popeyMorning all!05:45
popeyalso Ugh.05:45
MartijnVdSGood morning popey05:58
DJonesMorning all07:05
MartijnVdSwoo, old bt mouse still working07:14
ali1234british telecom?07:18
MartijnVdSali1234: no, it has blue teeth07:23
BigRedSIt took me way too long to work out what you meant by that07:57
MartijnVdSand it's not even Friday!08:02
MooDoomorning all08:02
BigRedSit isn't? bah :(08:07
MartijnVdSSo.. I need a new disk to store lots of big things® (>1TB, photos and music)08:08
MartijnVdSI'm looking at 7200 RPM SATA-600 disks.. anything I should look out for?08:08
MartijnVdS(as in, "Don't buy brand X" or "Brand Y disks are faster")08:08
BigRedSWD & Seagate are traditionally where to look, I think WD are more highly regarded than Seagate these days08:09
BigRedSfor longevity at least. I don't do speed :)08:09
MartijnVdSBigRedS: I know, everything will be faster than my current "green" 5400RPM disk08:10
MartijnVdSbut still!08:10
oimonMartijnVdS: where will you backup the disk to?08:32
MartijnVdSoimon: my 2TB NAS :)08:35
MartijnVdSoimon: (same as my current disk)08:35
oimonis the correct answer :)08:35
MartijnVdSand once I get fibre, that NAS is going to make backups to another NAS at my parents :)08:35
BigRedSoimon: no, 'the cloud' is the correct answer08:36
TheOpenSourcererI've used Samsung Spinpoints for years. Very pleased with them.08:36
TheOpenSourcererAlthough they've sold that off to seagate now iiuc08:36
MartijnVdSFor some reason none of the stores in the area have >1TB disks in stock08:36
MartijnVdSI think I'll wait a few weeks/months. The current disk is fine. :)08:40
bigcalmGooooooooooooood morning, here :)08:41
MartijnVdShowdy bigcalm08:41
bigcalmHiya MartijnVdS & czajkowski :)08:43
bigcalmIs it the weekend yet?08:43
awilkinsMartijnVdS, That would be because of the Great Disk Shortage of 201108:43
MartijnVdSawilkins: Why?08:43
MartijnVdSawilkins: Thailand flooding?08:44
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Big flood. Destroyed  Thailand08:44
JamesTaitThoroughly happy Thursday, everyone! :)08:45
MartijnVdSWoo autumn photos :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/treenaks/6282743765/in/photostream/lightbox/08:45
czajkowskithursday you say *yawns*08:49
* AlanBell gives up on the Unity switcher and turns on the old compiz one08:55
bigcalmIt's one of those days where I still haven't decided which IDE to load08:57
bigcalmTime for coffee I think08:58
awilkinsHmmph. The disk crisis has pushed prices up something mental09:06
awilkinsThe sweetspot for SATA drives seems to have moved up to somewhere around 2.5TB09:06
awilkinsWhich cost £20 more than the 1TB ones at the moment... wonder how long that will last09:06
bigcalmThere's a crisis?09:07
DJonesChina Crisis?09:08
MooDooTime Crisis?09:08
bigcalmTime Crisis 2?09:08
bigcalmSpent far too much of my time and money on that game during my college days09:09
iclebytebigcalm, you missed the point of college.09:11
iclebytemine was spent on beer and looking at unachievable women.09:11
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:11
daubersawilkins: There was a 15-20% jump on Monday09:11
bigcalmiclebyte: I also spent far too much time and money in the local pubs during my college days09:11
bigcalmHi brobostigon09:12
brobostigonhi bigcalm09:12
awilkinsdaubers, More that that, I remember 1TB drives being about £64 incVAT09:12
daubersawilkins: Sorry, that's wholesale (what we buy them at at work) obviously retail ones will go higher still09:12
awilkinsNow they are in the £90 region09:12
daubersawilkins: We spent about 50-60k on drives last week to try and weather this out :)09:13
awilkinsJust as I was thinking of building a new MythTV box ( hi there ikonia !! :) )09:13
ali1234so what happened then?09:13
awilkinsA flood destroyed 1/3rd of the worlds hard drive production in Thailand09:13
ali1234i see09:13
daubersFlooding in thailand has destroyed western digi plants and hitachi plants09:13
daubersalso, 75% of the motors used in HDD's were produced there09:14
MartijnVdSdaubers: ouch09:14
awilkinsAh, that's rather more serious then09:14
daubersWD reckon they'll have their plant running at some capacity by feb/march09:14
oimonanyone else dicsovered big issues since upgrading thunderbird? i get 5 second lag when typing plain text email09:14
daubershitachi will probably be similar09:15
Dave2a/sb end09:15
awilkinsSo drives for the immediate future are going to be expensive, and crap (non-optimized production lines making components they previously didn't)09:15
MartijnVdSso.. switch to Seagate?09:15
daubersawilkins: Moral of the story is, ssd's might suddenly become more popular09:15
czajkowskigah VLC you will be the death of me09:15
daubersMartijnVdS: Seagate will go up too, as they won't be able to ramp up production enough to fill the gap09:15
czajkowskikeeps flipping crashing and stopping and no sound mid way09:15
awilkinsdaubers, The SSD pricing is already getting to the point where I'd get one for a main system drive09:16
MartijnVdSI want 1TB or larger SSD09:16
MartijnVdS+ affordable09:16
awilkinsdaubers, But I still need large drives for my gaming habit09:16
daubersawilkins: Yeah, I almost bought one for my laptop, but bike test next month means no moneys09:16
jpdsMartijnVdS: Would you like a pony with that?09:16
MartijnVdSjpds: Yes please. And the moon. On a stick.09:16
daubersMartijnVdS: I just had a delivery of 600GB ones, only about £700 a piece I think09:16
MartijnVdSdaubers: getting there, but not quite :)09:18
MartijnVdSdaubers: your UTF-8 is broken (you're sending Latin1)09:25
daubersHmmm? It's whatever xchat is set to09:26
awilkinsIt's set in the server prefs09:28
awilkinsThe default for "Ubuntu Server" appears to be UTF-809:28
* awilkins is surprised and also incredulous - ‽09:29
daubersMine was indeed set to Hybrid09:30
awilkinsWhat is Hybrid ... it's not even on my list (xchat-gnome)09:30
bigcalmpopey: got a moment to look at something for me?09:30
bigcalmI really should see a doctor, but I'm lazy09:31
* Laney wolf whistles09:31
bigcalmawilkins: it's listed as IRC (Latin/Unicode Hybrid)09:33
bigcalmYMMV in xchat-gnome09:33
awilkinsbigcalm, It doesn't seem available. Hooray for progress :)09:34
popeybigcalm: wassup?09:35
nubaeJoin #ltsp09:40
MartijnVdSnubae: you need to add a / in front of that :)09:40
nubaeyes i know :-) slip of the hand09:40
BigRedSah, that reminds me. I'm after a windows terminal server-alike way of getting at a remote ubuntu machine09:41
BigRedSpointedly, with a desktop matching the resolution of the *client* rather than the server09:41
BigRedSand I can't seem to find one09:41
nubaeBigRedS, ummm  can u explain that a bit better, its slightly confusing09:42
nubaein linux we have LTSP linux terminal server09:42
nubaein windows,  citrix, or if u want to go that way AD (LDAP)09:42
oimonBigRedS: i like freenx.09:43
nubaeeither way what do u want to run on the clients, linux or windows?09:43
oimonyou can suspend sessions and use ssl certs for access..and it's SUPER fast09:43
nubaethats not quite the same as a terminal system09:44
BigRedSnubae: er, clients will be debian or ubuntu09:44
nubaethen my suggestion, run ltsp, even if its off a windows virtualised partition09:45
BigRedSltsp off windows? hm?09:46
* BigRedS wanders off to look at ltsp09:46
nubaeWhat would be better is a dedicated LTSP server of course09:46
BigRedSno it wouldn't09:46
nubaebut i suppose u need the windows server for something09:46
BigRedSI basically want VNC but I want to view the remote desktop at the resolution of the local monitor09:47
nubaethen oimon is right, run freenx09:47
AlanBellBigRedS: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15816/changing-the-resolution-of-a-vnc-session-in-linux09:48
nubaeltsp is probably too much too soon for you09:48
nubaeor vmware or virtualbox09:48
BigRedSltsp just looks like it's solving a different problem09:48
nubaeboth do full screen09:49
nubaeyes oracles version of vmware09:49
nubaeopensource version09:49
BigRedSno, I know what it is09:49
BigRedSI just don't understand how it helps09:49
oimonbtw freenx does not show the desktop like VNC, it allows multiple resumable sessions at the display res you choose09:49
nubaehe doesnt want vnc i dont think09:50
nubaethink of the latency09:50
nubaemultiple vnc sessions at once09:50
oimonallows choice of DE and screen res.09:51
BigRedSI have a PC on my desk with a biggish monitor, and another in another room with a diddy monitor on it. I'd like to connect to it with a big monitor, basically.09:51
BigRedSit's all on the same gigE net so latency's really not likely to be a problem. I'm pondering bodging a length of cat5 into a vga cable...09:51
MartijnVdSHDMI-over-Cat5e extender? :)09:52
nubaeand what do both systems run?09:52
BigRedSthey're both ubuntu09:52
BigRedSwell, there's a debian client, too, but I don't really midn what I use09:52
nubaeso just do a ssh -X09:52
BigRedSI imagine the client is the easy bit09:52
BigRedSyeah, that had ocurred to me, I just assumed there was some more, er, pretty way09:52
AlanBellBigRedS: check out xpra as well09:53
nubaewhats unpretty about that? u can always write a script to make it pretty09:53
AlanBellthen you can move running apps between machines09:53
dwatkinsBigRedS: you mean have the monitors next to each other, or mirror the image to them both? You can send VGA over CAT5 if you really want.09:53
BigRedSNah, I want to have almost exactly VNC, but have the remote desktop be dictated by the resolution of the client's. Or be arbitrary09:54
BigRedSand I assumed there'd be some sort of even-my-dad-could-do-it methd which I could try, and file some bugs about or something09:55
nubaehave u looked at vinagre?09:55
nubaeits a vnc alternative09:55
BigRedSAlanBell: Oooh, that looks like fun09:55
nubaeit might allow for that09:55
BigRedSit's a vnc client isn't it?09:55
oimonis xpra like synergy?09:55
oimon!info xpra09:56
lubotu3`xpra (source: parti-all): X Persistent Remote Applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6-0ubuntu10 (natty), package size 41 kB, installed size 264 kB09:56
nubaeit is, but its a really good one09:56
dwatkinsBigRedS: you mean remote control VNC or join-together-two-machines VNC like with Synergy+?09:56
BigRedSI like the "So basically it's screen for remote X apps. " from their site09:56
BigRedSremote control09:56
nubaeif u are going vnc route choose vinagre09:57
dwatkinsI use that to grab the existing display (i.e. VGA console) of my server and continue with existing apps, as opposed to starting a new X session on a virtual display number.09:58
BigRedSalmost exactly the 'remote desktop connection' thing that ubuntu ships with, or tightvnc or whatever, but where I get a desktop whose resolution matches my monitor, not that of the server09:58
nubaetrust me09:58
MartijnVdSnubae: except it doesn't talk to realvnc servers (on windows)09:58
MartijnVdSI just get "Connection closed"09:58
nubaeyreah but he wants ubuntu to ubuntu09:58
BigRedSI thought vinagre was just a vnc client? Can the client set the resolution? I assumed that was down to the server09:58
MartijnVdSBigRedS: the client can scale down09:59
MartijnVdSBigRedS: (or up) as necessary09:59
dwatkinsThere used to be a way to have persistent virtual VNC sessions.09:59
dwatkinsI've done it on SLES before, where you can log back in to server:11 and still have your apps there10:00
dwatkins(11 being arbirtary)10:00
dwatkins(perhaps even arbitrary, too)10:00
oimoni even find VNC sucks a bit on the LAN too10:00
BigRedSMartijnVdS: yeah, i've got scaling, but that's just done by making the pixels bigger :)10:00
BigRedSyeah, it's not great. I used to do a boatload of support by vncing over a lan...10:01
=== drew is now known as Guest22810
nubaeyep, which is why real pros use ltsp ;-) :p10:03
BigRedSI must've completely misunderstood what ltsp is10:04
popeyBigRedS: you're not pro :D10:05
BigRedSpopey: Good lord no! I've seen professionalism and I don't like it :)10:05
nubaeit'll take while to sink in... but its a terminal server10:06
popey"Not for me!"10:06
nubaeie clients are just dummy clients10:06
BigRedSnubae: yeah, it's basically citrix for linux isn't it? I don't get how that helps with VNCing to workstations10:06
bigcalmSounds like my work10:06
BigRedSbut that's mostly besides the point. I don't deal with things that have mice any more generally :)10:07
nubaeu wouldnt need to10:07
nubaeu install ltsp on the computer with small monitor10:07
nubaethen u do a session from big monitor one10:08
BigRedSand I can still log in locally to the diddy one?10:09
BigRedSI suppose at worst I'd just need to initate a session to localhost presumably10:09
nubaegetting everythin running smooth as hell from ltsp session10:09
nubaesure u ¡can set up fat clients in ltsp10:10
nubaeand anywya it goes by accounts10:10
nubaeie... ever user has their own account so u set one up for diddy10:10
nubaeand one for biggy10:11
BigRedSbut I want the same desktop on both10:11
nubaeeven easier10:11
nubaelogin with diddy on both10:11
nubaewhatever what u hack it there's a solution10:12
nubaego read up on ltsp first10:12
BigRedShaha, yeah. I was just hoping for a more, er, simple one :)10:12
nubaethink there is a primer somewhere10:12
nubaewell ull learn a hell of a lot10:12
nubaeand its stuff worth learning10:13
nubaeu might finally understand how linux really works ;-)10:13
BigRedSNah, I get enough of that in the day really10:13
BigRedSI'm trying quite hard to be a normal user when I get home :)10:14
nubaeeither way setting it up is a 3 step process10:14
nubaeits easy10:14
BigRedScool. I'll have a faff next time I manage to get annoyed at screen resolutions :) ta10:14
nubaeits just the internals which are fascinating and cool10:14
BigRedScan the internals be easily avoided?10:15
gordonjcpinternals of what?10:16
BigRedSI just want to press 'go' and have the thing work10:17
gordonjcpoh, that stuff10:17
BigRedSit does graphics, graphics scare me10:17
gordonjcpisn't it just vnc with some extra bumf stuck on?10:17
BigRedSprobably. All I want is VNC where the resolution is dictated by that of the client rather than the server10:17
BigRedSI think I might just accept the scaling and be done with it10:17
gordonjcpI don't ge tthe point of that10:17
BigRedSdepends how bored/annoyed I get10:17
gordonjcpsurely that's what X is for?10:17
BigRedSyeah, that was my first thought. Here's a chance to learn X, run an X client on one machine and an X server on the other10:18
BigRedSand then I remembered about X and thought that that's just a way to get really irritated10:18
ali1234why don';t you just use X?10:18
ali1234it's much easier to use than VNC10:18
gordonjcpwell yeah, but if you're using X to begin with you may as well just tunnel it over ssh and save yourself the bother10:19
ali1234VNC never works right10:19
nubaessh -X10:19
nubaenever fails10:19
ali1234i have never seen it fail10:20
nubaethast by fair the easiest solution10:20
ali1234even when the local X server is completely messed up, ssh -X localhost always seems to work10:20
jpdsMuch better than ssh -X10:20
BigRedSit was more that I was expecting the built in clicky way of doing it to work and when it didn't I wondered if there was some other method I could use that would also be appropriate for pointing other people at10:20
ali1234it's also very handy for when you added yourself to a group and don't want to logout10:20
AlanBell!info openerp-client10:21
lubotu3`openerp-client (source: openerp-client): Enterprise Resource Management (client). In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0.14-1 (natty), package size 529 kB, installed size 2896 kB10:21
AlanBellyay, nobody got round to updating it :)10:21
ali1234xpra has all the same flaws that VNC has10:21
jpdsali1234: Such as?10:22
ali1234such as it reduces everything to bitmaps10:23
ali1234and presumably has no encryption10:23
jpdsali1234: xpra can use SSH.10:23
jpdsxpra attach ssh:IP.address:110:23
ali1234yeah, well, you can tunnel vnc through ssh as well, if you screw around with it long enough10:24
jpdsBut, yeah; in my experience xpra isn't anywhere near as latent as ssh -X.10:26
oimonis it weird that the postoffice owners were burning joss sticks in the shop today? it was a bit overpowering and nauseating10:28
bigcalmMaybe they have egg sandwiches for lunch10:29
daubersbigcalm: Now I'm even hungrier10:32
oimonit was 9am, just opened10:32
oimonmassive queue of OAPs at 9.0110:32
daubers"When I was a lad this was all post offices as far as the eye can see"?10:33
DJonesoimon: Were the the post office owners Hindu by any chance, I think today it a major celebration (Dewali) for them10:33
oimonah, possibly10:33
oimonlots of fireworks last night10:33
DJonesWhoever was talking about the HDD prices & flooding destroying/damaging factories cause shortages http://regmedia.co.uk/2011/10/27/wd_lake_3.jpg10:37
oimonreading RMS "rider" of requirements confirm my suspicions that he is an aspie https://secure.mysociety.org/admin/lists/pipermail/developers-public/2011-October/007647.html10:37
ali1234where's the list part?10:38
oimonwell, it explains why he acts like he does, and can't help it10:38
ali1234"I do not eat breakfast.  Please do not ask me any questions about what I will do breakfast.  Please just do not bring it up."10:39
gordonjcpoimon: because he's a total dick?10:39
oimongordonjcp: no. he might act like one, but if he has aspergers it explains his behaviour10:40
gordonjcpwith the social skills of a telephone pole?10:40
gordonjcpI'm inclined to disagree10:40
gordonjcpthere are plenty of people with Aspergers who are not self-important pricks10:40
oimonpeople with aspie syndrome generally don't get made spokesman for a company10:40
oimonfor good reason10:41
ali1234here's the thing10:41
oimonhe is delivering the conditions for relating to him and accomodating him10:41
oimonhe needs a PR person for his outbursts10:41
popeyhe needs to step down10:42
gordonjcphe needs to shut the hell up10:42
ali1234all you people need to stop complaining about RMS and take a look at yourselves10:42
gordonjcpand stop making ridiculous demands in his rider10:42
ali1234i don't see him making any ridiculous demands10:42
ali1234i see *you* making ridiculous demands about what he must do10:42
gordonjcpffs, notable dickheads Oasis don't have as much arseholery in their rider10:42
oimonreally? they walk off stage rather easily. that is due to ego though10:43
ali1234if you don't like it you are free to not ask him to come and talk at your event10:43
kvarleygordonjcp:Watch your language please.10:43
gordonjcpoimon: right, but their rider is rather less rectocranially-orientated10:43
gordonjcpoimon: if rms walked off stage mid-blether it could only be an improvement10:44
ali1234"A microphone is desirable if the room is large.  No other facilities are needed."10:44
gordonjcpat least you might miss him singing10:44
ali1234so unreasonable10:44
ali1234how could we ever accomodate such incredible requests such as the availability of a microphone at a lecture?10:44
ali1234it's simply impossible i tell you10:44
gordonjcpali1234: look at his demands for internet connectivity, then10:45
popeyit doesnt strike me as unreasonable10:45
popeynone of it is unreasonable. it's quirky10:45
ali1234none of it is unreasonable, and most of it probably exists because at some time in the past, someone asked him10:45
ali1234and so it got added to the list10:45
gordonjcppopey: his big long list of stuff he won't eat is fairly unreasonable10:45
ali1234that's where riders come from, all of them10:45
oimondo you agree that he is probably aspie though?10:46
gordonjcphe did that when he came to glasgow, demanded fed and then refused to eat anywhere we suggested10:46
gordonjcpoimon: no10:46
ali1234i dunno10:46
ali1234i don't think you can make a medical diagnosis based on such little evidence10:46
oimoni am usually right in my diagnoses10:47
oimoni know quite a few10:47
gordonjcpso do I, so do most of us10:48
gordonjcpin my limited experience of clinical psychology I'd guess he probably is a *little* to the aspie end of the spectrum but that is mostly overridden by his vastly overinflated pompous ego10:48
gordonjcpfrom my experience I find that people with aspergers tend to have rather better manners than rms exhibits10:50
oimonnobody can claim they weren't told of his requirements :)10:50
gordonjcpeven if they are a bit odd in their social contact10:50
popeyoimon: i would be surprised if he wasn't aspie10:54
oimonmaybe they could fork the FSF10:54
ali1234so his entirely unreasonable demands relating to internet connection consists of: a secure internet connection where ssh works10:54
oimonand a bit more10:55
awilkins"Meetina a sad parrot is not an agreeable surprise"10:56
awilkinsI don't think that's unreasonable, even it's a bit odd to state it up dront10:56
oimonnothing to ID him, no proxy, hotel doesn't ask for passport, nothing wireless,..10:56
awilkinsAnd my typing is very off today10:56
ali1234the only possible reason that entire paragraph could be in there is because one time someone did exactly that10:56
awilkinsQuite possibly10:57
popeyindeed, the whole document smacks of lots of notes made after individual failures10:57
oimonhe feels compelled to validate everything (except breakfast)10:57
ali1234popey: exactly my reading of it10:57
ali1234like i said, that's where *all* those crazy rock'n'roll riders come from10:57
oimonhe could just say, don't buy me a parrot...or not mention the parrot thing at all10:58
popeyi think you're overanalysing it :D10:58
oimonthis document  explains him more than any interview10:59
ali1234it doesn't say "don't buy me a parrot"10:59
ali1234it says "don't buy a parrot (for yourself) to try to impress me"10:59
oimonoh yeah11:00
gordonjcpyeah, I mean he wants to stay in a hotel that won't ask for a credit card or any form of ID11:00
gordonjcpgood luck with that11:00
awilkinsHe prefers to stay with private individuals11:00
awilkinsOne of my colleagues saw him leaving Leeds train station when he came to give a talk here.11:01
ali1234i've never needed anything other than the WPA key in any hotel i've ever been in11:01
ali1234and the key is usually the name of the hotel or something silly like that11:01
* Laney is enjoying the quiz11:02
ali1234of course it usually doesn't work properly, because wireless is a bit rubbish like that11:02
oimonon the continent , ID cards are typical so they would expect a passport to be shown to stay at a hotel. i had trouble visiting a client at a bank because they wanted my passport, and i'd left it at the hotel11:02
Laneyi think i know what is officially supported11:02
popeyyeah, I thought I did too! :D11:02
Laneydon't want to say11:02
awilkinsI'm recognizing lots of my own traits in here, to be honest11:02
awilkinsSo pretty aspie11:03
oimoneveryone has particular likes and dislikes. and i assume he is single, so used to getting his own way. however he is quite extreme on the spectrum11:03
awilkinsAlthough I'm more socially adjusted than this... but I haven't lived at MIT for most of my life11:03
oimonand you don't eat your feet in front of an audience11:03
oimoni hope11:04
Laneyyay, i was right11:04
Laney"what is on ports.ubuntu.com" was my guide11:04
* oimon remembered every dr who except for the current one :-\11:04
MooDoooimon: why not the current one?11:05
oimoncouldn't remember his surname11:05
oimonAKA chinhead11:06
ali1234mike smith right?11:06
awilkinsMatt Smith11:06
* oimon wonders who matt baker is11:06
ali1234who am i thinking of?11:07
MooDoooimon: the one show11:07
oimonLOL..probably influenced by 2 other dr's11:07
MooDoooimon: he's also on country file11:07
MyrttiPSA: Adobe has -50% off from Lightroom today if you get it from their site. Not strictly Ubuntu news, but thought someone might be interested11:07
ali1234what's lightroom?11:07
MooDooMyrtti: already have it :D11:07
MooDooali1234: windows version of darktables11:07
ali1234is it photoshop?11:08
MyrttiMooDoo: or mac11:08
MooDoophotography work flow solution11:08
MooDooali1234: no11:08
ali1234why would i want it then?11:08
MooDooali1234: no editing, but you can do a hell of a lot with it11:08
awilkinsMore for pro photographers, isn't it11:08
MooDooawilkins: nope not really, anyone can use it :11:08
MooDoobrilliant for catalogin11:09
awilkinsI go for the "big folder" method11:09
MooDooie everyting in one folder?11:09
MooDoowell i think it's interesting Myrtti thanks, although i already am a user :)11:10
ali1234£1,509 for CS production :(11:12
MooDooworth it though if you're into all that :)11:12
ali1234no it isn't11:12
MooDoowhy not?11:13
awilkinsI seem to be channeling Stallman now in my latest email to boss about why phone conferences are not useful to me for discussing technical issues11:15
awilkinsAlways a risk when I read an extended section of prose ... absorb it's personality11:16
ali1234wow, if you buy photoshop, after effect, and illustrator separately it costs £200011:17
oimonawilkins: i started doing it too!11:18
oimoni wrote about what happened when a user demanded admin rights on a pc11:18
MooDooali1234: that's why it's better to buy production11:18
ali1234they are basically paying you £500 to take a free copy of flash :)11:18
oimonwent on a rant, and had to delete it as a tangent11:18
ali1234hey, if you go through the business site, it;s £100 less11:19
oimonand the edu site..even better11:20
popeyoooo better sandy bridge support in linux 3.111:34
popeywonder if that means minecraft will work properly on my i7 now11:34
* popey pokes gord and ali1234 who know about these things11:34
awilkinspopey, Isn't Minecraft support more to do with OpenGL drivers?11:34
ali1234i don't know anything about it11:34
gordonjcpI bet there were at least two people pretty much as influential in Free software as rms at Oggcamp11:35
gordonjcpimagine if we all presented riders like that11:35
ali1234yeah right11:35
gordonjcpI don't know11:35
ali1234i mean, if you include people who are a bad influence, and just want to compromise the ideals to get short term success, then maybe11:35
gordonjcpali1234: back under your bridge, you ;-)11:36
* gordonjcp -> food11:36
jacobw2minecraft doesn't work on your i7?11:38
awilkinsWhat's better, BTW, i5 or i7?11:39
awilkinsI hate this modern trend for model numbers not meaning ANYTHING11:39
awilkinsI get why they do it instead of model names ; you think "Celeron - inferior"11:40
awilkinsBut I just think i3 ? i5 ? i7 ? My brain hurts11:40
jacobw2ha, "celeron.. inferior" is my thought process exactly.11:41
popeyit is what you think it is11:41
popeyjacobw2: it works but the graphics corrupt11:41
* awilkins just thinks the processor with the most L2 cache is the best these days11:42
* GirlyGirl wonders what's up with the linux folk and minecraft11:43
MooDooGirlyGirl: ti's a good program :D11:44
awilkinsIt's one of the games that ought to run as well on Linux as Windows.... and it also appeals to the mindset that Linux appeals to as well11:44
awilkinsYou can make of the game what you want of it, as long as you have the skill11:44
jacobw2i've still not tried it11:45
RhysMorganAfternoon All11:45
RhysMorganHOw can I get apt to use a proxy which requires domain level authentication?11:46
RhysMorganI have tried export http_proxy=http://domain\user:pass@proxy:port/11:46
* awilkins has not reached the Minecraft Event Horizon where you get good enough to be really drawn into it11:46
RhysMorganbut that doesn;t seem to work11:46
awilkinsRhysMorgan, ISA server? NTLM auth?11:46
RhysMorganawilkins, yes11:46
awilkinsRhysMorgan, One of the more successful approaches I've tried is ntlmaps11:46
popeyi use that too11:47
popeyworks _brilliantly_11:47
awilkinsIt's a python proxy server that does the auth for you11:47
awilkinsAnd you connect programs to that11:47
RhysMorganWill take a look thankyou11:47
popeyi have to use it at work to get a stupid java download tool working through the stupid proxy11:47
awilkinsThe more secure NTLM config that's becoming more prevalent needs you to tweak the default config from just LM to LM & NT though11:47
awilkinsIt locked me out of the domain yesterday because I hadn't done that11:48
awilkinsIt was the first time I had used it in a while11:48
awilkinsThe other thing I do for the office proxy is open an SSH tunnel to my router at home and put everything over SOCKS11:49
popeyyeah, i do that too11:50
RhysMorganIt would be nice if Ubuntu had an OS level way of setting the proxy like on mac11:50
awilkinsI hate bloody ISA server configured to do NTLM11:50
popeyit does11:50
awilkinsRhysMorgan, It does, but alas, it's not the best design I can think of11:50
popeysome apps dont respect it11:50
* popey coughs Ubuntu One11:50
awilkinsHeh, yes11:50
popeyalthough thats on the plan for this cycle11:50
RhysMorganlol, oversight?11:50
awilkinsAnd if you use a PAC script, it just passes the URL to the application11:51
popeyits because the vast majority of free software developers dont sit behind a proxy11:51
awilkinsI think that's mental11:51
RhysMorganand apt doesn;t respect that?11:51
popeyif they did they'd realise what a massive pain in the arse it is11:51
popeyit does11:51
BigRedSRhysMorgan: its be good if it was possible to have them ignore it, too :)11:51
awilkinsDoes apt understand PAC scripts?11:51
awilkinsI use a PAC script, my browsers understand it, but apt / update-manager don't11:52
awilkinsThinking about it, it would be better if the OS just provided a local proxy if you used a PAC script11:52
awilkinsEven better for the apps that can't use a SOCKS proxy11:52
awilkinsPreviously I thought it would just be great if the OS supplied libproxy support11:53
awilkinsSo if you have a PAC script rather than passing the script URI to applications asking for proxy, it just starts a proxy server and passes it's local URI11:54
RhysMorganSounds like an RFE in the making :P11:54
popeyi never use pac scripts I just look for the proxy server address and use that11:54
popeypac scripts are for windows users, not me11:55
awilkinspopey, I use PAC scripts because I move the machine between networks11:55
RhysMorganYou should see the size of the pac script used where I am working at the moment11:55
popeyso do i11:55
awilkinspopey, I guess we just have different tolerances for reconfiguring things11:55
awilkinsI use the PAC script for browsing, and tsocks for other things11:56
awilkinsI don't even think Empathy does PAC scripts11:56
awilkinsProbably not Gwibber either11:56
RhysMorganMy window title bars have all just disappeared :O11:57
jacobw2if its useful, Empathy won't do it11:57
awilkinsI install Pidgin for this purpose because it's awkward to start Empathy with tsocks11:57
awilkinsBut this kind of thing is why GNU/Linux distributions are perceived as not ready for Enterprise (tm)11:58
awilkinsReally, all the default apps should support the full gamut of proxy features11:58
oimonhas anyone successfully stripped DRM from a kindle file? some of my books are >50 years old, i would want my ebooks to last that long. and the only way i can assure that is by ensuring they will work in future ebook readers before investing in them11:58
BigRedSawilkins: it's the rules: wait until it's nearly ready, then start working on a replacement11:58
BigRedSoimon: I haven't, but I know several people who have11:59
oimonBigRedS: good answer :) it's prob legal for books we own12:00
BigRedSI doubt it :(12:01
BigRedSbut yeah, not me guv. honest!12:01
ali1234i have stripped drm from an ebook that was compatible with the kindle, but it wasn't in kindle format12:02
ali1234i can't remember what format it was in12:02
oimoni just discovered that there are ebook lending libraries12:02
oimonhowever they have limited copies of books12:03
oimonand it's mainly Z-list biogs12:03
awilkinsYeah, they are allowed to lend each eBook about 20 times because that's how long it takes to wear out a paper one12:04
ali1234i was looking in the kindle "blogs" section12:04
ali1234it's like 75% erotic fiction12:04
ali1234i was shocked12:04
ali1234i did not expect this12:04
awilkinsWhich is nuts - hey, let's take one of the major selling points of electronic media, and make sure we completely negate it!12:04
awilkinsI'm also shocked by the stats on how long it takes to wear out paper books12:05
awilkinsAre people really that careless?12:05
ali1234does kindle support epub?12:05
* oimon used to work in a library12:05
ali1234if it does, that's probably what format it was12:05
oimonali1234: no. despite epub being the digital book standard12:05
awilkinsoimon, Do they use kippers for bookmarks, or something?12:05
ali1234oh it was a .mobi format12:06
oimonkindle supports that12:06
oimoni hated getting the returned books with sticky covers12:07
oimonnow i have a kid, i love the ability to get childrens books from teh library.12:08
awilkinsI have very fond memories of my weekly trip to the library with mother12:08
oimonas an adult i'd only use it othrewise if ebook lending was widespread12:08
awilkinsThey are closing our local library. Which was a pale shadow of the library back home anyway.12:09
awilkinsI'd suggest making it into an ebook library with a cafe, but that would be scuppered by the need for a reader.12:10
awilkinsAnd the publishers, who don't actually want you to have ebooks12:10
DJonesoimon: I worked/volunteered in a library as well, didn't get paid, just did it because I loved reading & it got me all the latestest books before they went on the shelves12:10
oimonmy sister used to work for a publisher. a huge cost goes into the cover design and printing and binding. they are ripping off consumers of ebooks12:11
oimon"Kindle Format 8 will replace the existing Mobi format Amazon used previously" wonder if that means what i think it means12:12
oimoni hate being tied into kindle12:13
oimonbut wifey has one12:14
RhysMorganI refuse to buy a kindle, although I think they have come up with a great concept, as always it's marred by vendor lock-ins12:14
oimonif only epub worked on it12:16
RhysMorganI'm still searching for a decent solution for the iPad that I can use in conjunction with dropbox12:16
BigRedSI'm using a kindle without any vendor lockin12:18
BigRedSI've not bought anything from amazon12:18
BigRedSI just feed it free (and, er, 'freed') ebooks12:18
oimonwhich format do you use? or convert with calibre?12:18
RhysMorganBut doesn't that negate the "think of it and start reading in 30 seconds" concept?12:18
BigRedSoimon: I have, er, friends that send stuff to me12:18
BigRedSI've ignored most of the details12:18
BigRedSmobis I think12:19
RhysMorganIt would be cool if like the cydia idea you could direct a kindle at a secondary repository12:19
oimoni understand kindle allows 14 day lending - anyone tried it?12:19
oimonmy mum has loads of books on her kindle and i want to read some12:19
oimonwithout changing accounts et12:19
MonsterwizardI still use a sony e-reader12:21
MonsterwizardI hate DRM12:21
RhysMorganHas anyone got an ipad and found a decent solution?12:22
RhysMorganI tend to use my advent vega and use aldiko when I want to read12:22
oimon!info calibre12:24
lubotu3`calibre (source: calibre): e-book converter and library management. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.44+dfsg-1build1 (natty), package size 9311 kB, installed size 34012 kB12:24
oimonThe latest release of calibre is 0.8.23..looks for ppa12:25
jacobw2lbotu is looking at natty12:26
oimonjacobw arrgh i thought they fixed that12:27
oimonnewer calibre on lucid is a dependency beast12:27
oimondue to python2.7.1 and qt reqs12:28
MartijnVdS3   `12:38
MartijnVdSoops, sorry about those12:38
RhysMorganI thought it was 42?12:38
MartijnVdSlaptop came back from suspend with half-open connections :)12:38
MartijnVdS3 + 3 = 4 + 212:39
oimontotal       used       free     shared    buffers     cached / Mem:       1016384     963328      53056          0       5260     848048 /Swap:      1036284    1036284          012:39
oimonthink i need to change my swappiness?12:39
oimon850MB in RAM cache but 1GB swap used.12:40
oimonxorg seems to be very leaky in xfce12:42
MartijnVdSoimon: depends on how often you used the in-swap data12:42
oimonlet's say the machine wasn't very responsive :)12:43
RhysMorganWhy is it after an apt-get upgrade my grub screen now says Debian?12:43
oimoni wonder what PPAs you have on your machine RhysMorgan12:43
RhysMorganall ubuntu natty12:44
RhysMorgan+= jdownloader && natty12:45
gordrms sure is an odd ball https://secure.mysociety.org/admin/lists/pipermail/developers-public/2011-October/007647.html13:02
dennyheyla.  I had to install a fresh 11.10 system recently after I fried my existing system...  I'm having trouble getting DVDs to play.  I followed all the instructions/links I got fed by Totem and by Google and installed various 'bad/ugly/etc' packages, and ran the decss.sh or whatever it's called, but still no go.  Interestingly, VLC does play them (but the audio sync is out).  Any thoughts?13:03
oimongord: scrollback to discussion at 11.37 this morning :P13:04
DJonesAlanBell: Is this anything you need to be concerned about http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com/2011/10/introduction-of-usage-limits-to-maps.html IFrom memory, doesn't the ubuntu-uk map use the google api13:05
DJonesIt was linked from http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/10/27/google_maps_api_no_longer_free/13:06
AlanBellDJones: isn't that old news?13:07
DJonesAlanBell: I don't know, I only just saw it on the register front page, it could well be old new thats coming into effect13:08
AlanBellok, it is a new change, but we won't be getting anything like 25,000 hits per day13:09
ali1234i thought the gmap died?13:10
ali1234why is it even using google instead of OSM?13:10
AlanBellshow me how to do that with OSM and I totally will do it13:15
ali1234what does it do? just draw pins on a map of the UK?13:15
AlanBellthe map on Launchpad died because if you want to use https (which launchpad does) then you can't embed a map without paying lots13:15
AlanBellali1234: and allows people to place their own pin13:16
AlanBellwithout knowing their latitude and longitude13:16
ali1234is there a kml file somewhere then?13:16
jacobw2gord: wow13:20
AlanBellali1234: http://ubuntu-uk.org/?ajax_map&action=13213:27
gordonjcppfft, paranoid Ubuntu battery monitor13:47
gordonjcp"Low" isn't 20 minutes left, low is 20 seconds left13:47
dogmatic69i have seen on the web at some point you can use apt-get <something> to output a list of apps installed and then run apt-get <somethingelse> on another server and its all installed. anyone have an idea?13:48
oimondogmatic69: it was mentioned on UUPC not so long ago13:50
AlanBelldpkg --get-selections | grep '[[:space:]]install$'| awk '{print $1}' > installedpackages13:52
oimonAlanBell: there's a better one13:52
AlanBellyou can do something with dpkg --set-selections13:52
BigRedSwell, you feed set-selections the output of --get-selections13:53
oimoni think it was popey who explained why there was a better alternative13:53
oimonsomething to do with dependencies13:53
AlanBelldpkg --get-selections >packages.txt13:53
AlanBelldpkg --set-selections <packages.txt13:53
BigRedSbut you lose the manual/automatic flags on the packages and I can't remember how you're now supposed to do it13:53
oimonyeah that was it13:53
AlanBellthen sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade13:54
dogmatic69AlanBell: so just those 3? 1) on first server 2) and 3) on new server?14:02
AlanBellyeah, I think so14:02
BigRedSdogmatic69: yeah14:05
dogmatic69cool, thanks14:05
dogmatic69will try it now14:05
daubersOoooooh coffee time14:08
AlanBellwhat is hadoop for?14:19
BigRedSAlanBell: distributed computing?14:21
BigRedSthat's about the limit of my depth of understanding of it, though14:21
AlanBellyeah, I get that bit, and I know what map-reduce is, just have no idea who would want to use it14:21
MartijnVdSHadoop = amazing14:23
BigRedSMartijnVdS: that's a bit of a vague description :)14:24
MartijnVdSAlanBell: it's a framework for applying map/reduce on massive datasets (distributed across lots of machines)14:24
AlanBellyeah, why would I want to do that?14:25
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Say you have several million phone call records, and you want to generate a bill, one for each calling number14:25
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you could just loop over the millions of records, and wait a long time14:25
MartijnVdSbut using map/reduce, you chop up the data across multiple machines, create a mapping (number, price) for each record14:26
MartijnVdSthen reduce -> sum everything with the same number up14:26
MartijnVdSso you end up with lots of number -> total_price14:26
MartijnVdSand it scales up with more hardware, instead of "heavier" hardware (faster CPU etc.)14:27
MartijnVdSAlanBell: or, say, indexing the web14:27
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MapReduce14:27
MartijnVdS^ on-line checkout IRL :)14:32
oimonam i just unlucky or does everyone have to do the u1sdtool -d /-c /-s dance to actually get/send files via ubuntu one?14:44
NET||abusehi guys. i was trying to run a little virtual machine setup, using cloudmin on ubuntu, and to run a setup from an ubuntu 11.10 iso unattended?15:05
NET||abuseis it possible?15:06
BigRedSI probably wont know the answer, but I can't find the question in that.15:06
BigRedSah! Well, preseeding's been around for ever. which is possible but fiddly15:06
NET||abusewell, it won't install from the default ubuntu 11.10 amd64  server edition iso15:06
NET||abuseso , yeh, how can i get the install to run unatended15:07
BigRedShere end my knowledge, though. there's probably a more cloudy way of doing it15:07
kirrusNET||abuse: there's this in the documentation on preseeding: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html15:08
kirrusDunno if that helps or not15:08
BigRedSactually, there's that virt-<something> that builds images for you15:09
BigRedSthat's what yout want15:09
BigRedSbut I can't remember its name15:09
NET||abuseooh, sounds good15:10
BigRedSNET||abuse: I think this is what I was thinking about: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ubuntu-vm-builder.html15:45
danfishhello hello15:49
danfishin the venerable UUPC podcasty thing popey mentioned a commandline util to enable wake on lan15:50
danfishanyone remember it?15:50
MartijnVdSpowerwake - remotely wake a napping system15:51
MartijnVdSwakeonlan - Sends 'magic packets' to wake-on-LAN enabled ethernet adapters15:51
MartijnVdSone of those?15:51
danfishtx - but I think it was a command to enable the wake on lan on the remote system - or is that a bios only thing?15:53
MartijnVdSdanfish: it's a bios thing15:53
daubersdanfish: Sometimes you can do it using ethtool15:53
daubersAs you might need to enable it on the card (As well as the bios)15:53
MartijnVdSethtool -s eth0 wol g15:54
MartijnVdS^ wakes up on "magic packet"15:54
MartijnVdSethtool -s eth0 wol s15:54
MartijnVdS^ wakes up on "magic packet" with password (might not be supported)15:54
MartijnVdSethtool -s eth0 sopass foo15:54
MartijnVdS^ serts password15:54
danfishthanks all - spot on as usual :)15:55
MartijnVdSdanfish: Look for the "Supports Wake-on" and "Wake-on" lines in "ethtool" output15:55
MartijnVdSSupports Wake-on: pumbg15:56
MartijnVdSWake-on: g15:56
MartijnVdSsays mine15:56
* daubers might finally be coming out of caffeine withdrawal \o/15:56
daubersOnly a gentle headache this morning15:57
MartijnVdSdaubers: on which end? :)15:57
danfishah - remote machine (revo) seems to have had indigestion with the oneiric update ;)15:57
danfishwill try later15:57
daubersThey do that15:57
MartijnVdSdaubers: (I mean.. by ingesting more caffeine, or by pulling through a caffeine-free phase)15:57
danfishdaubers: how may a day were you?15:57
daubersMartijnVdS: By dropping from ~8-9 cups of coffee a day to 2, one in the morning, one at 315:58
danfishdaubers: I was going to say that's a lot, but I can get through 6 cans of diet coke in a day15:59
daubersAlso, I think the exercise thing is slowly starting to pay off, as I generally seem to have more energy over the past week or so15:59
daubersdanfish: Diet coke is icky. I'm allowed one tin of coke a day if I've been exceptionally productive16:00
daubers(makes it about a tin a week at the moment)16:01
danfishdaubers: heh - good re the exercise - what are you doing?16:01
* danfish needs to start exercising again16:01
daubersdanfish: Squash \o/ Once a week, as I gave up running as I got bored of it. Doing squash with some mates is a bit more social16:01
daubersEven if I'm rubbish at it :)16:01
MartijnVdSethtool can set network offloading flags16:02
danfishooh - I used to play squash and there's a club nearby \o/16:02
daubersHeh :)16:02
daubersThere's a fair few squash courts in reading, and at ~£6 a session it's not too pocket horrific16:03
danfishon a week of holiday - chores done 0, exercise done 0, sofa time lots, slob rating 100%16:07
MooDooi've got two speeds, slow and stop :D16:11
daubersheh :)16:11
matttdanfish: sounds like my holidays16:30
matttalways have a huge list of things to do16:30
matttend up getting nothing done :(16:30
danfishmattt: I've decided not to beat myself up about it. So long as doing nothing doesn't become a habit ;)16:54
dwatkinsSounds like most of my weekends.17:15
MartijnVdSGoogle Plus for Apps accounts17:46
MartijnVdShttp://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2011/10/google-is-now-available-with-google.html for the blog post17:48
ali1234we heard you like google, so we put a google in google so you can google while you google17:50
bigcalmNot gone to the URL, but I assume the + has been dropped from part of the title to make the slug17:51
ali1234but i had to click on it before i figured it out17:51
bigcalmAh, not a web dev?17:51
ali1234yes actually17:51
bigcalmOh :S17:51
ali1234stuff like that always confuses me though17:52
ali1234that, and the headlines on the BBC news RSS17:53
ali1234smetimes i have to read them 3 or 4 times before i understand when they mean17:53
* MartijnVdS adds a few people to Plus17:54
bigcalmTheir command of grammar isn't always understandable with one reading17:54
ali1234popey: does trublr contain any of my code? or did you end up starting over?18:15
popeynope, all from scratch18:17
ali1234does it handle X server restarts gracefully18:17
popeybut it could do18:19
ali1234looks good anyway18:22
popeyneeds some work18:24
popeybe nice if it could be financed by donations or something18:24
popeyI really haven't tested how many concurrent connections the server will support18:24
popeyor how much bandwidth it will need per person18:24
ali1234it's centralized?18:26
ali1234btw, this is exactly the kind of initiative i wanted to see the other day :)18:27
popeyit routes traffic through a central box, yeah18:27
popeythe client sets up an ssh tunnel to the central box port forwarding from helper to helpee18:28
ali1234firefox says: "The operation can not be completed because of an internal failure. A secure network communication has not been cleaned up correctly."18:30
MonsterwizardHow come people think I am less technical if I use Xchat on windows?19:38
MonsterwizardThere's no other good IRC clients on Windows :/19:38
ali1234i use pidgin19:38
ali1234anyone who judges technical ability based on what irc client you use is a noob19:39
ali1234same goes for any software19:40
ali1234it's what you do with it19:40
MartijnVdSah, the penis size argument ;)19:40
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: putty, to ssh to the server where you run irssi in screen19:43
Monsterwizardit's not the size of the worm it's how you wiggly it?19:43
MonsterwizardWell I'm gonnna run irc in emacs19:44
Monsterwizardwhy? oh just to over complicate things for other people when they use the computer19:44
gordonjcpMonsterwizard: that's as good a reason as any19:50
DJonesHeh, the Japanese have made a Terrahawk :) http://laughingsquid.com/spherical-flying-drone-hovers-like-a-helicopter-flies-at-40-mph/19:50
gordonjcpDJones: Terrahawks!19:54
DJonesGerry Anderson tv series from a few decades ago :)19:55
mgdmOh, we know :)19:56
andres-kainhello, I have my inlaws netbook seems to only boot into busybox.20:10
andres-kainsays mounting/dev on /root/dev failed: no such file or directory20:11
andres-kainwould installing a new version of ubuntu on it work?20:12
ali1234you should boot a live image and examine the partitions for errors20:14
andres-kainthanks will do that!20:17
andres-kainnot even exit on busy shell works.. kernel panic-not syncing: attempted to kill init!20:19
ali1234well yeah that will happen if there is no root filesystem20:20
andres-kainwhat tool checks partition errors?20:21
ali1234fdisk and fsck20:21
andres-kainfailed to mount /dev/sda120:24
andres-kainran $dmseg | tail20:27
andres-kainext4-fs (sda1): error loadin journal20:27
andres-kainwill this mean something is physically broken?20:29
andres-kaingparted seems to see the drives.20:31
andres-kainif i cant mount it, i cannot do fdisk right?20:35
andres-kainok, answering myself here: sudo fsck /dev/sda120:41
andres-kainignored some sort of error said yes twice...20:42
andres-kainclaering orfans...20:43
andres-kainali1234 fdisk lets it mount! great i'll try to mount20:47
ali1234hahaha butthurt perl programmers21:14
Andres-kainali1234 you are my sister-in-law unsung hero. of course i took all the credit of fixing her netbook.21:26
=== Chaser_ is now known as Chaser
hux__when I press shut down my pc only logs off22:06
hamitronyou could try the command: sudo shutdown -h 022:08
hamitronas a temp fix, till you properly sort it22:08
hux__thanx hamitron22:08
ali1234does anyone fancy having a go at this shredder challenge?23:38
Azelphurshredder challenge?23:41
Azelphurway too advanced for me :P23:42
ali1234not really23:42
ali1234it's just a jigsaw puzzle23:42
Azelphuras a human sure, I dunno I guess you could look for color gradients as they continued and make a best effort guess23:43
Azelphurali1234: do you know how the shredded documents are being sent to us?23:44
Azelphurindividual scans of every single strip? lol23:44
ali1234yeah basically23:44
Azelphurso you've got strips from multiple documents all bundled together, that makes it a little more difficult23:45
ali1234the first puzzle is only one page23:45
AzelphurI dunno I guess I can take a look at it, I have done some PIL stuff in python before23:46
Azelphuralthough this seems more advanced mathematics than programming, which I'm not amazingly brilliant at xD23:46
ali1234i feel like the best thing to do would be make a program that cuts out all the individual pieces and then displays them side by side and you click yes/no depending on if they look like they match23:48
Azelphurthat'd be pretty easy23:49
Azelphurbut yea, brb I got food cooking23:49
Myrttiaw, no fun, must be either US citizen or permanent resident23:49
ali1234i'm sure we can find someone23:50
Azelphur"Entries ... must be a permanent resident or citizen of the United States" - way to limit the solution pool23:50
Azelphuror not, gg23:50
ali1234or we could just troll the competition by releasing the answers publicly :)23:50
hamitronor work with someone from the US?23:54

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