thafreakMorning Ohio14:05
thafreakSo, anyone run into the problem where your screen is locked overnight, and when you come back, you move the mouse, type on the keyboard etc14:06
thafreakand the screen comes back up, but no prompt apears to unlock the screen14:06
thafreakit used to hapen randomly on 10.10...now it seems to happen almost every day on 11.10....14:07
thafreakno idea what's going on...14:07
thafreaki tried switching to a virtual console, logging in and killing the gnome-screen saver process, but no luck14:07
jrgiffordthafreak: unity?14:08
thafreakyeah currently, but this happened alot on 10.10 before unity too14:09
jrgiffordhaven't experienced this on my netbook - whats your graphics card?14:09
thafreaksome ati card14:10
thafreakthe machine was built by system 76...so you'd think it'd be a ubuntu friendly graphics card14:10
thafreakmaybe i should email them...see if it's something they've heard others report14:11
thafreakso system 76 has their own forum on the ubuntu forums...15:07
thafreakbut the search sucks15:07
thafreakwhy can't you search on phrases? keywords suck15:07
paultagthafreak: site:ubuntuforums.org search phrase15:08
paultaggoogle :)15:08
thafreakSo my boss came in and said she was concerned...she doesn't want me to take any classes for atleast a year16:40
thafreakso i can focus on this grant16:40
thafreakwhich is supposedly only for 60% of my time16:40
thafreaki like my job, just wish some one else was my boss16:41
_bbbim gonna need you to go ahead and come in on saturday17:34
jrgiffordpaultag: +1 for site:<sitename>.18:01
dzhooh heavens to murgatroid18:16
dzhoI have the hardest time remembering "zareason"18:16
dzhobut none at all remembering "system76"18:16
dzhothis makes me sad18:16
_bbbi have no trouble forgetting either18:23
thafreakSo i remember there being a tool which takes a python source package, and auto converts it to a deb19:35
thafreakis there something similar for a normal source package?19:35
thafreakdoes checkinstall work like that?19:36
paultagthafreak: it does in theory19:36
paultagbut checkinstall is meh19:36
paultagyou're better off debizing it yourself19:37
thafreakisn't there a tool to gen most of the debian/ dir for you?19:37
paultagyeah, but it's old and krufty19:37
paultagwhat software, thafreak ?19:37
thafreakso what's the state of the art then for making the debian dir?19:38
paultagthafreak: use one of my packages, I keep them well maintained19:38
paultagthafreak: is there a configure, make and make install19:38
paultagand is it automake?19:38
thafreakdunno if it's automake...but there's the usual configure make make install deal19:38
thafreakit's pretty simple...19:39
paultagthafreak: take this19:39
paultagthafreak: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=collab-maint/fbautostart.git;a=tree;f=debian;h=3ac73810316f553f65a1bb5c611e6b343fc5771c;hb=6ebf98b80ba2ee916c73baf779fe0d9fff6c74b419:39
thafreaknot sure why it's not already packaged actually19:39
paultagthafreak: clone that guy, and that'll work19:39
paultagjust change up the control & changelog19:39
paultagrm the watch19:39
paultagand clean up the copyright19:39
paultagand it'd be archive worthy as well19:39
paultagthafreak: then you can send it to a ppa19:40
paultagthen you won't have to work about krufty checkinstall crap19:40
paultagand you can rebuild every release19:40
thafreakstill haven't read up on setting up a ppa...19:41
thafreakit's been high on my todo list...just haven't been looking at my todo list19:41
paultagjust do it :)19:41
thafreaklessfs is pretty pimp on paper, fyi...inline deduplication, transparent compression, optional crypto and i think it can do replication too...19:42
paultagunless it's fuse you're going to have a tough time19:42
paultagbecause of kernel module shit19:42
thafreakoh yeah, it's fuse19:42
paultagoh, cool19:43
paultagwell then good to go19:43
thafreakcan you make a ppa that's usable on debian?19:43
paultagthafreak: no, sadly19:43
paultagthafreak: but it looks like there's an ITP19:43
paultagyou should introduce it to Debian19:43
paultagoh wait19:44
paultagah yeah, someone packaged it, but it's fuck all19:44
thafreakyeah it's not quite there yet19:44
paultagbut it's been a month19:44
thafreaki'm waiting on it19:44
paultaglet me find the thread19:44
paultaggot the RFS19:44
paultagOK, zigo@debian.org rejected it with a reqest to fix it up19:45
paultagend of thread19:45
paultagWould you mind being a bit more verbose in your package description19:45
paultag(maybe now AND next time you write an RFS) and motivation? Explaining19:45
paultagwhat a "deduplicating filesystem" and why it is nice to use it would be19:45
paultaga start...19:45
paultagactually, it's not even in the package19:45
paultagjust motivation19:45
paultagoop and he fucked up his copyright19:46
paultaglots of manpages missing19:46
paultagbad version of dh19:46
paultagyeah, shit, this is in rough shape19:46
thafreakyeah...so for now, it's build from source for me19:47
thafreaknot even sure i can trust it yet...19:47
thafreakgonna do some testing first19:47
_bbbcant truss it19:55
_bbbno no no no19:55

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