Kilosmorning superfly and others06:08
superflymorning Kilos!06:11
superflyhiya sakhi06:12
Kiloslo sakhi Vince-0 06:38
Vince-0whats a sakhi? wine?06:39
Kiloslo Squirm 06:50
sakhiVince-0: sakhi in a name07:05
Kilosdont you see a list of nicks online here?07:06
Vince-0oh yar07:06
Kilosstill early . dont worry07:07
Kilosneed some coffee07:07
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:07
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:07
KilosMaaz, with cremora07:07
MaazAh! At last someone with taste07:07
KilosMaaz, and milk07:07
MaazNow you're talking07:07
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:11
KilosMaaz, dankie man07:13
MaazGroot plesier my vriend07:13
kbmonkeymornin' o/09:00
Kiloshi kbmonkey 09:02
kbmonkeyhello Kilos. what was that tool called again to monitor your network traffic?09:04
kbmonkeyah thanks!09:04
Kiloscommand sudo iftop -p -P09:05
inetprodon't leave iftop forever though09:07
Kilosoh my09:07
Kilosi run it full time09:07
inetproit eats memory for breakfast until your machine crashes09:08
Kiloshi inetpro 09:08
kbmonkeyno just for investigation09:08
inetprohello Kilos :-)09:08
Kiloshow else will i know how much data has gone09:08
kbmonkeyI had some xmpp requests without a jabber client open, just curious09:08
Kilosmy iftop runs full time09:09
kbmonkeyvnstat is much more suited to bandwidth usage09:09
inetproKilos: on your low end desktop you might not realise the inefficiencies that come with iftop09:09
kbmonkeyiftop does hostname lookups so it uses more data kilos09:09
Kilosand what does vnstat do09:10
kbmonkeyyou can disable lookups but then you only see IP's, not host names (like google.com09:10
inetprokbmonkey: no I think it's more the counters that keep adding up over time09:10
kbmonkeyof course, also I mean iftop uses bandwidth to run inetpro 09:10
inetprokbmonkey: hmm... I don't think so09:11
Kilosi dont think so kb09:11
kbmonkeyvnstat runs as a daemon and it records data usage totals, it does not record where it goes to though. just summary,09:11
Kilosit only shows if you online with irc or pidgin otherwise it shows no data use09:11
kbmonkeyKilos, the man page says it does. it calls it 'substantial traffic'09:12
Kilosok i will try vnstat09:12
kbmonkeyit actually recommends disabling it with the -n option or by pressing n09:12
Kilosok i take your word for it09:12
inetprowhen running iftop on a firewall with many hosts going through you will notice increasing memory and cpu utilisation 09:13
inetprothe traffic is probably more because of the frequent changes in the display09:13
kbmonkeyso you could press n to keep it off, and turn it on when you need to see the names 09:13
Kilosok n turns it off and what turns it on again09:14
inetprokbmonkey: ahh, it will do lots of dns lookups if you don't disable that09:14
* inetpro should perhaps test the difference 09:16
kbmonkeyn turns it on and off Kilos 09:17
Kilosah ty kbmonkey 09:18
kbmonkeyyw Kilos :]09:18
kbmonkeyvnstat is about 78k, you have to compile it from source though, I'm not sure how you feel about that Kilos 09:24
Kilosit shows --help09:25
kbmonkeyoh wait... it may be in the repos09:25
Kilosyesit is09:25
Kilosi have it09:25
Kiloswas in synaptic09:25
kbmonkeyah clever man! 09:25
Kilosi dunno zilch about compiling09:26
Kilosits a frightening word09:26
kbmonkeythe thing about linux apps, is the README file always explains how to do it :)09:26
Kilosbut in vnstat --help there lotsa stuff09:26
kbmonkeyI knew zilch at first too09:27
kbmonkeywhat do you get if you just run vnstat09:27
Kilosif you can understand it yes09:28
Kilosthere even a --longhelp09:28
Kilosbut its to get to use the right command that the trick09:28
Kilosit wants to create a data base09:28
Kilosvnstat -u -i eth009:28
kbmonkeyyes that's the command, to setup it once-off09:28
kbmonkeybut you dont use eth0 do you? you on 3G?09:29
Kilosi gotta change eth0 to ppp0 i think09:30
kbmonkeyyep, the same one you use for iftop -i09:30
Kilos The following interfaces are currently available:09:30
Kilos    lo ppp009:30
kbmonkeyspot on!09:30
Kilosdunno what the lo is for09:31
Wacemantumbleweed: are you here my brother?09:31
kbmonkeylo is a loopback interface, also known as
Kilosmethinks i gotta sudo that command09:31
kbmonkeydon't worry about lo, it is used for special things, it "loops back" to your own PC09:32
Kilosah ty09:32
kbmonkeyyes you have to sudo it, the database is stored in a special place09:32
Kilosgotta funny window09:34
kbmonkeyyou only create a new database once, then it's done09:34
Kilosdoes it run on its own from now09:34
WacemanGuys I installed my nVidia drivers manually (they were the only one's I could find that still supports my old card). At the end it said I needed to update my xorg file or XF86Config file - but have no idea how to do that?09:35
inetproKilos: you guys are lucky09:35
Kilosbecause cli back to prompt09:35
kbmonkeyyes Kilos it should now run by itself09:35
inetproubuntu does all the hard work for you09:35
Wacemanbtw nvidia-xconfig doesn't recognise the command09:35
inetproit adds a cron job and all09:35
Kiloswhy inetpro 09:35
Kiloshi wace09:35
kbmonkeyif you now run vnstat in the cli, it will show you your data usage. it may not show anything yet as your database is still new09:35
inetproKilos: it's the cron job that makes it run every 5 minutes09:35
KilosWaceman, 09:35
Kilosso why we lucky inetpro 09:36
inetproKilos: you don't have to do all the hard work to set it up :-)09:37
kbmonkeyubuntu does make it easy inetpro. I run the latest version so all manual install baby09:37
inetpronot that it's hard really09:37
Kiloshow can Waceman configure that09:37
inetproKilos: compiling from source is a very good exercise if you want to learn all the ins and outs09:38
Kiloswont dpkg --configure -a work09:38
WacemanI'll try09:38
Kiloseish inetpro ou kop hier man09:38
* inetpro goes back to do some more work09:39
kbmonkeyWaceman I can't remember but I did that before... mmm09:39
kbmonkeyis there a README or instructions with the drivers?09:39
kbmonkeydid you get the driver from nvidia site? they have a section with how to do it09:39
WacemanYa, here's the readme: http://uk.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/71.86.14/README/README09:40
kbmonkeyand likely your xorg config, XF86 isn't used anymore :)09:40
WacemanTHis is the driver09:40
WacemanI've installed it on 10.0409:40
kbmonkeysec-03 editing your x config file09:41
Wacemancuz 11.10's kernel was too new for the drivers09:41
Wacemanyeah, but I dunno what it means ;)09:41
kbmonkeyyou may not even need to configure xorg sometimes09:42
WacemanWell, no xorg file exists in /etc/X11/09:42
kbmonkeydo the drivers work already? try run glxgears 09:42
Wacemannot sure... how do I do that?09:43
kbmonkeyyou open a terminal, and you run glxgears 09:43
kbmonkeyit is a little app that uses your gfx hardware to test09:43
Wacemanok, says I have to install mesa-utils09:43
kbmonkeyoh, um perhaps the manual install doesnt have glxgears09:44
Wacemank installed it09:44
Wacemanbut gives glxgears gives error.. says Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"09:45
WacemanError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual09:45
kbmonkeythen your driver isn't being used yet :/09:45
Wacemanfrom what I've read, the way to do it is with the command.. nvidia-xconfig... but that doesn't exist... maybe I have to link the drivers or something.. eish I dunno09:47
Kiloskbmonkey, if he puts that package in /var/cache/apt/archives/ will he not be able to sudo aptitude reinstall it09:47
Kilosthen dpkg will configure it i am sure09:48
KilosWaceman, have you got a gui now09:48
Kilosaw that npackage was .run hey09:49
Kilosif we can convert it to a .deb then you will have no hassles installing09:50
Kilosi go ask maaz09:50
kbmonkeyah, you may need to install the nvidia settings packages Waceman 09:50
kbmonkeynvidia-settings IIRC09:51
Wacemanok  -  I can run nvidia-settings... but there are like no options09:51
Wacemansays, "ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.09:52
Kilosis a run file whats know as a single package file09:52
kbmonkeysee it's man page for how to reconfigure or create a new config. there is such a option09:52
kbmonkeydont have nvidia so cant check09:52
kbmonkeyyou must sudo the command too, it will require admin privs09:53
Kilosoh my he crashed09:59
inetproKilos: I just got a reference number from VC about my issues09:59
Kilosyay 09:59
Kilosbut is that all09:59
inetproKilos: so far yes09:59
kbmonkeyVC of vodacom?10:00
kbmonkeyoh vc==vodacom :p im slow10:00
Kilosyou can actually fone them and get to the data guys and ask them to try sort it10:00
Kilosbut you gotta go through all the pc voice messages and ewventually get an operator10:01
inetprosaying "...we will contact you via sms, email or phone call within 24 hours..."10:01
Kilossometimes they do other times they forget10:02
Kilosor they sms and say its being investigated10:02
Kiloskbmonkey, you gotta think when offline about how we gonna approach voda hey10:11
KilosWaceman, wb10:13
Kilosis it working10:13
Kilosfound some links you can check10:15
Kilosi once got a driver from somewheere as well and it sickened my machine badly 10:19
Wacemanwhat does the gk do infront of sudo?10:19
magespawnhowdy all10:20
Kiloshi mage10:20
KilosWaceman,  man gksudo10:21
Kiloslots of stuff there10:21
Guest1262hi 10:21
magespawnhowdy Guest1262 10:21
Kiloshi Guest1262 10:21
magespawnin and out10:21
magespawnbit like last night10:22
Kiloschasing animals10:22
Kilossome of those chat goodies are for peeps looking for chicks10:23
Kilosand vice versa10:23
Kilosdunno why they end up here10:23
magespawnyup and what kind are you going to find in a chat room10:23
Kilosbad kinds10:23
Kilosfirst one i ever tried was spinchat10:24
Kilosian was an ops there10:24
magespawnweird kinds10:24
magespawnokay and ?10:24
Kiloswhat a mess up10:24
Kilosdozens of peeps all trying to chff someone at the same time10:25
magespawnlots of fun then10:25
Kilosothers making like they chicks trying to catch a boyfriend10:25
magespawnsome strange ppl out there10:26
Kilosand lotsa kicking by the ops10:26
Kilosbut tomorrow they try again10:26
Kilossome even have serious fights online10:27
magespawnnothing like persistence10:27
magespawnflame wars10:27
magespawntoday our project is to set up ubuntu server in the shop10:27
Kilosthats why i happy here, here at least one can learn something10:28
magespawnyou can learn anywhere10:28
magespawnmight not be waht you want ot learn10:28
magespawnwhat to10:28
Kiloshad a link for that10:29
magespawnlamp and a couple of the others10:30
magespawni tend to tick every box to see what happens10:30
Kiloswhat happened mythubuntu10:31
magespawni also found zencafe for the internet cafe. not ubuntu based on slackware but still linux10:31
Kilosno man use whats in repos10:32
magespawnthat machine is at home plays the dvd and other media fine but no sound10:32
Kilosunless there no choice like poor waceman10:32
Kilosyou said you were taking it to work today10:32
magespawnyup there was a transport problem this morning10:33
Kilosmôre is nog n dag10:33
magespawnprobable get to it this weekend10:33
magespawnalso lots of other work to finish10:34
Kiloswhat size pc you using for a server10:34
magespawnpentium 4 2.6ghz 512mb  of ram 30gig harddrive10:35
magespawnwill look to upgrade the ram10:35
Kiloswow thats nice10:35
Kiloshi barco 10:36
magespawnfriend is clearing out his pharmacy and gave the machine to me10:36
magespawnhi barco 10:36
Kilosthe fly uses an old p2 for a server10:36
Kilosoh ya small town, everyone friends10:36
Kilosyou in the town or game reserve10:37
magespawnin the town10:37
Kiloshas it grown to the main road yet10:38
magespawnby main road you mean the highway? no?10:38
Kilosused to be veld for half a k or so then houses started10:38
Kilosoh is there a highway10:38
magespawnwell i think it has grown since then10:38
Kilosim thinking of old road10:39
magespawnwhen were you last here?10:39
Kilosnot long ago10:39
Kilos30 years10:39
magespawnnot long ago is relative10:39
magespawnmaybe have a look on google maps if you can, i think you might be surprised10:40
magespawni was five then 10:40
Kilosya been a while10:41
magespawnthere is a spar, boxer, ok and a shoprite.10:41
Kilosand a garage10:44
magespawnengen and total10:44
Kilosused to be one back then if i member right10:54
KilosWaceman, whats happening11:03
Wacemanjust need to know what to do next once I've installed the drivers. The install said I needed to create / configure xorg file... but I don't know how11:04
Kilosmust you make it /xorg.conf or what11:07
Kilosmd makes a folder11:07
Kilosbut to know what else goes with the command i dunno11:08
Kilosdo you have the exact letters for the file11:09
Kilosis it to be a file in xorg folder or a folder on its own11:09
Wacemanwell, the location isn't the problem.. nor is the creating the a called called xorg.conf... it's the contents of that file which I don't know11:10
Kilosthat surely gets put in by the installer11:13
Kilosbut it wants to see the file first or what11:13
Kilosmanually is big brain work11:14
Kilosone idea11:15
Kiloscan you look if there a nvidia forums where you got this driver and see if one of their experts has a workaround for ubuntu11:16
Kilosor if he has access to that file in .deb then all probs sorted11:16
magespawnlater all going on another drive11:18
superflyWaceman: see if you have an "nvidia-xconfig" command11:21
superflyrun it as root11:21
Wacemansays command not found11:21
superflytry installing nvidia-common11:21
WacemanI'll try that now11:22
Wacemansays alread the newest version11:23
superflyI'd generate an xorg.conf file for you, but it's specific to my hardware11:26
Wacemanmaybe I should install nvidia-current? even though it doesn't support my card?11:27
Wacemansays on nvidia website all cards use same architecture, and therefore all should be able to use same driveres11:27
superflyWaceman: you can install it, your drivers will have different names, unless you installed the 71 version11:30
superflyw00t! Afrihost FTW11:32
WacemanI have... but I dunno what it's done... when I installed the 71 version, I get a kernel error... so I ran the installation with "-k $(uname -r)" parameter at the end.. and it seemed to install properly11:32
Kiloslol what happened11:32
superflyI won 10GB on my uncapped account in a competition, so they instead credited my account with the value of the 10GB package11:32
Kilosfor the win11:32
Kilosthats nice superfly 11:33
WacemanI use them too, great value11:33
superflyWaceman: ^^11:34
WacemanKilos: what was that link you gave about installing the nvidia drivers?11:36
Kilossec i look for it11:36
Kilosi dont find a xorg.conf file11:48
Kilosits xorg.conf.d11:48
superflyKilos: these days you don't need an xorg.conf file11:53
superflymost of the time X.org can figure out what you need11:53
Kilosyeah ithought all conf was done by dpkg11:54
Kilosisnt that what dpkg does when you apt-get install11:55
WolfeyesGood day all13:51
Wacemanhow's your linux? ;)13:51
WolfeyesAnyone know of the best free remote control software working in a commercial enviroment please?13:51
WolfeyesHeya Waceman 13:52
WolfeyesOn hold for now dude, just reading through the server manual slowly.13:52
Wacemanhehe no worrries :)13:52
Kiloshi Wolfeyes 14:10
Kiloswas asleep14:11
endersleep is for sundays14:11
Kiloslol ya ya14:11
Wolfeyesheya Kilos 14:14
Kilosdid you google Wolfeyes 14:15
Wolfeyeslol I asked Maaz before you put that there lol14:20
Kilosgoogle supposed to know that14:20
Kilossame stuff14:20
Kilosgoogle only cant fix my head14:21
WolfeyesI am just looking if it might not be better to use desktop connection14:21
Kilosto what?14:21
Wolfeyeslol @ that14:21
WolfeyesOther computers14:21
Kilosremote control as in gate openers??14:22
WolfeyesNot sure what you refere to gate openers as, but I am just looking at using or working on their computers as if it was my desktop, similar to teamviewer but not having to pay for it.14:23
Kilosor a remote desktop viewer14:23
Wolfeyessame thing14:24
Kilosusing winsucks?14:25
WolfeyesUntil the server is set up with linux, yes nodz14:25
enderWolfeyes, wondows of linux?14:25
enderak ok14:26
Kilosender why you no put your name in your info stuff14:27
Kilosi cant think everyday who is who14:27
enderhehe, my name would not mean anythong to you anyway :0 and dont like advertising personal info to everyong :)14:28
Kilosman i mean who were you here before ender14:31
Kilosor always been ender here?14:31
enderhaha, always been ender, maybe ender[netbook]. havent been here a lot before, only attended one meeting14:32
enderi probably have to change it, as someone already registered it on freenode :(14:33
Kilosok you forgiven14:33
enderhahaha :)14:34
Kilosyeah i lost my first nick there too14:34
Kilosyou can ask them to check if its still in use and if not then register it14:34
enderwho is 'them'?14:34
Kilosi try remember the channel14:36
Kiloseish not good thinking day14:38
Kiloshmmm tells me its unavailable14:40
Kilosbut there 53 peeps there14:40
Kilosender /j #freenode-help14:42
Kiloslo nuvolari 14:42
Kiloswil jou pla14:43
ender /j #freenode-help14:43
ender /join #freenode-help14:43
Kilosjust ask for help; not if there someone who can14:45
Kiloshmmm you be a they14:45
Kilosthey nice and helpful today14:50
=== ender is now known as ender2
Kilosmurphy say if you can sukkel, you will14:56
=== ender is now known as ender2
Kiloswait and see if ender ping timeouts14:57
Kilosoh my15:00
=== ender2 is now known as ender-reg
=== ender-reg is now known as ender
enderhaha, sighs :(15:06
enderthis is nog working :(15:06
Kiloseish no luck hey15:06
Kilosi watched for a while15:06
enderso i guess my only way is to change my nick for freenode :(15:07
ender /msg nicserv info ender15:07
enderthat just makes me sad15:07
Kilosdoesnt it tell you no such nick/channel15:08
enderno, oops there should be a k in nick15:11
enderthe problem is someone is using the aacount ender, but doesnt use the noc, nou i cant use it :(15:11
Kilosis there a reason you want ender15:12
Kilostry it in another language15:13
endercause its mine! :) hehe, its the nick in all my online stuff, probaly could use something else15:13
Kilostry contact that other ender and ask him seeing as its been idle for 5 years if he will close that account15:15
enderyea, but i dont know how to find out who he is logged in as15:16
Kilosask one of then nicely to ask him if he would do that15:17
Kilosor to ask him to at least talk to you15:17
enderhaha, i think i will first ask in a day or two :)15:17
enderdont want to be irritating :)15:18
Kilosor have him knocked off15:18
enderhaha, get the account banned for stuff that i did :|15:19
Kilosthey can see who is who15:20
Kilosi dunno how they do all that so quick15:20
KilosVince-0, whats the andchat15:21
Vince-0Kilos, Its IRC client for Android - works great on Tablet too15:22
Kilosaw ty15:22
Kilosi use tablets for headaches15:22
Vince-0ha me2, cept this one has keyboard + trackpad15:24
Kilostoo many new names for me to keep up15:25
Kiloslaptop notepad netbook15:25
Vince-0no, seriously though - ubuntu is making webbooks and vodacom is selling them15:28
Vince-0canonical* should I say15:28
Kiloswhats a webbook15:29
Kilosalso a lappy15:29
Kilosor an ebook15:29
Vince-0yeah, mobile device - low resources and just for web browser usually15:29
Vince-0google has one called chromebook15:29
Vince-0wonder how usable it is with 512mb ram15:31
* ender needs a new nic15:31
Vince-0ow, ender - call yourself eth1 ?15:32
Kiloshave you tried adding a face to ender15:33
Kilosshould work15:33
Kilosthen you gotta be happy all the time15:33
enderhaha, the you guys wouldnt take me seriously (like you do now of course)15:34
Kilosor ender<315:34
enderVince-0, id reather be wlan0 then, much cooler :)15:34
Kilosthen you lovable15:34
endersjoe, thats a bit vain...15:34
Vince-0ha! ive just started playing with venet0 devices in proxmox openvz15:35
KilosWaceman, did you win lad15:44
Wacemanboet, I've been at gym!15:44
WacemanI've reformatted the whole thing... ;)15:44
Wacemangonna try again.. then wait for tumbleweed, cuz that guy is j4cked!15:45
WacemanI've got a simple xorg.conf now though.. which may help15:45
tumbleweedyeah, what do you need?15:45
Kilosjeah he is on the dev group of ubuntu or something15:45
Kilostumbleweed, is there a way to make that .run file a .deb file15:47
tumbleweedyes there is, that's what the guy who packages the nvidia drivers for ubuntu does, but I don't know too much about his packaging15:47
Kilosit installs by him but doesnt configure15:48
Kilosdo you know how to contact him15:48
tumbleweedyeah, but not unless it's necessary15:48
tumbleweedWaceman: the driver won't work until you reboot15:49
Wacemanhi there15:51
Kiloslol rebooting looks like15:52
=== ender is now known as ender-reg
=== ender-reg is now known as bakuman
Wacemantumbleweed: I installed 10.04... then installed the drivers... got a kernel error.. but then ran the *.run file with -k $(uname -r) which 'fixed' the install error.. and the install finished successfully. It then said I needed to make the appropriate changes to xorg... and that's where I got stuck?15:53
Wacemanthere's no xorg.conf file in /etc/X11... and nvidia-xconfig says the command doesn't exist15:54
tumbleweedWaceman: if you do an lspci -v, does the VGA Adaptor say it's unig the nvidia kernel driver?15:54
tumbleweedKilos: the 71 drivers haven't been packaged in ubuntu since karmic15:55
Wacemanwell, the GL screensavers didn't work ;)... and I installed the current nvidia drivers and then things got a little messy.. so I installed the OS while I was at gym ... so now I'm sitting with a fresh ubuntu 10.04. BUT those screensavers are working.. so I think the nouveau drivers are working15:56
Kiloscan you use one off karmic in lucid15:56
tumbleweedWaceman: do you see any mention of nvidia in /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:57
tumbleweedKilos: karmic is out of support15:57
=== bakuman is now known as ender
* tumbleweed waves at ender15:57
enderhi, like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind?15:58
* tumbleweed felt a ping15:58
Kiloswas an old song about the tumbling tumbleweed15:59
=== ender is now known as bakuman
Wacemansays, "NOUVEAU driver for NVIDIA chipset families:..." then lists all the cards... 16:00
=== bakuman is now known as ender
=== ender is now known as bakuman
Kilosbakuman, have you registered this nick now16:00
Waceman(--) NOUVEAU(0): Chipset: "NVIDIA NV10"16:00
tumbleweedWaceman: right, that's what you are using then16:00
tumbleweedthe nvidia-current drivers don't support your card, only the 71 driver does16:00
bakumanhaha yea :)16:00
Wacemank, but I reformatted the OS, so there shouldn't be any 71 nvidia drivers16:01
bakumantill i am ready to hatch my diabolical plan to reclaim ender16:01
Wacemanmaybe i should just leave it... wondering if it's worth the bother of getting better performance16:01
bakumanen Kilos, whois my, jy sal so trots wees..16:02
tumbleweedWaceman: you can get the 71 drivers from nvidia.com. They're pretty ugly, but if you need them...16:02
Kiloslol ender there too16:03
bakumanhahaha :D16:04
=== bakuman is now known as bakuman[dc]
=== bakuman[dc] is now known as bakuman
Wacemantumbleweed: yeah I got them... I'll give them another go while you're here :) If no success, I'll revert back to Nouveau16:12
Wacemanwould you recommend I install all the updates before proceeding?16:13
Kiloshi kbmonkey another one to join the lpi group16:14
tumbleweedWaceman: yeah, might as well install updatse first16:16
kbmonkeyhey hey16:16
tumbleweedyou'll have to rebuild the driver module every time you update the kernel, so it makes sense to do it first16:16
Wacemank, 150mb... will you be here this eve? 16:16
kbmonkeyhows that driver Waceman16:16
* tumbleweed is going to a pub quiz, I'll go offline at about 816:17
Wacemanhey kbmonkey! tumbleweed is gonna help until 8!16:17
kbmonkeythose old nvidia drivers are tricksy sometimes16:17
Wacemantumbleweed: Fireman's arms?16:18
tumbleweedWaceman: yeah, you ever quiz there? :)16:19
Wacemanhaha, When I'm in CTN - I go all the time!16:19
WacemanUsed to be part of George...16:19
* tumbleweed used to drink there occasionally, but now that I regularly go to the quiz, I never want to go there on any other nights16:20
Wacemanya, it's a great vibe... what team are you in?16:20
Wacemanhaha - know the name!16:20
tumbleweedheh, yeah we do quite well these days (after a year of never winning)16:21
tumbleweedwhat team do you play on?16:21
tumbleweedoh, right16:22
tumbleweedyou guys beat us by 1 point last week16:22
Wacemanwe got some super brainy chicks :) I bring the team spirit!16:22
Wacemanbut I'm in JHB atm... haven't been there in awhile16:23
kbmonkeyhaven't been to Fireman'16:24
kbmonkey..Fireman's arms yet*16:25
Wacemankbmonkey: where you at?16:25
kbmonkeyI'm in Obz16:25
Kiloshi nlsthzn 16:25
kbmonkeynlsthzn o\ Kilos 16:25
Wacemantumbleweed: do you remember the fireman's pole? and all the signatures on the roof there? I flippen climbed up that pole intoxicated, wrote my name in the furtherest most corner... and then they repained over it...16:26
Kiloskbmonkey, define lpi16:26
KilosWaceman, will join too16:26
nlsthznlinux prifessionals institute16:26
Kilosno an for the courses16:26
Kiloslpi study group16:27
tumbleweedWaceman: heh, yes they repaint it every few years :P16:27
nlsthzn3 people on a mailing list not doing anything16:27
kbmonkeyLPIC for the course ;)16:27
kbmonkeylinux pro institute course16:27
kbmonkeyyesh my studies stopped during my move to ct :(16:27
KilosWaceman, ^^16:28
Kilosbarco also wants to join16:28
kbmonkeyand seems like issues with my new place, might need to bunk with someone for a week or two before i can move in. grrr16:28
Kilosnot the place the people16:29
WacemanI bought a MASSIVE linux book when I was like 18... Rehat Linux 5.216:30
WacemanI read about two pages of it16:30
Wacemanrehat was the shiz back in the day man16:31
KilosMaaz, LPI.manual16:31
MaazKilos: lpi.manual is http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/lpi-study-manual16:31
Kilosstarts from scratch16:31
kbmonkeyno way Waceman, I had a similar one for RH 6 :D16:31
nlsthznKilos:  I started again last night too16:32
Kiloswhere to connect your mouse16:32
nlsthznRead 3 pages >.<16:32
Wacemankbmonkey: did you read it? ;)16:32
kbmonkeyI did read it 16:32
Wacemanthat's why you're the one providing the help ;)16:32
Wacemanand i'm the one asking16:32
KilosMaaz, LPI.link16:33
MaazKilos: lpi.link is http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies16:33
kbmonkeyI didnt even know as mulch then as I do today16:33
KilosWaceman, ^^16:33
kbmonkeygood idea nlsthzn we should kick the lpi in the butt again16:33
nlsthznkbmonkey: +116:33
kbmonkeythe last week I been using a console web browser for emailing16:34
kbmonkeyi miss my lcd screen. 10" == eye strain16:34
Wacemankbmonkey: why? :D16:35
Kiloseish kbmonkey when is your stuff getting there16:35
Kilosand when you move now move to a place with uncapped adsl16:35
kbmonkeyonly mid nov, turns out the cartage charge half the price mid month. score!16:36
kbmonkeytoo late for that Kilos, but maybe I can convince the owner ;) doubtfully as the previous squatters racked up a 30 grand electricity bill he has to pay off. eish16:37
Kilosfull time heaters on16:37
kbmonkeyhow they did that, I have no clue.16:37
kbmonkeyit was a good few months 16:37
Kilosmusta been heaters on day and night16:38
kbmonkeyplenty of wifi at cafe's here, but nothing beats the net cafe for speed16:39
Kilosfor a few months16:39
Kilosja man but no good at night16:40
kbmonkeythat includes cost for damages to property too btw16:40
Kiloswow what kinda peeps were there16:40
Kilosand are they gone now16:40
Kiloscould never leave a place in worse condition16:41
kbmonkeythey were thrown out by the cops, squatters ha ha16:42
kbmonkeyI <3 linux. when you get a usb disk back and it has all dodgy .exe's on it that are pretty useless16:45
* nlsthzn got spammed on twitter... clicked the link before thinking... guess what ever the link tried failed (did almost crash FF)16:46
nlsthznif I was using Windows >.<16:46
Kiloswhen it shoes on desktop you just right click and go format16:46
Wacemantumbleweed: I don't think  the download's gonna make it.. another 51 mins... plus I have to redownload the drivers.. plus install.. Would it be possible for you to give me some steps now?16:48
KilosWaceman, do you remeber the command to see what graphics card you got16:53
Wacemanlspci -v16:53
Wacemanls = list, like dir for dos16:54
kbmonkeydoes Ubuntu still come with lshw by default?16:54
WacemanI remember speaking to my neighbour when she got her first computer... it had dos on it.. so I asked her causally, "does it have dir on it?"16:54
tumbleweedWaceman: I'm sure it comes with a good README16:56
kbmonkeyif so, sudo lshw -class video16:56
Wacemanthb, I couldn't follow it16:56
tumbleweedwell I don't know what to do, but I imagine you just runn the .run program, and it'll do everything it needs to16:57
kbmonkeyI believe the .run setup will tell you cant run it while xorg is running16:58
kbmonkeyso you have to log out, switch to tty1 (ctrl-alt-F1)16:58
kbmonkeylog in and stop gdm16:58
kbmonkeyrun the setup16:59
Wacemanok, at the end it says that I must update my xorg file or XF86 Config File - dunno how to do that.. dunno if there must be a xorg file in /etc/X11/  ?16:59
kbmonkeyand restart gdm / the pc16:59
Wacemanand what was this modulisation?16:59
Wacemanyeah, I stop gdm, then run the .run file.. and start it up or reboot16:59
Wacemansorry, rebuild the driver module17:00
kbmonkeyI dont think it puts a xorf.conf for you, there is a cmd you run to create a new xorg17:00
kbmonkeyman nvidia-settings 17:01
kbmonkeythat might tell which option to create xorg?17:01
Wacemanrunning nvidia-settings gives me an error... something like NV missing17:02
WacemanI know nvidia-xconfig creates xorg when using new drivers... but that command doesn't exist for the 71 pack17:03
kbmonkeyoh dear17:03
kbmonkeyso you might have to create it by hand17:03
Wacemanwell, I installed a newer version, and created an xorg file... and I have a simple failsafe one17:04
kbmonkeyso your driver should work?17:05
kbmonkeydmesg | grep nvidia17:06
kbmonkeyto see log messages, maybe something stands out17:06
Wacemanwell, when the nvidia xorg file is there (generated from the new drivers), system bombs out when I log in.. have to go in with low graphics mode.. I believe this is because the new drivers don't support my card17:07
Wacemanso I made a mess of things, and have reinstalled 10.04... and now I'm updating it17:08
Wacemanthen I'll do another install17:08
kbmonkeyon the nvidia site, if you choose your card model it should give you the latest driver for your model17:08
kbmonkeyNV10ddr right?17:09
Wacemanboet - my model isn't even on there ;) I have to go for the legacy driveres17:10
WacemanGeForce 256 DDR17:11
kbmonkeyyes the NV10 model, legacy 71. drivers, phew17:13
kbmonkeyremember Ubuntu is debian based, a lot applies across the board17:14
Kiloswhere does this card foit into the nvidia scheme17:16
Kilos product: NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro]17:16
Kilosmaybe the drivers would make my pc quicker too17:16
Kilosbut i scared of having to fix after and update17:16
kbmonkeyis that what you have Kilos ?17:17
Kilosyeah thats what the command says17:17
Kilosi know its 32m ram17:17
kbmonkeythat is NV517:17
Kilosis that older the waces17:18
kbmonkeythe fith chips by nvidia17:18
kbmonkeynv10 would be the 10th :)17:18
Kilosbetter i leave it with default drivers i think17:19
Wacemankbmonkey: thanks for that debian page17:20
Wacemanpretty useful17:20
kbmonkeyno need to use drivers unless you want to run something that needs the hardware support17:20
Kiloshaving the correct driver will just make things a bit quicker hey17:20
Wacemanwhich method has the warning though ;)17:20
kbmonkeyyes Waceman if anything you can try one of those methods on that wiki17:20
Kilosi can watch videous  so what more can i need17:20
kbmonkeythey have various options for free drivers too17:20
kbmonkeyif you can already watch videos Kilos, then don't worry about it, murphey is watching!17:21
Kilosha ha ha17:21
KilosWaceman, you gonna have to do this after every update17:29
WacemanI don't mind... actually I want to give the pc away.. and I want it to be working the best it can. 17:30
Kilosis that driver just gonna make it faster17:30
Kilosi can see vids perfect with my old card17:31
Wacemanshould make the 3D faster... 17:33
Waceman2D is flying17:33
Kilosoh with unity17:35
Wacemanwhere did kbmonkey go?17:36
Wacemanno unity17:37
WacemanI'm on 10.0417:37
Kilosoh ya17:37
Kilosso does that mean i am on 2d as well17:38
Wacemanthink gnome is 2d.. but you can try a gl screensaver.. I think that uses OpenGL17:38
Kiloshow can i see videos same as on the tv then17:38
Kilosi get lost17:39
WacemanI just stick the cable in.. and press fn+F5.. and it comes onto the TV17:39
Kilosin what plug17:40
Kilosdoes that card have a tv connection too17:40
WacemanI use S-video17:40
Wacemanyellow thing.. kinda looks like keyboard jack... geez, I've forgotten the connection name17:41
Kilosi have a card similar to that here somewhere with a svideo plug but could never get it to work17:41
Wacemanbut I use video on my laptop... not on my old PC17:41
Kilosbnc connector17:41
Kilosiforget too17:41
Wacemansomething with a P17:42
Kilosthis one says tv-T by that yellow hole17:43
Kilosgot 10 dipswitches on that are all down 17:44
Kilosthe main chip says lynx3d17:44
Wacemanno idea :) google it ;)17:44
Kilosno i think i have but all i found was for windows17:45
Kilosand google eats data17:45
Kiloscouldnt find the manual for it to get dipswitch settings17:46
WacemanKilos: what do you do?17:48
Kilosi disabled17:48
Kiloshead stupid17:48
Kilosme a crashed ballie17:49
Wacemancrashed ballie?17:49
Kiloshad my head bst open from a windmill accident17:50
Kilosgot to hospital dead on arrival17:50
Kiloswas rebooted but where head was split nerves were pinched when bone grew back together17:51
Kilosso eina head 24/717:51
Wacemanhectic man17:51
Kiloslol i didnt know for the first month or so17:51
Kiloswas stupid17:51
Kilosdidnt know my mom even17:51
Wacemanwhen was this?17:51
Wacemanbut you're waxing linux - that's no small feat ;)17:52
Kilosyeah pcs have actually helped lots to get brain active again17:52
Kilosno man i drag and drop and the guys have helped me from day one17:53
Wacemanwell you've helped me17:54
Kilosno man17:54
Wacemanya man17:55
Kilosi enjoy every minute spent on here17:55
Kilosubuntu-za is my home17:55
Wacemantumbleweed: how do I rebuild the driver module?17:57
Kilosdo you know how to actually see everything in a driver18:00
Kilostumbles gone18:00
Wacemangood luck tumbleweed!18:01
Kilosask maaz to google it18:01
Kilosthen i can see too18:01
KilosMaaz, google rebuilding nvidia driver on ubuntu lucid18:02
MaazKilos: "Bug #494166 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu: “[lucid] nvidia-glx can't work ..." https://launchpad.net/bugs/494166 :: "10.04 - How to get NVidia GeForce GT 210 drivers working on Lucid ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/4954/how-to-get-nvidia-geforce-gt-210-drivers-working-on-lucid-lynx :: "video - Good NVidia drivers for Ubuntu? - Ask Ubuntu - Stack ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/3024/good-nvidia-drivers-for-ubuntu :: "HOW-TO:Inst18:02
Kilosmaybe you know what the right words are for what you wanna see18:03
Wacemanthanks man18:05
Kiloshope one of them help18:05
Kilosgood luck Waceman i go crash now.18:09
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:10
nuvolaribut but but :-/18:52
nuvolariwhy is die oom so vroeg bed toe18:52
nuvolariWolfeyes: can you jaag oom kilos out of bed? :P18:53
Wolfeyesha ha ha18:56
WolfeyesI think his head is hurting him today18:56
Wolfeyesmore than normal18:56
WolfeyesI'm in town now nuvolari or I would at least tell him you say hello lol18:56
Wolfeyesanother town*18:56
WolfeyesHow you doing nuvolari ?18:56
Waceman"You must use the same version of gcc to build your nvidia kernel module as was used to build your kernel. " how do I find this out?19:06
nuvolariWaceman: you can find it by typing 'cat /proc/version' in a terminal19:15
nuvolariLinux version 2.6.38-12-generic (buildd@crested) (gcc version 4.5.2 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.5.2-8ubuntu4) ) #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 28 14:27:32 UTC 201119:15
nuvolarifor me ^^19:16
Wacemangot it :)19:16
nuvolarifine! I'm slow, get over it :P19:16
Wacemanwhat does cat do?19:17
WacemanI used gcc -v19:17
Wacemanyours was better :)19:17
nuvolariWaceman: it's an app that reads text from the given inpot and writes it to standard out19:17
nuvolariWaceman: gcc -v will only give you the installed version of gcc, not necessarily the version the kernel was compiled with19:18
Wacemanfrom concatinate? however you spell hat19:18
nuvolari"cat - concatenate files and print on the standard output"19:19
Wacemanand what is gcc??19:19
nuvolariWaceman: did someone show you some man-fu?19:19
nuvolarigcc is the gnu C compiler19:19
Wacemanpeople have been putting man infront of everything all day ;)19:19
Wacemannuff said19:19
nuvolariman is a lifesaver!19:20
Wacemannuvolari: If I've Ctl+Alt+F2'd and I've typed a command with a long result, how do I scroll through it?19:37
nuvolariWaceman: so you are in a tty?19:38
nuvolarihang on, let me check19:38
nuvolarithink it's ctrl+page up/down19:38
Wacemanahh,... shit and pg up /down19:39
nuvolariWaceman: shift+19:39
nuvolariyou won't get far the way you're trying19:39
Wacemanit's enough19:40
Wacemanah, in what context?19:40
Symmetriaheh, looking at this slide show thing these guys at the office put together for my farewell, kinda funny, lotsa memories and lotsa fancy photoshopping19:40
nuvolaridid they fix your beamers?19:41
Symmetriastrange day for me *sigh* know I'm making the right move, but leaving tenet is harder than I ever imagined it would be19:43
Symmetriabeen my life for a long long long time19:43
octoquadhi everyone! :)19:44
WacemanSymmetria: I left a place I consulted to for 4 months.. and it was very sad for me... I think we don't like change... I'm sure you appreciate the memories... keep looking forward :)19:44
Symmetriaheh waceman, for me, 6 years, and in those 6 years, the tenet team did what everyone told us initially was impossible, the team changed the market in so many ways19:46
WacemanIs your name Andrew? ;)19:46
Symmetriaheh that network was my baby, my child, my creation for many years :) its hard to walk away19:47
Symmetriaand yeah it is19:47
WacemanI'm sure ... 19:47
Wacemanwhy you leaving?19:47
Symmetrialol the whole team at tenet though was SUCH an amazing bunch to work with, the whole thing woulda been impossible without every member of the team19:47
Symmetriawaceman heh, because the real work that I specialize in is kinda done, I'm a builder, a designer, a dreamer, and the network is built now, now it goes into a largely operational space19:48
Symmetriaand thats not a space I really play well in, so, new markets, new challenges, find the impossible and then find a way to accomplish it, all over again19:48
Wacemanok, so great job done then... yeah, more goodness on the horizon19:49
Symmetriaheh, well, the new project lol, TENET network was a tough challenge, this new one is gonna be... LOL, at some entirely new level19:50
Symmetriabut looking forward to it and so far so good19:50
Wacemankewl man - where've you moved to?19:51
SymmetriaI'm physically relocating to kenya, and working for the UbuntuNet alliance (of which TENET was one of the original founding members)19:51
Symmetriabasically, the new job, build a high speed continental backbone to link all the academic networks in africa together19:51
Symmetriaat TENET style network speeds19:52
Symmetriaso attempting to build a 10gig/multi 10gig backbone that will span south africa/zimbabwe/zambia/malawi/tanzania/mozambique/kenya/burundi/uganda/rwanda/namibia and I'm sure I've left out one or 2 :P19:53
WacemanIMPOSSIBLE! ;)19:54
Wacemansounds like an amazing initiative19:54
Symmetriaheh the kenyan network is already largely there, the zambian network is coming along nicely, the zimbabwean infrastructure is there, its just a matter of linking it all up into a cogent network, the fiber between .za and zambia through zimbabwe is in the ground, there is fiber going from .za into mozambique and from mozambique into malawi, I know there is fiber from tanzania to both kenya and uganda, and there if fiber going into rwanda as well19:54
Symmetriaits just a matter of actually getting access to it and being able to either light it, or get someone to give us the wavelengths19:55
Symmetriaheh waceman, I dont believe its impossible, might take 2 or 3 years to do it right, but its very possible, heh, in 2007 when I told people we were gonna build a network with over half a terabit of interfaces on it in south africa they also said that was impossible :P19:56
Symmetriatoday I think its at 750gig and rising19:56
WacemanGo for it! And if you can, increase my bandwidth speed please?19:58
SymmetriaLOL, go study at wits, or UJ, they both have lotsa bandwidth we gave em :P19:59
Wacemando you know what the command to create a text file is?20:05
WacemanI'm being lazy by asking :)20:05
Symmetriaummm vi file.txt20:06
Symmetriayou should never thank someone for introducing you to vi :)20:07
WacemanI use nano ;p20:07
Symmetriabecause while vi can become your greatest friend, until it does, you will hate it20:07
Wacemantried vi once, couldn't get out.. had to reboot LOL20:08
Symmetria<escape> :q <enter> 20:10
Symmetriaor <escape> :q! <enter> (to force quit without saving)20:10
octoquadand <escape> :wq <enter> to save and quit :)20:15
Symmetriaand <escape> :s/^/DIE\ /g20:15
Symmetria:p to add DIE infront of every line :P20:16
octoquadHey Symmetria, what qualifications do need to do the work you do? I'm interested in studying something next year or the year after. I was thinking computer science or computer engineering...20:16
Symmetriaheh octoquad thats a question I get asked often and I never know how to answer it, the network certifications can be a decent place to start (ccna/ccnp/ccie/jnce etc), but its more about a combination of self study and experience and drive than anything else20:17
SymmetriaI don't have any networking certifications directly myself, I never bothered, I found I could learn far more by building my own labs and making them do exactly what I wanted and reading and reading and reading until I figured out HOW to do it20:18
Symmetriaand once I figured that out, pull it apart and try the next thing20:18
Symmetriaheh, and spent *YEARS* lurking in networking channels watching other people talk and trying to implement the things they were discussing in my lab environments etc20:19
tumbleweedWaceman: thanks, but we came 4th20:19
Symmetriawell, thats the technical components of what I do, the other side? heh, thats business stuff and you either learn that from someone who can teach you on teh job, or you go study an mba 20:20
Wacemanah hard luck tumbleweed... who won it?20:20
tumbleweedactually, can't remember20:20
octoquadthanks Symmetria. Yeah that's what i've been doing my self since I was 16. Ten years in, I'm ready to get certified in something at least. I'm a programmer  and sys admin at heart and I am DEFINITELY moving to python next year. lol. Thanks for the advice :)20:21
Wacemanoh well, next time I'm in CTN and at quiz night, I'll come say howzit20:21
Wacemancan i give you an update on the driver story? hehe (tumbleweed)20:22
Symmetriaheh I used to do some programming, but *shrug* market got a little 2 saturated and I was getting bored, and money in networking was better20:22
tumbleweedWaceman: go ahead20:22
Symmetriaand then kinda fell in love with building bigger, better, faster, more resiliant networks, not because they needed to be bigger/better/faster/anything but well, because I could :p20:23
octoquadinteresting, what about infosec?20:23
Wacemantumbleweed: I followed this to the t: http://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDriversNvidiaWay - but when I reboot I get flashing text and then an error saying...20:23
Symmetriaheh octoquad, I founded what used to be citec network securities back in the late 90s 20:23
octoquadis it still around?20:23
Symmetriagot outta the security market way back when because again, it became the same old thing day in and day out 20:23
Symmetriaoctoquad, heh, citec was bought by MTN and became MTNNS 20:24
Symmetriaand when citec was bought, so was citec network securities :)20:24
octoquadOh wow. 20:24
Symmetriaoctoquad heh, the thing about security is this, security is about principles 20:24
Symmetriaits *ALL* about the principles 20:24
Symmetriaand once you understand and apply those, there are limits as to how much innovation you can do 20:24
Symmetriaand thats where it gets boring right there20:25
Waceman(EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drier/nvidia_drv.so20:25
Waceman(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (loader failed, 7)20:25
octoquadOne of the reasons I got into programming is because of the different problems that could be solved. But when you work one project all the time it can get very boring.20:25
Waceman(EE) No drivers available 20:25
tumbleweedWaceman: anything about nvidia in your kernel log (run dmesg)20:26
Wacemanquite a large output. What am I looking for?20:27
tumbleweedanything nvidia related20:28
tumbleweedpipe it to less where you can search it20:29
Wacemantumbleweed: that's greek... but I copied it into gedit20:29
Wacemannvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.20:30
tumbleweedok, it loaded the modle, that's good20:30
WacemanTHen something about PCI INT... GSI 1620:30
WacemanThen NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Modeule 71....20:30
Wacemanthat's all20:31
WacemanI manually created a xorg file20:32
Wacemanbtw, those (EE) errors above repeated twice as I got into the GUI20:33
tumbleweedand you definitly installed the right driver, the 71 series one?20:33
Wacemanthis is what I did:20:37
Waceman1) Stop gdm20:37
Waceman2) I ran this to stop the installer complaining about gcc versions: export CC=gcc-4.120:37
Waceman3) Ran the installer.. which asked to put a conf file in to stop Nouveau20:37
Waceman4) Then ran modprobe nvidia20:37
Waceman5) Then inserted that line into /etc/init.d/rc.local20:37
Waceman6) Then created xorg.conf and put in:20:37
Waceman"Sectoin "Module"20:37
Wacemanignore that..20:37
WacemanSection "Module"20:38
Waceman Load "glx"20:38
Waceman Load "nvidia"20:38
WacemanSection "Device"20:38
Waceman Identifier "Video Card"20:38
Waceman Driver "nvidia"20:38
Wacemanthen rebooted20:39
tumbleweedsorry, no idea20:39
tumbleweeddoes the file it mention exist? /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drier/nvidia_drv.so20:40
tumbleweedI suspect that the driver simply isn't compatible with the version of X in lucid20:42
tumbleweedthis would explain why it isn't packged20:42
tumbleweedI can find smo reference to this problem in the intrepid release notes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IntrepidReleaseNotes20:42
WacemanThe 71 and 96 series of proprietary nVidia drivers, as provided by the nvidia-glx-legacy and nvidia-glx packages in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, are not compatible with the X.Org included in Ubuntu 8.10. Users with the nVidia TNT, TNT2, TNT Ultra, GeForce, GeForce2, GeForce3, and GeForce4 chipsets are affected and will be transitioned on upgrade to the free nv driver instead.20:44
tumbleweednouveau replaced nv20:45
WacemanI was getting some blocky fish swim around my screen20:45
Wacemanok, so then how do I undo what I've just done?20:45
Wacemanand how far do you think I can throw my pc??20:46
tumbleweedwith difficulty. re-install oneiric, and use nouveau? :)20:47
WacemanI must say, gnome is much faster than unity-2d20:48
tumbleweedyou can still use gnome3's fallback mode in oneiric20:48
Wacemanwill it be as fast as this?20:49
Wacemanand how do I do that?20:49
tumbleweedI havve no idea how fast it is :)20:49
tumbleweedyou install the gnome-panel package. gnome-desktop-environment for gnome320:49
Wacemanisn't gnome3 all fancy ?20:50
WacemanI've got a poor old pc here? hehe20:50
Wacemanhow do I uninstall this nvidia.run file?20:51
tumbleweedyou can't without major pain (remember my first comment to you? something along the lines of avoid that thing like the plague, it's hard to uninstall)20:53
Wacemanaw shit20:53
tumbleweedbasically, delete the xorg.conf, and you'll go back to nouveau20:53
tumbleweedbut OpenGL will probably be broken20:54
Wacemanyeah, and delete the file that the plague put in to stop nouveau20:54
tumbleweedIIRC that debian wiki page had some uninstall hints20:54
Wacemanthing is 11.10 setup is super slow on this pc... mouse jitters like craxy20:54
tumbleweednewer software tends to be more resource hungy, yes20:55
Wacemaneven the setup was chugging haha... this pc used to play quake 3 like a champion20:56
tumbleweedpresumably it still will, then20:56
Wacemanbut with nouveau drivers?20:58
Wacemanah well, thanks for your help! If it weren't for you I would've carried on for another week trying haha20:59
Wacemanwhat parts of ubuntu do you develop for?21:02
tumbleweedI'm a MOTU, I just hack on random bits that look interesting. Fix bugs when I run into them21:08
WacemanMSc Com Sci.. nice!21:11
tumbleweedhah, need to finish it21:12
Wacemanok, so nothing else can be done? I'm gonna reinstall it all21:12
Wacemanwhen's the due date?21:12
tumbleweedthere isn't one :/21:12
tumbleweedyeah, no more suggestions for me21:13
Wacemanhbmonkey (can't remember the first letters) - could ask him.. seems quite jack'd too... but not like the master haha21:14
Wacemanhave you got a lot more to do with the Msc?21:14
tumbleweedyeah, a fair bit. and I've been at it for 3 years. Stopped making any progress around the tmie I got involved in debian & ubuntu :P21:15
Wacemando you make anything out of debian and ubuntu?21:16
tumbleweedI do some consulting, a couple of hours a week, that's it21:17
WacemanMy experience is that dissertations are kak no matter what... best thing is to set a date.. and make it no matter what ;)21:17
tumbleweedyeah, I think that's my only hope21:17
WacemanI'm scared to ask what it's on?21:18
tumbleweednothing interesting :P21:18
tumbleweedusability of digital libraries21:18
Wacemanfor schools or the public?21:20
tumbleweedneither, mostly academia21:21
Wacemansaw that the one guy here was into education..21:22
Wacemansetting up networks in Africa21:22
Wacemanfeel so defeated man.. spent like a week trying to fix this :P21:23
Wacemanat least I learnt a lot21:27
Wacemanaiit I'm outta here... Good luck with your Msc - kick it's A$$! 21:27
tumbleweedthanks, good luck21:28

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