ikthi all06:56
head_victimGood news!08:00
head_victimThe drupal update is now being worked on. No idea how long it will take but the project has started at least.08:00
ikthow is it 1am already O.O14:43
gggsikt: suprise!14:54
gggsoh cool, I inadvertantly watched one of the first screenings in the world of a new movie release, "In Time"14:56
iktwhat's it like?14:58
gggsI was going to see "Real Steel" but I was running late & got stuck in the line, I'd never heard of it and  didn't even know what it was about15:00
gggsyea it wasn't a bad movie if you can ignore/accept the premise of the movie15:00
gggsI think Timberlake's become a decent actor, unique enough plot15:02
gggshah yea I know15:06
gggsdon't worry, he never starts singing15:11
iktdoing anything linuxy wise gggs ?15:19
iktatm I'm just trying to install the draytek smartmonitor program which is failing :/15:21
gggsnot at the moment, I'm actually about to call it a night15:21
gggsI've never heard of it15:22
iktknow about draytek modems?15:22
gggsnot a thing I'm afraid15:22
iktme as well until a few months ago15:23
iktthey're like billions except the interface doesn't suck and the features are actually good15:23
iktthere's several members in my house using all my downloads15:23
iktand I can see who's doing it by the 'data monitor'15:23
gggslooks like traffic analysis software, can't you use a FOSS solution?15:23
iktit updates in real time with the amount of traffic per ip15:24
iktthe program is I can't capture it15:24
iktso that's where this thing comes into it15:24
ikthopefully that will have some hard evidence 15:24
iktexcept atm i can't install it on my linux box because it fails trying to install qq15:25
gggsI'm sure you could shape traffic, give each user a quota15:27
ikti like mrtg and nagios are a bit overkill15:27
iktit's annoying them using the downloads but not end of the world stuff15:27
iktwhich is why I like this draytek thing15:27
iktif it would work ._.15:27
gggsikt: hah, good luck with it, I'm off to bed15:28
iktquickly, did you see the meeting thing?15:28
iktneed more people!15:29
iktwtb more people at meetings15:29
gggsI'm not on the Ubuntu-au team, I just lurk15:30
iktthat's ok, you can come to :D15:30
iktatm we have around 5-6 people, I think it would be best around 10 or so15:31
iktjust to get things moving15:31
iktbut anyways15:32
iktgnights gggs :)15:32
gggs'night dude15:33

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