twblilstevie: ok so cros is built now; I guess I need to grok abootimg next?01:14
twbIs the abootimg config file (e.g. $bootsize etc) the same for my CrOS 2.6.38 as the one that shipped with your 2.6.36-based tarball?01:18
twbHmm, another strange thing -- holding voldn gets me into asus bootloader's "android or factory reset?" UI, and but if I pick the latter it boots normally and goes into X, whereas it ought to be running the SOS kernel which has single01:27
lilstevietwb: the bootsize is the same size as the partition01:52
lilsteviealso did you make sure to hit vol-up within 5 secs01:52
twbYeah, I got the little onscreen thing which has an icon of android on the right, and some factory reset type thing on the left01:59
twbAIUI the left icon actually means SOS01:59
lilsteviehm that shouldn't happen02:08
lilstevieif you press vol-down with power and don't press vol-up within 5 seconds that menu shows up02:09
lilsteviethat is the datawipe menu02:09
twbOK so that's the wrong menu02:18
lilstevieyeah, when you press vol-down, there is a bit of writing that shows at the top left that says "press <vol-up> to boot RCK02:20
twbI can't seem to get to that02:21
lilsteviedid you manually flash the SOS kernel02:25
twbNot sure what you mean02:26
lilsteviehow did you flash up the device02:26
twbWhat's on there now is basically the 2.6.36 setup you prepared as linux-flash-kit02:27
lilstevieok, well I didn't flash an SOS kernel02:27
twbI appear to be doing so02:27
lilstevienot with pure02:27
lilstevieyou would need to manually prepare and flash your SOS kernel02:28
twbAFAIK that's what I put on there a few weeks back.02:28
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happydebuggingOneric on Pandaboard. Distorted display at install and afterwards. Are there known issues with HDMI to DVI? HDMI to DVDI-D Cable is known good.05:41
mishamHello.  I've compiled a kernel for my BeagleBoard-xM rev C using Linus' git tree and when I boot it, it hangs on mmcblk0: p1 p207:16
mishamhow would I debug this problem?07:16
twbWell, that line is it finding two partitions on the first MMC (SD card) block device.07:30
twbNot sure why that's hanging, tho07:30
mishamit is finding those partitions07:36
mishamhere's full boot log: https://gist.github.com/134124307:38
mishamat least I think it's finding 2 partitions07:41
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Dawgmatixhello i am trying to run the ubuntu oneiric preinstalled image on a beagleboard xm and cannot get the board to boot13:54
Dawgmatixboot has errors like - Wrong Image Format for bootm command, ERROR: can't get kernel image13:55
Dawgmatixare there any folks here successfully using the beagleboard xm?13:57
ben22Hello. May I ask a question regarding an armv5 chip in this channel?14:08
shadeslayerlilstevie: whats this I hear about new flashkit and stuff :D :D :D16:43
sveinseAny activity here now? Anyone running i386 Natty? Would be nice if anyone could confirm #886690.22:25
sveinsebug 88669022:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 886690 in qemu-linaro "qemu segfaults in armel chroot on i386 host" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88669022:25

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