ssfdre38is the OS a dead ubuntu project now?17:42
holsteinssfdre38: ?17:44
holstein'the OS'?17:44
holsteinyou mean ubuntustudio?17:45
holsteinhere is where you can join the mailing lists http://ubuntustudio.org/support17:45
holsteinif this channel is too slow try #opensourcemusicians17:45
holsteinssfdre38: ubuntustudio is as dead as you want it to be17:46
holsteinfor me, its pretty active17:46
ssfdre38i had the 11.04 to see if it would do the do-upgrade-release and it went right to ubuntu's 11.10 upgrade17:46
holsteini did a test install last week17:47
holsteininstalled 11.04 and upgraded to 11.1017:47
holsteinworked OK for me.. i had to manually select the XFCE session at login17:47
ssfdre38i did and it was a black screen17:48
holsteinprobably graphics card related17:48
holsteini usually get a normal buntu live CD and get that running17:48
holsteinthen, go from there as to upgrading or installing whatever version i want17:48
holsteincan you get to TTY?17:49
holsteindo you see a grub menu?17:49
holsteinfirst easy thing would be to try the recovery console17:49
ssfdre38yea i have nvidia17:52
holsteinwell, i could be wrong, but thats what i would assume the issue is17:52
holsteini would run the recovery console17:52
holsteini would also..17:53
ssfdre38well i have ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my tower for now17:53
holsteinssfdre38: ?17:53
holsteinyou dont have a non-functioning 11.10 install then?17:53
ssfdre38right now not on my towner17:54
holsteinreinstalling the proprietary driver would likely have sorted it out17:54
holsteinyou can do that in the terminal17:54
holsteinim running 10.04 on my production machine...17:55
ssfdre38that is what i do first17:55
holsteinssfdre38: well, its all hypothetical at this point17:55
holsteinif its wiped17:55
holsteinso... next time :)17:55
holsteini would try a normal ubuntu LIVE cd before installing/upgrading next time17:55

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