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SinghamHi...Can I Strean a live video concert using Ubuntu one ?03:22
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karniGood morning!06:05
rdvonzI'm having some trouble syncing folders outside of the primary ubuntu one folder. I end up with empty folders.07:44
JamesTaitMorning all! :)08:11
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mandelgatox, morning!09:11
mandelgatox, did you see my comment regarding your review?09:11
mandelgatox, I need to have a quick coffee our I will start being a human, can you take a look and we chat about it if you have any doubts?09:13
* mandel neeeeeds coffee...09:13
gatoxmandel, ack09:16
gatoxwill re-review now09:16
mandelgatox, I'm back09:36
mandelgatox, did you see what I meant, there is an extra level to go up to get the correct path09:36
gatoxmandel, ahh ok.....09:38
gatox+1 then09:38
mandelgatox, cool :)09:40
* mandel walks dog11:32
gatoxralsina, hi12:51
ralsinahola gatox!12:51
ralsinagatox: have any reviews? I need to look at code or I'm going to bore myself to death12:51
gatoxralsina, several :P but there are almost all of them assigned to people..... let me check if i have some free :D12:52
ralsinagatox: ok!12:53
gatoxralsina, i have 212:53
gatoxralsina, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/successful-page  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/page-successful12:53
gatoxthey are related :D12:53
ralsinasso first, right?12:54
gatoxralsina, i don't know why i figure as a reviewer in one of them jeje12:54
ralsinagive yourself a +1 ;-)12:54
gatoxralsina, yes...... but maybe you will need to set the pythonpath to point to the installer12:54
ralsinahmmmm that makes no sense12:55
gatoxah..... but not for test probably12:55
ralsinagatox: sso can not require installer12:55
gatoxprobably was the other way around....12:55
ralsinathat does make sense :-)12:55
gatoxralsina, yes, you are right12:55
gatoxralsina, sso does not require the installer12:56
ralsinatesting the branch in installer requiring pythonpath pointing to the sso branch, then. Ok!12:56
gatoxralsina, i follow your advice in ninja :P remove two huge eventfilters.... and improve a lot the performance in the editor :D12:57
gatoxyour general advice about eventfilter12:57
ralsinasee? eventFilter is of the devil12:57
gatoxyep..... i see now12:57
ralsinaspecially in python :-(12:57
gatoxralsina, it's the easy way12:57
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gatoxbut you just need to figure it out how to do it with another event12:58
ralsinayes, eventFilter is like programming in one of the really old languages/toolkits, where everything was in a global scope. Like programming for Amiga or something.12:58
ralsinafor example, the (very) old way to code windows apps in C was to have a main loop and a switch that cascaded on events and messages. EVERYTHING was on the event loop :-)13:00
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gatoxralsina, i couldn't work on my freaky friday project last week because i'm fighting with unicode, ctypes and the evil empire since last friday... i'm hope to have time to do it this friday... i'm finding issues with my username: "気弱な人 ñandú"13:01
gatoxmandel, loves it :P jeeje13:01
ralsinafaint of heart ñandú?13:01
gatoxñoño ñandú13:02
ralsinaOk, if you say so :-)13:02
gatoxor at least..... that's what google translate says when i type ñoño and convert it to japanese :P13:02
gatoxprobably not13:02
ralsinagatox: it doesn't roundtrip very well :-)13:02
dobeyi just got spam for a bollywood version of iron man.13:07
ralsinadobey: is it any good?13:17
dobeyralsina: i don't speak hindi, so can't really say13:19
dobeyit's very heavy on effects though13:19
dobeyand the trailers are short and incomprehensible13:20
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dobeyRa.One is the name of the movie13:20
ralsinasounds just like Iron Man!13:20
ralsinadobey, alecu, mandel, gatox: standup in 5'13:25
gatoxralsina, ack13:25
dobey"Are you sure you want to shut down?" "Yes, Yes I am." "Sorry, I can't do that, Dave."13:27
ralsinadobey: oneiric!13:29
dobeyyup :(13:29
mandeldobey, hahaha13:29
ralsinadobey, alecu? say me!13:31
gatoxdobey, alecu ?13:31
ralsinadobey: say meh!13:32
alecuand hello!13:32
gatoxalecu, hi :P13:32
ralsinahello :-)13:32
ralsinagatox go13:32
gatoxFixed some branches, all of them should be ready now. Improves in successful page branch. Working on unicode issues and migrating some functions that were used from pywin32 to ctypes to access unicode specific functions.13:32
gatoxKeep working on unicode issues.13:32
gatoxralsina, go13:32
ralsinaDONE: paperwork, trip preparations, changed return ticket so I can take a week off, london expenses, schedules, bored to death TODO: learn more about kanban, bore myself some more! BLOCKED: by boredom, MANDEL!13:32
mandelDONE: Continued work for bug 845659 by integrating a LoopingCall in the control panel. Reproduced bug 875283 on Vista.13:33
mandelTODO: Propose fix for bug 845659. Track pykeyring merge proposal status. Next bug.13:33
mandelBLOCKED: no13:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 845659 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Windows: implement the "there is a new version available" notifications (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84565913:33
mandelalecu, go!13:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 875283 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Update error (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87528313:33
alecuDONE: some experiments crossing ntlm server using ctnlm proxy wrapper13:34
alecuTODO: mumble about proxies with mandel, do some expenses too13:34
alecuBLOCKED: no13:34
alecugatox, let me know if I can be of any help on the unicode branches13:35
gatoxalecu, yes, thanks... at this moment i'm just trying to figure it out how to use some functions via ctypes... and testing that13:36
alecuoh, and TODO: review nessita branch.13:36
mandelalecu, did she update the branch?13:36
dobeyλ DONE: banshee/libu1 SRUs, fix avahi package to include GI bindings, reviewed tim's branch13:37
dobeyλ TODO: twisted+gi?13:37
dobeyλ BLCK: No.13:37
mandelditto for nessitas branch13:37
mandelralsina, what do we do about bug 875283?13:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 875283 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Update error (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87528313:39
mandelralsina, shall I implement a small dialog for the update, remove bitrock and let gatox style it like the rest of the app (or even more orange)13:40
gatoxi knew you were going to say something like that13:40
alecumandel, it seems she has updated the branch after your comments13:41
alecumandel, we should vote to change gatox irc nick to "f87217"13:42
gatoxalecu, hey alecu!!! jeje13:42
mandelalecu, he, it seems that we have more bugs after my comments :P13:42
mandelgatox, alecu: http://www.google.co.uk/search?gcx=w&ix=c2&q=gatox+naranja&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=59213:43
mandelthe world is full of them!13:43
alecumandel, you are probably forgetting: http://bit.ly/gatox-naranja13:45
gatoxthat explains a lot! jejej13:46
* alecu votes to change gatox's irc nickname to "garfield"!13:46
mandelgatox, alecu the comit is a lot better if we fire gatox http://garfieldminusgarfield.net/13:46
mandelalecu, is waaaay more depresing without the cat, and yet funny for some reason :P13:47
alecufunnily depressing!13:48
nessitahello all!14:00
gatoxnessita, hi!14:00
nessitahi gatox, I got the review email... I will do them as soon as I have some time14:01
nessitaat the sprint, we're having session, so not that much "free" time to work14:01
nessitamandel: I pushed several changes to the mega-branch last night :-)14:01
gatoxnessita, np..... i think i'll fighting for a long time with the unicode issues14:01
nessitagatox: email me anything you need, I will answer ASAP14:02
nessitagatox: but I may disappear from time to time from IRC14:02
gatoxnessita, yes, no problem..... i'm testing some W functions with ctypes..... i'm executing one inn particular, and i'm trying to figure it out why the function return nonsucced (when it should work)14:03
nessitagatox: what do you mean with non-success?14:04
nessitanon zero?14:04
gatoxnessita, the doc says that return 0 for non-success and non zero in other case.... but probably i'm setting wrongly a parameters or something...... i'll check with mandel if i'm block, because he is the ctypes master :P14:05
dobeynessita: aren't you at a sprint or something? :)14:05
nessitadobey: I am!14:06
nessitadobey: sessioning about something I can talk about :-P14:06
nessitaI cna't*14:06
dobeysurely you have complaints about it ;)14:06
ralsinanessita: you are allowed to type "meh" and "sigh" in the channel14:08
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mandelnessita, I'll review your branch as soon as I'm done with the work I'm at the moment :)14:12
mandelgatox, you might be dealing with a problem regarding you user not mappint to an ID number in the account system.. take a look around there (if you are working with the metog you asked me about)14:13
gatoxmandel, ok..... i'll let you know later if i could fix it14:14
mandelgatox, yeah, If you do tell me, because I'm sure I don't know how :P14:16
alecumandel, I'm taking amelia to kinder, and after that I'd like to mumble with you if you are still here.14:18
mandelalecu, sure, ping me when you are back, I have 3 more hours aprox14:19
nessitamandel: no rush!14:21
nessitaalecu: hey there... the mega-branch has all the fixes you requested14:21
JackslapsCan anyone help me with an Ubuntu One problem?14:32
JackslapsCame here last time but no one responded14:32
beunorye, duanedesign, ^14:33
duanedesignhelo Jackslaps14:34
ryeJackslaps, hi14:34
JackslapsCool, aight14:34
JackslapsI've been having syncing problems for about a month now14:34
JackslapsI tried some commands on the terminal to see what the status on ubuntu one was like14:34
Jackslapssays that it's on idle14:35
JackslapsI disconnect and reconnect constantly, but nothing happens14:35
ryeJackslaps, do you mean that the files did not get uploaded despite saying it is IDLE or that filesync was not connecting properly?14:36
nessitaralsina: is bug #827465 still an issue/14:36
ubot4nessita: Error: Bug #827465 not found.14:36
ralsinamust be private14:37
nessitabug #82746514:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 827465 in ubuntuone-windows-installer (and 2 other projects) "QT UI name of the application (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82746514:37
JackslapsThing is that I bought like... three albums on the music store14:37
ralsinanessita: I think we can close that one14:37
Jackslapsand only some have transferred over to One14:37
ralsinanessita: tuens out that name is added in the signing process, so it seems to have worked on the last release14:37
ryeJackslaps, could you please paste your e-mail privately to me?14:37
nessitaralsina: could you please comment and close? :-)14:38
ralsinaDoing it :-)14:38
JackslapsI'm using irssi, so I don't really know how to privately message14:38
dobeyJackslaps: /msg same as any other irc client :)14:39
Jackslapsoh aight14:39
Jackslapsdid it work?14:40
Jackslapsthe message I mean14:40
ryeJackslaps, yes, received, looking up the account14:42
JackslapsHere's the status I have on my connection:14:42
JackslapsState: CHECK_VERSION connection: With User With Network description: checking protocol version is_connected: True is_error: False is_online: False queues: IDLE14:43
ryeJackslaps, at the moment the server team makes changes to the servers to prevent them from being slow and dropping connection that often.14:44
mandelralsina, ping14:44
ralsinamandel: ponga!14:45
ryeJackslaps, according to your account, all files were downloaded to your online storage. I suppose you don't see them on your local hard disk, is that correct?14:45
JackslapsYeah I guess so14:45
mandelralsina, I'm adding the autoupdater to the control panel and I found some funny logic, do you mind taking a quick look?14:45
ralsinamandel: sure, where?14:45
JackslapsLike, I'm looking at the Purchased music folder on One14:46
mandelralsina, in ubuntuone/cotrolpanel/gui/qt/gui.py in the start method, the :14:46
mandelif not minimized:14:46
mandel        if with_icon or minimized:14:46
Jackslapsand it lists the albums I've bought14:46
Jackslapsbut none of them are filled with any songs14:46
nessitagatox: conflict in https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/connect-files/+merge/7961114:46
ralsinamandel: that looks like something I didn't delete completely14:46
ralsinait should be "if with_icon"14:47
gatoxnessita, ok, fixing.....14:47
mandelralsina, that is what I was thinking, but I wanted to double check14:47
JackslapsThe only album that shows up with any songs is one of my Trans-Siberian Orchestra albums; the others are empty14:47
ralsinamandel: should be just that, agreed14:47
mandelralsina, ok, thats all, thx!14:47
duanedesignJackslaps: can you run this command in a terminal to see how many files are in your sync queue -  u1sdtool --waiting | wc -l14:49
Jackslapssays 0, so none14:52
ryeJackslaps, are you using Banshee or Rhythmbox?14:59
ryeJackslaps, when you are looking at "Purchased music folder", is this on the web interface or locally, in ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One folder?15:00
JackslapsAlso to note is that on the Ubuntu One Music Store tab of Banshee15:01
ryeJackslaps, ok, could you please visit the https://one.ubuntu.com/files/ and navigate to Purchased Music folder?15:01
Jackslapsunder My Downloads, the songs I'm missing are in a constant state of "Transferring to your Ubuntu One storage"15:02
ryeJackslaps, interesting. That may mean that SD does not see that the folder has changed. Or that client was not able to connect properly, could you please check the online version of the folder?15:03
dobeyneed to get lunch, bbiab15:05
JackslapsHmm, the web interface tells me that all my songs are downloaded15:05
JackslapsYup, all the songs seem to be listed there15:06
ryeJackslaps, ok, now could you please re-check the status of syncdaemon - u1sdtool --status ?15:12
JackslapsQUEUE_MANAGER connection: With User With Network description: processing the commands pool is_connected: True is_error: False is_online: True queues: IDLE15:13
ryeJackslaps, interesting15:20
ryeJackslaps, ok, let's poke it, u1sdtool --list-folders - could you please paste the line that has "Purchased from Ubuntu One" in it?15:20
Jackslapsid=2741a705-aefb-4119-abb4-f52c9b997fdc subscribed=True path=/home/chris/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One15:21
ryeJackslaps, ok, please run u1sdtool --rescan-from-scratch=2741a705-aefb-4119-abb4-f52c9b997fdc15:23
ryeJackslaps, that forces the client to request full data from the server, not only the latest changes.15:24
Jackslapsaight getting it15:25
Jackslapssays 49 files are being downloaded15:25
JackslapsI'm checking the Downloads tab in the music store15:34
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Jackslapsand nothing has changed15:34
Jackslapshowever it says it's still syncing15:34
Jackslapsand by nothing has changed, I mean nothing is showing me that it's actively downloading anything new15:35
Jackslapsthe majority of the songs I'm missing are stuck at "Transferring to your Ubuntu One storage" or "0.0MB of 0.0MD downloaded"15:37
Reaperthats odd, ive noticed there is a bit of time from when you upload something to when you can dl it to your equipment. But since the servers have gotten somewhat fixed I havent had much problem15:39
JackslapsI've actually have had this problem occur all the time since 10.1015:40
gatoxlunch! brb15:41
Reaperahh I just started using it, so i'd make a bad benchmark.15:41
JackslapsThe only album I've bought flawlessly was my Airbourne album15:41
Jackslapsthat was my first purchase15:42
Jackslapssince then I've been having problems left and right15:42
Reapergot cha.. i mostly use it to transfer files and stuff. I'd upload my own music lol15:42
Reaperwouldnt try to buy it15:42
ryeJackslaps, could you please run u1sdtool --status again?15:43
Reaperman gnome classic runs so much better on 11.10 !15:43
ryeJackslaps, by _this_ you mean that purchased files were not downloading for you?15:44
JackslapsWAITING connection: With User With Network description: waiting before try connecting again is_connected: False is_error: False is_online: False queues: WORKING15:44
ryeJackslaps, yes, this is what we are currently fixing. The syncdaemon has found the missing files but was disconnected by the server due to error. We are currently adjusting the servers (and by currently I mean "as we speak"). The performance of sync is not something we are satisfied with.15:45
Jackslapsalso oddly enough I'm getting some sort of update notification saying the update information is incorrect15:48
Jackslapsthat I should click "check for updates" to check if some respositories failed15:49
JackslapsI do so, yet nothing happened15:49
JackslapsI try to update the normal way, although I had previously updated earlier this morning, and it says I'm up to date15:49
Jackslapsand now it's gone15:50
Jackslapsit does this every 5 minutes or so since I've started this troubleshooting session15:50
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JackslapsSo uh... how's the server adjustment going along?16:11
mandelalecu, ping?16:17
alecumandel, pong!16:17
mandelalecu, shall we do a super quick mumble?16:18
alecumandel, super quick is fine for me16:18
mandelalecu, lest do it then!16:18
dobeynessita: more boring unity design talk? ;)16:39
* mandel rugby16:39
nessitadobey: a little, yes :-)16:39
dobeynessita: complain about how unity forces gnome-terminal to always have a menu, so you can't use Alt-modifier keybindings :)16:40
nessitadobey: so far I have complained 0 times... so don't make me start! ;-)16:41
dobeynessita: but if *you* complain, they might listen. unlike when i complain :)16:41
nessitadobey: I will see what I can do :-)16:42
dobeynessita: try using mc in a gnome-terminal under unity on oneiric, and you'll see what i mean :)16:42
nessitadobey: I will...16:43
ralsinadobey: you can always use esc-whatever instead of alt in mc IIRC (but yes it sucks)16:44
dobeyralsina: you can't type esc-b on general command line to go back one word though16:44
dobeyand even if you could, Esc is *WAY* up there in the corner16:44
ralsinaoh, that one, yes16:44
ralsinaI have esc mapped to capslock ;-)16:45
dobeybecause exactly what i need, is to accidentally hit Esc in a dialog window, when trying to tab between fields. no thanks ;)16:46
ralsinaoh, but for vi, it's joy16:46
dobeyyeah. also. i don't use vi.16:46
dobeyand i don't think i ever hit esc in emacs16:47
ralsinaWhoa, it costs U$S 350 to get medical insurance for 2 weeks in the US. That's*alot*16:47
JackslapsYou should see what we pay yearly16:49
ralsinaJackslaps: I would not be surprised if the answer is like U$S 9100 ;-)16:50
dobeyralsina: if you get sick, just rob a bank, and wait for the police to pick you up. then you'll get free health coverage during your incarceration16:50
ralsinadobey: well... I can do that, but my kid is not prison material16:51
dobeyralsina: eh, it will toughen him up :)16:52
ralsinadobey: he's tough! http://s2.i1.picplzthumbs.com/upload/img/73/9e/33/739e33bab87165733e66800c17e2818c7812847d_400r.jpg16:52
ralsinaOr rather http://picplz.com/user/ralsina/pic/6zftw/16:53
ralsinaIn any case, it's weird that if any of you is sick when you come here, I know I can take you to a hospital and get you fixed16:55
dobeybloody socialists!16:56
ralsinabut if I get a tooth ache in the US I am going to have to pawn my wife to pay for it16:56
ralsinaok, lunchtime!16:57
dobeyralsina: there's this thing going on right now in the US… maybe you've heard of it. something to do with the f'd up state of the union, with people occupying various parks and government/financial institution related areas, in protest.16:58
ralsinadobey: yeah, you are busy imitating spanish hippies from 6 montha ago, I heard16:58
ralsinaOr disgruntled argentinians from 10 yers ago, even16:59
ralsinaAnd probably annoyed greeks from 2500 years ago ;-016:59
dobeythose damn egyptian slaves, wanting to go out into the wilderness and praise to their god!17:00
ralsinadobey: I saw a sign at the pyramid saying "we are the (bird scepter guy-walking-weird)%17:01
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gatoxok, eod for me... see you tomorrow18:14
* gatox is going to read to learn how to manage the dark arts of ctypes18:14
gatoxhow to*18:14
ralsina_gatox: good luck18:14
gatoxralsina_, with ctypes? :P18:14
ralsina_gatox: yep18:14
ralsina_gatox: basically, you are going to be able to segfault python now18:15
gatoxralsina_, jeje18:15
gatoxalecu, i'll keep looking for another solution, i'll let you know if i found something...18:15
dobeysegfaulting python is pretty easy18:16
ralsina_dobey: there are a few known ways, but doing it without 3rd party libraries or ctypes is pretty hard18:16
dobeyralsina_: and writing any sort of moderately useful application without third party libraries or ctypes, is nigh impossible :)18:17
ralsina_dobey: look, a nit! pick it! ;-)18:18
dobeyif only there was some way to embed flash, and automate it, offscreen, in python18:19
ralsina_dobey: there is!18:20
dobeythough 8.29*10^23 or whatever is still way too many combinations to generate18:20
ralsina_dobey: there is a completely headless, no X, version of qtwebkit somewhere.18:21
dobeysure, xvfb i guess18:21
ralsina_No, no X18:21
ralsina_let me look for the link18:21
dobeyralsina_: i said flash, not html. if it's without X, i'm sure it doesn't embed flash very well18:21
dobeyalso, it's qt :(18:22
ralsina_yes, the plugin stuff is probably not supported18:22
dobeyi'll just wait and do this sort of thing next time 'round i think18:22
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alecugatox_comprando_, found a much cleaner solution...18:39
alecugatox_comprando_, I'm cleaning it up, then I'll post it in a pastebin18:39
dobeynessita: are you making a branch for the ValueError thing then? i see you assigned it to yourself18:40
nessitadobey: yes I am, I discussed it with facundo yesterday18:40
dobeyok, cool18:41
=== gatox_comprando_ is now known as gatox
gatoxalecu, i'm back!!! want to know!! do you have any doc?? :P18:50
ralsina_facundobatista_: can you take a quick look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/83677880/syncdaemon.log ?19:02
ralsina_facundobatista_: there is a weird error "[filename] discarded because of volume not subscribed"19:03
alecugatox, this is the way: http://paste.ubuntu.com/719088/19:03
alecugatox, no ctypes at all!19:04
gatoxalecu, super cool!!!19:05
alecugatox, I went thru a couple of MSDN and codeproject articles, and thru the python win32api docs and this is the best solution IMnsHO19:05
gatoxalecu, i'll check that now with my evil user! :P19:06
ralsina_gatox, alecu: yes, win32api is preferred to ctypes whenever possible19:06
alecugatox, already checked with my user named "雄鳥お人好し"19:07
nessitaalecu: nice! does that return an unicode?19:08
alecunessita, no need for unicode. This returns a PySID and that's what we really need.19:08
alecunessita, we needed the unicode username in order to get the PySID.19:08
nessitaalecu: is that all we need? how are we implementing the expanduser if we don't have the username?19:09
alecunessita, we should *NOT* use the username to get the user folder.19:09
alecunessita, the user folder should be gotten using an API19:09
alecunessita, because it might not be the standard location.19:10
nessitaalecu: right, the get_special_folders function19:10
nessitaalecu: actually, you just made me realize we should be grabbing the user home from xdg... and perhaps adding the new implementation for windows there19:11
ralsina_I need to contact xdg upstream so a reasonable implementation of xdg for windows gets there19:11
nessitaalecu: hum, I think I lied19:12
nessitano home in xdg19:12
dobeyralsina_: xdg upstream. good one19:12
gatoxnessita, some other parts of the code are using expanduser, not this one in particular19:12
ralsina_dobey: that proabbly means becoming the upstream, right?19:12
nessitagatox: what do you mean? define "this one" ;-)19:12
gatoxnessita, os_helper in windows19:13
dobeyralsina_: yeah, python-xdg hasn't been touched in a long time it seems19:13
gatoxnessita, this issue was related to something else19:13
dobeyralsina_: several bugs open against it with patches, and no response. i think the maintainer just stopped screwing with it19:13
nessitagatox: so, the main goal is to be able to have the user home properly calculated, no?19:13
ralsina_dobey: and it's broken on Linux, at least when it comes to finding the cache folder and all that stuff. It ignores config files that move them.19:13
dobeywelcome to FOSS! :)19:13
dobeyhow so?19:14
ralsina_dobey: let me find my notes19:14
gatoxnessita, yes, but this issue that alecu solved, was causing syncdaemon to explote when a unicode username just because the funciont LookupAccountName didn't handle unicode... but the issue about the dirty paths is something else..... or maybe we are talking about different things :P19:15
ralsina_dobey: I remembered wrong, python-xdg simply has nothing to find Video/Music/whatever folders19:15
nessitagatox: I see. Ok then!19:16
dobeyralsina_: and i'm not sure what you mean by "config files that change them" really. the directories are set by env vars19:16
ralsina_dobey: not only by env vars19:16
dobeyralsina_: right. it was stopped being touched before those were introduced, so it doesn't know about them19:16
dobeyralsina_: yes, by env vars. that one config file to specify the user dirs is read by a thing that sets the env vars when logging in to gnome19:16
dobey(or to kde too i guess)19:17
dobeyxdg base directory specification contains no mention of config files19:17
ralsina_dobey: well, it mentions XDG_CONFIG_DIRS19:17
ralsina_oh, get it it's for other stuff19:17
dobeyyes, XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_CONFIG_HOME are to specify where apps should look at to read/store configuration files19:18
ralsina_I was confused with xdg-user-dirs actually19:20
ralsina_That one does have a config file19:20
ralsina_which it doesn't read, because on linux we are too cool19:21
dobeywhich what doesn't read?19:21
ralsina_dobey: it specifies a standdard config file, but it only uses the env vars.19:23
dobeywhat is "it" ?19:24
* dobey feels like he's a knight who no longer says ni.19:24
dobeyxdg-user-dirs does use the config file19:24
dobeyxdg-user-dirs is simply a tool which sets the environment vars from that config file19:25
dobeythere is no "xdg user directories" specification19:25
dobeypython-xdg has a BaseDirectory module which impleements the xdg base directory specification, and doesn't know anything about xdg-user-dirs which is a hack that came after python-xdg stopped really being maintained19:25
ralsina_ok, got it then19:26
dobeywe should just stop using python-xdg, and use the glib API for this stuff19:26
dobeythen it will a) work and b) we won't have to maintain yet another project we don't want to maintain :)19:26
ralsina_OTOH, something that tells us where the user has his images/videos/whatever is actually useful19:26
dobeywhich is why glib has API for it :)19:27
dobeyhowever it's also a bunch of bollocks, because i don't put anything in those locations19:27
ralsina_dobey: that's because you are weird19:27
dobeyand in fact, i think on my computer they all just point at $HOME19:27
ralsina_if they do, that *is* bollocks19:28
dobeywell, because i deleted the directories i don't use19:28
jderoseChipaca: so i didn't see something like this already, so i regsitered this blueprint to discuss couchdb sync in P - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-u1-couchdb-sync19:48
dobeyjderose: i think he's on a plane or going to be soon.19:55
jderosedobey: ah, cool, thanks ;)19:57
jderosedobey: that blueprint might overlap with something already registered, but i couldn't find anything19:58
jderoseug, everytime blueprints confuse the crap out of me :-/20:04
dobeyblueprints can be pretty confusing20:05
jderosedobey: you're telling me! :)20:07
dobeyi hope all the things i ordered get here before i have to leave20:10
jderosedobey: what did you order? leave for where?20:18
dobeyleave for uds20:18
jderosedobey: ah sweet, we'll have to hang out! :)20:19
dobeysome stuff for my car project, and alto saxophone/reeds/strap20:19
jderosedobey: so are you saying there will be a saxophonist in the All Stars Jam? ;)20:20
dobeyi didn't say i knew how to play, i said i bought one :)20:21
dobeyi'm still undecided on whether i will bring the camera or not20:22
jderosedobey: bring the camera, bring the camera!!!! :-D20:25
dobeymaybe i should go ahead and upgrade to 12.04 on my laptop and watch it fail to work20:33
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nessitaalecu: ping21:25
dobeyhave a good evening all21:31
nessitabye d21:31
nessitaok, eoding for now21:42
nessitabye all!21:42

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