Flare183Alright now00:00
Flare183Let's get his rolling00:00
Flare183First off, Introductions.00:00
Flare183Anyone want to go first? or should I start off on myself?00:00
Weudelgo ahead00:01
Flare183heh, alright.00:01
Flare183I'm Jesse, aka Flare183. I'm a 20 year old geek that uses Linux.00:01
Flare183I've been the team leader for a while, and due to some real life stuff, I haven't been able to really do much with the team.00:02
Flare183This has changed. And I would like to get this team up and running again.00:02
Flare183Now, enough about me. Who's next? Or do you guys have any questions?00:03
Flare183akgraner: Ping?00:04
plaI am Patrick L Archiald (PLA). I use Ubuntu at home and at work. I am a MythTV fan. This is my first Ubuntu SC meeting. Just checking it out.00:04
Flare183pla: Well, its nice to have you here, I'm happy to see you here.00:04
WeudelI'm Jon, aka Weudel,  I work in Communications for the railroad.  I am a forum moderator on XDA-developers, and a hack lyricist/vocalist/blogger.  I am running Ubuntu Studio 11.10....00:04
Flare183Awesome :D00:05
Weudeland Chrome OS00:05
Flare183Anyone else?00:05
scatteredstonesI'm Bob, aka, scatteredstones. basically just a Ubuntu user for a few years. no expert.  running 11.1000:06
scatteredstonesnot sure what i can do for the loco, but i  look forward to making some contribution00:07
plaIs http://www.ubuntusc.com/ supposed to be the group's website? I had the RSS feed for it in my reader. Looks like only some French postings as of late.00:07
Flare183pla: Nope, its a placeholder00:07
Flare183and we're not going to be using that site for much longer00:07
Flare183its going to be ubuntu-sc.org00:07
Flare183I'm going to be registering soon,00:07
Flare183and all of the members on the Web team will have access to it00:07
Flare183Next off.00:08
Flare183Topic: Where are we at?00:08
Flare183Well to explain to everyone. This team is DEAD00:09
Flare183Like you just died om minecraft dead xD00:09
jbichaakgraner is in NC00:09
Flare183jbicha: yup, I know00:09
Flare183he's my advisor lol00:10
Flare183Since I'm so young and such, being a team leader is a bit load bearing00:10
Flare183Excuse me00:10
jbichaI am a volunteer on the Desktop & Documentation Teams00:10
Flare183jbicha: We've met I think00:11
Flare183I'm not sure00:11
jbichaFlare183: not in person I don't think00:11
Flare183Nah, in the #ubuntu channel maybe00:11
Flare183Again, I'm not sure.00:11
Weudelso, we were in the "we're dead" phase....00:11
jbichait was this channel this summer00:11
Flare183I'm planning fixing that00:11
Flare183Its time for a change00:12
Flare183I'm going to planning a Ubuntu Hour in Clemson sometime soon00:12
Flare183That's later on.00:12
Flare183If you would like to know what a Ubuntu Hour is, then check out this page: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/17/detail/00:13
Flare183I think that's the right link00:13
Flare183Next up: Website00:13
Flare183Now who would like to be apart of the web team?00:14
Flare183We're going to be using Drupal00:14
WeudelNo experience with Drupal, but I can give it a shot...00:14
jbichaI know WP & MediaWiki & run my own website00:15
Flare183Alright 2 people, anyone else00:15
WeudelI just mess around with WordPress a bit00:15
Flare183Its the same thing really00:15
jbichawhat domain name?00:15
Flare183Its not up at the moment00:16
Flare183But its going to be Ubuntu-sc.org00:16
Weudelhasn't been purchased yet00:16
Flare183Moving on. Lastly, activity.00:17
Flare183What can we do, to boost activity in and around this team?00:17
Flare183And what can we do to spread Ubuntu's "Love"?00:17
WeudelDo we have CDs or anything we could hand out at the Tech After 5s and similar events?00:18
Flare183Yes, we can order massive packets of CD's00:18
Flare183and I ship them to you if you like.00:18
WeudelI could man the Greenville one.00:18
Flare183Alright, sounds great.00:18
Flare183Anyone else?00:18
WeudelWhat areas are we all in?00:18
Flare183I live in Oconee County00:19
WeudelI'm in Easley.00:19
Flare183And I goto college at Tri-County tech00:19
plaGoose Creek which is near Charleston SC00:19
WeudelStones... could you go to Tech After 5 in Charleston and hand out some CDs and answer basic questions about how you like Ubuntu?00:19
scatteredstonesi could try. haven't been to one before.00:20
Weudellooks like the next one's November 15th00:21
* Flare183 is glad to see people talking about this finally :300:21
scatteredstonescool. thanks'00:21
Weudeland Greenville's on the 16th.00:22
WeudelDoesn't look like they've announced where SELF will be held next year, but Greenville was one of the options, so we will have to keep that in the back of our minds00:23
WeudelAnyone else know of any tech events we could get to?00:24
plaLast I heard SELF was going to be in Charlotte.00:24
Flare183I SHOULD be able to goto SELF this year00:24
Flare183not if its held there00:24
Flare183The robotics events00:24
Weudel@ Clemson?00:24
Flare183If you guys have any interest in seeing them, let me know we will go there together if you like00:24
Flare183and Columbia00:25
Flare183maybe FL if possible00:25
WeudelFL has an awesome LoCo that can take care of themselves :D00:25
Flare183Weudel: I've been talking to them :P00:25
jbichaposscon dates are finalized, March 28-3000:26
jbichaspeakers aren't final yet00:27
Flare183You guys don't mind me being the team leader? (just wondering, since I'm so young :<)00:27
jbichadon't worry about age00:28
scatteredstonesnot at all.00:28
Weudelbring the energy and we'll try to figure out the logistics :D00:28
Flare183hehe Alright, awesome00:28
Weudelat this point we just need to do SOMETHING00:28
Flare183Weudel: I agree00:29
Weudelso, when are you looking at starting the Ubuntu hours?00:29
Flare183sometime around 12:00EDT at Clemson00:30
Flare183In the hendrix center00:30
Flare183(Clemson University)00:30
Weudelwhen, as in how soon/what days...00:30
Flare183Not sure yet00:31
Flare183I have a busy schedule to to working at a dinging hall and going to tech00:31
Weudelokay... I could probably do a Saturday in Clemson here or there, but might have kids in tow00:32
jbichado the kids like open source?00:32
Flare183That's understable00:32
Weudelmy 8 yr old wears here Ubuntu Developers Conf shirt I snagged her at SELF with pride.00:32
Weudeland runs Windows 7 on her netbook :/00:33
Flare183That's sad tho :<00:33
Weudelonce they get Netflix to work on Linux I'll be able to convert her00:34
Weudelwhat? IE in WINE?00:34
Flare183the Netflix program :P00:35
WeudelAnyway, is the 15th (Charleston) and 16th (Greenville) of next month doable with CDs?00:36
Flare183I should be able to yes00:36
Flare183Just PM me your address00:36
Flare183and I'll do my best to ship them :300:36
jbichaFlare183: are you buying them from Canonical or making them?00:37
Weudelif you plan on doing something in Clemson before then I could probably just grab them in person...00:37
Flare183jbicha: No, LoCo teams get BATCHES of CD's for free00:37
Flare183Like I'm talking 20+ CD's00:37
Weudelyeh, and guitar picks and other stuff, too00:38
Flare183They don't offer that :P00:39
Weudeloh well00:39
jbichadid you get the giant Ubuntu banner too?00:39
Flare183hehe yyup00:40
jbichalol, if I had it, I might hang it on my porch or something :)00:40
WeudelStones... send your address to Flare183 on the forums so he can get you some CDs00:41
scatteredstoneswill do00:41
Weudeland I'll do the same.00:41
Flare183Alright sweet00:41
Flare183jbicha: I could do that :p00:42
WeudelAnyoone want to go to Ta5 in Columbia?00:42
Flare183What's that? o_o00:42
WeudelTech After 500:42
Weudelguess not...00:43
jbichaWeudel: I'll try to be there00:43
Weudellooks like that's November 9th...00:44
Weudelsend your address and we'll see if Jesse can get those CDs to you, too00:44
Weudelso, anything else?00:45
Weudely'all still here?00:48
Weudel@Flare183: you got anything else?00:49
Flare183I'm here00:52
Flare183That's about it00:52
=== Flare183 changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-sc to: Welcome to #ubuntu-us-sc | Get involved! Ask questions. Get answers. | Subscribe to the mailing list and frequently visit the forums and wiki. | We are now an OPEN GROUP on Launchpad! Invite your friends. | Identi.ca: http://identi.ca/group/ubuntusc | Meeting coming soon! Be sure to keep a check on the mailing list! | Meeting is over, see the wiki later for the logs
Weudeldo we want to plan the next meeting?00:53
Flare183Weudel: Last Wed. of every month00:53
Weudelcool.... I'll work on some sort of flyer we can give out to people, and post places.00:54
Flare183Sweet man :)00:54
scatteredstonesi will chat with y'all later. glad the team is coming back to life.00:59

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