ubuntu-is-stupidWhy am i banned in #ubuntu channel00:51
pangolingive me a minute to figure it out please00:51
=== ubuntu-is-stupid is now known as Windows-fan
pangolinWindows-fan: just waiting for our ban tracker to load up. might be a couple minutes00:53
pangolinOk, so it looks like you were being disruptive to the channel and talking about how you had released  linux viruses00:56
pangolinyou can see how that is not acceptable behaviour in a support channel00:56
pangolindoes that ring a bell?00:57
Windows-fanHey wait... I don't remember that...00:57
pangolinyou were using the nick Microsoft__00:58
Windows-fanI still don't remember that.00:58
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:58
pangolinCan you please have a read of the channel guidelines and if you agree to follow them I will be willing to remove the ban00:59
Windows-fanI will follow the rules of the chat. :-)01:00
pangolinGreat. Also know that if we have further issues it will be a lot more difficult to get the ban removed. Just give me a minute to remove the ban.01:01
pangolinPlease join #ubuntu and part this channel. have a good night.01:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (zyltoid_ appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)02:01
Madpilothmm, someone remind me of the syntax for telling the bot that !newtell is an alias of !existingtell pls?04:30
FlannelMadpilot: !newtell is <alias>oldtell04:39
ubottudisunited is notunity04:40
Madpilotsilly bot. literal mode must be enabled in this channel04:40
Madpilotah, crap. nevermind. am screwing up04:41
grendal-primei have question about general communication in the event of a possible catastrophe07:09
ikoniawhat ?07:10
grendal-primesay for instance that there was an earthquake in my area and i was loged into an irc channel and asked..."did anyone else in this region feel an earthquake right now?"07:11
Jordan_Uikonia: For background see the recent scrollback in #ubuntu and this PM session http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/720431/ .07:11
ikoniaok - so just totally time wasting nonsense then07:12
ikoniagrendal-prime: unless you have something that is ubuntu related to discuss with us, please leave the channel.07:13
Madpilotif your building is falling over in an earthquake, pausing to alert IRC might be counterproductive.07:14
MadpilotIf it's not falling over, #ubuntu-offtopic07:14
ikoniagrendal-prime: anything ubuntu releated you need from us, yes or no please07:15
grendal-primeim done07:15
ikoniagrendal-prime: yes or no please07:15
ikoniagrendal-prime: ok, then please leave the channel07:16
grendal-primeill just talk to someone else..thanks07:16
popeyhttp://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lq26f7fmeY1qar51jo1_500.jpg feels appropriate07:26
ikoniapopey: I quite like your method of communicating through appropriate images07:28
popeyikonia: http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj789tuyRG1qdsx3do1_500.jpg07:35
Madpilotpopey, that first one is awesome07:39
Madpilotanyway, must sleep. later all.07:40
grendal-primeone question i asked07:46
ikoniagrendal-prime: why ar eyou posting this ?07:46
grendal-primei just got baned07:46
ikoniagrendal-prime: yes,07:46
ikoniawhat has this post got to do with that ?07:46
grendal-primewhy was i banned?07:46
ikoniagrendal-prime: why where you complaining people where offtopic ?07:46
grendal-primein fact you banned me07:47
ikoniagrendal-prime: why where you complaining people where offtopic ?07:47
grendal-primeyou have to admit it was off topic07:47
ikoniagrendal-prime: why where you complaining people where offtopic ?07:47
grendal-primefor the same reason i was focused on for being off topic07:48
ikoniagrendal-prime: who did you think was being offtopic ?07:48
grendal-prime<kriss_> I got like 1000 windows users who cant pick their noses without help07:48
ikoniaok - so that guy makes one comment in the middle of a support discussion (if you scroll up he was actually getting a conversation) and you start complaining that the ops aren't dealing with it07:49
grendal-primeif i cant tell someone..dude that is off topic without getting banned?07:49
ikoniabut you started complaining07:49
grendal-primei got banned for that?07:49
ikoniayou totally can07:50
ikonia"where are the ops".....07:50
ikoniait wasn't exactly a massive issue, you could just ask him to stop07:50
grendal-primei dide07:50
ikonia8:44 < grendal-prime> where are the ops for that stuff?07:50
ikoniareally ?07:50
grendal-primei asked?07:50
grendal-primeand i get banned for asking?07:50
ikoniacome on07:51
grendal-primeyou come on..07:51
ikoniayou got told off for being offtopic with your earthquake stuff07:51
ikoniaso now you're trying to find someone to be offtopic so you can complain the ops aren't dealing with it07:51
grendal-primei asked if anyone felt an earthquake...and i got pointed to off topic..a possible catastrophy...07:51
ikoniayou didn't ask07:51
ikoniayou had a 20 line discussion about it07:51
grendal-primeand you are going to just flat out ban me for askin?07:52
ikoniaand lets be real, you where talking utter nosense about getting the FCC invovled etc etc07:52
grendal-primeim not07:52
ikoniano, not at all, I was in the middle of sending you a private message before you joined here07:52
grendal-primetalking utter nonsence07:52
grendal-primeit never got sent07:52
ikoniano, because I started talking to you in here07:52
grendal-primeyou told me to leave07:53
grendal-primei did07:53
ikoniaapologies, I'm confusing things for you mixing two conversations07:53
ikoniaI'll try to clarify07:53
grendal-primei mixed NO conversations07:53
grendal-primeplease do07:53
ikoniano, I'm mixing conversations confusing the issue, I'll try to be clear. It's my fault.07:53
grendal-primegood start07:54
ikoniagrendal-prime: you where asked to stop talking about earthquakes in #ubuntu, the channel's topic is ubuntu support discussion. That seems to be resolved and everyone is happy07:54
grendal-primeand i stoped07:54
ikoniaa person made a needless comment about picking his nose, which I agree was needless,07:54
ikoniayou appeared to be trying to make an issue out of it, questioning where the ops where07:55
grendal-primei did go into private channel with the opp07:55
ikoniaI muted you in the channel, to send you a pm to ask you to calm down, it's not a big deal and explain how you can help self regulate the channel07:55
grendal-primei asked him for clarity he did not give it i asked for his superior.07:55
ikoniabefore I could finish that PM, you joined here07:55
ikoniadoes that clarify ok ?07:55
grendal-primefor the most part.07:56
ikoniaok, the intention isn't to ban you or keep you banned07:56
grendal-primecan i plead my case to you guys because this seems to me the only place to do this07:56
ikoniaI've only stopped you talking so I could talk to you without you getting heated in #ubuntu, I'd planned to do that in pm, but you're here now07:56
ikoniathere is no case to plead07:57
grendal-primewe can do this private you and i i dont have a problem with that07:57
ikoniaI just need you to use #ubuntu for support discussion only, and if someone is being a problem, eg: making offtopic comments, you can either ask them to stop, or if it persists call the operators who are watching in the channel07:57
grendal-primewell last i knew i was banned07:57
ikoniano need to take anything to private07:57
grendal-primethats not exactly "good" for me07:57
elkya comment about picking his nose, or a comment that he has 1000 users who he has to help who are so technically clueless that he describes this by saying they can't pick their noses?07:57
ikoniathat works too07:58
grendal-primeagreend..also..if the world is falling apart and i say..hey is anyone else knotice this?07:58
ikoniathat's nothing to do wtih #ubuntu07:58
grendal-primeyes it does07:58
ikoniaso don't post it07:58
ikoniait's that simple07:59
ikoniano, it doesn't07:59
grendal-primeand guys..seriously..07:59
grendal-primecome on...i wasnt hurting anyone by asking that07:59
elkyif the actual world was actually falling apart, i couldn't give a damn about an IRC channel07:59
ikoniagrendal-prime: you where asked to stop, instead of stopping, you argued it07:59
ikoniait's not ontopic for the channel, so don't ask07:59
ikoniaI believe we've covered that and you are comfortable with it08:00
ikoniaagreed ?08:00
grendal-primeexcatly but..it might be nice to find out where you might be able to get a ride out of town08:00
ikoniagrendal-prime: ok, here is is black and white, I just want yes/no responses08:00
ikoniagrendal-prime: do you understand that the topic of the channel is Ubuntu support discussion ONLY08:00
elkygrendal-prime, please stop with the strawman arguements. they're not going to get your mute lifted.08:00
grendal-primeif you want black and white the nose thing was no reasont ban me08:00
ikoniaCan you agree to keep to ubuntu support discussion in the channel only ?08:01
ikoniano although08:01
grendal-primeok ok but can i talk to you guys about this later?08:01
grendal-primeok yes no whats next08:02
ikoniait's not a policy that is up for discussion08:02
grendal-primeso i talk to yo about it in another channel?08:02
ikoniagrendal-prime: if someone is making offtopic comments in the channel, please don't try to make an issue out of it, just ask them to stop08:02
ikoniacomfortable with that, yes/no08:02
grendal-primesorry yes08:02
ikoniaright, I'll remove the mute08:02
ikoniaok, I've removed the mute08:03
grendal-primeactually...i ..hmm rarely contribute to this thing now that i think about it...hmmm08:03
ikoniayou're welcome to partipcate in ubuntu support discussion in #ubuntu now08:03
ikoniaor you're welcome to leave #ubuntu if you don't need it08:03
ikoniawhatever works for you08:04
ikoniaand now that the issue is resolved, you're also requested to leave this channel.08:04
grendal-primeumm sorry ok08:04
grendal-primei send my fcc emergency requirements to who?08:04
ikoniathat's not our problem08:05
ikoniaplease leave the channel08:05
elkyfcc emergency requirements?08:05
ikoniaso he can use the channel in an emergency08:05
ikoniait's the nonsense I was talking about earlier08:05
elkyi'm more curious as to what he means by FCC08:06
ikoniaI assumed he meant the USA gonverment group, FCC08:06
ikoniagrendal-prime: how can we help now ?08:28
grendal-primesorry i was trying to get to the ops for freenode...as it turns out the fcc says they do need to suppy some sort of channel for emergencys.  or so it seems..the are looking more into it08:29
grendal-primeits not up to you guys08:29
ikoniano they don't08:29
ikoniaI'm in #freenode and just saw the conversation you had in there08:30
ikoniastop telling lies and wasting time or you'll end up just getting banned08:30
ikoniait's that simple08:30
grendal-primeya but not with the fccs08:30
bkerensaAny ops awake?09:30
ikoniawhat's up ?09:32
bkerensathere is a user being disruptive in #Ubuntu09:34
bkerensaUser: gorillanoananana09:34
elkynumber 8 version?09:37
* elky tries to not laugh.09:37
jpdsHe left.09:37
bkerensajpds: Yep just noticed :) epic morning09:37
* elky goes to check the moon phase09:38
tonyyarussoelky: Moon face is 1% illuminated. || Moon phase: New || Next full moon is on Thursday 10 November09:38
elkymaybe we've started hitting the no moon issue09:38
elkybecause that's always what you say, tonyyarusso09:38
jpdsubottu should really announce the moon phases.09:39
ubottujpds: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:39
tonyyarussoIndeed, that seems to be the recent pattern.09:39
elkyif werewolfs come out on full moons, what comes out for no moon?09:39
elkymaybe vampires? didn't someone write a vampire book about new moons?09:40
tonyyarusso+1 if "New Moon" means a young women's magazine to you09:40
bkerensasomeone will soon be here to discuss earthquakes likely09:41
elkytonyyarusso, hilariously a bi-monthly magazine according to wikipedia09:42
bkerensaI'm certain there are zines for everything09:42
tonyyarussoWhat's funny about that?09:42
* elky blinks at tonyyarusso09:43
tonyyarussooh, right09:43
elkyyou are kidding me, right?09:43
tonyyarusso5AM - I'm excused09:43
jpdsApology accepted.09:43
elkyit is even more ironic if the magazine was initially named as it is as a reference to menstrual cycles.09:44
* popey stabs jpds 10:16
jpdspopey: What? I left out the /10:16
elkyyeah, he's going to start talking to you though10:16
jpdsGood luck with that.10:17
* elky points to #u10:37
ikoniahello there10:50
yrgyou could look at mr_placid at #ubuntu please?10:50
yrghe is giving bad advice as it seems10:51
ikoniayes, the scroll back isn't mega10:51
ikoniayrg: I'll keep an eye on it, thanks10:52
yrgthank you10:53
PiciInteresting hilights this morning...12:06
TheEvilPhoenixugh, stupid ZNC16:45
TheEvilPhoenixAnyways, i have a recommendation for a factoid.16:45
TheEvilPhoenixsomething to address the use of shorthand in general16:45
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.16:46
TheEvilPhoenixpangolin:  something slightly differnet... 'ryt' is not in the db afaict16:46
pangolinryt but I think !u gets the point across16:46
* TheEvilPhoenix has the insatiable urge to slap pangolin for violating the philosophy of !u16:47
TheEvilPhoenixjust thought i'd ask16:47
pangolinTheEvilPhoenix: you can submit a factoid /msg ubottu !foo is bar16:47
TheEvilPhoenixbtw, do all new factoid requests get forwarded to here, when the syntax !blah is <something> is used by a non-bot-operator ?16:47
TheEvilPhoenixi see.16:48
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, TheEvilPhoenix said: !no shorthand is Mangled English, such as 'U', 'Ur', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt', 'Ne1', or 'Bcuz', is hard for non-native English speakers to understand.  Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.16:51
ubottuIn ubottu, Amdpc said: !hindi is <alias> in16:51
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (gonko appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)17:41
gonkohei, what the hell?17:42
jussigonko: hi17:42
gonkohi, a bot says i'm a flooder17:42
* jussi looks17:43
Picigonko: your excessive cursing triggered our abuse filter on our bots.17:43
Picijussi: I already took care of it.17:43
jussioh, thanks Pici17:43
Picigonko: Please mind your language in the future when you use our channels :)17:43
gonkoPici, sorry, I swear that I can't say mono or banshee17:44
gonkoin the future :)17:44
gonkobut, for that little question, is there a way to solve?17:45
Picigonko: I've already unmuted you.17:45
gonkoah, ok, i ask in the channell17:47

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