bkerensavalorie: You read the Oregonian about Occupy Portland?01:07
bkerensaTheir finance committee stole $20k in donations apparently01:07
valorieoh god01:08
valorieno, I hadn't heard01:08
valoriethat destroys trust in a major way01:08
seattlegauchoI wonder if they'd ever open one @ the U-Village or Bellevue Sq mall where the Apple and MSFT stores are17:32
shannonlucasI wish they had some better picture of the advert materials (and some translations)17:34
bkerensaIt would be nice to see Ubuntu billboards and bus ads17:35
* bkerensa had actually though of seeking permission from Canonical to crowdsource a few bus ads in Portland17:35
* bkerensa is unsure if he would actually need to ask for permission since it would be general advocacy under their trademark policy17:36
shannonlucasYou're an employee though, right? That might complicate it a little bit.17:36
* bkerensa is just a contributor17:36
shannonlucasOh, I thought you actually worked for Canonical17:37
bkerensanah :P17:37
bkerensathere is one person in this channel who does though but not me :D17:37
* bkerensa would not want to work for Canonical17:37
shannonlucasI'm curious. Why?17:38
bkerensaToo busy as it is with Ubuntu contributing, personal projects, freelance and IRL :P17:38
bkerensaI would have to end all my freelance and likely stop contributing as much to Ubuntu by 50% or more17:38
shannonlucasYeah, that happens in the Drupal world when folks go to work for Acquia.17:39
* bkerensa has no lack of work right now anyways :) I also do tech gadget reviews17:39
bkerensaand a good portion of the stuff I get from PR Firms I get to keep17:39
bkerensain the last few months were talking thousands of dollars in free stuff :P17:40
shannonlucasbkerensa: that looxcie is a bluetooth camera?18:21
bkerensaumm idk18:23
bkerensait just came18:23
bkerensashannonlucas: Yep Bluetooth and also have iPhone and iPad app18:24
bkerensapretty cool18:24
bkerensashannonlucas: They sent me two18:28
bkerensashannonlucas: One to giveaway to my flock and one for me.... They also will be sending me these new model when it comes out18:29
shannonlucasThe name is kind of fun too18:29
valoriewho in the chan is a Canonical employee?20:50
valorieexcept the bot......20:51

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