lubuntu20dashHello, what is the name of lubuntu new pdf cbz files reader?00:03
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Guest4448yes, but I don't know how I us this02:04
Guest4448No too much. How to configure wifi connection with a SMC (SMCWBR14-N2)?02:06
Guest4448In 11.10 it's possible us the WPS sistem?02:08
Guest4448Where I can find the place to enter the pin of WPS sistem?02:11
Guest4448But I have to much dificould config the windows of NMF02:14
Guest4448What's up? I'm alone02:17
Guest4448Sorry, I'm a absolute begginer.02:19
Guest4448thank's for your help, See you.02:23
iamfennechello any one on ?02:37
iamfennecneed some help02:58
KM0201iamfennec: go ahead and ask03:03
iamfennecok i'm useing lubuntu 10.04, i installed the unbuntu package managers ect because thats what i know. my update manager says i'm out of space and to use sudo apt-get clean03:10
KM0201that doesn't really clean much, other than the cache.03:12
KM0201if you're really out of space, you really need to fix your partition set up tto be truthful.03:13
KM0201apt-get clean isn't gonna do "that much" on most PC's03:13
iamfennecwell i i thought that lubuntu manages all that03:13
KM0201all versions of ubuntu keep a cache.03:13
KM0201you clean it w/ apt-get clean03:13
iamfenneci see but i have 30gigs set aside for lubuntu03:14
iamfennecand i've not filled it up as far as i know03:14
iamfennecso i'm kinda at a loss03:14
KM0201ok then either 1. you did somethign wrong, or 2.  you've got a ton of music/movies/etc on your partition03:15
KM0201hold on a ec03:15
iamfennecnow the update manager seems to be stuck all greyed out and doing nothing03:15
iamfenneci have nothing like that at all, is the any way i can see how full the partition is like in windows ?03:17
KM0201easiest way, is probably gparted03:19
KM0201sudo apt-get install gparted03:19
iamfenneci really don't know the ubuntu workflow for that stuff.03:22
iamfennecor lubuntu either03:22
KM0201once that installs, open it up by going to menu/system tools/gparted03:22
iamfennecis there a tutor somewhere i can learn this stuff03:22
Unit193You might actually want to find out it isn't correct03:23
iamfennecok one sec i need to restart i think03:24
Unit193df -h and sudo fdisk -l (and pastebinit :P)03:24
KM0201iamfennec: that's one thing that is helpful03:24
iamfenneci'll come right back03:24
KM0201i can never figure fdisk out, it never prints out my disk right, dunno why03:24
iamfennecok i'm back03:27
iamfennecso gparted shows that i have my 2 partitons one for windows and the other lubuntu 24.97gb03:30
iamfennecand it does look full03:30
* iamfennec looks 03:43
iamfenneckm0201 you there ?03:43
KM0201so lubuntu is 24.97gigs, and its full03:44
KM0201i'm nt sure how to see what folders are taking up the most space03:46
iamfennecwhen i started into linux i was useing ubuntu 10.04  then a friend told me about lubuntu so i switched because i was on an older laptop03:46
KM0201yeah, something isn't right.03:47
KM0201not sure what, but.. something03:47
iamfenneci stayed with 10.04 thinking it was going to be the same as ubuntu but it looked and acted diferent03:47
Unit193Type   df -h into the terminal to see how much your /home is taking03:48
KM0201Unit193: for me, that doesn't show anything for just "/home"03:49
KM0201it just shows /dev/sda303:49
iamfennecso i figured out how to install the ubuntu software center and with it also gave me the update manager and snaptic package manager03:49
Unit193du -h, wrong one :P03:49
KM0201wow, yeah, thas right.03:49
Unit193!purelxde | iamfennec03:49
ubot5iamfennec: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »03:49
iamfennecok before i do anything can you exsplain what it is i've done?03:50
iamfenneci really don't understand what gnome or kde and all that even is03:51
iamfennecso did i screw everything up by installing what i knew to use ?03:52
Unit193Blast, that's only for Oneiric, Natty, and Maverick03:52
KM0201iamfennec: Lxde is the desktop interface that Lubuntu uses (Gnome, is what Ubntu used to youse, KDE is what Kubuntu uses)03:52
Unit193iamfennec: Did you install lubuntu-deskttop03:52
KM0201i just found about 1gig in my trash can.. but i doubt thats his proble03:54
iamfennecwell let me look there03:55
iamfennecwhere do i find that ?03:55
KM0201open up your home folder, there's a "trashcan" on the left03:55
iamfennecyeah thats empty03:57
iamfennechi bioterror03:58
iamfennecyes i installed the desktop version but when i log off the user i can put to into the laptop version04:01
KM0201no, lubuntu-desktop is a package04:05
KM0201most of us have "lubuntu desktop" on our laptops04:05
iamfennecwhere do i check that ?04:07
iamfennecso i'm going to answer yes i installed the desktop package04:12
KM0201iamfennec: i dunno, but i'm betting somewhere you've got a folder picking up lots of data, do you download a lot of torrents, or stuff like that/04:12
iamfenneci think i've done 3 torents on this computer04:13
iamfennecshould i try the pure ldxe website that was posted ?04:15
iamfennecumm do i just need to reinstall everything ?04:17
Unit193No, it's not for that version of (L)Ubuntu04:17
iamfennecwhen i run the update manager and it installes a critical update say a system upgrade04:19
iamfennecthen when i boot the computer and it asks if i want to run windows or ubuntu verson ___  there are multipal versions04:20
Unit193Yep, those are different kernel versions in case the new update didn't work04:21
iamfennecso i learned how to clean that up by uninstalling the files with the old versions in the package manager04:21
iamfennecso if i keep up on those am i getting rid of everything that i need to of the old kernel packages?04:22
Unit193Well, there are images and headers04:24
iamfennecyeah its the headers i've been dealing with04:24
Unit193Have a read of this and see if you want to try it http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-unused-linux-kernel-headers.html04:24
iamfennecthat looks promising04:27
Unit193Run this in terminal, it will tell you the 20 largest dirs you have   du -xk | sort -n | tail -2004:30
iamfennecok here is what that link resulted in04:31
iamfennec[sudo] password for fennec:04:31
iamfennecReading package lists... Done04:31
iamfennecBuilding dependency tree04:31
iamfennecReading state information... Done04:31
iamfennecThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:04:31
iamfennec  libdmraid1.0.0.rc16 libdiscover2 python-pyicu discover cryptsetup04:31
iamfennec  reiserfsprogs rdate localechooser-data libdebconfclient0 discover-data04:31
iamfennec  dmraid04:31
iamfennecUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.04:31
iamfennec0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 20 not upgraded.04:31
iamfennecso what does that tell us ?04:31
Unit193You removed nothing, but it thinks you can remove those packages04:32
iamfennecdidn't say how much space but it doesn't look like it will free up much04:33
iamfennechere is my top 2004:33
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:33
iamfennec36984./programs/Redegast 2.204:34
Unit193iamfennec: Can you pastebin that?04:36
iamfennecsure, i can try04:36
iamfennecwhat happened ?04:36
Unit193Read what ubot5 said04:36
iamfennecso i go to the website is told me about ?04:38
iamfenneci'm sorry i feel really stupid with this stuff04:38
iamfennecthere we go04:39
Unit193That's fine, go to http://paste.ubuntu.com and put the into in there04:39
Unit193(It's less spammy and makes it easier to look at)04:39
iamfenneclooks like the kids are trying to get my little pony episodes seems to me04:40
Unit193Yeah, that's rahter large!04:41
Unit193Try taking that out...04:41
iamfennecso thats it right ? let me delete it and we'll see where we're at04:41
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iamfennecyeah that was it04:44
iamfenneci'm down to 3 gigs used now04:45
iamfennecholy cow all that work for something so simple04:45
Unit193All fixed04:45
iamfenneclets try that update04:47
iamfennecyeah thats working04:48
Unit193Yep, might want to talk about that to "the kids" :P04:49
iamfennechey unit193 do you know what the diference is between 10.04 and 10.1004:49
iamfenneci heard that 11.04 was no good, thats why i've not upgraded04:51
JohnDoe_71Rusiamfennec: 6 month04:51
Unit193The current release is 11.10 :P  (That's 10.04 > 10.10 > 11.04 > 11.10)04:52
iamfennectho now there up too 11.10 right04:52
iamfennecwhats 6 months ?04:52
JohnDoe_71Rusdiference :)04:52
iamfennecoh no new interface or whatnot ?04:53
iamfennecjohndoe what do you use ?04:53
iamfennecunit193 what do you use ?04:54
Unit19311.10, but the upgrade didn't go the best (that's on one computer)04:54
iamfennecand what do you think of the 11 series lubuntu ?04:58
iamfennecthanks for that link btw04:58
Unit193I'm more using it via terminal/ssh, but it's fine. The upgrade from 11.04 just wasn't the best :/05:00
iamfennecdid you do a fresh install at that point ?05:02
Unit193Nope, it's working05:02
iamfennecmaybe i'm missing it but what i miss in a os is the help info thats built into it05:03
iamfenneci can't seem to find it anywhere05:03
iamfennecand searching for files is really difficult too05:03
iamfenneccourse i'm use to the windows interfacing not through a terminal05:04
Unit193Whaqt are you looking to find info on?  man cat   will tell you info on the cat command05:09
iamfennecwell nothing off the top of my head its just when i get lost or need to look for the lubuntu equilvent of some windows funtion thats where i get lost05:11
iamfenneclike umm05:11
iamfennecsyschk and defrag05:11
iamfenneci'm not sure lubuntu needs that kind of looking after but thats one thing that i've wondered if i need to be doing to keep the computer running good05:12
Unit193There is the wiki pages and Lubuntu FAQ05:14
wxlhowdee folks05:35
jgraterois there any way to list one's audio devices, inputs, mics with ls?13:57
brother-jgratero: not really. lspci lsusb and the /dev and /sys is of interest14:04
brother-jgratero: there are some system diagnostics/information applications out there that does it. not sure about command line things though14:06
jgrateroyeah, I was looking some command to print the inputs/outputs and sound devices as a list, thought the ls was the option to go14:08
jgrateroI'm having a problem with my mic, the headphones work14:08
jgraterobut the mic doesn't get any sound at all14:09
jgrateroI've tested the headset in a Xubuntu Machine at home, and at two Vistas I have at the office14:09
jgrateroit works14:09
jgrateroso the problem is the configuration of this machine... I'm tinkering with alsamixer, no success until now14:10
jgrateroI'm upgrading the distribution we use in our office, so, I'll wait until then to see if there is any change on the subject14:12
lollzhi guys! do you happen to know how to change the login screen avatar/pic on the latest lubuntu?14:42
fitushello everyone15:12
fitusI am having trouble with the new lubuntu version, every time a restart my box my sound is gone and so is my vol icon from the panel, any why in how to fix it ?15:14
wxlmourning kids15:53
AscavasaionHello, I have an old system, AMD Duron 1300MHz, 380 odd megs of ram.  What webserver can I set up for use here at home?  Apache will not slow it down?  Should I use another lighter weight webserver?16:59
wxlAscavasaion: the two that come to mind are nginx and lighttpd17:02
AscavasaionThank you wxl17:03
wxli personally haven't used them much but certainly not with lubuntu but they have a reputation for low resource usage17:03
wxlboth are in the ubuntu repos17:03
wxlAscavasaion: you my wee little 1.5ghz 1280mb ram powerbook seem like a supercomputer.. and i complain about youtube and such ;)17:07
AscavasaionI have other computers, but I set this old one up to lave running for downloads etc.17:07
* wxl still can't wait to build up a super mini-itx server/nas17:10
wxlAscavasaion: thttpd is one other possibility but i've no experience with that at ALL17:11
wxlcan't necessarily "recommend" it17:11
AscavasaionThank you.  Think I will stick with Apache.  I have about 5% experience with it hehe  The others I have 0% :)17:13
wxlin terms of size alone lighttpd > nginx-full > nginx-light > thttpd17:13
wxlthere's a lot of support for apache17:13
wxlhowever i'd say that's also true of nginx17:14
* wxl is getting excited about thttpd17:14
wxlabout equal in speed as other common webservers, faster under extreme load17:15
wxlipv6 ready17:15
wxlwow max users 1000+17:16
wxl(not like i neeed that)17:16
AscavasaionIf I want to access a webserver on a PC on a network that is behind a router... how do I force the router to route the info to the specific PC that has the webserver running on it.17:26
AscavasaionDo I use that Port forwarding?17:26
wxlyou need to tweak port forwarding on your router17:27
AscavasaionThank you, thought so :)17:27
AscavasaionThis port forwarding has me buggered hehehe18:02
wxlcheck out portforward.com if you haven't already18:04
wxlit makes it pretty plain and simple18:04
AscavasaionI gopt it working.  My settings were correct.  I just had to access it from an external connection and not internally.  I used my cellphone and it worked like a charm :)18:14
wxlyeah should have told you that18:15
wxlusually one figures it out on their own :D18:15
wxlmy cellphone is my best friend when it comes to networking troubleshooting18:15
wxlespecially considering i can use the shell18:15
wxli can vnc, vpn, ssh, you name it18:16
AscavasaionI have a Blackberry.  any free app you can sugest for telnetting, SSHing into the PC remotely from the cell?18:19
wxlthey're out there but i don't think they're free18:19
wxli briefly had a blackberry18:19
wxlhated it18:19
AscavasaionI hate it as well hehe18:19
AscavasaionI miss my old Nokia E63.18:20
wxli have a palm pre18:20
wxlsupposedly i can run i think debian lxde off of it18:20
wxlso i'm gonna do that once i get a new phone18:20
wxli'm going andrioid18:20
AscavasaionAaaah, nice.18:20
wxlunless my wife makes me get an iphone which i really don't want18:22
wxlit's just the same as i think an ipad is great for her, but i don't want one at all18:22
AscavasaionMy friend gave me a Chinese knock-off of an iPhone hehehe  What a piece of junk.18:33
AscavasaionLooks nice, runs simple things nicely, but that is where it ends.18:34
wxlright and that's the joy of the imachine: does easy things well18:35
wxlwhich for like 90% of the general public is perfect18:35
wxlthese commercials where you speak into the phone are kind of stupid. "i'm locked out of my house, please help me." give me a break. look it up, dumb ass. ;)18:35
AscavasaionJust being able to get onto IRC has been a saving grace for me at times when troubleshooting people's Internet troubles.18:36
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KutakizukariUpgraded to Lubuntu 11.10 from 11.04, now the chromium browser will freezes and uses all CPU. How can I fix?21:03
xsaidxKutakizukari: you can report a bug tho and wait if any dev will fix it21:09
Kutakizukarixsaidx, Okay21:11
wxlexplain how you upgraded too Kutakizukari21:11
Kutakizukariwxl, will do21:12
wxlhow DID you upgrade?21:12
wxlfrom within 11.04 with update manager?21:13
wxloh and make sure to include your version of chromium21:13
Kutakizukariupdate manager21:15
Kutakizukarirunning apport now21:15
Kutakizukariwxl, how do I tell which chromium version because I don't remember?21:16
wxlKutakizukari: sudo apt-cache policy chromium-browser21:17
wxlbetter yet21:17
wxlKutakizukari: sudo apt-cache policy chromium-browser | grep -i installed21:17
wxlso that's good21:18
wxlmine runs pretty peachy keen except when loading21:18
wxladmittedly i have my processor throttled (virtual machine) and i have very low memory21:19
KutakizukariIt freezes as soon as it starts and when I ctrl-alt-delete there are two processes of chromium browser21:19
wxlhowever i can leave it loading and it doesn't use cpu21:19
Kutakizukariwhen I kill the one that using all the CPU it takes out both of them21:20
wxlevery process, tab, plugin, etc. in chrome is a separate process21:21
wxlhah i have four instances right now21:21
wxland i'm just on a blank new tab21:21
KutakizukariApport is saying http://pastebin.com/7iPysuUQ21:22
KutakizukariI have quit a few plugins21:22
wxlquite you mean?21:23
wxlit seems screen capture is your problem21:23
Kutakizukariyes quite a few21:23
Kutakizukaridelete it?21:23
Kutakizukarithe screen_capture.so?21:24
wxl$ chromium-browser --incognito21:25
wxlthat should go into "safe mode"21:25
wxlfrom there you can disable screen capture21:26
wxlwelcome to the wonderful world of plugins by the way21:26
Kutakizukariwxl, running chromium-browser --incognito freezes still and returns this http://pastebin.com/5467nuaL in the terminal.21:32
Kutakizukarithough task manager shows chromium browser using 0%21:32
wxlthat's weird about the permissions21:34
wxlif you running it as sudo does that help?21:34
Kutakizukarilet me try21:34
KutakizukariChromium can not be run as root.21:36
wxlok so that's out21:36
wxlKutakizukari: sudo apt-cache policy libcanberra021:41
wxlah, it's probably not that actually21:43
wxlsounds like there's a bug that's fixed in v15 chromium21:43
wxlif you add proposed to your repos you can get it21:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 881607 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu Oneiric) "ERROR:nss_util.cc(397)] Error initializing NSS without a persistent database: libsoftokn3.so: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied" [Medium,In progress]21:43
wxlthere's also a hack:21:44
wxlactually i failed to do my daily check on what's new and lo and behold, there's v15 chromium21:51
wxl(out of proposed)21:51
wxlKutakizukari: you can add proposed in software sources on the updates tab21:52
Kutakizukaricheck the pre-released or unsupported?21:59
wxlit's testing for -updates22:01
wxloh wait you're asking me a practical not a philosophical question22:01
wxlpre-released is what you want22:02
wxl(see proposed in parentheses?)22:02
draiochwhen installing deb package cant get past admin rights password, as dont remember making one using lubuntu 11.04 could anyone help pls22:09
wxlit's you draioch22:09
draiochhi wxl22:10
wxlno i mean your user is the admin22:10
draiochyea i tried me username pass22:10
draiochscreen just flashes thats it22:11
wxldo you have the same problem trying to load synaptic?22:11
draiochthink i did yea that why not installed22:12
wxlgdebi would be doing the same thing synaptic does when asking for authentication22:13
wxlif you can load synaptic, then you should have no problem using the same credentials with gdebi22:13
wxlor any other thing that uses sudo or gksudo22:13
wxlunless something else is to blame22:14
draiochok maybe i should just do a fresh install of latest lubuntu22:14
draiochtook me a long time tho the last time done a minimal install as using old p4 pc22:15
wxlso yes or no: can you (right now) load synaptic?22:15
draiochwait sorry22:15
draiochinstalling now22:16
wxlinstalling? so you didn't have it?22:17
wxlhow are you installing it, apt-get?22:17
draiochits asking for admin pass22:17
wxlsudo apt-get, right?22:17
wxland did you succeed in giving sudo your password?22:17
draiochno cant get past it22:18
draiochit wont take any of the 2 usernames i would have used22:18
wxlsudo doesn't need a username22:18
wxlit's like this:22:18
wxl$ sudo command22:18
wxl$ sudo command22:18
draiochyea i got past sudo and "[sudo] password for rabc: " and everything was ok then the admin passoword thing comes up22:20
wxlthat's bizarre22:23
wxltry doing sudo ls22:24
wxlyou can do any command as sudo22:24
KM0201if he's accidentally removed himself from sudo groups, he might need to boot recovery to fix this.22:24
draiochsudo ls works22:25
draiochmaybe a reinstall would be easier was gonna do latest lubuntu minimal install anyways, any good links wiki on that22:26
draiochit took me a couple of days the last time, did it get any easier the minimal install since the last lubuntu 11.0422:27
wxltry this one:22:30
wxlcat /etc/sudoers | grep ALL22:30
wxlaw hell nevermind22:31
wxlyou have to be root :/22:31
wxli betcha that's it tho22:32
draiochno worries but i really appreciate u trying wxl think ill just reinstall sometime22:33
wxlKM0201's solution is a goood one draioch22:36
wxland one you can probably do with your existing install22:36
wxlalthough i can symphathize with the ned to want to fix an install22:36
draiochyea ill look into that wxl and thx again22:37
goliatHello. I have a question about getting JDK 7. I have found openjdk-7-jdk in the package manager but is it any diffrent from downloading the real jdk 7 from oracle.com?22:46
brother-goliat: yes.22:49
wxlsomehow i suspect that's not the whole question22:50
goliatwxl: Well a followup would be what would be the best to get. openjkd7 or jdk7?22:51
wxlwhat are you using it for goliat ?22:52
wxl(don't say java)22:52
goliati would use it for programming, with eclipse probably22:52
wxlfrom what i understand you need to go through some machinations to get eclipse to work with openjdk22:53
wxlthat may be outdated information22:53
wxlif it were me (i prefer open/free) i'd go for openjdk and if it doesn't work, use the real one22:54
wxlin fact you can install both even and use the java command to change versions22:54
wxlso conceptually you could have openjdk be the default and have a script for eclipse that changes version, loads eclipse, and changes version back upon exit22:55
wxlbut that may be more b.s. than you want to do ;)22:55
goliatactually i think that i can install jdk7 and select it in eclipse. I wouldn't need to bother changing either.22:56
wxlaw there you go didn't know that was an option22:56
wxlwith that in mind, i would definitely install both22:56
goliatYeah :)22:56
goliatCan always uninstall them :P22:57
wxlmake jk7 your default, but when you're programming ensure compatibility with openjdk722:57
wxl(your users will thank you)22:57
goliatthanks for the help wxl :)22:58
wxlno prob man22:58

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