s0needouglas-web-dev: use chown and chgrp00:00
Chraz_Rittthsanks, i didn't think of that00:00
Boontoourlin2u: unless, the disc is not working properly perhaps? I am unsure of how to proceed, everywhere i read online fsck, and e2fsck seem to fix the same error but I still have not identified the specific source of the problem00:00
mdsilvadouglas-web-dev, use "chown"00:00
escottdouglas-web-dev, chown -R username:username BUT since you didn't do the original copy correctly most likely all the permissions are wrong, so things like .ssh will have the wrong permissions if you do this00:00
douglas-web-devmdsilva, thank you00:00
ppangolinhi. i'm already tuned on upgrade from 10.04.3 LTS to 12.04 LTS and my question is: i have two partitions, / (root) and encrypted /home. let's say, that i want to upgrade to newer version of ubuntu and i only want to remove contents of / (root) partition - /home is going to be about the same. how to do it proper way?00:00
fellayaboy_hey listen, i have a script called trz.sh i want to be able to run that script from terminal wherever im at00:00
RxDxcan anyone tell me a "stick notes" program that show the note on desktop like post-it?00:00
fellayaboy_i dont want to ./trz.sh i just wanna trz and thats it00:00
Boontoourlin2u: I assume sda1 is screwy because it has an invalid superblock, but I cannot fsck it00:01
urlin2uBoontoo, sounds like something is broken, I have never had to run a fsck I just reisntall.00:01
jribfellayaboy_: put it in ~/bin and login again00:01
escottfellayaboy_, add it to your .bashrc where you export $PATH00:01
stercordouglas-web-dev: chown --recursive owner:group /home/user/you00:01
Boontoourlin2u: I have tried both before...but I need some of the data on sdb100:01
Boontoourlin2u: and I cannot boot00:01
escottRxDx, tomboy00:01
jribppangolin: you just do the standard upgrade procedure00:01
urlin2uBoontoo, can you open the partition from a live cd?00:01
Chraz_Rittnope, it is only set at full, and all other settings make the problem worse00:02
RxDxescott, tomboy dont stick the note on desktop00:02
stercordouglas-web-dev: Is that enough to get you going?00:02
scythefwdqin - it's my lightdm that was my prob.. kdm boots and lets me in...00:02
Boontoourlin2u: I am doing all of this from a live cd. when I get the error, I don't even have a shell00:02
ppangolinjrib: i would like to install it from scratch, no updates. format / root partition as ext4 and clean install.00:02
Boontoourlin2u: but when I try to use gparted, it crashes unexpectedly00:02
douglas-web-devescott, thank you. So I get on the folder via terminal and type chown -R username:username (same username twice, right?)00:02
urlin2uBoontoo, go to home and the left panel and open the partition.00:02
jrib!encrypted | ppangolin00:02
ubottuppangolin: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory00:02
escottppangolin, you should read the documentation on ecryptfs, and make sure you have a backup copy of the key. look in .ecryptfs for instructions on how to copy that key00:03
douglas-web-devstercor, thank you, all try it here :)00:03
jribppangolin: read information there on how to properly record your passphrase00:03
julius_is it possible to use a 2.6.x kernel from 11.04 in 11.10 ?00:03
DrCherrywhere can I find embedded wireless devices in /dev ?  there're not under wlan00:03
ppangolinjrib, escott: the name of user that will be on that computer will be indentically that same00:03
urlin2uBoontoo, or at least look to see if it shows.00:03
jribppangolin: I'd guess that if you keep user password the same it should "just work", but I'd still have the passphrase recorded in a safe place00:03
escottdouglas-web-dev, chown -R u:u /home/u. yes. the u after the : is the group. most files are owned by you and the group is your group. however the permissions on things like .ssh/id_rsa may be wrong00:04
Ragnarocki love fucking users female ubuntu00:04
Chraz_Rittescott, i just tried all my other settings for the plasma, and this is the best00:04
RxDxwhats the shortcut to show desktop?00:04
Boontoourlin2u: I see both disks there, but one of them won't open00:04
Ragnarockim sorry mans00:04
stercorRagnarock: Is english your first language?00:04
fellayaboy_yo can u turn a whatever.sh to a bin???? so if u put in in /usr/bin it will work?????? how do u do that pooooolellease00:04
ktosiekRagnarock: learn english00:05
urlin2uBoontoo, is that the one you want, sdb is it a external drive like a usb or internal?00:05
stercorfellayaboy_: chmod +x whatever.sh00:05
Boontoourlin2u: they are both internal00:05
DrCherryhow can I figure out what device my wireless is?00:05
escottfellayaboy_, ~/bin is exported in the $PATH. anything that is executable in ~/bin will be executable on the command line without the full path. so move it to ~/bin and chmod +x it00:05
fellayaboy_stercor but it only works if i go to the directoy and type ./whatever.sh00:05
s0neefellayaboy_: put it in /bin or create soft link (ln -s)00:05
Ragnarockktosiek, learn english ?00:05
Chraz_RittBTW escott, the os identifies the plasma as a 32" when it's a 50 "00:05
mdsilvaRagnarock, will try to take your comment in it's least chauvinistic sense. which might be difficult00:05
douglas-web-devescott, thank you. I'm doing it00:05
fellayaboy_hmmm s8nee soft link???????00:06
fellayaboy_what is soft lin?00:06
stercorfellayaboy_: You have to have it in a directory that is in your path.  echo $PATH00:06
zykotick9fellayaboy_, you shouldn't mess with /usr - use ~/bin instead (FYI you need to log out/back in after creating that directory for it to work)00:06
synapse_anyone here know how to create a fakeroot.tar.gz file of an environment?00:06
Boontoourlin2u: I wonder if just unplugging sda1 would allow sdb1 to load?00:06
fellayaboy_escott excelent idea so i just dump the whatever.sh into bin and i would be able to jsut type whatever in terminal whereever im at and BOOM it will work?00:06
stercorfellayaboy_: Ya got it.00:07
Boontoourlin2u: I don't think sda1 has boot partition for sdb1 anyway00:07
escottfellayaboy_, as long as the executable bit is set, and you are logged in as yourself00:07
stercorfellayaboy_: But it has to be executable.00:07
fellayaboy_8C huh zykotick900:07
stercorfellayaboy_: The chmod +x does that.00:07
fellayaboy_OH OK GUYS I GOT THAT00:07
urlin2uBoontoo, shouldn't make a difference. the boot if none are gpt is the mbr.00:07
fellayaboy_thanks guys00:07
stercorfellayaboy_: /usr/bin, or better, /usr/local/bin00:08
TheEvilPhoenixin /etc/hosts, if I want to define 6 sites to point to, can i define the hostnames to bind to that address all on one line rather than have multiple lines containing   <host>00:08
stercorfellayaboy_: stay away from /bin00:08
escottRagnarock, your comment was confusing/offensive. if you have a question please ask it00:08
fellayaboy_stercor why is that????00:08
zykotick9stercor, ~/bin is a better suggestion00:08
urlin2uBoontoo, so what Os"do you have and on what drives?00:08
stercorfellayaboy_: The system uses it.00:08
fellayaboy_hmmm so whos is right zykotick9 or stecor00:09
stercorzykotick9: Is ~/bin normally in the path?00:09
Boontoourlin2u: I should have ubuntu 10.10 on both drives, but I usually only boot from one00:09
Pelocan some one tell me where I can set hotkeys in 11.10 like we could do before ?00:09
Untitled_onlyhey does anyone know how to delete files in the root folder via terminal?00:09
zykotick9stercor, yes by default - but you need to logout/back in for it to work00:09
stercorzykotick9: If so, I've learned something valuable! :-)00:09
ktosiekstercor: yes, if you have it at login time00:09
Boontoourlin2u: under /dev I appear to have an sda1, sda2, sda3, that I do not recall making at all00:09
urlin2uBoontoo, can you pastebin the output from a sudo fdisk -lu on the live cd.00:09
mdsilvaUntitled_only, yes using the "rm" command, but it's probably a really bad idea00:09
fellayaboy_Untitled only just sudo rm00:09
ktosiekBTW anyone knows why ~/bin isn't just added to PATH?00:10
Ragnarocksorry escott00:10
escottktosiek, it is00:10
* stercor checks his path...00:10
ktosiekescott: even when it doesn't exist00:10
escottktosiek, no only when it exists, unless you have changes your .bashrc. check /etc/skel/.bashrc00:10
zykotick9ktosiek, it must exist at login for it to work00:10
Ragnarockim sorry00:10
fellayaboy_hmm so which is it guys...zyco or sterco00:10
Boontoourlin2u: http://pastebin.com/2szDiMxv00:10
Boontoourlin2u: sorry it is a capital S00:11
fellayaboy_zykotick9 or sterco? which one is better...using /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin00:11
Chraz_Rittescott, my problem is solved, i just had to take another look at the controls got the plasma, it has a second set of size settings that i missed.00:11
zykotick9fellayaboy_, neither - ~/bin00:11
escottfellayaboy_, programs for just yourself go in ~/bin. programs for everyone not installed by apt-get go in /usr/local/bin or /opt00:11
mdsilvaktosiek, you can add it to your path very easily00:11
ktosiekescott: /etc/skel/.profile:if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then00:11
escottfellayaboy_, you should never manually modify anything in /usr/bin or /bin. that is for apt to manage00:11
fellayaboy_so path will recognize both /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin by default?00:11
ktosiekmdsilva: I know, I'm just questioning the defaults :-)00:12
fellayaboy_escott bingo thats very important00:12
fellayaboy_so its /usr/local/bin00:12
escottfellayaboy_, /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin are exported as part of the path for everyone in /etc/profile00:12
Chraz_Rittthanks escott, and mdsilva, you guys pointed me in the right direction.00:12
fellayaboy_im the only user so for me it doenst matter00:12
escottChraz_Ritt, good00:12
synapse_anyone here know how to create a fakeroot.tar.gz file of an environment?00:12
stercorHmmm....~/bin didn't work for me.00:13
fellayaboy_but any other day i would have to edit the bash_profile00:13
synapse_i.e., I want to create a fakeroot I can uncompress and chroot into00:13
ziesemerMy desktop is hanging on login for some users, but not others.  I determined that it's getting hung at a "gsettings get" call, which returns the result but is not exiting the process for the stuck users.  Any ideas?00:13
urlin2uBoontoo, so what was on each hd as in installs?00:13
escottstercor, have you logged out? or run a bash --login? have you modified your ~/.bashrc00:13
Boontoourlin2u: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick00:13
stercorI edited /etc/environment; then source /etc/environment; then echo $PATH00:13
urlin2uBoontoo, on which hd?00:14
Pelostercor, I didn'T catch the rest of this but ~/bin means /home/username/bin are you sure that's what you want ?00:14
Boontoourlin2u: should have been on both, but I have only been running the bigger hd00:14
douglas-web-devescott, it worked! I'd never do it that fast, thanks a lot! :)00:14
plummerbAnyone know where to get the New Century Schoolbook font?00:14
Peloplummerb, have you tried on gnomelook.org ?00:14
urlin2uBoontoo, was it a cloned maverick from one to another?00:14
stercorPelo: I don't believe ~ resolved correctly.  Better to put `/home/user/bin' in the path.00:14
escottdouglas-web-dev, id still be worried about your permissions. if you dont tell cp to preserve the owner permissions they could be all wrong00:15
douglas-web-devthere was a blackout here. thanks God It rarely happens.00:15
Untitled_onlydoes anyone here know how to use aircrack-ng?00:15
Boontoourlin2u: I think i separately installed it on sdb1, and then I chose sda1 in BIOS each time I wanted to run it00:15
plummerbPelo  I have not.  I will look.00:15
douglas-web-devescott, even not having .ssh files?00:16
urlin2uBoontoo, okay so did you get a kernel update on the sdb1 manerick, that will change the grub control to the sdb HD.00:16
Pelostercor, I meant that it didn'T point to the regular /bin in the folder tree.   and but if you are talking about a bin folder in the home folder, isn'T it usualy  ~/.bin ?00:16
fellayaboy_brb ima see if dumping it into local/bin will work00:16
douglas-web-devThey now belong to my user. What could be wrong, escott?00:16
escottdouglas-web-dev, i would audit your permissions. you'll want to use find to figure out how things are permissioned00:16
Boontoourlin2u: I am not sure, there was an automated update as I restarted, I could not see what it was doing because the window was not displaying text00:16
escottdouglas-web-dev, when you cped and lost your ownership you probably changed the rwx bits. so you need to verify that nothing secret has been exposed00:17
urlin2uBoontoo, the only way a kernel can update is in a regular update/upgrade. Have you tried changing the first drive to be read in the bios?00:17
Boontoourlin2u: but I do not remember seeing the new kernel option on statrup00:17
Boontoourlin2u: yes, i tried both drives00:18
MechanisMhello. it's possible to install ubuntu in ramdisk?00:18
fellayaboy_i dumped my trz.sh into /usr/local/bin and typed in trz..... nothing worked.. :(00:18
fellayaboy_i sudo chmod +x trz.sh00:18
fellayaboy_but still00:18
fellayaboy_no luck00:18
MechanisMand somehow manage load after each reboot00:18
Boontoourlin2u: it never loads00:18
urlin2uBoontoo, not sure really since your not really sure yourself what happened, lol I have my limitations.00:18
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escottfellayaboy_, have run bash --login then try again00:19
PeloMechanisM, what would be the point of this, otherthen slowing your system down ?00:19
Boontoourlin2u: I think I might just do a fresh install on sdb100:19
fellayaboy_aaahhh...typing in trz.sh worked though00:19
=== don is now known as Guest36002
=== Guest90338 is now known as Burzmali_
MechanisMPelo just want very fast system00:19
douglas-web-devescott, It's only my wife and I that use this computer. She has hers own, so almost never she uses mine. I don't have anything here to hide from her. You mean exposure for local users or the internet?00:20
PeloMechanisM, I'm pretty certain that's not the way to go about it00:20
MechanisMPelo why slowin?00:20
urlin2uBoontoo, do what you think is needed, I uae external HD to back stuff up so I never loose anything, both the actual items and clones of the OS using clonezilla.00:20
fellayaboy_wow so just renaming trz.sh to trz solved all my problems00:20
fellayaboy_now all i have to do is trz wherever im at00:20
fellayaboy_well..couldnt have done it without u guys....THANK U00:21
PeloMechanisM, well,  the live desktop session runs off the memory , do you think that is faster then an hdd install ?00:21
MechanisMI have 15000rpm disks for system\swap but want more00:21
urlin2uMechanisM, you can have a flash run the swap00:22
MechanisMjust wondered if ubuntu can be installed in ram somehow00:22
PeloMechanisM, what you want is LFS00:22
escottdouglas-web-dev, for local users mostly, but you should be sure to use cp -a next time00:22
escottdouglas-web-dev, also some programs will refuse to work if secret data is not permissioned correctly. examples would be the .ssh/authorized_keys file will be ignored if it is not permissioned correctly00:23
MechanisMPelo no I wanna keep ubuntu and just wondered if it's can running from ramdisk00:24
plummerbNew Century Schoolbook font is not on gnome-look.org.  Anyone know where I can get it?00:24
escottMechanisM, installed in ram? how would it be permanent? in what way would that consitute installed?00:24
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mdsilvaplummerb, have you got a windows install you can "borrow" it from?00:24
douglas-web-devescott, is there some simple document on the web explaining these terminal command lines? And about Ubuntu, do you know some webpage to increase productivity?00:24
escottplummerb, there are a number of fonts in apt, have you checked there. is it part of mscorefonts?00:24
escott!manual | douglas-web-dev00:25
ubottudouglas-web-dev: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:25
Peloplummerb, http://www.fontemple.com/free-download/7287-New-Century-Schoolbook.html00:25
escott!permissions | douglas-web-dev00:25
ubottudouglas-web-dev: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions00:25
escottdouglas-web-dev, and the most useful book is probably unix in a nutshell00:25
douglas-web-devescott, thank you for the advices00:25
MechanisMescott just like Redis server do with it's database. each second dump database in file.00:26
douglas-web-devescott, Cool! I saved the book name :)00:26
foolovei continually get not found in archive error message on untarballing files00:26
MechanisMsame here load ramdisk from dump and all updates dump in file(for load next time and by default keep all in ram)00:27
mdsilvafoolovem sounds like corrupted files00:27
escottMechanisM, so you want to run it off a ramdisk, and somehow snapshot that to the harddrive. you would need a kernel driver for that, and it doesn't sound like a good idea. far far far too easy to end up with an unbootable system. there is a reason we have filesystems00:27
MechanisMescott 'm just got pc with 256GB ram and wanted system in ramdisk lol00:28
mdsilvaMechanisM. wow, that's a lot of ram. what kind of pc is it?00:28
escottMechanisM, (a) that seems pointless. you will make your boot slower as it reads all the binaries of executables you won't need into ram00:29
MechanisMit's ex-database server. also it's have 4 processors each 10 cores00:29
MechanisMI got it from some unsuccessfull internet start-up00:30
escott(b) you could do it by working your way down to a ro core fs, and then building a ramdisk of that and mounting it instead of the real root, when you need to update you reboot but to the hd root, make you modifications, and rebuild your ramdisk00:30
urlin2uMechanisM, make it a mini watson.00:30
* pnorman wishes he had that kind of machine for his DB00:30
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mdsilvaif you ever lose power, it's all gone00:30
MechanisMI thought maybe theres some good way for it. if not I'll keep system on 15000rpm sas disk00:31
mdsilvathat sounds safer00:32
escottMechanisM, if you care soo little about your data just use a LD_PRELOAD trick with eatmydata to disable your database servers sync calls00:32
astoryhi, I used to be able to, when gnome snarled itself up badly enough, do `service gdm restart`, but that doesn't work anymore.  What should I use as a replacement to restart X and the whole login stack without a hard reboot?00:32
daviddoriaI just tried to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10. It said the upgrade could not be completed successfully and that I should restart. When I restarted, the Ubuntu progress bar goes across, but then I get a white screen. I tried "recovery mode" which I thought was like "safe mode" but I just get a root terminal prompt. Any suggestions?00:32
MechanisMescott I said it's ex-database server. now it's my home pc00:32
mdsilvaa 15k sas drive (or maybe a few in raid cfg) sounds better00:33
escottdaviddoria, what does "init" say, and what does "mount" say about the "/" partition00:33
zykotick9astory, perhaps try to tab complete on "sudo service light<TAB>" and see if lightdm is there (sorry I don't use ubuntu, so not sure it's there)00:34
escottdaviddoria, sorry i mean "runlevel" not init00:34
pnormanmdsilva: particularly since any machine with that much ram is likely to be able to run hardware raid with very fast disks00:34
astoryzykotick9: it is, I'll try that next time.  I should have thought of that :D00:34
MechanisMmdsilva I used one 15k 600GB sas for system and swap and 4 satas 3TB for files using them as folders not in raid00:34
Linaguys i have linux-headers-2.6.32-33 in the autoremovable option in synaptic,,i want that installed,,how can i do that ?00:35
mdsilvaMechanisM, for all the times someone has their ubuntu crash or lockup, if you were doing that in ramdisk then it's all gone on the first crash00:35
Linawhat im missing so they wont install,thats the image i need,i have to used in order to patch it with madwifi drivers00:36
ciphercan anyone else confirm that xentoollog.h is missing from libxen-dev for xen 4.1 installs00:36
Switzaideso many friends00:37
Switzaideso litle time00:38
Jimtuvdoes anyone know how to compile python 3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10?00:38
MechanisMJimtuv why not installing via apt?00:40
Jimtuvno it isnt00:40
escott!info python3.200:41
ubottupython3.2 (source: python3.2): Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.2). In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.2-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 3824 kB, installed size 13220 kB00:41
eSoulCan anyone tell me the program name to run at a bash shell/terminal session to run the graphical file manager built into ubuntu/unity00:47
escotteSoul, nautilus00:48
eSoulthank yuou00:48
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s0neeeSoul: nautilus ?00:49
cipheranyone know why I would get: gcc: error: unrecognized option '-no-cpp-precomp'00:50
eSoulodd, it doesnt load the icons for the files/folders in the file manager over my remote X session, but everything else seems to work00:50
magn3tscipher, g++00:50
magn3tscipher, also it's probably --no-cpp-precomp00:50
escotteSoul, you probably need something like gsettings-daemon running00:51
cipherI grep'd through the entire source tree for precomp and turned up with nothing00:51
cipherso it must be some default that's putting it there or something00:52
escottcipher, have you checked the makefile00:52
skione_Hi, somehow apt installed php-pear in the wrong location (/root) how do I completely remove it so that I re-install it in the right place?00:52
=== skione_ is now known as SkiOne
eSouli see.  sorry, just my perfered way of doing remote X work on my network is to just ssh -X into my box and run a local X server on my windows box00:53
fosburgany graphic designers here with a connection to stock photos?00:53
daviddoriaescott, just from the root terminal?00:54
escottdaviddoria, yes00:54
daviddoriarunlevel says "N S"00:56
daviddoriamount says "/dev/sda7 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro,user_xattr)"00:56
cuigaoshengSEND <cuigaosheng> [<main.c>]00:57
escottdaviddoria, ok so your fs is rw which is good. I would plug in an ethernet cord and try to see if you can get network connectivity "ping www.google.com" to see if you are online00:58
escottdaviddoria, then try to run apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade;00:58
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daviddoriais there a way to turn on my wireless? it is a laptop00:59
escottdaviddoria, if you cannot ping, you could try "init 2" and see if you can get past whatever issue caused your boot to fail, and if it refuses to go to runlevel 2 you can just try apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade; without internet connectivity00:59
kouellettecan anyone point me to a good article about folder encryption?00:59
yagoodaviddoria, "iwlist scan" < works? (sudo if necessary)00:59
escott!encrypted kouellette01:00
escottkouellette, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory01:00
escottdaviddoria, its not worth your time to try and get your wireless working, just plug in01:00
kouelletteThanks guys and gals!01:00
W3ird_N3rdif anyone ever reads/searches the log for this channel: cool 'n' quiet failed because for some reason, it gets disabled when I install 4 memory modules01:01
daviddoriaescott - 'init 2' says "the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present. continue to wait, or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery01:01
daviddoriaescott - the drive is fine - I booted from a live cd and I can see all my files, etc01:01
escottdaviddoria, thats strange because mount is saying that it is mounted01:02
escottdaviddoria, another approach would be to try and recover from a livecd chroot environment01:02
daviddoriaI just ran 'apt-get upgrade; apt-get dist-upgrade' and it didn't seem to do anything01:04
sandra_Hello my fellow Ubuntu inmates :-)01:04
vn3BenHello Sandra01:04
sandra_I hope you are all doing well.01:04
vn3Benwe are01:04
sandra_vn3Ben, Hello01:05
sandra_glad to hear it :-)01:05
vn3Benbut sorting out IRC matters (i'm a noob):01:05
vn3BenMaybe you can help01:05
sandra_Good luck with that :-)01:05
tonyyarussodaviddoria: define "not doing anything?01:05
vn3BenI'd like to connect with #django but it says I need to be identified. How do I do that?01:05
vn3Bendo you know?01:05
tonyyarusso!register | vn3Ben01:05
ubottuvn3Ben: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:05
yagoovn3Ben, google freenode register01:05
vn3BenOK, thanks, I'll look into that01:06
daviddoriatonyyarusso, it tried to install 3 unimportant packages but they all failed01:07
vn3BenBTW I'm running a 11.10 on a MacBook Pro 7,1, some hiccups but otherwise quite OK01:07
yagoodaviddoria, does it say why it is failing?01:07
tonyyarussodaviddoria: failed with what message?  (A failure isn't "nothing")01:07
yagoodaviddoria, or are you just assuming?01:07
yagoovn3Ben, google ubuntu wiki macbook-- there are few tricks (commands likely) for common macbooks01:08
daviddoriait says "the following packages have been kept back: [there are a bunch of boost things mostly). After this 0 B of additional space will be used01:08
xananaxHello, I've been googling for long now without finding the answer to this: what fonts are safe to remove from /usr/share/fonts? All the answers I find tell me to use apt-get to remove unused packages, but I don't want to remove them per se, I want to move them out in another dir until I need them01:08
daviddoriaresolving archive.canonical.com failed01:08
daviddoriasubprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 for flashplugin-downloader01:09
tonyyarussodaviddoria: So you have a DNS resolution problem.01:09
daviddoriaError: Trouble connecting to Dropbox servers01:09
tonyyarussoYeah, that all sounds like DNS.01:09
daviddoriatonyyarusso, yes, I'm not connected01:09
tonyyarussodaviddoria: well, how did you expect to install them then?  Were you hoping to use a CD or something?01:09
daviddoriaescott just said to try that even unconnected01:10
daviddoriaI was just following instructions :)01:10
=== vn3Ben is now known as benz
daviddoriaI dont see how installing those packages is going to get it to boot any better though?01:10
yagoodaviddoria, i thought u were asking about a wifi connection problem01:10
=== benz is now known as benvn
=== benvn is now known as vinaben
=== vinaben is now known as ct3ben
escottdaviddoria, if you dont have any cat5e i would buy some. but for now it may be easier to try things from a chroot on the livecd01:11
yagooescott, cat601:12
daviddoriaI actually feel like it is just a video driver problem - after the ubuntu progress bar goes across when it tries to boot, the screen slowly fades to white (it's all blotchy, very strange actually)01:12
ct3benyagoo: ok thanks (was vn3Ben)01:12
escottdaviddoria, so are you able to boot normally but are choosing to boot to single?01:12
=== ct3ben is now known as benoi
escottdaviddoria, because if you can boot normally just boot to text, and do things there01:13
=== benoi is now known as benct
daviddoriawhen i try to boot normally the screen turns white. I am using the "recovery" item in grub, which brings me to this root shell01:13
benhemhi, I am trying to install gnome 3 on a fresh ubuntu 11.10 -- tried gnome-shell --replace and got an xwindow error, no more menubars showing, can't click on windows.  thanks in advance01:13
escottdaviddoria, use the grub boot editor to put "text" right before where it says "splash" and then boot that. you should get a text console where things will work01:14
=== leon is now known as Guest34981
yagoobenhem, u have new "options" from the logon gui01:14
escottbenhem, have you tried logout/login with the different option01:14
urlin2ubenhem, you get to the shell from the login area01:14
benhemnope, ok.  I'll reboot01:14
yagoobenhem, i would also do - apt-get install gnome-fallback-session (or maybe gnome-session-fallback)01:14
benhemis that gnome 2?01:14
yagoobenhem, click the gear icon picture01:14
benhemthat is gone01:15
yagoo(window manager options from gear icon)01:15
s0neebenhem: no you dont have to reboot. just log out, choose session then log in again01:15
yagoofor 11.10?01:15
daviddoriaescott - I don't see it say "splash" anywhere when I press 'e' to edit the kernel args in grub01:15
benhemyes, 11.1001:15
yagoobenhem, you installed gdm to replace lightdm?01:15
benhemor whatever it was by default, yeah01:15
benhemI thought it was called 'unity'01:15
daviddoriaescott, sorry, now I do01:15
yagoomaybe with the other gdm/kdm logon scressn u should still see the other options01:15
benhemoh, you mean gnome-desktop-manager, the package?01:15
benhemI didn't; I just got gnome-shell and its dependencies01:15
benhemwhich might have included that01:16
yagoobenhem, LOGON screen.. there's not a gear icon (top right corner of username)01:16
daviddoriaescott, even with 'text' the screen does this totally bizarre fade to blotchy white thing01:16
benhemOk, brb.  I do have to restart to log out I think01:16
escottdaviddoria, try text nosplash nomodeset?01:16
daviddoriayep, that worked! it booted normally01:18
escottdaviddoria, probably modesetting add nomodeset to your /etc/default/grub default boot options01:18
daviddoriaI'll give that a try01:19
daviddoriathank you so much01:19
escottdaviddoria, and we haven't done anything to address whatever caused your original upgrade to finish successfully check /var/log/apt to see what needs to be done there01:21
benhemback -- yagoo, I am not sure how to get to window manager options01:21
damonis the sun java jdk no longer available in the oneiric repos at all? I'm not finding any documentation on it, and apt-get install sun-java6-jdk isn't working01:22
eSouli know javevm updated to 7? did oneiric push it as well?01:22
daviddoriaescott, will do, that's a fight for the morning :)01:22
escottdaviddoria, in the future try to explain the full problem, would have been easier if you described the white splotchiness first01:22
magn3tseSoul, openjdk 7 is available01:23
yagoobenhem, what does your logon screen look like? what i meant is a selection of different "window desktops" - eg: choosing unity, gnome-classic, etc.01:23
magn3tseverything in the repos are against java6 or gcj which is just dumb01:23
daviddoriaescott, ok sorry, I thought the failed upgrade was causing the splotchyness, so I thought that was the thing to fix01:23
benhemI didn't get that.  the gnome-replace process failed, though01:23
damonI know openjdk is available. I'd really like to install sun (oracle's jdk) from the repos01:23
yagoobenhem, can u open a terminal?01:23
daviddoriawhat is the deal with that splotchyness anyway? I've seen wrong drivers display lower resolutions , or not work at all (black screens) but never almost work and fade to a splotchy white?01:24
benhemyagoo, sure01:24
yagoodaviddoria, integration with plaintext video modes01:24
escottdaviddoria, its trying to setup the videocard and isn't doing something right01:24
=== jp is now known as emcrules
yagoodaviddoria, so that between ctl-alt-f1 and ctl-alt-f7 is quick -- and that u can use special video modes in plain text01:24
yagoodaviddoria, this is called kms -- kernelmodeset -- it uses some video code routine.. it's sort of still beta imho01:25
daviddoriainteresting - ok thanks all, i'll be back once I look into this apt log01:25
yagoobenhem, ps aux|grep -i lightdm01:26
yagoobenhem, can u pastebin it ?(dont paste in chan)01:28
benhemyagoo: http://paste2.org/p/174084501:29
marksmanI have several wordpress installations using virtual hosts for different domains.  What do I need to look into to enable them to each send email from their respective domain?01:30
yagoobenhem, a sec..01:30
burnerso I find that ubuntu 3d is supposed to work with nvidia due to my fresh install working... how come I can only use Ubuntu 2d on my other desktop with nvidia?01:31
escottburner, have you installed the proprietary drivers01:32
xananaxIs there no "discussion" page for the Ubuntu wiki? If I have a change I want to submit but ain't not sure of it, I should start the discussion in-page? What's the preferred use?01:32
slimjimflimmarksman: what mail client is your webserver using?01:33
marksmanI don't currently have one configured01:33
yagoobenhem, u sure that it's the only 1? there's should be at least a good number of result01:33
burnerescott: I have01:33
xananaxmarksman: it really depends on many parameters, but you're better off asking in php-related or wordpress-related places01:33
burnerescott: when I start unity 3d, I get no toolbars or anything... I just see my wallpaper01:33
yagoobenhem, u upgraded?01:34
slimjimflimmarksman: yea, you should ask in #apache01:34
improveuponanyone: if you have a moment: i think my dvd rom is out of alignment or something. can that cause it not to read certain dvd's at all? if i try to use an ubuntu live cd in it, and i "check disk for errors," can it detect errors when there aren't any because of that?01:34
marksmanxananax, thanks will try there01:34
benhemyagoo: that's all.  my suspicion is that the gnome-replace got halfway and then aborted01:34
yagoobenhem, i dont think its that01:34
yagoobenhem, u must of done something system wide..01:34
benhemwell, I did -- I mean, I ran gnome-shell --replace01:35
xananaxmarksman: I think wordpress should be using the default apache mailer which is not really configurable, but I guess there should be some wordpress extension that allows you to configure mails, using pear::Mail or something01:35
yagoobenhem, ?01:35
yagoobenhem, gnome-shell is not a pacakge01:35
yagooi mean is not a command..01:35
yagoobenhem, convention command for user changes is it?01:36
burnerdoes Unity 3d keep a log file somewhere so i can see why it's not loading properly?01:36
yagoobenhem, are you using the user as "root" ?01:37
yagoobenhem, (i don't think u should be)01:37
benhemno, I didn't have to sudo either01:37
benhemlet me see if I still have it in bash01:37
yagoobenhem, did u bother rebooting? You should have a good number of results with grep lightdm01:38
benhemI did reboot; same results01:38
yagoobenhem, did u make another user?01:38
yagoobenhem, but u did something system wide..01:38
yagoobenhem, what other commands with apt-get did u do?01:38
benhemall I did was get gnome-shell package using Synaptic... and then run "gnome-shell --replace" which ws an instruction from a website01:39
yagoobenhem, what site was this?01:39
benhemone sec01:39
hlbicehi ,everyone01:39
babblehey all: I used relinux (http://relinux.sourceforge.net/) to make a live image of my current system, and I *think* it enabled zramswap (I had zram enabled as swap on rebooting to my desktop) - I couldn't find anyplace in /etc/init.d to disable it; where should I be looking?01:40
slimjimflimhlbice: don't ask to ask, just ask01:40
hlbiceanyone use ubuntu 11.10?01:40
damonI'm on 11.1001:40
hlbiceit's faster than 11.04,01:40
hlbiceI like it01:40
bsmith093does anyone know of a pdb to txt converter, or doc or anything out of pdb?01:42
yagoobenhem, u should get something like this -> (and I'm also not logged in any X-- i left the logon screen on)01:42
hlbiceI use it on ASUS netbook01:42
yagoobenhem, http://paste.ubuntu.com/720290/01:42
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
benhemyagoo: http://digitizor.com/2009/11/10/install-gnome3-ubuntu/01:43
yagoobenhem, that's 200901:43
yagoobenhem, it still doesn't make sense.. u're lying or only telling half the truth..01:43
yagoobenhem, u did something with apt..01:44
yagoobenhem, did u try to install gdm?01:44
yagoobenhem, after u install gdm.. install lightdm..01:44
yagoobenhem, try this from tty101:44
yagoobenhem, lightdm will disable gdm..01:45
yagoobenhem, dpkg-reconfigure lightdm doesn't work01:45
slimjimflimbsmith093: are you talking about a file from InkWriter/Note Taker?01:45
yagoo(i just tried so)01:45
yagoohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/720290/ << notice all these results with lightdm01:45
bsmith093slimjimflim: no i mean a palm pilot text file format, its the only format i can find for this collection of fanfic im trying to download01:46
slimjimflimbsmith093: did you look at it with a text editor?01:46
bsmith093slimjimflim: i would like to convert out of it, if possible01:46
benhemyagoo, I don't know what to tell you re: system wide changes or lightdm grep results.  I didn't do anything from command line except that gnome-shell --replace thing, and I didn't use apt-get to obtain gnome-shell; I used Synaptic01:47
slimjimflimi mean did you try just changing the extension and looking at it with cat?01:47
zykotick9bsmith093, have you tried txt2pdbdoc?  says "..and back"01:47
slimjimflimor notepad or something?01:47
yagoobenhem, i gave u something to try and fix it..01:47
benhemyagoo, maybe no harm is done and I can continue trying to use gnome01:47
benhemI didn't see the suggestion?01:47
slimjimflimbenhem: you lost your xwindows?01:47
benhemslimjimflim: yeah, I got some kind of error and lost a lot of the gui at first, but it came back on restart01:48
benhemslimjimflim: apparently I was following ancient instructions that told me to run: gnome-shell --replace01:48
yagoobenhem, you're using a broked document for 11.10-- u broked ur logon manager01:48
slimjimflimyou know you can use `startx` if you don't have a gui?01:48
slimjimflimfrom the cli01:48
benhemok, didn't know that trick01:48
* yagoo says u can choose gnome3 from the logon gui-- but someone gave breaking instructions to benhem01:49
benhemthanks ... so, if I have broked my logon manager, should I just reinstall ubuntu?01:49
benhemI'll try the logon screen thing again01:49
yagoobenhem, i told u->01:49
slimjimflimi prefer xfce01:49
benhemyagoo, I'm not sure what you're talking about01:49
yagoobenhem, go to tty1 (ctl-alt-f1), apt-get install gdm, then apt-get install lightdm -- when the prompt box ask if u want to replace gdm with lightdm.. let lightdm replace gdm..01:50
slimjimflimit's easier to just get the right iso in the first place than to try to change window managers after the fact01:50
yagoobenhem, ^01:50
yagooslimjimflim, stuf.01:50
aplundI cannot boot the 11.10 live cd. I just get "unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem". Any ideas how to debug this?01:50
benhemyagoo, ok!  thanks01:50
yagooslimjimflim, stfu.. You're instructions are breaking his system.01:50
slimjimflimyagoo: ltfs lurn 2 fcking spell01:50
pangolinHey now. watch the language please01:50
slimjimflimi didn't start it01:50
digitalicegot a problem overe here ... my session wont start01:51
=== digitalice is now known as Guest3373
zyltoid_i have the ew-7722in wireless card. it seems to be detected but it just says 'not connected'. anyone know what may be wrong?01:52
=== Guest3373 is now known as digitalice_
slimjimflimzyltoid_: can you see it with lspci ?01:53
aeon-ltddigitalice_: more details; tell the channel01:53
Chraz_Rittit's me again, i'm now having trouble with java, running ubuntu from a newly burned live disk, and i can't seem to find an apt for java01:53
zyltoid_slimjimflim: yeah, shows up as 'network controller: Ralink corp.'01:53
slimjimflimzyltoid_: ok that's good.  do you have iwconfig installed?01:54
slimjimflimcan you see it with that?01:54
zyltoid_yes i can01:55
slimjimflimzyltoid_: good again ;)01:55
slimjimflimok so what do you get from iwlist?01:55
slimjimflimi think that lists available access points01:55
slimjimflimthere are some other tools for scanning the air....one sec01:56
r3db3ard_anyone know how to install the block-list to Transmission v2.05???01:56
rypervencheChraz_Ritt: Java is probably not installed by default. You will have to install either Sun Java or OpenJDK01:56
zyltoid_if i do 'iwlist scanning' i get 'No scan results'01:56
yagoozyltoid_, i believe iwlist scan does the full command01:56
hlbiceany info display on the screen?01:57
slimjimflimzyltoid_: do you have an antenna?01:57
zyltoid_yagoo: yeah, i did that and got the same message01:57
zyltoid_slimjimflim: yeah, it has 2 antennas. it's a desktop pci btw01:57
yagoozykotick9, do u have a mac address for wlan0 ?01:57
yagoozyltoid_, i mean01:57
yagoozyltoid_, iwconfig <enter>01:57
slimjimflimzyltoid_: can you see access points from any other computers in the same area?01:57
rypervencheChraz_Ritt: I only know the name for openjdk, openjdk-6-jre01:58
yagoozyltoid_, see if u have a mac-address (HWADDR : xx:xx:xx:...)01:58
zyltoid_yeah, there's a ton i can see from my laptop01:58
OogyPoogyHey all, after my upgrade went to hell, I realized that I was unable to access my encrypted /Home partition because, frankly, I didn't know how. Can someone explain or point me to a concise explanation of how to mount an encrypted partition when running from a LiveCD/USB?01:58
=== tum is now known as Guest17242
slimjimflimwhat's the message you got when you ran iwlist01:58
yagoozyltoid_, for wlan0?01:58
zyltoid_yagoo: no on my laptop01:58
OogyPoogyI just want to learn how, so I don't have to lose everything again!01:58
slimjimflim`iwlist wlan0`01:58
slimjimflimer maybe `iwlist`01:58
zyltoid_yagoo: ifconfig gives me a mac address01:59
slimjimflimcan you pastebin the result of ifconfig and iwlist?01:59
zyltoid_sure, 1 sec01:59
zyltoid_you mean iwlist scan right?02:00
zyltoid_iwlist on its own is just help02:00
slimjimflimer yea02:01
slimjimflimactually how about this:02:01
slimjimflimiwlist eth1 scan02:01
r3db3ard_anyone know how to get to the #blackbuntu chan?02:01
slimjimflimor iwlist wlan0 scan02:01
jsmith_98I have a complete noob question... this is my first linux/ubuntu install.  I installed 11.10 on a portablel usb and it's running smooth.  However, I was wondering if I could bypass/remove grub as it's not necessary because I only plug in the drive when I want to use ubuntu.02:01
slimjimflimdo any of those give you a list of access points, or even one?02:01
zyltoid_slimjimflim: no unfortunately, which is the problem :(02:02
invisiblekjsmith_98, i dont believe so. grub is what tells the system which kernel to boot up02:02
slimjimflimzyltoid_: well it looks like your drivers and software are setup correctly02:02
hexacodeanyone know a decent filtering utility for ubuntu that converts to and from  any of the following   hex, binary, ascii , and maybe even character encodings02:02
rypervenchejsmith_98: You don't need to install it onto the USB drive. You only need to run it as a live session.02:02
invisiblekjsmith_98, if you did updates, and ended up getting an updated kernel version, you'd have to go and change a bunch of stuff again02:03
invisiblekor do that02:03
OogyPoogyjsmith_98: I believe if you remove all options except for Ubuntu kernel, and set an autoboot to 1 second it will be the same thing02:03
slimjimflimzyltoid_: the next thing i'd do would be try running it somewhere that you know has a wireless connection02:03
Dougie187Is there a way in gnome-shell to remove one of the panels from the top, to make the screen real estate similar to what is in unity? (Only when windows are maximized)02:03
zyltoid_slimjimflim: i know i have a wireless connect, i use the same card on windows OOB02:03
jsmith_98ok... I'll just cleanup the grub and set it to 1 sec.02:03
slimjimflimzyltoid_: you could also try: cat /var/log|grep <your card name or wlan0 or something>02:03
zyltoid_slimjimflim: here's pastebin http://pastebin.com/KVbPq9tQ02:03
slimjimflimor: cat /var/log|less02:04
OogyPoogyjsmith_98: Hope that helps! it might flash for a second, but it's like the same thing, really.02:04
deusreeee, legal02:04
rypervenchejsmith_98: It will run faster as a live CD, and if you enabled uhh what's it called...starts with a p...02:04
ubuntui recently installed 11.10 and after it told me to eject the disc to restart, it never loads the OS. it stalls at a black screen with a cursor. does anyone have any idea if this has to do with nvidia driver ?02:04
rypervenchejsmith_98: If you enabled that, you can save changes made to it.02:04
zyltoid_they have drivers on the site that i'd have to compile, but i figured since it's detected there might be a small issue i'm missing02:04
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
slimjimflimzyltoid_: yea it looks like you just don't have any access points available on the air02:05
slimjimflimzyltoid_: what kind of card is it? b/g/n?02:05
* yagoo thinks slimjimflim doesn't know /var/log << IS NOT A FILE.02:05
slimjimflimwhat kind of antennae?02:05
Flynsarmyis there a google chrome 64-bit repo?02:05
jsmith_98I tried the liveCD but I had to select "test" and redo my settings every time02:05
zyltoid_slimjimflim: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683331509902:05
yagoobad advice-- saying twice about /var/log << grepping using less on that-- ITS A DIRECTORY.02:05
t1m310rdi know this is a linux forum, but the thousands of joined windows idiots are all asleep, so i came here where i can always get help02:06
t1m310rdis there a chance the recov partition got infected by a trojan that overtook a windows pc02:06
slimjimflimyagoo: my bad, i meant dmesg02:06
rypervenchejsmith_98: Because you didn't choose to preserve your files.02:06
rypervenchejsmith_98: What did you use to make the USB drive?02:06
slimjimflimso: dmseg|less02:07
zyltoid_laptop wireless cards are much better than pci for some reason :|02:07
zyltoid_*than desktop02:07
jsmith_98startup disk creator02:08
slimjimflimyea cause you can move a laptop to the other side of the room02:08
Dougie187Also, is there a good place to go to find gnome-shell extensions?02:08
FerchoLPHi, I'm going to do a new fresh ubuntu install. I just want to ask if it is enough keeping /home/me/.config/google-chrome to keep google chrome profile and configuration02:08
rypervenchejsmith_98: I don't use Ubuntu, but the option should be there. If not try using Unetbootin.02:08
improveuponexcuse me02:08
jsmith_98thought about the pendrivelinux app but went that way instead...02:08
jsmith_98I can deal with grub... it just slows the bootup02:09
* yagoo reflects pendrive has more successrate than unetbootin&usbcreator put together02:09
zyltoid_i found a post on opensuse forums where a guy claims the official driver for my card is supposed to be in kernel 2.6.40 +02:09
FerchoLP/I'm gonna ask that on #chromium02:09
zyltoid_i'm on 3.0 :|02:09
yagoozyltoid_, possibly02:10
slimjimflimzyltoid_: worth a try02:10
zyltoid_i'm on 3.0 already though02:10
zyltoid_i guess i'll just compile what they provide. thanks for the help02:11
slimjimflimzyltoid_: sometimes the newest version isn't the most stable02:11
jsmith_98Hey, thanks for your help guys!  I was expecting to get a bit of slack for being a noob.  I guess we all started somewhere.02:12
jsmith_98I'm sure you'll hear from me again.02:13
yagoojsmith_98, that's fine to ask nooby questions.. as long as you learn 1 step at a time than try to take it all in oneshot like some crazy clickheads that come once in awhile around ;)02:14
CarlFKhow do I run  valgrind compiz ?  which means I need to stop the current instance and run that with the right parms and rights and whatever02:19
zyltoid_i'm looking at the debian docs for my card and it the module is supposed to be 'rt2860sta'02:20
zyltoid_but the loaded module i get is rt2800pci02:20
s4mm1chi recently installed 11.10 , after installation completed it told me to remove the disc and press enter to restart so i did and now it only boots to a black screen with a flashing cursor02:21
s4mm1chdoes anyone know how to resolve this or what might be causing it02:21
rhizmoeugh, why did i lose gedit-plugins?02:21
afink_Hello everyone, how can I change the authentication source on ubuntu?  I am using kubuntu, tried there first, no dice.  Thanks in advance.02:21
IbisHmm, what's really the good point of that DASH thing in Unity?02:21
IbisOther than finding programs/files?02:22
VustomWhen using GNOME 3 on Ubuntu 11.10, why isn't there any minimize tab?02:22
rhizmoei think it's supposed to be like quicksilver/spotlight on osx02:22
IbisVustom: That's Gnome 3.02:22
escott!info gnome-tweak-tool | Vustom02:22
ubottuVustom: gnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 71 kB, installed size 656 kB02:22
tntcVustom: because Gnome 3 doesn't have one by default, I think...02:22
IbisOr use gnome-tweak-tool02:22
Ibistntc: By default. No.02:23
VustomI have the GNOME Tweak Tool, what option do I enable?02:23
VustomSo confusing :c02:23
becom33I installed Ubuntu 9.10 . But I cant seems up update the OS . it gives 404 errors on links , plus its the same when I goto install a software from Add/Remove02:23
escottVustom, on "Shell" Arrangement of buttons in titlebar02:24
escottVustom, agreed it should be under Windows02:24
IbisVustom: Look in "Shell".02:24
IbisVustom: Arrangement of buttons on titlebar. Make that set to "All".02:24
VustomThanks! Also, there's this app called GNOME Pie, it's a desktop launcher, but for some reason when I start the app it doesn't appear on my desktop?02:25
Dougie187So, does anyone know if there is a gnome-shell extension to make maximized windows appear closer to unity windows (ie almost full screen)?02:25
zyltoid_anyone know the differnece between the rt2x00 module and the rt2800?02:26
becom33http://pastebin.com/x0uUiVfA anyoneknow why ?02:26
escottVustom, not sure if that will or will not work under gnome3. if it is structured as a compiz plugin it would be unity only. have you tried it under unity?02:27
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becom33>:o guess everyone is sleeping :/02:28
escottbecom33, your mirror could be down02:29
Vustomescott: Not yet, :(02:29
robin0800becom33, 1554 people according to the user list02:29
escottbecom33, is jaunty still supported02:29
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:30
izinucsafter installing ccsm and changing the size of the icons in the "left" launcher bar.. they haven't changed size.. any suggestions?02:30
escottbecom33, jaunty is gone thats your problem02:30
VustomI have another problem, when I start my PC and boot into Ubuntu, the loading screen is just purple instead of the Ubuntu logo with the 5 dots, it does come up though, but at the last second02:31
becom33umm escott I have ubunut 11.10 . I had downgrade back to 9.4 coz the latest version was kinda messed up with the Gnome and it didnt take my VGA . btw how am I suppose to activate desktop effects in 11.10 ?02:31
escott!downgrade | becom3302:31
ubottubecom33: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.02:31
becom33escott: I didnt mean like that . I uninstalled the latest version and installed the older version again02:32
Vustomescott: It should work with GNOME 3; this guy/girl has done it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo0QXJrv1hs02:32
_klk_hi all.  i'm running into some weird compile errors in ubuntu 11.10 for a project that used to compile just fine in 10.04.  when it gets to the link stage, every single function call to an external library is marked with "undefined refernce to".  does anyone know what might be going on?02:32
VustomBut for me it doesn't want to work ;c02:32
escottVustom, i dont use it so I dont know. just suggesting it as a possible issue02:33
_klk_a different project that uses the same libraries compiles fine02:33
becom33thought maby if I upgrade from the older version to the latest version effects and resolution might stay the same02:33
escottVustom, run it from a terminal and see if you get an error message02:33
Dougie187_klk_: that means it's not linking correctly.02:33
_klk_all the libraries are installed into the various paths (/lib, /usr/lib, /usr/local/lib)02:33
Vustomescott: gnome-pie right?02:33
Dougie187_klk_: do you have the correct -l statement?02:33
_klk_Dougie187:  how would i go about fixing it?02:33
escottVustom, yes02:33
becom33escott: so what should I do now  ?02:34
escottbecom33, to get desktop effects you need to have a video driver that supports glx. usually people use the jockey-gtk to install proprietary drivers02:34
Vustomescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/720308/02:34
Dougie187_klk_: undefined reference basically means you have the header to a function you're trying to use, but not the source for it (or the library that contains it). So it should be there, but it doesn't actually exist. If you are using something like math.h, then when you compile you need the -lm flag.02:35
becom33escott: but in the older version it takes the effetcs without any drivers . :/02:35
rypervencheescott: What version do you use?02:35
_klk_Dougie187:  I think so.  here is my flags:  -lcurl -lssl -lbz2 -ljson -lcrypto -lPocoFoundation -lPocoNet -lPocoUtil -lPocoCrypto -lboost_thread -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil -lswscale -lPocoXML -lx264 -lopencv_core -lopencv_highgui -lboost_system -lboost_program_options02:35
_klk_(sorry for long paste)02:35
FloodBot1_klk_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:35
escottrypervenche, version of what02:36
_klk_Dougie187:  and i've manually verified that all those libraries actually exist in  the system02:36
Dougie187_klk_: and that doesn't help me any as I don't know what library your functions should be in or anything.02:36
izinucsI have a readon m7 video card in my thinkpad.. how do I activate that driver for effects? Nothing is listed in Hardware drivers.02:37
rypervencheescott: Ubuntu, or if you don't use it what distro do you use?02:37
izinucsor better yet.. how do you shrink the size of the side launcher bar?02:37
escottbecom33, proprietary drivers sometimes get fouled up during upgrades. before i stopped using them i always had to fix them with every new release version02:37
escottrypervenche, 11.1002:37
iamfennechi can anyone help a linx newb?02:37
escott!help | iamfennec02:38
ubottuiamfennec: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:38
_klk_Dougie187:  sorry.  what can i show you to make it easier?02:38
IbisSo whatcha need help with iamfennec?02:38
Dougie187_klk_: what function is undefined?02:38
becom33so escott so how can deal with this jaunty thing ?02:39
_klk_Dougie187: _all_ of them.  every single function call to an external library is flagged with the "undefined reference to …" error.  i can post the make output if you want to see02:39
escottbecom33, jaunty is eol. so you have to upgrade if you want support02:40
Dougie187_klk_: no. the makefile or the compile string would be more useful.02:40
becom33escott: at the moment it only shows me 9.10 version02:40
becom33so if I upgrade to 9.10 again I have upgrade to 11.10 :/02:40
iamfenneci'm runing lubuntu 10.04 and my update manger is giving me an error that theres not enough free space on my hdd and to empty trash and get rid of temp packages from former installs useing sudo app get clean02:41
tensorpudding!cn | cuigaosheng02:41
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Dougie187_klk_: i'll brb. If you pastebin the Makefile or something pm it to me02:42
Polahiamfennec, then you should consider doing that, unless you know you have more space than it claims.02:42
becom33btw is there any method I can put this upgrade and go out see the upgrade level from a remote computer ?02:42
iamfennechow do i do that? i don't know what its asking me to do02:42
izinucsiamfennec: you might also have quite a number of old kernels still installed..02:42
iamfennecyeah thats what i'm thinking, how do i take care of that ?02:43
iamfenneci thought ubuntu managed all that on its own02:43
escottiamfennec, (a) its asking you to run sudo apt-get clean, so do that. (b) use the disk usage analyzer to see where you disk space is being used, and you can ask us if something is bigger than it should be02:43
izinucsiamfennec: open synaptic and search for "linux" you'll get a list of stuff. look for the old kernels and mark them for uninstall.02:44
VustomCan someone help me? I type; 'sudo apt-get install git-core' then; 'cd git clone https://github.com/rcmorano/gnome-shell-gnome2-notifications.git' and then; 'sudo cp -r gnome-shell-gnome2-notifications/gnome-shell-gnome2-notifications@emergya.com /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/' but for some reason when using the last terminal line I get this message; 'No such file or directory'02:44
escottiamfennec, apt will keep older files around that might be useful, like old kernels and old .debs and old config files for programs that have been removed, etc02:44
escottVustom, not cd git clone thats all wrong02:44
escottVustom, git clone, then cd02:45
VustomSo what would it be? I'm confused, I'm just getting this from; http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html02:45
_klk_Dougie187:  sure, i'll post the failing compile string.02:45
_klk_here it is:  http://pastebin.com/xcrfJEuS02:45
izinucsok.. I can't ctrl+alt+2 or 3 or 4 etc.. to make a window go half screen, quarter etc.. why not?  no effects activated?02:46
marksmanWhat is the easiest way to install windows 7 AFTER ubuntu is installed so I can dual boot?02:46
zykotick9iamfennec, searching for linux-image will probably be a lot easier then just "linux"02:46
izinucsmarksman: wipe the drive .. install 7.. reinstall ubuntu..02:46
escottVustom, cant say exactly, because we didnt write these directions, but git clone downloads the program, cd would change your working directory in some way, and the cp moves the files to a globally available place (VERY BAD THING TO DO)02:46
obert-i'm in a shell in recovery mode, if i try to launch visudo it'll returns that it is a read-only file and then i cannot edit it02:46
izinucsmarksman: windows doesn't play well being installed afterwards.02:47
VustomWhy is it bad? :(02:47
escottobert-, you are root, no need to sudo. type "whoami"02:47
iamfennecwell i have kept up on deleating the old installs for the os select page my computer starts up too02:47
obert-i think i have to adduser user admin in order to fix an issue with the os02:47
beatbreakerOber, you may need to mount you file system as read/write02:47
obert-how please02:48
iamfenneci've taken out 3 kernals per version but is there more ?02:48
escott!grub | marksman02:48
ubottumarksman: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:48
iamfennecwell how do i use the sudo app get clean02:48
escottiamfennec, "sudo apt-get clean"02:49
iamfennecin the terminal ?02:49
escottiamfennec, yes02:49
urlin2uiamfennec, aurtoclean?02:49
obert-how to mount my file system as read/write, please? :P02:49
VustomHow do I move icons from the message tray (bottom tray) to the top bar in GNOME 3?02:50
escottobert-, if you are in a single user mode you are usually there for a reason (unless you intentionally selected it from the boot options). you need to determine why you are mounted ro. fsck the main partition02:51
iamfennecok one think at a time here, what should i do first ?02:51
escottiamfennec, its autoclean that you want, but you keep messing up the typing of the command its "apt-get" not "app get"02:51
izinucsHow do I shrink the size of the left launcher bar?02:52
escottiamfennec, to be honest it doesnt matter which one you use, they both free up space but with clean you will have to redownload stuff which is annoying02:52
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iamfennecok so what command do i type into terminal?02:52
escottiamfennec, "sudo apt-get clean" or "sudo apt-get autoclean" your choice02:53
obert-uhm how to find the name of the main partition (gasp)02:53
escottobert-, mount02:53
izinucsobert-: sudo fdisk -l or mount02:53
escottobert-, it will say /dev/sdX# mounted on / ro02:53
ertyuiop99Hey, so recently I screwed up an had to delete my ubuntu partiton but I had a backup. I restored that backup onto a clean ext4 partition but I cant boot up to it. I went into gparted and tried setting the flag to "boot" but it did nothing. How should I fix this?02:54
iamfennecok did the sudo apt-get clean and it asked for a password which i entered then went back to the root promt02:54
escottobert-, and you need to run fsck /dev/sdX#02:54
escottiamfennec, silence is success02:54
sdzConfig'ing pure-ftpd for anon downloads only.  File list and downloading works fine.  Can't get .message, .banner, or -F /usr/share/fortune/zippy to work.  Thoughts?02:55
iamfennecis there a way to look at how full a partion is like in windows?02:55
obert-escott: mount what02:55
escottiamfennec, if you have a gui there is a disk-usage-utility02:55
escottobert-, just "mount"02:55
ertyuiop99Anyone got an idea of how I fix my problem?02:55
escottiamfennec, just hit the windows key and type "disk usage"02:55
izinucsertyuiop99: when in doubt.. throw a hand grenade02:56
escottiamfennec, if all you want is the grand total (and not subdirectories) you can do df -h02:56
xjjkhello, is there a dedicated channel for ubuntu 64-bit? I can't run 32-bit apps anymore; multiarch doesn't make any sense02:56
rhizmoeok, so i'm seeing a ~/.gnome2 directory that seems to be affecting some software settings of mine...how can i deal with this?02:56
obert-escott: thanks:) /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 ?02:56
ertyuiop99Why thank you for the advice, izinucs, though I "doubt02:56
escottertyuiop99, what do you mean you cant boot up into it. what happens when you try02:57
rhizmoe~/.gnome2 containing a bunch of sw settings dirs02:57
iamfennecwindows key did nothing02:57
izinucsxjjk: did you install ia32libs?02:57
escottobert-, sda102:57
ertyuiop99"" it will work, so I must throw one02:57
xjjkizinucs: yes02:57
xjjkizinucs: Ubuntu 11.10 changed a *lot*02:57
xjjkall my 32-apps are broken; I get an error from bash "not found"02:57
ertyuiop99escott: Just gets into this grub thing saying I can press tab to see all comands02:57
izinucsxjjk: yea.. I'm discovering that.. just installed it on an old thinkpad.. test bed..02:57
escottiamfennec, what version of ubuntu are you running02:57
iamfenneci see a disk utility but no usage utility02:57
obert-escott: clean is the answer02:57
xjjkizinucs: and there's NO user-centric documentation on multiarch whatsoever02:58
bsec_#ubuntu -cn02:58
escottobert-, you can try mount -o remount,rw /02:58
ertyuiop99escott: I screwed up, partitioned and reformated, restored, but can't boot into it02:58
izinucsxjjk: yep.. you might also try in ##linux02:58
escottobert-, im worried about an !xy here. why are you in a recovery console?02:58
escottertyuiop99, have you restored your bootloader?02:58
princej88Hey guys, I have created a seperate partion on my macbook pro and when booting from the ubuntu cd I am getting the following error: (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system02:58
escott!grub | ertyuiop9902:58
ubottuertyuiop99: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:58
princej88anyone else have the same probleM/02:59
obert-escott: i made: fdisk -l  then  fsck /dev/sda102:59
ertyuiop99Thanks escott , I may not need to throw a grenade02:59
obert-escott: i got issues with my own user: i cannot run sudo02:59
obert-so i'm trying to edit /etc/sudoers to add my own user to admin group02:59
escottobert-, you screwed up trying to add yourself to a group... so common03:00
ivanBliminseanyone know how to get .docx files to open up in wine installed office 2007 by default in Ubuntu11.10.  Oneiric is trying to use package manager to open it even though it has a libre office icon lol03:00
VustomHow do I edit /etc/grub.d/10_linux?03:00
obert-sigh:( for the second time using chown, escott :(03:00
obert-so sad03:00
escottobert-, in that case remount,rw and then run the command correctly03:00
obert-escott: then if i try to run visudo it'll says that /etc/sudoers is in read-only mode03:00
izinucsivanBliminse: .docx opens just fine in libreoffice.. why go the wine route?03:01
escottobert-, you shouldnt be messing with sudoers03:01
obert-escott: read-only file system, sorry03:01
escottobert-, if you ran usermod -G without -a thats why you cant sudo03:01
obert-escott: what should i do?03:01
ertyuiop99escott, I'll come back if it doesn't work, :D03:01
iamfennecis it safe to trash the contence of my tmp folder ?03:01
ivanBliminseizinucs, I'm a college student and although docx open up fine in libre office, (aside from the packager manager issue I mentioned), when you save it using libre in .docx format it screws up a bunch of stuff. IE, removes page numbers03:01
escottobert-, what happened when you tried to remount,rw /?03:01
ivanBliminseizinucs, and I have to write papers in win office...03:02
obert-escott: do i have to paste that exactly code without ?03:02
escottobert-, no "mount -o remount,rw /03:02
izinucsivanBliminse: weird.. the #winehq channel might have answers.03:02
ivanBliminseizinucs, thanks man!03:02
ertyuiop99escott : Also, I messed up by trying to make the /home folder a different partition so I could install a ton of crap without space worry. is this a good tut? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:02
obert-escott: did i told you that i'm in a vmware vm?03:03
escottivanBliminse, its going to be weird because of the way wine maps the fs into a c:\ d:\ drive. you might just want to start office and open them that way03:03
obert-escott: it'll list some messages, no idea03:04
ertyuiop99escott, is it a good tut?03:04
escottertyuiop99, tldr; but i've seen people mention it before so i guess its ok. can't really say myself03:04
escottobert-, what were the messages, and the vmware bit shouldnt matter03:04
ivanBliminseescott, is there a way in 11.10 to tell ubuntu what file extensions open with what programs.03:05
obert-escott: Note that one does not really mount a device...03:05
escottivanBliminse, usually you right click on the file in nautilus and say open with, and then save that preference03:05
izinucsHow do I shrink the size of the left launcher bar?03:05
ivanBliminseescott, how do you save that preference03:05
escottobert-, you aren't mounting a device, you are remounting a partition with different options03:06
quentusrexIs there a way to determine which package would provide a file? I'm trying to track down which package the courier.schema ldap schema is in.03:06
obert-escott: that's the first line of the messages03:06
escottivanBliminse, thats something that has changed in gnome3 so i dont know where it is anymore03:06
escott!infot apt-file | quentusrex03:06
obert-escott: i did only mount -o remount,rw /03:07
escott!info apt-file | quentusrex03:07
ubottuquentusrex: apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 24 kB, installed size 188 kB03:07
ivanBliminseescott, it's weird because there is no wine 1.3 application... the stuff you install with wine shows up as a regular app.....03:07
Hell_Hammerhi all03:08
shadows090I just got a laptop that has a radeon hd6320 graphaics card. i loaded ubuntu but the resolution is fairly poor. i am downloading the ati 11.9 proprietary driver, but I'm not certain that it's what I'm supposed to do. Could I just "aptitude install fglrx" instead? Has anybody done this before?03:08
obert-escott: !!03:08
ivanBliminsedoes anyone know how to set up a preferece for applications based on file extension or what not in ubuntu 11.10??03:09
escottobert-, after you say "mount -o remount,rw /" it says "Note that one does not really mount a device..."?03:09
winxordieanyone want to help me with 10.04 hdmi audio malfunction fun?03:09
shareWhy Ubuntu started using Unity?03:09
shareGNOME2 ftw03:09
obert-escott: it is a long message, i cannot scroll up in the recovery window so i dunno what kind of stuff is, do you need a screenshot? (yes, i launched only mount -o )03:10
robin0800share, because they didn't like gnome shell03:11
obert-i'm in panic atm03:11
escottobert-, messages there are errors, so yes we need to see them03:11
share!cn | jugg03:11
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escott!paste | obert-03:11
ubottuobert-: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:11
s0neejugg: hi03:11
izinucsHow do I shrink the size of the left launcher bar?03:11
sharejussi: #ubuntu-cn03:12
escottizinucs, try the tweak tool, maybe it can help03:12
ivanBliminseizinucs, you want to shrink the size like the width or the apps?03:12
izinucsescott: don't know that tool03:12
urlin2uizinucs, unity plugin in the compiz config manager03:12
izinucsivanBliminse: width, icon size etc.03:12
ivanBliminseizinucs, ccsm... its the unity plugin, under experimental tab.. works well03:12
klynci created a user via the "User Accounts..." graphical tool, and it appeared in the lightdm login list; i then did 'usermod -u 500 klync' and the user no longer appears, and when logged in as that user, it shows my name as "[Invalid UTF-8]" ... i checked /etc/lightdm/users.conf and it's set to allow any uid >=500; what gives?03:13
izinucsurlin2u: did that. reduced it to the minimum and nothing changed.. even after logging out and back in again.03:13
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shareI'm sticking to 10.10 thanks to Unity03:13
izinucsivanBliminse: did that.03:13
ivanBliminseizinucs, did it not take?03:13
sharewhy 12.04 won't use GNOME03:13
izinucsivanBliminse: nope03:13
izinucsivanBliminse: didn't change anything.03:13
escottklync, you completely broke that user by changing their uid after their files were laid down03:13
ivanBliminseizinucs, sometimes you have to log out and log back in.. but you can do a ALT+F2.. then type unity --replace03:14
urlin2uizinucs, only works in 3d I believe, although 11.10 it should work, try running compiz --replace in the terminal.03:14
klyncescott: nope, the user's home dir is owned by uid 50003:14
Ibis!notunity > share03:14
obert-escott: http://www.laquarra.it/media/mount-o.png03:14
ubottushare, please see my private message03:14
robin0800izinucs, you could try confity ver 1.0 has a deb that you can install03:14
ivanBliminseizinucs, when it comes back up it should be proper.. try the log in log out if that does work... I always do an extreame if things don't take.. like take the size all the way down.. just to make sure it changes.. then adjust03:14
mdsilvaklync, is the username valid ascii with no utf-8 characters?03:15
meta-coderI have source, how can I make it a .deb ?03:15
escottobert-, i need to see a screenshot of the command prior to your hitting enter. something is typed wrong03:16
rhizmoeoh man03:17
obert-escott: i doubt i can show it: cannot scroll up03:17
shareUnity is a fail03:17
escottklync, only the stuff in $HOME will get ownership changed. also lightdm apparently ignores its config files so i wouldnt believe anything it says in /etc/lightdm03:17
blognewbHi guys, I forgot the name called for that thing you need to have before you uninstall ubuntu/linux from a dual booted computer... Something "MRB"? MBR???03:17
izinucsivanBliminse: threw errors when I tried that (unity -replace).. not supported.. I guess GLX isn't running.. I've got an ati raedon m7 card in this laptop03:17
ivanBliminseshare, go back to gnome 3...03:17
obert-escott: sorry and thanks for now for your time. is it mount -o  or mount -003:18
escottblognewb, fixmbr in windows03:18
shareUbuntu w/ GNOME > Ubuntu w/ Unity = Win XP > Win Vista03:18
ivanBliminseizinucs, did you do (unity --replace)  .. it has two dashes03:18
sharewake up Ubuntu devs!03:18
mdsilvasgare, so?03:18
leftistshit i cant fucking believe i was banned for saying fuck.. in #wordpress channel :D.  i mean what the fuck...03:18
izinucsivanBliminse: I'm on cli now running irssi in screen.. ctrl+alt+F7 gets me back to the gui without any decorations.03:18
izinucsivanBliminse: yea.. 2 dashes..03:18
FloodBot1leftist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
pangolin!language | leftist03:19
ubottuleftist: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:19
leftistok ok03:19
ivanBliminseizinucs, don't know... that works for me.. sorry!03:19
klyncmdsilva, escott: in a terminal as root where LANG="en_CA.utf-8", I did `groupmod -g 500 klync ;usermod -u 500 klync ; chown -R klync.klync /home/klync` .... now i can login just fine, but lightdm doesn't list my entry, and the unity widget that displays my name can't03:19
leftisti mean the internet is owned by the USA :D03:19
leftisti am drunk03:19
OerHeksleftist troll elsewere03:19
leftistoerheks i was providing code long before you were hatched03:19
cntrationalhey, would anybody recommend an alternative to gnome-terminal?03:20
blognewbescott fixmbr OH :'( hey awhile back i installed "Edubuntu" in my little sisters celeron desktop.. now after i uninstalled edubuntu to install lubuntu, the boot would just go crazy and the computer would just keep restarting, i didn't have fixmbr, what did i do wrong? :'(03:20
* klync : leftist left03:20
somsipcntrational: urxvt03:20
lanecntrational, xterm?03:20
rhizmoeok, i'm this >< close to designating oneirc as "too many changes at once"03:20
izinucsHow do I get my decorations back without glx running?  unity --replace won't do it.. it throws errors.03:20
philipballewdoes anyone speak chinnese and can help with support in #ubuntu-youth03:20
* rhizmoe goes to find the jargon file representation of this state03:20
pangolinphilipballew: #ubuntu-cn03:20
VustomHow can I reinstall plymouth in 11.10? For some reason I just get a purple screen when Ubuntu is booting up :/03:20
mdsilvaklync, the error msg you mentioned seems to imply the entire problem is that it is a utf-8 username03:20
rhizmoeno gedit-2? insane.03:20
cntrationallane: xterm is a tad too minimalist03:20
escottklync, so lightdm's config files are only there to confuse people when they cant find the non-existent documentation. the actual config is controlled by /usr/lib/accountsservice/accounts-daemon03:21
laneheh... i don't know then.03:21
lanei like xterm.03:21
xangua!cn | philipballew03:21
ubottuphilipballew: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:21
klyncmdsilva: i was thinking the problem is that it's *not* utf-8, but maybe ....03:21
klyncescott: oh, that's interesting ... will follow, thx03:21
cntrationalsomsip: urxvt, huh, I'll look into it03:21
izinucsHow do I restart the gui from a tty?03:21
somsipcntrational: it's reasonably popular. Worth checking out I think03:21
rhizmoeizinucs: sudo gdm restart03:22
mdsilvaklyncm anything you typed into a utf-8 console is utf-803:22
izinucsrhizmoe: I thought it changed with unity.. I'll give it a shot.03:22
philipballewthank you pangolin xangua you guys rock!!!03:22
escottizinucs, if you are using 11.10 it may be sudo service lightdm restart instead of service gdm restart03:22
obert-escott: my fault: i forgot /03:22
rhizmoeizinucs: might be lightdm03:22
rhizmoedepending on your choice during install03:22
ivanBliminseWell guys, thanks for the help. Talk to you later03:22
izinucsrhizmoe: since gdm didn't work I'll try that :)03:22
rhizmoehow do i downrev to gedit2?03:22
xjjkizinucs: yah, so apparently a package didn't install or upgrade probably03:23
xjjkizinucs: though dpkg/apt didn't indicate as such03:23
xjjkizinucs: reinstalling libc-i386 fixed things03:23
izinucsxjjk: cool03:23
blognewbAnybody help? awhile back i installed "Edubuntu" in my little sisters celeron desktop.. now after i uninstalled edubuntu to install lubuntu, the boot would just go crazy and the computer would just keep restarting, i didn't have fixmbr, what do I do now? :'(03:23
xjjkI've a feeling I should reinstall03:23
juggis there any chinese?03:23
xjjkso I don't find any new surprises…03:23
obert-escott: refresh my url please03:23
xangua!cn | jugg03:24
ubottujugg: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:24
mdsilvablognewb, are there any valuable irreplacable files on it?03:24
escottblognewb, the restarting suggests that either something is wrong with your grub, or the kernel is panicing. and it has nothing to do with fixmbr, that was the answer to a different question you asked03:24
jugghi xangua03:24
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:24
blawizhow compatible is ubuntu with installing apps not in the package-system? say if i install a newer version of thunar from a tarball?03:24
escottblognewb, can you describe what it is doing right before restarting03:24
ubottuJoin us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk03:24
izinucsbrb.. reboot necessary get get the gui back.03:24
OerHeks!lubuntu | blognewb03:24
ubottublognewb: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:24
rhizmoef*ck me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/60600/how-do-i-replace-gedit-3-06-with-gedit-2-30-403:25
share!sweat | rhizmoe03:25
share!swear | rhizmoe03:25
rhizmoeyeah, well.03:25
xangua!language | rhizmoe03:25
ubotturhizmoe: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:25
escottobert-, good its remounted. that other line is just dmesg since you are on tty103:25
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:25
IbisIt's !language | rhizmoe03:25
blognewbmdsilva irreplaceable files in the computer?03:25
=== shel is now known as shelaex
blognewbmdsilva if so no03:25
shareUbuntu is going in the wrong direction with Unity03:25
escottobert-, now you can run usermod -a -G admin username03:25
shareit's losing users03:25
xanguashare: do you have a support question¿03:26
IbisIt's a good idea to do this: /msg ubottu !whateverCommandToLearnAbout03:26
escottobert-, you should also verify groups username and make sure it has the groups you expect03:26
blognewbescott ok ill check it again i forgot exactly03:26
sharexangua: no, only critics03:26
sharewhere can I talk about UBuntu03:26
Ibisshare: #Ubuntu-offtopic03:26
mdsilvablognewb, if there are no files worth keeping, and if you can find any other solution, you might possibly be able to erase the hardrive and do a clean install03:26
IbisHAHA! I beat the pangolin!03:26
shareIbis: they only talk about cookies and stuff03:27
JiKeidanwow... I have some questions about ubuntu... though I think my interests are more geared towards... well i don't know03:27
blawizhow compatible is ubuntu with installing apps not in the package-system? say if i install a newer version of thunar from a tarball?03:27
JiKeidananyone who can talk support with me?... this room is a mess03:27
share!ask | JiKeidan03:27
ubottuJiKeidan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:27
Ibisshare: Well yea.. xD But at least you won't get bashed for it downing that in here.03:27
escottblawiz, dont do that03:27
mdsilvaJiKeidan, what's your trouble?03:27
escottblawiz, if you absolutely have to do something like that, uninstall it first, and then install it to /opt or /usr/local manually03:28
JiKeidanwell i'm working with an ubuntu gateway in my network.. but i have it more specifically for the kernel's built-in iptables and ip route03:28
obert-escott: what is this? which commands i've to launch, and many thanks. obert-, you should also verify groups username and make sure it has the groups you expect03:28
mdsilvaSo, I've heard Lady Gaga prefers ubuntu. Has she upgraded to 11.10 yet?03:28
xangua!ot | mdsilva03:29
ubottumdsilva: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:29
mdsilvaJiKeidan, ok, what seems to be the problem?03:29
escottobert-, "groups username" replace username with the broken user. if it doesnt say admin that user cant sudo. then "usermod -a -G admin username" to add that user to admin group03:29
blawizescott, do you know how long the delay is generally from a new version to be on the web, and it getting in the ubuntu package sys?03:29
JiKeidanomg, at this point the problem is this room... mdsilva... can i pm you?03:29
obert-escott: purr:   user : user www-data admin03:30
escottblawiz, usually keyed to releases unless there is a security issue, and the releases are generally debian unstable + a few months of stabilizing03:30
JiKeidanok... iptables... i've read the man pages, i need some clarification on some specifics...03:30
JiKeidanfirst off, conntrack...03:30
mdsilvayou'd do better letting everyone hear the question, then you'll get more answers03:30
JiKeidanwhat is it and how does it work with the packet types to be filtered?03:31
escottobert-, and "user" cannot sudo?03:31
obert-escott: do i have to reboot now?03:31
rootuser777how can i hide other users in taskbar ?03:32
mdsilvaJiKeidan, if you have two ethernet ports on your gateway, it can decide which ones to let pass and which ones to filter out03:32
escottJiKeidan, i believe conntrack is frequently used in NATs to enable dns_masq. the packet types are just the packet types.03:32
blawizescott, ok ok :)03:32
=== chris__0076 is now known as chris_0076
bbyaHas the nautilus-open-terminal crashing nautilus problem been solved?03:32
obert-escott: i think i have to reboot to test sudo myuser ?03:32
escottobert-, if you made changes then sure try to reboot03:33
mdsilvaJiKeidan, you specify rules for how it should filter, and you can make those rules work by packet type if you wish03:33
obert-escott: dunno. i'm just following your commands03:33
JiKeidanyes i understand that mdsilva... however, I am unsure specifying -m conntrack plays a role in packet filtration03:33
JiKeidanunsure how* specifying03:33
obert-escott: i'm in panic :P so i got fear to do anything03:33
escottobert-, well lets not say panic. it makes me thing the kernel is panicing which is different (and not happening here)03:34
escottobert-, the fastest thing is probably to just reboot like normal and see if you can sudo then03:35
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
rootuser777how can i hide users in taskbar?03:35
obert-escott: !!!!!!!! fixed!!!03:36
zykotick9obert-, if you are having issues with sudo (i haven't been following) - did you happen to change your computer name by chance?03:36
mdsilvaJiKeidan, conntrack starts a visual display of connections in real-time03:36
JiKeidani see no visual when used through iptables03:36
JiKeidanare you saying conntrack is it's own module?03:36
JiKeidani'm actually on that page now03:37
JiKeidani guess i'll download it and read the man pages on it03:37
escottJiKeidan, conntrack is a rather general set of tools to enable connection tracking which allows more complex rules than "just allow port 80 through"03:38
JiKeidanso i need to experiment around with conntrack and then work out how it applies to the iptables later03:38
mdsilvayes, it's a module to help make it easier to admin the connections as they are happening03:38
JiKeidanconnection tracking, escott?03:38
JiKeidansudo routes doesn't do this?03:39
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
mdsilvayou get to see who is connecting and to where03:39
JiKeidanor netstat -A ?03:39
obert-zykotick9: if i rebuilt the complete story correctly, i'd made something like chown www-data myuser in order to destroy it: i wasnt able to use sudo with that user. now thanks to escott  we made: launched my VM (vmWare) with Ubuntu 11, clicked very fast in the VM window, pressed CANC to enter Recovery Mode, launched a shell session as root, launched: mount -o remount,rw /  and then   usermod03:39
obert--a -G admin username   and reboot. it is fixed now.03:39
mdsilvaconntrack let's you pick individual connections to block, with a finer control03:40
obert-escott: so many thanks :) you saved my VM03:40
JiKeidanbut you couldn't do that with iptables -s XXX.XXX.xXX.XXX -j DROP?03:40
escottobert-, the chown command wouldn't have messed up your ability to sudo03:40
JiKeidanif all of that is the case, then why include it in with the iptables build?03:40
VustomHow to make grub be in 1680x1050 resolution?03:41
escottobert-, usually what people do when they break their ability to sudo is they use usermod to add themselves to a group but don't specify -a (append) and all the existing groups are wiped out03:41
dardevelinescott, su03:41
obert-escott: i'm sure i never used usermod, just chown03:41
escottobert-, if you did that your current user is unable to print, mount devices, share samba folders etc03:41
mdsilvaJiKeidan, because it depends on iptables and makes iptables more controllable03:41
obert-escott: i was trying to add /var/www/ writeable by my own user, that's it03:42
VustomHow can I keep the GNOME 3 dock on the desktop so I don't have to keep clicking Activities?03:42
escottJiKeidan, thats not very fine grained control. you have to know the ip before hand. think "drop connections from ips that make more than X connections a minute for Y minutes"03:43
obert-escott: i got   username is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.03:43
JiKeidanok... so how would i experiment with iptables module conntrack?03:43
obert-escott: when i tried to do sudo, now it has launch apt-get update correctly03:43
JiKeidani see...03:43
escottobert-, chown cannot cause this error. thats all im saying03:43
JiKeidanand escott... how might u add to a chain that function u just described?... drop ip after x connections via conntrack?03:43
obert-escott: i got it, but i really didnt made anything else strange03:43
xanguaVustom: you don't have to click, just drag que mouse to the top left corner03:43
escottJiKeidan, no idea, never used it.03:44
JiKeidanwell here's what i'm doing in the end...03:44
JiKeidani have an ubuntu gateway03:44
VustomI don't like doing that either, would prefer just to keep the dock on the desktop, is that possible?03:44
JiKeidanit is used because of the nice iptables build03:44
JiKeidani need to filter packets as they come into my server computer03:44
xanguaVustom: install a dock then03:44
qinobert-: There is bash_history in your home to see what happened, or /var/log/auth.log03:44
JiKeidanhowever, i need each packet to maintain it's source IP as it passes through the gateway03:44
JiKeidanthus far, any sort of packet forwarding i have achieved through the gateway computer to the server computer changes the source IP address to the gateway subnet before it gets to the server....03:45
escottJiKeidan, it dns_masquerade for a NAT03:45
JiKeidanthus every connection that is made to the server is made through the ip address instead of the client's03:45
mdsilvaJiKeidan, is your gateway setup for nat?03:46
JiKeidanhow is dns_masquerade for the nat table different than just -j MASQUERADE?03:46
JiKeidanit is03:46
JiKeidanthrough masquerading...03:46
escottJiKeidan, do you understand how dns_masquerade works?03:46
JiKeidanI don't think I do... i have read through the ip routes and iptables man a few times each, but i have still got so many holes in my logic about it all03:46
escottJiKeidan, its a longer explanation so pm me and i can take you through it03:47
TheExplorerQuestion... bit random...03:48
frustrocan anyone help me with a xbox360 wireless controller? I do have the usb wireless adapter.03:48
mdsilvaTheExplorer, yes?03:49
TheExplorerIf someone were so crazy enough, is there such a program that will manually index the internet, something the like what "a google" does...?03:49
mdsilvayou mean you want to run your own search engine?03:49
MadpilotTheExplorer, you know how huge Google's server farms are, right, to do what they do?03:49
TheExplorerI mean i want a search engine that is not dependent on.... someone elses server.03:50
TheExplorerYes, Yes, i know how big googles servers are.  as i said originally "if someone were so crazy"03:50
TheExplorerdoes it exist?03:50
mdsilvathere have been programs to do that, they haven't usually been free though. "northern light" has had search engine software for sale03:51
TheExplorerits strange to think few others have thought of this03:51
DebolazTheExplorer: Writing such software is fairly trivial. The reason most people don't use that they really don't have any utility without the enormous hardware resources of Google.03:51
TheExplorerGoogle is dependent on laws.03:52
obert-qin: escott: http://pastebin.com/fZ3uADEH03:52
TheExplorerand Marketing03:52
TheExplorerCertain things will be "censored"03:52
mdsilvaTheExplorer, that said, you basically need a huge amount of index database before a search engine is useful03:53
DebolazTheExplorer: Without enormous resources, those things won't even be indexed.03:53
TheExplorerAll i want to index is text.03:53
DebolazTheExplorer: Text is what we're talking about here.03:53
DebolazTheExplorer: I think you severely underestimate how large the Internet actually is. :-)03:53
TheExplorerNo, trust me. im not a fool. But i want a way to run searches based on patterns i set. For very specific ranges.03:54
mdsilvaTheExplorer, if you just want a mini search engoine to cover your over web site, that's doable, but a net-wide engine requires great resources03:54
DebolazTheExplorer: Trust me, you do underestimate the size of the internet.03:54
TheExplorerFor example: Rule = Keyword found -> note associations in dictionary to keyword -> recycle and specialize to site where (keyword) found then do associations of envorionment type.03:55
TheExplorerOk how about a program that will search a website03:56
TheExplorernot a google, a program.03:57
TheExplorerdoes that exist?03:57
mdsilvayour own? or someone elses?03:57
TheExplorerwell someone elses. Maybe its a forum without a search bar. Or a list of some kind... for whatever reason.03:57
mdsilvathere are spider-programs available, to get you the content03:58
stephniplease can i get help on burning knoppix iso in windows 7 i have downloaded the iso image is it supported here03:58
TheExplorerMaybe its a thousand hyperlink tree... and someones looking for a bootable linux kernel for an Px27a03:59
dr_willisstephni:  use a tool like imgburn. or ithers in windows.03:59
TheExplorer"Spider Program" is that what its called?03:59
TheExplorerthe "genre" of tools if you will03:59
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:59
pookyI'm trying to use thunderbird but am constantly given a "failed to create drawable"04:00
pookyany suggestions on why this happens?04:00
escottobert-, sounds like you need to usermod -a -G nopasswdlogin username04:00
mdsilvaTheExplorer, http://webcrawler.sourceforge.net/04:00
obert-escott: it was the first suspected lines i'd found in my history: there's a reboot and then an error (if i'm correct)04:01
escottobert-, it really really really sounds like you usermod -G without -a04:02
mdsilvaTheExplorer, there are other free sourceforge webcrawler projects out there04:02
Matt68965Hi how do I make root own an external drive?04:02
escottMatt68965, what kind of fs is on that drive04:02
goddardis this normal linux-headers-2.6.32-33{u} linux-headers-2.6.32-33-server{u}04:02
goddardwhats up with {u} ?04:02
Matt68965Matt68965 - ext304:03
Madpilotgoddard, at a guess, Ubuntu-specific tweaks to that particular kernel? Not actually sure, though.04:03
escottMatt68965, then chown like any normal fs04:03
Matt68965Matt68965 - am reading up on that now then04:04
chuy_maxhi, I'm getting busybox when trying to boot Ubuntu 11.10 installer from usb (installed with unetbootin). My notebook is a dell inspiron mini 1018.04:04
chuy_maxany ideas of what could be the issue'04:04
TheExplorer<mdsilva> Thankyou for the information.04:04
escott!ics > JiKeidan04:05
ubottuJiKeidan, please see my private message04:05
TheExplorerOne more question: I just discovered raid. And when reading on it, i discovered that "Raid0" will operate at 2x Data compasity of the smaller drive....04:06
escottTheExplorer, and twice the risk of losing everything04:06
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=== sharing_is_carin is now known as share
ivanBliminseanyone know why SAMBA GUi doesn't come up in ubuntu 11.10...a rgh04:07
TheExplorerAssuming that one drive is 2x the size of its sister, Is there a format that allows a pattern of "striping" based on calibration of write speeds in fractional "slicing" (yes thankyou escott, I use it only as execution, not backup.04:07
escottTheExplorer, if disks are different size use LVM and JBOD04:08
escottTheExplorer, i don't know if possible to stripe different sizes, but I doubt it. that would make configuration that much harder, and it much more likely to lose everything04:09
dr_willisivanBliminse:  what samba gui do you mean04:09
TheExplorerI am asking, is it not simple enough to dedicate 2 write oppurtunities to one drive and 1 to the other, if the speeds were so?04:10
escottTheExplorer, you could try to have two partitions on one disk and one on the slow disk and raid0 across three partitions, but you would be jumping from partition to partition on the first disks and the seeks would kill you04:12
TheExplorerescott, I did actually think of that on paper... And it would work perfectly if i knew a way to interlace the partitions in alternating write blocks.04:13
ivanBliminseanyone got samba working in 11.10...04:13
TheExplorerThe sequency would have to be drive 1-a drive 2/1-b 2/2-c > back to drive 104:13
escottTheExplorer, the reason this kind of stuff is not supported is that when the day comes you get hit by a bus, and the configuration on the disks is lost nobody will ever figure out how you set things up. so no sane sysadmin does this for a production system, and therefore nobody codes the options in to enable this on systems like yours04:14
=== richard is now known as Guest3696
TheExplorerWell that wasnt nice.04:15
lucid_intervalTheExplorer: I think you can achieve this kind of flexibility by doing striping on top of LMV (stripe across PVs or physical volumes).04:15
escottTheExplorer, its not meant to be mean. just telling you i doubt you will find and easy way to do this04:16
lucid_intervalTheExplorer: that was LVM and not LMV04:16
TheExplorerBut is there such thing as interlaced partitions?04:16
samuelhello guys04:16
TheExplorerlike umm. an ntfs, and ext... alternating tracks on a drive.04:17
samuelanyone know how to check key codes from the terminal?04:17
ivanBliminseI'm shocked that something as simple as samba does not work.. installs perfectly.. I go to run it, it asks for a password.. then nothing04:17
escottTheExplorer, you could set LVMs block size to be small, but you can't guarantee the interlacing04:17
samuelspecifically: how do i map the stamina/speed switch in a vaio to execute some script I have04:18
KamikazeAndyI'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 alongside Windows. I'm at the page where I select the partition and it wants me to allocate drive space between files and ubuntu. Why is it doing this? Can I not just have 1 partition aside from swap?04:18
xubunturobIs something wrong with minitube?04:18
lucid_intervalTheExplorer: that is extremely unlikely because it tightly links knowledge of the filesystem (or which filesystem / partition) to the lower level block-level striping04:18
escottKamikazeAndy, you can have just a / partition if thats all you want04:18
TheExplorerescott, if i set the block small, theres still the question of how much data, per physical space exists on a drive that spins at X speed. If the system is willing to stripe the data to annother drive, then you have 3x which is 1/3 each. if you04:19
KamikazeAndyescott, it isn't allowing me that option.04:19
dr_willisivanBliminse:  you should clarify to the channel exactly what you are doing.04:20
TheExploreroh..., nvm... ill stop being a bother.04:20
TheExplorerthanks for the assist04:20
escottTheExplorer, you can try stuff like this, the thing is it exponentially increases the number of config options, and thats generally considered "bad" on a production system, so its not going to be easy, and it may not work the way you want, because nobody has tested it04:21
xubunturobAnyone else having trouble with Minitube?????04:21
VustomHow to re-arrange the placement of things on the GNOME 3 toolbar?04:21
escott!paste | KamikazeAndy paste a screenshot please04:21
ubottuKamikazeAndy paste a screenshot please: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:21
ivanBliminsedr_willis, I am trying to install samba and access a windows 7 workgroup .. i type sudo apt-get install samba samba-common system-config-samba... i type symba in unity, the app icon comes up, i click it , it asks for password, dialog goes away, nothing else happens.04:21
VustomLike the sound icon, network icon etc04:21
escottVustom, you cant04:21
VustomWhat about things that I've installed?04:22
robin0800Vustom, gnome-shell?04:22
escottVustom, the shell is not meant to be highly customizable04:22
lyraei downloaded jre via oracle's website. anyone know how to start installation after i extracted the files?04:22
Vustomit looks stupid how I have it now..04:23
escottVustom, if you want to install shell extensions you can, but thats the main way to customize04:23
VustomI have a ram meter and it's in the middle of all the right icons04:23
th3pun15h3rhey got a question, my youtube videos and gamespot videos play just fine but when I go to play ones from IGN they dont, I got the adobe flash plugin and the restricted codec one anything else I could do?04:23
MadpilotVustom, congratulations, you've just discovered one of the greatest weaknesses of Unity, that if you dislike the defaults, you're out of luck...04:24
VustomI'm using GNOME 3 though D:04:24
th3pun15h3rthere should be a way to get rid of unity04:24
VustomThat's not Unity.. is it04:24
ivanBliminsemadpiolot, I think he is using gnome 304:25
IbyssWho here thinks a Ubuntu Unity File manager would be a good idea? (Done in such a revolutionary way, like how google chrome did. Then we can have something like Opera's speed dial or something like that).04:25
ivanBliminseUnity is basically a big theme on top of ghome 304:25
dr_willisivanBliminse: the nautilus filemanager does nit need samba package installed to access windows machines.  and i ve no idea what that samba binary is to be doing. since samba is a service04:25
escottVustom, both unity and gnome3 follow the same basic principles. customization is bad, user experience should be consistent04:25
TheExplorerescott, come now. dont be so negative. I dont do most of what i tinker with, to be "more productive" I do it to fail, and learn why its not!04:25
TheExploreraaand because i can.04:25
VustomI hope 12.04 is epic :c04:25
dr_willisivanBliminse: umity us a shell on top if gnome304:25
TheExplorerthats why my droid milestone runs ubuntu.04:25
IbyssThen do away with the Dash icon in launcher tray.04:25
Vustom2 questions04:25
ivanBliminsedr_willis, I know04:26
VustomHow can I make it so the GRUB is 1680x1050?04:26
escottVustom, /etc/default/grub04:26
Vustomit keeps staying at 1600x1200 :@04:26
th3pun15h3rdude unity and all of linux is what makes linux great!04:26
KamikazeAndyescott: imagebin.org/18098404:26
dr_willisVustom: check /etc/defaults/grub04:26
th3pun15h3rpeople can customize the UI how they want or use unity or not.04:26
th3pun15h3rI personally like unity and ubuntu compare to other distros04:27
yuin ubuntu 11.10 how can I go back to classic view04:27
VustomBut it's not 1680x1050 though D:04:27
yuin 11.04 there was an options item04:27
escottKamikazeAndy, use the advanced partitioning tool04:27
yuand there you could choose04:28
zykotick9!notunity | yu04:28
ubottuyu: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:28
VustomWould this work? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ro quiet splash vga=0x0369"04:28
KamikazeAndyEscott: ok, I'll try it again. Last time it froze up on "configuring target system"04:28
zykotick9Vustom, vga= lines are deprecated04:29
th3pun15h3rwell just answered my own question its something with firefox chromium plays my ign videos just fine...lame04:29
dr_willisi always set my gryb for lowres rext only ;)04:29
escottVustom, and thats a line for the linux kernel, not the grub menu04:29
VustomCan someone help me do this?04:30
VustomI'm somewhat new to this; and it confuses me :c04:30
yuthat-s a lot of things04:30
TheExplorerThe new Gnome confuses me too04:31
TheExplorerI cant find anything04:31
th3pun15h3rnew here to Vustom04:31
galmoHey folks, I'm in ubuntu 11.04 and looking to find a decent windows emulator that runs well on a slower machine04:31
TheExplorerSo i went to KDE04:31
escottTheExplorer, go ahead and try the lvm/raid config if you want. i think we04:31
escottTheExplorer, 've told you everything we know about how you might do it04:32
galmohowever i don't want something like, vmware or virtualbox that creates a whole thing, and the main program I want to run crashes in wine all the time04:32
th3pun15h3rhehe im metro sexual when it comes to picking my OS I love UBUNTU because of the UI look and color scheme lol04:32
Vustom"Try the vga= method, with whatever value you need"04:32
gulzarHow to install awn lucido in 11.10? Getting "unable to locate package". Tried ppa but no result.04:32
VustomWhat does he mean by that?04:32
galmoi've been looking a while now and haven't come across anything that really impressed me04:32
escottgalmo, there isn't much between wine and a VM04:32
th3pun15h3rthey have me with the halloween orange and black color04:32
pnormanI like Ubuntu's default GUI. I run Ubuntu Server.04:33
galmoi'm just saying i don't want a whole virtual desktop because this computer is fairly old and slow and i have enough performance issues as it is04:33
th3pun15h3rsame here pnorman04:33
KamikazeAndygalmo, what program are you wanting to run?04:33
escottVustom, they are modelines for the kernel, and as indicated they are deprecated (so they won't be supported in the future), you can probably find a listing of the modelines currently supported in the kernel documentation04:33
galmopokerstars mainly04:33
th3pun15h3rgalmo I would us Lubuntu or Linux mint LXDE or Puppy Linux or DSL04:33
TheExplorerescott if you know any links that would explain the way the "LVM" + "RAIDx" works, that would be most helpful04:33
th3pun15h3rtry Lubuntu first since its based off the Ubuntu distro04:34
galmoyeah i'm looking for something similar to wine that's light and doesn't require allocating ram and resources like a virtual machine does04:34
th3pun15h3rLinux mint is nice cause it has all the plugins and codecs preinstalled04:34
escottTheExplorer, look at the LVM documentation, and then look at the mdadm documentation. i'm not sure what else i can tell you about them04:34
brunodbohey everyone - if I want to compile from source, can I use the same source to compile for 32bit and on 64bit? or does that depend on the source in question?04:34
escottgalmo, and that thing would be wine04:34
th3pun15h3rplayonlinux but that incorporates wine04:35
VustomWhat vga= would 1680x1050-24 be?04:35
th3pun15h3ranything else you have to pay for it04:35
gulzargalmo : wine has no alternative.04:35
escottgalmo, there are some commercial variants of wine, like crossover and playonlinux that you have to pay for but are tested with some more applications04:35
galmoright, i understand and have been using wine, it crashes constantly which is why I was hoping there was something else04:35
gulzargalmo: virtualization with qemu or Virtualbox is possible but with old hardware wine is the solution .04:36
escottbrunodbo, depends, a well updated project these days should be able to compile for either without trouble04:36
gulzargalmo: if wine is not working then no luck... YOu have to wait for your app supprot in wine04:36
th3pun15h3rany of you guys used super gamer edition linux before ?04:36
galmohmm... well it's something to look into anyways, and i'm checking out that lubuntu right now, yeah wine usually works great for what i need04:36
th3pun15h3rits a live dual layered dvd04:36
brunodboescott: cool, thanks04:36
gulzarth3pun15h3r: I used linux games DVD04:37
KamikazeAndyGalmo, what version of wine? I've had some things run in on particular version, but crash in others04:37
gulzarHow to install awn lucido in 11.10? Getting "unable to locate package". Tried ppa but no result.04:37
th3pun15h3rnice gulzar04:37
galmolooks like lubuntu would require a whole reinstall, nuts to that, i'm running umm...  1.3.3104:37
VustomWould changing set gfxmode=${GRUB_GFXMODE} to set gfxmode=1680x1050 or set gfxmode=1680x1050-24 work?04:37
th3pun15h3rya you could try xubuntu04:38
gulzargalmo: go to wine HQ and see if any disktro support your app . Different distro have different (slight) performance with wine.04:38
th3pun15h3rit just changes ubuntu to xfce ui04:38
gulzarth3pun15h3r: Why you asked that?04:38
galmoxubuntu wouldn't require a whole reinstall then eh, i'm not looking to do that, i mean the machine runs fine with 11.04 and KDE it's just not good enough to be able to take 256 megs of ram away to allocate to a windows virtual machine04:39
gulzargalmo: try Debian LXDE . IT takes only 112MB on my machine with gnome apps04:39
gulzargalmo: with it you can easily run VB04:40
galmothe whole thing is I don't want to do a whole reinstall04:40
galmoi finally have this machine looking and acting *mostly* like I want it too04:40
gulzargalmo : then install LXDE on ubuntu and use it.... though it takes around  190MB ..04:41
galmoprobably a lot less than kde does i'm sure04:41
gulzargalmo: ya very less04:41
gulzargalmo: try to use names to address a user04:41
=== Laibeus_Lord is now known as Laibcoms
galmogulzar, yep no problem04:42
gulzargalmo: it is very confusing with lots of talks here04:42
gulzargalmo: :)04:42
galmogulzar, yeah i was kind of noticing that, no problem04:42
gulzarHow to install awn lucido in 11.10? Getting "unable to locate package". Tried ppa but no result.04:42
VVhello g33ks04:43
jakeshappy new year to all...............04:44
galmouhh is the LXDE.org website down for anyone else04:44
VVi am problems with installing backtrack5 on ubuntu 11.1004:44
Amdpcjakes : Happy Diwali !04:44
jakesthanx yaar..........same 2 u04:44
dr_willisvv backtrack us a linux distro last i looked..04:45
bobweavergalmo:  yup04:45
jakesgueys help to install backtrack 5 on ubuntu04:45
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
bobweaverjakes:  repos ?04:45
galmobobweaver, wonderful, well at least it's not just me, thanks04:45
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest17149
bobweavergalmo: I tryed to proxy and tor it nota04:46
Thelmariajakes: Isn't backtrack a distribution, not an applciation?04:46
agronholmhi -- is anybody else experiencing a problem where dragging windows around gets slower over time?04:46
galmobobweaver, well i'll have to find another way to go about installing it then04:47
bobweaverI am sure that sudo apt-get install lxde-desktop might help04:47
Matt68965Hi , I am having real trouble changing the ownship of an external drive & contents. I've read the ubuntu FilePermissions page, done some stuff but it's still not working. Can someone help?04:47
galmoyeah i just figured that out, kinda makes sense04:48
anthony_tI want to use SCP to get a file... but I don't have a direct connection to the file host. Anybody know a one-liner to proxy scp through another box? (Me -> Proxy -> FileHost)04:48
dr_willisMatt68965: what fs uthe hd usings04:48
agronholmah nevermind, my problem is a known problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/76433004:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 764330 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Move window annoying slow with compiz" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:48
dr_willisMatt68965:  and you want to do what exactly?04:48
VVanyone with a vid on how to install bt5 tools on ubuntu 11.1004:48
Matt68965I want root to have read/write on it and no one else04:49
dr_willisvv go adk in bt channel or forums. i suggest.04:49
Thelmariaanthony_t: ssh -f -l <user> -N -L9999:filehost:22 proxy ; scp -p 9999 -l <user> blah blah. Maybe.04:49
bobweaverjakes: echo # deb http://all.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing # deb http://64.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing  # deb http://source.repository.backtrack-linux.org revolution main microverse non-free testing /etc/apt/sources.list04:49
VVwillis thanx04:49
dr_willisMatt68965:  chown everything tobe owned by root04:50
dr_willissudo chown -r /media/mountpoint root:root     i think......04:51
galmowell lxde is installed apparently, gonna give it a whirl, thanks fellas, wish me luck04:51
semitoneshave fun04:51
dr_willisand make sure files are not m0de 77704:51
dr_willisverify with ls -l   the permissions04:52
gulzarHow to install awn lucido in 11.10? Getting "unable to locate package". Tried ppa but no result.04:52
bobweavergulzar:  source ??04:53
bobweaverdnag bot get you act togeather :>)04:53
dr_willisgulzar: what pavkage?04:53
gulzarbobweaver: http://askubuntu.com/questions/42816/how-can-i-install-awn-trunk04:54
gulzardr_willis: it is awn but lucido style is available with ppa04:54
Matt68965in channel.04:54
gulzardr_willis: so have to install it like that.04:55
anthony_tThelmaria: I think I love you. Thank you so much.04:55
Thelmariaanthony_t: No problems :)04:55
gulzarbobweaver: I am getting same problem as shown in that link04:55
bobweavergulzar: https://launchpad.net/awn04:55
bobweaveryou can svn with bzr ? I dont know04:56
bobweaversure you can04:56
gulzarbobweaver: svn with bzr...???04:57
bobweavergulzar:  that is package you are talking about ?04:57
bobweavergulzar:  that is package ???04:57
goddardi can find literally no reference to linux-headers-2.6.32-33-server{u}04:57
goddardwhat is the {u}?04:57
gulzarbobweaver: its opening... net is little slow04:58
coupleis there a chat room that allows voice and chat /04:59
gulzarbobweaver: still not opening... pfffff04:59
TheExplorerso a normal question, something ive been looking for a while. If i install Ubuntu-desktop, then go for KDE (thinking i can just get in a diff session) But I get all the menus for Gnome(something) right next to KDE(something)04:59
* gulzar grrrrrrrr04:59
Matt68965going to bed. thanks all04:59
bobweavercouple: sometimes I see some things on usteam and once on jtv but far and few between05:00
ubottuThe Ubuntu Classroom is a project which aims to tutor users about Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu through biweekly sessions in #ubuntu-classroom - For more information visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom05:01
gulzarbobweaver: No its not. The one i am talking abbout is trunk (series and milestone) with lucido05:01
bobweaveroff to google again05:01
gulzarbobweaver: http://www.google.co.in/#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=awn+trunk&pbx=1&oq=awn+trunk&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=428128l430476l0l430798l9l7l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=8e1e2630060d24be&biw=1280&bih=90605:02
gulzarbobweaver: https://launchpad.net/~awn-testing/+archive/ppa05:02
bobweaverumm I just added repo05:03
i_is_brokewhat do i have to install to get gnome without unity?05:03
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome05:04
gulzarbobweaver:  here are the screenshots http://www.webupd8.org/2010/06/awn-lucido-gets-its-own-ppa.html05:04
bobweavergulzar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/720380/05:04
gulzari_is_broke: want gnome3? or gnome2?05:04
i_is_brokebobweaver, was that for me?05:04
i_is_brokegulzar the newest. 11.005:04
EquilibriumI'm unable to set Minimize animation in ccsm in ubuntu 11.04 ?05:04
MeganLWoulffeany idea why 11.10 says my battery doesn't exist?05:05
i_is_brokeoops 11.10 my bad typo05:05
gulzari_is_broke: then simply install gnome shell from softare center05:05
i_is_brokethank you05:05
starncan anyone help me with Unreal Tournament 2004 and with my mouse?? it keeps centering to the left hand side everytime i try to move it and i am unable to play....05:05
bobweavergulzar:  add-apt-repository ppa:awn-testing/ppa && sudo apt-get update    <any errors ?05:05
gulzarbobweaver: that much is done. But how to get the package now? That part is giving error05:06
bobweavergulzar: try sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-trunk avant-window-navigator-data-trunk python-awn-trunk awn-settings-trunk awn-applets-python-core-trunk python-awn-extras-trunk awn-applets-python-extras-trunk awn-applets-c-core-trunk awn-applets-c-extras-trunk05:06
gulzarbobweaver: yes tried that code and the errors are there .... doing pastebin05:07
jakescan anyone help me to install matrix theme in ubuntu....05:07
gulzarbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/720382/05:07
bobweaverjakes:  lol 1st backtrack then matrix Oo05:07
jakesplz help bobweaver...05:07
Equilibriumcan anyone help me to set minimize animation in ccsm. I'm running ubuntu 11.04.05:08
jakescan anyone help me to install matrix theme in ubuntu....05:08
bobweavergulzar: looks like python error dang 5.1205:08
gulzarEquilibrium: what do you want?05:08
jakesi have ubuntu 10.0405:08
bobweaverjakes: have you googled it ?05:08
gulzarbobweaver: means?05:08
bobweavermean that apt cant handel it05:09
jakesyes but i acnt find it05:09
bobweaveri think05:09
gulzarbobweaver: so how to do it then?05:09
bobweaverjakes: what do you mean matix theme05:09
gulzarbobweaver: any other way?05:09
bobweavergulzar: have to find the source package05:09
Equilibriumgulzar: i'm trying to set minimize animation in ccsm. But it is'n working. Open and close animations are working05:09
jakesplz tell me the link05:09
bobweaverI think05:09
jakesmatrix is one type of just theme05:10
gulzarEquilibrium: try to change the time setting for minimize. Which effect you want?05:10
bobweaverjakes: http://ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/?content=13408105:10
bobweavernot at you jakes05:10
bobweaverat me05:10
starncan anyone help me with Unreal Tournament 2004 and with my mouse?? it keeps centering to the left hand side everytime i try to move it and i am unable to play.05:11
Equilibriumgulzar it is'n taking the effect at all. i click on new and then set all the settings and when i click on close. It is'n taking it.05:11
HomeBrandi have recently install 11.10, I realised I need to downgrade openssl to 0.9, how would I do that?05:11
bobweaverjakes:  others ? http://gnome-look.org/content/search.php05:12
gulzarEquilibrium: try the on with geany (something similar) effect and see if it works? On which machine are you?05:12
MeganLWoulffeany idea why 11.10 says my battery doesn't exist?05:12
sskniranjanwhats thecommand to recievethe memo through irc05:12
MeganLWoulffeor any linux for that matter?05:12
Equilibriumgulzar: ubuntu 11.0405:12
=== tnm is now known as kubanc
gulzarEquilibrium: with 11.04 no problem. Try to change the effect and its timing . Try different effects. And do one refresh or logout05:13
gulzarEquilibrium: if still not working then there is some big issue. but it should not be there05:14
sskniranjanwhats the command torecieve memo through irc05:16
Um_cara_qualquerexcuse me, I`m trying to install ubuntu 11.10, and this appears in the middle of the installation http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/screenshotat20111027051.png/05:17
bobweavergulzar: http://wiki.awn-project.org/InstallingFromSource05:17
bobweaveruse bazzar05:17
bobweaveror bzr05:17
gulzarbobweaver: Thank You.05:17
=== mike is now known as Guest46028
imanwhould you please some one help me? I installed network-manager-pptp in my labtop after it my network manager icon in upper right corner (next to time)  has been removed then I can't connect to internet in that machine , how can I fix it again?05:17
bobweavernp good luck05:17
gulzarbobweaver: it seems like you are in great demand today.....05:18
Equilibriumgulzar: http://dev.collabshot.com/show/64c902/05:18
gulzarEquilibrium: looking at it...05:18
bobweaveriman:  right click and add it05:18
Equilibriumgulzar: After i select new and set all the settings it still remains blank. it is'n taking the effect at all.05:18
qrwteyrutiyoupUm_cara_qualquer, the error message says it's either the install media (cd/dvd) or your hard drive. have you tried another media?05:19
gulzarEquilibrium: is there any preconfigured effect?05:19
gulzarEquilibrium: usually there are05:19
Um_cara_qualquerqrwteyrutiyoup, i didn`t... but I need to install in that media =/05:20
gulzarEquilibrium: OK so no preconfigured effect... ummm try #compiz you will find help there05:20
gulzarEquilibrium: very strange05:21
bobweaveriman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148379305:21
Equilibriumgulzar: thanks for your help05:21
anthony_tThelmaria: one more question, if you happen to know the answer: how do I get the PID of the "ssh -l" command that goes into the background? the usual variable $! isn't populated :(05:21
gulzarEquilibrium: I was unable to help....05:22
* gulzar sad05:22
Thelmariaanthony_t: ps aux | grep "ssh -l" doesn't show it?05:22
Equilibriumgulzar: but you were kind enough to have a look at it. that was nice of you05:22
anthony_tThelmaria: It does, but I want to automate it in the cleanest way possible. I can ps aux | grep | awk if i have to, but I'd rather just get the PID directly05:23
gulzarEquilibrium: :)05:23
starncan anyone help me with my mouse and unreal tournament 2004?? it keeps centering on the center left everytime i try to move it and does same thing while in game and not just in the menu.. how do i fix it?05:23
* gulzar Happy05:23
MeganLWoulffeCan I get someone to PM me about a battery issue in Ubuntu 11.1005:23
Thelmariaanthony_t: You can avoid sending it to the background - that's one way which is easy. I have a script somewhere to kill the process once i've finished using it, but I can't rmember what host it's on, if you want me to look.05:23
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: what does dmesg have to say05:24
gulzarEquilibrium: try default irc for apps . like for compiz #compiz for qwn #awn and so on. There you can find expert help.05:24
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: What specifically am I looking for, cause that's a crapload of info\05:24
Thelmariaanthony_t: But I'm not sure how to get the pid directly, sans ps | grep, sorry.05:25
bobweaverdmesg show all things that the kernel sees on boot so you are looking to see if it is there if there is any errors or not05:25
bobweaverthat would be the 1st place that I look MeganLWoulffe05:26
anthony_tThelmaria: no worries. Just wondered if you had anything on the top of your head. I'll let you know if I find an elegant solution.05:26
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: try dmesg|less   then hit /battery    then enter05:26
StuckMojook, so i hate the new gtk theme in oneiric. how do i get more or get the old ones?05:28
StuckMojois there a wiki page about it?05:28
galmowell LXDE is so far so good, got a lot to play around with before i decide if I really likes it or not05:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:29
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: ACPI: Deprecated procfs I/F for battery is loaded, please retry with CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER clear and ACPI: Battery Slot [BAT1] (battery absent)05:29
StuckMojobobweaver: thanks!05:29
StuckMojobtw, i don't use unity or gnome. i run openbox05:29
StuckMojobut the font in the radiance and other theme is just way to big05:30
StuckMojoall my menus are huge now05:30
StuckMojolike the font used in the tab header in firefox, etc05:30
anthony_tThelmaria: Got it. $! only gets populated when you invoke the command with &, so ssh -f -l staging -N -L $port:$filehost:22 $proxyhost & TUNNELPID=$!05:30
=== cantonic_ is now known as cantonic
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: http://techinterplay.com/fix-toshiba-battery-issue-linux.html05:31
StuckMojosomething else wierd...05:31
imanbobweaver: I installed network-msnsger-gnome, but in add panel, I don't have network manager icon05:31
StuckMojoeven though all my gnome-terminal profiles say "don't show menu bar in new terminals" it's showing05:31
MeganLWoulffegreat...and I have no idea how to compile a kernel...05:31
StuckMojothey open with it, then it pops in. very irritating ;)05:31
StuckMojoanyone else notice that?05:32
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe:  uname -a05:32
bobweaverlets see it please05:32
MeganLWoulffeone moment05:32
StuckMojovery odd too because when you pull down the menu to get rid of it, it's not checked. you have to check it then uncheck it to get rid of the menubar05:32
bobweaverStuckMojo:  this is open box or gnome 2 ?05:33
StuckMojoi'm sure i'll be able to work all this out, as i only just finished the upgrade05:33
=== tum is now known as Guest23863
StuckMojobobweaver: it's in gnome-terminal in openbox05:33
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: love the nick dude. Blast from the past05:33
StuckMojoActionParsnip: ;)05:33
StuckMojoi've been using it for like...15 years05:33
StuckMojosince around the release of the original half-life05:34
Thelmariaanthony_t: Oh, neat. If you're sending it to background iwth &, using -f is unnecessary. Thanks for that, that's really quite neat.05:34
StuckMojobobweaver: didn't natty have unity as well?05:34
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: nice. Does xterm do the same?05:34
StuckMojoit's more like my gtk2 themes are now gone05:34
StuckMojoi upgraded from natty05:34
StuckMojoActionParsnip: xterm doesn't have a menubar05:35
imanbobweaver: actually I don't hhave network manager icon in notification area to be added05:35
StuckMojoeterm does05:35
bobweaveriman: O_o05:35
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: if you use terminal a lot, I ca05:35
StuckMojoi suppose i could switch to aterm or eterm05:35
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: Linux [computername] 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2001 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:35
StuckMojoActionParsnip: i pretty much only use terminals and a browser05:35
StuckMojoand thunderbird05:35
ActionParsnipCan recommend installing guake05:35
bobweaverActionParsnip: +105:36
StuckMojohmm...i wonder how guake would like openbox05:36
StuckMojohmm..does gnome3 still use gtk?05:37
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: or tilda, they are consoles that drop down like the one in half life if you added the switch -console in halflife ;-)05:37
bobweavertermanator and yakuake. also rock05:37
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: did you get my uname -a?05:38
imanbobweaver: I found the problem, the netapplet package has been misied, I re-install it again, thanks btw05:38
StuckMojobasically i just want something like xterm, but with transparency05:38
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: yakuake is the kde equivalent05:38
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: sure, guake can be transparent05:38
ActionParsnipUses xterm as backend too :-)05:39
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: yes I did and am a little suprised tthat it has not been updated with that kerenel05:39
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: me too to be honest. I'm a linux noobie, but it seems every distro I try has the same issue05:39
bobweaverthat is no good MeganLWoulffe05:40
StuckMojohmmm...guake is ok, but i need lots of terminals open at once next to eachother05:40
StuckMojoi'm a coder05:40
bobweavertermanator then it is05:40
zabiyakaРусские есть?05:40
bobweaverStuckMojo: ^^05:40
StuckMojoyeah that sounds neat05:40
StuckMojoor i can just fix the menubar issue with gnome-terminal ;)05:41
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: open a new tab then. You can even name the tabs in guake05:41
sskniranjanwhat is the command to retrieve the message send to us in irc05:41
bobweaverActionParsnip: true good old shift+alt+t    I think05:41
StuckMojoActionParsnip: it's cool, but fits better with normal gnome05:41
ActionParsnipOr right click menu05:42
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: would it help if I mentioned that my screen brightness never sticks on reboot? always goes to half brightness05:42
StuckMojook thanks for the suggestions gents05:43
StuckMojoi'll figure it out tomorrow after work05:43
StuckMojotime for zZzZz05:43
StuckMojoi think i'll try the straight gnome 305:43
ActionParsnipStuckMojo: i don't know much of gnome terminal but if i don't know a solution I like to give workarounds. Your choice though dude :-)05:43
StuckMojoActionParsnip: guake is definitely cool05:43
StuckMojoespecially for normal gnome/unity05:44
=== barna is now known as bipul
AtharvaHi...When I shut down My computer after running it for 2-3 hrs,its doesnot shutdown ie it hangs in the UBuntu Log off (with 5 dots) screen..And I think the hard disk also shutdown Any ideas ?05:45
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe:  it really looks like DSDT  file is umm.....05:46
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/state05:46
bobweaver 05:46
ActionParsnipAtharva: does: sudo shutdown -h now     work?05:46
bobweaverlooks like it did work05:47
bobweaversorry wrong channel05:47
* bobweaver ducks05:47
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: that's another thing, I don't have BAT0, only BAT1 and it says present: no05:48
bobweavernot good not good ay all05:48
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: at least there is solution05:48
AtharvaActionparsnip : Not tried yet...will it work..And i am one the same machine and the system uptime is hardly 5 min.So I have to try it after 2 hrs  :)05:49
=== Mud is now known as Guest56125
MeganLWoulffebobweaver Oh? And what might that be?05:49
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: http://techinterplay.com/fix-toshiba-battery-issue-linux.html05:49
MeganLWoulffegreat, so I get to learn how to compile a kernel...05:49
vadi2Wasn't Wunderlist a possible app to purchase for $0? I don't see it in the list anymore.05:50
bobweaverit si not that hard MeganLWoulffe justs sounds like it05:50
AtharvaActionParsnip  ^ ^ ^ :)05:50
MeganLWoulffebobweaver: I wouldn't even know where to start.05:50
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe:  well there is a link :>)05:50
olvishola  una pregunta por que no puedo actualizar mi linux05:51
bobweaver!es | olvis05:51
ubottuolvis: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:51
bobweaverI think05:51
MeganLWoulffeyeah I know. thanks. I'll see what I can do with it and be back if it doesn't work05:51
olvismuchas gracias disculpe la molestia05:51
bobweaverMeganLWoulffe: cool good luck :>)05:52
S4mm1chhey, i recently installed 11.10 but after installation i stall at a black screen with a flashing cursor05:52
bobweaverYou got this05:52
S4mm1chdoes anyone know what the cause of this might be?05:52
bobweaveryou own this #$%^&*05:52
MeganLWoulffegood bye for now!05:53
bobweaverS4mm1ch:  not sure that i can help but does it go past that point and boot ?05:54
S4mm1chsome reports that ive read up on say it might have to do with a nvidia driver issue. windows 7 was also installed on this machine and ive read other reports that were similar involving this. ive tried everything that was suggested to no avail. if anyone could possibly assist, it would be greatly appreciated05:54
S4mm1chno,  i dont even see the grub menu anymore05:55
olvissorry  im new  here  , can some  want  help ,  the  linux  updater said me ,  "  u  cant   get more updates "  it my first day  in linux  help me please05:55
S4mm1chi am wondering if i possibly deleted something i shouldnt have when i installed overtop of windows 705:55
olvisyes  im !05:55
S4mm1chlike possibly deleted the mbr or something05:55
bobweaverolvis:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  > es terminal05:55
olvisok sorry  it no  with me XD05:55
urlin2uS4mm1ch, if you just have ubuntu you wont see the grub menu without a key prompt05:56
olvisthanks  very  much    go  to  try05:56
S4mm1chah, it is possible my ubuntu disc was a bad burn and didnt install sucessfully?05:56
bobweaverS4mm1ch: not sure I just killed two of my servers installing ubuntu 11.10 server same thing that you are saying05:56
S4mm1ch:-\ is there anyway to get me running back off of the HDD instead of livecd05:57
bobweaverinstall went great then after I close tray and press enter I never got vga to work again05:57
S4mm1chshould i install 10.04 again05:57
S4mm1chsame thing that happened to me bob :(05:57
olvisthe  terminal said me 404 not found  in the  updates :C  ,   i dont know  to do :C05:57
S4mm1chive been pulling my hair out the past week trying to get it working in my free time05:57
sskniranjani wanna download htdp book. what is the command we have to enter in terminal05:58
S4mm1chgetting tired of rebooting and trying different things cause it takes so long to get this livecd up and running05:58
bobweaverolvis: are youo connected to the net ?05:58
bobweaversskniranjan: wget ?05:58
olvisfor  wlan , why ?05:58
olvisneed  i  the  net ?05:58
olvisbecause   i can !05:58
bobweaverI know your pain S4mm1ch I could not belive it05:59
S4mm1chbob - what kinda video u got on ur servers?05:59
olvissorry  for  my  english !05:59
bobweaverolvis: it is ok05:59
olvisin the  ubuntu spanish  everybody  is sleeping !05:59
sskniranjanhow. please  give me the full command. as i don't kno05:59
S4mm1chi actually had a very similar problem when going from 9.10 to 10.04. however i was able to get it working but dont remember exactly wat the cause or fix was.06:00
IcemanV9sskniranjan: wget <full url> e.g. wget http://mirror.anl.gov/something.pdf06:00
olvisthe  terminal  writte  this  Impossible get http://us.archive.trisquel.info/trisquel/pool/main/y/yelp/yelp_2.28.0-0ubuntu2.9.10.1trisquel1_i386.deb  404  Not Found06:00
sjuxaxHello. I have this when attempting to run slapd: config error processing olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config:  slapd stopped.06:00
olvisand   other  url06:00
bobweaverS4mm1ch:  00:-e.0 VGA compatible controler: ATI technoligys Inc Rage XL [1002:4752 ](rev 27 ) <-- base but I tried a bunch I have a box of about 15 of them06:00
tomojsuddenly I get "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!" for packages including build-essential and libssl-dev06:00
tomojwhat could explain that?06:00
urlin2usskniranjan, htdp book  from where?06:00
sskniranjanicemaV9 by this can i get htdp book downloaded06:01
IcemanV9sskniranjan: yes06:01
bobweaverolvis: you need the net to connect to ubnuntu database or there repostiorys06:01
S4mm1chbob - if i installed reinstalled 10.04 u think itll work??06:01
bobweavernot sure06:02
bobweaverI cant even get mine to bios06:02
S4mm1chwill it boot from cd?06:02
bobweavereven put ohm meter to vga and it is getting power I want to pull hair out06:02
bobweaverNo nothing06:02
S4mm1chwhat OS did u have on it before06:03
SatanaaOk someone has to help me now.. im going crazy and cba to run ubuntu anymore if not, cuz this is just too much.. My screen dims all the way down, or just doesnt turn back on after this machine has been idle/screensaver..06:03
sskniranjanicemanV9 it is saying not found06:03
bobweaverI mean I have 8 of them so ...06:03
bobweavernot a huge loss06:03
S4mm1chas much as i love ubuntu its such a pain sometimes >:(06:04
IcemanV9sskniranjan: must be wrong url06:04
bobweaverbut I am not trying on 3rd no matter how much I want too :>)06:04
Satanaawell this has been since the update06:04
Satanaai cant live with this06:04
S4mm1chi think i accidently deleted the partition on my hdd that had my windows 7 installation or else id be runnin that06:04
sskniranjanplz provide me the correct command to be pasted in the terminal. i don't know all these thing06:05
bobweaverS4mm1ch: sudo fdisk -l06:05
bobweaverdo you see it ?06:05
bobweaverS4mm1ch: ^^06:05
IcemanV9sskniranjan: i already gave you the example. wget <the full url path>06:06
S4mm1ch  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System06:06
S4mm1ch/dev/sdb1            2048   972582911   486290432   83  Linux06:06
S4mm1ch/dev/sdb2       972584958   976771071     2093057    5  Extended06:06
S4mm1ch/dev/sdb5       972584960   976771071     2093056   82  Linux swap / Solaris06:06
FloodBot1S4mm1ch: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:07
S4mm1chthats all i see06:07
bobweaverOh no06:07
S4mm1chdoesnt look like it06:07
xgt001in ubuntu while compiling kernel... how do i create the custom header files?06:08
sskniranjanicemanV9 if i wanna downloab the whole book then. by this command i was just able to download the pages by pages06:08
bobweaverS4mm1ch: some one told me today if you play a windows install disk backword you can hear satan worship music even worse you play it forward and you install windoz :>)06:08
sskniranjanor whole website insted06:09
S4mm1chi really need to get a os installed to my hdd asap06:09
diverdudebobweaver, windows is not that bad....mac sux06:09
ActionParsnipXgt001: could as in #Linux too06:10
=== Tejas_ is now known as Tejas
bobweaverdiverdude: like i said i heard06:10
Satanaadiverdude however all OS'es are better than ubuntu 11.10 for me :P06:10
diverdudeSatanaa, why?06:10
Tejasdoes macchanger  changes mac address permanently06:11
Satanaaits like running a a pre-alpha release06:11
S4mm1chi hear that 11.10 fugged my whole box06:11
haylo-bot_seeems like you should just try to write ubuntu over the whole thing sandwich06:11
bobweaverTejas:  no06:11
S4mm1chhaylo , like 10.04?06:11
Satanaai have an issue people know of but none knows how to fix06:11
ActionParsnipDiverdude: tried a few distros? Xpud will boot amazingly from usb, as will puppy06:11
Satanaathe devs need a spanking06:11
haylo-bot_yeah, i would do 10.04 0r 11.04 they have both worked well for me06:11
diverdudeActionParsnip, huh?06:11
haylo-bot_it is not worth tying to save a slopped up hard drive partion mess in my opinion06:12
Tejasbobweaver i used macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wlan006:12
S4mm1chhow would i go about burning a disc of it if im running off livecd?06:12
IcemanV9sskniranjan: ok. sounds like you're downloading the book. correct?06:12
S4mm1chshould i just install it to my thumbdrive?06:12
diverdudeSatanaa, what dont you like about 11.10?06:12
bobweaverTejas:  you can use the -r to make random06:12
diverdudeActionParsnip, i dont need to boot from usb06:12
bobweaversudo macchanger -r <interface >06:13
Satanaadiverdude that its unusable for me - everytime the screen is idle i have to reboot to be able to use the machine again06:13
haylo-bot_th live cd will give you an option to make a start up usb in start up disk creator06:13
Tejasbobweaver my used command is permanent or not06:13
ActionParsnipdiverdude: it wi give you an OS you can use for now until you have time to get an install. Sounds like you have a deadline..06:13
bobweaverTejas:  NO06:13
sskniranjanicemanV9 ya exactly. but the book is in several web pages. you go to http://www.htdp.org/2003-09-26/Book/ and u will uderstand the situation06:13
diverdudeSatanaa, ehhsurely you must have f***** something up06:13
TejasThanks bobweaver06:13
haylo-bot_but you should just restart the computer and install from the disk your using06:13
Satanaadiverdude im not a ubuntu dev, so no i have not fucked anything up, else than doing a upgrade06:13
diverdudeActionParsnip, my ubuntu works great :)06:14
bobweaverok anyone know how to install bios ?06:14
pangolinPlease mind the language06:14
bobweaverfor a dell server06:14
bobweaverI got the docs06:14
diverdudeSatanaa, ahhh doing an upgrade. never do an upgrade :D06:14
usalabsI have a problem with xorg not remembering the screen res settings,,,,this is my current xorg.conf file:- http://pastebin.com/E4SPCv75 the [device] section does show the right screen res, but every reboot or power off reverts to 800x600, how do I set the screen res to be remembered on every reboot or power on?06:14
ActionParsnipSatanaa: when it goes black can you press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and get a console?06:14
bobweaverand burned to cd and inserted into drive abnd booted but still no Vga06:15
SatanaaActionParsnip nope06:15
Satanaago standby and wake up again, or reboot, thats my 2 options06:15
diverdudeSatanaa, last time i did an upgrade my system was also destroyed. Network not working etc.06:15
bobweaverput 5 or 6 different graphics cards in and still nbothing06:15
diverdudeSatanaa, that was from 9.10 to 0.0406:15
diverdudeSatanaa, 10.0406:15
S4mm1chhaylo - the disc im using is 11.1006:15
Tejaswhere we can find ubuntu source code06:16
Satanaawell a lotwas broken when i did the upgrande.. normal things to break, so those i fixed06:16
IcemanV9sskniranjan: i see. you want to read it offline. right?06:16
ActionParsnipSatanaa: are screensaver and power settings set to never dim etc?06:16
Satanaabut this one i cant fix06:16
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:16
haylo-bot_that will be fine sandwich06:16
diverdudeSatanaa, to upgrade, uninstall and install...that i have learned06:16
bobweaver!source  | Tejas06:16
ubottuTejas: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html06:16
SatanaaActionParsnip right now i have caffeine installed so my screen never goes to idle06:16
ActionParsnip!kernel | tejas06:16
haylo-bot_do you get the option to "install ubuntu"06:16
ubottutejas: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)06:16
Satanaaim forrced to do this06:16
S4mm1chhaylo - the problem is 11.10 doesnt work on my machine06:17
=== somsip_ is now known as wabznasm
diverdudeSatanaa, also i have learned...if you are bored, dont install some random game from ubuntu software center...that will also destroy your system06:17
Satanaai kinda need to figure out what is changed by the ubuntu devs so i can fix it06:17
bobweaverthey are  making  more MONEY ????06:18
Tejashow to build and install sofware using its source code06:18
ActionParsnipSatanaa: i know some server switches for xorg.conf. Kde still has sweet power/screensaver disabling ability06:18
Satanaai dont like kde06:18
bobweaverTejas:  Look at README file06:18
Satanaaand i need the screensaver/dim down06:18
Satanaahaving this screen turned on for a few years more, will cost me06:19
ActionParsnipSatanaa: i see. I always turn that stuff off06:19
Satanaai have to turn the machine off then06:19
Satanaaand thats annoying06:19
Tejashow to build and install sofware using its source code06:20
ActionParsnipSatanaa: are there bugs reported?06:20
bobweaverTejas: Look at README file06:20
SatanaaActionParsnip i dont know06:20
pangolin!compile | Tejas06:20
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall06:20
ubottuTejas: please see above06:20
Tejasbobweaver what are the basic command or outline for doing it06:20
VustomCan someone please help me make it so that BURG/grub is 1680x1050 resolution?06:20
bobweaver!fi MYserver :>)06:21
ubottubobweaver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:21
pangolinTejas: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware06:21
ActionParsnipSatanaa: i suggest you check. It may be a known issue for your make/model (assuming the system has one)06:21
SatanaaActionParsnip i could try, but this is more something they should fix and send out06:22
Satanaasince they broke it themselves06:22
Satanaanone other to blame06:22
Jordan_UVustom: BURG isn't supported here. Do you know if 1680x1050 is a supported *VESA* mode on your hardware?06:22
ActionParsnipVustom: burg isn't supported here. You can set the grub res in /etc/default/grub  You will need to uncomment the line first06:22
jvmguyI'm having trouble with suspend/resume on ubuntu 11.10. Can anyone tell me the right place to ask for help?06:22
VustomActionParsnip: Can you tell me how to do that?06:23
VustomJordan_U: How to I check?06:23
Jordan_UVustom: "videoinfo" from the grub shell (requires you to reboot to get to the grub shell).06:24
tomoyuki28jpI am using bind9 as internal and external DNS server and it used to work fine. But after restarting, it stopped working and the server is event not connected to the internet. How can I debug it?06:24
Satanaachecked a few pages, cant findit06:24
ActionParsnipVustom: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/06:24
uemanhey guys, is there an easy way to install Ubuntu onto a usb stick? Or should I just set it up as a live CD and use it off that?06:25
VustomJordan_U: I'm using 1680x1050 on the desktop as we speak, so wouldn't that mean yes?06:25
ActionParsnipVustom: that shows the lines to edit. Considering its on the screen for only a few seconds personally I wouldn't bother06:25
andrewh192ueman: hey, i was just at the website06:26
andrewh192ueman: there is a way to download a cd version as well as a usb stick..06:26
uemanandrewh192: which website?06:26
andrewh192ueman: http://www.ubuntu.com06:26
Jordan_UVustom: Not neccisarily. That's using native drivers, not VESA.06:26
uemanandrewh192: but is that an y different than a normal install or is it literally the same thing?06:26
VustomMy Pymouth also has a corrupt graphic, it just shoes Ubuntu 11.10 font with crappy like red dots :c06:26
ActionParsnipVustom: its a different driver. The command on the site will show the available resolutions06:26
VustomIt only goes up to 1600x1200 :/06:27
VustomIs there a way to upgrade VESA?06:27
Jordan_Uueman: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download06:27
andrewh192ueman: well, when u download it as a usb stick, it will only be a small part (the most basic part of the install) and the rest it downloads from the servers06:27
andrewh192ueman: when you actually are in the process of downloading06:27
ActionParsnipueman: use unetbootin. Its easy. Remember to MD5 test the ISO you downloaded06:27
Jordan_UVustom: No, you can't change what modes your hardware supports via VESA.06:28
ActionParsnipVustom: why are you so bothered? Its on the screen less than 10 seconds...06:29
VustomBeing a Graphic Designer things like this somewhat bother me, and in which I set out to solve these graphical problems I run into. :)06:30
anandvenkat4how to programatically detect wireless changes in ubuntu?06:30
sskniranjanicemanV9 exactly. i was out for a while thats y i couldn't answer u. sorry06:30
sskniranjani wanna read it offline06:30
Satanaaanyone know if there are data in /home that is related to the screensaver etc?06:31
bobweaveranandvenkat4:  wireshark ?06:31
uemanActionParsnip: andrewh192: Jordan_U: It seems all those instructions show you how to create an install disk on a USB key, not how to run ubuntu from a usb stick06:31
ActionParsnipueman: if you boot the install cd a06:31
Jordan_Uueman: To run Ubuntu from a USB stick simply install it as you would to an internal drive.06:31
HansLandaanyone here know program macchanger?06:31
Satanaaputting the live disc on a usb will allow you to run ubuntu as a live cd06:31
Satanaaerr install disc06:32
haylo-bot_yeah you can make the live usb from live cd if you must- is better than windows anyway06:32
SatanaaHansLanda yes, but you dont need it06:32
haylo-bot_use startup dis creator06:32
haylo-bot_and set the persistence file!! :)06:33
ActionParsnipueman: you can install to the usb like a normal drive. I suggest you use ext2 and put a lot in ramfs to reduce wear on the usb storage06:33
Satanaanice guides there06:33
Satanaato make a persistent drive etc06:33
dr_willisi just do normal installs to my 32gb usb stick06:33
HansLandaSatanaa, im trying to spoof my mac address but without success06:33
uemanBut I tried installing it to a usb drive06:33
uemanand I can't boot from it06:33
SatanaaHansLanda your system can already do this06:34
haylo-bot_bios options perhaps>? ueman06:34
dr_willisueman: theres different ways to put it on ysb06:34
Jordan_Uueman: What happens when you try to boot from it? How did you try to install to the USB?06:34
HansLandaSatanaa, how? can u give me the solution?06:34
=== corsair is now known as Guest44819
SatanaaHansLanda http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M5ViAqcxB806:35
Satanaacheck macchanger, he also shows how to use the original way06:35
uemanJordan_U: I installed to USB key using the installer and am trying to use rEFIt to boot of the USB key06:36
uemanbut when I boot, it shows me "Mission Operating System"06:36
uemanand nothing else06:36
dr_willisbooting a mac?06:36
uemandr_willis: yea06:36
Jordan_Uueman: The fact that you're using a Mac would have been good to state initially :)06:36
dr_willis agree06:36
uemanJordan_U: Now I know.. my bad, apologies06:37
dr_willisi dont use macs. sono idea othem n06:37
Jordan_Uueman: Apple's BIOS implementation can't boot from USB, you'd need to install grub-efi (though booting via EFI will cause issues with many graphics drivers).06:37
haylo-bot_try a live cd on the mac and see how it responds06:37
uemani'm currently booted off a live cd06:38
haylo-bot_can you install from the live cd?06:38
uemanhaylo-bot_: yes06:38
uemanwell, it installs06:39
uemanbut I can't boot off the install I did06:39
random0815hello, i need to know if (and how) i can set a proxy for a user so that he cannot change or disable it?06:39
Jordan_Uhaylo-bot_: Apple's BIOS implementation doesn't work with USB. It's a known problem.06:39
haylo-bot_oh thats righ tyou are making a persistent usb06:39
haylo-bot_use the usb creator in the live cd06:39
haylo-bot_it is a good program06:39
haylo-bot_and easy to use06:39
uemanand then my system will persist?06:39
haylo-bot_it has an feature where you can set apersisence drive06:40
haylo-bot_it auto sets it at 1G06:40
Jordan_Uhaylo-bot_: Did you see my message?06:40
haylo-bot_you just need to slide the bar up and make it more than 1G06:40
haylo-bot_no jordan06:40
Jordan_Uhaylo-bot_: Apple's BIOS implementation doesn't work with USB. It's a known problem.06:40
haylo-bot_i see sorry06:41
Satanaaafaik macs dont have a bios06:41
Jordan_Uueman: Can you boot the USB on a PC? It will be easier to fix things to be able to boot from a mac from there.06:41
Satanaaefi or something?06:41
Jordan_USatanaa: They also have a BIOS implementation, it just doesn't work with USB drives for some reason.06:41
psycho_oreosefi would be it, and there's elilo which could handle Mac06:42
SatanaaJordan_U im sure they dont have "bios" hehe06:42
haylo-bot_well it is good to note that they have a difficult time booting from usb06:42
haylo-bot_seems like that would make the machine worthless in some ways06:43
uemanJordan_U: But I know I could boot OSX off usb, how come I can't boot linux?06:44
dahliais there a way I can make that bar at the top hide when the mouse is not near it?06:44
Jordan_Uueman: It can, just not via a BIOS based bootloader. You need to install grub-efi.06:44
Satanaa"ueman> Jordan_U: But I know I could boot OSX off usb, how come I can't boot linux?" because steve jobs didnt want that06:45
haylo-bot_so if you already have grub on a mac you can use usb?06:45
uemanJordan_U: So can I install grub-efi to boot the version of linux I've just installed to the USB key?06:45
Jordan_Uueman: Yes.06:46
grendal-primeanyone else in cali here feel that earthquake?06:46
Jordan_U!ot | grendal-prime06:46
ubottugrendal-prime: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:46
uemangrendal-prime: where in cali?06:46
dahliahow about is there a way I can make the mouse pointer larger?06:46
grendal-primewell thats the werid part im in the serias..usually if i feel it its hit somewhere else pretty damn hard06:47
grendal-primeand Jordan_U shut up06:47
grendal-primethis could be serious06:47
uemanno need to get rowdy peeps, I think it's ok to be off topic for a few lines, let's all keep it in check and do remind us if it gets out of hand.06:48
grendal-primewas a 4.806:48
andrewh192just saw online06:48
andrewh192at usgs06:48
andrewh192northern cali06:49
Jordan_Ugrendal-prime: This channel has guidelines, please follow them.06:49
grendal-primeok well thanks just wanted to talk to some live people make sure i wasnt crazy..06:49
andrewh192.4 miles deep06:49
grendal-primeyou need to quite06:49
grendal-primeand now06:49
haylo-bot_grendel this is an ubuntu forum i dont care if you are falling into the chasm itself06:49
Infektedi mean hello06:50
Satanaahaylo-bot_ then help :P06:50
andrewh192wow, some botz just don't care at all about anything..06:50
Satanaathen help me*06:50
haylo-bot_whats up satanaa?06:50
dahliais there some way I can change mouse size? all the stuff I find on google is for older versions and Im using 11.1006:50
grendal-primeill call the fcc.. in time of emergency anything is useable..06:50
Satanaaeverytime my screen goes idle i cant get back into the desktop06:50
Satanaai have to reboot or go standby and wake up again06:51
grendal-primeanyway..thanks guys..06:51
haylo-bot_are your settings default sayanna?06:51
Satanaaand this happend after i upgraded from11.04 to 11.1006:51
Satanaayes i assume so06:51
haylo-bot_could you rpointer not be activating the screen while sleeping? also i set mine to never go to sleep06:52
Satanaadont know06:52
haylo-bot_i am not an ubuntu admin but if 11.04 worked on your computer i would use that insead06:52
Satanaaloads of other people have this issue with 11.10, none knows how to fix it06:52
bkerensagrendal-prime: Why were you telling someone to shut up?06:53
Satanaahaylo-bot_ i like to stay up to date06:53
haylo-bot_that is too up to date06:53
Satanaanot really06:53
haylo-bot_11.04 is too up to date06:53
haylo-bot_yeah really06:53
Satanaait has older packages06:53
Satanaaso nope06:53
horchataso suppose you minimize a couple of terminals with unity. how do you restore the minimized windows?06:54
Satanaai like"bleeding edge"06:54
uemanbkerensa: he asked a question about whether someone felt an earthquake and everyone lost their shit about staying on topic06:54
bkerensaueman: I see06:54
haylo-bot_you get bleeding edge forom being a good linux  operator not from downloading unstable releases06:54
horchataif i double click the terminal icon i can see them for a moment before the fade away06:54
Satanaahaylo-bot_ yea and this is a ubuntu dev error06:55
haylo-bot_anyway i understand though but i refuse to run 11.1006:55
Satanaaubuntu broke it, not me06:55
BertoXI just updated from 11.04 to 11.1006:55
qinhorchata: Alt-Tab ?06:55
Satanaagood choice haylo-bot_06:55
BertoXIn the control panel, I can't see any option to customize themes, I mean character size, etc ...06:56
haylo-bot_the fake looking login screen made me want to throw my computer out the window06:56
BertoXa way to do it please ?06:56
Satanaacuz ubuntu 11.10 is millimeters for making me format and never use ubuntu again06:56
horchataqin: this just shows the last terminal minimized06:56
almoxarifemilimeters a lot?06:56
random0815please tell, if someone does know anything that might help me with the proxy problem06:56
horchataqin: the rest are still hidden06:56
Satanaaalmoxarife very little06:56
qinhorchata: You sure that they are on same workspace?06:57
horchataqin: yeah, all one the first workspace06:57
dr_willishorchata: a double cluck puts them in expo mode here06:57
grendal-primebkerensa, because there was an earthquake where i am located..wich is very strange and when it happens here usually it is huge somewhere else.  i wanted to make sure a major catastropy had not happend  i asked one question and got told to take it somewhere else06:57
horchatadr_willis: something specific to my box then06:58
ForsetiHello, i have installed ubuntu 11.10 64-bit. And i can't see skype icon in my taskbar. Why?06:58
horchatadr_willis: I'll try a reboot06:58
Satanaasince the 11.10 upgrade has come out i have been using a windows machine to do stuff.. and its first time in 2 years i do that hehe06:58
VustomWhy isn't this working? http://www.gnomeshell.com/2011/04/25/gnome-shell-extensions-change-activities-to-ubuntu-logo/06:58
dr_willishorchata:  clean unity serup here..just installed today06:58
qinhorchata: Try: Ctrl-D, Ctrl-D06:58
haylo-bot_satanna   ... NO!!!!06:58
VustomI've put both files in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and restarted GNOME, but it didn't work06:58
Satanaawell it doesnt piss me off06:58
bkerensagrendal-prime: Well this is a support channel and #ubuntu-offtopic may be more appropriate so others can be assisted06:59
haylo-bot_lol yeah- i like windows sometimes06:59
horchataqin: in which window?06:59
qinhorchata: Any06:59
Satanaaimagent working on a project.. you have to pee, and when you get back you cant get back in, and you might have to reboot06:59
haylo-bot_but when i start installing stuff it just cant keep up06:59
almoxarifeVustom: which? there are a few things listed06:59
Satanaathat makes ubuntu worse than a chinese copy of  ios06:59
BertoXdoes someone know how to delete the second battery state applet in 11.10 please ?07:00
horchataqin: closes the window?07:00
almoxarifeVustom: that one, yeah, me too, just had it happen too07:00
Vustomalmoxarife: Huh? In the .zip file there's a folder, with 2 files in it? I copied the folder into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions07:00
Vustomalmoxarife: Do you know how to get it working? c:07:00
qinSatanaa: I feel loony after 5 minutes here...07:00
Satanaaqin ?07:00
horchataqin: weird ctrl-d then alt tab lets me gradually move down the stack of minimized windows one at a time07:00
qinhorchata: No, should minimize all windows.07:01
gs_hello all I am doing a project in which I need to read .deb files. Is there any library or interface available which I can use in my program to read these files. If this is a wrong channel Please forgive me and if you could suggest me some other channel for query regarding apt ?07:01
horchataqin: sure doesn't on my box07:01
almoxarifeVustom: I think so, you see the contents of the folder d/l? and the location where it is suppose to end up? put it there , I would do it the easy way, but what ever way suits you07:01
qinSatanaa: np, just pop in my head that irssi can heal a problem ;)07:02
qinhorchata: Do you run compiz?07:02
horchataqin: but anyway, I was able to close the minimized windows one by one and then alt-tab back to the first07:02
random0815good bye07:02
Vustomalmoxarife: Do I copy the folder activities@gnomeshell.com to /home/vustom/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions?07:02
VustomOr only those 2 files inside the folder, and not the folder itself?07:02
Satanaaright now im in a "fist trugh the monitor mood" cuz of ubuntu.. so i dont really know what you mean right now qin07:03
qinhorchata: Or rather is it upgrade and if yes, did you change any compiz settings?07:03
horchataqin: no changes from the default outside of installing the propriatary drivers07:03
horchata11.10, fresh install07:03
horchataqin: nvidia accelerated graphics driver to be specific07:04
almoxarifeVustom: the final location you have showing here is not the one shown on the webpage07:05
qinhorchata: it is rather compiz plugin, unity --reset (will log you out)07:05
krasnozerwhat are my options for a site specific browser on ubuntu? firefox used to have prism but it appears to be depricated now07:05
ForsetiHow can i add skype icon in my taskbar? Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit.07:06
Vustomalmoxarife: I don't see the difference? D:07:06
almoxarifeVustom: ok, you took creative license, then the folder with contents would be moved to the .local, I think, didn't try it yet07:07
haylo-bot_i think you can just drag it from the apllication menu to the launcher bar Forseti07:08
Vustomalmoxarife: You lost me at the creative license part :(07:08
gaurav_dreamweavwhile copying file to another disk system says it is readonly filesystem07:09
VustomAll I've done so far is unzip activities-ubuntu-gnome-shell-extension.zip to /home/vustom/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and then Alt+F2 then R, but nothing has changed07:09
gaurav_dreamweavhow to change fiule permission07:09
Vustomalmoxarife: ^07:09
almoxarifeVustom: I just meant you decided to place the files/folder locally, when the command line has it going to /user/.....07:09
dr_willisVustom:  dont you use the gnome tweak tool to enable it?07:10
qingaurav_dreamweav: Is it usb, or sdcard?07:10
AbduHi Everybody!07:10
almoxarifeVustom: meant /usr/..07:10
AbduI have a question relevant to configuring DNS for two interfaces installed on a server07:10
gaurav_dreamweavqin, its is my hdd partion ... files are not getting deleted or nither i can paste anythig into it07:10
AbduAnyone can help please?07:10
Forsetihaylo-bot_, Tried, nothing happened. And also when i close skype with symbol 'x' it disapear. When i'm trying to open it by clicking shortcut it says to me that skype is already running.07:11
almoxarifedr_willis: from the web site 'Important: this extension shows up as disabled in GNOME Tweak Tool because of an error in the extension code. Despite this, the extension still works!'''07:11
qingaurav_dreamweav: It is linux partition? try "mount" to see how it is mounted.07:11
sanduz2how do i flush my dns cache?07:11
VustomUh.. I typed in sudo nautilus ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions into the terminal using 11.10 GNOME 3, and it changed my background to the default one and now my right click looks like Windows 9807:11
VustomWhat the hell did I just do D:07:11
AbduHi there!07:11
almoxarifeVustom: tell me if it works, I'll follow your lead, thnks07:12
haylo-bot_shut down the computer forseti and try moving skype07:12
dr_willisalmoxarife:  unless they fixed it....07:12
BertoXdoes anybody knows how to remove gnome-power-manager without breaking  ubuntu-desktop please ?07:12
somsipsanduz2: who is your DNS provider?07:12
AbduDoes somebody know how can i set up the dns for two network interfaces?07:12
Forsetihaylo-bot_, you mean restart?07:12
sanduz2somsip: ive tried 3 different ones, so... google or opendns07:12
SatanaaAbdu same was as for 107:12
somsipsanduz2: if you do not run your own, you are dependent on when they refresh07:12
haylo-bot_yeah restart07:13
haylo-bot_your skype is still running07:13
gaurav_dreamweavqin, that is ntfs partition and when i was using 11.04 i never face this type of problem i have 2 system i am facing same problem in both , how i use mount07:13
AbduSatanna: what do you mean same for 1?07:13
haylo-bot_or find it and actually quit the program07:13
sanduz2somsip, how about if i change the DNS provider on my router. isnt there some sort of local cache i can reset?07:13
ForsetiNow i have minimised skype.07:13
ForsetiI can control it at this time07:13
BertoXForseti, modify the notification panel whitelist07:13
SlartibartSomeone should add "required packages" like uswswap to the swapfaq on ubuntu.com, me thinks..07:13
somsipsanduz2: if your router acts as a DNS cache, possibly. It's a very wide question.07:13
SatanaaAbdu the way you setup the first nic, do the samewith the second07:13
ForsetiBertoX, i am new to linux, and dunno how to do this. :s07:14
qingaurav_dreamweav: Most likely your windows did not shutdown properly.07:14
Vustomalmoxarife: My GNOME 3 looks like Windows 98 now :c07:14
sanduz2somsip, ive seen some sites suggestion to restart nscd (or ipconfig /flushdns on windows). then what do these things do?07:14
VustomI've screwed it up D:07:14
gaurav_dreamweavqin, i don't have any other windows os i only use ubuntu07:14
SatanaaForseti if you are new to linux.. ubuntu 11.10 is the wrong choice, its not user friendly07:15
BertoXForseti, gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"07:15
somsipsanduz2: posibly they do things on windows. If you ran your own bind server, you could just stop and restart bind. That's what I do. But bind only caches DNS that are served to it by your DNS provider, hence my original question07:15
Satanaaand what BertoX showed you can cause issues too07:15
qingaurav_dreamweav: right. sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g07:15
ForsetiSatanaa, then what you recommmend for newbie?07:16
sanduz2somsip, hmm, not running bind here.07:16
haylo-bot_yeah shouldnt be a big deal to get an icon in your launcher07:16
SatanaaForseti older version of ubuntu, or linux mint :)07:16
gaurav_dreamweavqin, what this will do07:16
BertoXSatanaa,  please specify issues I can encouter with this modification please ? I do it since 11.04 (especially ofr skype) and I never had any issue07:16
somsipsanduz2: then when you 'dig' an an address, you will be querying your DNS provider (google, opendns, whatever)07:16
qingaurav_dreamweav: Will install tool for mounting ntfs partitions07:16
SatanaaBertoX it can add icons there you dont want07:17
ForsetiSatanaa, hm, 10.04 is good?07:17
somsipsanduz2: And if they have a cached DNS entry that has not expired, that's what you'll get. You can't force them to refresh their cache07:17
BertoXyou mean any application that want to put a tray icon ?07:17
Satanaabetter than 11.10 if you want it to be user friendly07:17
sanduz2somsip, weird. the reason that im asking all this is because even after i change my dns provider on my router, all my requests still seem to go through the same route (traceroute)07:17
Satanaa2 Forseti07:17
haylo-bot_i amusing 11.0407:17
sanduz2somsip, so i thought maybe something local was causing that07:18
somsipsanduz2: those are two separate issues.07:18
BertoXnot really an issue then :)07:18
Vustomalmoxarife: I'm still confused where I need to unzip the folder?07:18
gaurav_dreamweavqin, but can u tell me how its done in 11.04 without any problem.. how come in this it is getting happen07:18
haylo-bot_it performs absurdly well07:18
ForsetiSatanaa, i am migrating from windows. With windows i can do more than linux. So, now i want to learn same things to do with linux. So you are recommending ubuntu?07:18
Blue1only in linux would you never do:   man unzip07:18
darius_Hey everyone, I'm having some issues, my DPGK file is missing.07:19
Forsetidarius_, sveikas. :)07:19
Blue1Forseti: puppy linux or linux mint might be good for starters07:19
SlartibartBlue1: Can you do that anywhere else? Mac?07:19
haylo-bot_hey guys what is the key bind to bring minimized windows to front for Forseti skye problem?07:19
darius_forseti, what?07:19
llutz_darius_: what is DPGK?07:19
almoxarifeVustom: the folder can be unzipped anywhere where you can get to it, it should have unzipped already with the first command line shown on the example07:19
haylo-bot_he keeps minimizing skype07:20
SatanaaForseti http://www.xubuntu.org/ is nice too07:20
Forsetidarius_, sorry, thought that you are form Lithuania. :)07:20
lijuhai anyone can tell Install Gloobus Flow With Nautilus Integration In Ubuntu07:20
Satanaaits ubuntu with xfce instead of unity07:20
qingaurav_dreamweav: First, I did not see ntfs partition since 5 years, besided having it whan running linux is odd, second ntfs support in linux is artifitial so strange things may happen.07:20
darius_llutz, i dont know its a ubuntu program07:20
Blue1Slartibart: do what?07:20
ForsetiSatanaa, hmz now i am realy confused. :D07:20
llutz_darius_: /usr/bin/dpkg you mean?07:20
darius_that file is missing07:20
Blue1darius_: how do you know it's missing?07:21
SatanaaForseti its more user friendly but still latest version07:21
lijuhai anyone can tell Install Gloobus Flow With Nautilus Integration In Ubuntu07:21
ForsetiSatanaa, Xubuntu?07:21
llutz_darius_: why did you remove it? it's essential07:21
SatanaaForseti yes :)07:21
lijuhai anyone can tell Install Gloobus Flow With Nautilus Integration In Ubuntu07:21
Vustomalmoxarife: I unzipped it myself and put it in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions, I am new to GNOME 3/Ubuntu remember :)07:21
ForsetiSatanaa, better is mint or xubuntu?07:21
darius_I was looking into the error in a forum and it said that my error code meant that the file was missing or corrupt, so I looked and it wasn't there.07:21
SatanaaForseti i would say both really :)07:22
lijuhi i am new to xchat07:22
Satanaaso you do have a choice :)07:22
ForsetiSatanaa, i know, that my questions are so dumb, but i need to know, cuz i really want to learn how to use linux. :s07:22
llutz_darius_: "ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg" in terminal,   any output?07:22
darius_I downloaded a .rpm file that is supposed to be the dpkg but I don't know what to do with it07:22
Blue1darius_: if you type which dpkg                  what do you get?07:22
lijupls tell me the solution for how to Install Gloobus Flow With Nautilus Integration In Ubuntu07:22
somsip!patience | liju07:22
ubottuliju: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:22
ikoniadarius_: rpms are not debs07:22
llutz_darius_: ubuntu uses .deb not rpm07:23
ikoniadarius_: you can't use rpms with ubuntu07:23
SatanaaForseti i do get you.. i have used linux for atleast 10 years, and ubuntu 11.10 confuses me07:23
darius_if i type dpkg it tells me that its not installed and when i try to install it it says its the latest version07:23
llutz_darius_: "ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg" in terminal,   any output?07:23
SatanaaForseti i might just install xubuntu myself now when i think about it07:23
Blue1darius_: do an echo $path and paste the line here07:23
Vustomhow to see what version of gnome I have?07:24
qindarius_: history | grep dpkg07:24
ForsetiSatanaa, then ubuntu 11,10 really not for me. :D07:24
Blue1sorry echo $PATH07:24
darius_llutz, http://pastie.org/276631507:24
SatanaaForseti its not really for anyone.. new, average, pro.. :)07:24
almoxarifeVustom: didn't work for me, in either location, not sure where the issue is, operator or code07:24
darius_and everyoen I have no idea what any of that means I'm new to linux.07:24
ForsetiSatanaa, hm, so for what? :D07:25
llutz_darius_: so again, why did you remove it?07:25
darius_as I said before I didn't remove it.07:25
llutz_ darius_: history | grep dpkg07:25
darius_How would I be able to remove it I'm not root?07:25
Blue1darius_: then it's either not in yor path or you removed it07:26
llutz_Blue1: see the paste, it's "gone"07:26
darius_blue1 http://pastie.org/276632207:26
SatanaaForseti i dont know really07:27
Blue1not enough contrast to read07:27
gaurav_dreamweavqin, thanks man 1:)07:27
ForsetiSatanaa, Okay, thank you very much, now i am going to choose one of those. :D07:27
qindarius_: It will be silly, but: lsb_release -a07:28
SatanaaForseti thanks for asking, now i know what to do myself :)07:28
ForsetiSatanaa, heh, you are really nice person. ;)07:28
Blue1okay it looks like you did an ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg07:28
llutz_Blue1: because i told him07:28
Satanaayou too Forseti :)07:28
darius_blue what exactly does that mean?07:29
llutz_darius_: nothing important07:29
darius_I'm an OS X person, but this is a PC, so I decided to use Linux on it.07:30
bkovacsGood Man07:30
kriss_Ohh ive made it all work here. Except printers.. I need to be able to somhow add a printer based on its IP (networked printer ofcourse) but when i use the tool to add printers it just give me their names. I cant add by ip somhow07:30
darius_I know very little about this so far.07:30
Satanaamac's are pc's too07:30
ForsetiSatanaa, going for xubuntu 11.04. :)07:30
Blue1well ls -l says to list the details on the file the follows07:30
llutz_ < qin> darius_: It will be silly, but: lsb_release -a07:30
SatanaaForseti xubuntu 11.10 for me :)07:30
BertoXhow to safely remove gnome-power-manager in oneiric please ?07:30
llutz_Blue1: because i told him, to check if the binary is present or he just messed his PATH up07:31
bkovacsI had to update my kernel to 3.0.0-13 to get my epson printer to work07:31
darius_i did that command07:31
qinllutz_: irssi 0.8.15 (Natty?)07:31
darius_it said no LSB moduals07:31
Blue1llutz_: yeah the windows solution (reboot) might fix the problem07:31
llutz_qin: maverick07:31
llutz_Blue1: nonsense07:32
darius_is there anyway I could install it from a backup or download a backup and put it in there?07:32
llutz_darius_: what version of ubuntu are you running? "cat /etc/issue"07:33
bkovacsdarius upgrade your kernel to 3.0.0-13. You need to enable the pre-release updates in sources. Than use synaptic package manager to mark all updates and install the newer kernel.07:33
darius_how do I update a kernel07:33
qindarius_: Have you attempted upgrade?07:33
llutz_bkovacs: what? how is that related to a missing binary?07:33
bkovacsKernel 3.0.0-12 which comes with 11.10 has some issues with printer detection07:33
darius_apt-get upgrade just tells me that my chromium failed to install properly and to try -f install07:34
qinbkovacs: Installing without dpkg is fairly difficult?07:34
llutz_darius_: you could get the dpkg.deb from packages.ubuntu.org and extract the file07:34
bkovacsSo it's not a detection problem?07:35
llutz_bkovacs: scroll back and read07:35
kriss_is there any procedure how to add a printer by its IP instead of its bonjourname ?07:35
psypher246hello all, does anyone have some advise on how to get canonical's attention to fix a major bug. As far as myself and a bunch of people are concerned, unity is completely broken when using nvidia twinview to display on more than one monitor and we are getting nowhere on launchpad07:35
qindarius_: Have you upgraded 11.04 to 11.10?07:36
darius_no its from a disc fresh install on a nuked hdd07:36
=== jos is now known as Guest86131
darius_and that website isnt actually a real website07:36
Infektedanyone make any themes for ubuntu 11.10 yet?07:36
darius_its just a picture of an ad07:36
Satanaayes there are loads of gnome3/gtk3 themes Infekted07:37
llutz_darius_: packages.ubuntu.com, sry07:37
darius_oh okay.07:37
Infektedso gtk3 themes work?07:37
Infektedcause i dont use gnome shell07:37
Satanaaunity is ontop of gnome3 :)07:37
Infektedim in unity07:37
BertoXSatanaa, I found by myself an icon that shouldn't appear in the bar. So I reverted back the whitelist to default. Now I want to add an application in the whitelist. How to identify the name to put in the whitelist please ?07:37
Satanaaunity is ontop of gnome307:37
SatanaaBertoX i told you :)07:38
BertoXyep :)07:38
Satanaawhat program is it?07:38
darius_http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dpkg&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all which package and how do i do it?07:38
bkovacsI'm on gnome xchat with gnome shell07:38
Satanaayou just add 'xchat' afaik :)07:39
kriss_psypher246 i can recommend install gnome-shell and gdm to remove other options than gnome classic.. that seems to work just fine if you want work done.. unity is a nice looking toy.. its not very useful for working07:39
BertoXI added XChat07:39
BertoXlet me try without caps07:39
llutz_darius_: "uname -m"  32 or 64bit?07:39
llutz_darius_: so you got i686?07:40
darius_thats what all the packages say yes07:40
psypher246kriss_: no thanks. I want ot use unity, i like unity and it's been working fine in natty07:41
llutz_darius_: then download the package "dpkg" i38607:41
BertoXSatanaa, thx ! without caps, it works07:41
Satanaanp BertoX :)07:41
SystemParadoxmorning all07:41
BertoXForseti, then don't do the modification I gave you. I found at least one issue as Satanaa  said ...07:41
BertoXjust add 'Skype'  in the list07:42
psypher246kriss_: twinview has been broken since oneiric, and as unity is awesome for work, not just a toy, I can't really work in any other environment anymore07:42
bkovacsBoth Unity and Gnome Shell work fine for me in 11.10. I currently prefer Gnome shell. But don't mind switching to Unity one in a while.07:42
kriss_ok. well its a free envirorment hehe. Personally i was like.. Damn unity go away.. It was easy in 11.04 but alot more tricky in 11.10 However only in 11.10 does it work flawless with domais and windows shares07:42
darius_okay i downloaded, now what do I do?07:42
psypher246kriss_: once you get to know unity you realise how awesome it it07:42
kriss_well i cant find ANYTHING in unity.. in 11.04 i could just barely find the login screen which lets me change the default session07:43
bkovacsBoth are new desktop enviroments and will take a little time to get used to. And both will eventually mature.07:43
Satanaapsypher246 really? im moving to xubuntu 11.10 hehe07:43
psypher246press super key type login07:43
llutz_darius_: "ar xv dpkg.....deb /usr/bin/dpkg"07:43
psypher246not hard at all07:43
kriss_i guess.. but i have good reasons to make gnome look as close to windows as it possibly can.07:43
ForsetiBertoX, Ok, thx. :))07:43
SystemParadoxI have two ubuntu machines here, one with 11.04 and one with 11.10. Both have ATI cards and dual monitors, which work, but neither of them will save any changes I make in the catalyst control center, even in administrative mode. Is this a known problem?07:43
bkovacsIf you want a windows look than use Kubuntu07:43
kriss_I got like 1000 windows users who cant pick their noses without help07:43
grendal-primedude. you should take THAT to off topic07:44
grendal-primewhere are the ops for that stuff?07:44
darius_llutz, ar: dpkg.....deb: No such file or directory07:45
llutz_darius_: replace with the correct filename of the dpkg.deb you downloaded07:45
bkovacsCheck this out Ricard Stallman Eats something from his foot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I25UeVXrEHQ07:45
llutz_bkovacs:  Do you have any ubuntu support related question?07:46
psypher246Satanaa: xubuntu is cool,but like i said, i really love unity, when it works07:47
psypher246so i will stick with it till it does07:47
darius_llutz it stills says no such file or directory07:47
Satanaapsypher246 i dont know why.. even the dock is "broken" :P07:48
llutz_darius_: cd into the dir you downloaded the file to. then "ar xv dpk<TAB-key><TAB-key>"07:48
llutz_darius_: it should expand the filename07:48
psypher246Satanaa: how do u mean broken?07:49
bkovacsNope just browsing07:49
Satanaayou can click to open a program, but you cant click to minimize it etc07:49
bkovacsSeeing if I can help07:49
psypher246Satanaa: never really wanted to do that so not an issue for me07:49
diverdudeIs there a command to change the title of the command window instead of having to use the mouse?07:49
bkovacsAdding a little humor to our chat07:49
llutz_bkovacs: then pls stop your random offtopic stuff07:50
psypher246i minimize using the panel07:50
darius_what do you mean cd into the directory?07:50
xatconcan any body tell .....how to get rid of Gwenview...from ubuntu 11.1007:50
Satanaapsypher246 however not that i have said it, it might start to bug you :P07:50
bkovacsGet a life llutz07:50
llutz_darius_: use "cd" to change into that dir07:50
llutz_!ot | bkerensa07:51
ubottubkerensa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:51
xatconi cant format my pen drive07:51
psypher246Satanaa: once your learn the shortcut keys, unity becomes a pleasure. but I get that people with disabilities are limited, so i think Ubuntu has hurt those people a little, but then again, I have never tried any of the assistive technologies so i dunno how limiting it is07:51
psypher246right now I just wish i can find a away to get canonicals attention to the big issues07:52
Satanaapsypher246 people with a logic mind are also limited07:52
darius_okay I have this: darius@darius:~/Downloads$  but when I type in the command it still says file or directory not found07:52
Satanaaso retarded people and logic people are hit07:52
psypher246Satanaa: totally disagee07:52
xatconhelp me out ...idont wana use this 11.10 ...how i go back07:53
Satanaathats your opinion :)07:53
llutz_darius_: "ls -l dpk*"07:53
xatconto 11.0407:53
psypher246Satanaa: agreed07:53
qin xatcon i am afraid, reinstall, but...07:53
qin!nounity | xatcon07:53
ubottuxatcon: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:53
Satanaaanyways i guess unity isent so bad.. ubuntu 11.10 has must made me see it with hate07:54
psypher246Satanaa: why?07:54
psypher246what makes you hate it so?07:54
darius_llutz, I got this http://pastie.org/276640607:54
Satanaacuz 11.10 is pos07:54
Satanaaits "broken"07:54
xatconthanx ubottu07:54
zlodeyвсем привет07:55
Satanaaevery time my screen i idle ( screensaver ) i have to either reboot or go to standby and wake it back up to get to the desktop07:55
psypher246you can't say an entire gui is broken cos you can't minimize an ap from the dock07:55
llutz_darius_: tar xcf data.tar.gz07:55
psypher246Satanaa: ok well that sucks07:55
psypher246i had issue like that in mavercik, so can't really blame unity07:56
darius_tar: You may not specify more than one `-Acdtrux' or `--test-label' option07:56
darius_Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.07:56
Satanaapsypher246 very much.. and more knowing that an ubuntu dev has done this to me07:56
qinI guess I will take a breake, or will add to ignore everything bottom of O07:56
psypher246Satanaa: next time don't reboot07:56
Satanaathat prob has something with unity todo07:56
psypher246Satanaa: go ctrl alt f107:56
llutz_darius_: tar xf data.tar.gz       sorr07:56
Satanaadoesntwork psycho_oreos07:56
psypher246log in and c=kill gnome screen saver07:56
Satanaapsypher246 i mean07:56
Satanaapsypher246 i cant just login blindly07:57
Satanaathe screen is black no matter what i do07:57
darius_okay, got it. Now what?07:57
psypher246so you can't even get ot the cli?07:57
psypher246ok thats broken07:57
osmosis_paulGood morning i'm having an issue with Yuuguu since i install Ubuntu 11.10, but if i create a new account in my Ubuntu looks like works07:57
llutz_darius_: "sudo cp usr/bin/dpkg /usr/bin/dpkg "07:57
psypher246sorry i haven't had that issue, others but not that07:57
llutz_darius_: 1st path without leading /07:57
Satanaathe other issues are ok tho, they were fixable07:58
osmosis_pauli have the erro code that Yuuggu throw but i cannot understand somebody can help me?07:58
osmosis_pauli can paste the error and put in her07:58
Satanaapsypher246 and many have this issue, but none knows how to fixit07:58
diverdudeIs there a command to change the title of the command window instead of having to use the mouse?07:58
darius_what do you mean by that07:58
llutz_darius_: "sudo cp usr/bin/dpkg /usr/bin/dpkg "        exact like this07:59
psypher246Satanaa: i have had many weird annoying issues in ubuntu these past 7 years, each new version brings new issues when they fix other, so I cannot say how happy I am that FINALLY canonicval is gonna spend an entire release cycle on JUSt fixing bugs, it's high time, i have been saying it for years but then unity came along and I had to wait all over again07:59
llutz_darius_: without quotes07:59
darius_okay I did that but no output07:59
llutz_darius_: "ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg" should show the file after that07:59
Satanaaim just gonna do xubuntu and hope that such a MASSIVE issues are gone hehe07:59
llutz_darius_: and pls no pastie.org, its really hard to read :)08:00
psypher246Satanaa: yeah sounds like a good idea for now, sorry you can't experience the awesomeness of untity that i appreciate08:00
qindiverdude: gnome-terminal -t your_title08:00
darius_darius@darius:~/Downloads$ ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg08:00
darius_-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 247936 2011-10-27 03:59 /usr/bin/dpkg08:00
diverdudeqin, but that will start a new terminal and set the title. I want to set it for the current terminal08:00
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: must you use it?08:00
darius_It's really easy for me, I guess I just have a good monitor haha08:00
llutz_darius_: so it worked, "sudo apt-get install --reinstall dpkg" now08:00
Satanaapsypher246 i dunno, i used to use gnome2 and docky.. the unity dock is quite a downgrade really too hehe08:01
llutz_darius_: mobilephone here ...08:01
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, sorry what do you mean?08:01
almoxarifeSatanaa: try cairo dock, works great08:01
Satanaalags for me :)08:01
diverdudeqin, and besides it does not set the title of the new terminal either08:01
darius_ohh makes perfect sense. im using irssi. but It's still giving me errors about chromium files that didn't install right08:02
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: are you using that app because you don't have a choice?08:02
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, yep, application app08:02
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, i mean company app XD08:02
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: what is the error?08:03
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: has the app worked before?08:03
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, yes, can you tell me an paste/code  application to paste errors?08:04
darius_how can I show you the output without obottu yelling at me?08:04
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, i mean web page, the normal page that use dont allow some character of the error file08:05
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: Satanaa: paste.ubuntu.com08:05
psypher246Satanaa: i like cocky, but it was also DAMN buggy and annoying sometimes and I eventaulyl alwasy went back to stock gnome2, and yes unity dock is stil buggy, but i can see where they are going with it and the future is awesome08:05
grendal-primeIM BACK08:05
llutz_!pastebin |  darius_08:05
ubottudarius_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:05
psypher246lol not cocky, DOCKY08:05
NisstyreI would tend to disagree with that viewpoint08:05
diverdudeqin, ?08:05
qindiverdude: Ah. title, what option you have to title: appent, keep initial, or change?08:06
Satanaapsypher246 makes more sense hehe08:06
grendal-primeDAMN how many jessicas do we have?08:06
darius_llutz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/720468/08:06
diverdudeqin, im sorry i dont understand your question08:06
Satanaagrendal-prime to bad most of them are guys :P08:07
kriss_psypher246 how do you revert to gnome2 ? I can only get gnome 3 classic at best08:07
llutz_darius_: "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/chromium-browser_14.0.835.202~r103287-0ubuntu1_i386.deb"08:07
grendal-primeok libvirt. anybody upset with the fact that the ubuntu version of libvirt cannot mange physical interfaces08:07
auronandace!gnome2 | kriss_08:07
ubottukriss_: The GNOME Foundation has ceased support for GNOME 2, and as such it is not in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). See !notunity for an alternative desktop experience.08:07
psypher246don't think u can still get gnome 2 in oneiric08:07
SatanaaKriss_ you dont08:07
qindiverdude: In profiles, you can set what will happend with title, is it going be static or not.08:07
psypher246kriss_: ok so i was right08:08
grendal-primeubottu, by the way that blows08:08
ubottugrendal-prime: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:08
Fudgehi cant get my BCM43227  wireless going on oneiric, additional drivers says its blacklisted i was told. im ssh'd in. how can i resolve?08:08
kriss_yeah figured.. i did remove the unity08:08
llutz_darius_: then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chromium-browser"08:08
osmosis_paulalmoxarife, look in the private chat08:08
diverdudeqin, its just when i have a command window open and i want to set a title08:08
Satanaakriss_ you can use gnome-fallback ( gnome3 that tries to look / act like gnome2 )08:08
almoxarifeosmosis_paul: nothing there yet08:09
kriss_satanaa yeah thats what i do.. i also installed gdm and removed the other choices from the folder so there is ONLY the gnome-2 lookalike now.08:09
darius_llutz,  No such file or directory08:10
llutz_darius_: then "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chromium-browser"08:10
Satanaakriss_ nice :)08:10
kriss_yeah. except a very few things it now works like a charm.. Ive even fixed a problem where remastersys ISO's would crash when booting. turns out you cant remastersys a domaincomputer so you gotta leave domain first.08:11
qindiverdude: not sure. you probably need to find (check) terminal settings in gcon-editor08:12
stephniam having problem uninstalling i2p from ubuntu need help08:12
darius_okay that worked, is there anything else I need to do?08:14
llutz_darius_: nope08:14
=== joo is now known as Guest81830
darius_Alright, thank you SO much.08:14
llutz_darius_: maybe check how you/whoever removed dpkg :)08:14
darius_Does anyone know anything about mincraft errors?08:14
farmer-duckgood mornin'08:15
darius_I can't login to minecraft, and when I click play offline it lags horribly.08:16
farmer-duckhi darius, can't solve your problem08:16
farmer-duckbut i wonder if you could help me08:16
kriss_Does anyone know if there is a better program for adding printers than the one supplied default with 11.10 ? cause i cant add a network printer by any alias or Ip.08:17
darius_kriss, search for a program and check them out08:17
darius_try apt-cache search printer08:18
ohzieandroidhey guys. my wireless is 'unchecked' according to networkmanager, and it is greyed out. i tried iwconfig wlan0 up and iwconfig all but giggled at me. not sure how to proceed.08:18
kriss_thanks ill try.08:18
darius_or in the ubuntu store try searching for network printer or just printer.08:18
darius_it just seems like your wireless card isnt set up right08:19
darius_i was shocked when mine worked, it requires a driver and i didnt have to install it08:20
farmer-ducki've got issues with installing ubuntu 11.10 on a Asus N53SV. Most likely 'cause it has a Intel i7 2gen, which contains sandybrigde08:20
Fudgeregarding bcm43227 installing firmware-b43-installer i get this message This card is actually not tested. Please install the driver manually.08:20
Satanaaah it did it again, so had to switch box08:20
ohzieandroidi unchecked it when my router was on the fritz.08:20
farmer-duckdoes someone know a workaround for this?08:21
ohzieandroidand now I can't recheck it08:21
darius_Not a clue, I'm AMD.08:21
darius_That's all I use.08:21
darius_Other then my Macs of course.08:21
llutz_ohzieandroid: does "rfkill list wifi" show it as blocked?08:21
ohzieandroidfarmer: try installing ubtuuntu server and then apt-get install ubuntu-server08:21
farmer-ducksomeone else perhaps?08:22
ohzieandroidllutz sec08:22
farmer-duckmmm why ubuntu server?08:22
ohzieandroidless pickiness on hardware.08:22
ohzieandroidllutz hard yes, soft no08:23
farmer-duckkk but then how do I make ubuntu server a desktop machine?08:23
ohzieandroidoh crap I only have absoft switch08:23
farmer-duck'cause I know how to work with server, but i need is as a regular laptop ;)08:23
ohzieandroidfarmer: aptget install ubuntu-desktop08:23
farmer-ducki'll try08:23
farmer-duckthanks again for the support08:24
ohzieandroidllutz: how do I fix a hard-block when I don't have a physical switch?08:24
llutz_ohzieandroid: i guess  "sudo rfkill unblock wifi" won't do it?08:24
haylo-bot_ohz are you dual installing with windows?08:24
ohzieandroidno haylo08:25
ohzieandroidllutz no :(08:25
llutz_ohzieandroid: sry, no idea how to unblock it, if you have no FN+<F-KEY> at all for that.08:25
* Satanaa is on windows right now.. ircing from the gaming rig08:25
Satanaasince ubuntu fails on me08:26
haylo-bot_fn + f2 is a wirless switch on some systems08:27
llutz_pradeep_: /quit08:27
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slacker-I'm having trouble booting my upgraded oneiric08:30
gorillanoanananahello everyone08:30
slacker-I think it looks like a kernel panic but I only get to see the last 40 lines of it08:30
slacker-25 in fact08:30
Satanaathis is ubuntu 11.10 for me right now http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/comment/4/2011/10/ed90c4c68750bc6ce875d0d0b9edbc5f/original.jpg08:31
slacker-this only happens when I'm booting the new kernel 3.0, 2.6 boots fine08:31
gorillanoanananaguys what's happening with the stupid ocelot? I just installed it on a friend's computer.. It's been a while since  i have not used ubuntu since i switcehed to debian which is more mercifull with my old 9 years old laptop08:32
ikoniagorillanoananana: got a real question ?08:32
gorillanoanananai am trying to set a theme on ocelot and i just realized that whomever messed around whit the them choser was a good one..08:32
gorillanoanananayeah got a question08:32
gorillanoananana the them chooser does not read /usr/share/themes08:33
ikoniagorillanoananana: you understand that 11.10 is using unity not gnome-2 themes08:33
gorillanoanananai mean it does not read the full contents08:33
Satanaadownload gnome tweak tool08:33
Satanaaikonia, unity = gtk3/gnome3 themes08:33
ikoniaSatanaa: correct08:33
gorillanoananana my friend did not liked unity so i have instaled the gnome08:33
ikoniahence why I said gnome208:33
ikoniagorillanoananana: how did you install gnome08:34
ikoniawhat package did you use08:34
gorillanoanananathe problem still remains...08:34
ikoniagorillanoananana: what package did you install to get "gnome"08:34
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]{aloz_i have a question08:35
gorillanoanananaikonia sudo apt-get install gnome-shell08:35
ikoniaok, so you it's gnome shell08:36
grendal-primegorillanoananana, what version of ubuntu are your triying to do this on?08:36
ikoniawhat theme file are you using (where did you get it)08:36
]{aloz_has somebody skilled in c thread programming?08:36
ikonia]{aloz_: the guys in ##c will have08:36
gorillanoanananagrendal-prime:  the latest and the greatest08:36
]{aloz_thx ikonia08:36
slacker-how do I disable acpi in the grub console?08:36
grendal-primeuse lts08:36
grendal-primelts never fails08:37
ikoniagorillanoananana: it's also a totally different product base08:37
ikoniagorillanoananana: so use the distro you want08:37
ikonia11.10 or 11.0408:37
ikonia(10.04 sorry)08:37
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]{aloz_##c Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services08:37
=== eruytwer is now known as benoit__
ikoniagorillanoananana: what theme are you trying to install08:37
grendal-prime64 bit if you can..world of differnce performance wise when you get into more than 4 virtualized systems08:37
ikonia!register | ]{aloz_08:37
ubottu]{aloz_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:37
ikonia]{aloz_: #freenode can also help you with that08:38
gorillanoanananaikonia:  I  Am using the one i want..  it's for my friens.. anyway.. the thema was Human clearlooks08:38
ikoniagrendal-prime: please don't offer random stuff, he's not even said he's doing virtualization stuff08:38
gorillanoanananait's in the /usr/share/themes08:38
]{aloz_!register ]{aloz_08:38
ikoniagorillanoananana: is it a gnome3 or gnome2 theme ?08:38
grendal-primegorillanoananana, what exactly do you want to do?08:38
haylo-bot_he wants it to do exactly what he tells it to lol08:39
gorillanoanananato select a theme and use it .. it used to be easy in ubuntu08:39
gorillanoananananow it turns out the theme chooser does not read the whole /usr/share/themes folder .. only the approved themes08:39
grendal-primeand the version you are currently using is..(please include exact version)08:39
ikoniagrendal-prime: he's said 11.1008:39
grendal-primemissed that sorry08:40
s0neeim new to irc. quick question: why would someone leave irssi run continuously with screen ?08:40
gorillanoanananaguys.. stand by ... i am gonna send a screen shot so you can see what i am talking about08:40
haylo-bot_does no one bother to download the latest stable release?08:40
grendal-primethank you :-)08:40
ikoniahaylo-bot_: what are you talking about ? he's just said he's using 11.1008:41
llutz_s0nee: offtopic here but: maybe he's to lazy to install a bouncer. more discussion at #ubuntu--offtopic08:41
SilfenXtrying to install pptp connection manager via terminal but get error msgs and have no clue how to proceed: http://pastebin.com/5aeTW5Lv08:41
haylo-bot_sry i mean the long term support lol08:41
grendal-primeikonia, i dont like anything but lts..08:41
grendal-primesounds crazy hu?08:41
grendal-primebut the thing is..literally we have 700 machines...40 of them are not lts.08:42
ikoniawho cares ?08:42
ikoniathe topic is support discussion08:42
haylo-bot_no ihave four noobs all asking me how to install 11.10 when they should be using LTS08:42
grendal-primeproblems always come up with the non lts machines08:42
grendal-primei care..08:42
ikoniahaylo-bot_: please don't use the term noobs08:42
gorillanoanananaok  here's the screen shot http://i43.tinypic.com/o0szz5.png08:43
grendal-primei dont get bonuses when they dont come up08:43
haylo-bot_kk sry08:43
slacker-I'd appreciate some suggestions for how to get that new kernel running08:43
gorillanoanananaas you can see.. the theme chooser can not read the whole contents of the /usr/share/themes08:43
grendal-primelooks like a screen res issue08:44
grendal-primenot to mention it hurts the eyes08:44
gorillanoananana that's because i am using high contrast08:44
gorillanoanananathe theme i mean08:44
grendal-primesooo its not the width of the screen..your sure of that..08:45
gorillanoanananaif you look at the screen shot you can see08:45
grendal-primehold on i missed something im scrollingup to make sure i understatnd the issue08:46
=== soixantecircuits is now known as senayar
grendal-primeso you installed gnome-shell correct?08:48
gorillanoananananope.. it just does not show them  and all the themes are in /usr/share/themes  they are present  here.... have a look   http://i41.tinypic.com/kd5xtt.png08:48
menguhi. my vpn client is fortinet's forticlient. i'm using ubuntu 11.10 64 bit and the client app is 32 bit. it was working before i updated the system but in the update process it removed things. so how do i know what is missing for the file? when i try to run it ./forticlientsslvpn i get "no such file or directory"08:48
gorillanoanananayes i have installed gnome-shell08:49
SnowiePlease help. hopelessly stuck at the grub rescue prompt. installed alongside win7. used the live cd. all i did was shrink the 2 windows partitions, and create 2 new partitions / and /home, install ubuntu. reboot and straight to grub rescue. I have been on ubuntu, and i know it means it can't find grub.conf, but im really not sure how to fix it. now after reinstall it looks like there are 2 swaps on the disk as well. tried formatt08:49
Snowieing ubuntu ext4 partitions back to empty space, but it wont remove the swaps. any ideas08:49
grendal-primeya see we dont use allot of desktop apps usually if we need to i do a gnome minimal install.08:50
grendal-primewhy is gnome not the default for this anymore...kinda werid.08:50
grendal-primehold on.08:50
gorillanoanananagrendal-prime:  because they are targeting the tablet market.. that's why..08:51
grendal-primegrrrrr god i hate tablets08:51
gorillanoanananaespecially with unity08:51
jdtmsnowie -  in Gparted or whatever you are using, right click the swap partitions and there should be an unlock button or something like that08:51
jdtmit'll make the key symbol next to it dissappear08:52
jdtmthen you are free to delete it08:52
Snowiejdtm: no gparted unless it's on the live CD. does the same exist in ubuntu disk utility, will look08:52
tziOmHow come ubuntu only has an ancient buggy version of openswan/xl2tp ?08:53
jdtmhmm, would you be ok with a reinstall, like is there anything vital on your ubuntu partitions?08:53
grendal-primegorillanoananana, is there just a gnome package?08:53
grendal-primei mean there is in lts08:54
ikoniagnome 2 is dead08:54
ikoniait is not available any more08:54
gorillanoanananagrendal-prime:  what do you mean?08:54
grendal-primethat kinda...well definatly blows08:54
Snowiejdtm: wth, just looked, and the linux partition doesnt show as bootable. could it be that simple, and why would that be the case08:54
grendal-primehey what about in server install?08:54
ikoniagrendal-prime: how will that fix it08:55
grendal-primejust an idea08:55
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...08:55
Satanaaerr wrong network08:55
ikoniagrendal-prime: I've asked you not to push random stuff to people08:55
jdtmhaha, im not really an expert snowie, im just going off what i've experienced.08:55
ikoniagrendal-prime: if you know it will remedy a problem, great, but just suggesting random things like "use LTS" or "use a server install" to fix a gnome 3 theme issue is not useful08:55
jdtmi know if you wipe all of the ubuntu partitions into free space, then try to live install, itll detect windows and let you dual boot along side it.08:56
jdtmfixing your GRUB08:56
grendal-primeok sorry gorillanoananana i apologize.. I use lts there is no problem with installing gnome in lts. this is disturbing to me in several ways as i will have to upgrade several desktops in the future that use gnome.08:56
jdtmunless your cd is messed up08:56
grendal-primei do not know what will happen08:56
ikoniagnome2 is dead, you should start planning for that now08:56
Snowiejdtm: done, did not work, but then i think that's becuase i can t kill the swaps.08:56
jdtmas far as fixing grub manually, i have no clue.08:57
jdtmlike i said,08:57
gorillanoanananaikonia:  is better than nothing..  any sugestion is welcome.. as this is the first time it happen to see ubuntu behaving like mac and only reading the approved thems in the /usr/share/themes and ignoring the other ones08:57
SnowieAnyone on here know how to kill swaps on hdd from live cd08:57
ikoniaSnowie: swapoff08:57
llutz_Snowie: sudo swapoff -a08:57
grendal-primeif you would like. i can assuere you that. if yo uinstall the lts version of ubuntu you will have no problem with installing gnome in that environment for now.08:57
jdtmopen up Gparted or something like it, unlock the swap drives, then try to reinstall08:57
grendal-primesince we are on the subject..08:57
Snowieikonia: will that remove the swaps?08:57
jdtmgparted is on the live cd08:57
llutz_Snowie: then you can remove swap-partition08:58
stephnihow do i uninstall i2p?08:58
Snowieso i can use gparted from within live-cd gui???08:58
gorillanoanananagrendal-prime:  if you look carefull at the screenshots you will see that i have installed this ubuntu for my friend on  a mac08:58
grendal-primeikonia, what should i look at doing in the future with the machien that i have..that will require gnome on them08:58
=== benct_ is now known as bencty
=== bencty is now known as benct
ikoniagrendal-prime: gnome308:58
gorillanoanananai am not user  a LTS will suport mac08:58
jdtmyes you can, but try what llutz suggested, it might be easier for you =]08:58
Snowiebtw, in the new unity, is there a shortcut to open the dashboard08:58
grendal-primean gorillanoananana do the same now?08:58
gorillanoanananasay again grendal-prime08:59
grendal-primesorry im asking ikonia what you should do now and if you can install  gnome308:59
jdtmno clue08:59
gorillanoanananaso.. my friend was fed up with his mac  osx .. i partitioned the disk and i have installed linux on it..08:59
grendal-primegorillanoananana, in that situation especiallialy i would go with lts 64 bit09:00
ikoniagrendal-prime: gnome 3 is available from 11.10 onwards, start planning for it09:00
=== drake01 is now known as p
grendal-primewhat about gorillanoananana and his mac?09:00
ikoniagorillanoananana: unless you have a reason to use 64bit eg: ram ustilisation, don't use it, keep it simple09:00
stephnisomebody help me out09:00
gorillanoanananayeah.. but would i have problems with  choseing the theme as well?09:00
=== p is now known as Guest45978
gorillanoanananaikonia:  the mac my friend has it is a 64 intell processor.. it REQUIRES a 64 bit09:01
grendal-primegorillanoananana, in lts 64 bit no..and dude ive seen that run on  a mac 4 of them actually it works fine09:01
Snowiesweet, killing them now, then attempt reinstall, and see if Grub sorts itself out. CHEERS ALL!!! :D09:01
ikoniagorillanoananana: it doesn't REQUIRE 64bit09:01
jdtmi agree with ikonia on that one09:01
grendal-primegorillanoananana, will your friend want to do any virtulization..(ie wondows)09:02
gorillanoanananaunless  you do not wanna properly use your proesso09:02
llutz_ikonia: why should one use 32bit on 64bit-capable machines today? makes no sense at all09:02
gorillanoanananalol grendal-prime  he hates windows more than mac09:02
grendal-primealso i have found that the 64 bit works much smoother09:02
ikoniallutz_: fully agree, but from the sounds of it, there maybe issues with this users use level, so things like flash/certain network card firmwares, the touchpad may cause uneeded pain09:02
grendal-primegorillanoananana, ya but there is always something that reguires a vm09:03
ikoniagrendal-prime: no there is not09:03
ikoniagrendal-prime: please stop pushing stuff on people, if he doesn't use a vm, or doesn't need one, why are you telling him he will09:03
jdtmlike what?09:03
* gorillanoananana is happy that i switched 3 years ago to debian..09:03
ikoniagrendal-prime: help him with his problem,09:03
ikoniagorillanoananana: you'll have these same problems in debian very shortly when they drop gnome209:04
grendal-primeikonia, dude..i ave 6 machines variing hardware that run these desktops ..i was never a proponent of 64 bit untell i had to install it..all of them run better09:04
llutz_gorillanoananana: debian will have the same problem soon09:04
gorillanoanananahmz.. at least tthere i can install a icewm or openbox without any problems09:04
ikoniagrendal-prime: that's not what HE is doing though, so help him with HIS problem and config09:04
gorillanoanananaproblem is my firend hates icewm hates open box fluxbox he wasnt gnome09:05
gorillanoananana so i am pretty much... stuvk09:05
grendal-primegorillanoananana, i do not want to misslead you...in any way.. i do know the lts uses gnome just fine for now09:05
llutz_grendal-prime: why don't you write a blog or something, if you want to share your experineces/likes/hates? THIS is the wrong place for that09:05
auronandacegorillanoananana: xfce is gtk based, as is lxde (try them out and see)09:05
grendal-prime64 bit is up to you09:05
grendal-primei have seen it installed on macs ither way09:06
grendal-primeSEVERAL of them09:06
Javid`Is there such a thing as a terminal facebook program, irssi-style? D:09:06
gorillanoanananaauronandace:  i tried them both.. my favorite is still icewm and when i feel like going blingy i go openbox.. i am here triying to help a friend..09:06
gorillanoanananafor him ubuntu is the best..09:07
auronandacegrendal-prime: you are not looking at the big picture are you? the gnome foundation has ceased support for gnome 2; they are no longer making it! that means all distributions will be forced to move on!09:07
grendal-primegorillanoananana, do you want gnome to work on that machine?09:07
gorillanoanananaok.. is it possible the way as possible like 2 years ago to download gnome3 desktop? back in the day on ubuntu you could apt-get your way trough the whole desktop09:08
gorillanoanananagrendal-prime:  yes09:08
grendal-primethat will work (for now) with lts09:08
auronandacegorillanoananana: gnome3 is available and supported on 11.1009:08
haylo-bot_yeah i am here to learn stuff not complain about gnome- no offense but there a ton of people on here09:08
gorillanoanananaauronandace:  apt-get gnome3 session or something?09:09
auronandace!gnome3  | gorillanoananana09:09
ubottugorillanoananana: GNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.09:09
jdtmyea, im kinda here to read and learn from other people's issues :P09:09
gorillanoanananahow about if i compile it  and install it over?09:09
auronandacegorillanoananana: why would you want to do that?09:10
jdtmwait, what.09:10
grendal-primenow my question is ..what is the upgrade path going to look like from 10.04 to 12.04 is this problem going to be resolved?09:10
LasersI hate upgrades. You should make time for clean installations.09:10
auronandacegrendal-prime: i foresee it will be ugly, but in the end gnome2 is dead and won't be supported in 12.0409:11
gorillanoanananamaybe i can sell him on kubuntu.. but he hates it because looks like a cheap knock off of windows09:11
=== calibwam_ is now known as calibwam
grendal-primebecause if the plan is that it is going to be smooth than i would say...go with the lts and let them work it out09:11
grendal-primethem being...those people that live out there where the pizza man comes from..09:11
dr_willissilly reasons to pick a desktop enviroment top 10 list...09:12
suboneWhere is an appropriate place to install ZendStudio 8 on Ubuntu?09:12
jatt /opt09:12
suboneThe install for ZendServer installed itself to /usr/local/zend/. Should I install ZendStudio in this directory as well?09:12
dr_willis local is commonly used09:12
jatt or /opt09:12
grendal-primesubone,  zend for php?09:12
grendal-primehold on09:13
benctHello all,09:14
grendal-primeweird #php is invite only?  what the heck is going on around here these days09:14
Satanaagrendal-prime, trolls is happening09:14
grendal-primeits like comm weridness week of some stuff09:14
hje841is conntrack available in 11.10?09:14
=== GodfatherofEir1 is now known as godfatherofeir1
grendal-primei get beat up for...grr. nevermind09:14
Satanaait was not directed at you grendal-prime hehe09:15
auronandace!info conntrack | hje84109:15
ubottuhje841: conntrack (source: conntrack): Program to modify the conntrack tables. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0.0-2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 24 kB, installed size 108 kB09:15
grendal-primewanna bet09:15
Satanaamore at that trolls make channels go +r09:15
auronandacehje841: so yes: sudo apt-get install conntrack09:16
hje841auronandace: thanks09:16
grendal-primeback to the weridness of gnome209:16
auronandacehje841: no worries :)09:16
auronandacegrendal-prime: seriously, do you have a support question or are you here to complain?09:17
suboneI got into ##php just fine grendal-prime09:18
gorillanoanananawhateever happens with ubuntu is going the wrong way.. I found out that after being out of ubuntu for like 3 years the changes that have been made  are not good.. I had to manually install gdebi because the default app is useless.. i had to apt-get install my way trough in order to bring synaptic back.. which is not good09:18
waza-arihey all, i have an external monitor connected to my ubuntu laptop. When laptop opened, i use the display manager to disable the laptop monitor and set the external monitor to a higher resolution. When closing the laptop, the monitor get mirrored autmaticly at a low solution. How can i set the display res which persists when closing the laptop?09:19
jpdsgorillanoananana: Alright, that's your opinion.09:19
odb|fidelgorillanoananana: so - thats why we have apt to select what we need09:19
bkerensagorillanoananana: Do you have a support question?09:19
grendal-primeits late im out..sorry man... gorillanoananana  dude straight up...id tell ya to just insall lts for now...people hate me (life story.) thing is i use it and dont have the problems your having with 11.  ok. so it will not upgrade..i have  a hard time with the idea that they are not going to support the upgrade path.but you know i ve only done this linux thang for 10 years now09:19
karbas_gorillanoananana, what you mean synaptic? Doesn't ubuntu anymore support special features of synaptic touchpad by default?09:19
jpdskarbas_: Synaptic the package manager.09:19
karbas_jpds, aah ok09:20
gorillanoanananayeah.. for the newcomers the new ubuntu might be the cats's meow.. but those o us who still remeber the old ubuntu are not that impressed withthe new one09:20
llutz_karbas_: touchpad == synapticS09:20
gorillanoanananakarbas_:  lol09:20
jpdsgorillanoananana: Are you impressed with GNOME 3?09:20
grendal-primebut...whatever.. ubuntu i think rocks. im a bit put out tonight...things may change. my company owns some thangs that may come into play here.09:20
grendal-primewh knows09:20
gorillanoanananasee what i mean karbas_ ??09:20
bkerensagorillanoananana: Do you have a support question?09:20
gorillanoananana jpds  nope it sueck09:20
FloodBot1gorillanoananana: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:21
karbas_gorillanoananana, i am also unhappy about this new ubuntu. unity is unusable as is also gnome shell09:21
jpdsgorillanoananana: OK, the old GNOME is _dead_, so move on09:21
jattxfce4 ftw09:21
* llutz_ suggests creating "#ubuntu-whining"09:21
karbas_gorillanoananana, so i said apt-get install xubuntu-desktop for now... let's see what happens09:21
grendal-primellutz i like that09:21
haylo-bot_slash join whine09:21
* gorillanoananana thinks llutz_ is a fanboy09:21
grendal-primeor likes crack09:22
grendal-primeor...ummm whats his name.09:22
karbas_isn't whining also conversation that should be included in this channel? :)09:22
llutz_read the topic, respect the rules period09:22
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:22
bkerensagrendal-prime & gorillanoananana: Do you have a support question? If not can you keep offtopic discussion to #Ubuntu-offtopic09:22
___hi...can anybody help me get into tty 1? after pressing ctrl-alt-f1 my monitor shut down...09:22
Satanaabkerensa, i have one, but you cant answer it09:23
oliphantgnome-shell is great!09:23
bkerensaSatanaa: If you ask I'm sure someone in channel will try to assist you in resolving it09:23
Satanaaloads try :P09:23
Satanaathe ubuntu devs broek this, and none knows what to do09:23
jatthi, my locale looks like this:09:25
jatthow do I change it to use en_US.UTF-8 consistently?09:25
gorillanoanananabkerensa: if you would have bothered to actually read  above instead being so busy of pasting and copy your little script'ubuntu aproved comments' you would have notinced that i do have a support question which (big surprise) there is no solution at it because some steve jobs decided to go 'the mac way'09:27
Satanaaan easy way to solve it would be calling this channel #ubuntu-support and the offtopic channel #ubuntu hehe09:29
auronandacegorillanoananana: your attitude is not conducive to receiving help09:29
llutz_Satanaa:wouldn't change anything09:29
Satanaait would09:29
bkerensa!ot | Satanaa09:30
ubottuSatanaa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:30
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MeQuerSatAnyone on Ubuntu + ATI + fglrx + decent flash performance?09:30
Satanaabkerensa please stop spamming09:30
gorillanoanananaauronandace:  from my own experience here there is no help .. people are too busy playing moderators.. I know what i am talking.. i have been with ubuntu back from number 8 version09:30
dddbmtI'm using unity (in 11.10) - is there something that can replace "System monitor" from the Gnome panels?09:30
jdtmtheres some more people on, maybe try asking your original question again?09:31
gorillanoanananaand in this time i have seen everyting changing..09:31
auronandacegorillanoananana: and i have been around since dapper, you want help then please stop whining09:31
gorillanoanananayeah right09:31
bkerensadddbmt: Do you mean an applet?09:32
dr_willisdddbmt:  check out the indicator-applets list on askubuntu.com09:33
dddbmtbkerensa, yeah. I used to have it in my Gnome panels. With a graph showing CPU, Memory, Netowkr etc...09:33
FxIIIMy netbook's name is eeeci so I can find it in my network whith eeeci.local. Now I want to multiplex a web service it offers by using virtualhost so i want that every.host.i.can.imagine.eeeci.local points to eeeci.local09:33
bkerensadddmt: dr_willis answered before I could :)09:33
FxIIIis it possible by installing a dns to eeeci.local?09:33
gorillanoanananaauronandace:  your attitude it is not helpful.. instead of coming with solutions you paste and copy guide lines and stuff.. the question i had was simple.. why the theme choser does not read the full content of the /usr/share/themes the way it used to be...09:33
gorillanoanananait is still a mistery now but i have learned that there is a place called offtopic ubuntu where i can actually ask this support question .. great09:34
dddbmtdr_willis, I asume you mean http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/list-of-application-indicators ?09:34
dddbmtbkerensa, too bad ;) thanks though! :)09:34
Mr_Placidola burritos09:34
auronandacegorillanoananana: if i knew i would tell you, but i use xfce (i've never liked gnome 2 or 3)09:34
kaolc2pidgin crashes every ~30 seconds after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 - any ideas why / how to fix it?09:34
gorillanoanananathank you auronandace09:35
dr_willisdddbmt:  big list of them. many not in the repos.09:35
HalabundDo you know of an integrated RSS notifier for Ubuntu?  Something that'll just give me a notification when something new comes up and is integrated with that little mail icon on the panel09:35
MeQuerSatkaolc2: run it from terminal and see what it says09:35
=== Mud is now known as Guest26645
stephnihow can i uninstall i2p09:35
pdqHalabund, liferea works well09:35
kaolc2MeQuerSat: Good point09:36
bkerensaHalabund: To my knowledge there is not yet a indicator that does that in 11.10 although 11.04 Classic and lower had apps that did such09:36
stephnisombody help me out09:36
Halabundthanks pdq bkerensa09:36
bkerensaHalabund: Anytime :)09:37
stephnibjkerns pls help me out09:37
HalabundAnother question: not often, but occasionally the UI of Ubuntu will freeze up completely.  The mouse moves, but doesn't interact with anything, nor is anything else updated on the screen apart from the mouse cursor.  How can I avoid this, and if it happens, how can I fix it?  (It leads to losing all my work, i.e. is just as bad as a blue screen_09:38
auronandaceHalabund: do you happen to be using flash when this happens?09:38
Halabundauronandace, last time I definitely wasn't.  I am not sure what triggers it.  It may be related to dragging things around in gnome (drag & drop) but I'm not sure09:39
mengumy vpn client is fortinet's forticlient. i'm using ubuntu 11.10 64 bit and the client app is 32 bit. it was working before i updated the system but in the update process it removed things. so how do i know what libraries are missing for the file?09:39
bkerensastephni: In Terminal sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install i2p09:39
jdtmi think he was looking to uninstall it.09:40
auronandaceHalabund: ok, i was thinking of a seperate problem, sorry09:40
stephnii want to uninstall not install09:40
MeQuerSatHalabund: try logging in from Ubuntu 2D09:41
jdtmhow did you install it? should probably be able to just delete the folder from where you installed it from09:41
rabbi1how to open an .iso file09:41
rabbi17zip says unable to archieve09:41
jdtmiso is an image file, burn it to a cd or mount it with some sort of iso mounting tool09:42
jdtmcd image*09:42
auronandace!iso | rabbi109:42
ubotturabbi1: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:42
rabbi1jdtm: thanks, but its full of tutorials09:42
VictorCLif I am connected trhough ssh to a server , can I copy files from my pc to that terminal trough the shell?09:43
jdtmlinux can mount iso's without a program? didnt know hah09:43
jdtmlearnin everyday09:43
sskniranjani wanna read htdp book available at http://www.htdp.org/ offline how to do this plzz explain me09:43
Satanaabkerensa, do you know what i can do to fix my "screensaver" ? when my monitor "turns off" when idle.. i have to either go to standby and wake it up again or reboot it to get back to the desktop09:43
auronandace!scp | VictorCL09:44
ubottuVictorCL: scp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/09:44
rabbi1jdtm: how can that be done?09:44
jdtmsskniranjan: this? http://www.htdp.org/2003-09-26/Book/curriculum-Z-H-1.html#node_toc_start09:45
bkerensaSatanaa: Is it possible you have your power settings set to suspend after a period of time and spin down your harddrives?09:46
nachosHi, does the ubuntu live CD in 'try it' mode run 3d accellerated?09:46
nachoslike does it use Nvidia drivers if you have a nvidia card?09:46
pdqrabbi1, 'furious iso mount' is good, easy to use gui09:46
SunTsuVictorCL: if you do ControlMaster Yey and set ControlPath you can even use the same ssh connection for scp because ssh supports multiple streams09:46
jdtmrabbil, sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint>09:46
VictorCLwill check it out09:46
auronandacenachos: i think so yes09:46
pdq*furius :P09:46
jdtmat least thats what the ubottu said09:46
Satanaabkerensa, well the hdd's are running.. i can hear sounds from the desktop09:46
nachoshow can i make certain? what kernel modules should i look for auronandace09:47
jdtmbut it may be easier with a gui, so try pdq's suggestion too09:47
Satanaaand i cant even disable it, it does it anyways09:47
auronandacenachos: nvidia09:47
sskniranjanjdtm i wanna read that book offline how to download that09:47
Snowieok, so still stuck at grub rescue prompt. after asking ubuntu live cd to install alongside win 7, it has used one block of free space and not the other. anyways, is there anyone who could give me some solid advice or reading on what to do from here. i nned to keep my win 7 partitions at least, and i also must have ubuntu. anyone?09:47
nachosauronandace: not there... ?09:47
Mr_Placidola nacho09:47
nachoslsmod | grep nvidia09:47
dr_willislive cd did not have nvudia drivers last i looked. used neovu drivers09:47
auronandacenachos: can you show us the full output of lsmod please?'09:48
tolecnalafter upgrading to 11.10, there's a rather annoying but with perl and snmp -> http://pastebin.com/ee5x6pUh09:48
rabbi1pdq: acetoneISO gives me error09:48
auronandacedr_willis: oh09:48
nachosuh, im on my mac, whats a irc client that comes in try it mode auronandace09:48
rabbi1Error, could not mount image,09:48
tolecnalsemms like it's a common problem, but a problem there isn't a fix for.. anyone has a suggestion as how to fix this?09:48
dr_willisnoveau i cannever spell it right09:48
bkerensaSatanaa: Well likely your still set to suspend and there has been issues since 11.04 with Ubuntu not resuming well09:48
rabbi1not possible to mount multi-sector images ... ????????09:49
auronandacedr_willis: nor can i :)09:49
Satanaabkerensa, happend when i installed 11.1009:49
Mr_Placidwhats the damn word for friend that sounds like nacho??09:49
auronandacenachos: sorry, i don't use macs09:49
jdtmsorry, sri krishna, no clue.09:49
Satanaaif this has been going on since 11.04, the devs should stop whatever they are doing and fix this09:49
tolecnalMr_Placid: muchacho?09:49
Satanaaloads of people have this issue, but no fixes around09:49
bkerensaSatanaa: Does it happen everytime or just sometimes?09:49
rachoSatanaa, do you have an ati card?09:49
Mr_Placidthank you tolecnal!!!09:50
Satanaabkerensa, every single time09:50
tolecnalMr_Placid: you're welcome :)09:50
sskniranjanany body help me09:50
Satanaaracho, no09:50
Mr_Placidused to say that all the time09:50
Mr_Placidand it was slipping my mind09:50
Forsetihaylo-bot_, thanks for the walkthrough installing ubuntu. :)09:50
Satanaaits a hp mini 1000.. everything works out of the box on ubuntu09:50
Satanaaor is supposed to09:50
bkerensaSatanaa: The devs have hundreds of bugs to deal with and planning for 12.04.... Its often up to a maintainer to handle this and your welcome to submit a bug09:50
pdqrabbi1, i dunno nothing bout multi-sector iso, but acetoneiso working fine here :]09:50
Mr_PlacidI know it's stupid09:50
Mr_Placiddont care09:50
Satanaagot kinda unvalid with 11.10 hehe09:50
Mr_PlacidOla Muchacho09:51
Satanaabkerensa, they need to ignore 12.04 and fix "stable"09:51
Snowieanyone got any help for stuck at grub prompt. i know others here are having real problems, but i have an unbootable system except for live cd. could do with some kind advice09:51
Mr_Placidthats it09:51
stephnii figured out whats wrong with me uninstalling i2p is cos is not marked as executable so how should i do it09:51
rachoSnowie, what's the error msg or is there even a msg?09:51
Mr_Placidwhat means tolecnal?09:52
bkerensaSatanaa: As I had indicated a number of the bugs need to be addressed by package maintainers or upstream not devs09:52
auronandace!ot | Mr_Placid09:52
ubottuMr_Placid: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:52
Snowieracho: nope, start pc, get grub rescue prompt09:52
Satanaabkerensa, is not a package issue.. its a ubuntu issue09:52
tolecnalMr_Placid: read it backwards09:52
Satanaaaka take a package and break it and add it to the distro09:52
bkerensastephni: You can browse to the file and right click and set permissions to allow executing09:52
Snowieracho: i know that means it cant find grub, but im stuck as to how to fix it, or why it occured in the first place09:53
bkerensaSatanaa: Your turning your question into a debate so I'm not going to continue with this09:53
auronandace!grub2 | Snowie09:53
ubottuSnowie: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:53
Satanaaits called replies but sure09:53
Mr_Placidnow Ill remember your name liek I remeber muchachos09:53
sskniranjanplzz anybody say me how to download the whole htdp book available @ http://www.htdp.org/. so that i could read it offline09:53
rachoSnowie, run ls at grub console09:53
rachoSnowie, and post results09:53
Mr_Placidnot being racist just stupid in general09:54
Satanaabkerensa, i'll just take it as a "im sorry but i cant help you, i dont know"09:54
Mr_Placidthere's a difference09:54
auronandaceMr_Placid: do you have a support question?09:54
Mr_Placidauronandace: no I heard this was a good place to troll around :D09:55
Snowieracho: that will take time if i have to get out, write by hand, and boot this live CD. i dont beleive that will work. in the grub instructions you posted, ls is not a grub command, or am i missing something here09:55
aurillianceEver since upgrading to 11.10 my internet has taken upwards of 20s to connect to any server. I've tested with multiple browsers and internet connections, including a 3G wireless one and the issue is definitely ubuntu. Any pointers?09:55
auronandaceMr_Placid: i suggest you leave before someone kicks you09:55
Mr_Placidwuh oh09:55
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
rachoSnowie, ls is a grub command and it list all the paritions found by grub at your hdd. Also if you are dropped at "grub-rescue>" you should run "normal" to get back to regular "grub>" mode09:56
jdtmsri krishna, im lookin.09:56
sskniranjanokay thanx09:57
stephnihow do i uninstall lmms09:57
Snowieracho: have tried insmod normal, and the normal, no joy, does not want09:57
Snowieracho: *then09:57
linociscoi lost my GRUB09:58
linociscoon dual boot of windows 7 and ubuntu09:58
bkerensastephni: To install just sudo apt-add-repository ppa:tobydox/lmms && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install lmms09:58
bkerensastephni: In Terminal09:58
icerootstephni: sudo apt-get remove --purge lmms09:58
rachoSnowie, a nice tool for umangling grub09:58
Snowielinocisco: mate i just tried an install and im stuck at grub rescue, you too?09:58
linociscoIt is now always boot to windows709:59
=== hades_ is now known as Guest99249
Snowielinocisco: well at least it boots, different problem for me09:59
auronandace!grub2 | linocisco09:59
ubottulinocisco: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)09:59
rachoSnowie, another possibility is to reinstall the grub from the live cd09:59
Snowieracho:  ok, well i know i read that, but i cant find where i read it. do you have a link10:00
linociscoI lost GRUB .  NOt after installing windows. After editing , GRUB from startup manager or CLI I didn't remember. Now it is only boot to windows 710:00
Snowieracho: i think it was on official site somewhere10:00
iceroot!grub | linocisco10:00
ubottulinocisco: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:00
icerootlinocisco: second link10:01
jdtmhehe at least it boots to something :P lucky10:01
Bear10is it possible to get a linux pc to turn on at a given time?10:01
MavrikBear10, if your BIOS/EFI supports "Wake on RTC alarm"10:01
icerootBear10: yes, controlled by the bios or using WOL from another pc10:01
Snowieracho: thanks mate. now i remember there are 2 links in that answer.10:01
Satanaa!screensaver | Satanaa10:01
MavrikBear10, or WOL works as well10:01
rachoSnowie, http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html#mozTocId842078 is one of the first things that google shows10:01
Mavrikbut all of that isn't linux specific, it's motherboard BIOS specific10:01
Bear10i doubt itll support it since its an old pc10:02
MavrikBear10, check it out, you could be surprised10:02
MavrikI've seen wake on alarm on 10 year old machines10:02
Bear10well then time to hook up a monitor and keyboard to the comp10:02
Bear10:) thanks10:03
jdtmsri krishna, i think i may have found it =]10:03
Mr_Placidyou got me10:04
linociscook thanks I would need Live CD anyway I think10:04
Mr_Placidwhy did they quit? I know everything10:05
Mr_PlacidIm just going to go mastergate10:06
SnowieI am thinking that boot issues could be caused by the current live cd not setting the linux boot partition as bootable, but ima noob, and i really have no idea10:06
Mr_Placidnope try the bios10:07
Mr_PlacidIm not kidding10:08
jdtmis there a way to remove icons from the unity dash home area? like i have two minecraft icons in there and only one works, so i wanna make the other dissappear at least =]10:08
VxQeHi, is anyone able to tell me when the 3.1 kernel come through for 11.10?10:08
SatanaaVxQe, if i have to guess, in 12.0410:09
rachoVxQe, you can compile it yourself..it is out already10:10
Snowietrying to boot again after recommended boot-repair, wish me luck :)10:10
auronandaceracho: true but then you won't get support10:10
Bear10hmm Mavrik, i set the RTC alarm to every day, hour 12 minute 8 second 00 and it didnt start up (the times are correct though)10:11
Bear10im trying again now for 12:12:0010:11
Mr_Placid12:12 will work10:11
jinuhow to get memory map(start and end address) of a process?10:11
MavrikBear10, check for 12/24hr time :)10:11
Bear10Mr_Placid, wonder why the 12:8 didnt work10:11
Bear10it is 24hr10:11
Bear10its 12 PM here in Spain heh10:11
Mr_PlacidBear: yes10:12
Mr_Placidit's very mysterious10:12
Bear10nope didnt boot up10:12
Bear10its still off10:12
rachojincreator, pmap -x process10:12
Mr_PlacidBear: it's not off you're off10:12
Mr_Placidthink about it10:13
auronandaceBear10: ignore him, he's trolling10:13
Bear10figured as much10:13
Bear10any suggestions?10:13
Mr_Placidno suggestions10:17
Mr_Placidget out10:17
Mr_Placidjust kidding10:17
Mr_Placidok ok10:18
Mr_Placidwhere did you set the RTC alarm bios or Linux?10:19
avi289Hello, I found this command  ( find htdocs/ -type f -size +1000k -exec ls -lh {} \; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }' )on Google which printing all files that large than 1MB on the server, I would like to save the result to file? what I should do?10:20
Mr_Placidholy crap you damn hacker10:21
auronandaceavi289: #bash might be able to help you better10:21
Mr_PlacidIm never going outside again10:22
Bear10Mr_Placid, sorry10:22
Bear10did it in bios10:22
rachoavi289, | tee filename10:22
rachojust pipe it there10:22
Mr_Placidthats what I thought, what were we talking about?10:23
Bear10i checked the time, the time is fine (the bios showed 12:18 PM) and in the RTC alarm i put every day, 12:20 PM but still didnt wake up10:23
SatanaaFSCK DISK 11.10 grrr..10:24
Satanaafamily friendly *nix swearing :P10:25
Mr_Placidsomething about your mainboard10:26
rachoBear10, what does cat /etc/default/rcS contains10:26
Bear10let me see10:27
Mr_Placidsomething has to be set on all the time10:27
rachoBear10, also are you dual booting with windows?10:27
Bear10racho, http://pastebin.com/M3aU2FsB10:28
Bear10and yes i am dualbooting, but by default it boots into ubuntu server os10:28
Mr_PlacidIm thinking there's another bios setting10:28
Mr_Placidto keep something on10:28
Bear10Mr_Placid, hmm i mean in the same screen i see a power on with keyboard10:28
Bear10and when i do that10:28
Mr_Placidthat enables it to wake up10:28
Bear10that one works just fine10:28
Mr_PlacidIm just guessing10:29
rachoBear10, windows requires the BIOS time to be local but you can try a little hack. change UTC=no to UTC=yes and try if it works10:30
Satanaaif i deleted my homedir and rebooted, would everything get reset?10:30
Mr_Placidracho what file?10:30
Bear10okay trying10:30
=== Mud is now known as Guest63375
Mr_PlacidSatanaa that or you X will fail10:31
Mr_Placidback up10:32
SatanaaMr_Placid, so everything except X ?10:32
Mr_Placidnever tried it10:32
dddbmthow do I add "ppa:indicator-multiload/stable-daily" to my repository?10:32
auronandace!addppa | dddbmt10:32
ubottudddbmt: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details10:32
auronandacedddbmt: bear in mind that ppas are not supported10:33
Mr_PlacidSatanaa make sure you know how to get out of a hard situation before you try it10:33
SatanaaMr_Placid, scratch that, tried using the guest account.. same issue10:33
Mr_Placidwich issue?10:33
Satanaaim more or less forced to stop using ubuntu ;/10:33
Mr_Placidbrb more beer10:33
Satanaamy screen blacks out10:33
Satanaaits the "screensaver" thingie10:34
Satanaajust that i cant resume10:34
Bear10racho, no luck10:34
dddbmtauronandace, thank you! :)10:34
Satanaai have to reboot or go standby and wake up again10:34
=== school is now known as Guest80964
auronandacedddbmt: no worries :)10:34
Mr_Placidbrb more beer10:34
me121thim so pissed10:34
kdeFanOnlyi understand that10:34
me121thno you don't10:35
auronandace!language | me121th10:35
ubottume121th: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:35
jon____hi do i need to open any ports to receive mail on my system?10:35
experiMENTALhow to downgrade python (I want to reverse: sudo ln -f /usr/bin/python3.2 /usr/bin/python)?10:35
rakesh_can anyone help me with a problem?10:35
jon____forgot to add that im running ubuntu server and have postfix10:35
kdeFanOnly me121th: so whats your problem?10:35
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: that was a silly thing to do10:35
me121thmy wife hates me10:35
Guest80964i have a problem.i am unable to connect to my wi fi network . it always shows disconnected. can anyone help me?10:36
kdeFanOnlywell why?10:36
me121thcuz i drink to much10:36
winnie666hello everyone! i've been using xubuntu for the past 7 years, and converted so far 4 people to ubuntu LTS in the past year or so, and my 5th victim is coming up10:36
Mr_Placidok Im back10:36
elkyme121th, that's unfortunate, but it's also not an appropriate topic for here.10:36
Mr_Placidand Im the oracle again10:36
kdeFanOnly me121th: so you could stop10:36
winnie666the question is: should i go with unity or not?10:36
rakesh_the problem is with the terminal10:37
KrisDouglaswinnie666, it's worth a try.10:37
kdeFanOnlywinnie666: tell unity to beat it10:37
Mr_Placidyour shoulds not10:37
Satanaawinnie666, run as far away as you can10:37
GirlyGirl!ot | me121th10:37
ubottume121th: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:37
KrisDouglaswinnie666, far from perfect however.10:37
kdeFanOnly me121th: come on man we all have to stop some time10:37
auronandacewinnie666: try it and see if you like it, i prefer xfce10:37
rakesh_whenever I open the terminal it shows as "bash: /home/rakesh/.bashrc: line 168: syntax error: unexpected end of file10:37
me121thi like my damn beer10:37
Mr_Placiddo not10:37
Mr_Placidit is death10:38
experiMENTALauronandace: not my fault its not as simple as that: sudo ln -f /usr/bin/python3.2 /usr/bin/python3.210:38
winnie666i am sorry i just realized, i am moving over the discussion to offtopic10:38
SatanaaI'll put in in another way, ubuntu 11.10 could kill you, stress can lead to a heart attack10:38
Mr_PlacidI mean awww10:38
winnie666well the thing is that i want the latest driver support with the new kernel10:38
rachoBear10, are you there?10:38
Mr_PlacidI liked me121th10:38
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: not your fault? who set python 3 to be the default?10:38
winnie666but so far i've been putting newbies to the LTS10:38
winnie666actually i myself use the LTS10:39
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: python 3 is not backwards compatible with python 2, that is why 2 is used as default10:39
rakesh_Help please10:39
Mr_Placidany more questions?10:39
Mr_Placidwhile the oracle is here?10:39
Satanaayes mine Mr_Placid10:39
Mr_Placidask again10:40
Mr_Placideverything is shaken up10:40
Mr_Placidits different now10:40
experiMENTALauronandace: not my falut its not so easy to downgrade from python3 to python2 like upgrade from 2 to 3 ::)10:40
toumboHi people!!Please help me!I'm on gnome shell and I seek a way to repair my unity desktop!!!Any ideas?I think "unity -- reset" didn't work...10:40
cdavisHow do I enable verbose text during startup and shutdown?10:40
Satanaawell when my screensaver kicks in ( blank ).. i cant resume unkless i reboot or go in standby and then resume10:40
rachocdavis, change splash=quiet to splash=verbose in the grub booting params10:41
Bear10racho, yeah10:41
Satanaai have even set the screensaver to never kick in, still does it10:41
Mr_Placid10 minutes?10:41
Bear10racho, sorry im just running back and forth between rooms10:41
Satanaaprob 10 mins10:41
Bear10racho, it didn't work10:41
cdavisracho: thanks10:41
Mr_Placidso does mine10:41
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: why did you symlink python with python3? that breaks a lot in ubuntu (which relies on python2)10:41
Mr_Placidhold on10:41
SatanaaMr_Placid, how do you not have the urge to beat a ubuntu dev up then? lol10:42
rachoBear10, ok, does ls /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/ return a "wakefile"10:42
Mr_PlacidIm thinking10:42
Mr_Placidhold on10:42
Mr_Placidthe oracle is working10:42
Bear10racho, it has a wakealarm10:42
yrgexperiMENTAL, you could just install python3 from the repos10:42
Bear10racho, however not a "wakefile"10:42
Satanaabrb, door bell10:42
experiMENTALauronandace: i followed some instructions on some websides. i think i still got python2 and i had no idea that i am braking something in ubuntu.10:43
Mr_Placiddamn screensavers always get me10:43
WacemanHi guys, I installed nVidia 71 on Ubuntu 10.04... manually, as they seem to be the only drivers which support my old Geforce 256... Install went fine, but said I needed to create / update my xorg file. Can anyone help me to do that please?10:43
Mr_Placidhold on10:43
rachoBear10, well this is the thing :)10:43
yrgexperiMENTAL, I would recommend you to aptitude reinstall python and aptitude reinstall python310:43
Bear10racho, i'm all ears. please explain :)10:43
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: python 3 can be installed alongside python 2, you should never just blindly follow website instructions10:43
=== gs_ is now known as gs
Mr_PlacidI know everything10:44
experiMENTALauronandace: will reinstall fix it?10:45
=== gs is now known as gauravsaxena
Mr_Placidyou must log in as root and change the text file of configuration!10:45
yrgMr_Placid, you are being vague here10:45
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: i've never tried what you have so i don't know how messed up your system might be10:45
Satanaadone thinking Mr_Placid ?10:46
Mr_Placidyou must log in a root and change the text file of configuration!10:46
auronandaceMr_Placid: root logins are not supported under ubuntu10:46
Satanaawhat text file conf?10:47
Mr_Placidwhat the crap10:47
Satanaaand sudo would do10:47
BrixSathoe come a wifi card is recognized as eth1 and not wlan0? (via st6655 card)10:47
riderplussatan anyone?10:47
Mr_PlacidBrixSAt winmodem10:47
wckdMr_Placid: sudo su10:47
Mr_Placidyea su10:47
Satanaasudo su -10:47
BrixSatMr_Placid:  what?10:47
Mr_Placidsu too10:47
Satanaaand then change what Mr_Placid ?10:48
BrixSatMr_Placid:  but do i have to install remove delete what?10:48
Mr_Placidthe text file10:48
Mr_Placidof configuration10:48
SatanaaMr_Placid, what conf?10:48
auronandaceSatanaa: sudo su is wrong, if you need a root terminal use sudo -i (and be careful)10:48
yrgMr_Placid, we are doing something very wrong here10:48
Satanaaauronandace, been on linux for atleast 10 years auronandace10:49
Mr_PlacidI'm just telling you what the cards tell me10:49
yrgMr_Placid, what cards10:49
BrixSathoe come a wifi card is recognized as eth1 and not wlan0? (via st6655 card)10:49
Mr_Placidmagic cards10:49
auronandaceyrg: he is trolling10:49
Mr_Placidthere is a text file10:49
Satanaatrolling cards prob10:49
Mr_Placidit is waiting for you10:49
auronandaceyrg: he's been trolling for a few hours now10:49
grendal-primewow its like  a continual 12 yld brain fart...why was i  interested/10:50
=== mike_ is now known as Guest15351
hourshi all!10:50
Satanaaeven tho him trolling, changing a conf makes sense10:50
Mr_PlacidIm half and half10:50
Mr_Placidas usual10:51
ikoniaMr_Placid: what's the issue ?10:51
Satanaaanyways this is stressing me out.. its like a puzzle of 5 billion bricks10:51
hoursguys, I've just installed superkaramba and added 3d clock to it. Do you have any idea, how can I view the source code of this clock widget?10:51
Mr_Placidikonia: don't ask you'll get me in trouble10:51
Mr_Placidask Satannaa10:52
Satanaawhat trouble?10:52
Mr_Placidthe issue10:52
Satanaathe most trouble i get in, is when i use my culture, where swearing is a normal part of the language :P10:52
Mr_PlacidI can't improvise10:52
grendal-primeok so when working with ubunto virtmanager. and setting up vlans, who prefers the idea of just doing it all by hand with vlan vs using the funky weridness of the virtual br's that come int he package10:53
Mr_PlacidI should be there10:53
Satanaaits not even swearing really :P10:53
ikoniaguys, if you can't discuss the problem/resolutiuon without swearing, please don't discuss it in this channel10:53
yrghi cousin_luigi10:54
experiMENTALauronandace: is there any system auto-backup in ubuntu to fix my python upgrade problem?10:54
Mr_Placiddid you figure I would falter10:54
Satanaaikonia, i know, but its also kinda a racist ;p10:54
Mr_Placidlike the clouds floating away10:54
* cousin_luigi has been encountering instability with compiz and gnome3-fallback mode: what would you check first?10:54
Mr_Placidbut I won't dig my own grave10:54
ikoniaSatanaa: that counts as bad language, so again, if you can't discuss it without using racist/swearing/offensive conversation, don't discuss it in this channel10:55
auronandaceexperiMENTAL: no, backups need to be made by the user, if you didn't set that up then there won't be any backups10:55
Satanaaikonia, copy/paste please :)10:55
ikoniaSatanaa: what ?10:55
=== timo_ is now known as Guest10300
Satanaaikonia, me swearing hehe10:55
Mr_PlacidSatanaa we should start a channel10:55
grendal-primeSatanaa, they will banishy you im not kidding..and there will be tibunals...its awfull10:56
hoursanyone? How to view a source code?10:56
=== michael is now known as antismap
auronandacehours: with a text editor?10:56
cousin_luigihours: gedit/nano/cat/... ?10:56
cousin_luigipersonally, I'd recommend Geany10:56
Satanaaall i said was that it was culture hehe10:56
=== sun is now known as Guest57437
hoursok, but what if I want to find a 3d clock which is running under superkaramba? Where to find it?10:57
AdhamSabryI was wondering if I can set my other work space to only open one application and whenever I switch to it, it opens it automatically, is that possible on ubuntu 11.10?10:57
=== Gorkyman_ is now known as Gorkyman
Mr_Placidhey you said swearing thats like swearing lol10:57
ikoniaMr_Placid: ok - enough now10:57
Mr_Placidswearing is a swear word10:57
AdhamSabryI swear by the moon and stars in the sky :P10:58
Mr_PlacidI know10:58
Satanaaikonia, maybe you can help me?10:58
Mr_PlacidIm sorry10:58
ikoniaAdhamSabry: enough10:58
AdhamSabrylolz, it's from a song...10:58
ikoniaSatanaa: if you explain your problem I can try10:58
AdhamSabryI was wondering if I can set my other work space to only open one application and whenever I switch to it, it opens it automatically, is that possible on ubuntu 11.10?10:58
ikoniaAdhamSabry: I don't think so, not out of the box10:58
* cousin_luigi has been encountering instability with compiz and gnome3-fallback mode: what would you check first?10:59
Satanaai updated to 11.10, and now when the screensaver ( blank screen ) starts, i cant get back to my desktop unless i reboot or go to standby abd wake it up again10:59
Satanaa@ ikonia10:59
AdhamSabrythank you ikonia10:59
ikoniaSatanaa: is the screenserver password protected ?10:59
Satanaaikonia, no10:59
Satanaaits even disabled right now10:59
Satanaastill kicks in10:59
ikoniaSatanaa: as a test, set it to be password protected, that way, when you move the mouse, if you get the password prompt box, you know it's picking up the trigger, if it doesn't you know you have a bug with the screensaver and it needs logging11:00
auronandaceSatanaa: are you sure its your screensaver and not your monitor?11:00
Mr_Placidno I have the same thing11:01
Satanaaikonia, i have tried all that, no go11:01
Mr_Placidexept I just have to move a mouse or something11:01
BrixSatcan i temporarely dsable a kernel module?11:01
ikoniaSatanaa: so it doesn't show you the password box ?11:01
WacemanHi guys, I installed nVidia 71 on Ubuntu 10.04... manually, as they seem to be the only drivers which support my old Geforce 256... Install went fine, but said I needed to create / update my xorg file. Can anyone help me to do that please?11:01
Satanaaauronandace, its a netbook, ubuntu has full controll over my monitor11:01
Satanaaikonia, it doesnt11:01
Mr_Placiddoesnt matter if I set it to 60 minutes it's always 10 minutes11:01
auronandaceSatanaa: ok, sorry11:01
Satanaabut i can hear it11:01
ikoniaSatanaa: sounds like it's not picking up the event, worth logging a bug against it11:02
Satanaai can hear that the desktops works11:02
Satanaathe monitor is just turned off11:02
ikoniaSatanaa: oooh really11:02
ikoniaSatanaa: what video card do you have ?11:02
Satanaaintel 95011:02
Mr_Placidwhat a butthole who is rakkesh11:02
Satanaaworks in ubuntu 10.10 to 11.0411:02
ikoniaSatanaa: ok - I have a test for you, it's not nice.11:03
Satanaathis issue is only in 11.1011:03
* auronandace hugs ikonia: thanks!11:03
ikoniaSatanaa: can you change your xorg driver to "vesa"11:03
Satanaaikonia, do i dare?11:03
ikoniaSatanaa: it will make your desktop look rubbish in terms of effects, but see if it happens there too11:03
DanielpkIs possible to resize a ext4 partition? i have 97Gb free on hard disk and want to resize /dev/sda1. I trying with DiskUtility of live cd but cant figure out how to do it. Any tip?11:04
ikoniaSatanaa: it's not a good solution, but to me, it's a worthwhile test to eleminate some things11:04
auronandaceDanielpk: the partition you are resizing can't be mounted11:05
Satanaai just wonder why so many people have this issue, and none knows how to fix it hehe11:05
auronandaceDanielpk: to make sure of this, you could use a livecd11:05
Danielpkauronandace: it isnt mounted.. im with live cd.11:05
kriss_Hmm.. Odd. I installed ubuntu 11.10. then i installed gnome-shell and removed unity.. then suddenly my ubuntu is edubuntu ?? sure im planing on deploying it on a school with domain and stuff but how did it become edubuntu ?11:05
toumbohey sorry about leaving before!can anyone help me to repair my unity I'm on gnome shell now11:05
auronandaceDanielpk: ok, can you use gparted?11:05
Danielpkauronandace: sure i can, but i cant figure out how to do it there.. so i booted live cd xD11:06
PintSizeafter upgrading my ubuntu to 11.10 my grub does no longer show my debian... my boot partition is still there. any suggestions what i could do?11:06
SatanaaPintSize,  sudo update-grub11:06
auronandaceDanielpk: what are you having trouble figuring out?11:07
PintSizetried that11:07
Danielpkauronandace: With gparter when i select the partition it dont allow to resize more than actual partition size.11:07
PintSizedid not change anything11:07
antismapPintSize: did you try Boot-Repair ?11:07
PintSizei tried rescatux11:08
auronandaceDanielpk: can you show a screenshot?11:08
neguebahey guys, how do i start up my ubuntu 11.10 in text mode????11:08
Danielpkauronandace: sure.. hold a second.. i will boot with Gparter.11:08
iceroot!nox | negueba11:09
ubottunegueba: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:09
AdhamSabryUmm, what is the command to mount a windows drive?11:09
icerootAdhamSabry: mount11:09
negueba<ubottu> thanks man11:09
kriss_anyone here good with adding network printer to ubuntu ?? im having a bit of a problem11:10
hoursAdhamSabry, if it's ubuntu, it'll detect your drives, so you can just go to Places and access it from there. Was it helpful?11:10
iceroot!details | kriss_11:10
ubottukriss_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:10
AdhamSabryI know, but I need to create a short cut by myself11:10
icerootAdhamSabry: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdX1 /path/to/mount11:11
icerootAdhamSabry: replace sdX1 and /path/to/mount11:11
neguebaubottu thanks11:11
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:11
keda87hi all11:11
hoursas sudo, mkdir in /mnt/sda* - so the number of your partition11:11
AdhamSabrythanks iceroot11:11
hoursmount /dev/sda* /mnt/sda*11:11
kriss_iceroot yeah ok its ubuntu 11.10 with gnome classic - when im running the add printer app in gnome it scans for network printers and finds alot. however it just tells me what type and model it finds. i need somthing like an IP or hostname or somthing.. Since we have like 10 printers of the same type so i need to know which one im adding11:11
hoursany ideas about viewing a source code of a widget under superkaramba?11:12
iceroothours: is the widget in the repos?11:13
Danielpkauronandace: here: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/3705/capturadetela20111027s0.png11:13
icerootkriss_: hm sorry dont know the gui, so i dont know if there is an option to show that kind of informations11:13
lucky105my nvidia xserver settings show max color depth 24  while windows has 32 ???11:13
auronandaceDanielpk: there is no space next to the partition to resize it into11:13
Danielpkauronandace: so i cant do that?11:14
kriss_iceroot well any way to add a network printer would be nice.. at least in windows i can just type in the IP in a window and it will show the printer ready to add..11:14
auronandaceDanielpk: you'd have to move the extended partition first11:14
iceroot!cups | kriss_11:15
ubottukriss_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows11:15
hoursiceroot, I don't actually know, I've installed superkaramba, opened it and installed the clock widget from it's options.11:15
icerootkriss_: last link11:15
kriss_iceroot thanks.11:15
auronandaceDanielpk: why do you have an extended partition with just a swap partition in it?11:15
keda87i'm installing ubunntu maverick on my win7 with wubi, i'm choosed 10GB size, and succesfully installed, but can i increase ubuntu space?? cz free 2GB rite now11:15
kriss_iceroot uhmm actually its more the other way around.. the printer is connected to a windows AD server (via network).11:15
Danielpkauronandace: humm i dont know, was other person who installed.11:15
iceroothours: if the widget is downloaded from somewhere else i dont know how to get the source-code but on there website there should be the code11:16
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Danielpkauronandace: how i can move the partition?11:16
hoursiceroot, good tip, thanks.11:16
icerootkriss_: hm, then samba with cups should be correct i guess11:16
iceroot!samba | kriss_11:16
ubottukriss_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:16
iceroothm not the ones i hoped for11:17
auronandaceDanielpk: since its just swap, you can delete it and make a new one at the other end of the disk (delete the extended partition too)11:17
blaahow can I add a custom icon to launcher in 10.10?11:17
kriss_iceroot Im already having the computer connected to the domain via likewise-open11:17
haylo-bot_blaa just drag it there11:18
AdhamSabryhow can I create .desktop file?11:18
blaahaylo-bot_ I can't drag a Zend Studio icon there, it is an java executable11:19
blaaa java*11:19
kriss_iceroot isnt there just a way to see more info about a printer before adding it ?? such as IP and stuff11:19
killswitchguyhi guys, is there any alternative to ffmpeg11:19
killswitchguyi need a convertor to convert file for my ipod11:19
Sidewinder1Opps, DeVeDe?11:20
icerootkriss_: normally there should be "rigth click - properties"11:20
Sidewinder1Not sure if it converts, though, I've never used it.11:20
killswitchguyok i will try11:21
kriss_iceroot there isnt. its too simple in the printer add in gnome3 (classic mode) you can add.. Heck even the IP shows localhost..11:21
icerootkriss_: maybe because the printer is already connected with your cups? and cups is running on localhost11:21
icerootkriss_: have a look at http://localhost:63111:22
Sidewinder1killswitchguy, You might have a look here: http://blogcritics.org/scitech/article/making-dvds-with-devede-in-linux/11:22
icerootkriss_: just an idea11:22
killswitchguythanks, sidewinder11:22
slacker-Hi, I'm a little confused with this unity/gnome thing on oneiric. I'm getting the unity-greeter, which logs me on to my xubuntu session. Which file do I have to modify to re-enable the autologin?11:22
Satanaaikonia, i dont know why, but i have a feeling its a pm-untils issue11:23
kriss_iceroot thanks im checking it out.11:24
CharlosHello all11:24
kriss_iceroot hmm when i attempt to add a printer it asks for username and password. what should i type in there ? just an account having root access ?11:25
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pipaloHowdy !11:27
Satanaahmm is there anything i can run to check for ubuntu errors?11:28
hoursiceroot, here's what I did: I downloaded a clock file .skz and tryed to open it with gedit. It returned a "check if you're not trying to open a binary file". Nano showed some wiered signs... any ideas?11:28
pipaloNot much a ubuntu question, but how do I mute a makefile ?11:28
Satanaahours, its a bin11:28
kriss_iceroot thanks.. that worked.. gotta type in the local users credencials though but it works11:28
Satanaaits like trying to open a .exe in notepad11:28
hours(I'm eager to learn)11:29
Satanaawhat i said last hehe11:29
hoursoh, ok ...11:29
hoursso the question remains open .....11:29
Satanaaa binary file is a source ( text ) that has been compiled :)11:29
Charlosplease to help me... how to make install for oovoo.exe  ????11:29
pipaloWhere can I get help about Makfile/bash-script ?11:29
Charlosin ubuntu 9.1011:30
Satanaapipalo, #bash ?11:30
pipaloI want to know how can I mute a makefile, using @ for each line is tedious.11:30
hoursSatanaa, yup, and that's what I wanna view....11:30
Satanaayou cant view a bin11:30
pipaloCheers Satanaa, I will have a look11:30
Satanaaits just signs11:30
Satanaaunless you rev it11:30
hoursrev it?11:31
Satanaasomething you cant do11:31
Satanaayou need the source11:31
iceroothours: ask the author for the source-code, its not in that file11:31
iceroothours: check the licence if the author must provide the sourcecode (e.g. gpl)11:31
auronandaceCharlos: 9.10 is no longer supported, and .exe are run on windows, not linux (you could try wine, but it is better to find a native alternative)11:31
hoursSatanna, indeed, but it's even hard to find it on the internet.11:32
Satanaahours, its that or nothing11:32
Satanaaor you can try open it in a hex editor11:32
Charlosinstall wine  in Ubuntu but why slow ?11:32
hoursok. Where can I find the licence?11:33
SatanaaCharlos, cuz its a windows api11:33
Satanaanot windows11:33
Charlosyes ?11:33
Charloshow to make ?11:33
CharlosI am never11:34
CoHHi, How do I know which version of firefox was shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 by default?11:34
CoHHelp is greatly appreciated11:34
auronandaceCharlos: what is oovoo.exe?11:34
Satanaaskype wannabe11:34
Satanaabut with video11:34
weeboovoo is not very good when compared to skype11:35
Lasers!info firefox lucid | CoH11:35
ubottuCoH: firefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.23+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 11152 kB, installed size 30060 kB11:35
weebthe encoder is crappy11:35
CharlosSatanna how to make install wine on ubuntu 9.10 ? but why slow on pc  ?11:35
=== Fever is now known as blauskaerm
dr_willissudo apt-get install wine11:35
auronandace!9.10 | Charlos11:35
ubottuCharlos: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://goo.gl/UUTAB for details.11:35
Charlosbad slow yahoo messenger 10.x in wine but not work connections is failed ???11:36
SatanaaCharlos, you can install oovoo on linux trugh wine, but you can not signin11:36
Satanaaso it simply doesnt work on linux11:36
OnkeltemSatanaa: nice nick11:36
Satanaaty Onkeltem :)11:36
CharlosI must need install to upgrade ?11:37
Satanaayou must delete oovoo.exe11:37
Satanaainstall it on Windows11:37
CharlosI know11:37
Satanaanot linux11:37
CharlosI am here on windows xp11:37
Satanaathis is ubuntu11:37
Charloshow to install on windows  ?11:38
SatanaaCharlos, doubleclick it11:38
Satanaaand now get lost..11:38
Charlosso... when I go new install in Ubuntu 9.10 after Imust to try update and upgrade ???11:39
Charlosexcusa me I am deaf11:39
SatanaaYou must stop trolling :)11:39
RhysMorganHow do you make apt use a http proxy which requires domain level authentication?11:39
RhysMorganI have tried export http_proxy=http://domain\user:pass@proxy:port11:40
dr_willisCharlos:  you should most likely upgrade or install the latest version of ubuntu. the one you have now is rather old.11:40
Satanaadr_willis, dont feed the trolls :)11:40
CharlosSatanna but ... when I click to Upgrade 10.04 LTS when finish to install Upgrade after restart but is slow bad , what a happend ? but how to make  ?11:41
dr_willisthat was a fast upgrade.....11:42
auronandaceCharlos: what is your primary language?11:43
Charlosbut I am deaf11:43
auronandace!romanian | charlos11:43
ubottucharlos: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro11:43
CharlosOk thnx11:44
SlartibartHow come a lot of times when I switch between windows the target window refuses to be focused? I can't type anything in it but have to tab around or switch to some other workspace before getting back to the window, and then *hopefully* it accepts input. Sometimes I have to do this more than once to make it work.11:44
Danielpkauronandace: Thx for your help.. it worked fine =)11:44
auronandaceDanielpk: excellent, well done :)11:44
Charlosyou can help me for new install but i want to explication... so you can try me on teamviewer, ok ?11:45
yrgSlartibart, same here - usually happens after a window was moved from another workspace11:46
Slartibartyrg: Do you know why it happens?11:46
yrgnot quite as of yet11:46
yrgit is good to know that it is not just me, though11:47
Slartibartsigh =[11:47
SlartibartSame here ^^11:47
yrglet me search for the gnome bug tracker, they might have a workaround there11:47
Charlosauronandace you can try my pc on teamviewer for you can install on my pc  ?11:50
CharlosBecause I want see11:50
Sriranganhas anyone tried a System76 (http://www.system76.com/) made for ubuntu laptop?11:50
Slartibartyrg: That would be nice. I don't know how to search there, but good luck anyways.11:50
Sriranganlooking for reviews..11:50
auronandaceCharlos: install what on your pc?11:51
yrgSlartibart, you could try asking #gnome in here, it does probably appear to be an issue not specific to ubuntu11:51
Charlosfor new install partition11:51
SatanaaSrirangan, its just a laptop with hardware supported by linux11:51
auronandace!install | Charlos11:51
ubottuCharlos: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:51
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:52
SriranganSatanaa, ithat's good :) how is the quality of the hardware, the build, design aesthetics ?11:52
rabbi1how to arrange all the gimp windows ?11:52
SatanaaSrirangan, its all good, the "Case" around the monitor just looks strange tho11:52
Satanaaso much waste space11:53
SriranganSatanaa, forgive me for being ignorant, but what "case" ?11:53
Charlosbut how to make new partition...  ????11:53
yrgrabbi1, 'window' menu lets you dock some of them11:53
Satanaaso everything has a thumbs up, and design thumbs down11:53
yrgCharlos, what os are you now in?11:53
Charloswindows xp11:54
SatanaaSrirangan, the plastic around the screen? hehe11:54
Charlosi have cd ubuntu 9.1011:54
mah454hello ...11:54
mah454I installed gnome-shell ...11:54
SriranganSatanaa, anti glare? :-/11:54
mah454but Alt+F2 not work !11:54
Charlosyrg u can help me ?11:54
Satanaathe edges of the screen?11:54
yrgCharlos, follow a guide here,  https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html11:55
Satanaalemme show you11:55
Charlosyrg u can try teamviewer on my pc install for ubuntu 9.1011:55
rabbi1yrg: Window menu? has nothing to dock in there11:55
mah454Alt + F2 in gnome-shell not work !11:55
yrgrabbi1, odd, what version do you use?11:55
SatanaaSrirangan, it was this one i ment http://www.system76.com/laptops/model/lemur11:56
Satanaalemur is the "pretty" cheap one11:58
avi278Hello I would like to move from specific folder only files that create between 2006 to 2010, any idea how I could do that?11:58
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jozahola, how i change the unity in login menu 11.10?12:02
=== shantorn is now known as kd7jwc
khussein78i installed ubuntu server 10.04 , but after reboot it take me to grub>12:03
khussein78i tried to reinstall it many times, set bootable flag on, but the same12:03
khussein78any idea please ?12:03
WhiteNightHi, is there a way to disable the Ati/Amd-Graphics card?12:06
varkalawhitenight which version?12:07
SriranganSatanaa, any other recommendations for Ubuntu friendly laptops?12:07
WhiteNightubuntu version?12:07
SriranganWhiteNight, Same problem, I switched to Xubuntu12:07
auronandaceSrirangan: thinkpads are great12:07
VustomI have a script i want to add to Docky, but I need the script to auto-open in Terminal and not Notepad, how can I do this?12:07
stephniwhich app can convert .avi video to 3gp in ubuntu12:07
dr_willisVustom:   xterm -e scriptnsme12:08
Sriranganauronandace, thanks, any particular model?12:08
varkalause ubuntu 11.1o no problem with ati/amd graphics card12:08
varkalastephni : i think winff can do it12:08
WhiteNightI'd like to have a longer battery life12:09
dr_willisstephni: winff. arista. ffmpeg. mencoder12:09
Vustomdr_willis: So i'd rename it to xterm -e Proxy?12:09
auronandaceSrirangan: i've used ubuntu fine on t40, t60, t61, t51012:09
dr_willisVustom:  no.. thats how you launch it..12:09
suboneI've added '/usr/local/zend/bin' to my path in /etc/profile. I can run pear from any directory as my user, I can run pear from anywhere as root, but when using sudo I cannot run pear unless I specify he directory. I can confirm with an echo that the path is set. Any ideas?12:09
Vustomdr_willis: I'm confused? D:12:09
stephniall in software center right?12:09
Vustomdr_willis: Docky doesn't give me an option to set the launch options12:09
dr_willisa launcher tgat runs that.command12:10
dr_willismake a launcher script then12:10
jozaubuntu 11.10 here?12:10
dr_willisstartit.sh  contains that command..12:10
dr_willisrun startit.sh12:11
varkalakhussein78 : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 see this12:11
benccI'm trying to add a gpg key with: "gpg --homedir /home/myuser/.gnupg/ -a --export C5D48334 | apt-key add -"12:11
benccif running as myuser I'm getting an error that I should run as root12:12
benccif running as root I'm getting a warning that the folder permissions are wrong because the same user should run the command12:12
Onkeltembencc: why not to add: sudo ?12:12
benccOnkeltem:  gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir `/home/myuser/.gnupg/'12:13
benccOnkeltem: maybe I need to run as myuser with sudo on the second part12:15
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BluesKajHey all12:16
leo2007can xdg-open open a terminal?12:17
Satanaa"<Srirangan> Satanaa, any other recommendations for Ubuntu friendly laptops?"12:22
Satanaathose would be my best guess12:22
Satanaaotherwise it just takes some research12:22
bosyakHi all. I need network monitor for ping single host? (something in tray). Please advice program like this?!12:23
icerootBluesKaj: only one host?12:29
icerootBluesKaj: wrong nick12:29
AdhamSabryhi, I don't like the new grub gnome 3 installed for me, I can return back to ubuntu 11.10's grub loader?12:29
BluesKajiceroot, ??12:30
icerootBluesKaj: the other person left and i am only typing first-char TAB and so my client used your nick because the other left12:30
PolahAdhamSabry, yeah, just  reinstall GRUB without the GNOME configuration for how it looks added on12:31
AdhamSabryhow Polah?12:31
oliverpI've just installed ubuntu server 10.10 on a 4GB sd-card. Current disk usage is 995MB (~25%). I'm thinking about installing the ubuntu-desktop package, but google says the minimum requirements are 16GB HDD. Is that true? Or will ubuntu-desktop fit within the remaining 3GB?12:31
BluesKajok iceroot , np ...happens to me all the time :)12:32
PolahAdhamSabry, install-grub /device/name  will reinstall it on the device you specify, but that might not remove the GNOME style on it. Try it with just that and then run update-grub and reboot, see if it goes to the default look. If not, back up and remove your /boot/ directory then re-run install-grub /dev/name and update-grub12:33
icerootBluesKaj: :)12:33
PolahAdhamSabry, oh, my bad. That should be grub-install, not install-grub12:33
AldusHi. Is there any way to create a symlink to a ssh remote file ?12:33
icerootAldus: no12:34
icerootAldus: why you need something like that?12:34
Aldusiceroot, thanks. To quick-edit it in vim12:34
AdhamSabryI noted, what you told me12:34
AdhamSabryI will try it after installing something12:34
AdhamSabrythank you Polah12:34
lithprhow do i remove an application AND it's config files?12:35
lithpri forget the apt-? magic12:35
icerootAldus: ssh vim file12:36
crizzyapt-get --purge remove <package>12:36
icerootAldus: ssh user@host vim file12:36
Aldusiceroot, no way to browse through files this way...12:36
icerootAldus: sure12:37
icerootAldus: with vim, it has a filebrowser12:37
Aldusiceroot, interesting, i'll try it :) thanks12:37
lithprty crizzy12:37
icerootAldus: vim has everything you need. have a look at #vim12:38
Aldusiceroot, i'm already there :) learning curve is quite high12:38
chc1best videos www.chc.tv12:41
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HalabundIs it safe to remove Ubuntu One ?12:43
EquilibriumI'm unable to set Minimize effect in ccsm. Im running ubuntu 11.04. Pls help me resolve this prob.12:44
zetuihelllo there12:45
icerootHalabund: i am running fine without that (but i am not using unity)12:45
zetuii try to install sun-java5-bin on ubuntu lucid this is what i got as error :12:45
zetuiou qu'il n'est disponible que sur une autre source12:46
zetuiE: Aucun paquet ne correspond au paquet sun-java5-bin12:46
PolahHalabund: Should be, unless you're using it.12:46
nikihri cant get back to pure xfce12:46
nikihrusing this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce12:46
nikihri get this http://pastebin.com/YxXgWWKQ12:46
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:48
zetuihello anyone there ?12:48
Wilczekzetui: Hi12:48
zetuii don't even know what that mean ?12:48
zetuii try to install sun-java5-bin on ubuntu lucid this is what i got as error :12:48
Halabundiceroot, Polah, alright, let me try then12:48
zetuiE: Aucun paquet ne correspond au paquet sun-java5-bin12:48
zetuiwhat that it mean ?12:48
jattit's french12:49
zetuiokay what that it means ?12:49
ActionParsnipzetui: sun java is no longer packaged12:50
EvilkissNeed help with XMBC12:50
ActionParsnipzetui: you need to manually install it12:50
SwedeMikezetui: if you use english locase people might be able to help you. LANUAGE=en <command>12:50
EvilkissUse somebody that?12:50
SwedeMikeEvilkiss: go to #xbmc-linux instead12:50
ActionParsnip!find xbmc12:50
ubottuFile xbmc found in anyremote-data, freevo-data, texlive-latex-extra12:50
Wilczekzetui: Try to install using Synaptic, but first add apt repository ppa:ferramroberto/java12:51
ActionParsnipWilczek: that will violate the java license12:52
ActionParsnipWilczek: Oracle don't want their Java product packaging12:52
zetuiLANUAGE=en apt-get install sun-java5-bin12:52
zetuithis one gives the same output12:52
zetuiE: Aucun paquet ne correspond au paquet sun-java5-bin12:53
ActionParsnipzetui: you need to go to www.java.com and download the .bin mark it as executable and run it (copy to /opt first)12:53
ActionParsnipzetui: then symlink the plugin file to your browser's plugins folder12:53
zetuijava its nothing to do with browser12:54
ActionParsnipzetui: it can be a browser plugin...12:56
ActionParsnipzetui: so, yes it can12:56
zetuiActionParsnip:  listen in my case12:57
zetuithere is nothing to do with browser12:57
zetuimy question is simply why i can't install sun-java5-bin from apt ?12:57
Snowieok. so this is officially my worst ubuntu install experience ever. finally decided to ditch win7 and just install ubuntu... purple screen of death. know how to get arround psod to at least boot, but now, saned fails to start. been googling a good 2 hours. what is going wrong here12:58
icerootzetui: because its not allowed anymore to provide that package12:58
obert-mm i cannot halt the system: it'll remains in the terminal window without shutdown all12:58
icerootzetui: you have to download directly from oracle or use a download and install script12:58
icerootzetui: which is imo not in a package until now12:58
ActionParsnipzetui: no, its not packaged anymore12:58
icerootzetui: there is only openjdk12:59
obert-unmount: /run/lock not unmounted   *Will now halt -- System halted.  but then no shutdown happens12:59
obert-seems that killall is gone bad (?)13:00
ActionParsnipzetui: I told you it wasn't packaged literally 10 mins ago13:00
Snowieobert-: i believe HALT and SHUTDOWN are 2 very different states. google that perhaps13:00
zetuiso the best way if i get13:00
zetuii have to download it from here : http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=56690 and13:01
bencchow can I check the return code of a script/command?13:01
zetuiand run the script ?13:01
icerootbencc: #bash13:01
llutzbencc: echo $?13:01
ActionParsnipzetui: thats the only way to get sun java13:01
obert-Snowie: i dunno how to explain :) i made sudo halt in the shell, and the machine is not shutdowning13:01
ActionParsnipzetui: yes, copy it to /opt  and run it using sudo13:01
zetuiok perfect let me check13:01
icerootobert-: sounds like acpi (or what it is called) is not running the poweroff-function13:02
ActionParsnipzetui: so is this to do with a browser?13:02
Snowieobert-: sudo shutdown now13:02
guampajoin #ubuntu-es13:02
ActionParsnipzetui: are you wanting a java plugin for firefox?13:02
obert-Snowie: no i cannot type in this window13:02
zetuino there is nothing to do with browser13:02
zetuii try to setup a stream server13:03
icerootzetui: why not using openjdk?13:03
zetuiand the package is required for13:03
obert-Snowie: it is the window that appears when you halted the system:) the list of things that are killed correctly or failed13:03
obert-sorry eh13:03
icerootzetui: ah ok its a dependency to sun-java6-jdk13:03
ActionParsnipzetui: ahhh, its still the same package, you jut need to setup the java source to be that folder13:03
zetuii don't know if there is a difference between openjdk and java ?13:03
Snowieobert-: what are you typing to make that happen?13:03
ph4nt0m_hi can someone help with this error im trying to remove shorewall13:04
ph4nt0m_E: shorewall: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 113:04
meta-coderWhat is the best ident server available for Oneiric?13:04
icerootzetui: the difference is that openjdk is free and opensource, sun-java is bad from a bad company and not free13:04
obert-Snowie: nothing. i'd typed during the session sudo halt and then waiting that the system will be shutdowned.13:04
icerootzetui: if you have the chance use openjdk instead of oracle/sun-java13:04
icerootmeta-coder: the one you like most13:05
Snowieobert-: sudo halt and sudo shutdown are different13:05
Snowielet me try this13:05
ActionParsnipmeta-coder: there is no single best software fr anything in any OS13:05
meta-codericeroot, oidentd didn't work..13:05
antismapopenjdk is much slower13:05
Snowie! hatl13:05
obert-Snowie: i always used halt to shutdown the pc13:05
icerootantismap: no13:05
ansonjackanyone could help me to install java13:05
ansonjacki've got problems13:05
antismapyes it is !13:05
proudy3sun java or openJDK?13:05
obert-Snowie: 'stop the machine, halt'13:06
ansonjacksun java13:06
Snowieobert-: fair enough, then im not sure.13:06
antismapopenjdk is much slower13:06
ActionParsnipansonjack: grab this http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=5669013:06
ShawnRiskhow do I change the max windows when programs start to a smaller window when programs start in Ubuntu 11.10?13:06
icerootantismap: no and now lets stop that here13:06
ph4nt0m_lol you were in there quicker than me proudy3 :D13:06
meta-coderActionParsnip, what ident server from those available for Oneiric is more popular?13:06
obert-Snowie: thanks the same:)13:06
ActionParsnipansonjack: copy it to /opt and mark it as executable, then run it13:06
antismapwith my eee pc i didn't understand why Jdownloader was so slow.. changing to sun java fixed the problem13:06
ActionParsnipmeta-coder: no idea, why is popular a thing?13:06
ActionParsnipmeta-coder: if arora was 'more popular' than firefox, would you switch browser?13:07
icerootmeta-coder: http://popcon.ubuntu.com13:07
proudy3uh.. need help also. ive got a i3-2310 and intel HD3000 (thinkpad x220) - using ubuntu 11.10 (xubuntu design) - trying 2 play minecraft, which runs smoothly bu Ive got some rly annoying graphic bugs :(13:07
icerootantismap: and because of that you say that openjdk is slower then sun-java.13:07
icerootantismap: because of one app13:07
meta-coderActionParsnip, :) just trying know about the available identd server choices..13:07
antismapno several apps actually13:08
antismapwith the eee pc you feel directly the difference13:08
proudy3anyone can help me? :p13:08
antismaptry with an old computer you'll see13:08
icerootantismap: working fine here on eeepc 90113:08
ActionParsnipansonjack: you can then symlink the plugin file to your browser's plugins folder13:08
antismapdid you try with sun java also ?13:08
ActionParsnipantismap: I use fatrat, works well13:08
cyphahow can I hibernate?13:08
icerootantismap: biggest difference is that i am using free software, no other difference noticed here13:08
antismapah on eclipse also it helped a lot13:09
HalabundI tried using ubuntu for a while again, but something serious comes up every time.  Right now I was browsing some PDFs and started reading one using the builtin viewer, all using the keyboard.   Now I find that the touchpad is completely non-functional, and I cannot move the mouse pointer.  How do I get out of such glitches?13:09
Snowieok, so it looks like purple screen of death and saned errors might be caused by bad drivers. how can i install radeon 97XX drivers from CLI???13:09
antismapi mean ok maybe the particular version of openjdk that i had at this time sucked, who knows13:10
HalabundAs I'm writing now, it's impossible to move the mouse.13:10
iceroot!ati | Snowie13:10
ubottuSnowie: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:10
Snowieiceroot: thanks mate13:11
ph4nt0m_cd etc13:11
ph4nt0m_? lol wrong place13:11
HalabundI just don't understand how people can seriously use this.  Something like this happens every second day on average.13:12
KrenairUbuntu 11.04 froze at the startup splash screen thing (plymouth, i think)13:12
KrenairI've managed to start it up via the recovery option in grub13:12
ActionParsnipHalabund: unload then reload the mouse module, may help13:12
cyphanot normally Halabund13:12
cyphaand if the stability of Ubuntu really bothers you, try Debian13:12
HalabundActionParsnip, can you point me to some place where I can learn how to do that?13:13
ph4nt0m_krenair: did you encrypt the home folder on install?13:13
cyphaand Halabund, worse comes to worst, ActionParsnip is here13:13
meta-coderActionParsnip, done.! ident server up and responding..13:13
Halabundcypha It's not that I don't want to use it, I just really wish it worked, and I can't understand why I'm the only one cursed with all this nonsense ....13:13
Krenairph4nt0m_, I think I did, yeah13:13
ph4nt0m_ok reinstall without encrypt see if it works13:14
Krenairare you serious?13:14
KrenairI can see all my files in my home directory from here13:14
cyphaHalabund, I thought it was just me too. But really it's cuz I like to tinker a lot13:14
ph4nt0m_it happened to me on ine too then encrypt when you start up13:14
KrenairI just can't boot normally13:14
cyphawhen you break stuff you learn13:14
Krenairthis isn't a new install of ubuntu13:14
KrenairI've had it for a while13:14
ph4nt0m_sorry my bad13:14
Krenairand it was booting fine until today13:14
ph4nt0m_i assumed13:15
ShawnRiskseems no one can help me13:15
Snowieiceroot: so if my card isnt listed as supported by ati, and the included driver on the 11.10 live cd doesnt work.... omg, am i cooked???13:15
ph4nt0m_whats wrong shawnrisk?13:15
zetuiwhy you ask me to download in /opt ? ActionParsnip13:15
crittopeHi. I'm trying to do a full install of ubuntu from boot. My screen turns purple, but I don't see a logo or anything and it just hangs there. What am I doing wrong?13:15
ActionParsnipHalabund: try:  sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 3; sudo modprobe psmouse13:15
ShawnRiskph4nt0m_: how do I change the max windows when programs start to a smaller window when programs start in Ubuntu 11.10?13:16
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ActionParsnipcrittope: what GPU do you use?13:16
jon____hello i have a problem. when i use php with mod_php it runs fine but when i use cgi with suexec it gives me 500 internal server error. im running ubuntu server 11.10 with webmin/virtualmin any help would be appreciated13:16
crittopeI have an nvidia mobile video card.. it's a new weird one13:16
KrenairUbuntu 11.04 is freezing while plymouth is running. it just doesn't do anything13:16
crittopewith a button switch13:16
Krenairmeh, i'll give it another go13:17
ph4nt0m_sorry i dont know shawnrisk13:17
ph4nt0m_im limited myself13:17
Snowiecrittope: i am struggling with the same thing, as well as other issues. google for purple screen of death ubuntu gave some advice13:18
ShawnRiskph4nt0m_: limited how?13:18
crittopeActionParsnip: I have NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M13:18
ActionParsnipcrittope: add the boot option:   nouveau.blacklist=113:19
ph4nt0m_jargon and knowledge base13:19
ShawnRiskph4nt0m_: okay13:19
ph4nt0m_i only know so much as im learning myself13:19
cyphaActionParsnip, what's the preferred way to Hibernate?13:20
cyphaI hear the hibernate package is not recommended13:20
crittopeActionParsnip: I'm pretty new.. how do I add a boot option?13:21
Krenairnevermind, got it booting again ^^13:22
ActionParsnipcypha: possibly:   sudo acpitool -S #hibernate13:22
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | crittope13:22
ubottucrittope: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:22
ActionParsnipcrittope: same as that, just add the different option13:22
ph4nt0m_im trying to uninstall shorewall and it wont when i do it tells me to goto var/log/shorewall13:23
ph4nt0m_when i goto var it says permission denied in sudo13:23
zykotick9ph4nt0m_, are you using /var/log?13:24
ph4nt0m_honestly i dont know13:24
ph4nt0m_im not in its directory if thats what you mean13:24
X-tonicAny method to have gtk themes in 11.10 other than having installed gnome-shell?13:24
X-tonicAny method to have gtk themes in 11.10 other than having installed gnome-shell?13:24
zykotick9ph4nt0m_, "cd /var/log" then "ls" and you should see shorewall as either a file or directory13:24
X-tonicsorry for that13:25
ph4nt0m_ok brb13:25
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=== Lonewlf is now known as lone
cyphaActionParsnip, it switched to a console window and then just came back13:25
=== lone is now known as lnwlf2007
ActionParsnipcypha: all I did was websearch. I don't use hibernate or junk like tht13:25
lnwlf2007I've got an interesting one13:25
lnwlf2007I've solved it with a reboot previously13:26
lnwlf2007commands are silently failing13:26
cyphaActionParsnip, why's it junk?13:26
cyphasaving the state is useful13:26
lnwlf2007like you type 'ls' and it just takes you back to a prompt13:26
lnwlf2007or top13:26
lnwlf2007and the same13:26
ActionParsnipcypha: i web browse and chat. so it's of zero value to me13:26
lnwlf2007no error message, no core dump13:26
cyphaah ok13:26
X-tonicIf i want themeing support in ubuntu, do i file it as  bug in launchpad?13:26
X-tonicor is there a feature request mechanism?13:27
Panda662Im a newbie and could really use some help with making a hack, could anyone help me?13:27
ActionParsnipX-tonic: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com is a feature request page13:27
auronandacePanda662: a hack?13:27
Panda662Or am I in the wrong place for that13:27
icerootX-tonic: bug is correct13:27
Panda662Yes I'd like to make a hack for the sim social on facebook13:27
auronandacePanda662: explain what you mean13:27
icerootX-tonic: there is a tag for "feature request" or "higher version" and so on13:28
crittopeActionParsnip: When I boot up and get to t he purple screen I'm presented with the logo at the bottom, but I'm unable to hit a key.. it locks up at that point before I can do anything.13:28
ActionParsnip!bootoption | crittope13:28
ubottucrittope: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.13:28
icerootX-tonic: but inside a stable-release its not common to put something new in it13:28
icerootX-tonic: guess 12.04 should be the target for the bug13:28
Panda662I'd like to be able to get free coins and such and would like some help on making a program which could do that13:28
anandvenkat4how to identify if a connected wireless  is secure through commandline in ubuntu?13:28
cyphaActionParsnip, well, how about when I choose "Shutdown" the computer doesn't shutdown on its own13:29
X-toniciceroot: K. thanks will to that.13:29
icerootPanda662: ?13:29
cyphaI have to still hit the power button again after it sits there at the console13:29
Panda662Well could I use cheat engine or would that not work?13:29
icerootanandvenkat4: nm-tool13:29
icerootPanda662: what are you talking about?13:29
X-tonicPanda662: what is your target?13:29
auronandacePanda662: how is this ubuntu related?13:30
Panda662Do you use facebook?13:30
iceroot!ot | Panda66213:30
ubottuPanda662: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:30
Panda662To be honest I don't even know what ubutu is... could anyone direct me to a chat room where I could get some help from programmers?13:30
=== jason is now known as jasef
ikoniaPanda662: ubuntu.com will explain what ubuntu is13:31
ActionParsnipPanda662: in what language of coding?13:31
auronandace!ubuntu | Panda66213:31
ubottuPanda662: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:31
Panda662Preferably a beginners language13:31
ActionParsnipPanda662: i'd go to ##programming13:31
chomanpanda662: check out ubuntu.com/tour13:31
Panda662Thank you :) I'll be on my way now ^_^13:32
ActionParsnipPanda662: if your ability is THAT then you have several years before you get anywhere near good enough to 'hack' anything13:32
jasefHey... I have an Ubuntu 11.10 server that I'm trying to set up UnrealIRCd on, and I was wondering about the builtin 'irc' user, should I be using that or should I make a new one?13:32
jasefErm, 10.04 server. Dunno how I made that typo13:32
benccI'm using reprepro for a local apt repository13:33
benccI've updated sources with: deb file:/var/packages stable main13:34
ph4nt0m_zykotick9: i deleted the shorewall directory in etc to remove the program but it still shows up in synaptics with an error13:34
benccwhen running apt-get update I'm getting: W: Failed to fetch file:/var/packages/dists/stable/InRelease  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)13:34
benccit worked with ubuntu 11.04 but not with 11.1013:34
auronandaceph4nt0m_: that isn't how you remove programs13:34
icerootbencc: create the Packages files13:35
shpbit of a problem: i can't enable webcam on flash applications like chatroulette: i can't set "allow": http://www.mydigitallife.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/flash-advanced-settings.JPG13:35
ph4nt0m_auronandance:yes i tried synaptic first then deleted in etc13:35
icerootbencc: apt-ftparchive is your friend13:35
bencciceroot: what Packages files? I only have amd64 bianry package13:35
ph4nt0m_but it still shows up in synaptic =/13:35
icerootbencc: repos are working with a file called Packages (and Packages.gz) from that file "apt-get update" is reading the content from the repo13:36
ActionParsnipshp: does it show in cheese?13:36
shpin cheese?13:36
bencciceroot: I'm already using reprepro and it worked with 11.04. it complains about missing i-386 although the package is only for 6413:36
auronandaceph4nt0m_: /etc is for config files, you don't go around deleting directories to remove a package13:36
ActionParsnip!info cheese | shp13:36
ubottushp: cheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 45 kB, installed size 320 kB13:36
icerootbencc: and i told you what the problem is and what tool will fix it13:36
chomanliveCD mod, anyone know of a way to disable access to the internal HDD.  Can't really explain why anyone would want to do this.  But,13:37
icerootbencc: you need a correct Packages, nothing else, apt-get update is ONLY locking for that files, not for any deb-files13:37
chomanI am guessing a boot time switch passed to the kernel  via grub(2).  I know this can be achieved by re-compiling the kernel, I am just13:37
chomantrying to avoid that (time constraints).13:37
ph4nt0m_auronandace: this the error im getting Errors were encountered while processing:13:37
ph4nt0m_ shorewall13:37
ph4nt0m_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:37
shpyes ActionParsnip13:37
shpwebcam and micro work (mumble, system settings etc...)13:37
ActionParsnipshp: cool, then the cam is working and configured for the OS13:37
shpit comes from flash or the browser13:37
shpit is13:37
bencciceroot:it complains about the InRelease file, not about the Packages file13:37
ActionParsnipshp: which browser?13:37
shpfirefox and chrome both13:38
ph4nt0m_i have tried to remove by apt-get remove but that didnt work eithe13:38
shpflash tells me to try with internet explorer \o/13:38
ActionParsnipshp: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc13:38
ActionParsnipshp: what is the output of:  uname -m13:38
bencciceroot: reprepro should generate everything for me from the incoming package folder13:38
bencciceroot: that's what it is for13:38
shpshp@ubuntu:~$ lsb_release -sc => oneiric13:39
shpshp@ubuntu:~$ uname -m => x86_6413:39
chomanI have a system on a closed network, is there a way to create a patch CD13:39
zykotick9!aptoncd | choman13:39
ubottuchoman: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline13:39
ActionParsnipshp: try:   LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so firefox13:40
icerootbencc: but it seems something went wrong and i dont know reprepro, i am only using apt-mirror and apt-ftparchive13:40
ActionParsnipshp: or: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so firefox13:40
bencciceroot: ok. thanks13:40
shpdon't work ActionParsnip13:41
CorrytonappleI know you can boot ubuntu from a USB, but can I boot it from an MP3 player iwth a broken screen?13:41
shpin fact i can't click on "allow" it's like if it was frozen13:41
ActionParsnipshp: do they output errors? Can you give more details than "it doesn't wo" as it helps nobody13:41
CorrytonappleMy BIOS on a Toshiba Laptop under 1 year old does not show the flash drive in the boot choice menu13:41
MonkeyDustCorrytonapple: try it and you know :)13:41
auronandaceCorrytonapple: an mp3 player is essentially a usb storage device so it should work the same13:41
ActionParsnipCorrytonapple: if you have it attached at boot, it may show up13:42
CorrytonappleMonkeyDust:  I did try it, and it didn't even show the MP3 player in the BIOS, even though I used the offical Create Startup Disk tools in Ubuntu on it13:42
chomanI heard of APTonCD, but I thought it was used for more of a restoration of installed apps.  Not "patching" a system (aka, apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade [or upgrade]), true?13:42
chomanor is it used for both13:42
CorrytonappleActionParsnip: Yes, it was attached at boot13:42
plasmabanyone know how to stop the launcher bar from hiding when i move a window near it? new gnome seems a bit broken to me13:43
shpActionParsnip: it's the same the flash box opens (i sent you a picture) and i can't click on allow it's like if it was frozen, i can't click on allow nor on deny13:43
auronandace!offline | choman13:43
ubottuchoman: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD13:43
shpbut it's not frozen because the browser and flash still works13:43
ActionParsnipshp: but are there any errors in the terminal>13:43
r4if i want to change the settings within notify-osd....i just need to change the values in default.c within the source, correct?13:44
CorrytonappleDo I need some kind of special firmware for the MP3 player to boot from it?13:44
shpActionParsnip, ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/local/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.13:44
auronandaceCorrytonapple: no, it should be just like any usb stick13:44
stephniave installed mencoder now how do  i convert my avi file to  3gp13:45
Corrytonappleauronandace:  Why doesn't it show up in my BIOS, when my other flash drive does?13:45
auronandaceCorrytonapple: i don't know, bioses can be fickle and there are many usb sticks out there13:45
CorrytonappleThis one happens to be an Emerson.....13:45
ActionParsnipshp: try with the 32 (2nd command I gave)13:45
CorrytonappleLemme try a cable shorter than the one I am using which is like four foot long.  BBL then13:46
chomanubottu: yeah I will look into that.  This workstation is connected only to an internal network and has no access to the regular world.  So a CD/DVD with the appropriate updates is kinda what I am looking13:46
ubottuchoman: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:46
chomanfor.   Next thing is a patch/repo server on the internal network and redirect apt-get update to look there.13:46
stephnihow do i convert to 3gp with mencoder13:47
stephniavi to 3gp with mencoder13:47
OnkeltemHow to configure gnome 3 screencasting?13:49
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stephnisomebody help13:50
usr13Onkeltem: I use recordmydesktop13:51
Onkeltemusr13: in gnome 3 there is some builtint mechanizm13:51
Onkeltembut I don't understand how it works, how to make it record something correctly13:51
usr13OkropNick: Ok, well, I've yet to use it.13:51
usr13OkropNick: I've actually only done screencasting on my 10.04 box and I've done it on the 11.10 but only via VNC13:53
Onkeltemusr13: when I pressed that shortcut which start it, gnome-shell shows nothing (record button/icon e.g.), and is restarting in 20-30 seconds. Then I find recorded file in my home.13:53
ActionParsnip!info xvidcap13:53
ubottuxvidcap (source: xvidcap): Screen video capture for X. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.7-0.2ubuntu12 (oneiric), package size 1145 kB, installed size 2808 kB13:53
chomanstephni: ask13:53
ActionParsnip!info istanbul13:53
ubottuistanbul (source: istanbul): Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-8.1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 67 kB, installed size 612 kB13:53
ActionParsnipOnkeltem: try those13:53
stephnihow can i convert avi to 3gp with mencoder13:54
OnkeltemActionParsnip: yeah, xvidcap is good, I used it before. Istanbul is what I disliked. Kazam is the best, but lacks many options13:54
OnkeltemActionParsnip: now when we have g3, just want to learn how to use it )13:54
usr13Onkeltem: May be kind of like the difference between gtk-recordmydesktop and recordmydesktop, one has GUI controls and the other is just CLI13:55
BadLarryI finally upgraded to oneric yesterday. I'm on a T520 sandy bridge, and am very impressed so far13:55
ActionParsnipstephni: http://webnesbay.com/convert-movies-in-mobile-3gp-to-avi-in-ubuntu/13:55
empityon ubuntu server, I made a mistake removing one directory for the slapd package13:55
empityso I thought I can just remove and reinstall it13:55
ActionParsnipBadLarry: glad you are enjoying it13:55
Onkeltemusr13: thanks, I'll try it13:55
empitysince the configuration is wrong, but "purge -f" or "remove -f" need to have that file13:55
BadLarryActionParsnip: thank you, I was surprised at how smooth it went13:56
empityand i can't reinstall it, wtf wtf wtf :?13:56
stephnilem check it out13:56
usr13Onkeltem: Should be some documentation somewhere.  What is the package name?13:56
empitycan't I just say "reinstall it" rewriting the original files?13:56
ActionParsnipBadLarry: I aways clean install personally, fewer issues :)13:56
Onkeltemusr13: have no idea. It is part of gnome-shell13:57
BadLarryActionParsnip: I may still do that, I figured I'd try an upgrade, see how it went and if it botched things, do a fresh install. Just figured I should share that the upgrade went very well13:57
Onkeltemusr13: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/CheatSheet13:58
shphow know if my micro work?13:58
Onkeltemusr13: there you will find all fancy things, including screencasting )13:58
vatzecHi. :) I am using a wireless network. I can connect to it and access its servers using their Internet hostnames, but I can't connect to anything outside the network. I get proper `host <ipaddress>` responses and I can ping external servers, but the pings are a bit delayed and contain words "Redirect Host(New nexthop: <ip here>". Do you know what is the problem?13:59
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vatzectelnetting/using Firefox on port 80 fails, though. Same with e-mails.13:59
Onkeltemusr13: well, the only "drawback" - it doesn't work for me LOL14:00
usr13Onkeltem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL1XCvj9VMA14:00
bencciceroot: you were right. I asked reprepro to generate the indexes for i386 as well and it works14:00
laserbledhi, can some1 five the equivalent of httpd - s in ubuntu please14:00
jriblaserbled: hmm?14:01
jriblaserbled: httpd is called apache2 in ubuntu. Not sure if that's your question.14:02
laserbledjrib, the httpd -S equivalent in ubuntu ; when i give apache2 -S it says bad username14:02
jriblaserbled: yes, that's a consequence of how debian/ubuntu write the apache configuration14:02
Onkeltemusr13: good! thank you a lot. The guy told in the video - it doesn't work )) I wonder how they are releasing stuff which doesn't work14:03
laserbledum so what should i do - some1 asked for my httpd -s output14:03
llutzlaserbled: apache2ctl configtest14:03
jriblaserbled: here, see this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/25936314:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259363 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "Need to source envvars before being able to use 'apache2' binary." [Wishlist,Fix released]14:03
adi_in /etc/samba/smb.conf is it correct to write "browsable" or "browseable" (note the 'e' in "browsEable"). Some tutorials use one versions, others another version. Is there a common typo?14:04
laserbledjrib,  oh okie, llutz thanks14:04
usr13Onkeltem: I think he was talking about the keyboard shrot-cut (that doesn't work).14:04
jribadi_: read « man smb.conf » (they are synonymous)14:05
shpmy micro does not work (internal micro boost off in alsamixer but if i enable it there is a big big big noise)14:05
Onkeltemusr13: exactly. He showed how to screencast using old good CLI ffmpet + convertor to WebM14:05
Onkeltemffmpeg damn14:06
usr13Onkeltem: Oh, ok.. Well maybe so. (Maybe it doesn't work.)14:06
usr13Like I say, I've yet to try it.14:07
usr13But I've always done pretty will with recordmydesktop and/or gtk-recordmydesktop14:08
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stephnicannot open file/device14:09
Onkeltemusr13: have you tried Kazam?14:09
Onkeltemusr13: worth to try - its good one and very easy to use, still lacking many obvious things14:10
VictorCLwhen I do "cd folder" I get Persmission denied ... how can I enter that folder?14:10