DrCherryhow can I figure out what device my wireless is?  It's not under /dev/wlan0 as expected.00:06
BarkingFishDrCherry, can you show me the output of the iwconfig command in your terminal please?00:16
DrCherryit says wlan000:16
BarkingFishcan you connect through it?00:16
DrCherryi can dump the whole thing to a pastebin00:16
BarkingFishno, that's fine. If it says it's wlan0, that's good.00:17
DrCherrywait, no I can't easily, its this little acer aspire00:17
DrCherryso where do I find it in /dev ?00:17
DrCherryIt's one of those Atheros cips but not under /dev/Ath000:17
DrCherryI'm stumped by this one but not super familiar with ubuntu00:18
BarkingFishI'm just having a look now.00:18
BarkingFishI don't run ubuntu either, I run kubuntu, but the base layout of directories is the same, so it should be somewhere I can find quite quickly if it's listed00:19
DrCherryI'm trying to run wavemon and reflexively put in /dev/wlan0 and was surprised00:19
BarkingFishit's internal wifi, so I'm guessing it probably doesn't go through /dev/00:20
BarkingFishcould you do this for me please: lspci | grep net00:21
DrCherryso how to refer to it on the command line00:21
BarkingFishDrCherry, depends on what you want to do with it through the command line00:22
DrCherryit's not on the net but it's 3:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc.00:22
DrCherryAR242x AR542x Wireless ... PCI-Express00:23
BarkingFishThe best things I'd suggest is that you read the help of iwconfig and iwlist - they do most of the stuff you want with wifi via the cli00:23
DrCherryI'll do that thanks ... gotta run, thx for your time.00:24
BarkingFishyou can scan for APs with iwlist wlan0 scanning  for example, or set a fixed connection speed with iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M fixed  if you want.00:25
BarkingFishjust type iwconfig - - help and iwlist - - help and those should give you most of the info you need00:25
babblehey all: I used relinux (http://relinux.sourceforge.net/) to make a live image of my current system, and I *think* it enabled zramswap (I had zram enabled as swap on rebooting to my desktop) - I couldn't find anyplace in /etc/init.d to disable it; where should I be looking?01:38
moetunesbabble:  have a look in /etc/fstab maybe02:17
babble_moetunes: yeah, I thought about that, but the only entries in fstab are UUIDs for my physical swap and my root filesystem.02:18
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S_SubZerohow do I map a network drive (smb) in Xubuntu?03:39
Unit193S_SubZero: Install gvfs-backends and open gigolo03:40
S_SubZeroah there we go, was wondering how to get that03:42
S_SubZerohumph, can't connect.. i'll fiddle with it later, at least the option is there now03:48
holsteinkupfer is a nice light alternative to gnome-do that i just tried04:48
well_laid_lawn!info kupfer04:49
ubottukupfer (source: kupfer): fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0+v206-1 (oneiric), package size 644 kB, installed size 3164 kB04:49
holsteini was thinking it was KDE, and would pull a bunch of things in, but it is very lean04:50
holsteinnot KDE at all :)04:50
babbleoh, in Xfce, Appfinder is all I really need04:59
Infektedno one ever says anything in here i swear06:20
S_SubZerook.. uh.. so how do I get the desktop icons to not be transparent06:27
well_laid_lawnhave a look in window manager tweaks06:29
S_SubZeroi don't see anything for it, not a big deal just on my wallpaper they are kinda ghosty06:40
well_laid_lawnI thought in the compositor settings06:41
Infektedanyone here06:45
zusis there a different network connection manager in xubuntu than that of ubuntu or mint?  also i as because  i never had any trouble with my pass word to my net connection till now,...the only difference is the os.07:02
zushmm rather - it was not accepting my password but took the string of numbers that my password generated.07:03
zusO/ well_laid_lawn . hows it going?07:04
well_laid_lawnzus: always good :)07:07
zusgood :)07:07
zusis there a different network connection manager in xubuntu than that of ubuntu or mint?  also i as because  i never had any trouble with my pass word to my net connection till now,...the only difference is the os.07:15
zushmm rather - it was not accepting my password but took the string of numbers that my password generated.07:15
well_laid_lawnI dunno about that07:17
zusit was a bit strange, i have never needed the "random number/letter string"07:17
well_laid_lawnI don't know what that is...07:18
zuswhen i first set up the router and put in a password it gave me a long ridiculous number/letter string07:18
well_laid_lawnmy router just went with the password I set07:19
zusglad i wrote it down, cos my paswrd worked till i used xubuntu. i had to use that, my password wouldnt even light up the connect button. out of all the distros ive tried, xubuntu was the only one07:20
zusno biggie im on  that counts but i was just curious07:20
mikodoHi guys, Sorry I am trying to learn how to use pastebin       http://paste.ubuntu.com/720436/07:21
well_laid_lawnthat's 1 test that's gone well07:21
zusmikodo,  try imagebin for  pic for the times youll need a screenshot :)07:22
mikodowell_laid-lawn, Thanks. I guess I did it :^)07:22
mikodoZUS, OK!07:22
zusmikodo,  works the same was just with pics, :)07:23
mikodoThanks guys!07:24
well_laid_lawn!tab | mikodo07:27
ubottumikodo: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:27
well_laid_lawnlike wel<tab> gives well_laid_lawn07:27
mikodowell_laid_lawn, well I'll be darned; thanks07:29
well_laid_lawncheers :)07:29
sofiashi there07:30
sofiasdoes anyone know how to restore the ability to go into standby in 11.10?07:31
sofiasit's not working since i made die upgrade…07:32
zuswould this work as well for thunar? for installing dropbox and not getting alot of dependencies and forcing it to use  thunar? http://wiki.bodhilinux.com/doku.php?id=dropbox:no_install_no_nautilus ?07:32
zusi know bodhi is ubuntu based and have friend who had this work, worked for me on my desktop.07:35
mikodoubuntulog,  "as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line" Works good, for programs, probably faster than than app finder thing in Unity07:37
sofiasit also seems that it still not supports btrfs, it's doing an fs check (i guess) everytime i boot it…07:38
sofiasthe problem exists since i installed 11.4 it on my eee-pc t101mt…07:41
well_laid_lawnbtrfs isn't production ready afaik07:42
sofiaswell_laid_lawn: good to know… i wanted to reinstall the whole thing anyway, since i realized that my cpu supports amd64…07:44
sofiaswhat fs do you suggest? is ext4 ready?07:46
well_laid_lawnhas been for ages07:46
zushow can i change thunar to display a field i can type in over the square button path thingy?07:47
well_laid_lawnI think ext4 is safest for everyday use07:47
well_laid_lawnzus: with thunar open just start typing and look at bottom left07:48
well_laid_lawnoops bottom right07:48
sofiaswell_laid_lawn: thanks again. yopu know how likely is it that standy works after a reinstall?07:54
well_laid_lawnsofias: I never bother with standby so I couldn't say07:55
packritpeut on parler français ici ?10:27
knome!fr | packrit10:27
ubottupackrit: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:27
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pimperlehow can i change the keyboard layout systemwide to disable dead keys?11:16
well_laid_lawnif you have dead keys you either have a funny keyboard or yhe wrong keymap11:17
scottyHello all11:20
pimperlewell_laid_lawn: well, how do i change systems keymap? I could try xfces settings, but i'd prefer global setting for x11:25
well_laid_lawnpimperle: it'll depend on the different ways you start X11:26
pimperleoh, i hoped xubuntu used the same way on every installation. however i know, that i have an xorg.conf file which has been created by the binary nvidia driver11:27
well_laid_lawnxubuntu uses the xfce4 setting for the keyboard - why does a different installation matter?11:29
pimperlealso the mute-button on the keyboard doesn't unmute the sound if pressed again (starting from oneiric). could this be related to the map changing?11:30
pimperlein natty mute worked and dead keys were disabled11:30
well_laid_lawnthe key probably isn't mapped to toggle just mute11:30
scottyDoes anyone know why the CPU fan always runs in Xubuntu?11:31
pimperleit toggles something, as the volume indicator popup shows the muted / unmuted icon11:31
pimperlehowever the volume just doesn't get unmuted, the volume applet in the right upper corner (little speaker symbol) stays muted.11:32
pimperleso the problem is not between the keyboard and the volume system11:32
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StormStrikesDoes anyone know why the CPU fan always runs in Xubuntu?11:35
StormStrikesIm running 11.10 on a Dell XPS 17 L702x and the fan never shuts off.11:35
well_laid_lawnpimperle: check in the keyboard settings what the key is mapped to11:36
well_laid_lawnStormStrikes: is it the cpu fan or the one on the graphics?11:36
pimperlewell_laid_lawn: there's no mapping in the xfce keyboard shortcut settings for this key, however it looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/871093 to me11:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 871093 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Notify-OSD and sound-indicator contradict each other after unmute" [Undecided,New]11:37
well_laid_lawncould be11:37
well_laid_lawnhard to see from here ;)11:37
StormStrikeswell_laid_lawn: When I pulled the thing apart to make sure there was enough thermal paste, there is only one fan11:38
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.11:38
StormStrikesSo Im not sure which of the pieces is keeping it on11:38
well_laid_lawnStormStrikes: it might be a driver issue11:38
well_laid_lawnbut I wouldn't think so - what's the hardware?11:39
StormStrikesi5 CPU, Nvidia 550M, GM45 integrated graphics I believe11:39
well_laid_lawnwhat's that nvidia bit?11:40
well_laid_lawnif you have integrated graphics?11:40
well_laid_lawnlspci | grep -i vga11:41
StormStrikesIts the Optimus system, which I dont have working, but it uses the integrated card for normal computing and switches to the nvidia for 3d and such11:42
well_laid_lawnafaik you need bumblebee or the nvidia disabled in the bios11:43
well_laid_lawn!info bumblebee11:43
ubottuPackage bumblebee does not exist in oneiric11:43
well_laid_lawnso try with the nvidia disabled if you don't use it11:43
StormStrikesI cannot disable in in bios unfortunately.  And Ive seen bumblebee but there is different info as to whether to use bumble bee or ironhide11:44
well_laid_lawnk I know nothing about it11:44
StormStrikesI have nvidia disabled in the sence that I have no drivers, proprietary or otherwise on the system.11:44
well_laid_lawnjust thinking the graphics might be the reason for the fan11:44
StormStrikesMe either unfortunately...its the first laptop that I have bought with higher end hardware and I cant get it working, LOL11:44
StormStrikesThats been my leaning too, but it kills battery life and if I can turn it off I would be on the road to being a happy camper11:45
well_laid_lawnyou've checked in top that there's nothing working the cpu hard?11:47
StormStrikesright now, its running about 4% of the CPU and fan is going strong11:48
well_laid_lawnmaybe using cpufreq will do something11:48
well_laid_lawn!info cpufreq11:48
ubottuPackage cpufreq does not exist in oneiric11:48
well_laid_lawn!find cpufreq11:48
ubottuFound: awn-applet-cpufreq, cpufreqd, cpufrequtils, libcpufreq-dev, libcpufreq011:48
well_laid_lawn!info cpufreqd11:48
ubottucpufreqd (source: cpufreqd): fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage scaling. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (oneiric), package size 78 kB, installed size 380 kB11:48
Srirangandropping in to say thank you to the xubuntu team .. xfce /xubuntu saved the day after gnome 3 / unity shat all over my ati amd video card11:48
StormStrikesI just checked the sensors and the cores are running 48 - 50c11:51
well_laid_lawnso it's running flat out 'cause of the temp11:52
StormStrikesright, they arent high at all...11:52
StormStrikesLet me ask about another couple issues.  First, there is no bluetooth icon in the menu bar.  There was one under Ubuntu 11.10.  Am I missing something in xubuntu that I can add?12:03
well_laid_lawntried right clicking the panel and adding one?12:07
StormStrikesThere is nothing bluetooth related that can be added12:08
madnickStormStrikes: checked "Settings -> Bluetooth"?12:09
madnickThat should give you an icon, then just add it to autostart12:09
StormStrikesFailed to execute command "gnome-control-center bluetooth"12:09
StormStrikesright (No such file or directory)12:10
madnickWell, xubuntu does not use that12:10
madnickAnd I meant, under settings in the panel menu, not in the xfce settings12:11
StormStrikesOh, well theres the problem I suppose.  What should I have installed.12:11
StormStrikesYeah, thats where I went  Menu > Settings > Bluetooth12:11
madnickStill no icon?12:12
StormStrikesYeah, when I try to launch it, I get the above mentioned error12:12
madnickDo you have Xubuntu, or did you install xubuntu-desktop?12:12
StormStrikesI have Xubuntu, did a fresh install12:13
madnickLet me check12:13
madnickwhat it says for me12:13
StormStrikesThank you so much...12:13
madnickStormStrikes: what if you run "blueman-applet"12:14
madnickin a terminal12:14
StormStrikesin terminal?12:14
StormStrikesIt says there is already an instance running12:15
madnickIs this a developer install or the release?12:16
madnickwhat if you kill blueman-applet and rerun it? :P12:16
StormStrikesIn the session and start up it shows bluetooth manager set to start at boot12:16
StormStrikeslemme try that12:16
well_laid_lawnmaybe dmesg has something about it12:18
StormStrikesdo that by running 'sudo blueman-applet stop' right?12:18
madnickI would just run "killall blueman-applet"12:18
StormStrikesWhat would I be looking for in dmesg about bluetooth, anything specific?12:21
madnickI ran it in Virtualbox, and no applet there, but I have it on my install12:23
madnickExcatly the same problem you described when i run in virtualbox12:23
StormStrikesIm not running it virtually just in case your scratching your head, LOL12:23
StormStrikesIm not terminal expert, I try to use it every chance I get, but to restart the applet I would just run sudo blueman-applet start?12:24
madnickWell, at this point im just guessing what could cause this, im wondering what would happen if one does not acctually have bluetooth/bluetooth drivers12:24
madnickAnd uses the applet12:24
StormStrikesI have bluetooth, certain of that and it seemingly worked in ubuntu in that I had the icon, could turn it on and off I just never connected anything with it12:25
madnickbeen peaking at logs etc, i find no releveant information12:29
moetunesmaybe have a look at lshw or gtk-lshw12:31
madnickmy blueman does not start due to not having an adapter it seems12:35
holsteinany luck making preffered applications stick? such as chromium-browser for the web?12:57
TheSheepholstein: sure, just copy the defaults file from /usr/share/applications to ~/.local/applications and edit it13:03
* holstein looking TheSheep 13:04
holsteinthanks...i was confused by the GUI one13:04
TheSheepthe problem is that there are several sources of information for default apps13:05
TheSheepand different applications use different ones as authoritative13:05
holsteinso... this seem right? changing x-scheme-handler/https=firefox.desktop to x-scheme-handler/http=/usr/bin/chromium-browser ??13:12
gebihi all :)13:16
gebiTHX for xubuntu-desktop otherwise new ubuntu would be useless for most of my users :)!13:16
TheSheepholstein: you need to change both http and https13:17
TheSheepholstein: and you need to point them to the desktop file13:17
holsteinOK... so, not /usr/share then13:18
* holstein still looking...13:18
TheSheepholstein: they are all in the /usr/share/applications13:18
holsteineh... still getting a pop-up13:24
holsteinwhatever... i'll chew on this issue as i go13:24
holsteinthis is when i reboot, i get the default browser pop-up13:31
holsteinby the way...13:31
holsteinnah... i cant seem to sort it out from working with that file13:39
holsteini tried the full path the *.desktop13:40
TheSheepdon;t use full path, just the file name13:41
holsteinthats what i did before using the full path13:41
holsteinusing the full path is a bad idea though... the pop-up about the default browser has no options in it, and it hangs til i kill the browser13:42
holsteinanyways, now im back to just rm-ing that file, and answering once each reboot i suppose13:42
TheSheepyou can try the settings editor13:43
* holstein looking13:45
EagleScreenI have a problem with xubuntu 11.1013:46
EagleScreento browse a phone via bluetooth, blueman want to open nautilus, but it is not installed (and it shouldn't)13:47
holsteinhmmm, i havent had any reasong to use blueman EagleScreen , but i used nautilus before13:48
holsteini think it was with the -nodestkop option... is using nautilus out of the question?13:48
EagleScreenblueman is the default tool i have installed13:48
holsteinEagleScreen: check out http://blueman-project.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8013:50
holsteinby nickums » 24 Apr 2009, 15:2613:50
holstein5th one down or so...13:51
xubuntu578he told me thanks for installing, but de bar is not ful13:54
xubuntu578so it seems he is still busy13:54
holsteinxubuntu984: ?13:56
holsteinyou mean EagleScreen ?13:57
xubuntu578I guess, new to xubuntu13:58
EagleScreenholstein: I see the workaround suggested in that forum13:58
holsteinEagleScreen: you see it? or you tried it?13:58
EagleScreennot by the moment13:58
EagleScreeni am now at work with Windows XP13:59
EagleScreeni will try it later13:59
holsteinEagleScreen: :)13:59
xubuntu578I just installed xubuntu, or so I thought13:59
EagleScreenbut i did expect not to have to do that kind of workarunds in default Xubuntu installation13:59
holsteinxubuntu984: i thought you were joinging and speaking for EagleScreen due to an internet issue13:59
holsteinEagleScreen: ?14:00
holsteinAFAIK, blueman is not in xubuntu by default14:00
holsteinand it (blueman) supports a different filemanager by default than what comes with xubuntu14:00
holsteinso, you have options14:00
holsteininstall nautilu14:00
xubuntu578But any idea he is just still installing, don;t see any gui as well atm14:01
EagleScreenhow not? blueman is isntalled by default in my xubuntu14:01
holsteinchange the default filemanager setting (assuming blueman functions with this setting edited)14:01
holsteinEagleScreen: maybe it is... thats why i said AFAIK14:01
holsteinin that case, i would file a bug14:02
holsteinand include this workaround if it works14:02
holsteinEagleScreen: could be that just not enough folks use it to have caught the issue14:02
holsteini know, i dont have much bluetooth hardware, and i just connect the phone wifi or use dropbox or whatever14:03
holsteinEagleScreen: yeah... heres one14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229139 in Blueman "Nautilus required as Window Manager" [High,Fix released]14:04
holsteinEagleScreen: you can add yourself there and keep up to date as that fix is released14:04
EagleScreenaccording that bug it is fix released...14:05
holsteinxubuntu578: not sure im following you.. but i usually take time with the live CD and make that get to a desktop.. a GUI14:05
EagleScreenbut i am sufferinr of it14:05
holsteinEagleScreen: right, so you can keep up with it... go in there and say 'i still have it'... see who release the fix and ping them if you can14:06
xubuntu578so I just have to wait for a few hours or something?14:06
holsteinxubuntu578: depends on what you are waiting on... i would actively take the live ISO and get to the desktop first14:07
holsteinusing whatever methods needed... 'nomodeset' or whatever other safe-desktop modes might be needed14:07
holsteinthen, i would run lspci and poke around a bit.. see how the sound works.. multimedia keys.... whatever else14:07
holsteinthen, install :)14:07
xubuntu578but he seems busy installing14:09
holsteinxubuntu578: he?14:09
holsteinthe machine is installing?14:09
holsteinim not sure what/how you are installing14:09
xubuntu578yes, in think so14:09
xubuntu578i try to install xunbuntu from cd14:09
holsteinwell, either its wrting to the hard drive, or its not14:09
holsteini would think on a modern system it shouldnt take long14:10
xubuntu578yes, from then sound of it it is..14:10
holsteinwont hurt anything to wait a while14:10
xubuntu578itś a 10-year old computer :P14:10
holsteincould hurt something to force power off, though sometimes thats what you have to do14:11
holsteinif its an old box, and it seems like its writing, i would wait14:11
GridCubexubuntu578: you are using the alternate cd?14:11
xubuntu578ok, thne I wait some more..14:11
GridCubeif you do press alt-f4 and see the changelog :P14:11
GridCubeit will tell you exactly whats happening14:12
xubuntu578alt F4 will only abort the instalation14:13
xubuntu578is there some task manager I could check?14:14
GridCubexubuntu578: oh. you are using the gui installer?14:15
xubuntu578yes, I guess..14:15
GridCubethen ctrl-alt-fn  one of the f[1-6] should show you the installer logs14:15
GridCubei never do gui installs, never for old computers either14:16
GridCubealternate is far better and faster14:16
holsteinagreed, though i still like to try and run the LIVE cd to see how the hardward support is going to be14:17
kalibHi people. Something is wrong. I did install my xubuntu right now but it is booting with the wrong keyboard layout. So, I can't log in with my user...14:30
kalibHow can I change the keyboard layout to boot with the correct one?14:31
kalibI can Only log in with guest (no password).14:31
holsteinkalib: does this help?14:33
holsteini think you need something you can drop in TTY i suppose, assuming you can loging somewhere14:33
kalibholstein, no..14:33
holsteinif now, you might need to edit the file from a live CD14:33
holsteinif not*14:33
kalibbecause when I go to tty (CTRL + ALT + F2), I can't log in..14:34
holsteinkalib: so, using a live CD to edit the file is not an options?14:34
kalibbecause the layout is wrong..14:34
kalibwhen I try to type thge username and password..14:34
holsteinkalib: right14:34
kalibI got wrong chars.14:34
holsteinkalib: can you use a live CD to edit the local file?14:34
kalibholstein, using a live cd would work.14:34
kalibwhich file should I edit?14:34
holsteinkalib: the link i gave suggests editing /etc/default/keyboard14:35
kalibI'll try it right now.14:35
holsteini say, as long as you keep track of what you mess with, and know how to change them back you can experiment a bit14:35
kalibholstein, worked. thanks]15:00
holsteinkalib: o/15:18
pertutatishi, please, how can I disable click on touchpad?15:33
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad15:33
GridCubepertutatis: ^^^15:34
pertutatisok thanks15:34
holsteinhow about disabling the keyboard while typing?15:36
holsteindisable the touchpad**15:36
pertutatisone more thing, how can I get icon picture preview on desktop?15:36
ElderDryasholstein: Settings>Removable Drives and Media>Input Devices>Mice  synclient TouchPadOff=115:38
pertutatissorry ElderDryas, can you be more especific?15:41
ElderDryashow?  I gave you where and what to to put there?15:42
holsteinElderDryas: o/15:42
* holstein looking15:42
pertutatissorry, I am a rookie here, so I have to type that on the mouse (enabled)?15:43
ElderDryasMenu>Settings>.....put the command in the box and click the checkbox15:43
holsteinyeah, im just new to XFCE... im not seeing it though15:44
pertutatiswhere it says "automatically run this program when USB  mouse is connected"?15:44
holsteinpertutatis: are you in 11.10?15:44
pertutatisyes 11.1015:44
drvladimirtzuHow can I get rid of those infuriating little black box notifications every time I get an im or something?15:44
holsteindrvladimirtzu: http://www.linux-archive.org/xubuntu-user/404394-how-turn-off-desktop-popups.html suggests removing notify-osd and its not too old of a post15:47
holsteini have not tried it though, so i would do some research about it first15:47
GridCube!info notify-osd15:48
ubottunotify-osd (source: notify-osd): daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.32-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 117 kB, installed size 896 kB15:48
Sysidrvladimirtzu: set your IM app to not send notifications15:49
Sysior your irc client if you ment that15:49
drvladimirtzuholstein sysi:  Thanks guys.  Sysi had it right, it was a pidgin feature, nothing to do with the desktop, which is what I'd assumed.  Found it in prefs lol15:49
drvladimirtzuTurns out notifyd isn't even installed anyway15:49
Sysixfce4-notifyd since 10.10 or so15:50
drvladimirtzuI was getting frustrated cuz I couldn't find an option in the xfce prefs. XD15:50
holsteinSysi: cool... thanks for the heads up15:50
drvladimirtzuAnyone know a conveniant way to get window tabbing like on fluxbox with xfce?15:52
ballWhat is window tabbing?15:52
drvladimirtzuIn fluxbox, if you middle click on a windows toolbar and drag it onto another window, they join, and you can switch back adn forth by tabs.  Nice feature.15:53
ballInteresting. I had never heard of that.15:53
drvladimirtzuI like it a lot.  I'd like to be able to use it on xfce.  Fluxbox is a huge pain to use.  Gotta set up your wallpaper by config file. XD15:54
Sysiyou could use fluxbox with xfce, though I've heard it may cause little problems with wallpaper15:54
Sysiproblems like you can actually drag wallpaper around15:55
drvladimirtzuI dunno if that'd agrivate me or amuse me greatly.15:55
GridCubeamuse first15:55
GridCubeagrivate later15:55
drvladimirtzuXD  Sounds about right.15:55
Sysiinstall fluxbox and/or run fluxbox --replace15:55
drvladimirtzuI have it installed to play around with.  What does the --replace do?15:56
Sysikills WM you're running now15:56
pantharholstein: I figured out the xfce/compiz thing. I had compiz installed but not Ubuntu's "compiz" metapackage which includes metacity as a fallback decorator.15:57
holsteinpanthar: AH... makes sense15:57
drvladimirtzuAfter running that, at the login will I have seperate xfce options for standard xfce vs xfce with flux for the wm?15:57
holsteinyou are from + panthar ?15:57
Sysipanthar: I think it's actually gtk-window-decorator that uses metacity themes15:57
Sysidrvladimirtzu: no, save session on logout15:58
pantharSysi: the compiz-window-decorator does a fallback to metacity.15:58
drvladimirtzuSysi  Aye.  Good stuff.  I'll give it a shot.15:58
ballUpgrade to twm?15:59
Sysipanthar: okay, I haven't even tried compiz in years but I know some stuff15:59
pantharOh interesting - dug deeper and you are correct. It installed metacity-core and libmetacity but not /usr/bin/metacity.16:01
pantharI love the tangled webs of .debs! :)16:01
pantharBut gtk-window-manager was installed by the meta "compiz" which makes sense depending on libmetacity to use those themes.16:01
pantharMan, I just wanted to try this for kicks, but it's sure a lot more twisted than running xfwm4 :)16:02
holsteinyeah, its funky16:02
holsteini installed and planned on tweaking/breaking and reinstalling16:03
holsteini landed with something useable16:03
holsteinim trying *not* to try and emulate gnome2, but get something like what i used there while getting used to XFCE too16:03
pantharSame here - XFCE and Gnome2 both just let me move things around like I wanted.16:04
pantharBut I'm much happier back on XFCE - I like my extra RAM back :)16:05
holsteinyeah, lighter, and there were always a couple things i wanted to tweak about gnome2 that i couldnt16:05
holsteini got a couple little issues here and there with XFCE16:05
holsteinno deal breakers so far16:05
ballholstein: Do they relate to having two monitors?16:06
holsteinball: not yet... thats my production machine that im holding off on til i transition and get comfortable16:06
pantharThat was the biggest problem to get mine set up actually.16:06
holsteinthat'll run 10.04 for quite a while longer16:07
pantharMostly because you have do do everything through randr *and* the annoying ATI control center.16:07
pantharOnce I got that sequence of configuration correct though, it's running solidly now on dual monitors.16:08
holsteinpanthar: and now you want to break it with compiz ;)16:08
GridCubethats more an ATI fault than xubuntu16:08
pantharGridCube: Agreed16:09
pantharholstein: Of course! If it has screws I need to take it apart :)16:10
SysiI never really understood what was so great in old gnome, panel setup was just weird, menus messy and windowmanager quite terrible16:10
holsteinSysi: those are my issues exactly16:10
holsteinthat panel hiding is just horrible16:10
holsteincompiz integration really slicked it up though16:10
Sysiunity is a bit messy but not really bad, gnome3 is nice and simple but quite limited in options16:11
holsteinbut yeah, on its own... not so nice16:11
Sysisetting up compiz just sucks16:11
guest-P9I2GChello guys, i have a problem of tablet nature. basicly, i dont have an onscreen kb option in accesibility menu on login, any idea on how to fix it?16:11
pantharHrm well compiz is working... feels sluggish though compared to stock setup.16:12
holsteinsomething like light-dm maybe?... im interested in what Sysi suggests...16:12
Sysilightdm is the login manager, I don't (yet) know too much about setting it up16:12
Sysifast solution could be to install GDM16:13
madnickYou can enable extras16:13
holsteinyeah, im not sure about onscreen KB's in light-dm... ive only seen it a few times in action16:13
GridCubeoh guest-P9I2GC D: thats bad16:14
madnickguest-P9I2GC: do you have OnBoard when you arrive at the desktop?16:14
guest-P9I2GCi had it on ubuntu with gnome, so dunno why its not o xubu16:14
guest-P9I2GCyea, i logged in as guest :P16:14
guest-P9I2GCim on my tablet16:14
holsteinguest-P9I2GC: different login managers is the 'why'16:14
madnickWhat happens if you go to Settings->Session and start up, and enable Gnome services?16:14
Sysiubuntu should be using lightdm too16:14
madnickand relog16:15
GridCubeguest-P9I2GC: you want to be able to log in or use an autologing?16:15
Sysimadnick: that's just for stuff after login16:15
holsteinusing gdm is an easy option, and should do no harm16:15
Sysi'apt-get --no-install-recommends install gdm' shouldn't install entire gnome16:16
guest-P9I2GCok ill try to play with gnome services and if it wont work ill install gdm :) thanks all ;)16:20
guest-P9I2GCcya :)16:20
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olbiwhy app ristretto is so out of date?:P17:13
olbi0.0.93 while actually is 0.2.2 ??17:13
knomeolbi, because the development of ristretto happened very late during the oneiric cycle and we didn't have time to push it17:19
olbiI think we should change this image viewer for better app cause this is so poor :P17:19
knomefeel free to write an application comparison blueprint and present it to the development team with arguments on why to change to something else and it will be discussed17:21
knomei mean, everything is really open for discussion17:22
olbiI have to look at apps, which don't have too much dependicies and are light for system :D17:22
knomethough i think we will keep ristretto as the default for 12.04, judging by the discussions i've had with the ristretto developer17:22
knomenothing is decided yet though17:23
TheSheepolbi: I recommend 'comix' for image viewer17:26
olbibut it will be line 0.2.x?17:26
olbihow to install gtk+-2.0 >= 2.20.0... not found ??:P17:28
olbiin repo i can't find it17:28
knomeolbi, of course the ristretto version will be more recent in 12.0417:29
olbii want now compile new version but have problem with gtk+17:29
knomei can't suggest compiling a newer version if you can't get around stuff before actually compiling17:30
Sysiolbi: newest xubuntu version?17:31
olbitfu, 11.10 :P17:32
olbimaybe gpicview from lxde is much better :D18:14
olbitested it 10 min and I like it :)18:14
xubuntu394I m Brazilian get some info of Xunbutu18:40
TheSheepjust ask18:42
xubuntu394I m need run Office(windows) in Xubuntu. Xunbutu need emulator  = Wine?18:45
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TheSheepnot sure if microsoft office runs on wine though18:47
TheSheepI mean, not sure which versions do18:47
S_SubZerowhat part of Office do you need?  Outlook?18:48
xubuntu394im use microsoft office for example (sorry my poor enghish) kkkk18:49
S_SubZeroUse LibreOffice!  (hard to say with a straight face)18:50
xubuntu394see abyword and gnumeric18:50
xubuntu394libre is compatible of docs os micro.. office?18:51
S_SubZerothey say it is but who knows18:52
S_SubZeroI'm sure as the document complexity goes up, LibreOffice successfully reproducing it goes down18:52
olbixubuntu394: MS isnt full compatible, it only support some part of doc, docs and others formats18:53
xubuntu394ok thanks for help im find more infos in time for use this system nice :)18:55
sandra_Hello my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)19:16
sandra_I hope you all are doing well *S*19:16
sandra_I would like to ask if there is a good article that provides a step by step process that explains how to install nvidia 290.3 into Ubuntu 11.10 Thanks so much19:17
sandra_I say Ubuntu 11.10 because Xubuntu is based on Ubuntu.19:17
ElderDryasI come up before the parole board next week...we'll see how well I'm doing then.19:17
sandra_ElderDryas, Well you keep us informed on your status19:18
ElderDryasIf I don't show up here...it went well :)19:18
sandra_ElderDryas, Any chance you might have answer to my question ? lol19:19
w30ElderDryas, be sure to keep your Morgue community service........19:19
w30ElderDryas, appointment19:19
olbisandra_: it is very easy :)19:19
sandra_olbi, I'm all years :-)19:20
sandra_oops ears19:20
ElderDryasw30: oh, maybe Lindsey will like me ?19:20
sandra_olbi, as I mentioned it's nvidia 290.0319:21
sandra_olbi, So tell me just how easy it is :-) I'm all ears and eyes :-)19:21
olbisandra_: w8, w8 stable are 280, so fot what you need 290.3?19:22
w30ElderDryas, *harumph* *cough* *cough*19:22
olbisandra_: what graphics do you have?19:22
ElderDryasolbi: What for?  Obviously you don't know sandra_ like we do :)19:23
sandra_olbi, I need it because it takes care of a few bugs the current stable *cough* nvidia has.19:24
sandra_Is there a good article a step by step how too in order to do this ?19:25
olbisandra_: you need to download blobs from nvidia sites, go to dir where you do it19:25
olbisandra_: that in terminal run this19:25
sandra_olbi, taking notes here19:26
olbisandra_: but befire install, you must go to runlevel 319:26
olbiElderDryas: how you know sandra_ ?:P19:27
sandra_olbi, yes I just need a good set of step by step how too's  and I'm sure I can do it.19:27
olbiElderDryas: I mean what she likes to do :]19:27
olbisandra_: so I tell you it19:27
w30I have a graphics problem in compiz; my screen won't repaint, redraw when switching back with ctrl alt F7. I have to select the whole screen with mouse to get the redraw.19:27
olbisandra_: on nvidia site is nice manual19:28
sandra_olbi, what's the addy to that link ?19:28
olbisandra_: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-8178/README/index.html19:29
sandra_thank you19:30
w30What's the right video driver for a GForce 7600 GTO/GT ?19:30
olbiw30: 280.*19:30
olbiI have now GF 6600GT and have 280.x19:31
w30olbi, I mean from ubuntu repos? I don't have the Nvidia nombers in additional drivers19:33
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godmodhow do i get hibernation working?21:02
TheSheepwhat doesn't work?21:03
godmodit says that i don't have enough swap when i have enough21:04
TheSheephow much ram and how much swap do you have?21:04
Sysi(hibernation is sloow, shut down or use suspend?)21:05
godmodi have a decent ssd w/ 8gb of ram, & about the same swap21:06
babblehm. Is anyone having trouble connecting to other irc networks (other than freenode) in xchat since upgrading to 11.10?21:06
TheSheepgodmod: "about"?21:07
TheSheepgodmod: you need enough free swap space to fit all your ram in it21:07
godmodit says lvm, what does taht mean?21:08
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto21:08
TheSheepgodmod: lvm is a way to get all your disk into a single pool, and then divide that pool into virtual disks any way you need21:10
godmodok 8476mbyte swap and 8088mbyte21:11
muzzy_does anybony know if there's something wrong with gthumb??? I cannot import photos from my camera (canon g5)... but it is detected when i do a 'gphoto2 --auto-detect' or i can download photos with a 'gphoto2 --get-all-files'21:22
muzzy_i'm using ubuntu 11.10 (fresh installed)21:24
gr8m8seems my upgrade has gone ok  cheers for that :)21:55
muzzy_does anybony know if there's something wrong with gthumb in xubuntu 11.10??? I cannot import photos from my camera (canon g5)... but it is detected when i do a 'gphoto2 --auto-detect' and i can download photos with a 'gphoto2 --get-all-files'22:48

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