* InHisName catches up reading in 47 milli-seconds01:23
pangolinslow reader :P02:00
andrewMutantTurkey: Because you are stalking me.05:43
InHisNameandrew speaks !07:53
InHisNameg'mornin' andrew07:53
rmg51did the world just come to an end?10:02
rmg51pleia2: is awake at this hour?10:02
pleia2rmg51: I'm in charlotte10:04
pleia2took a redeye in on my way to orlando10:04
* pleia2 waits for next airplane10:04
rmg51and the chance to buy a new pair of mouse ears :-D10:05
rmg51morning sleepyhead10:24
JonathanDI woke up at 2 and couldn't sleep :/10:33
InHisNamedelayed morning to you, JonathanD12:24
InHisNamemorning teddy-dbear12:24
InHisNameu2 rmg5113:53
* TheEvilPhoenix enters carrying coffee for everyone13:53
teddy-dbeardo you have hot chocolate for me?14:06
TheEvilPhoenixnope, sorry14:21
TheEvilPhoenixonly coffee today14:21
=== Joe_CoT is now known as Joelar
=== Joelar is now known as Joe_CoT
ChinnoDoghooray for internet wayback machine, and recover the few blog postings I made before server died.22:40
ChinnoDogNew blog needs a clever name22:43
ChinnoDogChinnoDog's blog, suppository of human knowledge.22:45
ChinnoDogSomeone suggest something better22:45
rmg51the dog's house?23:01
ChinnoDogThat could make for an interesting metaphore. Elaborate.23:02
rmg51just a play on your nick23:05
ChinnoDogMy blog will be in the dog house before it is even up23:10
ChinnoDogI could call it "Dog with a Bone" but I think in addition to people who get the idiom there will be snickering.23:23
MutantTurkeydrumstick reference might be better for me23:26
ChinnoDog'wag the dog' is appropriate but it is a movie with a title most people recognize23:37
ChinnoDogI think I haven't a dog's chance of getting this right the first time23:39
MutantTurkeytuck your tail and run23:40
ChinnoDogcan't. I'm like a dog with a bone. Must finish.23:41
ChinnoDogBy the time I figure this out I am going to be dog tired23:41

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