danilosnigelb, heh, hi, I heard this is where I should come for summit reviews, and judging by your comment on #launchpad-dev, you are looking at my branch :)08:55
nigelbdanilos: Heya, yeah. I glanced at it. When I get home I'll run it and approve :)08:55
nigelbUnless someone else beats me to it :)08:56
danilosnigelb, cool, there is one thing I wonder: should we display only the global UDS plenary on the Ubuntu side of things (perhaps would be better suited for UDS then)08:56
nigelbYeah, that's something I was thinking as well.08:57
nigelbTHe UDS schedule screen is what I'm worried about.08:57
nigelb(the big displays the show the scedule for the day)08:58
danilosnigelb, right, I am happy to change that, I kept it as is since the current UDS schedule already includes all the linaro sessions09:09
cjohnstondanilos: yes.. that's quite probably going to need to be done.11:49
cjohnstonjames_w: we really need to work on having summit be able to run multiple sprints for next cycle11:49
daniloscjohnston, sure thing, it's a simple change, I'll do it right away11:49
nigelbcjohnston: I just thought of csv/ical.11:49
nigelbDoes it get taken care of with the Schedule class?11:50
nigelbI can't guess without looking deeper and I can't do that at work ^-^11:50
daniloscjohnston, I am pretty sure james_w won't have much time to work on it himself, but since I am now in the Linaro Infrastructure team, maybe we can discuss it over11:50
cjohnstondanilos https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-summit11:51
cjohnstoncould you mark yourself as required please then11:51
daniloscjohnston, done, thanks11:51
nigelbmhall119: Are our openid troubles over forever?11:53
nigelbcjohnston: ^ any idea11:54
cjohnstoni didnt realize we were having different plenaries this time11:54
cjohnstonnigelb: I hope so, but I'm not going to say yes11:54
nigelbThis is going to be fun :D11:54
nigelbEspecially since summit always assumed there'd be only one plenary11:54
mhall119nigelb: I think it'll just ignore others12:02
mhall119we really need a clean separation between UDS and Linaro Connect12:02
mhall119let them share rooms and attendees, but otherwise have their own schedules12:03
cjohnstonI think make the ability to have multiple summits at one time, but make them aware of each other12:03
mhall119cjohnston: FYI, there are some people talking about doing a night dive at UDS on an internal mailing list, if you're interested you might bring it up in uds-announce12:08
cjohnstonwtf... why they not talkin it to me12:08
cjohnstonwho is talking about it mhall11912:09
cjohnstonmhall119: the people who are openiduserXX and have no username.. are their accounts going to be fixed with the updates?12:12
nigelbmhall119, cjohnston - czajkowski is organizing mentors for GCI.12:14
nigelb(Google Code In)12:14
nigelbI wondering if we could mentor someone for webdev12:14
czajkowskionly have 1 interested so far12:14
nigelbincluding the interst I showed?12:14
cjohnstonsounds like a great job for nigelb12:14
nigelbczajkowski: I would definitely want to get someone to do taks on Loco Team Portal.12:16
nigelbI'll bring it up at UDS and figure out small tasks that can be mentored.12:16
czajkowskiwe need to have it submitted by nov 1st12:17
czajkowskiand we need 4 mentors12:17
czajkowskiand at present I only have 1 email12:17
nigelbczajkowski: do you want me to email you a formal proposal?12:17
czajkowskiand cc dholbach12:17
nigelbok :)12:17
danilosbtw, I'd really like to get the summit changes for multiple plenaries reviewed and rolled out asap so we can get everything set-up, so if someone can help in reviewing it, I'd appreciate it12:18
nigelbI need another hour to get home.12:18
mhall119cjohnston: they won't be able to log in12:19
nigelbmhall119, cjohnston - Wanna poke at danilos review?12:19
mhall119nigelb: no12:19
cjohnstonthats mhall119s job12:19
mhall119I'm not project lead12:19
nigelbmhall119: As the project lead, I'm assigning the review to you :P12:19
mhall119nigelb: what is GCI?12:19
nigelbmhall119: Google Code In12:19
mhall119nigelb: I quit12:19
nigelbmhall119: Like Google Summer of Code but for younger kids12:20
daniloshigh-school students, I believe12:20
nigelbI think its a nice chance12:20
nigelbI know at least one really smart person in the community who was too young to participate in google summer of code.12:20
nigelbmhall119: "Quitting is not an option" ;)12:21
mhall119402 lines?12:21
mhall119oh, it's definitely an option12:21
nigelbmhall119: Also, should be move unfinished items from last UDS into this UDS's blueprints for discussion?12:21
nigelbMostly for LTP and Summit.12:21
mhall119nigelb: I'd say yes12:22
nigelbok, I'll do it.12:22
mhall119anything marked POSTPONED12:22
nigelbI'm working on getting a nice wiki page for ubuntu webdev.12:22
cjohnstonI can't commit the time.. but I will commit the help when I can12:22
cjohnstonczajkowski: ^12:22
danilosmhall119, anything after line 250 in the diff is tests, and big chunk of the changes are linaro-specific changes12:22
danilosmhall119, linaro-specific == LinaroSchedule or Meeting.is_linaro12:23
czajkowskicjohnston: cool but I think for this we need definate mentors lined up to go forward12:23
nigelbmhall119: would you be willing to mentor?12:23
cjohnstonI understand.. Basically my way of saying I can't put myself down as a mentor, but would be willing to help the other mentors in our area12:24
mhall119nigelb: I wouldn't have the time, I'm stretched pretty thin already12:24
mhall119wish I could though12:24
mhall119nigelb: though now that I quit summit....12:25
nigelbI'm not sure of my traveling schedule, so I have to check with new employeres.12:25
nigelbThere is certainly plenty of travel involved in new job.12:25
mhall119danilos: why did bzr get removed from requirements.txt?12:25
danilosmhall119, it was listed twice, which made it bork12:26
danilosmhall119, so, it's not really removed12:26
mhall119oh, ok12:27
danilosmhall119, sorry for not mentioning it earlier, I forgot about it since I hit it when I first checked it out12:28
cjohnstonmhall119: bug #574049  - can this be marked fix released with a note saying that we are unable to fix prior issues with this, however they have been fixed for the future?12:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 574049 in loco-directory "User referred to as "openiduser44" in event RSVP (affects: 3) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57404912:48
mhall119cjohnston: sure12:51
cjohnstonmhall119: how many months do you think it would take to import all members of loco teams12:59
mhall119cjohnston: by the time it finished, it'd likely be out of date13:00
cjohnstonmhall119: basically im wondering if we could set it up to do every few days.. obviously the first one would take forever..13:00
mhall119they'd all take the same amount of time, i would think13:01
cjohnstonwould it be too taxing on the servers?13:01
mhall119since we'll have to query everyone from LP that gets into ~locoteams13:01
mhall119what would we gain?13:01
cjohnstonI'm looking at bug #791727 and trying to figure a fix13:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 791727 in loco-directory "List of team admins is to long, and populated with unrelated accounts (affects: 1) (heat: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79172713:01
mhall119cjohnston: we can add a way for team admins to "pull" in a user from Launchpad, one at a time13:03
cjohnstonis that probably going to be the best optin?13:03
mhall119that, grouping the list by member/non-member13:04
mhall119and grouping13:04
mhall119maybe nigelb can design us a fancy django form widget that uses the API to do ajax-y searches13:04
cjohnstonnigelb: ^13:05
danilosmhall119, hi, any thoughts on the summit MP?13:23
mhall119danilos: sorry, I only had time for a quick glance at the code13:29
mhall119nigelb or I will look more into it later13:29
danilosmhall119, we really need this in place asap, is there anyone I can bribe for a review perhaps? :)13:32
cjohnstondanilos: mhall119's boss.13:33
cjohnstonmhall119: how do I find out what the correct package name is for requirements.txt?13:36
mhall119cjohnston: pip search13:37
cjohnstonso python-gettext  ?13:38
daniloscjohnston, heh, who's that? (I am asking already guessing at an answer)13:38
cjohnstonAt some point, Jane.. lol.. I don't know who his direct boss is13:38
cjohnstonmhall119: can you please comment on but #70111513:55
mhall119cjohnston: done13:56
cjohnstonmhall119: why blank=''13:59
cjohnstonsorry.. why default=''13:59
mhall119if null=False, then we should have a default value13:59
mhall119he's volunteering14:44
cjohnstonmhall119: can you do LTP at 11 on Wednesday and Summit at 12?14:44
mhall119should be able to, yes14:45
nigelbI'm not14:45
nigelbI'm looking at danilos code now.14:45
mhall119I set a busy time in summit admin, but I don't think the scheduler checks those14:45
nigelbIt does.14:45
danilosnigelb, thanks! :)14:45
mhall119ok, then maybe next reschedule it'll automatically move summit14:46
nigelbmhall119: sorry, scheudler doesn't. rescheduler does.14:46
mhall119nigelb: autoscheduler doesn't?14:46
nigelbautoschedulder afaik just puts it on the schedule some place.14:46
mhall119ok, when does reschedule run? is it manual or automatic?14:46
nigelbI don't know. Last time was when I discovered it even existed.14:47
nigelbCheck with daviey.14:47
cjohnstonhmm.. if I move it to Tueday, it doesn't show that mhall119 is unavailable14:47
nigelbThe client side needs plenty of work :\14:47
nigelbFirefox Sync <3.14:48
nigelbLooked at the code review on work computer, history synced to home computer.14:48
danilosnigelb, I hope the code is not too bad15:31
nigelbdanilos: It actually looks good15:31
nigelbI've got only one suspicion15:31
danilosnigelb, pretty colours in the diff and such? :)15:31
nigelbI'm testing that to make sure it doesn't explose15:31
danilosnigelb, cool, thanks a bunch15:32
cjohnstoncould someone please glance at https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/newlinks/+merge/8058215:37
nigelbdanilos: Hey, can I borrow your db file?15:42
nigelbI can't add an entry into mine because I'm awesome and forgot the password15:43
mhall119cjohnston: approved15:43
danilosnigelb, I believe I did it with an actual postgres DB, would a dump of that help?15:43
nigelbdanilos: ah. yeah15:43
mhall119nigelb: your sqlite db?15:43
nigelbI'll hook it up to postgres.15:43
nigelbmhall119: Yeah15:43
mhall119nigelb: just manage.py shell, get your user object and change teh password15:44
nigelbhah, ok15:44
nigelbI keep forgtting that.15:44
nigelbdanilos: nevermind, I'll solve this :)15:44
danilosnigelb, I know you just want to crack my password :P15:45
nigelbmhall119: hah, I didn't forget my password. I forgot my *user*15:45
nigelbdanilos: lol15:45
cjohnstonyour password is 'cjohnstonrocks'   its not that hard :-P15:45
danilosnigelb, actually, it's not using postgres, whatever did make me think it was (perhaps the fact that I had set it up)15:45
daniloscjohnston, damn, I'll have to change it on all the websites now... even my e-banking account :)15:45
nigelbdanilos: Yeah, the default is sqlite.15:45
nigelbI got in :)15:45
nigelbcjohnston: lol15:45
cjohnstonmhall119: once we get his branch approved, get nigelb to kick tarmac, and then we need to push a release to is15:46
nigelbTwo plenaries in two rooms at the same time right?15:46
mhall119nigelb: yes15:47
* nigelb adds data15:47
nigelbdanilos: Ok, the js validation gets screwed up :(15:51
nigelbI can't drag drop both the sessions into the schedule.15:51
nigelbI had to do it from the admin.15:51
nigelbOtherwise, everything looks good15:53
cjohnstonhow often is the personal ical reworked mhall119 nigelb15:58
danilosnigelb, I've only tested as the admin, what does that mean and how do I reproduce it?15:58
mhall119cjohnston: every time you request it15:58
nigelbdanilos: go to the schedule frontend while logged in as admin and click edit15:59
danilosnigelb, though, I did test the "Edit" interface as the admin, if that's what you are referring15:59
cjohnstonmhall119: i added my ical url to google calendars.. its showing an out dated schedule15:59
nigelbdanilos: Yeah, that's what I meant.15:59
nigelbDid it work for you there?15:59
mhall119cjohnston: how often does google calendar update?15:59
mhall119I think it's once an hour15:59
cjohnstoni just loaded it.. i have no idea15:59
mhall119oh, don't know then15:59
nigelbdanilos: errr, nevermind!16:00
nigelbMy bad :)16:00
danilosnigelb, ok :)16:00
nigelbcjohnston: ready for tarmac kick off?16:01
nigelbKicked off.16:01
cjohnstonnigelb: ill come to india and kick you if you screw up summit16:01
nigelbcjohnston: You sure? I'll screw summit then :D16:01
cjohnstoni figured youd say that16:01
cjohnstonwhats the airport16:02
nigelbcjohnston: I think its your turn to run aroudn this time :)16:02
nigelbcjohnston: BLR16:02
cjohnstonumm... i flew to EU16:02
nigelbmhall119 and I each did a turn babysitting summit.16:02
nigelbGah, commit message.16:02
* nigelb fixes.16:02
cjohnstonis danilos causing tarmac problems nigelb ?16:02
cjohnstonnigelb: send me $170016:03
nigelbcjohnston: just forgot to put commit message. Fixed. Re-running.16:03
nigelbcjohnston: That's expensive.16:03
cjohnstonyou are paying for me to come out there16:04
nigelbIf you want to kick me, pay for it youself :P16:04
cjohnstonhope would kill me16:04
danilosnigelb, btw, are you coming to UDS?16:05
nigelbdanilos: Not this time :)16:05
nigelbdanilos: Merged16:05
danilosa shame16:06
nigelbcjohnston: Kick off a deployment16:06
nigelbdanilos: heh, next time!16:06
danilosnigelb, oh cool, should I request a deployment or do you guys handle that as well?16:06
cjohnstonthats mhall119's job16:06
cjohnstondanilos: your getting paid right?16:06
cjohnstongo right ahead16:06
daniloscjohnston, yeah, I am :)16:06
cjohnstoni dont get paid enough to kick off deployments16:07
nigelbOh, shucks. I need to kick of a work deployment and grab dinner before that.16:07
nigelbSo catch you all laters16:07
mhall119danilos: you guys can request the deployment16:09
danilosmhall119, we will, thanks16:09
mhall119I'm still trying to pretend like we're not pushing more updates the week before UDS :(16:09
cjohnstonblame linaro16:10
nigelbdanilos: btw, congrats on the move to Linaro :)16:10
nigelbmhall119: We can still pretend, when we deploy during UDS :)16:11
* nigelb goes away for real16:11
mhall119cjohnston: I always do ;)16:11
mhall119nigelb: you better run16:11
danilosnigelb, thanks :)16:14
danilosmhall119, I'll go through Linaro's RT, so it won't be you :)16:14
cjohnstondanilos: please CC mhall119 and myself.16:15
cjohnstonor atleast me16:15
mhall119danilos: perfect :)16:16
daniloscjohnston, mhall119: if you want CCs, please give me your emails privately so I don't have to dig them out, thanks :)16:17
mhall119so much for privately16:17
danilosok, very private :)16:17
cjohnstonssshhh its private16:17
danilosheh, right16:17
daniloscjohnston, thanks16:17
mhall119danilos: you can use mhall119@u.c for me16:17
danilosmhall119, cjohnston, filed an RT, I'll go pester vanguard for a deployment now, anything to worry about for that? (eg. concurrent updates while the deployment happens or such?)16:20
mhall119have the changes all landed in our production branch?16:21
mhall119cjohnston: including the main-nav changes?16:21
cjohnstoni didnt move them to production if thats what your asking16:21
mhall119ok, then we're not ready to deploy yet16:21
cjohnstonworking on it16:22
cjohnston2 minutes16:22
mhall119cjohnston: thanks16:24
cjohnstondanilos: bug away16:24
cjohnstonmhall119: is there anything else we need to do prior to next week16:27
mhall119cjohnston: yes, we need to stop making changes to summit16:27
mhall119also we need to finish cleaning my house16:28
* cjohnston points at danilos 16:28
mhall119I'll assign that bug to nigelb16:28
mhall119nigelb: cleaning my hosue16:28
cjohnstoncleaning his house16:28
nigelbmhall119: get me tickets + visa.16:28
mhall119nigelb: I'll have to file an RT for that16:28
mhall119might take a few years16:28
* danilos hands nigelb a broom16:30
nigelbcjohnston / mhall119 - we should probably let jcastro know that there are 2 sets of plenaries that may not show up at the same time.16:39
daniloscjohnston, nigelb: btw, we also need to merge my changes to the production branch (that's what I heard) since we don't run trunk16:46
daniloscjohnston, nigelb: do I just make an MP to merge into that branch?16:46
nigelbdanilos: Its done :)16:46
cjohnstondanilos: its already done16:46
danilosoh, ok16:47
danilosI like it when it's like that16:47
cjohnstonhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~summit-hackers/summit/production/revision/149  danilos16:48
cjohnstondont worry.. ill continue to do the work while you get the pay16:48
daniloscjohnston, that sounds even better, thanks, I'll forward you all the tasks I get16:49
cjohnstonsee how well that one works for ya16:51
cjohnstonyou may be out of a job16:51
danilosbut with a salary, who'd complain?16:52
cjohnstonyou might lose that salary16:52
cjohnstonsummit is updated16:53
danilosyep, hopefully all is still good, it does look alright from both sides17:13
danilosnigelb, cjohnston, mhall119: from my limited testing, everything looks good, I am out now, but feel free to email me at danilo.segan@linaro.org if there're any issues and I'll try to look at it asap17:31
nigelbdanilos: \o/17:31
nigelbdanilos: Thanks for the branch :)17:31

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