chris4585I think I might have to clean out my xchat..00:20
* Mighty_Penguin kicks freenode00:25
binarymutantin internet, freenode kicks you00:27
Unit193Heh, I checked my shells sshd_config, it's also listening on 53 :P01:05
cyberangerin soviet union, tsa gropes you.........................no wait02:26
cyberangerUnit193: on dns's port, heh02:26
cyberangerUnit193: why'd you do that02:33
cyberangerbinarymutant: what did it used to do (google + I mean)02:33
Unit193cyberanger: I didn't02:37
cyberangerwas gonna ask chris4585 if his hardware issue was solved, now I wanna ask did it grow into a networking issue02:37
cyberangerUnit193: um, you didn't tell sshd to listen on port 53?02:37
Unit193Nope, as I said, my shell account02:37
binarymutantcyberanger: it used to add search terms. Blank AND Blank02:38
binarymutanterr blank AND blank202:38
cyberangerah, I think I did that with OR02:41
binarymutant'or' was some other symbol02:43
binarymutantah apparently you can use the words too02:44
cyberangeryeah, that's right02:44
cyberangerboth on the symbol & the words02:45
binarymutantlearn something new everyday02:45
cyberangerdid they kill words too, or just the symbol02:45
binarymutantthey replaced it with: blank "blank2"02:45
cyberangeryeah, old days I did that with yahoo (old predated google, or at least in their early era)02:45
Unit193http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/6503.html Rather good read, "And I can just imagine Windows Update removing any Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu etc key every time it runs on a dual-boot machine."03:39
electricushey guys03:39
Unit193Howdy electricus03:39
electricusdoes anyone know what happens if you run 'rsync -ave user@host:/dir /local/dir' without specifying 'ssh' ?03:40
electricusa bunch of directories flew by and then it just ended.. now I realize what happened..03:41
electricusi hope i just didn't screw anything up :-/03:41
cyberangerelectricus: what?04:53
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wrstxpistos: having fun? :P12:35
=== xpistos is now known as Xpistos
XpistosMorning all16:13
Xpistoscyberanger: are you here?16:14
wrstmorning Xpistos16:20
XpistosI am trying to get cyberanger a job16:21
Xpistosmsb cyberanger are you here?16:21
wrstcyberanger: you really need to talk with Xpistos16:21
chris4585I seem to be having a strange audio problem, it appears only headphones work17:56
chris4585I just wish I could be done with computer problems17:58
chris4585so I fixed it, but I have a feeling it'll come back18:11
binarymutantheadphone jacksense? Where the speakers muted, but the headphones work18:19
chris4585everything was unmuted, they simply don't always work for my speakers18:25
chris4585reboot nothing, plugin headphones and they work but not my speakers18:26
chris4585so I have no idea, I'm not sure what I did to make them work18:26
binarymutantTry a different pair of speakers19:03
binarymutantmight be a short? idk19:05
chris4585no, they work fine with xp and for my ps319:07
chris4585I'm doing a line-in to my monitor's speakers and they work fine19:08
binarymutantnot sure then :/  I don't know any other way that speakers would stop working besides jacksense issues(muted) or hardware issues19:23
chris4585well I did read that this motherboard did have a crappy audio jack19:45
chris4585so if that is the case I might get a cheap audio card19:45
chris4585but it also annoys me that hdmi is picked up, but doesn't work :|19:45
electricuscyberanger: oh. .i was just curious about the behavior of rsync when i mistyped the command or rather gave an incomplete command with the 'ssh' option when specifying -e19:55
XpistosWell, KI am just about outta here for the day20:45
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