spridelat least you can bring the munchkin to bsides and let her have fun at lockpick village :D01:03
mrandmight just do that.  I'll try to remember to bring a few of my more unique locks01:20
spridelshe had a lot of fun here at bsides austin, and andrew is going to be there as well.02:02
mrandspridel: yes, I'm coming to be Andrew's crash test dummy again.  Not sure if I can keep my daughter interested the whole day.03:01
sprideluh-oh, go go hack-kid-con03:13
texaswriter_there's actually conversation in here. anybody awake in here?06:32
Linden940lol texaswriter15:54
Linden940how are you doing?15:54
Linden940<<been sick an so I have hardly been on the computer..and on top of that I still had to work15:55
Linden940guess everyone is still in bed19:11
Linden940hello stlsaint long time no chat19:15
Linden940how are you doing?19:15
stlsaintLinden940: sup man19:18
Linden940relaxing...trying to get over a bad flu19:19
stlsaintoh me too...sinus infection for weeks now19:19
Linden940i got hit real bad monday...had to take monday off19:19
Linden940worked all day tue and wed19:20
Linden940it killed me..but got done what i needed done..now its just paper work and shit i can do at the computer19:20
Linden940and you have had a sinus infection for weeks? damm...hope mine dont last that long lmao19:22
stlsaintyea sucks bad19:23
stlsaintim still over here in kuwait man19:23
Linden940lol i bet19:23
stlsaintyep ill be home for xmas though so thats good19:24
Linden940that works19:24
stlsaintfinally be able to get back to a solid connection and my servers, my connection here is top's 128KB19:25
Linden940That has to suck bad19:28
Linden940but what I can tell you...back here in the states weather has been funky..or has been for Texas....we had 60+ some odd days of 100+ weather and no rain19:28
Linden940we are starting to get some rain...but very little19:29
Linden940well I will be in and out..so I will reply alittle slow but i am here19:31
stlsaintLinden940: ha, ive been dealing with MONTHS of 120+ heat here lol19:36
spridelcould be worse, you could be on Bahrain.19:49
spridel120+ AND 100% humidity without rain.19:49
stlsaintspridel: agreed19:57
* spridel lived in bahrain for 2 years while growing up.19:58
spridelfather was a lifer, he got stationed there20:04
Linden940lol I love the heat but not when its like being in a oven cooking20:41
Linden940well I am heading off to the store20:48
Linden940well...the mower wont start now21:36

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