BenCsteph7: if you blacklist something it should not cause anything00:10
steph7thanks BenC for your reply00:11
steph7BenC, do you think it need to edit rc.conf and add rfkill unblock all?00:12
* apw yawns07:36
* _ruben concurs07:47
ppisatimorning *07:53
Fudgequery: why would speechd-up refer to kernel-patch-speakup as a recommended package when speakup is now in the kernel08:00
apwFudge, out of date user-space perhaps08:01
ckingmorning apw08:03
Fudgethink dependencies havnt been reviewed? well thats what i thought anyway. same with speechd-up how it goes and fetches festival stuff when espeak is already installed08:03
apwcking, moin08:03
Fudgemoin to hust08:04
smbmorning .+08:04
Fudgeoops hust is hate08:04
Fudgethink i wanted vich or something :$08:05
Fudgeto much ranstein08:05
apwsounds like someone typing on an android keybaord to me08:06
Fudgei was trying to say good morning to you but screwed up08:06
Fudgeoh android, i use a talkback keyboard on that but its slow, or i am 08:06
apwheh i was more referring to the 'random' words that the android spell checker likes to pick, and which you never notice before hitting send08:07
smbapw, And good keyboard not even helps against having the wrong language active on the spell checker08:07
apwyeah i don't envy you using two on there, i have enough trouble with just .en08:08
apwen_gb even08:08
Fudgei just dont know how to use the text prediction, the speech does not tell me the suggestions08:08
apwthe interface is very busy, i suspect it'd never shut up if it did08:09
smbFudge, It is more us using the soft keyboard with big fingers and somethimes the wrong language. :)08:09
Fudgei was asked at work the other day to trial an iphone 4S so hopefully that comes through08:09
apwheh if anyone has done it right its them, or at least they have a patent on doing it right08:10
Fudgethats why i got my droid phone coz i couldnt borrow an iphone to play with voiceover on it. no one wants to part with their life lines08:10
apwoh a totally personal front i would love to hear if you find it workable08:11
Fudgeapw  that was to me?08:11
apwFudge, yep, i am interested to know if either is a workable device in that mode08:12
Fudgelet you know mate08:13
* cking sees what happens if he uses the precise kernel...08:13
apwcking, rtg was reporting positive results08:14
smbapw, You mean it boots?08:14
ckingtesting on UEFI boxen08:14
apwsmb, remebmer we are at 3.1 final at the moement, so its in one of its better phases08:14
ckingi915 now works08:15
cking3.1 fixes my UEFI video issues, yay08:17
apwcking, i915> which aspect now works ?08:18
ckingI can see something08:18
smbThats because you had coffee08:19
ckingbefore I just has a white noise line on the left of the monitor 2 pixels wide08:19
ckingnow I have perfect image08:19
apwcking, in bios or booted08:20
apwwoh, thats not good08:20
smbcking, So UEFI would provide diplay information somehow?08:21
ckingyeah, typing w/o any console feedback was a bit painful08:21
ckingsmb, no idea what was wrong, too many variables 08:21
smbcking, Likely right, and you probably only used UEFI boots on that hw08:22
smbSo we would not know if compat bios would act differently08:22
ckingyep, this is a non-CSM firmware image08:22
smbCould just be another case of needing to do things differently for a specific i915 type08:23
ckingthe funny thing was that control was not working in grub for some reason, bit hard to do emacs like editing in grub w/o control08:23
apwctrl> heh that is a bit of a problem08:23
ckingsmb, well, we've seen other non-CSM UEFI firmware not work, so I need to sanity check these boxes next, when I get a spare moment or two08:24
smbcking, True08:24
Fudgecompletely offtopic here, but i read once from an opensolaris thread i think about actually being able to get some kind of text to speech in a grub menu. anyone ever heard of that? donno how there would be sound support but!08:27
apwFudge, not heard of it, but not something i track closly, i would myself ask TheMuso and cjwatson 08:30
* Fudge pokes cjwatson 08:34
Fudgecool tks08:34
* smb needs to reboot08:59
* apw has needed to reboot for two days now08:59
cjwatsonFudge: right now I don't believe GRUB has any sound support; may have been something that was hacked into GRUB Legacy by somebody and hasn't been brought forward to GRUB 209:02
cjwatsonwell, that isn't quite true, it has a basic 'play' command09:03
Fudgecjwatson  thanks for that09:03
Fudgewhat does the basic play command do09:04
cjwatsonit's just incredibly basic pitch/duration kind of stuff; there's no way you could use it for text-to-speech09:04
cjwatsonand it's only using the PC speaker09:04
apwwhich doesn't exist on much new h/w09:05
Fudgewe already use a grub beep when the menu comes up, im not sure if it would be helpful making a beep everytime u down arrow or not, that way i guess u could count the entries09:05
Fudgeapw  boards still ahve speakers u can plug straight onto the boards though09:05
apwyeah i guess if you need accessibility of that sort you can tailor your purchases to ensure you have what you need09:06
cjwatsona serious GRUB TTS effort would need to start by adding a proper audio framework09:06
Fudgethat would be pretty tough i imagine09:06
cjwatsonguess why it hasn't been done ;-)09:06
Fudgewould be awesome though for accessibility09:07
apwcjwatson, as we have TTS in the kernel i wonder if we could use a kexec based scheme09:07
cjwatsonI'm not going to have GRUB exec bits of the kernel, no :)09:07
Fudgeu would still need a soft synth though for msot wouldnt you?09:07
cjwatsonit's not unheard of to port Linux drivers into GRUB09:07
apwheh i more meant just booting a fixed kernel to do the reading09:07
cjwatsonthere wouldn't be a sensible way to get back09:07
cjwatsonespecially not in e.g. UEFI09:08
apwand using like a pygrub sort of thing to do the actual grub-like behaviours09:08
Fudgenot feasable?09:08
cjwatsonnot worth so not worth the pain09:08
apwright essentially shim the bootloader to load an initial kernel, and let it speak and chose the real kernel09:08
cjwatsonanyway I want to replace pygrub too :)09:08
Fudgei just grep menuentry and count down entries09:08
apwanyhow something people who know what they are talking about should think about :)09:09
Fudgeagreed :D, thats not me09:09
cjwatsona minimal synth framework doesn't necessarily have to be horribly difficult, but it would need thought; I'd be surprised if nobody's looked at it, although I don't see anything plausible in trunk09:09
_rubenoh sweet .. i might get my hands on a cluster of 3 boxes with fusion-io cards .. shame lucid doesn't do trim support ho09:42
apwbah managed to get X to dump core10:06
alexblighAny ideas why I can't clone the ubuntu-oneiric git tree?11:54
apwalexbligh, what happens11:54
alexblighI get "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly"11:54
alexblighwith "git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-oneric.git"11:54
alexblighchanging oneiric to natty works11:55
alexbligh(but I'd like oneric please)11:55
apwoneiric 11:55
alexbligharse :-)11:55
alexblighsorry. Normal service will be resumed (etc.).11:55
alexblighActually, whilst you are about, do you happen to know if CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP is disabled for a reason?11:56
alexblighI /think/ that's whats stopping PV drivers work in Xen4 (yet to check)11:56
alexbligh(+ CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2)11:57
apwthat option doesn't show up one way or the other so must have a pre-requisite which is not on11:57
apwsmb ^^11:58
apwcking, she did 30 s/r cycles with 2x glxgears11:58
alexblighsmb, well CONFIG_XEN_DOM0=y12:01
alexbligh is on, but I think am not sure the BLKTAP stuff comes in by default unless you enable it.12:01
apwalexbligh, ok where are you even seeing that12:02
apwapw@dm$ git grep XEN_BLKDEV_TAP12:02
apwapw@dm$ 12:02
alexblighamb@DBS:~/xen/ubuntu/git/ubuntu-natty$ git grep XEN_BLKDEV_TAP12:03
alexblighdebian.master/config/config.common.ubuntu:# CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2 is not set12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Kconfig:config XEN_BLKDEV_TAP12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Kconfig:config XEN_BLKDEV_TAP212:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Kconfig:    depends on XEN_BLKDEV_BACKEND != n && XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2 != n12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Kconfig:    default XEN_BLKDEV_BACKEND || XEN_BLKDEV_TAP212:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP)               += blktap/12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2)              += blktap2/ blktap2-new/12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/blktap/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP) := xenblktap.o12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/blktap2-new/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2) := blktap2-new.o12:03
alexblighdrivers/xen/blktap2/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_TAP2) := blktap.o12:03
alexblighperhaps that comes out of my xenlinux patches. Sigh.12:03
apwyep, not in natty or oneiric12:04
apwand if its off, i think you'd have to blame you :)12:04
* alexbligh blames me12:05
smbalexbligh, AFAIK blktap was one not yet upstream12:13
smband its not the thing that prevents pv drivers from work12:13
smbits the thing I keep complain about on xen-devel and usually be ignored12:13
smbalexbligh, name your device xvd in the cfg and put blkfront into /etc/initramfs-tools/modules (think plus the pci one) regenerate initramfs and you got the pv disk12:16
alexblighsmb, I /think/ you are talking about domU? I have the same domU booting with PV on xen3.3, but not on xen412:20
alexblighsmb, pv NICs work on both12:21
alexbligh(it's a Centos 2.6.18 domU with the original unmodified_drivers stuff, i.e. practically the recommended Xen3.3 domU kernel, but no other domU including any Ubuntu one picks up PV disk)12:22
smbalexbligh, Yes, the problem is stupid blkfront now refuses disks that are not named xvd (or get that major) while it happily ejects the same before because you have the blkfront driver available12:22
smbOk, its not blkfront that ejects the emulated disks but still12:22
alexblighsmb, I think you are talking about xen_emul_unplug, and the stuff that does a PCI unplug of the emulated disks in the guests?12:23
smbI do12:23
alexblighThat isn't the problem (well, it is a problem, but it's a different problem)12:23
alexblighbecause 2.6.18 doesn't have the check_magic or PCI unplug stuff in at all12:24
alexblighand xen_emul_unplug=unnecessary fixes that (or should do)12:24
smbalexbligh, What device name is in the xen config file for the domU12:24
alexblighBut that problem causes the EMULATED disks not to appear. Our problem is that the PV disks don't appear12:24
alexblighwe have tried both hda and xvda12:25
smbhda won't work for sure12:25
smbxvda has worked for me12:25
alexblighWe are using: disk = [ "tap:aio:/root/Iain2011/centos-pvd.img,hda,w" ]12:25
smbBut you also need to force the blkfront driver into initrd12:25
alexblighor disk = [ "tap:aio:/root/Iain2011/centos-pvd.img,xvda,w" ]12:25
alexblighin domU?12:25
alexbligh(I presume)12:25
smbYes in domU12:25
smbPlacing them into /etc/iniramfs-tools/modules will not only put them into initramfs but also make sure they get loaded12:26
alexblighI'm pretty sure it's built in (not as a module) on this version12:26
alexblighWe see the block driver initialising, but no disks appearing12:27
alexblighWhat we don't see is blktapctrl running in dom012:27
smbOk, I was looking at the issue with an Oneiric domU12:27
alexblighI /think/ that is meant to start even before a domU starts (i.e. when xend starts). It seems to on Xen 3.3.112:27
alexblighWith an Oneiric domU we see no HD at all, unless we do xen_emul_unplug=unnecessary, when we see only emulated, not PV.12:28
smbalexbligh, Actually I am not sure, but there was some tap driver not yet in the kernel code (which would be part of the Oneiric dom0)12:28
alexblighEven on 3.0.2?12:29
smbSo that might be the actual problem12:29
smbWhat 3.0.2 are you talking about?12:29
smbOneiric Xen version is 4.1.112:29
alexblighLinux xen4 3.0.0-12-server #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 16:36:30 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:29
alexblighSorry, 3.0.012:29
alexbligh(that's the dom0 kernel)12:30
smbRight, well let me double check but I thought that exactly was something the citrix guys have been asking haow to best add support for on their own (by dkms)12:30
alexbligh"Features queued for 2.6.40:12:31
alexblighxen-blkback backend driver to be used in dom0 to serve virtual block devices (disks) to VMs.12:31
alexblighxen-pciback backend driver to be used in dom0 to support PCI passthru to VMs."12:31
alexblighfoolishly I therefore assumed it was in 3.012:31
smbIn order to have good block performances XAPI relies on an Open Source12:32
smbkernel module called "blktap". "blktap" is not currently upstream in the12:32
smbLinux kernel and probably won't be in the foreseeable future.12:32
smb^ Thats from a mail I received12:32
alexbligh(sigh). So we need to get that from Citrix / Jeremy's git tree?12:32
smbI cannot really say where it would be. That mail came from Stefano so he would likely know where blktap would be obtainable12:34
smbAnd maybe they already have it as a dkms package12:34
alexblighsmb, thanks. We will go hunting12:35
smbThere is basically two things xen-blkfront for normal file: mappings and blktap (or whowever they call it) for tap:aio. So I also misunderstood what you tried to do there12:36
smbI only checked file: mappings12:36
alexblighso we are trying to do aio, and thus need blktap, right?12:38
alexblighhttp://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XAPI_on_debian  <- has some dkms stuff for Debian but only 32bit?!12:39
smbalexbligh, That would be my understanding, right12:39
smbwget http://downloads.xen.org/XCP/debian/blktap-dkms_0.1_all.deb <-- sounds like arch indep12:45
smbalexbligh, ^12:45
_rubenan arch dependent dkms package sounds rather odd .. well .. it can contain pre-compiled binaries as well .. tho usualy they are source only12:55
smb_ruben, From the name of it I am pretty sure it is not arch dependant12:59
_rubensmb: indeed, didn't mean to argue with that ;)13:00
smbMe neither. Bah who am I arguing about arguing. :-P13:01
* smb begins to hate the new way of alt-tab13:03
apwsmb, begins ...13:18
smbapw, I know you are already at intermediate or pro level... :)13:18
apwi am more supprised you have taken this long to hate it13:19
smbapw, Just because I did my *work* on natty for as long as I could allow myself... :-P13:19
apwheh ...13:20
alexblighsmb, a simple question: if I run the Oneiric installer under Xen4 HVM with (theoretical PV driver support), do you expect it to report that there are "no disks" becaus of the installer not modprobing blkfront, and would you expect a modprobe to fix it?13:23
smbyes and no...13:25
smbyes, it will report no disks (because emulated are unplugged)13:25
alexblighand no, because?13:26
smband no it will not work because we forgot to put the blkfront into the udeb package, which the installer uses13:26
alexblighok, so I conclude that it would be best for us to test PV on HVM using something else as domU (e.g. Centos)? :-) I think the same applies to Natty and Maverick (Lucid kernel is pre-unplug support I thnk)13:27
smbYou can install it by passing xen_emul_unplug=never and then switch around later. 13:29
alexblighoh sure, we were just running the installer as a 'good way to test it'...13:29
smbFor other releases its the same with respect to blkfront. The virtual kernel package would have them builtin but there is no installer support for that I believe13:31
smbLucid similar. That would also have ec2 kernel package which should actually have the blktap driver (which does not help much if the dom0 does not) and is based on a completely different Xen codebase to make things easier13:32
* ogasawara back in 2013:32
smbNot that easy and Xen really go well along... :-P13:33
alexblighEC2 is xenlinux HVM or paravirtualised I think.13:33
smbec2 normally is paravirt (only cluster instance are hvm). And the dom0 pretty much centos plus xen 3.something13:35
alexblighsmb, any idea why the xen-4.1.1 hypervisor package does not appear to contain blkctrl, even though the original Xen source does? Is this debian removing it because of openssl stuff?13:36
smbalexbligh, That I have no idea about13:36
alexblighwe think that's the main problem. If we copy over a built-from-source blktapctrl daemon, do a mknod on /dev/xen/blktap0, then start the domU, it appears with block pvdrivers13:37
TeTeTin which git branch would I find the sources to linux-image-generic-pae-lts-backport-natty ?13:37
tgardnerTeTeT, its in the lucid repository13:39
TeTeTtgardner: apt-get source linux-image-generic-pae-lts-backport-natty would be the best way?13:40
smbalexbligh, I could only guess that since blktap is not part of the kernel upstream it did not make sense. Maybe zul knows some background there.13:40
tgardnerTeTeT, no, the source package is linux-lts-backport-natty13:40
tgardnerlinux-image-generic-pae-lts-backport-natty is a binary13:41
TeTeTtgardner: ok13:41
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apwbjf, heads up i just pushed an update to hardy/master-next to fix CVE-2011-3209 wrt openvz15:33
ubot2apw: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-3209)15:33
bjfapw, ack15:34
apwtgardner, ok i've pushed the fix for the posix-timer over master-next, and i've sent out the updated patch for 1768 out in reply to the original.15:36
tgardnerapw, I just emailed my custom binary maintenance proposal.15:38
apwtgardner, ack15:39
* apw wanders to the pub :)15:56
smbapw, Have one for me too15:56
Davieyapw: slacker15:56
apwDaviey, yep ... smb, yep15:57
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GRiDjoin #ubuntu-uds17:44
GRiDsorry :)17:44
* tgardner -> lunch18:15
slangasektgardner: when you're back from lunch, would like to talk to you about bug #84256018:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 842560 in udev "bnx2 firmware missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84256018:36
slangasekit's possible this is a udev bug, but not in the way you suggest, so I'd like us to put our heads together to figure out what's happening here18:37
tgardnerslangasek, ok. apw and I theorized about it a bit, but it seems like the 60 second delay is a dead giveaway.18:53
slangasektgardner: the 60 second delay is because the module-loading helper is *hanging* for some reason, and udev patiently waits for 60 seconds before killing it18:54
slangasekbut it only happens with this particular firmware18:54
tgardnerslangasek, its the 2nd time the firmware is loaded. the first one seems to succeed18:54
slangasekthe firmware is being loaded twice?18:55
tgardnerslangasek, two physical adapters, so 2 PCI instances, etc18:55
slangasekI didn't see a first successful load in the logs - where do you see that?18:55
tgardnerits implied because there is no failure.18:56
tgardnernot real helpful, huh ?18:56
slangasekbut then how do you know it's not the first load that's failing? :)18:57
slangasekoh, because the messages are about the second pci device18:57
tgardnerslangasek, because eth0 always seems to work. 18:57
* slangasek nods18:57
tgardnerthough you might have a point.18:57
slangasekwell, the log shows all the messages related to eth0 first, and then the failure is bracketed by messages about eth118:58
slangasekso I think you're right that it's the second load that's failing18:58
slangasekwe should get a udev log from the initramfs to be sure18:58
tgardnerthat assumes that PCI probes happen in ascending order18:58
slangasekoh, I'm not assuming anything about the order, just observing that the probing appears to be happening serially, with the first one completing before the wedged firmware load18:59
tgardnerI wish the reporter in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/linux/+bug/842560/comments/32 had attached the whole dmesg. I think there is info missing from it.18:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 842560 in linux "bnx2 firmware missing" [High,Confirmed]18:59
tgardnerslangasek, but you do agree that its likely a udev issue ?19:00
slangasektgardner: I don't think so... I can't think of any reason why udev would be flaking out when asked to load this firmware19:01
slangasekto me it looks like things are getting stuck on the kernel side19:01
slangasektgardner: do you have the hardware to reproduce this?  or should I talk to TRellis?19:02
slangasekI can provide some patches to the udev initramfs scripts for debugging19:02
tgardnerslangasek, I don't, so yeah TRellis is your man19:02
lamonttgardner: bug 88275119:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 882751 in linux "kernel spams syslog with invalid src mac address, a2: 00:00:00:00:00:00" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88275119:41
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Trond--Why an Ubuntu Kernel and not the official Linux Kernel?21:18
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