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RAOFI'm getting a LP oops (oops id: OOPS-2126CO5) when trying to accept the xorg-server SRU into oneiric-updates with sru-release.  Are there known problems with launchpad at the moment?01:09
wgrantRAOF: Does it fix lots of bugs?01:10
RAOFNo; it fixes a single bug.01:10
RAOFI no longer try to copy kernels to -updates ;)01:10
wgrantIt's timing out while trying to apply overrides.01:12
wgrantMay be best to get it copied by an archive admin on cocoplum01:13
RAOFI guess that can wait for pitti.01:16
jamespagemorning: does launchpad have the capability to track bugs in a JIRA issue tracking system08:43
jamespagehttps://issues.jenkins-ci.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa for example08:43
maxbhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/+newbugtracker says no08:44
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nigelbmaxb: Thanks so much for the mercurial repos :)08:53
nigelberr PPAs08:53
maxbI'm rather surprised by the number of appreciative comments I get about them08:58
maxbThe huge irony is that these days I don't use Mercurial at all any more08:58
nigelbThe number of peoople crazy enough to use mercurial?08:58
nigelbI only used it because mozilla code base is in mercurial and yes, mercurial makes me want to stab myself.08:59
tumbleweedaww, I find mercurial very pleasent09:00
nigelbtumbleweed: the queues are no where as powerful as git/bzr branches.09:01
tumbleweedyou mean mq?09:01
nigelbtumbleweed: yeah09:40
tumbleweednigelb: they're are like bzr looms (and also one of the few ways to edit hg history). I use them a lot when using hg09:45
nigelbtumbleweed: Maybe I'll get used to them over time.09:56
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odin_is someone playing with infrastructure?  getting "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.IndexError: list index out of range"12:18
odin_and the BZR plugins list changes (from build to build)12:18
czajkowskiis mrevell hiding on me12:23
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flacosteczajkowski: mrevell is on leave until UDS13:30
czajkowskiflacoste: ahhh makes sense13:30
czajkowskiI shall poke him in person so re lp and blueprint ideas :)13:30
czajkowskiflacoste: thanks13:30
flacosteczajkowski: can i help?13:31
flacosteah ok13:31
flacosteyep, he arrives sunday13:31
flacosteand leaves the next fri13:31
flacosteso that should give you plenty of time to catch him in person13:31
czajkowskiflacoste: just the way we can sort bugs on lP by relevance is great, searhing Blueprints could do with similar search functions13:31
czajkowskilike bp creation dates so I can then work our which cycle they were created13:32
achiangwhat happens to superseded packages in PPAs? i'm trying to find something relatively old with no luck... (trying to find an old firefox 5 build in the firefox-stable ppa)14:24
bigjoolsachiang: they are deleted14:25
achiangbigjools: ah, so for ubuntu proper, we keep the complete publishing history, but for PPAs, old packages are deleted?14:25
asaci remember we had a trick to get a text version of of a bug list in launchpad ... any idea if that feature still exist?14:31
bigjoolsasac: append /+text14:32
bigjoolson the bug url14:33
bigjoolsnot sure about a "list"14:33
asacbigjools: awesome14:36
Darxus"An import is currently running on galapagos, and was started 5 hours ago."  The last 10 took 20 seconds to 5 minutes.  There doesn't seem to be a way for me to kill the current import and restart it.  https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/spamassassin/trunk14:37
bigjoolsDarxus: let me check14:37
bigjoolsDarxus: it looks genuinely active - did the remote repo change in any way lately?14:38
Darxusbigjools: The reason I asked is, the automated builds I have using that import emailed me that they failed to upload:  https://launchpad.net/~spamassassin/+archive/spamassassin-daily/+recipebuild/107643/+files/upload_3002271_log.txt  (checking the repo)14:39
bigjoolsDarxus: odd.  it looks to me like the repo changed somehow, look at the revisions in the previous logs14:40
bigjools"determining revisions to fetch 0/1189081" versus "fetching svn revision info 4603/1135013"14:41
DarxusThere was a commit today.14:41
bigjoolsI am asking on #bzr14:42
asacbigjools: ok guess thats not working for a search :/14:44
bigjoolsasac: yeah it's only on a bug page14:45
bigjoolsasac: use the API? :)14:45
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asacbigjools: the api is too hard to use for me :)14:51
bigjoolsasac: !14:52
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george_eI'm getting a strange error when pushing to a LP branch:17:31
george_e> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host17:31
george_e> bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.17:32
george_eI had just created a branch a few minutes earlier without any problems.17:32
smoseris it just me ?17:33
smoser$ ssh bazaar.launchpad.netssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host17:33
smoserallenap ^ ?17:37
m4n1shI am trying to merge a remote branch with my local branch17:42
m4n1shand I am getting17:43
m4n1shssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host17:43
m4n1shis this a server issue or client side issue?17:43
george_eMe too.17:43
george_eI just asked that question before you joined :P17:43
smoserm4n1sh, me too. i repeated george_e's question17:44
george_eWho do we ping to get help?17:44
george_eSeems to be working now.17:44
m4n1shnot fixed17:45
george_em4n1sh: Are you merging or just pushing code?17:45
george_eAh, I was just pushing.17:45
m4n1shworks now17:46
smoseri was pushing. and then tried just plain 'ssh bazaar.launchpad.net'17:46
smoserand, yes, it works for me now too, m4n1sh17:46
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Renegade15good day19:15
Renegade15I have two questions regarding the XML import format for LaunchPad bugtracking19:16
Renegade151. Do I see correctly that the bug element itself cannot have attachments, that those must go on comments?19:17
Renegade152. What kind of URLs is the url element meant for?19:17
flacosteRenegade15: good questions :-)19:24
flacostelet me find the answers19:24
kikoRenegade15, you can get the attachments linked to a bug easily, but yeah, to add attachments you need to add them via a comment IIRC19:26
nigelbFor the first one, you're right.19:26
kikoas for the URL, I can't remember -- is that Bug.url or BugTask.url?19:27
flacosteRenegade15: yep, so attachments are related to a specific comments19:28
flacostebut they all show up in the attachments portlet19:28
flacostebut you'll also see in which comments they are tied19:28
Renegade15yeah, I figured19:28
flacosteRenegade15: i don't see us processing any url element19:28
Renegade15element urls {19:28
Renegade15    element url { attribute href { xsd:anyURI }, text }*19:28
Renegade15  }?19:28
Renegade15^--- quoth the import format page19:28
flacosteRenegade15: i think it means that element that are of type url can have a href attribute19:29
flacosteotherwise, like i said we are not processing these19:30
flacostebut the href attribute will be used19:30
flacosteon attachment for example19:30
flacosteif there are no filename element19:30
flacostewe'll default to the last component of the href attribute of the attachment node19:30
Renegade15the attachment href attribute is defined separately19:31
Renegade15...under attachments19:31
Renegade15if you're not parsing urls/url, that's fine by me, I was just confused what they're meant for19:31
* Renegade15 shrugs19:31
flacosteyeah, maybe the spec needs an update19:32
flacosteRenegade15: posting to launchpad-dev might bring the definitive answer19:32
Renegade15you say that after I wrote half the parser xD19:32
Renegade15meh, it's not that important...the critical question was the attachments one19:33
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yshavita few private projects I'm related to are having bugs modified by Michael Barnett @ canonical. The modifications are all similar: the bug is marked as no longer affecting the project. Is this a cleanup script or something?20:30
yshavitthese are private bugs, I might add20:30
flacostesinzui: ^^^20:39
sinzuiyshavit, indeed it is a cleanup script20:40
flacosteyshavit: yes, mbarnett (one of our sysadmin) is running a clean-up script on behalf of sinzui20:40
sinzuiWe are deleting invalid bug affects lines or those for deactivated projects20:40
mbarnetti swear i am not a bot.20:41
beunoyou'll have infinite karma20:41
mbarnetti will lord it over the other sysadmins!20:42
yshavitsinzui, flacoste, mbarnett : (sorry, got pulled away to a meeting)  That makes sense, thanks!20:57
yshavitmbarnett: not that I distrust you, but "i am not a bot" is precisely what a bot would say!20:59
mbarnettyshavit: nono, i SWORE.. no bot would be so bold!20:59
yshavitmbarnett: That's a good point. Though maybe you've gone rampant? I bet a rampant bot AI would swear up and down, and it'd even believe it.21:01
mbarnettplus, the internet is fully populated by  upstanding individuals who would never do anything malicious.21:01
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achiangpoolie: hi, around?23:07
pooliehi achiang23:10
achiangpoolie: hi, just getting some cycles to come back around to https://code.launchpad.net/~achiang/hydrazine/hydrazine-searching/+merge/7920123:10
achiangpoolie: i'd like to fix the thing you mention and land it, then think about refactoring it per your advice23:10
pooliethat's fine with me23:11
achiangcool, thanks23:11
pooliewe should advertise this when it gets to a good level of done-ness23:11
KiallHiya, I have a fix for a package in Ubuntu, I'm trying to push to branch up for the package maintainers, but for the life of me i cant figure out the push URL ;)23:11
KiallThe package is this: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/libkohana3.1-php/precise .. what would be the push URL for my account?23:12
achiangpoolie: have a few minutes to walk me through your comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~achiang/hydrazine/hydrazine-searching/+merge/7920123:39
poolieoh sure23:44
pooliedo you mean, why did i say that?23:45
pooliewell, basically, because the actual exception object may have a clue for the user what the problem was23:45
achiangpoolie: oh, no, i was talking about the refactorization comment23:50
achiangpoolie: i already did the fixup and pushed a new rev; that one's ready for re-review23:50
poolieoh, ok, i see23:51
achiangjust need some guidance on this nested cmd object thing. ;)23:51
poolieso you could do it various ways23:56
pooliei think possibly there should be a class per type of filter?23:57
pooliethen a dict pointing to the available classes?23:57
achianghm, yeah23:59

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