h00kFrom my HP touchpad01:30
h00krunning Android01:30
CheeseheadHello, Andriod01:31
CheeseheadOr even Android01:32
h00kit was quite easy, actually.01:34
Cheeseheadis is stable enough for you to lead the meeting from it?01:35
h00kapparently we'll see01:36
h00kI have three backups01:36
h00knot including Brittany's stuff01:42
emefarr_Hi, all.   Brittany = Mrs. H00k?01:48
h00kyep ;)01:48
emefarr_Finally able to attend one of these.01:49
h00kwelcome, we haven'tmet01:49
emefarr_No. Live from beautiful downtown Kimberly, WI.  Don't blink as your passing through.   ;)01:50
h00kthanks for coming, has the timing been bad?01:50
emefarr_Not at all.  Tere's been more work than life lately.01:50
h00kwe have another gentleman here from Kimberly01:51
h00knot her today, but he's occasionally around01:52
h00kMr. Jones01:52
emefarr_I'm hoping to be a little more active in the group.01:52
h00kwe can talk about you'd like to get involved during the meeting01:53
emefarr_Sounds good.01:54
* Cheesehead opens his pizza and pours his $Beverage01:57
h00kdid you bring enoug?01:57
* Cheesehead shares the more-than-adequate pizza around the room01:57
h00kfor all of us?01:58
CheeseheadI have more pizza under my chair01:58
emefarr_thanks, man.01:58
h00kcool, lets start.02:00
nickmoeckHi everybody!02:00
* h00k grabs agenda02:00
h00kthere we are02:01
h00khi, nickmoeck02:02
nickmoeckhow have things been going? been a while since I've been around02:03
h00klet us start with a meet and greet. I am Anthony. I'm from Rhinelander. I am the LoCo contact02:03
h00ki try to organize things!02:04
h00kwho wants next?02:04
nickmoeckHi, my name is Nick, and I'm an alcoholic02:04
nickmoeckOh wait, wrong meeting02:04
emefarr_I'm maurie. From Kimberly, WI02:04
h00khi Nick02:05
nickmoeckNick, from Milwaukee02:05
emefarr_I think that Nick and I will get along just fine.02:05
CheeseheadI'm Ian. I live in Milwaukee. I do the Milwaukee Ubuntu Hour and the Tuesday/Thursday Night IRC hangouts02:05
h00kit is a good time!02:05
* Cheesehead scribbles information about nickmoeck, furtively plaaning to guilt him into attending the MKE Ubuntu Hour02:06
nickmoeckMight be able to make it to the next one, whenever that is02:06
h00kalso, Cheesehead is the note taker02:06
h00kand does Team Reports02:07
Cheeseheadand pizza02:07
h00kthat, too02:07
h00kkinda bring us to item 2.02:08
h00kI'm going to send out a survey of interest02:08
h00kto...survey what people are inteesred in02:09
h00kthen we can plan things around those things, and it will be fun.02:10
h00ksound cool?02:10
nickmoeckGood idea02:11
h00ki like reporting bugs, testing, and physical meet ups02:11
h00kand online met ups02:11
h00kmeet, rather02:11
h00kanyone else?02:12
h00kWhat are you interested in?02:13
CheeseheadThis is a topic that affects future LoCo approval, too02:14
h00kPoint 3.02:14
nickmoeckI thought we were already an approved LoCo?02:14
emefarr_reporting bugs & testing as well02:14
h00knot officially02:14
Cheeseheadwhen we talk about 'bugs', are we talking discovering, triaging, patching, testing...?02:15
nickmoeckI've kinda gotten interested in packaging lately, though I absolutely suck at it02:15
Cheesehead+1 for a packaging tutorial session02:15
emefarr_3 out of 4 - discover, triage, test02:16
CheeseheadI believe ripps wanted in on that action, if I recall...02:16
Cheesehead(packaging action)02:16
h00kdiscover, for me, and reporting them02:16
h00khe's been mentionex on omgubuntu a few times02:16
nickmoeckAm I just one of the lucky ones who almot never runs into bugs?02:17
h00ki test beta stuff stupidly early for that02:17
emefarr_I have this habit of using alphas as production so I see a few bugs02:17
h00kme too02:18
CheeseheadI was seriously hammered by bug 858122 last week upon upgrade02:18
lubotu1Launchpad bug 858122 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Precise) "incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812202:18
emefarr_despite that ubuntu alphas tend to be more stable than ms releases02:18
h00kand you were able to recover? I hit that one early, too02:18
Cheeseheadso...reporting bugs from testing alphas? Is that where our consensus is leading?02:19
* h00k shrugs02:19
h00kand packaging02:19
Cheeseheadh00k: recovery is possible. The solution in comment #22 is a 100% fix for me.02:19
h00kmine was fixed during a package upgrade during alphas02:20
CheeseheadSo should we have somebody spearhead a few bug sessions and somebody else a few poackage sessions? Send around tenative plans on e-mail?02:21
h00kthe more things we do to help the community as a whole, the better chance we have of getting approved02:21
h00kI can do a bug reporting session sometime02:22
h00kand if you want to help, emefarr_02:22
emefarr_I'll do whay I can to help02:22
CheeseheadTraining session? Or hang-out-and-break-it-together session?02:23
emefarr_Well, I seem to have a gift for the "break it" part.   ;)02:23
Cheesehead(convenient to get a bug confirmed quickly!)02:23
h00kboth, i have one that would work, a bug02:23
nickmoeckI'd help out with the packaging session, except I *really* have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to packaging. I'm surprised my packages even work02:23
h00ki reported it yesterday.02:23
CheeseheadI have a .tar.gz that I'd love to try to package.02:24
h00knickmoek: perfect. maybe we could bring someone else in for a tutorial, too02:24
h00ka dev or something, a guest02:24
nickmoeckAlso I've only ever built packages for a set of python and PHP scripts, so I have no clue how to do packages for compiled code :P02:25
CheeseheadAsk for an interested trainer on the e-mail list?02:25
h00kcool, that is on our to-do list02:27
h00kanything else to add?02:28
CheeseheadSo [action] h00k to lead a bug-reporting session ??02:28
Cheeseheadand [action] h00k to request a trainer for packaging tutorial on the e-mail list??02:29
CheeseheadOK, thanks.02:29
h00kindeed, rather.02:29
h00kprevious, [action] h00k to send survey and gather data02:30
* Cheesehead makes notes02:30
h00kanything else?02:31
h00kemefarr_:  if i could get yur email...is your contact info on Launchpad?02:32
h00kcool. what alias?02:32
emefarr_emefarr@yahoo.com   emefarr = initials   em 4 maurie   ;)02:33
h00kCheesehead: I ask you to mention going for your Membership! Also, I'd like to attend02:33
Cheeseheadh00k: I'm sending out an announcement tomorrow or so. Meeting on the first, 3PM02:34
h00knext..i think it would be cool to have polos02:35
CheeseheadWait, waht about getting approved?02:35
emefarr_Cheesehead: what do I need to do to help nominate you?02:35
emefarr_for membership02:35
Cheeseheademefarr_: I'll tell you after the meeting!02:35
CheeseheadI was looking over https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved02:36
CheeseheadI think we're close.02:36
h00ki have started a wiki from the getting approved template, we can add on s we go, a resume  of sorts02:36
h00klet me find it02:37
CheeseheadI think we're good on "Resources" (IRC, e-amil list, etc)02:37
CheeseheadI think we're good on "Membership", especially since h00k just weeded out the old lists02:38
CheeseheadI think we need to refine "Roadmap" a little02:38
Cheesehead(Much of which will come from the survey results)02:38
CheeseheadAnd I think we're getting there on "Experience"02:39
CheeseheadWe did the Global Jam events02:39
CheeseheadRick did the seminars02:39
h00kthere we go.02:39
* Cheesehead shuts up and reads02:39
CheeseheadHow do you want to do Roadmap? Edit the wiki? E-mail comments?02:40
h00kthebLaunchpad  membership list is accurate, yes. i think e had another ezpire the other day thoug02:40
h00ki think editing the wiki is okay, we can always check revision history, etc02:41
CheeseheadSince we have notes, we can fill in Experience. I can have a lot of that ready for you in the next couple days02:42
CheeseheadDeadline for revisions and suggestions?02:42
h00ktwo weeks02:42
CheeseheadTentative goal for submitting the application?02:42
h00kgiving survey time tobeaccounted for02:42
h00kthree weeks?02:43
CheeseheadYou want someone from locoteams to give it a health check first?02:43
h00kone week to polish, we should meet in 2 weeks02:44
h00kyes, absolutely02:44
* Cheesehead shuts up so others can speak!02:45
h00ksound ok?02:45
emefarr_sounds good02:45
h00kthis spacebar is hard to find sometimes.02:45
nickmoeckOh, hi. Sorry, was distracted02:47
h00kno prob :)02:48
nickmoeckI think we'll have no problem getting accepted02:49
h00ki hope :)02:49
h00kthen we're cool.02:49
h00kand....cool people need shirts!02:50
h00kif we had a cool idea for a logo...02:51
h00kwe could get sweet polos02:51
h00khint hint. if anyone is ok at The Gimp, we could have another call for art on the Mailing lisyt02:52
nickmoeckI might have some time to try drawing something up.  Just something basic. Ubuntu logo inside the outline of the state or something similar02:53
h00kor like the ubuntu logo textwith Wisconskn after, then the circle offriends02:54
emefarr_no ubuntu logo inside a packer-badger-brewer logo?   ;)02:54
h00ksomething cool, yeah02:54
nickmoeckemefarr_: I was actually thinking of how something like that would look lol02:54
emefarr_you'll have to do it, though nick - i can't draw even WITH computer help!02:55
nickmoeckHonestly, I think it would end up looking pretty bad02:55
emefarr_way too many colors02:56
h00kcool. i can also send that out. QUICK, someone invent a deadline! A month? Few weeks?02:56
nickmoeckplus I don't think we want to imply any kind of sponsorship/approval of the teams02:56
nickmoeckWell, a logo is pretty simple. I'd say 2 weeks or so02:57
emefarr_ubuntu logo superimposed on a Cheesehead?   ;)02:57
nickmoeckor.... ubuntu logo made out of cheese02:58
emefarr_even better02:58
h00kanything else for this subject?03:00
h00kwe'll need to figure out where to get them and pricing, too03:00
nickmoeckalthough there are cheap options online, I'd say we should support local Wisconsin businesses and try to find someplace in Madison or Milwaukee that can do it for a reasonable price03:03
h00kI concur03:03
h00kanyone care to volunteer?03:05
h00kto seek one ouy?03:05
h00kCheesehead: anything else for this?03:06
CheeseheadNot tonight03:06
h00kand...new member wiki.03:07
CheeseheadI liked what js did last month03:07
h00kwe started well on this, yeah03:07
CheeseheadI suspect a lot of it can actually be on the main wiki page; it needn't be separate03:08
h00ki agree, i think the wiki needs an overhaul03:09
h00kand this is part, most, of it.03:10
CheeseheadI can work up a sample overhaul page next week03:11
h00kprogress here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam203:11
h00kthus far03:11
CheeseheadAh, you saw that...03:12
h00kis that bad?03:12
CheeseheadNo. Nothing on a wiki is private.03:12
h00kit was linked by someone somewhere, i forget03:12
h00kit is nice so far, anyway.03:13
CheeseheadI'll resume working on it03:14
h00kCheesehead, feel free, js got us some nice steps03:14
h00kAnything else for the evening?03:15
* Cheesehead looks out the window03:15
emefarr_nothing from me other that I can hopefully attend on a more regular basis03:15
h00k[action] Cheesehead to update  a delraft of the wiki03:16
h00kwhat happened there.03:16
h00kemefarr_ thanks for coming, it is nice to meet you.03:16
emefarr_nice to meet you as well!03:17
Cheeseheademefarr_: To help nominate somebody for Ubuntu Membership, add a testimonial to their wiki page, and (if possible) show up to the IRC membership meeting. My wiki page is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Cheesehead . The meeting date is Nov 1, 3 PM CDT in #ubuntu-meeting03:17
emefarr_Cheesehead:  thanks!03:18
* Cheesehead runs out to his car. Early work tomorrow...03:18
emefarr_same her - up at "quarter to why the heck am i up?"03:18
h00kBrittany is getting restless03:18
h00kthanks, all!!03:18
h00ksee ya, nickmoeck03:19
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h00kCool, sent the survey out officiall15:09
h00ksans y.15:11
* Cheesehead just submitted the survey.15:37
h00kThere were a few that had answered around October 7 or so15:46
* h00k shrugs15:46
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Cheesehead[Idea] Perhaps our team can adopt and fix a papercut this cycle? There's a UDS session about how to reinvigorate the languishing project.21:56
CheeseheadCall for volunteers: I happen to need an assistant or two for a couple IRC sessions I'm leading...date TBD, probably sometime in late November or December.21:57
CheeseheadDon't need to know anything about the subject matter (one is How To Mentor, the other is How To Do A Post-Event Review)21:59
CheeseheadI plan to do these as facilitated discussions instead of lecture, and I just need a shill or two in the audience to get the discussion warmed up...21:59
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