mr_pouitnew thunar, tumbler and xfce4-panel just entered wheezy19:38
mr_pouit(I've synced tumbler)19:38
pleia2knome: plugin on new wp site looks good \o/19:58
pleia2I don't think the arrows actually work though (not sure I like them anyway)20:00
Pjotrmr_pouit: I have a feature request for xfce4-power-manager. I would like to be able to select "shutdown" as action when the laptop lid is being closed. This option is not available now, in Oneiric.20:55
PjotrIs this possible? And what workaround can I use, for the time being (which config file to edit)?20:59
scott-workany sessions available for xubuntu or xfce during uds-p?22:10
scott-workalso, what will xubuntu do when wayland is implemented?22:10
scott-worki'll catch the any answers on my ScottL account22:10
pleia2pretty sure wayland is too far off to think about right now :)22:12
pleia2not sure about xubuntu-specific sessions, but last time charlie-tca met in hallways to discuss things, we'll both be there again22:13
ScottLpleia2, i hope to meet both you and charlie at uds-p23:27

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