dacresniwho here has messed with grub crashkernel00:04
takecarehello everybody00:08
rob_0629Back from class, same weird problem. WINE program (Guild Wars :P) has sound/music at the login screen but after I log in, sound is gone. Suggestions? :P lol00:38
rob_0629(not a volume/mixer issue :P)00:39
* rob_0629 sits on his hands and waits~00:39
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giantpuneim using kubuntu 11.10.  the update manager thingy (apper) says there is an update to a package, but then fails to download it with a 404 error.  is there any way to clear this update from apper so it doesnt keep trying to grab that file?01:12
xdunlapxhi guys, I'm wondering if anybody here has experience using the hp toolbox01:16
xdunlapxer the HPLIP Toolbox01:17
giantpunehmmm.  it seems that running "sudo apt-get upgade" in the terminal is able to upgrade that package that apper fails to get.01:20
afink_How can you change the authentication source on kubuntu to use NIS?01:40
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hexacodeanyone know a decent filtering utility for ubuntu that converts to and from  any of the following   hex, binary, ascii , and maybe even character encodings02:02
PhilRodhexacode: if you want a commandline hex dump, there's od02:10
hexacodethanks PhilRod02:21
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hexacodehow does ssh forward a local port for its tunneling?   does it somehow get into the kernel and get access to the packets before they go outbound, and look at their source port? then copy the data and send it to ssh ? then drop the packet from the kernel so it doesnt go out the clients port?02:30
AxlinHey guys. In Natty, Muon Package Manager (I installed it separately) had a button to retrieve a screenshot for a package, just like in Synaptic. In Oneiric, however, that button is gone. Did they remove that feature or something?03:10
skreech_afink: ping03:15
skreech_hexacode: Nothign gets into the kernel. It asks the kernel to do something for it or it bypasses the kernel completely. We call the bypass ones rootkits03:16
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Daskreechclaydoh_: ping03:16
hanasakiany reason why strigi would keep indexing the same file over and over again?  the files have not changed03:23
jmichaelxi wonder why in the world amarok places a lot of tracks in 'various artists', when it clearly knows who the artist is04:41
jmichaelxi also wish the colors used in the tool tips could be changed, as they make the text nearly unreadable as they are04:42
well_laid_lawnI think there is an amarok channel04:46
jmichaelxwell_laid_lawn: yea, i went there after i asked the question here04:50
well_laid_lawncheers :)04:50
vehemothhow do I find out the name of a plasmoid? like the notifications one is notifications and the calendar is calendar. I don't meant the title when I go add widget04:50
jmichaelxvehemoth: i have wondered the same thing... under 'add widget', the names really should match the actual name of the widget. the way it is now is really stupid04:52
starncan anyone help me with my mouse and unreal tournament 2004?? it keeps centering on the center left everytime i try to move it and does same thing while in game and not just in the menu.. how do i fix it?05:18
vehemothjmichaelx: not sure but it seems that widgits are the ones in /usr/share/kde4/services that start with Application and you use that name without the Application part and in lower case05:19
vehemothnah I'm sure that's wrong05:20
Daskreechvehemoth: what are you looking for? there is plasma umm debuggy thingy05:24
Daskreechstarn: only when UT starts?05:24
vehemothDaskreech: I've found the particular one I'm looking for, I was just wondering how you tell05:24
Daskreechvehemoth: Not .. sure I just use the filters to find things05:25
Daskreechand I guess I've been around KDE Long enough to just kinda know.05:25
starndaskreech all over ut.... menus in game etc..05:25
Daskreechstarn: Man I'd have to dig that out now to figure that out05:26
Daskreechstarn: is it the linux install of UT?05:26
vehemothDaskreech: my problem is I'm trying to use things without a full plasma desktop and it's hard to find help for some of the harder problems05:26
Daskreechvehemoth: you have 1/2 a plasma?05:27
starndaskreech yes most defiantly linux install. from the actual CD's surprisingly.05:27
Daskreechisn't that just hot gas? :)05:27
Daskreechstarn: Yeah. I would guess hit epic's forum and ask05:27
vehemothyou can run plasmoids by themeselves using plasma-windowed05:27
vehemothso I'm doing that with kwin and krunner. using a different bar and different desktop05:28
starndaskreech do they even still support linux?? i mean i've not seen an linux installer for UT3 [2007]05:28
Daskreechstarn: in ... theory..?05:28
Daskreechthey have Linux on the box of the games they put out and they pay Ryan to have Linux support but they have not actually put out any linux support for the last three games05:29
starnDaskreech: i know they supported linux all the way till 2004 ut.... :\ why they stopped beats me i heard they supposedly was working on one for 2007 but i've yet to see light..05:29
DaskreechWhen asked they still say yes they have been working on it05:29
Daskreechstarn: I suppose having Microsoft as a publishing partner would be interesting05:29
starnDaskreech: indeed.. which lately i've been hearing microsoft has been supporting linux.. [highly doubtful]05:30
Daskreechvehemoth: Yep I know plasma-windowed. I suppose you could jump into #plasma and just let them know what you are doing.05:30
DaskreechThey might take it into consideration when doing packaging to name or categorize the actual plasmoids more intuitively05:31
Daskreechstarn: well they are the biggest sponsor of LinuxConf and the open android conference05:31
Daskreechstarn: in terms of actually putting out anything to help Linux not really05:32
Daskreechthey have code in the kernel05:32
starnDaskreech: really??!?!?! my heart may of just stopped dude.. thanks.. haha ima try to see if my game needs patching.. just thought of that..05:32
Daskreechstarn: It's to support Linux running as a sub process under Windows Server but yes they do05:34
hexacodehey you guys. im reading a man page and have absolutely no idea wat this means "-C      Canonical hex+ASCII display.  Display the input offset in hexadeci‐ mal, followed by sixteen space-separated, two column, hexadecimal bytes, followed by the same sixteen bytes in %_p format enclosed in ``|'' characters.05:35
hexacodethe %_p format is what i dont understnad05:36
hexacodeis that some scripting lingo that i dont know about?05:36
Daskreechhexacode: od ?05:36
Daskreechthe %_p is the query?05:37
hexacodehow am i supposed to know that?05:39
hexacodeis it like a scripting convention to write arguments like that?05:39
starnDaskreech: i forgot the copy command .... cp???05:41
Daskreechstarn: yes05:42
Daskreechhexacode: it's explained further on in the manpage05:43
starnhey Daskreech i have another issue.. with games... example. openarena. it won't let me set res and always stritches across both monitors.. i only want it to display on one..05:45
Daskreechstarn: hmm haven't played with Games across multiple monitors for a few years05:46
Daskreechstarn: check in #gametome or #phoronix05:46
starnDaskreech: is it in freenode?05:46
Daskreechone should help with games the other should help with driver issues etc05:46
Daskreechstarn: yes05:50
vehemothjmichaelx: to list all the widgets, plasmoidviewer --list05:54
starnDaskreech: they said it could be my dual monitor setup causing both issues... grrr.05:55
Daskreechstarn: sounds about right.05:59
Daskreechstarn: though the center left statement makes a lot more sense now when I know it's dual monitor06:00
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starnDaskreech: how would i copy an entire folder to another folder for i wanna copy ut2004-patch contents to where i installed ut.. but when i do cp /ut2004-patch/ /installpath/ it puts that folder there not the stuff in the folder.06:03
Daskreechcp -r or cp /ut2004-patch/* /installpath/06:04
Daskreecheither will work06:04
starnDaskreech: thanks wish i wasn't forgetfull haha06:05
starnDaskreech: omitting dicertory does mean copying? right??? if so i think i did it right..06:07
Daskreechstarn: Hmm?06:08
starnit says cp: omitting directory `/home/starn/Downloads/UT2004-Patch/Animations'06:08
starnbasically i do not know the definition of omitting.06:09
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starnDaskreech: you good with crontab thingy?? i been trying to make it automatically change my backgrounds in xubuntu.. i mainly use kubuntu for pretty stuff.. haha06:23
Daskreechstarn: sorry omitting means leaving out06:24
Daskreechstarn: http://www.howtoforge.com/xfce_desktop_background_wallpaper_changer06:24
starnDaskreech: Make sure that the Allow Xfce to manage the desktop. i do not have a thingy to mark that states that....06:25
Daskreechstarn: can you give it a list of images to use for the wallpaper?06:27
Daskreechif you can then run xfdesktop -reload from the terminal06:30
Daskreechlet me know if the wallpaper changes06:30
starnDaskreech: xfdesktop --reload works.06:35
Daskreechstarn: new wallpaper?06:36
starnDaskreech: yes new wallpapers..06:36
Daskreech */5 * * * * export DISPLAY=:0; /usr/bin/xfdesktop --reload  in your crontab should work then06:36
starnDaskreech: that may be my problem!!! -reload didn't work but --reload did and i am pretty sure i copied and pasted that!06:37
DaskreechSorry should have been --reload :)06:37
starnso now i wait five minutes.06:38
starnDaskreech: does DISPLAY=:0; effect both monitors or just one?? lol sorry i ask you so many questions.06:41
Daskreechthe main one I think06:41
DaskreechUnless you have an extended desktop then it will be both06:41
DaskreechWhat's in your display variable now?06:41
starntwinview. it functions as two monitors and at the same time functions as one... kinda like on windows..06:42
Daskreechyou probably should just replicate that06:42
Daskreechstarn: what does echo $DISPLAY say now?06:42
starn:1.0 so i assume i change the display thingy to DISPLAY=:1.0; ?06:43
starnshould the " : " be that or should it be a ;?06:46
starnDaskreech: when nano asks to save.. i noticed it wants to save in /tmp/crontab.1HtaVx/crontab  should i change that?06:48
Daskreechstarn: no06:48
Daskreechcrontab will check the permissions on it and replace as needed06:49
JorgeGarciaRHello. Does any body where "System Settings -> Desktop -> Screen Edges" is in Kubuntu? I have my bar on the left side and every time I move the mouse to the top left corner I execute the "scale / present windows" plugin06:49
Daskreechstarn: assuming you are editing with crontab -e06:49
starnDaskreech: ok thanks.. i haven't been so i was unsure. so now i just wait.. yay waiting..06:49
Daskreechyou can see what's there with crontab -l06:49
JorgeGarciaRI meant: Does anybody know*06:49
starnDaskreech: IT CHANGED!! you're a life saver!06:50
DaskreechJorgeGarciaR: Umm. Other than System Settings -> Desktop -> Screen Edges?06:50
DaskreechJorgeGarciaR: alt+F2 -> screen edges06:50
Daskreechstarn: no I'm a desktop killer :)06:50
starnDaskreech: in that case i ask that you don't kill my desktop :P06:51
Daskreechstarn: That's what changes the wallpaper06:51
starnDaskreech: ohhh i get it.. the reload command is telling the entire desktop to reload? not just the background...... ?06:52
Daskreechstarn: yes but the thing that will get affected is the wallpaper06:52
DaskreechEverything else remains the same06:53
JorgeGarciaRDaskreech: Thanks!07:03
Fleckhow can i keep pulseaudio from starting when kde starts?07:39
Tyl3r_DuRd3nhi there07:48
john32hi does anyone know why im getting that pesky Error: Bad passphrase when trying to decrypt/encrypt email in kmail in oneric07:57
john32(note it's a clean install with a clean setup)07:57
john32seems to ork correctly in thunderbird07:58
john32hmm okay thats odd it worked for an old email but then crashed07:58
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jillsmitt_my computer is connected to MS Windows network and i dont see computer names properly (names are not in EN)08:51
jillsmitt_what can i do to fix it?08:51
DaskreechFleck: Uninstall pulseaudio?09:13
Daskreechjohn32: maybe it's sent with a GPG key?09:13
FleckDaskreech that was not my question, please read again!09:16
john32Daskreech: nah it was an old email which i have the key in my ring09:16
john32right now im just trying to figure out why i can't get email send.09:17
DaskreechFleck: hmm you could put a pulseaudio -k in your bashrc09:17
john32smtp.gmail.com fullusername@gmail.com <password> TLS on port 587 with PLAIN authentication09:17
john32i thought that was the correct SMTP settings for Kmail09:17
john32just sees to sit in my local folders outbox09:19
john32oh maybe its a bug09:20
john32https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=278020 :P09:20
ubottuKDE bug 278020 in general "KMail cannot send e-mail via SMTP" [Normal,New]09:20
john32------- Comment #12 From Stephan Diestelhorst 2011-08-24 11:51:43 -------09:22
john32Same here. Could someone please increase priority? An Email client that cannot09:22
john32send is severely broken.09:22
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Leendert'apper' survived my update to 11.10, and now I can't update anymore because I have to software managers running at the same time, does anybody know how to solve this?10:31
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »10:42
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MarcoPauhi, I have a cd contaning oneiric. can I use it to upgrade my natty instead of downloading the whole thing thru update-manager? I don't have a fast connection and I'd be glad to save some hours of downloading11:47
well_laid_lawnI think you need the alternate cd to upgrade11:49
GirlyGirlMarcoPau: If its an alternate disk yes11:49
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:49
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal11:50
well_laid_lawnI don't think the bot knows me ;)11:51
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phoenix_firebrdI like to know some details about the project neon12:11
yofel!neon | phoenix_firebrd12:13
ubottuphoenix_firebrd: Project Neon provides set of daily builds of KDE and releated modules | See https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/ProjectNeon | More support in #project-neon12:13
phoenix_firebrdyofel: if i add the neon ppa to my souces and install an app will it affect the normal verison previously installed?12:14
yofelnope, the neon packages are installed in /opt, see the techbase page on how to use them12:15
BluesKajHey all12:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i had tried it before, i just want to confirm it, thank  you. Is dragon player 3 available in neon12:17
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi12:17
yofelphoenix_firebrd: hm, don't think so, unless it's in the default kde setup - which I think still uses 212:18
yofelyep, neon has dragon 2.012:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: who did see that12:18
phoenix_firebrdyofel: sorry , got it12:19
alvin(Had to try)12:20
lelamalHi all, on a fresh install of 11.10 I get empty spaces on the taskbar, ghost spaces where there should be a minimmised window but there is none. This spaces push valid entries in the taskbar forward. Am I the only one, and is there a fix?12:20
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd, yofel12:21
yofelhey BluesKaj12:21
yofellelamal: nope, you're not the only one, and the KDE folks are still working on fixing as far as I know12:22
yofel*fixing it12:22
lelamalyofel: thank you, it's good to know! :)ù12:23
BluesKajI like Dragonplayer , but it doesn't pass digital 5.1audio just pcm12:23
BluesKajlelamal, that' sbeen a problem for a while now, the ghost apps inm the taskbar12:24
lelamalBluesKaj: thanks for letting me know, to know it's a known issue feels better than thinking my system was borked12:26
systemclientI just did Natty->Oneiric and the nvidia driver is "active but not in use". lshw -C displays tells me "driver=nouveau". How do I re-enable the nvidia driver?12:27
alvinsystemclient: # jockey-text -C12:29
BluesKajsystemclient, choose the recommended driver and install that, probly nvidia-current'12:31
systemclientBluesKaj: it was installed12:31
systemclientalvin: still running …12:32
alvinsystemclient: Did you restart X afterwards (or reboot)?12:33
systemclientalvin: now it asks me reboot at "0.75"12:33
BluesKajdpkg -l | grep nvidia, systemclient12:33
systemclientalvin: I rebooted after the upgrade12:33
systemclientBluesKaj: I already used jockey to remove the driver, I'll try reinstalling it12:33
systemclientBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/720631/12:35
BluesKajsystemclient, then best to drop to atty , install nvidia -current then do sudo nvidia-xconfig, then reboot12:35
systemclientBluesKaj: that is strange12:35
systemclientBluesKaj: I was going to restart and reinstall with jockey12:35
systemclientI'll be back in a couple minutes12:36
systemclientstrange, I uninstalled the current one and now I got the 173 one12:39
systemclientand 3D and compositing works12:39
systemclientso I guess I will not tinker with it12:39
BluesKajsystemclient, which graphics card ?12:45
systemclient9500 GT12:45
systemclientBluesKaj: ^12:45
BluesKajwow, and it uses the 173 driver, now that's strange ...it may be just coincidence about your desktop effects, the kernel module for the nvidia current is nvidia 11713772  40 in lsmod12:48
BluesKajsystemclient, anyway , "if it ain't broke, don't fix it "12:51
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: I like the dragonplayer's new qml interface and the recent files preview12:57
systemclientBluesKaj: did you say anything to me after I got disconnected?12:59
BluesKajyeah, phoenix_firebrd , I use dragon player a lot for video without 5.1 audio13:00
BluesKajsystemclient, yeah I did ,  anyway , "if it ain't broke, don't fix it "13:00
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: its a simple player13:01
BluesKajworks well , phoenix_firebrd13:01
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya13:01
systemclientBluesKaj: yep, that is my motivation on this as well :-)13:02
BluesKajI use VLC for DD and DTS audio in movies, mostly they're mkv13:02
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: vlc for all13:03
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BluesKajwell phoenix_firebrd in some cases the DD especially suffers from audio dropouts which can be annoying , so I switch to dragon p[layer rather than change my audio settings in VLC to play pcm 2 channel13:04
BluesKajmy audio receiver reconstructs the 2ch audio to play as surround in DPL2..works quite well13:07
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: external decoder ?13:08
BluesKajyeah , phoenix_firebrd , DAC in my audio receiver , they're very common now13:09
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i use a philips surround decoder13:09
BluesKajmost soundcards , even onboards have digital outputs , either toslink or coaxial. Do you fed an audio amplifier from the decoder?13:11
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: i added the neon- project ppa to the sources list and i have installed project-neon-kdebaseapps package, i cant find the neon-project session entry in kdm, do i have to install any other package ?13:11
BluesKajerr feed13:11
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ya, i have install the decoder circuit inside my amplifier13:12
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, ok13:12
BluesKajcool :)13:13
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: my sound card supports digital output, but all of my devices outputs are analog13:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel_: got it13:15
BluesKajneon isn't that the amarok daily-build packages?13:16
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: it also contains other packages13:18
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ppa13:19
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, don't see dragonplayer there13:25
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: its under kdemultimedia13:25
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i mean kdemultimedia contains dragonplayer13:26
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: yofel_ said project-neon contains only version 2 of dragonplayer13:27
* BluesKaj looks at appachelogger's git version13:27
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i tried compiling it,not successful13:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: the depencency package qt desktop 0.1 is not dected when compiling dragon player in git13:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: also i am just a beginner in compiling from sources13:29
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: going to compile it?13:30
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phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: becarefull when using the phonon from git13:32
phoenix_firebrdgoing to test neon13:32
* BluesKaj looks futher13:33
MarcoPauGirlyGirl: I have a live cd. I assume I can't get any package from there then, right?13:34
GirlyGirlMarcoPau: No13:34
MarcoPauGirlyGirl: sucks. thanks tho! .-)13:35
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FlashDeluxehi! i got a problem by removing a module, i get the error Device or resource busy if do rmmod -f :( How can i find out which resource uses this modul?14:43
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phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: The new dolphin 2.0 is good15:02
yofelphoenix_firebrd: -> #kubuntu-offtopic ;)15:06
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, there's no configure file in the dragonplayer 3 git version so i din't bother trying ...there isn't even a readme , that tells me it's definitely too "raw" for me15:09
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: why do you need a configure file?15:10
BluesKajin order to setup make and make install15:12
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lelamalhi all, I used to use an application to convert music files (like flac) into mp3, but I can't remember its name to install it now. I think it was something along the lines of konverter (which isn't in muon, so it's wrong).15:31
lelamalnevermind, I've just found it, it's called soundkonverter :)15:34
sandoxhello guys16:07
rorkhi sandox16:08
sandoxi have kubuntu 11.10 and kde 4.6.5 runing on asus laptop model x52jk16:09
sandoxtheres a prolem using my web cam16:09
sandoxit flips my image16:09
sandoxi fixed it on skype16:10
sandoxbut how do i fix it when other apps open my cam?16:11
sandoxanyone knows?16:11
sandoxand where do i find information on my installed drivers?16:12
rorksandox: I don't use a webcam myself but bet there are people in here who do, hold on and someone will probably be able to answer your question.16:16
sandoxхопе со рорк16:16
sandoxhope so rork16:17
sandoxrork, do u know where i can find info for my drivers...i mean i dont see any information about drivers...even in system settings16:18
rorksandox: unfortunately I have no idea16:21
sandoxits ok dude,tnx anyway16:22
phoenix_firebrdsandox: what wrong16:22
sandoxi cant find any information about my drivers16:22
sandoxand have a web cam problem flippin my images16:23
sandoxim runing kubuntu 11.10 and kde
phoenix_firebrdsandox: the webcam image is upside down?16:24
sandoxyeah,i fixed it in skype16:24
sandoxbut problem still remain when turning my cam in a web site16:25
phoenix_firebrdsandox: that probably happens when you use a wrong video type16:25
sandoxthat happens everytime i turn my cam on16:26
phoenix_firebrdsandox: can you see any video settings when trying to use in web16:26
sandoxi dont16:26
phoenix_firebrdsandox: what is your camera model16:27
sandoxhow do i check?16:27
sandoxi was forgot that16:28
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: hi16:28
sandoxBus 002 Device 003: ID 0458:003a KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems) NetScroll+ Mini Traveler16:29
sandoxBus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0020 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub16:29
sandoxBus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub16:29
sandoxBus 001 Device 003: ID 13d3:5130 IMC Networks16:29
sandoxBus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0020 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub16:29
FloodBotK2sandox: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:29
sandoxBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub16:29
FloodBotK1sandox: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:29
phoenix_firebrdsandox: no16:29
phoenix_firebrdsandox: use paste.kde.org16:29
kamilnadeemphoenix_firebrd need little help16:30
phoenix_firebrdsandox: or psate.ubuntu.com16:30
phoenix_firebrdsandox: or paste.ubuntu.com16:30
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: yes what is it16:30
kamilnadeemMy system startup time got really slow after installing Ubuntu one on Kubuntu 11.10 si I was Unistalled it but no improvement in the startup time?16:30
kamilnadeemA cog jumps on the screen for sometime after which the startup sound plays16:31
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: check the log and see what are all starting when you boot16:31
kamilnadeemok doing16:31
kamilnadeemonly normal stuf in the autostart16:33
kamilnadeemcommand runner, plasma-desktop and gtk216:33
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: not that one16:33
kamilnadeemservice manager?16:34
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: no the system log in /var/log16:34
kamilnadeemok checking16:34
kamilnadeemok , so what anoamly have I to check for>?16:36
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: wait16:37
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: can you see boot.log in /var/log/ folder ?16:38
kamilnadeemI am actually in it16:38
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: paste iy16:38
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: paste it16:38
kamilnadeemok imgur?16:38
kamilnadeemok pastebin16:39
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: pastebin16:39
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: nothing found there16:41
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: are you using kde pim?16:41
kamilnadeemkde pim?16:41
kamilnadeemplease explain ?16:41
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: kontact, kmail, ..?16:41
kamilnadeemit has just begun16:42
kamilnadeemafter installing the Ubunt one16:42
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: if thats the case then akonadi may delay the startup16:42
kamilnadeemWell how could it be all of a sudden16:43
kamilnadeemOn a previous kubuntu 11.10 install samething happend when I installed Yuake16:44
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: you use a program that uses akonadi, it will start akonadi everytime it needs it16:44
kamilnadeemBut I used Kontact for a while , then removed my account from it and Installed thunderbird and all this is some time back16:45
kamilnadeemIt was all working well , just now16:45
kamilnadeemwhat will the sudo purge for Ubuntu one16:46
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: no idea why it happens now, but you can try stop using akonadi and see if it helps16:46
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: it will remove ubuntuone and its settings16:47
kamilnadeemok so I stop it from startup , restart and report back16:47
yofeluhm, from what I know ubuntuone and akonadi have nothing to do with each other16:47
phoenix_firebrdyofel: no i didnt mean that16:48
kamilnadeemo.O yofel then whats this recent delay all about16:48
yofelkamilnadeem: nvm, I misunderstood what he said16:48
phoenix_firebrdyofel: but akonadi does cause startup delay as stated by a devolper in planetkde blog16:48
kamilnadeemok I got something here16:49
kamilnadeemkamil@kamil-MG-63MI-7109:~$ sudo apt-get purge ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk aptdaemon.gtkwidgets gnome-keyring16:49
kamilnadeemit shows a host of things to be removed16:50
kamilnadeemwait doing pastebin16:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the time and date widgets, loads akonadi to show the events list at startup16:50
phoenix_firebrdyofel: can you help kamilnadeem, i am going for my dinner16:50
kamilnadeemok , go ahead :)16:51
kamilnadeemyofel here http://paste.ubuntu.com/720863/16:51
yofelyeah, that's ubuntuone and dependencies16:52
kamilnadeemso I am going ahead and removing them16:53
yofelkamilnadeem: the slowdown is after the login screen?16:54
kamilnadeemI do auto login , so the kde startup comes slow then a cog jumps on the screen and then the startup sound plays16:55
kamilnadeemwell here is whats happened16:56
kamilnadeemyofel:so I do yes to this ?16:57
yofelthat looks fine from a KDE point of view16:57
kamilnadeemok while its removing stuff,  yofel do you use Kontact ?16:58
yofelnope, thunderbird16:58
kamilnadeemsame here.17:00
kamilnadeemok, going to restart17:02
kamilnadeemhmmm. nothing chnaged yofel17:05
kamilnadeemstill the splash screen loads slowly and then cog near the mouse and after than the startup sound?17:08
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kamilnadeemyofel you there?17:12
kamilI need some help with changing place of GRUB17:13
yofelkamilnadeem: not sure what's the problem then. You could look for something enlightning in ~/.xsession-errors which is the sessions error log, but other than that...17:14
kamilCan someone help me?17:15
yofelkamil: what place?17:15
kamilnadeemyofel now I am looking at what you said but I don't know how to interpret it?17:16
kamilI have installed Kubuntu on the "outside" HDD. But GRUB installed on my PC HDD. I want to have it on my "outside" HDD so when I will connect it then i will get GRUB(Now when not connected im getting errors).17:16
kamilnadeemkamil use rscutax and load your grub of your main hd17:17
yofelkamil: easiest way would be to boot that system and reinstall grub from there17:18
kamilnadeemyofel I think he must be getter grub rescue error17:18
yofelhe probably gets no grub at all, if he tries to boot from the disk it isn't installed on17:19
kamilI'm on kubuntu now. What is RSCUTAX? I get Error about "No device connected"(When i dont connect my "outside" HDD by USB)17:19
kamilHave someone of you Skype? It easiest for me:D17:19
yofelkamil: ah wait, you're getting the error when booting your internal system without the external hdd?17:19
kamilYeah. When its not connected i get this error. When connected I get GRUB. I can load Kubuntu and Windows from there. But I want to get normal Boot screen when External HDD is not connected and GRUB when i connect it:D17:21
yofelkamil: are you running the system from the internal disk right now?17:21
yofelor *what* is on *which* disk?17:22
kamilNo. External. I have Kubuntu on External HDD, but GRUB(I think) is inside my PC17:22
kamilnadeemwhich distro is installed oon you internal hd kmail?17:22
kamilWindows is on internal. I had installed Kubuntu on External. I think GRUB had installed on internal17:22
kamilLooL. Im from Poland, and im not too good in Linux features:D17:23
yofelouch, for the internal one you'll have to fix the MBR from the windows side17:23
kamilWhat is distro?17:23
yofelfor the external one:17:23
kamilOK. I know. I will restore MBR through Windows. But, what with External and making there GRUB?17:24
yofelfind out which device your system is on, for that open konsole, and run 'df' - then look for the line that ends with a single '/'17:24
kamilWhich system:D17:24
yofelkamil: kubuntu17:24
* kamilnadeem that is why whenever playing with things I unplug my main HD17:25
yofelwell, it works as long as you know what to do. But this is really the easiest thing to get wrong17:25
kamilnadeemvery aptly said yofel , I was on a distro testing spree sometime back and learned this then17:26
kamilnadeemyofel may you look into this http://paste.ubuntu.com/720904/17:26
yofelkamil: found it?17:27
kamilSo. I will restore my MBR. Find which one is letter of partition with Kubuntu. Then?17:27
kamilnadeemkamil check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SPpPgnfTdE017:27
yofelkamil: we can fix kubuntu *now* - you can fix windows later17:28
yofelkamil: what I need  is the line from df17:28
kamilKubuntu is all right. LOOL. I dont get you. You are talking about making GRUB on External HDD?17:29
yofelas soon as you fix the MBR, kubuntu won't boot anymore unless we put grub on the external disk first17:29
kamilOK. So. Which Console I have to open. I have to find letter od my HDD that is in Windows(Like C, E) Or Linux version(sdb, sda)?17:30
yofelpress alt+f2, run 'konsole', in there run df, there get me line that ends with a /17:31
yofelneed to find the linux device17:31
kamilGot it. Here you go: przywracanie programu rozruchowego Windowsa17:32
yofelkamilnadeem: I don't see anything particulary outstanding there either (esp. without timestamps -.-)17:33
kamilThats it17:33
yofelkamilnadeem: mind trying to disable nepomuk and see if that helps?17:33
kamilnadeemIt for me kamil17:33
yofelkamil: ok, then in konsole run: sudo grub-install /dev/sdb17:33
yofelafter that: sudo update-grub17:33
kamil[sudo] password for kamil:17:34
kamilWhich password?17:34
yofelenter your password17:34
kamilI cant write anything17:35
yofelyou won't see anything happening when entering the password17:35
yofeljust enter it and press enter17:35
kamilnadeemok going to restart17:36
kamilGot it!17:36
kamilInstallation finished. No error reported.17:36
kamilGot Jesus17:36
yofelgood, now run: sudo update-grub17:36
kamilThat should be Sweet Jesus, but...17:36
yofelwell, *now* you still need to fix the MBR for windows...17:37
kamil[sudo] password for kamil:17:37
kamilShit. This is CTR: SHIFT and C. On windows it is just CTRL C.17:37
kamilGenerating grub.cfg ...17:37
kamilFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-12-generic17:37
kamilFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-12-generic17:37
kamilFound memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin17:37
kamilFound Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/sda217:37
FloodBotK2kamil: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:37
FloodBotK1kamil: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:37
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kamilAre you there guys?17:40
Picikamil: Please use a pastebin, do not paste directly into this channel.17:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:41
yofelPici: could you kill one of the floodbots please... ?17:41
Piciyofel: hm?17:41
yofelwe have 2 in here for some reason...17:41
kamil:D Lets kill them alll!!17:42
Piciyofel: Thats normal.17:42
kamilSory about pasting. By incident i pressed too many times CTRL V:D17:42
genii-aroundyofel: #ubuntu has 317:42
yofelah, guess that changed at some point I didn't notice then...17:43
kamilnadeemyofel same thing , and neopunk and akonadi began on startup although I stopped them in startup settings?17:44
yofelthen I'm out of ideas sorry. Something one *could* try is to install bootchart and make it log not only the system boot, but also the session login17:45
kamilnadeemlet me repost my qustion17:45
yofelbut I'm not sure how one would need to modify the settings17:45
kamilnadeemsorry, l;et me install bootchart17:45
kamilnadeemyofel there is a moot-manager in muon software centre and a bootchart in package manager17:47
kamilnadeemphoneix_firebrd still no reslut17:48
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: you mean the startup issue?17:49
yofelyou want bootchart17:49
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: did you uncheck the show events in time and date widgets17:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel: asking me?>17:50
yofelnope, him17:50
kamilnadeemwell I have enchecked it now , but it was on from the very begining17:51
yofelbootchart could at least tell us what takes so long if we can get it to chart the login procedure17:51
kamilnadeemok yofel installing it17:51
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: any other time and date widget on desktop?17:51
kamilnadeemyes and analog clock as usual17:52
kamilnadeemremoved it17:52
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: i could remember that the startup time of 11.10 has increased as reported by a website called phoronix.com, let me check it again17:53
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: uncheck the show events in that also17:53
kamilnadeemit is a recent thing , just after installing Ubuntu one it asked for restart , and then the delay in kde splash screen and the cog near the mouse and then the startup sound17:54
kamilnadeemMan why did I mess with it :-)17:55
yofelbootchart installed?17:55
kamilnadeemnot that I use ubuntu one extensively17:55
yofelthen reboot please17:55
kamilnadeemdoing that17:55
phoenix_firebrdyofel: check this out17:57
phoenix_firebrdyofel: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1110_bootchart&num=117:57
kamilnadeemyes I am back17:58
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kamilnadeemnow what ?17:58
yofelkamilnadeem: you should have a PNG in /var/log/bootchart - can you upload that somewhere? (imagebin...)17:58
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the result shows that the boot time was increased from 25sec to 58 sec in 11.1017:59
yofelyeah, but I wonder what ubuntu is doing there - the charts are hard to read at that resolution17:59
phoenix_firebrdyofel: its may be due to the new kernel?18:00
kamilnadeemyes phoenix_firebrd I did that before restarting18:00
yofelnah, on the first chart you see the long blue bar, which is a process using all of the CPU time18:00
yofelas well as compiz using a bit18:01
kamilnadeemhere http://imagebin.org/18107518:01
kamilHow can I make Bootable USB on Kubuntu?(Talking about rescatux)18:02
kamilnadeemI used dd (works for me ) you can use Unetbootin , install it via muon sc18:03
kamilnadeemI will be back in 5mins18:03
phoenix_firebrdkamil: use the startup disk creator18:04
kamilWhere is it?18:04
phoenix_firebrdjust type usb in kmenu search bar18:04
kamilnadeemgo to kick off type muon , then in the software centre type unetbootin18:04
phoenix_firebrdyofel: are you checking the boot chart?18:08
yofelyeah, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Except maybe Xorg being stuck on disk I/O for ~5s18:09
phoenix_firebrdyofel: is bluetoothd ok?18:09
yofelthat's fine, it's using almost no resources anyway18:10
phoenix_firebrdyofel: i think the nepomuk, strigi and akonadi are taking up resources alot18:10
kamilnadeemI am back18:11
phil_hiho, i tried my best at capturing sound from line in with a via vt1708s - but it just doesn't work. could anyone help me out?18:11
kamilnadeemsorry had to give medicine to my mother18:12
yofelnepomukservices indeed is together with virtuoso, but also krunner, plasma-desktop and synaptikscfg18:12
phoenix_firebrdyofel: ya thats right the virtuoso18:13
kamilnadeemwell I often asked about boot up times of other people and they say 30 sec or 40 secs bt only Ubuntu 11.04 took 30 secs on my specs18:14
kamil:O When i have pressed delete files from device(In startup disc creator) it have duplicated my USB device.18:14
kamilAnd it is still loading18:14
kamilIm worried about my files18:14
yofelkamilnadeem: how long does the desktop feel to take to load? looking at the chart it takes ~45s to load18:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel: is apt-check run everytime at startup18:14
yofelphoenix_firebrd: could be, that's from update-notifier. So that should be some regular check for updates18:15
kamilnadeemyofel may I time the restart to the actual finsihing of start up sound and mouse clicks working via a timer?18:15
phoenix_firebrdyofel: is it really needed to run everytime?18:16
yofelphoenix_firebrd: probably not, but the question is what runs it, as apt-check gets triggered on package cache refreshes18:16
phoenix_firebrdyofel: let me check18:17
yofelkamilnadeem: feel free to. The chart looks not particulary fast, but inside sane parameters in my opinion18:17
kamilnadeemI may again say that the eexceptional delay has only began after i installed Ubuntu One. otherwise it the kde splash would load fine and right after that the startup sound , but now the splash takes time , then the cog jumps  and then the startup sound18:17
kamilnadeemok let me restart it again and this time I will use a timer to clock the speed18:18
kamilnadeemok so here are the results18:21
mcsmurfhi, I have a problem with the path env var (or maybe Kile is just special); I use Kubuntu 10.0418:22
kamilnadeemit took 35.6 to finish with kubuntu splash, then 10 sec for the kde splash , then 13 sec for the cog dance and the startup sound . In total 58.6 secs18:23
mcsmurfI want it to use the new texlive 2011 I installed; I added it to the path via a script in /etc/profile.d18:23
kamilnadeemand here is the boot chart http://imagebin.org/18108018:23
kamilI got an error in starting disk creator18:23
kamilInvalid version string 'GNU/Linux'18:23
mcsmurfon console pdflatex launches the new version; but Kile itself launches the old version (no, the path to pdflatex is not hardcoded)18:23
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: can you check if you have removed the following packages after removing  ubuntuone-client18:23
kamilnadeemok checking18:24
kamilWill someone help me?18:24
kamilnadeemkamil format your usb18:25
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: check if you have removed all these packages http://imagebin.org/18108218:25
kamilHow? I cant find this option in Kubuntu18:25
kamilnadeemkamil alt+f2 then type partiton18:25
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: use the partition manager in systemsettings18:25
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: oops18:25
kamilnadeemchecking phoenix18:26
kamilnadeemphoenix the packages are showing in muon , I am removing them18:27
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: ok18:28
kamilThere is no option to format it. I cant do anything except clicking on settings.18:29
phoenix_firebrdyofel: the only thing that is blocking from removing all gtk components is chromium18:29
phoenix_firebrdkamil: where?18:29
kamilIn partition manager18:29
kamilThere is padlock on it18:30
phoenix_firebrdkamil: did it ask for root passoword on startup?18:30
phoenix_firebrdkamil: have you inserted your pendrive?18:31
phoenix_firebrdkamil: is it showing in the list of drives18:31
kamilYes, but I have got Padlock under Mount point.18:32
phoenix_firebrdkamil: you have to unmount it first18:33
kamilGot it. Plug off-in, and F518:33
phoenix_firebrdkamil: you can just right click on the drive and select unmount18:33
kamilWhat have i got to klick to format it?18:34
kamilnadeemremoved the packages that were installed from the list you gave phoenix18:34
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: good18:35
kamilHey. What to click to format it?18:35
kamilnadeemhey here is something in konsole18:35
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phoenix_firebrdkamil: is your drive have a partition?18:36
phoenix_firebrdkamil: right click on it18:36
phoenix_firebrdkamil: what are the option you can see18:36
kamilnadeemhere http://paste.ubuntu.com/720973/18:37
kamilChange Size18:37
kamilAnd settings18:37
phoenix_firebrdkamil: select delete18:38
kamilIt will delete my partition18:38
kamilWhat have I got to do after it?18:38
phoenix_firebrdkamil: right klick again and select new18:39
kamilnadeemphoneix would creating a new partition table from device be easy for him18:39
kamilOhhh. Thanks :D18:39
kamilnadeemyeah new the fat3218:39
kamilnadeemok phoenix removed the thing so now may we try again18:39
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: ya18:40
kamilnadeemhere goes nothing :)18:40
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: those things are not needed18:40
JuJuBeeCan someone assist me getting my mic working?  I have tried to unmute it, but seems that sound recorder does not record any input.18:40
kamilnadeemkamil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeJQmmKYwJY18:41
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: using audacity?18:41
kamilnadeemgoing to restart18:41
JuJuBeephoenix_firebrd: no, trying to get ready for a webex session.18:42
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: try every device in the recording source, when i tried the recording source was different18:43
JuJuBeephoenix_firebrd: I tried unmuting each device (mic, f-mic, capture) separately and no joy.18:44
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: try also other devices18:44
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: not only mic and linein18:44
JuJuBeephoenix_firebrd: where are you talking about?  in kmix Mixer settings?18:44
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: i had the same problem18:44
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: no in the recording app18:45
kamilnadeemhmmm. 1.04 mins phoenix_firebrd . :D18:45
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: ??18:45
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: reduced?18:46
kamilnadeemyes. it took 1.4 minutes this time18:46
kamilnadeemactually increased18:46
JuJuBeephoenix_firebrd: no mute options in audacity  Only Device (HDA Intel: ALC663 Analog (hw:0,0)) or default  no mute  options18:46
JuJuBeeWhen I unmute the "Mic" in alsamixer I hear myself in my headphones but nothing gets recorded...18:48
kamilnadeemthe cog jumping has persisted before startup sound18:48
kamilnadeemalthough the bootchart shows 55 seconds18:48
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: i dont have audacity installed now, so i cant tell you anything about that18:48
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: thats the update notifier18:49
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: is nepomuk semantic desktop disabled and the strigi?18:49
kamilnadeemwhy is the cog thing appearing ?18:50
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: you can try the kubuntu-low-fat-settings but you have to sacrifice the look18:50
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: the update notifier is starting and checking for updates18:51
JuJuBeephoenix_firebrd: Finally got it working.  Weird, had same settings as before but decided to work this time...18:51
kamilnadeemwhy all this has happened just after that Ubuntu one install ?18:51
phoenix_firebrdJuJuBee: enjoy18:51
kamilnadeemit was working fine before that18:51
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: are you using any other gtk apps?18:51
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: what?18:52
kamilnadeemFirefox, chromium and some others18:52
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: right18:52
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: goto muon18:52
kamilnadeemAkonadi has not autostarted as always18:53
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: on the catagory list select gnome environment18:53
{[Violeta]}cromium hace lento a ubuntu11.04 con 5 ventanas lag18:53
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: in the status select installed18:53
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: how many packages do you have there?18:54
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: thats normal18:55
kamilWhen I'm trying to make a startup USB it gives me error invalid version string GNU/Linux18:55
kamilWhat can i do with it?18:55
kamilnadeemkamil what are you using to create the disk>?18:56
kamilAsistent of startup disk(I dont know how is it translated(I have polish version))18:56
kamilwhen it wants to install bootloader it gives me this message18:57
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kamilnadeemUse Unetbootin18:57
kamilnadeeminstall it via software centre18:57
kamilI cannot open it18:59
kamilnadeemoh k18:59
kamilnadeemopen a konsole19:00
kamildolphin is not showing it to me. When i press it in Google Chrome it gives me error19:00
kamilgot it19:00
kamilWhat now?19:00
kamilnadeemtype this fdisk -l19:01
kamilnadeemand give me the output19:01
kamilnadeemok phoenix19:01
kamilnadeemuse pastebin19:01
kamilfdisk -l is not working19:03
kamilnadeemsorry sudo fdisk -l19:03
kamilnadeemjust copy "sudo fdisk -l" without the quotes and paste it in the konsole19:04
kamilGot it, but here is so many informations19:04
kamilnadeemyes select all  and paste it in paste.ubuntu.com19:04
kamilnadeemok so what sdc is your 8gb pen drive but what is the size of your external hd19:06
kamilnadeemkamil please be a little quick in response its late here19:07
kamilExternal HDD is 1 TB19:07
kamilMy pen is /dev/sdc119:08
kamilnadeemquit the konsole19:08
kamilGot it19:08
kamilnadeemcheck that wether youre pen drive is formatted or not19:08
SunTsukamil: no, it's not. it's /dev/sdc. /dev/sdc1 is the first partition on it19:09
kamilnadeemvia partition manager if not then format it using fat32 just don't mount it19:09
kamilnadeemSunTsu  I have to make him use d to create a live usb19:09
kamilnadeemdone  kamil19:10
kamilnadeemok again open konsole19:10
kamilGot it19:10
kamilnadeempress the up key19:10
SunTsukamilnadeem: I was just correcting a minor error, which can be crucial in understanding what's going on19:10
kamilnadeemseeing the previous command19:10
kamilnadeempress enter19:11
kamilPassword and got it again19:11
kamilNow what?19:11
kamilnadeemjust don't paste it19:11
kamilnadeemwhat are you seeing at ssdc19:11
kamil/dev/sdc: 8004 mb19:11
kamilGot one partition19:12
kamilnadeemnow let the konsole be open19:12
kamilnadeemwhere is the rescutax iso19:12
kamilnadeemno I mean which folder19:12
kamilNow what?19:13
kamilnadeemhere  sudo dd if=/home/kamil/Downloads/Softwares/pmagic-6.7.iso of=/dev/sdb19:14
kamilCopy everything after "here"?19:14
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem:  i cant see any other problem except nepomuk, virtuoso, akonadi and apt-check using a lot of resources at boot, try disabling all these and find what triggers apt-check19:15
kamil sudo dd if=/home/kamil/Downloads/Softwares/pmagic-6.7.iso of=/dev/sdb19:15
kamilnadeemtype it with changing Downloads with Probane adn iso wit your iso file19:15
kamilnadeemsdb with sdc19:15
SunTsu.o0( Why not use unetbootin? )19:16
kamilnadeemis this the name of the file rescatux_cdrom_usb_hybrid_i386_486-amd64_0.29.iso19:16
kamilnadeemhere sudo dd if=/home/kamil/Probane/rescatux_cdrom_usb_hybrid_i386_486-amd64_0.29.iso of=/dev/sdc19:17
kamilnadeemplease check have you provided the correct folder19:17
kamilsudo dd if=/home/kamil/Pobrane/rescatux_cdrom_usb_hybrid_i386_486-amd64_0.29.iso of=/dev/sdc19:18
phoenix_firebrdkamilnadeem: sorry i forgot , i think you cant create a bootcd/usb using the stock apps19:18
kamilnadeemyes phoenix19:18
kamilnadeemkamil what is your username19:18
kamilnadeemman what username you gave while installing Kubuntu19:18
kamilsmithinger44(I think)19:19
kamilor kamil19:19
kamilConsole is doing nothing19:19
kamilnadeemopen kick off what you see on the top of the kick bar19:19
kamilWhat is kick off?19:20
kamilAlt + F2?19:20
kamilnadeemno the big K icon on the botton pannel19:20
kamilAhh. User kamil19:20
kamilnadeemclick on it19:20
phoenix_firebrdsee you all later19:21
kamilnadeemis it in the brackets19:21
kamilnadeemBye pheonix19:21
kamilThere is nothing in brackets19:21
phoenix_firebrdbye kamilnadeem , kamil19:21
kamilnadeemkamil open dolphin19:21
kamilThere is User kamil on kamil- my computer name19:21
kamilnadeemand go  to teh folder of your iso19:22
kamilSomething happend. Console gave me something end opened partition manager19:22
kamilnadeemwhat does it says19:22
kamilnumber+0 readed records19:23
kamilnumber+0 saved records19:23
kamilCopied number bites...19:23
kamil319 mb19:23
kamilnadeemits done19:24
kamilWhat can i do now?19:24
kamilnadeemman you have a live usb now19:24
kamilnadeemdo you have the link of rescutax video19:24
kamilLol. Man. You are f******* amazing19:24
kamilBut, i remember what to do.19:25
kamilnadeemno explicitives19:25
kamilnadeemok good19:25
kamilnadeemshutdown and remove your external hd19:25
kamilexplictives? Wtf?19:25
kamilnadeemthen you know the deal19:25
kamilStart up with USB. And restore MBR19:25
kamilThanks mate.19:25
stonemancan someone paste content from his ./profile file ???19:37
Daskreechstoneman: what are you looking for?19:39
yofelstoneman: /etc/skel/.profile is the default19:39
stonemansomehow i deleted ./profile file19:40
stonemanand i can't start GUI19:40
Daskreechstoneman: There is no ~/.profile in Ubuntu19:40
yofelDaskreech: there is19:41
stonemanyes there is19:41
yofelalthough it doesn't do more than make sure .bashrc is read19:41
stonemanthere are enviroment19:41
Daskreechstoneman: if you put it there. thre is a ~/.bash_profile and a /etc/skel/profile19:41
Daskreecheverythign is in ~/.bashrc19:41
yofeljust copy the one from /etc/skel/ if you need it19:42
Daskreechyofel: ^^19:42
stonemanok i will try that... can this be reason why i can start GUI19:42
Daskreechstoneman: perhaps. can yo pastebin your ~/.xsession-errors ?19:42
yofelyou should probably rather look in ~/.xsession-errors for a reason the gui doesn't start19:42
stonemanheh i'll do that..19:43
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ale_any way to install rekonq 0.8 on lucid?21:01
well_laid_lawn!info rekonq lucid21:09
ubotturekonq (source: rekonq): KDE web browser based on Webkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.0-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 350 kB, installed size 1300 kB21:09
ale_i got ver 0.6.6-git or svn, i don't remember... ver 0.8 is out21:10
EvilRoeyhey why is it that when I tyhpe http://.. into the URL bar, as soon as I hit the ':', Firefox replaces it all with www.slashdot.org ???21:14
Daskreechale_: compile it would be one way21:16
ale_i'm gettin' wrong or shoul i also compile the whole kde 4.7?21:17
DaskreechEvilRoey: because anyone knowing what http:// is is strange and a corner case and should be coded around21:17
Daskreechale_: I don't know. You can ask in rekonq what the min version required for rekonq 0.8 is21:18
EvilRoeybrowser.urlbar.trimURLs = false21:18
ale_not a bad idea :D21:18
EvilRoeyDaskreech:  THAT'S what it was.21:18
DaskreechEvilRoey: But I suppose if you do know what http is then obviously you read slashdot21:19
EvilRoeyI mean I remember something about this on /.21:20
EvilRoeybut now I realize what it was.21:20
EvilRoeygrrrrRRRRRRRRR firefox...21:20
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EngromadaI've got DSL installed to a USB drive for booting from. Anyone know if i can boot that DSL install using QEMU so that i may use it either booted properly or from inside another OS?22:46
hexacodehey you guys in the top command or utility, the third row displays some cpu info...but i dont understand what it means...anyone got any good pointers?   it seems to show cpu usage; however, i dont know what the differences are since all of them have different suffixes22:48
DaskreechEngromada: You can22:49
Engromada@Daskreech thanks, you're officially superior to google.22:49
Daskreechhexacode: That's explained in the manual for top22:51
hexacodeoh lol22:52
hexacodeDaskreech: umm i dont think so22:53
hexacodei greped the manual Daskreech22:53
hexacodeonly found a few cpu entries and none seem to be what i want22:53
Daskreechhexacode: check CPU states22:53
hexacodeoh its all caps?22:53
DaskreechMaybe :)22:53
DaskreechI don't know what version you have22:53
hexacodeneither do i lol. how do i look that up ?22:54
hexacodedpkg ?22:54
Daskreechumm Not sure it would be tied to the version of top that you have so top --version ?22:55
hexacodehey thats pretty cool. does the --version argument work on all utilities and programs?22:56
RoeyHOwdy... is there anything funky with installing NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-285.05.09.run  on KUbuntu 11.10?22:58
Roey*Howdy, Kubuntu22:58
Daskreechhexacode: pretty much23:00
Roeyhola Daskreech23:00
DaskreechWell I've seen Roey and EvilRoey in the same room23:00
Daskreechso none of them are batman23:00
hexacodethanks Daskreech23:00
Engromadahexacode: been wondering... how did you grep the man files for top?23:01
DaskreechEngromada: press /23:01
DaskreechEngromada: all manfiles are tarballed. Running man untarballs them then pipes the contents into your pager (normally less)23:02
Daskreechin less you can press / to initiate search23:02
Engromadaoh! thanks23:02
Roeyyeahhhh we're brothers.  One resides at home and the other at work.23:02
RoeyWhich package contains the nv driver??23:03
RoeyWhy don't I have 'nv' with the Kubuntu 11.10 nvidia packages?23:04
DaskreechRoey: the kernel23:04
Roeywhat of it23:04
RoeyDaskreech:  it's not a module?23:04
Roeyin kubuntu 11.10?23:04
DaskreechRoey: It's a kernel module. Would make sense to come with the kernel23:05
RoeyI do modprobe nv23:06
Roeyand I get:  FATAL: Module nv not found.23:06
Daskreechnv might be deprecated for nouveau23:07
Roeyholy hell23:07
Roeyso I tried installing it directly from the NVIDIA.sh23:08
Roeyand it failed.  I looked in /var/log/nvidia-installer.log, and it told me to look at /var/log/nvidia-installer.log for errors.23:08
DaskreechRoey: normally you need to kill X for that23:08
RoeyDaskreech:  this was without X running23:09
Roeywhere else could I look to for errors?23:10
Daskreechdon't know. Last time I ran a nVidia it was a TNT and I tend to use open drivers in any case23:10
DaskreechRoey: jump into #phoronix and ask23:10
Roeyoh ok23:12
Roeybrb, thanks!23:12
EngromadaI'm looking into window managers that are good to use without a mouse, thus far I've looked into fluxbox and awesome. Anyone have any recomendations?23:45
DaskreechEngromada: ratposion23:47
EngromadaBrilliant name on that!23:49
Wensleyhi folks, I just got my first 64-bit machine and I'm wondering if you'd recommend I go for the 64-bit install or stick with a 32-bit install23:52
WensleyI guess what I'm asking is, how many things are broken?23:52
EngromadaDaskreech: That's way more the sort of thing i was looking for! Thanks again.23:54
DaskreechWensley: Flash from time to time.23:55
DaskreechEverything else works pretty perfect23:55
DaskreechEngromada: though you would liek that23:55

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