shubesHello, I'm a noob to mythbuntu, with linux experience.00:10
shubesHaving trouble getting channels scanned. I have a USB HVR-950, and I finally got the firmware loaded, and no more hate messages in dmesg.00:10
shubesTrying to configure backend for mythbuntu, scanning broadcast channels (antenna).00:11
shubesIt says no signal for channels with no signal, but channels that should be there say no channels.00:11
shubesAny pointers?00:11
shubesI'm using mythbuntu 11.10 btw.00:12
shubesFresh install.00:12
shubesWondering if perhaps my antenna signal just isn't strong enough.00:18
TandyUK does anyone know if it is possible to make a usb hdd masquerade as a flash drive?  A friend has bought a brand new set top box, which plays media files from a usb stick, but refuses point blank to detect a usb hdd and id rather plug in a 1.5tb drive than copy stuff in block of 16gb :S12:48
shubesTandyUK: I don't think it's the physical device so much as the partition and filesystem on the HDD. Check the filesystem type and partition on the HDD. I don't know what the set top box expects, but fat32 will probably work. You may need to format it from a linux box, as some OSs (don't recall which ones) can't format fat32 that large.15:51

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