AndrewxI'm trying to upgrade my install of 11.04 to 11.1000:19
AndrewxI got the GUI for upgrade and cancelled on accident.00:19
AndrewxHow can I resume the GUI for upgrade>00:19
pangolinjust start over, any debs already downloaded will be skipped00:27
pangolinif you cancelled during the install process you may be up a creek and will need to do a clean install.00:27
dorkhi i've been troubleshooting a problem on an ubuntu system for 15 hours, i have exhausted all ubuntu channels i can think of, so i'm going to try here. i did a distro upgrade that resulted in init not being able to put my software raid together, i can chroot to the environment, i have tried reinstalling legacy grub and reinstalling grub2 multiple times, i just can not get it. would anyone in here please help me trubleshoot this so i can go home?00:29
YompaSide question: how safe are these upgrades? I tend to believe in backup complete reinstall and selective restore.00:29
dorkYompa: i've spent 15 hours so far because of an upgrade00:29
dorkand im still down00:29
Yompadork, I wish you good luck and the best!00:31
virusuydork: can you mount your devices ?00:34
virusuyi mean, your HD's00:34
dorki can assemble the raid and mount the raids00:35
dorkthrough busybox and and a chrooted environment00:35
virusuybut when servers boot said that cannot find your raid , right ?00:36
dorkt said this00:36
dorkhttp://pastebin.com/Mwn9fAHT <--grub config and raid info00:36
dorkso it seems it's just not able to assemble the raid00:37
virusuydid you tried to boot an older kernel ?00:37
dorkin busybox i can assemble it by hand00:37
dorkvirusuy: yes and that did not work00:38
virusuydork: uhmm00:38
virusuyno idea man, good luck00:39
dorkanyone else?00:39
virusuyand the best00:39
dorkvirusuy: thanks00:39
YompaI'm about to build a 1 + 0, nothing that complicated though. Sorry.00:40
mateolargoi'm (trying to) manage a PPA for our company and have hit a bit of a snag00:41
EvilResistancehow so00:42
mateolargoafter rebuilding several packages and regenerating my Release files (sorry, i'm probably butchering the terminology here) i'm getting a dependency error when trying to install one of our packages00:43
mateolargonginx-custom : Depends: nginx-full (= 1.0.6-2) but it is not going to be installed00:43
mateolargoE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:43
EvilResistanceFYI dont paste to here00:44
virusuydork: Raid 1 ?00:44
EvilResistancemateolargo:  why are you generating a custom nginx package?00:44
mateolargoEvilResistance: we needed to included several modules that weren't in the default packages00:45
virusuydork: if you have a RAID 1 array, you can desassemble and try to boot from 1 HD instead of array00:45
EvilResistancemateolargo:  can I /query you for a sec?00:45
dorkvirusuy: i was going to do that as a last measure00:47
dorkvirusuy: i might as well though i'll have to come back tomorrow anyways00:47
virusuydork: if you can boot from 1 HD, then you should resync that array00:47
dorkvirusuy: im just not sure how to approach it00:48
virusuydesassemble that array ?00:48
virusuyuhmm that depends on your RAID controller00:49
dorkit's software00:49
dorkjust trying to figure out the arguments00:49
dorkso i don't destroy it00:50
virusuyif you can assemble that array in somewhere else, then backup as much you can00:50
virusuyi mean00:50
dorki mean boot one disk00:50
dorki've got everything backed up00:50
virusuyoh , ok00:50
dorki got it00:57
dorki'm pretty sure00:57
virusuydork: really ? :-)00:58
dorkit's finishing the fsck now01:06
dorkbut i got it to boot01:06
virusuydork: nice! did you boot from 1 HD ?01:06
virusuyor did something else?01:06
dorki basically rescanned for raid arrays and rewrote a new mdadm.conf, the syntax is different, remade init and installed it, it's booting now.01:06
virusuydork: nice :-D01:06
dorktook me 16 hours to figure it out01:07
dorki'll take nice but i should probably go shoot myself01:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #886423 in php5 (main) "Can't install php5-mysql in Ubuntu 11.10 due to unmet dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88642302:31
arrrghhhhello all.  trying to find a script that will go thru a folder and expand any compressed .RAR files02:38
arrrghhhseemed to be the answer, and then some02:39
arrrghhhbut perhaps it's too powerful for my needs - i can't seem to get it to do this simple task.  has anyone ever used it?02:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #886426 in net-snmp (main) "snmpd init status script doesn't check $SNMPDRUN or $SNMPDRUN" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88642602:45
virusuyarrrghhh: all your files are in the same folder ?02:51
arrrghhhvirusuy, no02:52
arrrghhhlet me rephrase02:52
arrrghhheverything is in one folder02:52
arrrghhhbut there's a high potential that there are RAR's within sub-folders that will need extracting02:53
arrrghhhbut i do have a 'central point' where all the files in question are going.02:53
m_tadeuhi...where can I find the php logs?02:53
arrrghhhm_tadeu, tail -f /var/log/apache/php.errors?02:55
arrrghhhalternatively, look in your php.ini file02:55
m_tadeuarrrghhh: doesn't exist02:55
m_tadeuarrrghhh: I'll check02:56
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arrrghhhvirusuy, have you ever used that script?03:03
arrrghhhit seems really powerful03:03
arrrghhhbut it might be serious overkill03:03
virusuyarrrghhh: no at all, and yes, seems powerful03:03
arrrghhhi was thinking about looking at its grooming abilites03:03
arrrghhhbut i'm trying to start simple, just want the unrar ability03:03
arrrghhhand i can't seem to manage that :/03:03
virusuyarrrghhh: you also can study what does and create your own script03:03
arrrghhhor "just that" i should say.03:03
arrrghhhvirusuy, i looked at the bash.  it's quite complex.03:03
virusuyunrar is ease,03:03
virusuyunrar -h for help,03:04
arrrghhhi think i can just do the unrar part pretty easily on my own.03:04
arooni-mobileim trying to ssh into a linux server.  i did ssh -v root@ipaddress... and i'm seeing: "debug1: Connecting to IP [IP] port 22. then debug1: connect to address IPADDRESS port 22: Connection refused"  ... but nothing else.  is there any other reason why the server isnt letting me ssh?  is it because its the wrong port (doing new setup on a new server)03:04
virusuythe hardest part is moving between folders and sub-folders03:04
arrrghhharooni-mobile, is the far end open?  are you on a LAN?03:05
virusuyarooni-mobile: with wich user are you trying to log in ?03:05
arrrghhhlooks like root03:05
arrrghhhwhich might be the problem as well03:05
arooni-mobilevirusuy, root03:05
arrrghhhyou can't ssh to root03:05
virusuyarooni-mobile: in some configs root login is disabled by default03:05
arooni-mobileok i didnt get a user data03:05
arooni-mobileuser name03:05
virusuycan you configure sshd_config on the server ?03:06
virusuyi mean, can you acces in other way than ssh ?03:06
arooni-mobilei dont know; this is a new client; and have to figure out leasewebs interface03:07
virusuyso, you're not using ssh in LAN, right ?03:07
arooni-mobilei mean the server is somewhere in the netherlands03:08
arooni-mobile the gateway is provided; but i wouldnt need that to connect i think03:08
virusuyuhmm could be03:10
arooni-mobilei havent heard of using a gateway to connect to via ssh03:10
virusuyis not common03:11
arooni-mobilei just hate it when i have to open a damn ticket just to login03:11
virusuybut , that gateway can allow or deny connections through port 2203:11
arooni-mobileso should i try to connect other than ssh root@ip03:11
virusuybut why dont you test connect through that gateway before open a new ticket ?03:11
arooni-mobilehonestly i didnt know that much about gateways;  i thought it was only for when i have a home router03:12
virusuyroot shouldn't be allowed through ssh, but, who knows every sysadmin/company is a different world :-)03:12
virusuyarooni-mobile: let me find a how to, cos you can configure ssh to use a gateway in some hosts03:13
virusuyhow-to *03:13
virusuylet me rephrase03:14
virusuyyou can configure your ssh-client to use a gateway03:14
virusuyoh, can you test this command ?03:17
m_tadeuI'm unable to get logs from php...I tryed setting error_log to a file, and now to syslog....nothing comes out03:17
virusuyssh -w host:port gateway03:17
virusuyssh -W username@host:port gateway03:17
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kevcoxWe are starting to use Linux Servers (Ubuntu) more and more for small business solutions.  As we get more I would like to start a standard in managing these servers.  What does everyone feel is the best process for updating the servers that provide a certain role like Samba or Postfix.  Do download all updates or just security updates, etc.?03:26
kevcoxSo far we've been installing all updates (apt-get upgrade).03:27
kevcoxFrom time to time I've noticed the apps change and sometimes require .conf file updates that can cause issues if we are not prepared for what can be altered.03:28
twbkevcox: it's nontrivial to select only security updates03:33
kevcoxSo you don't rely on the improvements of the apps that are isntalled?03:33
twbkevcox: if you have a bunch of servers, like say five app servers, you can designate one of them a staging server and pull updates to it first03:34
kevcoxJust assume if it works then there is no need?03:34
twbkevcox: well, suppose you have lucid, lucid-security and lucid-updates in your sources.list03:34
twbkevcox: you can't easily say to apt "please apply updates only from lucid-security"03:34
twbkevcox: however, -updates mainly contains critical but non-security-related stuff like fixing bugs that result in data loss03:35
twbkevcox: so it's a good idea to pull them in anyway.03:35
twbkevcox: OTOH -backports and newer distro releases include new upstream releases, and new feaures = new bugs03:36
kevcoxDo you recommend for security updates to be performed on their own or manually?03:36
twbkevcox: generally I make sure -security and -updates are in sources.list and then just aptitude full-upgrade from time to time.03:37
kevcoxSo you are pulling all security and distro updates manually from time to time?03:38
kevcoxWhat about when you get an app upgrade that requires .conf migration to a new version?03:39
twbThen you deal with it at the time03:40
virusuykevcox: backups .conf files first03:40
twbOh, etckeeper of course03:40
twbBut broadly speaking I will tell the users a day beforehand "I'm doing upgrades at 11AM tomorrow, there are no expected outages, but there might be if something goes wrong."03:40
kevcoxHow about this....03:41
kevcoxI setup security updates to be automatic during off hours on weekends then perform app updates from time to time... Any issues with setting the standard that you can see?03:42
virusuykevcox: automatic updates? NO WAY03:42
kevcoxNot for critical updates only?03:42
twbI have been mostly unimpressed with automated update solutions03:42
virusuykevcox: its my opinion03:43
kevcoxMeaning critical security updates03:43
twbkevcox: how does the automated system know which ones are critical?03:43
virusuytwb: indeed03:43
kevcoxI guess I see security updates as being critical03:43
virusuyyou should take care of security updates, check every update, wich aplication will update , what and which things you need to do before update03:43
kevcoxI guess I've failed there03:44
virusuykevcox: i mean, this isn't mandatory03:44
kevcoxI typically logon and see the console tells me there are updates and how many security.  I then run APT with UPDATE and then UPGRADE without a second thought.03:44
kevcoxNo issues thus far but I want to do it the right way or best solution.03:45
virusuykevcox: yes you can do that and no worries03:45
virusuybut one day, something will fail03:45
virusuyand probably will be on weekend03:46
virusuyat 3 am03:46
kevcoxNo doubt... :/03:46
virusuymy opinion. ..03:47
virusuyyou just need to update your vital services03:48
virusuyi mean, if you run a apache server, then subscribe to apache's security mailing list to be updated about security fixes and so.03:48
kevcoxDo you happen to know the command to update security only using APT?03:48
virusuyand also you will know about updates, what they do and so on03:48
kevcoxThat sounds like a good idea I need to do.03:49
kevcoxJust what I need more emails.. :)03:49
virusuykevcox: or tag your mails :)03:49
kevcoxAnother Google Apps user?03:50
virusuyi actually use a lot of mailing list and twitter03:50
virusuykevcox: gmail only03:50
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lbwi have installed ubuntu-server and using kdm and using virtualbox09:46
lbwall is going fine except that there is no voice09:46
lbwi have checked for alsa and pulse audio, both are installed09:46
lbwhow to enable audio so that i can hear sound for virtualbox09:46
lbwmessage says, pa_pid_file() creation failed09:48
lbwwhen i run pulseaudio from terminal09:48
lbwdo i need to configure kdm to use pulseaudio or alsa ?09:49
greppyis your user in the audio group?09:50
lbwhow to check that09:52
greppytry the 'id' command in a terminal09:55
lbwno there is no audio group09:57
lbwhow to add audio group09:58
lbwgreppy: thanks :)10:07
lbwsudo adduser 'you' audio :)10:08
lbwnow will it work ?10:09
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storrgieI just had a failure event on one of my mdadm arrays, does anyone know how I can inspect the drive to see if it really was a failure?13:20
virusuystorrgie: i guess you can check your raid status with mdadm --detail /device13:22
storrgiecat /proc/mdstat tells me that one of the drives is a failure13:25
storrgieI need to see if that drive is truly failing smart13:25
storrgieor if it is just an issue where the drive was not spinning up properly13:25
RoyKstgraber: smartctl14:11
RoyKsmartctl -t short /dev/sda14:11
RoyKstgraber: smartctl -d sat -t short /dev/sda14:12
RoyKops - wrong nick - storrgie left, apparently14:12
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dwelchHey guys, looking for some advice on how to setup a Ubuntu server w/ Apach to allow multiple users to host WordPress sites.15:55
dwelchI already know how to setup all these (and have done so), but what I cannot figure out is how to setup permissions / users so that each user can upload files through WordPress & have FTP access, but not be able to see any of the other users directories15:55
RoyKdwelch: check chrooting for ftp server15:56
JanClet them upload to their home directory and use chrooted sftp/ftps access?15:56
RoyKdwelch: which ftp server are you using?15:56
JanCRoyK: I hope he doesn't use plain FTP...  ;)15:57
RoyKJanC: seems like it...15:57
RoyKdwelch: then check chrooting for vsftpd, it supports it well15:57
dwelchAnd that works well, but some of these accounts I wanted to allow ssh access to also15:58
JanCdwelch: ssh/sftp can be chrooted as well15:58
RoyKgoogle for ssh/sftp chroot15:58
DulcinHi, I currently have a server which I use as SMTP server for my website, my personal mail is done through google apps, and my domain is hosted somewhere else. Now to avoid my emails sent from my server being detected as spam, I want to set up an SPF record. Should I set this up on the server itself?15:59
RoyKJanC: touché15:59
JanCbut another issue might be that scripts run by apache can access data outside the user's home (you might have to use a technique to chroot that too)16:00
dwelchIt's been a while, but I feel like I ran into WordPress-upload permission issues when I persued that route16:00
JanCor at least run them as another user16:00
JanCdwelch: it's possible to run wordpress as the user (e.g. using FastCGI & such)16:01
dwelchYeah, I ended up using the apache module mpm_itk to prefork & run the request as the user16:03
dwelchwhich works, but I'm worried that's a bit scary from a security stand point16:03
JanCah, yes, that MPM does the same16:04
JanCdwelch: filesystem permissions have to be set right too, of course16:04
dwelchYeah, so basically what I've got now is that each user has their default umask to 770, their site served out of ~/www and mpm running the requests as those users16:05
JanCdwelch: alternatively you can run multiple webservers in containers or VMs...16:05
dwelchWith a chrooted ssh / ftp, security should be in good shape, right?16:06
dwelchThought of that JanC, but I'm already on a pretty weak VM in a XEN environment (at linode.com)16:06
JanCright, I was just going to write that it's often a security/cost trade-off  ☺16:08
JanCdwelch: I don't really know mpm_itk, but maybe it also allows chrooting?16:10
dwelchHaha yeah, definitely a cost trade off preforking all the requests, but I wasn't sure about the security issue16:10
dwelchOkay, well I guess my setup isn't that bad then16:11
dwelchI was scared that someone might come swinging for me w/ that kind of setup :P16:12
JanCdwelch: what I mean is that you must decide what is secure enough for you and how much money you want to (or can) spend, and balance that  ☺16:13
dwelchYeah I hear ya.16:14
JanCI wonder if it would be possible to use ecryptfs or encfs...16:14
dwelchI've read most the formal documentation for each of these, but I'm wondering if there are any really good resources for basic server admin understanding16:14
DulcinCan an SPF record hold multiple IPs or should I create multiple SPF records16:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #886592 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88659216:21
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dwelchJanC: just went and picked up a ubuntu knowledge book from the library, looking into encryptfs for my purposes17:16
JanCdwelch: the problem with ecryptfs would be to handle automatic mounting in a secure way (because obviously there is no login password entered when apache forks)17:20
dwelchAh, good point17:21
JanCthere is an #ecryptfs channel on the OFTC IRC network BTW17:21
dwelchO cool, I'll check that out17:27
RoyKremember, remember the fifth of november....18:27
RevChasAnyone got a minute to help with getting Postfix and SASL to play together?20:03
julivaljrqual o conselho para iniciar uma instalacao ubuntu server?20:46
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