hamitronall too slow for me :/00:00
alexcockellif you go, say, to bbc.co.uk/heritage - all the clips there still run through Embedded Media Client v2... the one that worked.00:00
ali1234so not the installed one then?00:00
alexcockellThe Beeb are still consolidating their content to the new player...00:01
alexcockellBasically - they've locked out casual users on NVidia Ion 1-based low-power machiens.. who would nto know about get_iplayer or would be scared off using it.00:01
alexcockellBasically - up to about 3 weeks ago, iPlayer behaved.  And the new version of Flash coped with the old client..00:02
alexcockellBut with the new embedded player - suddenly Ion-based kit is locked out.00:02
alexcockellTheree's also a load of other bugs..00:02
alexcockellMOrning all..08:57
MartijnVdSAnd this is why you don't buy nvidia?09:04
marxjohnsonmorning all09:55
jacobwmorning marxjohnson et al10:02
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:39
jacobwmorning brobostigon10:56
jacobwis anyone going to mozilla festival?10:57
brobostigonmorning jacobw10:58
SysunixHi all11:02
SysunixDo any of you ever used the software Keylogger on ubuntu ?11:03
alexcockellMorning all..11:43
alexcockellAnyone else found if they're on an Ion 1-based netbook that iPlayer is not very reliable under Flash 11?11:44
jacobwi find that flash unreliable under linux in general11:51
penguin42yeuch, the new reader is terrible12:42
alexcockelljacobw - Yeah - mostly due to Adobe's shite coding.12:42
alexcockellpenguin42 - is that Adobe reader?  Or Flash?12:42
penguin42sorry, google12:42
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MartijnVdSAlanBell: ^ you'll like that. Too bad daubers isn't online13:54
issyl0AlanBell: How's Bonfire Night looking for you?  Do you know of any decent firework displays around?15:37
AlanBellI am not at home, down in Pool, Dorset15:41
AlanBellI think christel was thinking of going to Farnham15:41
AlanBellpossibly theopensourcerer too15:42
alexcockellNot bothering really... been fighting with iPlayer and NVIDIA...15:44
alexcockellSpent most of the day raising one honking complaint to the beeb..15:45
MartijnVdSwrong party15:46
MartijnVdSit's Adobe's fault for making shitty software15:46
alexcockellYeah - I know... just had to rant15:46
AzelphurMartijnVdS: and it's bbc's fault for using it15:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's a reasonable option for streaming video15:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: sure there are better options _now_15:47
alexcockellAnd then when Adobe say "Duh, desktop Linux isn't being used - let's withdraw AIR"15:47
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I don't think so, I used to watch TV via shoutcast all the time before flash was big15:48
Azelphurand it didn't suck.15:48
alexcockellYeah - just very annoying they decided to rely on overlay logic to present transport info - rather than using the panel underneath15:48
alexcockellMeans you have to mouseover to see where you are int he programme...15:49
penguin42is one of the bot minders around?15:49
alexcockell... and guess what?  As Adobe ripped out Stage Video... leaving VDPAU to decode only... video freezes, audio continues...15:50
alexcockell... if on an Atom/ION combo...15:50
alexcockellBut on the old X3100 GOU in my R61 - all OK..15:50
MartijnVdSSo.. never buy nvidia :)15:50
alexcockellBut it DID behave when I dropped £400 on my netbook from LE15:51
alexcockellBehaved right up until the Beeb changed the media client on iPlayer about a week or so ago..15:51
alexcockellAnd it's caused a LOT of shouting...15:52
alexcockellOf course - all the testing was obviously done on the Flash 11 beta... and then Adobe's gold release dumps experimental Stage Video in Linux - but left it in for Windows and Mac15:53
alexcockellSpent a man-day on a long complaint which I've CC'd to DigitalSpy and their open-mic thread on their Internet blog...15:54
alexcockellNetbook isn't much more than 18 months old...15:54
alexcockellThe galling thing is - Youtube behaves better - actually *does* graceful fallback15:55
alexcockellJust that Atoms don't have the grunt - and *require* NVIDIA...15:56
alexcockellOr - the new player maxes out an Atom - whereas it runs at about 50% of both cores on a Core Duo...16:04
ali1234i don't see how it is nvidia's fault16:04
alexcockellIt isn;t... just the interaction - and the fact that Adobe didn't leave the code there...16:05
ali1234stage video is a beta function?16:05
alexcockellIt was... but then the Beeb decide to use stage video to present the transport logic in overlay...16:06
alexcockellAnd the Windows/Mac mob were crying for it...16:06
ali1234why are they using beta functions with no fallback?16:06
alexcockellBut apparently there'a bit of dodgy coding there - even in ActionScript or whatever it is Flash uses..16:06
alexcockellPardon me for expressing myself like this - but fuck knows16:07
alexcockellWhen playing audio - it's only using a load average of about 1.816:07
alexcockell... on a 1.6GHz Atom16:08
ali1234audio is not exactly difficult to decode16:08
penguin42you sometimes get weird cases16:08
penguin42like if the sound card insists on not switching to the same sample rate as the sample rate you wanted to use16:08
penguin42and you get conversions and stuff16:08
alexcockellIt's the rendering where they got it wrong - via VDPAU, the GPU's decoding the H264 stream..16:08
penguin42I've also seen the kernel get very confused and spend all the CPU with PA crashing and restarting with one particular sound card16:09
ali1234yes well we all know how well adobe engineers understand VDPAU16:09
MartijnVdSalexcockell: that's what the GPU is for..16:09
alexcockellI know..16:09
MartijnVdSbut they should just use VA-API16:09
MartijnVdSso they support non-nvidia as well16:09
alexcockellYou know - there IS one way the Beeb could support the lower-spec kit running Ubuntu and similar... allow their Totem plugin access to the high-def iplayer streeams16:10
alexcockelluntil Adobe get their act together16:10
ali1234i've never seen that totem plugin work16:10
ali1234it always just hangs when i try to use it16:11
alexcockellAnd by doing this - they only piss off their early adopters etc...16:11
ali1234early adopters of iplayer?16:11
alexcockellOK - maybe I meant tech-savvy people.. the ones who know what's going on..16:12
ali1234i just tried a stage 3d demo and it seems to work16:13
ali1234what part did they remove?16:13
Myrttihave I missed out on something16:14
MartijnVdSMyrtti: totem BBC plugin16:14
alexcockellIt's more the overlaying bit...16:15
MartijnVdSit's not in oneiric16:15
MyrttiAW DAMNIT16:15
MyrttiI was already looking for it :-(16:15
MartijnVdSit might be in -plugins-extra16:16
MartijnVdS    * Stream BBC programs16:16
MartijnVdSMyrtti: ^16:16
MartijnVdSMyrtti: sorry for the confusion ;)16:17
* Myrtti rubs her hands together16:17
* AlanBell breaks unity3d :(16:18
MartijnVdS"Myrtti Burns"16:18
AlanBellnever had any problems with the stability of compiz until unity came along16:19
alexcockellTOTP 1976 is listed under BBC1 - rather than BBC4...16:26
alexcockellARGH!  They let you see the list of programmes - but no streaming!16:27
alexcockellThanks to those STUPID decisions they made re DRM...16:28
MyrttiI can't even see the list of programmes, only the subject areas16:31
matttafternoon all16:38
alexcockellMyrtti - try the twisties-  what version of Ubuntu are you running?16:41
Myrttialexcockell: 11.1017:09
czajkowskihttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/album/426006  UDS-P photos are up18:05
gordhttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/2618871/in/album/426006 - rare sighting of the popey-shark - breaching in the wild18:14
penguin42eep scary18:16
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penguin42. --------~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *19:39
* jacobw nods19:41
MartijnVdSmorse code?19:42
penguin42that's a rocket!19:42
MartijnVdSah yes19:42
MartijnVdSit's that night again19:43
* jacobw rotates his screen19:43
* penguin42 doesn't seem to be able to see any from the park across the road yet19:43
jacobwits odd not having any animals to look after this firework night19:43
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MartijnVdSAh, the traditional V for Vendetta on TV tonight :)19:47
stevepdpMartijnVdS, what channel?19:48
MartijnVdSstevepdp: BBC2 22:4519:48
stevepdpgdgd, doesn't conflict with Merlin :-)19:49
bigcalmMartijnVdS: enjoying our FreeSat eh? ;)19:49
MartijnVdSbigcalm: I also have the bluray but yes :)19:49
MartijnVdSI'd say it's becoming a tradition19:50
MartijnVdShm, this seems to be the first time it's been broadcast on Nov 519:51
MartijnVdSStrange BBC is strange19:51
SuprEngr..& a phhhschwoooooooos.... bang to you all19:58
MartijnVdS& to you19:58
jacobwhi SuprEngr19:59
SuprEngrhi MartijnVdS, hi jacobw  - got your virtual phhhschwoooooooos.... bangs ready for Guy Fawkes?20:01
alexcockellHad enoughof the real ones detonating near me for DIwali AND firework night..20:01
SuprEngralexcockell, I was in Handsworth [working] on Diwali... loud!20:02
SuprEngr[but as to festival of lights... nothing20:02
alexcockellYeah - somehow they manage to get hold of professtional fireworks - and light then in stamp-sized gardens..20:03
alexcockellITV - loads of hopelesses massacring tracks...20:03
SuprEngralexcockell, +120:05
jacobwmake: *** No rule to make target `sense'. Stop.20:05
alexcockellThey're actually playing out Trammps, S-Express etc as the intro.. or do I go to Radio 2 whwere they;'re playing out 70s stuff?20:05
SuprEngrjacobw, I'm impressed - you saw my post to mail list?20:06
jacobwSuprEngr: no20:06
SuprEngrjacobw, whine re seahorse-plugins... it ends up with that msg20:07
SuprEngr..so +1 to your vote20:08
jacobwi'm not currently subscribed to the mailing list20:09
SuprEngr["it" being attempts to do what I needed]20:09
SuprEngrjacobw, shame on you ;)20:10
alexcockellI know it'soff-topic.. but Oh Dear God.... Act one out of the blocks has ruined both Abba and Dead Or Alive...20:10
jacobwi need to sort out the postfix server on my domain for virtual users and mailboxes so i can subscribe to lists with lists@jacobw.me20:11
SuprEngrooo... Men In Black on Ch5  :)20:12
jacobw[uknot] is high volume20:12
SuprEngrmuuuuch betta20:12
jacobwi love that film :)20:12
alexcockellI take it none of us are into going out on a cold night... MUCH nicer to have a warm netbook...20:17
SuprEngrok - break in movie - anyone know of replacement for seahorse-plugins in 11.10?20:18
SuprEngr[netbook recharging... nice & warm}20:18
SuprEngroh to be a recharging battery pack plugged in and powered... cozy ;)20:20
jacobwSuprEngr: what does seahorse-plugins do that seahorse doesn't?20:20
SuprEngradda an "encypt" optoin to right click in Nautilus20:21
SuprEngr...should also add a "decrypt"20:21
SuprEngr...but decrypt disappeared mid 11.04... still working that one out !20:22
jacobwI see, nautilus integration :)20:23
SuprEngr...[but now snafu'd in 11.1020:26
jacobwhow annoying20:29
alexcockellI think I read something about that - they could have said "it was difficult for the user to set up... so we ripped it out"20:29
alexcockellsorry - "may20:30
alexcockellOh - if anyone is watching the carcrash on ITV1 - one act is about to wreck a Shalamar track...20:31
SuprEngralexcockell, did you also read where package could be got?20:32
jacobwasymetric encryption does confuse people20:33
alexcockellNah - saw it in passing.20:33
SuprEngrp.s "carcrash" - not politically good atm20:33
SuprEngrm5 cough20:33
alexcockellYeah - but how else do you describe acts ruining old classic tracks?20:33
alexcockellHow else do you describe X Factor?20:34
jacobwyou can't choose to watch X Factor and then complain20:34
SuprEngractually  - o now you put that way... ;)20:34
alexcockellUmm - isn't it a musical equivalent of leaving Sandygate then rubbernecking?  And giving Sky News some footage?20:36
* SuprEngr has a sneaky feeling it's just the 3 of us here atm... guess all the others are going phhhschwoooooooos.... bang20:38
alexcockellEspecially when they wreck old Shalamar?20:38
alexcockellOr, if you're near families celebrating Diwali or Eid - BANG20:39
alexcockellor more CRRRUMP20:39
SuprEngr..or vee cud control ze channel & move on to vorld domination... ya ha ha ha ha ha20:40
SuprEngrEid, Diwali, /Guy Fawkes night... what hope for the lower atmosphere tonight!20:44
jacobwwhen is V on tonight?20:44
SuprEngrjacobw, 'V'... as in the sci-fi series?  is it on somewhere?20:45
jacobwMartijnVdS said 'V for Vendetta' was on BBC tonight20:46
jacobwluobotu needs to be able to tell us what's on TV20:47
jacobwah, max payne is on c4 at 920:47
ali1234bbc2 10.4520:47
SuprEngro/ ali123420:52
SuprEngrbut Dave has better20:53
* MartijnVdS baked someting really yummy & breadish20:55
SuprEngrbread & butter pud?20:55
SuprEngr...or toast20:55
MartijnVdSSuprEngr: no it's bread but with some sugar and olive oil added20:56
MartijnVdSthe dough was very sticky and wet20:56
MartijnVdSbut the bread is nice and soft and tastes REALLY good20:56
* SuprEngr hides in jealousy20:57
shaunough.  60% packet loss, *again*.  I really can't remember why I bother paying these idiots21:36
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matttxfactor, worst show ever.22:18
brobostigonagreed mattt, it sucks.22:18
matttbrobostigon: serious waste of time watching that nonsense22:19
brobostigonmattt: especially reminds me of those kind of itv progs, with quiz questions, that you can answer with an IQ of 1, and are no challange, nor informational, and blatently trashy populerist.22:21
matttand then there's university challenge, which makes me feel like an idiot.  :D22:22
brobostigonmattt: but that is a good example of the right kind, of challenge. not idiocy.22:22
* mattt is off to learn some python22:23
* SuprEngr thought this was an intelligent channel but smirks to think think peeps actually do watch refuse 22:26
* mattt raises an eyebrow at SuprEngr22:33

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