Riddellany konversation users come across this? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21010600:09
ubottuKDE bug 210106 in ircview "Crash in marker cleanup code [QList::*, IRCView::cullMarkedLine]" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]00:09
DarkwingHey Riddell, how are the islands?00:10
RiddellDarkwing: stunning, so nice to be able to surf without having to put on layers of insulation00:12
Darkwing:D Awesome. Learning to surf or, did you already know how?00:14
Riddellkayak surf, I know full well00:16
RiddellI might go and watch the panamerican surf games which are here next week, see if I can understand why people prefer board surfing to real surfing00:16
Darkwing:D Board surfing is awesome.00:23
rbelemQuintasan, lets start working on the active packages?00:32
rbelemQuintasan, we just need to cherry pick some patches00:32
JontheEchidnaRiddell: yep. The 1.4 beta fixes this, but the indicator patch won't apply anymore00:32
RiddellJontheEchidna: I'll do a SRU update with the konvi patch00:43
JontheEchidnacool, Chromium nightly's using KDE's save dialog now03:33
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DarkwingRiddell: ping?06:11
DarkwingRiddell: I know you are sleeping but, when is the work for SRUs due?06:13
bambeeJontheEchidna: hi, I've a strange bug with muon08:39
bambeesee yourself08:39
bambeewell "liste de modifications" is "changelogs"08:39
bambeeI mean, even if the changelog is not found... is it normal?08:41
RiddellDarkwing: work for srus?10:46
freglRiddell: check with agateau so that you don't duplicate fixing this stuff11:20
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JontheEchidna_bambee: interesting. I'm assuming that's 1.2.1?13:54
bambeeno that's 1.2.213:55
JontheEchidna_oh, hmm. I don't think I made any significant changes to changelog stuff in that version13:55
JontheEchidna_I think the changelogs server must have started serving actual 404 HTML pages when a changelog isn't found13:56
JontheEchidna_it used to be that 404 not found errors would make KIO::FileCopyJob's error property true. Either KIO::FileCopyJob is busted or the web server isn't sending the 404 http packet, and is using a custom page, or something14:01
JontheEchidna_I'll take a further look after work14:01
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* shadeslayer roots his device16:23
shadeslayerQuintasan: I can't even root my transformer -.-18:09
* rbelem pokes Quintasan 19:56
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JontheEchidnabambee: hmm, I can't reproduce the issue with 1.2.x...21:26
JontheEchidnais that consistently happening for you when a changelog isn't available yet?21:27
Quintasanrbelem: pong :S21:38
Quintasanrbelem: I told you to tell me what you want :P21:38
Quintasanshadeslayer: lol21:38
QuintasanI'm installing Kubuntu on it like for the third time21:39
Quintasanthis time I will have it for sure21:39
Quintasanshadeslayer: But really, there should be a limit to how unlucky can you get21:39
rbelemQuintasan, i said it to you :-P21:40
Quintasanrbelem: Oh I see21:40
Quintasanrbelem: Did you make a list of things we need to modify?21:40
rbelemQuintasan, yup21:41
rbelemQuintasan, when you hate time to work on that?21:41
Quintasanrbelem: Like now21:41
QuintasanSince I am waiting for the data to copy itself then I will backup stuff from my tf101 and then install linux21:42
rbelemQuintasan, hum... I'm about to leave 21:42
Quintasanrbelem: When will you be back?21:42
rbelemQuintasan, in two hours around21:42
Quintasanrbelem: I see, ping me to see if I am still around21:44
rbelemQuintasan, oki :-)21:45
rbelemQuintasan, i'm back22:51
rbelemQuintasan, lets start with kdelibs?22:52
QuintasanSure, but give me 10 minutes to fix together something to drink and eat22:52
rbelemQuintasan, k22:54
Quintasanrbelem: ah krap23:07
QuintasanI brew my tea too long and it's shit23:08
Quintasangimmie 5 minutes 23:08
Quintasanrbelem: k23:14
rbelemQuintasan, ready?23:15
Quintasanrbelem: fetching kdelibs packaging23:16
rbelem_Quintasan, my internet connection just stopped working23:20
rbelem_Quintasan, could you get the source of kdelibs from the kubuntu active ppa?23:22
Quintasanrbelem: Done23:26
Quintasanor wait23:26
Quintasanis with my dns server23:26
Quintasanrbelem: Got it23:29
Riddell8.8.8.8 has been the saviour of my internet connection here23:30
Riddellgood old google23:30
Quintasanrbelem: So, which patches do we want?23:31
rbelem_the dns servers from my isp had its dns server compromised23:31
rbelem_Quintasan, we need some changes made to the control file23:32
rbelem_which removes the libkactivities23:33
rbelem_and we need to disable the kactivities from the experimental dir23:35
* Quintasan does diff23:37
Quintasanrbelem: Sounds like done23:38
rbelem_Quintasan, we have to make libkactivities5 dependens on libkactivities623:40
Quintasanrbelem: Don't you freaking fall asleep now23:40
rbelem_not yet :D23:41
yofelrbelem_: why would you do that?23:41
QuintasanThen why did you kill it from kdelibs23:41
Quintasanmakes no sense23:41
Quintasanjust backport the patch and bump the soname?23:41
rbelem_it is in another repos now23:42
QuintasanSo it is a separate source package right now?23:42
QuintasanSo we don't kill lka523:42
* Quintasan thinks we shouldn't kill it23:43
Quintasanyofel: You're the policy master, how we do it?23:43
* Quintasan thinks killing lka5 is a bad idea23:43
yofelif one has lika5 and one lka6 I don't see why you should drop it 23:44
rbelem_if we didnt kill we have to move its headers to another pkg23:44
yofelrbelem_: headers are already in kdelibs-experimental-dev23:44
rbelem_but other than this one23:45
yofelah, kdeclarative is there too23:45
yofelthen take the activities headers out of it, but leave the lib package unless it conflicts with the new one from kactivities23:46
yofeland I see no point in making lka5 depend on lka6 - dpkg-shlibdeps will make the dependencies once you build something with the new lib23:47
rbelem_hum... i see23:48
* Quintasan reverts23:48
rbelem_i think that drop the headers is enough23:49
rbelem_we can have both liba installed 23:50
Quintasanrbelem: http://paste.kde.org/145202/ 23:50
QuintasanWe should kill the package altogether23:50
rbelem_if we can kill23:51
rbelem_thats better23:51
Quintasanrbelem: I mean, look at the contents, do we need that there?23:51
Quintasanwhat about kubuntu-mobile-*.diff patches?23:52
yofelQuintasan: kdeclarative *might* be needed, although I don't know if anything uses it23:54
yofelat least it's nowhere else so far23:54
yofel(in neon)23:54
rbelem_plasma active uses it23:54
Quintasanah damn it it's such a mess23:54
Quintasanokay, killing the lka headers then23:55
Quintasanwhat's next?23:55
rbelem_Quintasan, the kibuntu-mobile*diff are merged23:56
Quintasanso kubuntu-mobile-* patches should go away?23:56
Quintasanrbelem: Anything else?23:58
rbelem_thats it i think23:59

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