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micahgtumbleweed: the botan1.8 upload should've been 1.8.13-1ubuntu0.1 instead of 1.8.13-1.105:31
micahg1.8.13-1.1 makes it look like a Debian upload05:41
micahgScottK: when you get a chance bug 877074 looks fine to me, no rdepends except a suggests06:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 877074 in Oneiric Backports "Please backport workrave 1.9.4-2 to oneiric" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87707406:11
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dholbachGuten Morgen Berlin! :)07:01
tumbleweedmicahg: thanks, /me blames dch08:04
micahgyep, makes sense08:05
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Laneytoday I try in earnest to recover from the lurgy before Saturday09:29
nigelbLaney: Flying out Saturday?09:40
nigelbI'll miss you all.09:40
Laneywe need some nigelb!09:42
nigelbLaney: heh09:57
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cjwatsonLaney: beer helps with the lurgy </lie>11:30
RhondaLaney, you had an issue with a changelog link from the packages site. Which package was that again?11:41
LaneyRhonda: I don't remember :( It was something to do with .../changelog (or .../package.changelog) not always existing, possibly to do with multiple binary packages11:56
RhondaIt might be that it was with an .xz compressed upstream tarball and too old dpkg-dev on the extraction host (which though isn't under my umbrella)11:57
RhondaWe noticed this issue with packages.debian just recently11:58
AnAntHello, is precise sync'ing from testing or unstable ?12:07
\shAnAnt, testing12:12
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aboudreaultHi ppl!12:30
aboudreaultI currently build my packages in a VM (OpenVZ) of ubuntu lucid. I'm using cowbuilder right now. Unfortunately... I cannot build any packages for Debian SID (Unstable) since it is now multi-arch and things do not work anymore. Not sure why exactly.12:33
aboudreaultI want to build another virtual machine on my laptop using LXC. Do you have a setup to recommend me?12:33
aboudreaultis cowbuilder still the tool to use?12:33
pmjdebruijnaboudreault: doesn't cowbuilder build a chroot?12:52
pmjdebruijneach chroot has it's own libs, so multiarch shouldn't matter right12:52
* pmjdebruijn might be completely wrong12:52
aboudreaultpmjdebruijn, yes13:04
aboudreaultpmjdebruijn, I'm getting this error:13:04
aboudreaultcan't update/create new env anyhow13:05
aboudreaultit might be not related to multi-arch etc.... but all other env works. (ubuntu)13:05
aboudreaultand sid worked before.13:05
pmjdebruijnodd indeed13:32
cjwatsonaboudreault: what does 'uname -r' say?13:40
cjwatsonaboudreault: then the message means exactly what it says and this has nothing to do with multiarch13:40
cjwatson"WARNING: this version of the GNU libc requires kernel version 2.6.26 or later"13:41
cjwatsonthat isn't the lucid kernel, it's from hardy13:41
aboudreaultI don't think openvz is in lucid13:42
cjwatsonI'm afraid you can't run sid on that kernel13:42
aboudreaultok, fine then... it should work properly in a new LXC vm.13:42
aboudreaultthanks for pointing that!13:42
aboudreaultI thought this message was related to INSIDE the chroot.13:42
cjwatsonwell, it is13:43
cjwatsonit relates to the libc inside the chroot and the running kernel installed outside the chroot13:43
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