thumperideally we want the main loop to process stuff00:00
thumperdid the test pass?00:00
thumperbecause I'm not sure the graphics display object is created until an X window exists00:00
thumperbut jaytaoko1 would know more on that00:00
jaytaoko1thumper: I understand... I can work out something to do that00:01
thumperjaytaoko1: can you work with bschaefer to get his test working?00:01
bschaeferthumper: how I tested it was with the pastebin i posted. and I went and removed the _global_...active_ var and then the test would FAIL00:01
jaytaoko1thumper: sure00:01
bschaefermeaning that it was testing it properly, in my eyes at lease00:01
thumperbschaefer: that is good00:01
thumperjaytaoko1: when does the graphics display get created?00:02
bschaeferbut I still need to work getting it into the Makefile to work with make check00:02
jaytaoko1bschaefer: let me comeback to you with something to do that. I am gonna have to do a it of changes in nux for that00:02
thumperbschaefer: that is an easy bit00:02
thumperjaytaoko1: if you work out how to add those bits to nux, we can go and land this fix00:03
bschaeferthumper: I am not as good with makefiles :), it would just take longer00:03
thumperbschaefer: if you push up your changes, I'll branch and look at the makefile bit00:03
bschaeferjaytaoko1: alright00:03
bschaeferthumper: alright, you can test it too by editing the values in GraphicsDisplayX11 to FAIL on purpose to test the test00:04
* thumper nods00:05
thumperbschaefer: let me know when you've got it pushed00:05
jaytaoko1thumper: the GraphicsDisplay is created when you call CreateGUIThread00:05
jaytaoko1bschaefer: thumper: ok, let me find a way and I will get back to you...00:06
bschaeferthumper: done00:06
bschaeferit is in example/graphics_display.cpp00:06
bschaefer(diff should tell you...)00:07
bschaeferthumper: Im going to look through the make files also as I need to get better at those00:12
thumperbschaefer: ok00:12
bschaefer(when they are that large)00:12
thumperI'm just messing with my copy of your branch now00:12
bschaeferalright, hope everything is checking out :)00:13
bschaeferthumper: ugg now I know why it looked so crazy, I was looking at the auto generated make file00:15
thumpersomeone has to fix this damn window focus bug00:15
thumperit drives me crazy00:15
bschaeferthe dash one?00:15
thumperI use quassel for irc00:21
thumperand a bunch of workspaces00:21
thumpera lot of the time when I use ctrl-alt-left , right, up, down to move around the workspaces00:21
thumperthe app doesn't get keyboard focus00:22
thumperand clicking on it doesn't help00:22
thumperso I have to switch out and back00:22
thumperand that *normally* fixes it00:22
thumperit is intermittant00:22
bschaeferyeah, I run into that with to many terminals open00:22
thumperand freaking annoying00:22
bschaeferand trying to move them around and organize them...is a pain sometimes00:23
* thumper goes to the kitchen to make something to eat00:23
bschaeferthumper: ill mess around some more with the makefile. I have it compiling it just need to figure out how to get it work with make check00:24
andyrockjaytaoko1, horizzontal scrolling is supported in nux?00:26
jaytaoko1andyrock: are you referring to the scrollview in the Dash? Yes, the scrollview support horizontal scrolling00:31
andyrockif i try to do an horizontal scrolling in the dash on an icon, the signal mouse click is sended00:32
andyrockthe dash closes00:33
andyrockusing my touchpad...00:33
andyrockthis is the cause of the problem i told you00:34
andyrockif i'm not wrong you have a macpro right?00:34
thumperbschaefer: merge lp:~thumper/nux/fix-819721 into your branch00:41
thumperbschaefer: I moved the test from examples into the test directory00:41
thumperremoved stuff from the init func that we don't care about00:41
bschaeferthumper: alright thanks, yeah was working on that part...00:41
thumperrestructured slightly00:42
bschaeferwas also going to start going through that too00:42
thumpermade the app build and run as part of make check00:42
bschaeferyou're way ahead of me :)00:42
thumperalso checked that make barfs on a fail00:42
thumperbschaefer: have you been able to confirm that this fixes the dash focus issue too?00:43
thumperbschaefer: or at least to a level of confidence?00:43
bschaeferthumper: I comfirmed it didn't, thought it did because I clicked the dash and didn't use super00:43
bschaeferbut it should be very similar to this bug00:43
bschaeferthumper: which is something I was/will be working on next00:44
jaytaoko1andyrock: yes, I have a mackbook pro00:45
jaytaoko1andyrock: but there is no way to do an horizontal scroll in the Dash,00:46
jaytaoko1andyrock: I mean by that there is not enough horizontal space to move around00:46
bschaeferthumper: looks nice, and now that I see  how you changed the makefiles it looks so obvious...thanks!00:48
bschaeferthumper: Ill run the tests and let you know00:48
jaytaoko1andyrock: the dash is very sensible right now, because if you fingers don't touch the surface at the same time, you risk causing a click on an icon...00:48
andyrockjaytaoko1, so if you do an horizontal scroll nothing should happen00:51
andyrockon my pc mouse click is emitted00:51
andyrocki'll work on it because i can reproduce it00:52
andyrockthere is also a LP bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83700400:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 837004 in unity (Ubuntu) "Horizontally scrolling while highlighting an item in the dash or on an indicator will open the item." [Undecided,Confirmed]00:52
jaytaoko1andyrock: nothing in the dash should move horizontally if you attempt and horizontal scrolling with 2 fingers00:52
jaytaoko1andyrock: so you are putting 2 fingers on touch pad and moving them horizontally?00:57
andyrockbut you can reproduce it if you are using edge touchpad scrolling01:00
jaytaoko1andyrock: ok, I understand I have had similar problems too01:00
andyrockbug with 2 finger is easier to reproduce01:00
bschaeferthumper: so I commented out the global_pointer_grab and ran the test and it is passing the test....01:15
bschaeferthumper: which it shouldn't01:16
thumperwell... it might01:16
thumperit depends on the value in the uninitialized memory01:16
thumperif you change the default to true, it fails01:16
bschaeferyeah thats waht i mean01:16
bschaeferI tried checking for true and it seems to just always be set to 'false' for right now01:17
bschaeferthe uninited memory that is01:17
thumperthat is one of the lovely aspects of uninitialized memory01:17
thumperon the plus side, it is one less uninitialized read in valgrind01:17
bschaeferhow many are there?01:18
bschaeferthumper: and yeah it fails if  it is true, but that wasn't really the problem...01:18
thumperbschaefer: lots01:18
thumperbschaefer: but quite a few appear to come from compiz01:18
jaytaoko1thumper: bschaefer: have a look: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/734832/01:20
jaytaoko1thumper: bschaefer: the program will show and empty window and fire a timer that will expire after 5 seconds01:21
thumperjaytaoko1: cool01:21
thumperthanks for that01:21
bschaeferjaytaoko1: thanks!01:21
thumperjaytaoko1: probably worth putting that into the tree somewhere :)01:22
thumperin the test dir01:22
jaytaoko1thumper bschaefer: no problem01:22
jaytaoko1thumper: yes, this program should be a test in itself, and a framework for more tests01:23
* thumper agrees01:23
bschaeferthumper: ugg, I thought that our test was not working correctly but if the uninitialized memory happens to be 0 then we dont have a problem :)01:23
bschaeferthumper: so the test is working for me, so should I push the new changes?01:24
jaytaoko1thumper: bschaefer: I have to move away for a little while...01:25
jaytaoko1thumper: bschaefer: send me an email if there is something wrong... cheers01:26
bschaeferjaytaoko1: will do, thanks again01:26
bschaeferthumper: ok the branch is now pushed with test and everything. So it should be ready to be reviewed01:33
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thumperbschaefer: did you want to change the author on that file before I merge your branch?02:18
bschaeferthumper: umm, I can02:21
bschaeferthumper: do you want me to add you?02:21
bschaeferthumper: also leaving jay's name there? (new to the authoring scheme)02:23
thumperthe copyright is still there02:24
thumperand it's a trivial file02:24
bschaeferthumper: alright, also changed the TEXT for the window (even though it doens't matter)02:25
bschaeferthumper: it was Text Entry before, thought that might be confusing02:26
bschaeferok! Looks good, and I found some un inited vars in the View class in nux which could effect the Dash02:27
bschaeferthumper: pushed02:27
bschaeferthumper: well im going to start testing this bug for the dash so ill be off for a little02:30
thumpersure, np02:30
jackis there any way i could get the source for unity03:03
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* thumper sighs03:09
thumperyes jack there is, if you hung around to find out03:09
smspillazhe hit the road jack03:19
smspillazand he don't come back no more no more no more no more03:19
smspillazthat was an execellent distraction03:21
* smspillaz goes back to studying03:21
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andyrockjaytaoko1, still here?09:11
hoheinzollernhi all!10:22
hoheinzollernI have an issue developing an unity lens, could someone help me figure it out?10:22
hoheinzollernI'm able to connect through dbus and get the search string correctly, but when I populate the result model I don't see any results and get an error10:25
hoheinzollernprobably it's something common and easy to solve10:25
hoheinzollernis there anyone who knows how to play with unity lenses?10:31
smspilla1hoheinzollern: njpatel would know, but he's not online (yet)10:47
hoheinzollernsmspilla1: thanks10:52
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elopiohello \o_14:46
elopiois there something I can do when my ubuntu icon turns white and the unity bar refuses to disappear?14:46
andyrockTrevinho, around=14:58
om26erelopio, when does that happen?15:00
om26erwhich version of Ubuntu you use?15:00
elopioom26er, randomly, after some hours of using it without problems.15:01
jasoxNeed help, trying to change top panel size in unity. Tried changing code in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance..., Can it be that icon size of notifications doesn't allow to change panel size15:01
om26erjasox, not possible15:01
elopioom26er, oneiric, 32 bits on acer netbook.15:01
om26eryou cannot change the panel size I mean as of now15:01
jasoxom26er,  damn i changed titlebar size of windows. Now ubuntu looks more beautiful.15:02
om26erelopio, you have a screenshot ? when does that happen?15:02
jasoxbut i can not change top panel15:02
elopioOmega, I have just restarted. Next time I'll take it and report a bug.15:02
om26erelopio, that would be nice :-)15:03
elopionp. Thanks om26er15:03
om26erelopio, yw ;-)15:04
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ockham_hi, i'm currently trying to produce a patch for #78510115:18
ockham_(to unity-lens-applications, that is)15:18
ockham_as i'm on natty, i can only check if it builds with pbuilder, but i can't test it...15:19
ockham_anyone running oneiric who'd try it out for me?15:19
* mgedmin has oneiric15:32
om26erbug 78510115:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 785101 in unity (Ubuntu) "unable to remove the "Apps Available for Download" section from Applications Lens" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78510115:32
ockham_om26er: yup, that's the one. give it a shot?15:33
om26erockham_, I might try it tomorrow if I get some free time15:34
ockham_great! so i'll attach my patch to the bug report15:34
om26eryes attach it to the bug report15:35
om26eror even better create a bzr branch and link it to the report15:35
ockham_om26er: hm, haven't done that before. how can i do that?15:35
ockham_i've checked out the packaging trunk, lp:ubuntu/unity-lens-applications15:36
ockham_so far15:36
ockham_(it was easiest to build the package that way)15:36
om26erockham_, might be a good start http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/mini-tutorial/15:39
ockham_om26er: yup, just found it by googling...15:39
mgedminwaaaah unity doesn't like me15:46
mgedminI've one empathy window open on workspace 1, yet clicking on the empathy icon in the launcher doesn't bring me to it15:47
mgedminthe terminal icon randomly decides my running terminal is a different application, giving me two different terminal icons at once15:47
om26ersound two different bugs to me15:50
mgedminvery likely15:51
ockham_om26er: about the branching, do i need to modify the changelog? or does bzr do that for me?15:53
om26erockham_, no need for the changelog15:54
om26erjust propose to lp:unity-lens-applications15:54
om26erchangelog is for Ubuntu specific changes, like package uploads to archives15:54
ockham_om26er: i was mainly thinking of version numbers (which i would need to inrement for ppa purposes an the like)15:55
ockham_but as i've now switched to upstream unity anyway, there isn't even a debian/changelog15:55
mgedminI wrote a .desktop file for brogue, dropped it into ~/.local/share/applications16:00
mgedminit seemed to work at first16:00
mgedminbut now when I run brogue, it doesn't even show up in the launcher16:00
mgedminhow does unity match running applications with desktop files?16:01
elopioom26er, reported bug #88916816:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 889168 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu icon turns white and the bar doesn't hide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88916816:11
om26erelopio, thats unity-2d16:16
om26ermoved to unity-2d16:16
mgedminah, figured out what was happening with empathy16:16
mgedminit was touching the left side of the screen on workspace 1 -- maybe even one pixel left16:16
mgedminso the window "wrapped around" to the right side of workspace 216:17
mgedminand unity decided it was already visible on the current workspace16:17
* mgedmin hates ubuntu-bug16:17
ach1m_mgedmin, there are open bugs for your problem.16:18
ach1m_mgedmin, let me see if I can find it.16:19
mgedmincan you suggest keywords to search for?16:19
mgedmin"Unity Launcher fails to switch to the right workspace when focused app spans two workspaces" as a Summary line did not suggest any similar bugs16:19
ach1m_mgedmin, one moment please my inet connection is quite slow16:20
ach1m_mgedmin, I think you are looking for this → #79141216:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 791412 in unity (Ubuntu) "Does not switch to right desktop upon launcher click, when target application is side-window-snapped" [Medium,Triaged]16:25
mgedminyes, thank you16:25
ach1m_can someone reproduce this problem? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/886488/+attachment/2586040/+files/alt_tab%20revenge%20of%20the%20titans.png16:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 886488 in unity (Ubuntu) "alt+tab has problems with RevengeOfTheTitans" [Undecided,New]16:26
mgedmindoes anyone else do this: hit Super, type the name of a program (e.g. "Revenge of the Titans"), see 0 results, click on the Applications lens, expect it to be searching for the same string16:29
mgedminthen curse16:30
mgedminapp lens doesn't find it either -- it's not in ubuntu then?16:30
davidcallemgedmin, the Home Dash and the Apps lens should give you the exact same results when searching.16:33
mgedminhome dash doesn't show me apps I could download16:34
davidcallemgedmin, yes, that's the only difference =)16:35
mgedminwhich makes them not "the exact same", wouldn't you agree?16:35
mgedminsearching for installable apps is the only reason why I ever click on the Apps lens :)16:36
mgedmin(because Software Center takes _ages_ to start up)16:36
davidcallemgedmin, oh, ok.16:36
mgedminok, ok, I'll stop grumbling16:36
mgedminI promise16:36
mgedminthe other day I sat down by my asus eeepc running 10.10, and missed Unity a lot16:37
davidcallemgedmin, why don't you install 11.10 on it?16:37
mgedminI will16:37
davidcalleUnity 2D runs pretty well. And if you do a small ram upgrade, Unity 3D is fine.16:38
davidcallemgedmin, on eeepc I mean.16:38
mgedminram, shram, compiz flies on 10.10 with the 1080p TV attached16:39
mgedminthe only thing I can't do is watch 1080p movies16:40
mgedminthe 900 MHz celeron can't handle it, and the integrated intel 945 graphics can't accelerate them16:40
mgedmin720p are barely watchable but only if I use mplayer16:40
mgedminvlc can handle some16:40
mgedmintotem - no chance16:40
ockham_btw how come debian/rules files of unity components are cdbs and not dh based?16:49
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