Faqtotumdid i read that right? SCaLE is a month early this year?00:39
pleia2yeah, it's at the end of january00:41
Faqtotumwhy is that?00:44
pleia2I don't know :)00:45
akkMaybe that was when the venue was available.00:45
pleia2Gareth: why is SCaLE in January this year?00:45
Faqtotumthere's a good chance i won't be able to make it00:45
* Gareth tries to think of a funny, yet completely untrue answer but fails.00:56
Gareththe dates that we wanted to February were already taken by another event.  so we went to the weekend in January that we've got.00:57
Garethunfortunately unavoidable.00:58
Faqtotumwell, sure beats going back to the westin, i guess00:58
pleia2thanks Gareth :)00:58
akkGareth: "We got a tip that Linux 3.0 was going to be released that weekend, and we didn't want to conflict."00:58
Garethpleia2: no worries.00:58
Garethakk: Linux 3.11 perhaps :)00:59
akkoh, right :)00:59
akk"We heard that was when Apple was going to switch their kernel over to Linux, and wanted to celebrate."01:00
FaqtotumLinux 9501:02
Faqtotumno wait, Linux 98SE01:02
GarethLinux ME?01:03
FaqtotumLinux Bob.01:03
broderMicrosoft Linux01:05
brodererr, Microsoft Linus01:05
Faqtotumthe occasion is now upon us to discontinue battering expired equines01:07
bkerensaThis is meant for serious laughs.... Microsoft invited me to NYC for a vip event.... Also wanna send me a Windows Phone16:13
nhainesHow nice of them!16:14
BotenAnnado it16:25
nhainesbkerensa: I resurrected my HP Jornada 568 today.17:05
BotenAnnaoh the hp jornada17:12
BotenAnnai found my palm TX the other day17:12
BotenAnnai made a backup on ubuntu and i cant restore it :(17:12
nhainesThe real treasure trove was the 128MB CF card in it.  I stuck that in a PCMCIA adapter, chunked it into my laptop, and 'dd'ed away!17:13
nhainesI'm looking forward to seeing what my budget was in 2002.17:13
nhainesI took this to Germany with me while I was travelling.  I found my Targus keyboard in storage, that's what made me pull everything out and charge it.17:13
BotenAnnai remember your hp jornada hehe17:14
BotenAnnaa natural evolution from the graphing calculators~17:14
BotenAnnai always wanted one, but was too poor17:14
akkBotenAnna: pilot-link doesn't work to restore?17:16
akkThose graphing calculators are such disappointing things. I guess some day students will get to use some kind of cheap tablet, much more flexible.17:17
bkerensaApparently the NYC event they gave me a code... I'm not going to fly to NYC at my own cost just to go to a VIP party and meet two people they find important :D17:18
* bkerensa did take the Windows Phone though... :P I wont use it but heck I might give it away17:19
nhainesThe Jornada's pretty exciting.  It has Pocket Word and Pocket Excel which are probably just as useful as before.  It has Pocket IE which is probably more useless than before (also I don't have a functioning CF network card), and it has Solitaire of course.17:20
bkerensanhaines: I'm waiting for HP to liquidate their PC/Laptop supplies17:32
nhainesbkerensa: donno if that'll happen.  :)17:36
bkerensanhaines: They were giving away WebOS phones and tablets from their corporate store at insane prices17:36
BotenAnnaakk: they were da shiznit back in the 90s17:43
BotenAnnathey still have a function though, general purpose tablets are a bad idea to allow on exams17:43
nhainesbkerensa: right, but HP isn't going to stop producing PCs and laptops.17:44
bkerensanhaines: Since when are they not?17:44
bkerensalast time I checked they are selling the HP hardware brand pretty soon and will focus on enterprise stuff like cloud17:45
nhainesbkerensa: they changed their mind.17:51
bkerensaWell they did fire the CEO who made all those decisions and paid him millions in severence17:52
bkerensaMeg Whitman the failed politician is at the helm and I hear she is going to invest millions of her own money into HP17:52
bkerensaI know they laid off a good amount of the HP employees that were at OSCON this uear17:53
nhainesOh good!17:53
bkerensaNo :P the people at HP that were at OSCON were awesome.... node.js people :D17:54
BotenAnnabkerensa: she invested millions of her own money into her governorship campaign. nothing could possibly go wrong!!18:30
BotenAnnai cant believe hp seriously went with whitman, she is the absolute worst18:30
BotenAnnasorry, i cannot believe someone who claims to be a fiscal conservative yet ran ebay and during her tenure jacked up listing fees through the roof. i'm not even a fiscal conservative, but i don't appreciate liars!18:31
BotenAnnabut yeah. i really don't like her in a way that transcends politics or left/right, she's just a bad leader and a liar and fights dirty18:33
BotenAnnalike i think a major reason she didn't get elected is during the campaign i was impossible to be anywhere and not see her insufferable attack ads filled with transparent lies, and I didn't even have TV service at the time18:34
nhainesBotenAnna: don't shy away from the issue.  Tell us how you really feel!18:35
BotenAnnasorry, i may be a bit vague on my feelings about meg whitman18:36
BotenAnnaso to clarify: she's in my second circle of political hell. the first circle is composed entirely of sally kern and orrin hatch.18:38
* nhaines laughs.18:38
BotenAnnahere is a funny picture of sally kern getting pwned by the onion http://brittanynovotny.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/kris-and-sally.png18:39
BotenAnnahttp://i.imgur.com/406B2.jpg remember everyone get a lil' exercise sometimes :D21:06
greg-gBotenAnna: I honestly can't tell if that is fake or not21:20
MarkDudeThat chair is great, I could fit 3 of me in it. Although I am sure no one wants 3 of me21:23
BotenAnnagreg-g: apparently it is. according to legend, someone requested a custom chair because the 600lb limit of their other chairs was too low for them. this chair cost $1800.21:26
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greg-gBotenAnna: wow21:43
akk$1800.is how much they paid some artist to photoshop (gimp) it? :)21:47
nhainesbkerensa: Slashdot confirms it. :P http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9221272/HP_to_keep_PC_division_rejects_spin_off_idea?taxonomyId=1222:45
BotenAnnaif slashdot confirmed it, it was true 2 months ago!22:55
locodir-useranyone that could help me to install an hp officejet 4500?23:37
nhaineslocodir-user: is it USB or network?23:40
nhainesOkay.  Make sure it's turned on and is connected to your network.  Is it Ethernet (wired) or wireless?23:42
nhainesOkay, it should be simple then.  What version of Ubuntu are you running?23:43
nhainesOkay.  Then you can click the Power/Settings indicator in the top right-hand corner of your monitor and choose Printers under the Attached Devices section.23:43
akklocodir-user: Tip: use system-config-printer, not the cups web UI, for installing HP printers.23:44
akk(I got the wrong configuration by letting CUPS do mine ... HP deskjet 4280)23:44
nhainesakk: that's what we're doing.  :P23:44
locodir-userin printers  only can click in connect button, not in add23:45
locodir-userthe "add" button apears in gray23:45
locodir-userand only can click in reload, and connect23:46
locodir-userdo i have to cick "connect?23:46
nhainesNo, you should have an Add button, a reload button, and a Filter text field, but no other buttons.23:46
locodir-useri can not click in add23:47
nhainesWhat if you use the menu at the very top of the screen?  You should be able to choose Server > New > Printer23:48
locodir-usersays printing services not installed in this computer23:49
nhainesHmm, that's sort of what it sounded like, but CUPS should be included by default.23:49
nhainesIs this a new install of Ubuntu 11.10 or is it an upgrade from any pre-release version or from 11.04?23:50
locodir-useran upgrade from 11.0423:50
nhainesIt sounds like a failed upgrade.  That can happen sometimes.  Let's do this.  Open up Terminal.23:51
nhainesI want to see whether you have printing support installed.  Without quotes, type "apt-cache policy cups" into the Terminal and press enter.  Let me know what it says for "Installed"23:52
locodir-usercups:   Installed: 1.5.0-8ubuntu4   Candidate: 1.5.0-8ubuntu4   Version table:  *** 1.5.0-8ubuntu4 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric-proposed/main i386 Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status      1.5.0-8ubuntu3 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric-updates/main i386 Packages      1.5.0-8 0         500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/main i386 Packages23:53
nhainesOoh, that's newer than mine.23:53
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nhainesWell, that's good news and bad news... sounds like it's installed but it isn't working.23:54
locodir-usernow i need the good news23:54
locodir-userhow to make it work hehe23:54
nhainesThe good news was that it's installed.  :)23:54
nhainesI don't think I can support this remotely.  My advice is to find a local Ubuntu tech, maybe visit a local Linux User Group, or else to back up your files and install Ubuntu 11.10 fresh.23:55
nhainesThis shouldn't be terribly hard.  The problem is "I can't user printers because CUPS isn't running after upgrading from Ubuntu 11.04."23:56
nhainesLet me try that again without spelling errors.  :)23:56
nhainesThis shouldn't be terribly hard.  The problem is "I can't use printers because CUPS isn't running after upgrading from Ubuntu 11.04."23:57
locodir-userthats is the problem23:57
nhainesThat should let another technician know what the problem is.23:57
locodir-useri don't know is not working23:57
locodir-useri don23:57
locodir-useri don't know why is not working23:58
nhainesBecause CUPS isn't running.23:58
nhainesWe know it's installed and we know it's not running.23:58
locodir-useri have to back up my pics and install fresh ubuntu23:58
nhainesThat is one way to do it, yes.23:59
nhainesYou can run Backup and set up a backup of your home directory.  This is probably a good way to go.23:59

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