holsteinScottL: im around... lets do something?01:22
ScottLholstein, i updated the existing website02:49
holsteinScottL: COOL02:50
* holstein looking02:50
ScottLi think i can add users too02:50
holsteincan you just get rid of that banner?02:50
ScottLlater i'll see if i can fix the "logo" crap in the top corner02:50
holsteinor point it to another?02:50
ScottLi'll poke around tonight later on my tablet02:50
holsteini'll mess with that if you can add me02:50
ScottLi'm trying to get my four year old to settle down, i'll add you in a bit02:51
holsteinScottL: sure02:51
ScottLholstein, still there?03:27
holsteinScottL: im really warming up to XFCE03:27
ScottLgood :)  i'm liking it quite it bit03:28
ScottLholstein, did you see what i typed in the other channel?03:30
knomeScottL, <div class="page_wrap"><img src="images/background.png" style="width:100%; float:left; positon:absolute; height:207px;" alt="logo" />09:23
knomeScottL, remobe the alt-attribute from that line09:24
ScottLknome, that is in the page.php or similar file in the bzr branch isn't it?11:20
ScottLi thought of that when i went to bed last night11:20
knomedon't know in which file is it11:20
ScottLwas trying to get the code up on the tablet but i lost internet connection11:20
ScottLwhat's funny is i woke up thinking about this and was just heading upstairs to look through some of the php code :P11:21
knomejust pull the bar branch to your pc and grep it11:22
scott-upstairsi can't find that line in the code or on the website through the admin pages12:04
scott-upstairsit is strange that i find the banner on the home page only, but i see the word "logo" on almost every other page12:05
scott-workknome: so this morning i grabbed the bzr branch for the website and did a grep search for 'logo'17:31
scott-worki found some stuff but none of it was the line you quoted17:31
scott-worki have gone through the admin part of the website and couldn't find anything17:31
scott-workeventually i just started turning this off and seeing if it fixed anything (then turning them back on)17:32
scott-worki've asked dan lynch (i kinda know him) who does some website stuff and is familiar with drupal if he could offer any suggestestion or insight17:32
scott-workonly thing he offered was that it sounded like it was looking for the background.png image but can't find it so it's dumpging "logo" up there17:33
knomeif you can pass me the crendentials, or access to the server, i can look at that too17:33
knomeyeah, i could figure that out too.17:33
knomeyou could also just put the image on the server... :P17:33
knome1x1 transparent PNG or so17:33
scott-workknome: i dont' want to drag you into this if you don't have the time, it's a minor issue really since we are also going to be updating the site17:33
scott-workknome: yeah, that was my next step, to verify that it isn't there because i think i saw the 'background.png' file in the bzr branch17:34
knomewell, it isn't, because it really wouldn't be showing the alt text otherwise17:34
knomeit might just be linked incorrectly (wrong path or so)17:34
scott-workyeah, but i can't find where that damn link in coming from :(17:35
knomedo you have access to the server itself?17:35
scott-worki think someone screwed something up and then "fixed" it by putting another image there anyway17:35
holsteini was thinking we could just make a banner real quick17:35
holsteinsomething that'll fit17:35
scott-workknome: no, i do not have direct access17:35
knomeright :(17:35
holsteinit was over my head though17:35
holsteinthe access17:35
scott-workholstein, but there is an image already there....the multicolored blotchy stuff above the menu bar17:35
knomescott-work, dump some credentials to my email and i'll fix it in a minute17:36
scott-workknome: copy that17:36
scott-workoh, sorry, that's from my wwii airplane game days17:36
holsteinyeah, it would be fine to just get rid of it altogether17:36
holsteinor a transparent .png like knome says ;)17:36
holsteini like that17:36
scott-worki'd really like to know how it gets fixed (if it does) too17:41
scott-workholstein:  kn.ome found the problem:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-resources/website/view/1/page.tpl.php18:43
scott-workit seems that an earlier version of the page.tpl.php file has the offending bit of code :/18:43
scott-workwhich means we aren't using the most current versions of the code on the website18:43
scott-work*shrug* it won't matter in a month or so18:43
scott-workand since getting someone to address an rt ticket might take two months...18:44
scott-workwe probably shouldn't worry about it18:44
holsteinhmmm... i still have the bad logo19:57
holsteinmaybe it takes a while to update19:57
holsteini cntl+F5'd19:57
scott-workholstein: i can't fix it20:02
scott-workholstein: sorry, WE can't fix it20:03
scott-workmind said one thing, fingers typed something else :P20:03
holsteinah well20:03
scott-workwe would have to file a rt ticket to have someone update the .php file20:03
holsteinonward and upward20:03
scott-workwe know what it is and how to fix it20:03
holsteinnah, if its not stupdi easy, i say forget it20:04
scott-workit is stupid easy....if we had direct access to the site ;)20:04
scott-workit still is stupid easy, but it would take months probably to get done though20:04
shnatselscott-work: IMHO you have to get rid of that bureaucracy NOW if you want to get something done...20:06
holsteincant though20:07
holsteini mean, we can20:07
holsteinbut we have to pay for our own hosting AFAIK20:07
scott-work_shnatsel: we explored that, but considering that canonical provides hosting and security....we punted20:10
scott-work_sorry, freenode is doing funny stuff with my connection...did people see what i typed?20:11
shnatsel"....we punted" was the last20:12
scott-work_considering what we do for hosting, which isn't much, we could easily transition to our own hosting20:21
scott-work_i suppose the main problem is guarenteeing (sp?) the money for hosting20:22
scott-work_although it would be nice to host user generated content (UGC) at some point too20:22
holsteinyeah, free'll be fine20:23
holsteinone we get what we need implemented20:23

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