dorganhello every one00:09
maxolasersquad_hHello dorgan00:10
itnet7MichelleQ mhall119 can you still receive paypal for team contributions?00:25
itnet7similar to last year?00:25
itnet7or was it a hassle?00:25
mhall119itnet7: I think paypal is being a hassle about things now01:01
itnet7I was just trying to think of how we can take donations01:02
mhall119depends on if you want them before UDS starts, or if you're willing to take cash in person01:06
mhall119when do you need to pay for the popcorn machine?01:06
itnet7Marianna told me she would let me know. She hasn't had a chance to give me an update02:09
MichelleQitnet7: My paypal account is being a pain in the arse.  02:11
itnet7MichelleQ: No Worries, We'll figure something out...02:11
MichelleQlet me know what Marianna says, and we'll decide from there.02:12

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