kelemengaborNew langpacks in oneiric-proposed \o/09:43
TLEkelemengabor: nice, I'll ask for confirmation from pitti that they are all there and send out emails to the list11:05
kelemengaborTLE: okay11:05
TLEkelemengabor: hey12:03
kelemengaborTLE: pong12:03
TLEWas there something about some translations that was not included in the release at all, that should now be distributed via the lang packs?12:04
kelemengaborhm, IIRC deja-dup help was one such12:05
kelemengaborbut others don't come into my mind12:05
kelemengaborbtw, that one is fixed now12:05
TLEyes, that is what I wanted to say in the call for testing email ;)12:11
kelemengaborTLE: somehow, I'm unhappy with the update schedule. I mean one full update on week 2, and one on week 34? Nothing in between?12:40
TLEkelemengabor: that was what we discussed, but since it is the first time we do it, it is of course entirely possible that it is not optimal12:43
kelemengaborTLE: I'd like to see one more full update, for example the third one, so that slower teams can reach&release full docs translations before focus is completely switched to Precise12:47
kelemengaborI'll complain on the ML, so that dpm sees it too :)12:47
TLEplease in the coordination list, I don't want to take focus away from the fact that we have a schedule and thet people are supposed to start testing12:49
TLEin any case, it probably wont be the third update, since IIRC that coincides with some ubuntu engineering event, where most developers will be busy12:50
TLEbut maybe we could split 5 up into 4 and 6 or something12:51
kelemengaborTLE: okay, I won't distract people :)12:51
TLEkelemengabor: well it is just so easy to turn focus on a ML12:52
kelemengaborbtw, what if the third one is colliding with an event? we are writing the schedule: delay it by a week! :)12:52
TLEkelemengabor: well, it was only a problem for a full update, they didn't think it was a problem for a delta pack, therefore I saw no reason to deviate from the 2, 6, 12, 22 schedule, but off course of we want a full one there we will move it12:59
TLEbut I would like a but discussion of it first, so that we are relatively sure, writing calendars in wiki tables and moving objects around in my google calendars are not among my favorite accupations13:00
TLEafk coffee13:04
kelemengaborartnay: mdke: my mind will soon blow up: http://people.ubuntu.com/~kelemeng/pix/udg.png14:46
kelemengaborwe will never get rid of bug #814822 :(14:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 814822 in yelp-tools (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) ""Ubuntu Desktop Guide" message is not translated (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81482214:47
kelemengaborerm, this gets stranger every day: the string is not present in the pot file in bzr, but it is present in the po files14:58
paultagSo, how much paperwork will I have to file for a new locale and translation rights?18:17
paultagor at the very least, fork all the translations to a local branch18:18
paultageither en_MA.utf-8 or en_US.utf-8@BOS18:18
mdkekelemengabor: sorry, this one has me completely stumped. Is the problem caused by the image? If so maybe we should remove the image21:50
kelemengabormdke: no, not the image21:51
kelemengaborI have no idea why is it happening21:51
kelemengaborthe upstream branch is okay21:51
kelemengaborthe ubuntu one is not21:51
mdkeusually the only solution when something like this happens is to ask shaunm21:51
mdkehe is the only person who understands enough21:52
kelemengaborand yet, the po files contain the string21:52
mdkeor do you think this is a Launchpad issue?21:52
kelemengabormdke: the strange thing is that when I do a make pot on the ubuntu branch, it extracts the string correctly21:53
mdkeI'm wondering if the pot file which gets exported when I take translations from Launchpad is different to the one which is produced by "make pot" - is that possible?21:54
kelemengabormdke: I'd be surprised, but nothing is impossible21:55
kelemengabordo you commit that too?21:55
mdkeyes, probably it overwrites the pot in the branch21:56
mdkethis is the string, right? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-docs/oneiric/revision/5021:56
mdke(see the change to index.page on that diff)21:56
mdkehow many languages have you tested it in?22:00
kelemengaborwell, I have installed a few22:01
kelemengaborin the latest langpack, sl has it translated, and the others (hu, fi, es, de) present but not translated in the page file22:02
kelemengaborand in lauchpad, it is present in all languages, at least now22:03
kelemengaborso the only mystery is, why is it not present in the pot?22:03
mdkelook at this from hu.po22:05
mdkeit seems not to be translated?22:06
mdkein sl, if I open sl/index.page in yelp, it works22:06
mdkeso maybe sl is ok22:07
kelemengaborit is22:07
mdkeok, so why is the problem not as simple as "the string isn't translated in other languages"22:07
kelemengaborso in theory, now the po files are good22:07
kelemengaborhm, wait22:09
mdkein fi, the story seems to be the same as hu - the string isn't translated in the po file22:09
kelemengaborthe imported pot file is generated by launchpad, not the one stored in bzr, which is old22:10
kelemengaborthen now everything is right, I'll close that bug22:10
kelemengaborsorry for the noise22:10
mdkehang on22:10
mdkewhat are you saying is old?22:11
kelemengaborhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/ubuntu-docs/+imports - this one is imported, and all good22:11
kelemengaborthe one here is old22:11
mdkebut that one isn't relevant, what matters is the one in the ubuntu-docs bzr branch22:12
kelemengaborand because it is for 11.10.4, not 11.10.5, which is the latest update22:12
kelemengaboryep, this confused me22:12
mdkeok, we're getting there22:13
mdkeso what seems to have happened is that an old version of the pot file was broken22:13
kelemengaborit is just me, confusing things22:13
mdkeand now it's ok, but loads of languages don't have it translated?22:13
kelemengaborand yes22:13
mdkewe should tell the translators22:13
mdkemaybe the change came through late for some reason22:13
mdkethe problem is that the next documentation langpack update is like 9 months away on the basis of the current timetable :(22:14
kelemengaborI have already complained on the UTC list about the timetable22:15
mdketell me something. Is making the langpack a "full" update very work intensive?22:15
kelemengaborI think it is reasonable to have one more update, but I got no answer yet22:15
mdkewhy aren't they all "full"22:15
kelemengaborwork intensive: I can't really tell, as far as I know22:16
kelemengabordpm has to tick a box here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+language-packs (because he has permission)22:16
kelemengaborand then tell pitti to manually fetch the export and run the package generator woodoo22:17
kelemengabordelta langpacks are fully automatic in this regard22:18
mdkeI see. Well, let me know what the outcome is22:18
kelemengaborand the reason for their existence is IIRC that they mean smaller load on the infrastructure in terms of export/build/bandwidth22:19
mdkeI agree with you that some more "full" updates would be warranted unless there is a downside which we don't appreciate22:19
kelemengaboror so has told ArneGoetje a few UDS back22:19
kelemengaborone more question comes into my mind22:20
kelemengaborso, we have now the upstream ubuntu-docs project to translate, and the ubuntu package. which one is the real deal, that gets packaged?22:22
mdke(I've marked that bug as fixed btw)22:22
kelemengaborI'm not sure that I understand the whole workflow here :(22:22
mdkethe upstream project22:23
kelemengaboroops, I think I missed this one22:24
mdkeI was quite reluctant to make the move because of confusion like this, but I saw many other projects had also done it, and it provided some advantages for us22:24
mdkefeel free to document it everywhere you can!22:25
mdkeok, thanks for the help, I'm going to get to bed22:25
kelemengaborI'll do! good night!22:25
mdkegood night22:26

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