jelmerNoldorin: there's a new bzr-git release (0.6.5) from a couple of days ago00:11
wgzno bed quite yet, better do travel now.00:13
pooliewgz, it doesn't have to be right now00:14
wgzwill save round trips in the morning :)00:14
poolieby 'today' i meant my today, friday00:15
wgzit's done/00:28
wgzand my sis is still on the phone, so I'd not have got the extra sleep anyway :)00:29
Noldorinjelmer, oh does that fix the issue i was having with my branch though?00:38
jelmerNoldorin: no, that issue is still open00:41
Noldorinjelmer, ah, oh well...00:41
Noldorintargeting it soon?00:41
Noldorini guess it's good news the project is still moving...thought this was a pretty crucial issue though00:41
jelmerNoldorin: your repository is the only I've seen it with so far00:48
jelmerNoldorin: it's on my list of things to work on, but I'm swamped by other stuff at the moment00:49
Noldorinjelmer, heh okay sure00:55
Noldorinjelmer, very surprising, since i isolated quite a simple reproduction case :-)00:55
Noldorinjelmer, but clearly you haven't forgotten...thanks00:56
poolieGRiD, ok that still sounds pretty good then01:08
GRiDok cool. the bzr-search change should be pretty easy too, i think. i can look at that after if i get a minute.01:10
GRiDwell, easy in that i would just skip the key it's trying to add if it's too big, although i don't know if that's the right thing to do01:11
pooliei guess the question is why is the key getting so big01:13
poolieif it's just encountered a really long whitespace-delimited "word"01:13
pooliethen skipping it would be reasonable01:13
pooliei don't know if that is actually the cause01:13
GRiDyeah i didn't have a chance to investigate that. but if you try to reproduce the original bug (by indexing ubiquity) with my patch, it now excepts on a key that is about a 4k (iirc) string of hex characters01:19
GRiDfwiw, if the long keys are skipped (which one of my early patches did silently), the indexing of ubiquity completes and seems to be usable.01:21
poolieGRiD, ok, so i think the main thing here is that the decision to skip is a policy of bzr-search, not bzr core01:27
pooliesearch may not care about indexing long strings but for other things that might lose data01:27
GRiDyep, agreed. i only meant it in that if bzr-search caught the exception and simply skipped for now (perhaps with warning), it may be sufficient. if it's not, someone who knows more about bzr-search should take a look.01:30
pooliei think that'd be good01:30
pooliethanks for fixing it01:30
poolielifeless, ^01:30
lifelessyah, I've been following along01:31
lifelessall sounds good to me01:31
GRiDok i'll take a look at making bzr-search skip then.01:32
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mgzhm, it's good to know someone else is interested in maintaining paramiko, but looking at the changes 'bitprophet' has on github doesn't fill me with confidence11:20
mgzthe only significant changes seem to be the rename (to 'ssh'... which seems unwise) and changing all the copyright headers(!)11:23
mgzand has done two releases to pypi without updating NEWS or otherwise indicating what's different as far as I can see11:23
jammgz: well, having an official release channel is what we are after. We've written a few patches that have just gone ignored for long stretches of time.11:33
jamI agree that the 'ssh' thing seems a bit wonky. There can be many ssh libs around, having a unique name is nicer. Though maybe just a namespace "from paramiko import ssh"11:33
jamor 'import paramiko_ssh as ssh"11:34
mgzanyone know if github lets you issue pull requests for other people's branches?11:35
mgz...not that they'll let me sign in, no openid support and demand js enabled.11:35
jammgz: if you had an account, you could always 'fork' the other person's branch and propose it directly, so I would think they would allow you to propose someone elses' branch11:39
mgzjam: on your running tests against implementations in different languages thing,11:47
mgz(I don't know why but was thinking about that before going to sleep last night)11:47
mgzwhat people generally do is structure the cases as data as far as possible, then just write the bits they need for the runners in python/js/etc11:48
mgzeg htmllib511:49
jammgz: sure, but it means implementing a test-suite runner in each language11:51
mgzor it's nearly what bt.test_conflicts.TestParametrizedResolveConflicts is11:51
jamwhich may not be much better than implementing a test-suite in that language11:51
mgzyeah, and when you get to the point where it's nearly a mini functional language, the tests aren't very easy to read11:51
jamso far, it seems the only way if we want to ensure the *same* tests get run in each language11:51
jammgz: we just need to port the python interpreter to vala, js, java, etc, and we'll be golden11:52
jamphp will be fun :)11:52
mgzbut there's probably a middle ground where the test cases are still easy enough to write, but the runners don't need to be overly complicated11:52
jammgz: I think you meant "forwarding our existing patches" not "forwarding out existing patches".12:01
mgz...I did12:01
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mgzthe keys are like, right next to each other.12:02
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mgzokay, let's do the github dance13:54
mgzha, and I don't actually have git installed here, have just been using bzr-git14:09
jelmermgz: bzr-git should work for pushing too..14:11
mgzI need to do a couple of merges and thought I'd try the vanilla option first :)14:13
mgzI need to go out briefly, will be back shortly14:46
daveb_how do I undo a merge? I want to merge from the same branch, I just wan't to do it later16:09
mgz`bzr revert`16:09
mgzif you have changes in your tree you want to keep, it's a bit harder16:10
mgzbut you can tell bzr to forget the merge then undo the merged changes manually16:10
daveb_I thought revert only changed the working directory16:12
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mgzit also forgets merges if you don't give specific paths, see `bzr help revert` for more.16:14
fullermdThe fact of a pending merge is an attribute of the working tree.16:14
daveb_i commited the merge16:18
fullermdAnd other stuff since then?16:18
mgzif you haven't done other stuff, can use `bzr uncommit` then my earlier advice, otherwise you're better off... doing something clever fullermd will tell you about16:21
fullermdOh great.  No pressure, right?16:21
mgzyou're the super sub :)16:22
mgzcan sit out most of the game but expected to sometimes come on and produce miracles.16:23
daveb_ok, uncommit followed by revert worked :)16:23
* fullermd takes the credit.16:23
mgzsee, this match we won anyway, so you just get to rest. :D16:24
fullermdNono, too late!  You already made me cross the sideline!16:24
daveb_i guess you also have to rm -rvf any remote branches you have been pushing too...16:27
fullermdOr push --overwrite 'em.16:27
mgzonly if you pushed that last change with the merge you didn't want16:28
mgzfor very public locations, it's most polite to work on from mistakes, rather than trying to pretend they never happened16:28
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fullermdOh no, the shame is bad enough he had to change his name.16:57
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jimisjelmer: no need to pass a source branch revno to bzr log, it should print it so we can use it with other commands, like diff18:10
jimisbzr diff -rrevno:115532:tree118:10
jimisfor example18:10
jimisbzr log should just display an extra line for each merge operation: "source branch revno: 115532"18:12
jimisin case it is expensive it should happen only with bzr log -n018:12
jelmerjimis: that revno is specific to the source branch18:17
jelmerjimis: so you have to pass in the source branch somehow18:17
jelmerjimis: the revno displayed by log is already usable in e.g. diff18:18
jelmerbzr diff -r13423.32.118:18
* jelmer -> weekend18:19
slangasekjelmer: if and when you have some time, I could use some help with (modifying) bzr-rewrite20:17
ccxCZI have bound branch, I did local commit and then bzr up, now the revision of the local branch was set back, how would I find the commit and push it?21:09
fullermdThe local commit is now a pending merge.21:13
ccxCZit was aggregated with uncommited changes21:16
ccxCZI would prefer to have them as two separate commits21:17
ccxCZI seem to be able to get the revid via bzr heads --all21:18
ccxCZbacking up working tree, updating to revid and restoring did the job21:25

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