem, putting the badblock check to waste?12:29
dr_willisstephni:  winff, ffmpeg, mencoder, arista, or other apps...12:29
cyphado I just add another entry for   asdf.zapto.org12:29
dr_willisstephni:  i seem to recall doing that in winff ages ago.12:29
dr_willisbut i have a better phone now. :)12:29
stephniok lem try12:30
digzdr_willis: nothing happens.12:30
dr_willisdigz:  clarify what you did exactly...12:30
Stanley00chemtail: there an option to do that, when you select the partition12:30
llutz_cypha: no www here, sry. what do you want to achieve?12:30
cyphaI just registered a free domain, and I'd like for it to point to my local server I'm running12:31
digzdr_willis: alt+f2 -> typed 'xev' -> clicked 'xev' -> small window comes up, white with a black square -> try clicking all around the window -> nothing12:31
stephniis it in software center12:31
cyphalocal server is running at
dr_willisdigz: dont use alt-f2 open a terminal and runit12:31
digzdr_willis: okay, doing now.12:32
dr_willisdigz:  it prints a lot of info to the terminal.. thats whats to look at.12:32
chemtailStanley00: Yeah.  Problem is, I didn't find the option in the text installer.  And when last I did the partition setup, it even wanted to format the usb drive I was booting the installer off..12:32
chemtailSo that kinda made me stop and think and stop.12:32
llutz_cypha: install "noip2" to keep your IP actual. do you use a router? then you'll need portforwarding pointing to your machine:800012:32
=== silent is now known as Guest65333
cyphaI've already forwarded12:33
cyphaI can access my server externally12:33
cyphausing my external IP address12:33
cyphaall forwarding for port 8000 has been done12:33
digzdr_willis: yeah i get a lot of data12:33
digzthrough mouse movement and clicking.12:33
Stanley00chemtail: It's strange, it was there, when I install my ubuntu...12:33
dr_willisdigz:  you see mouse/up/down items whenyou click the left mouse button?12:34
chemtailStanley00: commandline/ncurses installer?12:34
llutz_cypha: ok, then add "   asdf.zapto.org" to /etc/hosts12:34
Stanley00chemtail: yes, alternate CD12:34
cyphallutz_, even though I have another entry?12:34
llutz_cypha: you can have as many as you want12:34
cyphaah ok12:34
digzdr_willis: shall i paste bin you what I get?12:34
dr_willisdigz:  not really :) there just should be some changes if you have the pointer in the window. not moving and you click the buttons12:35
dr_willisdigz:  that would show the mouse IS working12:35
dr_willisbutton press and button release events. with a # showing the button12:35
elgrecohi ubuntu pals12:36
Stanley00chemtail: when choose a partition, the first line show which FS, and after you choose the FS, the second line is whether format it or not.12:36
elgrecoI would like to ask something about VPN PPTP12:36
dr_willisdigz:  this looks a little neater as a test...     xev | grep Button12:36
digzdr_willis: yeah, it responds when i click and release.12:36
dr_willisdigz:  then when you press the buttons inthe window. you  should see press/remease for each click12:36
dr_willisdigz:  so its working for both buttons?12:37
llutz_grr, we need a new cron. Lots of code needed just to run a job "every 3rd tuesday of a month". Does anybody have a simple workaround?12:37
alecatin a dual screen configuration, is it possible to have only one top bar instead of twice the same ?12:37
elgrecois there a way to make a PPTP connection using smart-card or certificate ?12:37
alecatin gnome12:37
alecatwith unity12:37
digzdr_willis: it seems to be, yes.12:37
tomodachialecat: yes12:37
dr_willisalecat:  multi monitor setup is  very rough right now sadly.. its planed on getting some loving in the next release i hear.12:37
dr_willisdigz:  so mecahnically the mouse seems to be working.. how about your touch pad? click its buttons and see12:38
tomodachillutz_: just use make a cronjob, its a bit unintitive at first but once you get the hang of it you will be fine12:38
digzdr_willis: doing now12:38
alecattomodachi, any clue/link on how to achieve this ?12:38
tomodachialecat: what gfx card are you using?12:38
llutz_tomodachi: cron cannot handle "every 3rd tuesday"12:38
elgreco@ ALL is there a way to make a PPTP connection using smart-card or certificate ?12:38
alecattomodachi, an ati (don't know which serie :( )12:39
llutz_tomodachi: cron is very intuitive, but very limited too12:39
cyphallutz_, do I add the port to it?12:39
dr_willisdigz:  as a amuseing work around, no right clicking.. you can run   mousetweaks  -c --dwell --ssc12:39
cyphato /etc/hosts that is12:39
tomodachillutz_: just make a counter within your script and make it run every tuesday then.12:39
llutz_cypha: /etc/hosts holds hosts/ips not ports12:39
llutz_tomodachi: ugly12:39
dr_willisdigz:  then click on the 'secondary click' item, and a mouse move/dwell will then do a right click. :) its a feature for disabed people12:39
chemtailStanley00: my bad.  I gutsed going further with the setup again and found the option to "keep data" this time.  Thanks, though, I was too worried about spending another 6.5 hours to even go there :p12:39
tomodachialecat: well nvidia has their own "twinview" feature that easily enables this. I imagine that ati has the same.12:39
tomodachillutz_: well then just count the amount of hours that is every third tuesday and use this instead then12:40
_spt_ /msg NickServ identify barker1812:40
alecattomodachi, i don't have proprietary drivers enabled. is suppose i must do it12:40
Stanley00_spt_: ooops!12:40
ubuntuwoeshi all ..new to ubuntu ... have been trying to install it for days now ... with no success ... 64 bit win 7 and 64 bit ubuntu ... dual boot ... no luck in getting ubuntu to recognize partitions on the drive.  can someone help12:40
dr_willisHeh.. always msg the services from the server window..12:41
cyphallutz_, how do I direct it to the correct port then?12:41
llutz_tomodachi: as i said, there are lots of bloated scripts for that, i just was looking for something more simple12:41
cyphacuz my port is only listening on 800012:41
tomodachialecat:  that will help . Another way is configuring a spearate x server for each output. Then you can just configure that other x server not to have the bar12:41
llutz_cypha: portforwarding12:41
cyphaforward 80 to 8000?12:41
alecattomodachi, 2 x servers ! it sounds tricky to me :)12:41
digzdr_willis: OH CRAP12:41
llutz_cypha: for example, yes12:41
digzdr_willis: i think we have a breakthrough of some kind.12:41
digzdr_willis: trackpad right click responds, but left click doesn't.12:42
smiii Hi all! I know this is a bit cheeky but I'd really appreciate all your help with this: http://www.discoverbamboo.eu/click/1366/3f621895356c150ed2d1bd29c7e2ca4d - thanks!12:42
digzdr_willis: could this be the root of the problem?12:42
tomodachialecat: its a little bit tricky but it has some nice features as well. You can use desktop switching separately.12:42
dr_willisdigz:  now that app only seems to show the clicks.. if you click and hold down.... it may not be showing that...12:42
dr_willisIm not sure of a mouse config/debug app that shows more detailed info.12:42
tomodachialecat: for each desktop.12:42
dr_willisUnless anyone else knows of a tool to show if a mouse button is held down or not...12:43
tomodachidr_willis: if you can just cat the output device. if you want to see if there is any output.12:43
OerHekssmii is that some kind of contest to win a Bamboo ?12:43
cyphallutz_, so how do I port forward? :)12:43
digzdr_willis: it shows when i press down, and when i release.12:43
dr_willistomodachi:  cating here.. dident show the mouse clicks..  showed movement.. but not clicking.. i tried sudo cat /dev/input/mice12:43
digzon all three buttons but trackpad leftclick.12:43
dr_willisdigz:  so that confirms the button is broke at least. :)12:44
llutz_cypha: you said you already forwarded it in your router12:44
digzdr_willis: do you think if i physically destroyed it it would help?12:44
cyphallutz_, I meant I let 8000 through12:44
dr_willisdigz:  no idea. hard to tell12:44
llutz_cypha: you forward WAN:80 -> LAN:800012:44
dr_willisdigz:  theres most likely some wires you could unplug from the touchpad..12:45
dr_willisMy laptops got physical off buttons for their touchpads12:45
llutz_cypha: again: are you behind a router?12:45
digzdr_willis: mine has an FN shortcut12:45
cyphallutz_, yes I am12:45
digzdr_willis: but it's useless.12:45
llutz_cypha: it should have setting for that12:46
cyphayeah, I'm doing it12:46
cyphaI just had 8000 external and 8000 internal12:46
cyphaso I'm making 80 external to 8000 internal12:46
dr_willisi gotta run.. bbl12:46
dr_willisgood luck12:46
kanha_I have ubuntu 11.04 installed in my laptop and it was working wel but now its not booting an error msg as>>>>an occured unable to mount /var/run.How to fix it?12:48
cyphallutz_, won't this affect all websites though?12:49
llutz_cypha: all those being accessible from external, yes12:50
cyphai'm saying, won't this convert even google.com (which I suppose would use port 80) into using 8000 internally?12:51
amin`JWM ?? how could someone build a menu for JWM automatically? like this in openbox  mmaker -vf OpenBox312:51
llutz_cypha: no, you redirecto incoming ports, not outgoing12:51
ouyeshello I get a problem I find my cpu fan keep running at a high speed12:54
ouyesI am using ubuntu 10.04 and thinkpad t40012:54
elgreco@ ALL is there a way to make a PPTP connection using smart-card or certificate ?12:56
=== cipher is now known as Guest97904
elgreco@ ALL is there a way to make a PPTP connection using smart-card or certificate ?12:58
shpi've got a big problem: i uninstalled compiz and unity disappeared !!! so i installed it again and now it does not start at startup (have to write unity --replace in a shell) and there is the bottom bar in the unity interface not normal12:59
webroastershey guys. I'm using 11.10 with Gnome 3, and I'm also using Virtualbox. I'm trying to change the alt/windows key configuration. In earlier versions, I went to admin or settings -> windows. That doesn't exist right now, it appears. How do I fix the issue?13:00
antonio_canale italiano13:01
llutz_!it | antonio_13:01
ubottuantonio_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:01
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sandra_Hello my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)13:03
sandra_I trust you are all doing well :-)13:03
IRseeI mean well13:04
sandra_IRsee, glad to hear it13:04
=== jack is now known as Guest33842
shpi've got a big problem: i uninstalled compiz and unity disappeared !!! so i installed it again and now it does not start at startup (have to write unity --replace in a shell) and there is the bottom bar in the unity interface not normal13:04
sandra_I have a problem here that even google couldn't answer.13:04
ActionParsnipshp: could add a startup item to run the command13:05
shpActionParsnip, yes but what about the bottom bar?13:05
sandra_It was suggested to me to use xorg-edgers PPA to update to the latest nvidia video driver.13:05
kantlivelonganyone here use LAGG(802.3ad)+LACP?13:05
sandra_I followed the instructions as far as adding xorg-edgers PPA.13:05
shpthere is no possibility to set options by default -_--"""""13:06
cyphathank you llutz_13:06
cyphagot it all working13:06
sandra_But when I rebooted my Unity desktop was gone13:06
cyphasomehow, someway, it only works without the entry into /etc/hosts13:06
kantlivelongto clarify... anyone here use LAGG(802.3ad)+LACP? I set everything up and only am getting 1Gbit when i should be getting 2Gbit... :/13:06
sandra_I had to log in by using the Unity 2d desktop.13:06
cyphaI think because I'm already forwarding through vbox13:06
sandra_Can any of you please knidly tell me how to get my unity desktop back up and running ?13:07
alaingActionParsnip: are you around?13:07
alaingActionParsnip: hi, i tried the livecd and it picked up my wireless adaptor13:08
alaingso it must be an old config or something13:08
ActionParsnipalaing: then its a bug with upgrading. The upgrade has made it not work but a clean install will make it ok13:08
ActionParsnipalaing: not sure where the config issue lies, also check the loaded modules and compare to your installed OS13:09
=== hugo is now known as Guest227
ActionParsnipalaing: also check which package the driver is in, you may need to reinstall that package13:09
alaingnot to keen on clean installation13:09
ActionParsnipalaing: hopefully it won't go that way13:10
stephnican i install total video converter with wine cos winff does not convert in 3p13:10
ActionParsnipstephni: if it is in the appdb, yes13:10
ActionParsnipstephni: what do you want to convert from/to? mencoder can do almost anything13:10
shpwhen i start "unity --replace" bottom bar remains: how delete it ??????????13:10
CharlieSuHi.  I'm on Lucid and I'm installing libwww-perl.  I'd like a newer version of LWP (v6 not v5). Is there a way to get that on Lucid?13:11
alaingActionParsnip: I've got the driver from ralink website. I remember when I finihsed installed my wifi I had to run make or something13:11
SunTsuCharlieSu: prolly not, because Lucid is old13:11
johannes2011@shp: bottom bar comes from gnome. kill gnome-panel and remove gnome-panel. sudo apt-get remove gnome-panel. then logout and login again13:11
stephniAVI TO 3GP13:12
CharlieSuSunTsu: some PPA or something?   I mean it meets to Perl Reqs...13:12
alaingActionParsnip: how do i chekc the package?13:12
stephnisorry it was in caps13:12
SunTsuCharlieSu: you could install it from cpan, but I don't think that you'll find that for lucid13:12
PiciCharlieSu: What version do you need?13:12
shpthx johannes201113:12
CharlieSuPici: v613:12
roxdragonhi all13:13
CharlieSuSunTsu: I'm able to install it via CPAN, but I'm trying to automate everythign w/ Chef..  It isn't working well because the other version is installed via the package manager.13:13
PiciCharlieSu: Yeah, you're going to have to find an outside source for that. Perhaps via a PPA.13:13
ActionParsnipalaing: so you say you have to compile the driver?13:14
ActionParsnipStephni: http://www.ehow.com/how_6121269_convert-avi-3gp-ubuntu.html13:15
alaingActionParsnip: i had to when I first installed ubuntu server. I think it was version 10.04 when I had to run make and make13:15
X-tonicAnyway to theme 12.04 without installing gnome-shell?13:15
compdoctheres only a couple of themes13:16
sandra_Even now the crack team of among my fellow Ubuntu inmates must be working feverishly on my question.13:16
johannes2011@X-tonic: Ever tried gnome-tweak-tool13:16
compdocall made with that top menu in mind13:16
X-tonic@ johannes2011: That has gnome-shell as dependency13:16
X-tonicThat i want to avoid13:16
johannes2011alright. then try ubuntu-tweak13:17
X-tonicMakes no sense on part of ubuntu to have gnome-shell to be able to customize unity.13:17
johannes2011@X-tonic: Try ubuntu-tweak13:17
resushi all, aptitude is giving me trouble about not being able to lock down the cache file, where is it located? no other apt tool is running13:18
X-tonic@ johannes2011: Ubuntu tweak is a part of repo? Unable to find it. :(13:18
MonkeyDustX-tonic: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/13:19
johannes2011@X-tonic: try http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ - download alpha 0.613:19
roxdragonhi i have a problem with create .deb13:19
ActionParsnipresus: do you have apt-get running or software centre running etc13:19
roxdragoni used debuild binary13:19
resusActionParsnip: nope no other apt tool13:19
johannes2011@resus: restarting the system should solve this13:20
brunolambertIs it just me or there is no calendar software by default integrated in the bar in Oneric?13:20
alaingActionParsnip: should I tried that other method?13:21
resusjohannes2011: there's gotto be a better way than restarting the system13:21
Gentoo64resus, running a server?13:21
johannes2011@resus: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock13:22
roxdragonhelp please13:22
resusGentoo64: yes, also i just want to know how the cache file works13:22
Gentoo64try what johannes2011 said, if not try rm -rf13:22
sirsean1227Does anyone know how to change the login managers resolution?13:23
* conntrack yawns13:24
phlak_user!anyone | sirsean122713:24
ubottusirsean1227: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:24
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:25
resusGentoo64: just the lock file didn't work, the whole directory has to be wiped?13:25
Gentoo64resus, im not sure about it13:25
Gentoo64i meant if rm doesnt remove the lock file, try rm -f13:26
Pici!aptfix | resus13:26
ubotturesus: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:26
phlak_usersirsean1227: what do you mean by resolution?13:26
Gentoo64sirsean1227, it should default to native res13:26
roxdragonI can not create a. deb package with the command debuild binary13:26
sirsean1227I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop.  It is plugged into my HD tv via HDMI.  I would like to know how to change the login managers resolution.  My desktop resolution is fine, but the Login Screen resolution is not 1080p as i wish it to be.13:26
infiniiHi, anyone able to figure out how to get grub working on EFI system? 11.10+w713:27
Gentoo64sirsean1227, is it just the wallpaper, or the login bit itself thats not right13:28
sirsean1227the login itself13:28
sirsean1227i know nothing about this new Login manager in ubuntu 11.1013:29
Gentoo64sirsean1227, cant find much on google, found one thing.. try edit the file: /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf13:29
Gentoo64see if theres any res options in there13:29
phlak_usersirsean1227: you can edit the unity-greeter.conf in /etc/lightdm13:29
BluesKajHiyas all13:29
odb|fidellightdm seems to keep using the wrong keyboard layout for me - is that a known issue?13:30
sandra_Hello BluesKaj13:30
BluesKajhi sandra_13:30
phlak_userodb|fidel: you mean at every boot it changes?13:30
sirsean1227Gentoo64:  Do i change the dpi setting?  That is the only thing i can see13:31
=== BaNz is now known as Alex`aw
Gentoo64sirsean1227, you could try that see if it helps13:31
phlak_usersirsean1227: that should be for the font13:31
alaingActionParsnip: this is what I had to do last time http://pastebin.com/W4UCHE0g13:31
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  What would be dpi for 1080p?13:31
Gentoo64there isnt one13:32
Gentoo64depends on the monitor13:32
sirsean1227PHLAK,  oh haha13:32
odb|fidelphlak_user: yes it is english on each boot13:32
sandra_Say does anyone here use xorg-edgers PPA for the video driver needs ?13:32
sirsean1227PHLAK,  Yeah that sound right13:32
Gentoo64if the wallpaper is fine etc then dpi should make the font bigger13:32
odb|fidelwhile it is german after login13:32
FeverWhat is the difference between .bashrc and .bash_profile?13:33
phlak_userodb|fidel: where do you change it each time?13:33
llutz_Fever: different kind of invocation, read "man bash"13:33
sirsean1227phlak_user: is there a line i can add?13:33
Gentoo64can anyone paste that /etc/lightdm/unity-greeter.conf ?13:33
sirsean1227Gentoo64: #13:34
sirsean1227# background = Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. #772953)13:34
sirsean1227# logo = Logo file to use13:34
sirsean1227# theme-name = GTK+ theme to use13:34
sirsean1227# font-name = Font to use13:34
sirsean1227# xft-antialias = Whether to antialias Xft fonts (true or false)13:34
FloodBot1sirsean1227: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:34
Gentoo64i mean, not like that lol13:34
Gentoo64the whole file on paste site13:34
odb|fidelphlak_user: i configured my ubuntu session to use german keyboard layout. gdm was able to rmeember the setting - while lightdm seems to always use english. i noticed there is a .file in the users home which might be related to the user lightDM setting - but as i am not in front of that linux box right now i cant double-check the filename13:34
JeffFromOhioWhen you install a package in Ubuntu, is there some default directory it will install documentation to, other than the man pages?13:35
sirsean1227this is my first time13:35
Gentoo64sirsean1227, its ok13:35
=== alienatu is now known as hobonoid
Gentoo64sirsean1227, http://dpaste.com/ paste it there13:35
icerootGentoo64: http://pastebin.com/YfwXy8j813:35
JeffFromOhioI'm trying to find documentation for the postgresql package which tells me what the default admin password is, or if there is a config file I need to edit to set a password and enable the server13:35
=== hobonoid is now known as alienatu
Gentoo64sirsean1227, ok dont worry13:36
icerootJeffFromOhio: dpkg -L packagename13:36
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  Done!13:36
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  I am sure i could add a line13:37
=== billy is now known as protozoa
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  Just dont know what13:37
Gentoo64sirsean1227, i dont think theres any res options there13:37
Gentoo64if its just a login screen, maybe just deal with it? lol13:38
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  Thats what it looked like to me as well.  Can i add a line?13:38
Chotaz`WorkGnome3's so pretty and simple *_*13:38
sandra_Say does anyone here use xorg-edgers PPA for the video driver needs ?13:38
Gentoo64sirsean1227, i dont think so13:38
tkruisemirc without fixedsys is like living without my penis13:39
Gentoo64sirsean1227, changing any other settings would prob mess with your desktop res so i dont know13:39
sandra_Say does anyone here use xorg-edgers PPA for their video driver needs ?13:39
sirsean1227Gentoo64,   It would be nice if the Ubuntu Devs thought about simple stuff like that.13:39
sandra_I can't spell or write this morning13:39
Gentoo64sirsean1227, yeah i suppose 99% of people have the login screen the same res as desktop though13:39
Gentoo64ie default native res13:39
SunTsusandra_: no, and after what you just wrote I doubt that I will try to ;)13:40
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  It should default to whatever screen you are using13:40
Gentoo64is it too small or big or something13:40
sandra_SunTsu, Work the majority of the time lol13:40
Gentoo64sirsean1227, what res is the laptop? 1080p as well?13:40
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  To big13:40
sirsean1227the laptop is XXXX x 90013:41
Gentoo64your prob outputting at a lower res to the tv13:41
Gentoo64and messing up the size13:41
kbroulikCan I install qt creator without downloading that qt-docs which is 85 mb ?13:41
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  the laptop is XXXX x 90013:41
Gentoo641440x900 i take it13:41
Gentoo64put that on 1920x1080 screen and it will be bigger.13:41
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  no i have the laptop display turned off.  The tv is on 1080p for sure, but the login manager doesnt change when i set the desktop res.13:42
llutz_kbroulik: just don't installl recommends13:42
kbroulikokay I'll try if Muon can handle such stuff13:42
llutz_kbroulik: apt-get install --no-install-recommends qtcreator13:42
kbroulikllutz_: thx :)13:43
Gentoo64sirsean1227, hope someone else can help, ive never had to mess with that myself so im really not sure sorry13:43
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  I hate Unity13:43
Gentoo64sirsean1227, you dont have to use it13:43
sirsean1227i know13:43
phper_Hello. Any ideas why portable ubuntu 4 doesn't start on my computer?13:43
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  Have you heard of anyone being able to get ubuntu to work on a tablet?13:44
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  like an acer tablet ?13:44
icerootphper_: what is portable ubuntu 4? doesnt sound like a supported one13:44
JPinheiro_Use Gnome 313:44
Gentoo64havent paid much attention tbh. its probably more than possible13:44
hc96Hi! I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 with gnome. My down panel is 48px high. I want to have 4 application launchers in 2x2-formation. How would I do that?13:45
Gentoo64brb coffee13:45
sirsean1227Gentoo64,  COFFEEEEE!13:45
phper_iceroot: it's ubuntu that runs as a portable windows application.13:45
JPinheiro_Has anyone been able to network print using 11.10?13:45
sandra_Say does anyone here use xorg-edgers PPA for their video driver needs ?13:45
icerootphper_: never heard of it13:45
iceroot!anyone | sandra_13:46
ubottusandra_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:46
iceroot!anyone | JPinheiro_13:46
ubottuJPinheiro_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:46
ActionParsnipjeses, thats hideous: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/portable-ubuntu-ubuntu-system-running-as-a-windows-application.html13:46
ActionParsnipiceroot: ^13:46
sirsean1227i like turtles13:47
icerootActionParsnip: doesnt sound like a supported one13:47
sandra_it is my real question lol13:47
icerootActionParsnip: different kernel and so on13:47
ActionParsnipphper_: I suggest you contact the developer13:47
ActionParsnipiceroot: pretty much13:47
icerootsandra_: ok, someone is saying yes, so you question is finished?13:47
icerootsandra_: or do you have a real question?13:48
sandra_iceroot, no one said they use it13:48
sandra_iceroot, and yes it's a real question13:48
icerootsandra_: i am using it13:48
llutz_sandra_: no its a pointless meta-question13:48
auronandacesandra_: i hope you realise that ppas are unsupported thirdparty packages13:49
icerootsandra_: so i am happy to answer your question and no other question is coming about that ppa13:49
sandra_iceroot, does your use of the xorg-edgers PPA result in your Unity desktop disappearing ?13:50
icerootsandra_: you see that your first question was useless?13:50
alaingActionParsnip:  did you see that pastebin?13:50
icerootsandra_: because instead of the "stupid! anyone-question you had a real question13:50
spiekeyhow can i get the linux-header for 2.6.38-11-genericin Ubuntu 11.10? I does not seem to be in the repo anymore13:50
auronandacesandra_: there is the real question13:50
icerootsandra_: 11.10 is using 3.0 and not 2.6.3813:51
icerootsandra_: wrong nick13:51
icerootspiekey: 11.10 is using linux 3.0 and not 2.6.3813:51
icerootspiekey: so you need the headers for your current kernel which is 3.013:51
spiekeyiceroot, i know. Stilll...i just upgraded and want to use the last Kernel... :)13:52
sandra_iceroot, I did state my question earlier but be that as it may I had to log in using Unity 2D because my 3D unity would not come up .13:52
icerootspiekey: and why not 3.0.0.x?13:52
sandra_iceroot, do you know of a way of restoring the 3D Unity desktop?13:53
icerootsandra_: sorry, no13:53
auronandacesandra_: try not using a ppa for xorg13:54
sandra_iceroot, Unity 2D uses Gnome 3.2.0 not gnome 213:54
auronandacesandra_: ppas are not supported for a reason13:54
JPinheiro_iceroot, sorry... I'm new to this...13:55
icerootJPinheiro_: no problem13:55
JPinheiro_But I can't network print with my 11.10...13:56
sandra_auronandace, I'm new to Linux on the whole but PPA's do work well by & large. OF course I understand what your saying.13:56
icerootJPinheiro_: any error messages? what have you tried? what is not working? what printer and so on13:56
=== cypha is now known as cyphased
ilembitovHi, all. I have just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and installed catalyst drivers for my ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4330. But when I try to run AMD Catalyst Control Center, it says that it can't find my card. What do I do?13:56
sandra_But's it's obvious that Ubuntu users use them .13:56
auronandacesandra_: ppa is only specific to ubuntu13:57
auronandace!ppa | sandra_13:57
ubottusandra_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa13:57
auronandacesandra_: bottom line is if you want support for a ppa, ask the ppa provider13:57
MonkeyDustsandra_: ppa's are not supported by the community13:58
auronandacesandra_: especially for something as fundamental as xorg13:58
sandra_aronandace, Yes I know that that's why I am directing my question to my fellow Ubuntu users who do use PPA if you don't use them that's fine.13:58
IT_GUYanyone else having issue where brasero locks up in 11.10? I can burn an iso then close it, then if I relaunch it it refuses to launch unless I log out and log back in.13:58
JPinheiro_iceroot: Canon Pixma iP4300, with and without TurboPrint, I can't find the printer on the network, no firewall, TurboPrint says the server has no such service...13:58
auronandacesandra_: you ask the provider, not the users in the official support channel13:59
MonkeyDustsandra_: find out who created the ppa and contact that person13:59
sandra_aurondace, I asked because I've seen others in this chat channel talk about their use of them14:00
sandra_And perhaps someone here might have a answer14:00
coraxxanyone know of a website where there is a database/collection of LibreOffice Impress Templates ? (found a few templates on some websites...would like to have a bigger selection)14:00
sandra_*shaking head* amazing that one has to limit one's resources when it' dealing with Ubuntu14:02
coraxxsandra_: what was your original question ...I just logged on so I didn't see it ?14:02
sandra_oh btw I did ask the provider of the Xorg-edgers PPA the question14:03
Myrttisandra_: wrongdoings of others don't justify yours14:03
auronandacesandra_: i find it amazing that people don't understand what unsupported means14:03
=== cyphased is now known as cypha
alaingActionParsnip: did you see the pastebin?14:03
sandra_take a deep breath gang...14:03
sandra_PPA's do have a vaule  point , and yes I understand that they are usupported but Ubuntu users do use them and some of them work very very well.14:04
ActionParsnipalaing: can you PM me it please, I'm in and out of the channel14:04
Shiggs|i5hello all... I don't run Ubuntu, but I was hoping I could get some help with UEFI Grub booting on a MacBook 3,1. :)14:04
llutz_sandra_: all correct, but #ubuntu is the WRONG place to ask about14:05
ActionParsnipShiggs|i5: this is ubuntu support only14:05
ActionParsnipShiggs|i5: try in #apple14:05
sandra_coraxx, thanks for the offer of help14:05
conntrackHow do I know if my jumpbox is secure?14:05
Shiggs|i5I would, except #apple is invite only14:06
Shiggs|i5all I need is general UEFI booting help14:06
ActionParsnipShiggs|i5: this is ubuntu support only, sorry14:06
conntrackI have access to it14:06
sandra_coraxx, What I did was use a PPA that was suggested to me the xorg-edgers PPA  I used it but lost the use of my 3D Unity desktop . But I am able to log into my Unity 2D desktop . What I was hoping is that perhaps someone in the channel used it and knows of a solution .14:07
conntrackGuess I might need support to fly in and fix it14:07
tkruisecant I use fixedsys font on ubuntu?14:07
conntrackOr drive14:07
JPinheiro_iceroot: can print from the main machine14:07
JPinheiro_can't print from other machines14:07
wesidemorning all14:08
JPinheiro_iceroot: I' reinstalled cups14:08
yogaThis there something like open a.txt in bash to open a file with the associated app, as in OS X ?14:08
JPinheiro_but cups seems to have more than 200 reported bugs...14:09
ro_70swhen I press control+C  to interrupt a process at the cmdline, it messes up the prompt afterwards. how can I fix that?14:09
MartyMccFlyyoga: kstart14:09
llutz_ro_70s: "reset"14:09
Piciro_70s: type reset?14:09
NewbeeansHow do I install Flash Player?14:09
ActionParsnipro_70s: use && instead of ;14:10
ActionParsnip!flash | Newbeeans14:10
ubottuNewbeeans: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:10
auronandace!flash | Newbeeans14:10
wesideI just installed ubuntu 11.10 had problems with Unity freezing up when doing a search in the dash, anybody else experience this?14:10
sandra_Neweeans, I see you have managed to install Ubuntu now ?14:10
conntrackI guess the support guy would be pissed having to fly in and fix some handy work14:10
conntrackOn my jump box14:11
ro_70sPici: llutz_:  :D yeah, reset works but I mean it just messes up the history and prompt , instead of drawing it correctly. the whole terminal isnt getting thrashed, this is most every time I use control C.14:11
general-alvinwhere is the lxde room?14:11
auronandace!lubuntu | general-alvin14:11
ubottugeneral-alvin: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.14:11
ro_70sPici: llutz_: like it will write ^C on the line where there prompt is at and then not draw the $ at the end.14:11
CalahanHi, I'm using 10.10 server edition, it was necessary to run GUI and installed ubuntu-desktop, problem is when i connect it trought vnc there is no way to get taskbar menu. Any ideas? Please /msg if have time to help.14:11
coraxxsandra_: ok ... I would uninstall the packages from the PPA, that apparently didn't work ...using the Synaptic Package Manager (within it you can select the section called 'Origins' on then the PPA, there by showing you all packages installed from that place) ... secondly I would make a copy of your xorg.conf file (located in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ) ...and then delete the current one ...then...14:12
sandra_Newbeeans, if you would like a quick and painless way to add flash is to go to this site provided Firefox is your web browser of choice14:12
coraxx...restart your PC and see if it returns to 'normal'14:12
auronandacegeneral-alvin: you can ask here too14:12
conntrackI'd expect the support guy to disappear up his own ass14:12
Newbeeanssandra_: I tried but it failed to find any plugins :)14:12
Piciro_70s: My shell works fine if I do that.14:12
wesidewell my fix was switching from unity and just using the Gnome-shell14:12
=== anonymous is now known as Guest73680
hwildehow to stop iphone automount but allow other devices to automount?  a udev example would be nice maybe?  don't just say udev rules.14:13
general-alvinauronandace: how can i add up three apps to run when digital clock is clicked? :D14:13
resusthank you Pici14:13
ro_70sguess I'll try over at #bash -- thanks Pici: llutz_:14:13
Piciro_70s: Yeah, sorry I couldn't be of more help.14:13
auronandacegeneral-alvin: sorry, don't follow, i use xfce14:14
Piciconntrack: Is there a support question in there somewhere? Or are you just looking to vent?14:14
general-alvinauronandace: ok14:14
JPinheiro_iceroot: need more details?14:14
wesidelooks like my question slipped though the cracks, i am outta here.14:14
conntrackpici: Yeah I'll go close off the vent now :)14:16
coraxxanyone know of a website where there is a database/collection of LibreOffice Impress Templates ? (found a few templates on some websites...would like to have a bigger variaty)14:16
CalahanAnyone able to assist with GUI ubuntu-desktop problem, i have vnc4server and when i connect trought vnc there is no taskbar menu. Any ideas?14:17
sandra_coraxx, Thank you so much for your help :-)14:17
coraxxsandra_: your welcome :-)14:17
hwildeCalahan, did u try vino-server14:18
sandra_Newbeeans, do you have access to the Ubuntu software center ?14:18
Calahanhwilde no i have not tried vino-server14:18
auronandacesandra_: he left14:18
ro_70sPici: llutz_: turns out you can fix that bash problem with set echo-control-characters off in .bashrc14:19
Piciro_70s: thanks for the tip (I'm a zsh user though) :)14:19
BrixSatwhen i make insmod viawget.ko i get how come? "insmod: error inserting 'viawget.ko': -1 Operation not permitted"14:19
sandra_auronandace, Thanks for the FYI :-) he had a lot of troubles just installing Ubuntu.14:19
coraxxBrixSat: remember to put 'sudo' before the insmod commando14:20
BrixSatcoraxx:  same :p thing14:20
auronandacesandra_: i know, i helped too, he ended up reinstalling and all his problems dissappeared14:20
sandra_auronandace, yes it was suggested he reinstall glad to know it solved his problem.14:21
coraxxBrixSat: What kindda kernel module is it ? (what does it do) ....I might now be permitted to be inserted while in 'user mode' ...I might only be at boot time.14:23
coraxxBrixSat: *I =It14:23
BrixSatcoraxx:  a wifi module (for via vt6655)14:23
coraxxBrixSat: *now=not   '''gee I'm a bad typist today ;-)14:23
lupusarcanusHello, um, I'm not sure how to ask this but: I'm having a problem getting my Ubuntu mail server to work. Anyone so kind enough to help me?14:24
neckooxhi ! anyone managed to share an internet connection with ubuntu here?14:24
BrixSatcoraxx:  :)14:24
coraxxBrixSat: ok... is the ndiswrapper module by any chance running also ?14:24
BrixSatndiswrapper may be14:24
osborn666Just an update. Couldn't boot after upgrading to 11.10 today, fchk issue with ntfs partion, fixed by turning fchk off in /etc/fstab. thanks for the help.14:24
coraxxBrixSat: Then that might be your problem ...you need to make sure its not loaded... before loading the korrekt Kernel Module14:25
BrixSatcoraxx:  how do i view if it is loaded?14:25
=== Mkaysi|ZNC is now known as Mkaysi
helodoes the nvidia binary driver and 64-bit 11.10 generally play well?14:26
shadowhywindHay all, i need some help with xorg.conf, I have three monitors (laptop, external, and tv). I'm trying to get xrandr to work so I can switch between the three (I'm not trying to duel screen, just single screen at a time) any ideas?14:26
OerHekshelo yes, depending on your videocard.14:26
server_anybody can help me about how to add user in LDAP ?14:26
heloknow if 8600gs is a problem?14:27
server_or how to connect to server from client in LDAP ?14:27
coraxxBrixSat: 'lsmod' shows you the modules loaded.   'lsmod | grep ndis'  will show you all module names loaded that contains 'ndis'14:28
OerHekshelo test it ? i have no info about 8600 issues14:28
server_or how to connect to LDAP server14:28
BrixSatcoraxx:  unloaded :)14:28
BrixSatcoraxx:  now i get "insmod: error inserting 'viawget.ko': -1 Invalid module format"14:28
coraxxBrixSat: Also make sure that your wireless-adapter is switched on (if its switched off or the radio is off you might also get that same error you described)14:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
BrixSatcoraxx: by switched on you mean pci card inserted?14:29
coraxxBrixSat: The you might be running a Kernel Module that is not compiled with your current kernel-version ....did you compile it yourself ?14:29
remoteCTRL3hi guys!14:29
BrixSatcoraxx:  yes14:29
remoteCTRL3would you do me the courtesy and tell me how to install kde and xfce on oneiric?14:30
llutz_remoteCTRL3: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop14:30
lupusarcanusWell, going by the IRC guidelines, I think it is an OK time for me to try at least once more -- I'm having an issue with my mail server. I set it up according to the Postfix Wiki page, but when I try to send an e-mail to my gmail account via telnet, it says access denied.14:30
coraxxBrixSat: Wireless-cards can have a 'deactive' switch ....usuallly its a psysical-key on the laptop.14:30
BrixSatcoraxx:  this is a desktop pc so no hardware switch14:31
remoteCTRL3llutz thanks dude!14:31
cjs226Ubuntu 11.04: I've run "/etc/init.d# update-rc.d myprocess_stop stop 1 0 1 6 ." which adds the appropriate links to /etc/rc0.d rc1.d and rc6.d.  however the scripts are called only until AFTER the first reboot.  any ideas?14:32
ActionParsnipremoteCTRL3: you can install minimal xfce with xfce414:32
conntrackhmm, I think my pci card needs re seating14:32
coraxxBrixSat: ok ... then I can only suggest to seek support at the website where you got the source-code ...maybe others have had similar problems... sounds like a software issue.14:32
phper_Hello. Any knows of portable ubuntu?14:32
conntrackThanks for the reminder14:32
remoteCTRL3ActionParsnip: nice to see you once more and thanks! :]14:32
zoLevDotComHi, guys!14:32
BrixSatcoraxx:  thanks :)14:32
coraxxanyone know of a website where there is a database/collection of LibreOffice Impress Templates ? (found a few templates on some websites...would like to have a bigger variaty)14:32
sandra_BrixSat, this happend to me once and what I did was tighten antenna and i was back up and running.14:32
coraxxBrixSat: yw...np :-)14:33
remoteCTRL3how can i customize the sidebar of unity?14:33
llutz_lupusarcanus: check "/var/log/mail.err"14:33
BrixSatsandra_:  this is more than a simple antena tight :p14:33
Myrttilupusarcanus: you could try your luck in #ubuntu-server too14:33
llutz_lupusarcanus: better #postfix14:33
Myrttior that.14:34
BrixSatcoraxx:  may it be the gcc version im compiling?14:34
sandra_BrixSat, good luck in my case I was banging my head against the wall for over 5 hours  before I realized the antenna was loose .14:34
BrixSatsandra_:  i have 6 machines all with same hardware and cloned imgs and all with same problem so antena i supose it will not be14:35
lupusarcanusllutz_ I'm sorry I didn't know there were channels like those! Boy am I bone-headed. Anyway, if it helps any, there is nothing in mail.err.14:35
ActionParsnipremoteCTRL3: drag items to it, there are other configs in ccsm14:35
remoteCTRL3ActionParsnip: oh, so i need to install that first... i would liek to fixate it, you know14:36
llutz_lupusarcanus: also nothing suspicous in "/var/log/mail.log"?14:36
ActionParsnipremoteCTRL3: how do you mean 'fixate'?14:36
xgt001anybody knows here how to delete jupiter config files completely?14:37
sandra_BrixSat, I wish you the best14:37
BrixSatsandra_:  thanks14:37
remoteCTRL3ActionParsnip: erm... i meant lock it so that it doesnt vanish14:37
Toph2i have recently upgraded to 11.10 and now my computer often hangs for periods of time with lots of HD activity. Also, on HTop I notice Compiz taking space. I though Metacity was gnomes window manager by default14:38
coraxxBrixSat: it shouldn't matter as longs as it compiles ... the kernel header-files and kernel-source files is what matters...if they don't match your current kernel version you might run into issues.  Gotta go...good luck :-)14:39
lupusarcanusllutz_, After having checked mai.log, I do see that every attempt to connect to Google's servers timed out. What's really confusing me is that the connections were attempted on port 25, when I am trying to use port 587 and even logged into my server via telnet using port 587. I can't use port 25 because my ISP blocks it.:(14:39
xgt001people, i have this only last gripe preventing switch to ubuntu.... video playback is super noisy (noisy as in fan noise) and frame drops are high too.. some help pls14:41
llutz_lupusarcanus: you might need to define a transport-entry for google, using 587/submission then. but as i said, better to ask at #postfix14:41
gulzarHow to show my wireless connection (GPRS) info with Conky?14:41
BrixSatany toughts what this might be? http://paste.ubuntu.com/718852/14:41
HelsinkiiiI just upgraded to 11.10 and my Brother Laser Printer does not work at all14:42
HelsinkiiiI'm kind of screwed because I have a report to hand in and I need to print this14:42
BrixSatHelsinkiii:  is it conneted via lan usb lpt1?14:43
Helsinkiiiholy smokes how do i check14:43
llutz_man msmtprc14:43
BrixSatHelsinkiii:  see it on the connection to the pc :)14:43
sandra_Helsinkiii, Welcome to the wonderful world of Ubuntu 11.10 lol my printer stopped working too14:43
lupusarcanusllutz_ I just had a look at Gmail settings, and they are pretty basic and don't seem to include something like that.14:43
BrixSatbtw after upgrade did you reboot=14:43
xgt001any help?14:43
Helsinkiiioh I mean this is bad14:44
HelsinkiiiI'm freaking out14:44
* alaing is cranking up the Red Hot Chili Pepper Tunes14:44
* edbian loves RHCP14:44
BrixSatxgt001: what video carD?14:44
sandra_Helsinkiii, But this is what I did I went to HP website and downloaded their printer driver and glad to say I'm back in the printing saddle again :-)14:44
HelsinkiiiBrixSat, it's via usb14:44
BrixSatHelsinkiii:  did you rebooted after upgrade?14:44
alaingedbian: I'm with you....14:44
xgt001BrixSat, amd 6370m14:45
HelsinkiiiBrixSat, yes14:45
xgt001i am using prop drivers as well14:45
sandra_Helsinkiii, Pehaps downloading your driver from Brother may help too14:45
BrixSatxgt001:  go to #ati14:45
HelsinkiiiBrixSat,should I reinstall the "cups" driver?14:45
BrixSatso remove the old print and install again :)14:45
HelsinkiiiBrixSat, what do you mean remove the old print14:46
Helsinkiiithe driver?14:46
BrixSatHelsinkiii:  the printer from printer manager14:46
HelsinkiiiBrixSat, it only gives me permission for serial port and networked printer14:48
HelsinkiiiBrixSat, but it's a USB printer14:48
sandra_Well my fellow Ubuntu inmates enjoy & have a wonderful day and solutions :-)14:49
remoteCTRL3ActionParsnip: i wonder why software center wont find neither kubuntu nor xubuntu...14:50
=== ruda_ is now known as rstm
auronandaceremoteCTRL3: use synaptic instead14:50
remoteCTRL3auronandace: i use software center only when i cannot find something with apt-cache...14:51
remoteCTRL3ok guys, it was a pleasure14:51
sandra_remoteCTRL3, Xubuntu does use ubuntu software center by default in the 11.10 version14:51
* remoteCTRL3 -> @xfce testing14:51
auronandaceremoteCTRL3: xfce is my favourite14:52
llutz_isn't softwarecentre just another frontend to apt?14:52
remoteCTRL3sandra_: somewhat interesting: software cdenter does find xubuntu and kubuntu but ONLY if you type xubuntu-desktop if you search for xubuntu desktop it wont14:52
remoteCTRL3veeery veird14:52
edbianllutz_: yes14:53
remoteCTRL3auronandace: i was using kde some ages ago, then gnome, but i dont like unity, so i am looking for alternatives. gome is also unfinished imho...14:53
auronandaceremoteCTRL3: lxde is another option14:53
remoteCTRL3auronandace: yes i heard of it...14:53
auronandaceremoteCTRL3: and enlightenment14:54
remoteCTRL3but i am actually not looking for a lightweight desktop but for one less cumbersome...14:54
Meliorhey, hvor do i set time in ubuntu server. my time is 1 day ahead of my normal time14:54
sandra_remoteCTRL3, well the good news it does display and work by default under Xubuntu :-)14:54
remoteCTRL3auronandace: enlightenment is also not for me...14:54
=== root is now known as Guest88905
Guest88905hello i   wana ask some thing14:54
Guest88905can any one help  me14:54
auronandacesandra_: he meant he couldn't find the xubuntu package using the software centre14:54
remoteCTRL3sandra_: ermm... what exactly?14:55
sandra_oic sorry my bad14:55
mneptokremoteCTRL3: the xfce4 package will pull in just the DE, and not all the associated apps you'll get in -desktop (e.g. Pidgin, gmusicbrowser, Abiword, etc)14:55
remoteCTRL3ah... kk:)14:55
Guest88905sandra i use  dell inspiron14:55
Guest88905i want  drivers for ubuntu14:55
remoteCTRL3mneptok: i see...14:55
mneptokGuest88905: for what hardware?14:56
MyrttiGuest88905: please be more specific14:56
Guest88905for vga14:56
Guest88905i have dell inspiron n5010 core i 314:56
mneptokGuest88905: who makes the video chipset in that Dell?14:56
mneptokGuest88905: the drivers are already in the Linux kernel.14:56
sandra_tc guy's14:57
Guest88905 i cant    make use of if14:57
Guest88905i new here14:57
Guest88905can you help me14:57
remoteCTRL3mneptok: Guest88905 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 1024MB14:57
mneptokremoteCTRL3: huh>14:57
llutz_Guest88905: lspci|grep VGA14:57
remoteCTRL3not according to this he doesnt: http://geizhals.at/54013514:58
remoteCTRL3different model, my bad...14:58
remoteCTRL3ok, guys, thanks once more for your help, see you another day! :)14:59
mneptokGuest88905: please do not PM me without asking.14:59
mneptokGuest88905: ask your questions here, please. i may have to go AFK and someone else may help you. if you'd like my undivided attention in a PM, we can discuss my hourly consulting rates. ;)15:00
Guest88905mnetok  ru there15:01
Pici!tab | Guest8890515:01
ubottuGuest88905: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:01
SilfenX<can someone explain to me why I cant get my samba shares to work properly? I can mount them from my win7 box using the account made during server installation, but all other accounts fail15:01
Guest88905any one plz help me15:01
remoteCTRL3mneptok: really nice hjomepage by the way!15:02
Guest88905i shall be very thank ful to him or her15:02
auronandaceGuest88905: as llutz asked, show us: lspci|grep VGA15:02
mneptokremoteCTRL3: i got it from Santa. :)15:02
pavanhello guys, I downloaded a theme for 11.10(using unity) through repo and after installing it I tried to activate it bye using appearance by right clicking, but I didn't find the installed theme, how to rectify this error15:02
remoteCTRL3except i dont understand how one can be a libertarian and a buddhist at the same time as i believe them to be mutually exclusive, but never mind...:)15:02
remoteCTRL3so but now finally! time to quit work, bye guys15:03
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash15:03
Guest88905hey guyzzzzzzzzzzz15:04
Guest88905plz help me out15:04
llutz_Guest88905: you won't get any help if you don't give requested info15:04
shadowhywind1I'm running into a small problem. I have 3 displays which I'm trying to set it up so only a single display works at a time, however I can't get it to work, any thoughts15:04
PiciGuest88905: You need to tell your helpers if you don't understand their instructions.15:04
ActionParsnipGuest88905: try stating your issue15:05
Guest88905pici come in private chat plz15:05
Guest88905i wana aask u some thing15:05
PiciGuest88905: I'm not available to help at the moment. Please ask in-channel.15:05
M4d3Lhi. anyone know funny command line annimation15:05
Pici!ot | M4d3L15:06
ubottuM4d3L: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:06
xgt001M4d3L, what you mean by funny command line annimation?15:06
Guest88905i type lspci|grep VGA15:06
Guest88905in terminil15:06
Guest88905it gaves 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 18)15:06
Guest88905 what should i do now for driver15:07
Guest88905what should i do  for vga driver15:07
Guest8890500:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 18)15:07
PiciGuest88905: stop repeating.15:07
mneptokGuest88905: the drivers are already in the Linux kernel.15:08
M4d3L@Pici nobody is on offtopic. lol15:08
mneptokGuest88905: there is nothing to do. you have the driver. go in peace.15:08
Guest88905mneptok plz join me in private15:08
Guest88905i wana ask you some thing15:08
Guest88905can you help me me how to  install drivers form kernel15:09
auronandaceM4d3L: do you have a support question?15:09
Guest88905i m new here15:09
MyrttiGuest88905: they're already installed and in use15:09
MyrttiGuest88905: nothing to do15:09
* alaing has sublime playing in the background15:09
mneptokGuest88905: the drivers are installed. they are built-in. there is nothing you need to do.15:09
Guest88905ever  thing is ok but vga driver is not ok15:09
cyphallutz_, still around?15:10
Guest88905any one plz help me out using team veiwer15:10
gulzarPlease Help. How to install AWN lucido in 11.10?15:10
Guest88905hey guyz mine is backtrack 4 r215:10
server_anybody know about LDAP ?15:10
mneptok!backtrack > Guest8890515:10
ubottuGuest88905, please see my private message15:10
auronandaceGuest88905: backtrack isn't supported here15:10
Guest88905ubottu can  we chat in private15:11
ubottuGuest88905: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:11
Guest88905:) i m too15:12
nik_/query ubottu15:12
Guest88905nik_ aur humman15:12
Guest88905any one human male here15:13
dr_willistheres no humans here.15:13
auronandaceGuest88905: go to #backtrack-linux15:13
h00k!ot | Guest8890515:13
ubottuGuest88905: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:13
dr_willisIm often scared by the people i see using backtrack....15:14
llutz_cypha: yes15:14
auronandacedr_willis: likewise, especially when they think it is secure and "for hackers"15:14
Tm_Tplease don't continue the offtopic discussion15:15
auronandaceGuest88905: stop sending me dcc requests15:15
NewbeeansFlashplayer completed :D15:15
blognewbhi guys how do you check using SSH if a command is already installed15:16
Guest88905some one plz join me in dcc15:16
Guest88905i wana help15:16
slakcphilblognewb use which <command>15:16
auronandace!backtrack | Guest8890515:16
ubottuGuest88905: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:16
dr_willisyou mean when usint the shell. ?15:16
OerHeksGuest88905,  my best advice, join the #Backtrack-linux irc for your vga problem15:16
dr_willisGuest88905:  we dont use or support BT linux here.. it has its own support rooms and forums..15:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:17
slakcphillike `which cp` would give you the direct path to the file and if it's in bin you will see it or use `locate` to find it15:17
slakcphilit may be in a libexec dir15:18
blognewbhey slakcphil it says bash: which: command not found15:18
llutz_blognewb: apt-get install debianutils15:18
Helsinkiiiwhen I try opening synaptic it says that a package needs to be  reinstalled15:19
HelsinkiiiI tried removing it and it doesn't work15:19
slakcphilno backticks15:19
dr_williswhich which...15:20
Helsinkiiiwhen I try to remove it from Janitor it says system could not complete15:20
HelsinkiiiI'm very screwed and I need immediate help15:20
Helsinkiiifreaking out15:20
RaTTuS|BIGwhats up Helsinkiii15:20
dr_willisHelsinkiii:  what package?15:20
Helsinkiiii upgraded to 11.10 and my printer stopped working15:20
Helsinkiiii tried to reinstall the driver from the Brother website15:21
Helsinkiiiand it went bad from there15:21
HelsinkiiiJanitor stopped working, synaptic doesn't work and neither does apt-get15:21
ActionParsnipHelsinkiii: reinstall the deb in terminal15:21
dr_willisHmm. My brother printer had drivers allready in the repos. :)15:21
llutz_dr_willis: lucky you are15:21
dr_willisHelsinkiii:  what was the exact file name and package you are refering to?15:21
=== Mud is now known as Guest7120
bmomjian1Just upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 and have the problem with my T43 screen not reappearing after the lid is shut, and configured to do nothing.  Anyone find a fix to this.  An hour of Google searches did not find a fix.15:23
=== matt_ is now known as Guest49002
bmomjian1With 10.04, F1, F7 fixed it15:24
HelsinkiiiActionParsnip, it says errors were encountered while processing it15:24
bmomjian1I tried ForceEnablePipeA but that is not supported in xorg in 10.1015:25
vivanovafter installing oneiric amd64 desktop it doesnt boot -- Operating System Not Found15:26
ActionParsnipHelsinkiii: could force install it but it may cause more issues, you may have yo install a lot of packages manually to get squared off15:26
ActionParsnipvivanov: did grub install ok?15:26
HelsinkiiiActionParsnip, how should I proceed?15:26
vivanovActionParsnip: no idea15:26
vivanovActionParsnip: grub doesnt appear on screen15:27
vivanovguess not15:27
cyphallutz_, can I make outgoing url look like asdf.zapto.org?15:27
ActionParsnipvivanov: if you hold shift at boot do you see a text screen ?15:27
llutz_cypha: "outgoing url"?15:28
cyphallutz_, cuz my server is trying to connect to facebook's api, but needs the same URL that i registered15:28
ActionParsnipHelsinkiii: if it were me I would force install the package, see if it helps15:28
cyphafor login15:28
ZtaHow do I enable sloppy focus these days?15:28
llutz_cypha: no idea, sry15:28
vivanovActionParsnip: no15:28
ct529hi .... some of the files in home directory have very strange time stamps ..... for example 1956-06-29. Is that even possible????15:28
vivanovActionParsnipoperating system not found15:28
blognewbhey guys is it possible for sysadmins to restrict access to certain subfolders?15:28
ActionParsnipvivanov: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/   you could take an easy route and reinstall but the botloader simply needs putting on15:29
vivanovActionParsnip: great thx15:29
ActionParsnip!permissions | blognewb15:29
ubottublognewb: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:29
osborn666vivanov: Do you have an ntfs partition?15:29
vivanovosborn666: ext415:29
blognewbim on plesk and the option there for SSH access is: "bin/bash (chrooted)", and when i try to locate the error_log i couldnt find it15:29
MenthaneGuys I've removed the global menu but the close, minimise and maximise buttons still hide in the top left. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186868015:29
osborn666okok nvm then, got some weird issues with mounting disk after upgrading15:29
llutz_ct529: regular files? i'd suggest runnign fsck15:29
HelsinkiiiActionParsnip, --force-all doesn't work15:30
mneptokvivanov: what make/model of machine? does it use UEFI?15:31
ActionParsnipHelsinkiii: oh boy, you got some big issues15:31
chihlangI come from Taiwan15:31
RaTTuS|BIGHelsinkiii - save off your data externall and restart from scratch15:31
ReaperI finally got gnome to work on 11.10!15:31
hadidonki tired since ubuntu dicided switch unity,... my compy can't runing well15:31
ReaperI gotta admit its very nice !15:31
hadidonkofc i replace with katya linux mint15:32
auronandace!mint | hadidonk15:32
ubottuhadidonk: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:32
chihlangIs there anyone know how to setup SMPlayer to work15:32