fffftt6tgah i just want to burn an audio cd11:53
fffftt6tbrasero 2,32,1 ubuntu 11.0411:53
fffftt6tit says starting to record and never starts recording11:55
fffftt6t(brasero:3576): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_variant_get: assertion `valid_format_string (format_string, TRUE, value)' failed11:56
fffftt6t(brasero:3576): GLib-CRITICAL **: the GVariant format string `(u)' has a type of `(u)' but the given value has a type of `()'11:56
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head_victimCopying, creating an iso or burning an iso?12:02
wodom_suxburning .cue and .bin12:02
wodom_suxbrasero didnt give me an option to make an iso file12:03
head_victimwhat version of brasero?12:03
wodom_suxubuntu 11.0412:03
head_victimHmm 2.32 apparently had the issue and the .1 was meant to fix it12:03
wodom_suxi put mp3s into brasero and hit burn, it converts to wave file etc but fails to actully burn12:03
head_victimr or rw disk?12:04
wodom_suxgnome thing pops up and says HEY a cd-r!12:06
wodom_suxand it shows mounted icon on desktop12:06
head_victimSome are reporting if they installed the cdrdao package fixes this (apparently it's incorrectly not listed as a dependency or something)12:10
head_victimbug 646377 seems to be what you're faxcing12:11
lubotu2Launchpad bug 646377 in Brasero "Brasero crashes on any video project" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64637712:11
wodom_suxhmm i did just install cdrdao trying to use that directly12:12
head_victimIf it's still failing I'd give k3b a shot just to see if it's specific to brasero or not.12:12
wodom_suxError while burning. An unknown error occurred.12:16
wodom_suxsame thing12:17
head_victimWith brasero/cdrdao or k3b?12:17
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jaddi27head_victim, how does the new website look? Is the new template in place yet?12:22
head_victimjaddi27: looks great to me12:22
head_victimMuch improved over the current one.12:23
jaddi27That's good to hear. So it will be around a couple of weeks before it goes live?12:23
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head_victimjaddi27: yeah I figured I'd put it out to the team for 2 weeks for ideas and thoughts before we went to production. 12:25
head_victimI realise it's hard to do without seeing the final product but there was plenty of discussion about it when first brought up months ago so wanted to see if people had anything further to add now.12:26
jaddi27Will they be using the original planet format, or the drupal module replicating the planet (I think there was such a thing, anyway)12:26
head_victimI'm not certain on the planet yet.12:26
jaddi27Yes, I think it is fine to wait a couple of weeks for more feedback12:26
head_victimThe SSO integration is going to make user management so much easier12:28
jaddi27So it is working alright so far? 12:29
head_victimYeah couple of little things caused hiccups but appear to be ironed out.12:29
jaddi27It sounds like it is going to work a lot better, and be easier to manage12:31
head_victimI'll try to upload a screenshot12:31
jaddi27Ok. That would be nice12:32
head_victimNearly had it, stuffed up and was logged in, want to show the login button. 12:37
jaddi27That's alright. I know how annoying it can be to get good screenshots. You have it all set up, and then something always goes wrong12:39
jaddi27head_victim, I think it looks good.12:44
jaddi27What acts as the home button? The logo on the right?12:45
head_victimHmm good point, I'll probably just add it to the top row12:53
head_victimActually, there is a home button in the navigation menu when you're logged in12:54
head_victimJust under "navigation"12:55
jaddi27Yes, I see it now. Maybe it could be moved to be the top item in that list12:55
head_victimYeah, when we got to the adjusting content stage I figured we can do that whenever we need to.12:56
jaddi27Ok. I wasn't sure what stage it was at, so that sounds fine12:57
head_victimYeah I started playing with layout, hence the 2 welcomes.12:58
head_victimI was trying to see where it fit best12:58
head_victimAs it's own block or just as it has been, a story stickied to the front12:58
jaddi27As its own block might be easiest, as sticky content can still move down the page if something else is made sticky12:59
head_victimI'm leaning towards stickied story, that way all the headings are the orange and I can ditch the purple ones. They look a bit odd with the different headings there when the lower headings are smaller than the higher headings.12:59
jaddi27Ok. Just need to move the second heading as well then so Welcome is at the top13:01
jaddi27I like the block on the right side with links to the main ubuntu website13:02
head_victimYep, I only put that in there to see what sort of heading it would have really.13:02
head_victimYeah the footer also has the Ubuntu legal notice as well as links to the main ubuntu stuff as well13:02
head_victimIt's much better integrated.13:02
jaddi27Are the headings in the block and for the articles of the same level (eg h3/h2/etc)?13:04
iktwhere's this test site?13:04
head_victimThe "welcome" and "ubuntu au team news" purple headings are block headings. The "welcome" and "ubuntu-au documentation jam" are the news item headings13:04
head_victimikt: on a test server, it's being worked on to bring into production.13:05
jaddi27Oh, ok. I forgot about block headings13:05
iktoh nice13:05
head_victimI know it's a bit of a tease to only show a screenshot but figured it's better than nothing13:05
iktjust found the screenshot13:05
iktlooks good :D13:05
head_victimSo yeah, if you have any feedback on structural stuff for the website just reply to the email on the list.13:05
head_victimThe cosmetics we can fix anytime :)13:06
jaddi27We don't have access to theme changes at all though, do we? (Not that we should need to change it now though)13:06
head_victimWe can request that certain ones be added13:07
head_victimI can set icons for the top right hand side of the banner, the favicon and page widths.13:08
head_victimBasically if it needs installing we have to ask Canonical, if it needs changing settings we can do it ourselves.13:08
head_victimThe only thing is that if we want Canonical to install it, they have to perform a security audit on it unless it's already in production elsewhere.13:08
jaddi27That is well set up then - I don't quite go to that length for my themes (apart from changing the name, slogan and logo)13:08
jaddi27Do you think that a search box would be useful at all?13:09
head_victimThe drupal instance we're running off is a multi site job for other teams and locos to use as well. We're the test case before they prod other teams to upgrade as well.13:09
jaddi27Nice to know that we are leading the change13:10
head_victimjaddi27: I just enabled it, it's already there if we want it.13:10
jaddi27Ok. I thought it should be available, but just wondering if it would be useful or not13:11
head_victimAh no worries, I'm no drupal guru so no idea what's "normal" or not13:11
jaddi27head_victim, It is nice to see that we have translated 75980 strings since Sept 113:20
jaddi27We should keep up with precise fine based on that rate13:20
head_victimYeah, sagaci is #3 launchpad contributor site wide13:20
head_victimYou're not too far behind.13:20
jaddi27He is doing well13:21
jaddi27You are moving up on the translators list as well13:22
head_victimIt's nice when you see your translations "in the wild"13:24
head_victimI'm running 12.04 in a VM and trying to do as much as I possible can on it so when it's release I've got everythign working exactly how I want and can even copy home folders.13:25
head_victimBRB, servo run.13:26
head_victimsagaci: http://is.gd/B69C3p - looking better?14:03
sagaciyeah looks fine14:08
head_victimwb ikt 14:24
gtkpod.m4a MPEG-4 AAC audio to mp3 transcoder?23:44

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