c7phey tomswartz0720:49
godbykHey, c7p.22:32
godbykc7p: I just sent an email to the list.22:32
c7phey Kevin22:33
godbykc7p: People can start editing the online PDF using this URL: ubuntu-manual.org/proofread/gswu1110/en22:33
c7pim gonna check it22:33
godbykc7p: Then I can occasionally fold those edits into the .tex files and upload a new draft.22:33
c7pgodbyk: i sent a mail back to list22:54
godbykc7p: cool. if you can link me to the ubuntu one folder with those docs, I can help translate them to .tex.22:56
c7pjust give me the mail that you use ubuntu one :)22:57
godbykc7p: It's probably godbyk@gmail.com.22:57
c7pcheck the spreadsheet for the sections with no editors22:58
c7ptranslate these first22:58
c7pinvitation sent22:59
c7pcu later23:01
godbyksee ya, c7p.23:01

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