grendal-primeanybody home?09:33
grendal-primeso...so far tonight..it has not been fun09:34
grendal-primeMyrtti, you know why im here09:34
grendal-primethe earthquake thing?09:34
grendal-primetake your time09:36
grendal-primesooo have i already talked to you tonight under some other nic..or...are you really not knowing why im here?09:37
Myrttino, actually I don't know why you are here, unless you're after a Ubuntu member cloak, or you've got some issues you'd like to be catalyzed with the Local Community IRC channel ops. Since your issue seems to be about #ubuntu guidelines, then it's not an issue of this channel, rather of #ubuntu-ops09:37
grendal-primenow ...just curiouse..how did you know that?09:38
grendal-primebecause it would save time if you where someone i was talking to earlyer09:39
Myrttino, I'm not someone you talked with earlier, because I just woke up.09:39
grendal-primebecause im really not wanting to be a pain but09:39
Myrttiif you want to discuss the #ubuntu earthquake issue further, please take it to #ubuntu-ops - this is not the channel for it09:39
grendal-primeand...ok..ill just believe that..even though everything i have had happen tonight is really bizaar09:39
grendal-primeagain..i just ...they really dont want to talk to me anymore09:40
grendal-primenor can i even try and help anyone there.09:40
grendal-primeit just is..well bad09:40
grendal-primehere is the thing...09:40
grendal-primeseriuosly...i asked one thing...if anyone in california had experienced a earthquake09:41
grendal-primei gottold to take it somewhere else09:41
Myrttiok, this is me being really polite09:41
Myrtticould you please take it to #ubuntu-ops, because here you are only venting and your issue isn't going to be solved09:42
grendal-primethey wont talk to me..i am seriosly going to talk to the fcc and they said it was your issue then09:42
grendal-primeanyway..you need to know a few things..09:43
Myrttihow do you know they won't talk to you?09:43
bkerensagrendal-prime: #Ubuntu-Ops would be the appropriate channel and they could discuss this with you09:43
grendal-primei tried that09:43
grendal-primehold on let me get logs09:43
Myrttidon't bother09:44
bkerensaHmm? I'm in #Ubuntu-Ops and have not seen you join09:44
MyrttiI've got them09:44
grendal-primeok well basically i was told to come here09:45
Myrttier, that's not what my logs say09:45
grendal-primelook im really sorry..hu?09:45
grendal-primehold on09:45
MyrttiI can see you being told to go to #freenode09:46
Myrttiwhich you did09:46
grendal-prime<bkerensa> If you would like to debate this I'm not the one however you can address your concern in #Ubuntu-IRC or #Ubuntu-Ops and additionally can raise this with #Freenode which runs the network09:46
grendal-primeive been everywere09:46
bkerensaMyrtti: Actually I did accidentally say -IRC (Its nearly 3am so I'm tired)09:46
bkerensamy error09:47
grendal-primedidnt mean to keep you up09:47
grendal-primehonesty dude09:47
bkerensagrendal-prime: #Ubuntu-Ops has the ircops team and they are better equipped to discuss IRC Policies and such matters09:47
Myrttier, no.09:47
bkerensagrendal-prime: I'm up by my own choice no need to apologize09:47
grendal-primeme 209:48
grendal-primewell on call09:48
grendal-primebut i digress09:48
Myrtti#ubuntu-ops is the channel for the issues in core channels, such as #ubuntu, to be solved09:48
grendal-primehey guys09:48
grendal-primei can nip this in the bud09:48
Myrttiand while it has it's share of IRCops, the people who run freenode, in it, it's not their channel09:48
grendal-primei dont want to be a pain in the ass.09:49
grendal-primecan we just deal with this here....09:49
Myrttithe other ops of #ubuntu are watching mainly #ubuntu-ops09:49
Myrttiif you want the issue to be properly dealt with, then join there09:50
grendal-primethey dont aparently like me'09:50
grendal-primei have a solution09:50
MyrttiAND even if the issue would be dealt here, it would be dealt with by the SAME PEOPLE09:50
Myrttibut as of now you've been dealing with only one person09:51
Myrttiso again, I ask you kindly, please join #ubuntu-ops to discuss it.09:51
grendal-primei had a feeling that was the case..buuut...sometimes just being in the right place...does the trick?09:51
elkyMyrtti, he's already been there, by the way, after being muted in #ubuntu09:51
Myrttielky: yes, I know.09:52
grendal-primewho are you?09:52
grendal-primei mean aka wise?09:52
Myrttigrendal-prime: who are you asking09:53
elkyEarthquakes are not really the topic to deal with, and if they were, we'd probably care about the ones that actually killed people, such as the one in turkey09:53
grendal-primei asked09:53
grendal-primethat was it09:53
elkyWhy does it matter?09:53
grendal-primeive been in situations where it mattered09:54
grendal-primelive or death09:54
elkyIf you were, you'd not be on IRC.09:54
grendal-primei was09:54
popeyThis is a pointless waste of everyones time.09:54
popeyIn my humble opinion.09:54
grendal-primeno its not09:54
grendal-primethats right09:54
grendal-primefor you09:54
grendal-primesimple solution09:55
popeyThere is no problem to solve.09:55
grendal-primeregisterd channel...disaster09:55
elkyA 5.2 quake is extremely rarely a life of death situation.09:55
grendal-primeall ops informed.. if it comes up...#disaster09:55
elkyor whatever the californian one was.09:55
elkyok we'll keep that in mind. Can we return to the regularly scheduled programming for *our* channels now?09:56
grendal-primeyou guys..you are thinking backawards on this09:56
elkyNo. I live in an earthquake area. You're being silly.09:56
grendal-primeno i am not09:56
Myrttiif IRC had any FCC mandated job to inform IRC users about disasters around the world, it would probably be done as wallops messages in distinct servers09:56
grendal-primeits not a mandadte..dude...its a simple channel09:57
grendal-primeand some basic training09:57
Myrttibtw, there is a governmental body in Finland that requires emergency messages that involve Finns to be broadcast in Finnish radio and tv09:57
grendal-primewhat is the problem with this09:58
k1lsry but i dont see a single point to ubuntu in this earthquake story09:58
Myrttiwould you like your emergency channel to have emergency information that there is a bear roaming in Tampere and the people are adviced to stay indoors?09:58
jpdsDude, what does Ubuntu have to do about this?09:58
grendal-primejust a general place to share info that is focused on disaster09:58
popeyWe're out of coffee! Quick! Join #disaster!09:58
grendal-primething about what i costs and what it could do.09:58
Myrttigrendal-prime: great, start that channel.09:58
grendal-primeyou want ME to bot it?09:59
jpdsgrendal-prime: You're the one suggesting it.09:59
Myrttiplease don't advertise it in our channels though, Ubuntu channels shrug on advertising09:59
k1lthere are thousands of channel in this irc network and you choose a supportchannel to talk about a earthquake. when you were pointed to a more related offtopic channel you get rude. sry but the mistake is not on the others09:59
grendal-primei was in the cahnnel just joined..10:00
elkygrendal-prime, if you really want to deal with disaster stuff, google for ushahidi10:00
grendal-primeand wham thought i was in an earthquake10:00
grendal-primei asked if anyone else flet it. and got told to take it else where10:00
elkyit's an open source crowdsourcing coordination system. it's a *far* more appropriate place for you to panic in10:00
k1lgrendal-prime: did you get banned or muted or whatever for the one line about the earthquake?10:01
grendal-primeit escalted10:01
k1lor about the rudeness and the story after the line10:01
grendal-primeim sure its all logged10:01
elkygrendal-prime, I'm trying to help you here. There's 500 dead turks and I don't see their compatriots here demanding attention from us. Go look up ushahidi10:01
k1lgrendal-prime: so stop talking about earthquake and start thinking on your behaviour.10:01
bkerensagrendal-prime: You can always develop a crowdsource app of your own and make a PPA... Make a indicator even that people can install and it will blink when a earthquake occurs10:02
grendal-primei was trying to get info..the person that told me to leave i had no idea who they were others where talking to me i told them to shut up10:02
elkyI'm telling you to stop now. I've given you alternatives. I've categorically expressed that you are in the wrong place to be talking about this.10:03
grendal-primeyou guys are really not interested in any way of supprting an emergency broadcast channel?10:03
grendal-primebecause here is what im thinking10:03
MyrttiI live in Finland10:03
Myrttiour earthquakes are on the magnitude of 2.0 Richter10:03
grendal-primedoes that matter in some what10:03
Myrttiif even that10:03
elkygrendal-prime, you're not even interested in listening to our advice. THERE IS SUCH  A THING ALREADY10:03
MyrttiI'm not interested in earthquakes, they do not happen.10:03
grendal-primeone happendd in turky10:04
Myrttigrendal-prime: it doesn't threaten my life10:04
elkyYes. And I'm sure the ushahidi people are working on it10:04
grendal-primeand so...everthing that happens here is ...you?10:04
Myrttigrendal-prime: I'm trying to explain to you that I have no interest in the earthquake in Turkey or Sacramento enough to warrant inventing a new wheel you are suggesting10:06
Myrttigrendal-prime: ushahidi is enough if I ever encounter a disaster bad enough10:06
Myrttigrendal-prime: however, no matter what natural disaster I end up in, it has nothing to do with Ubuntu10:07
topylii wouldn't be so sure! :)10:07
elkygrendal-prime, listen closely. The ubuntu channels are the wrong place to discuss this. There is already a big international community that makes ushahidi. It's worked for haiti, christchurch, japan and others. Please, go help them.10:08
elkyI'm going to count to 10 and I'm going to unmute you. You're not going to continue at all, and rather you're going to leave politely and go seek out ushahidi.10:08
grendal-primesorry went to sleep10:39
grendal-primeis freenode in the us?10:39
ikoniaask in #freenode10:39
Mkaysi14 servers in Europe, 9 in the US according to http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml11:37
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