barcoI need some help with Installing Epoptes on Ltsp Chroot. It seems to be an issue with ubuntu keyserver being down07:39
alkisgbarco: what's the error output? the keyserver seems to work here...07:46
barcogpg: keyserver timed out07:47
barcogpg: keyserver receive failed: keyserver error07:47
alkisgbarco: ping keyserver.ubuntu.com07:47
alkisgMaybe you don't have a correct resolv.conf in your chroot07:47
barcoI think you're right. Let me check that...07:49
barcoThanx, that was the problem. I don't use internet on the clients so never noticed the issue.07:51
alkisgCool, let us know if you like epoptes etc07:53
barcoWill do, I'm trying it out right after I update the NBD Image.07:54
barcoIt's snappy! I like the fact that it can broadcast to a client before log-in!07:57
alkisgYeah some times we only want to broadcast something for 1 hour without the students even logging in, so we thought to implement it this way :)07:58
barcoAnd here I've been logging in to workstations to broadcast. So much more work. Epoptes is also a lot more responsive than Italc when broadcasting. Looks like it updates several times per second without bogging down the network.10:33
barcoUsed to have 1second interval updates on Italc. That translates to 2-3 second lag with 6clients! Thanx for all your effort and work on this project!!10:34
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