phunyguyyeah... :-/00:03
phunyguyno life and no money  ;)00:03
phunyguythe life of an open source geek.00:04
romeyroyeah :S00:04
romeyroits hard00:04
phunyguyso did you fix it yet?00:04
romeyrono i took a break to make the diner00:05
romeyroi just came back00:05
romeyroi tried some stuff00:05
phunyguywait, I knew I forgot something00:05
romeyrobut nothing00:05
romeyroyeah thks lol00:05
phunyguyso anyways00:05
romeyroin french le diner is the dinner00:05
phunyguyI took French in school00:06
phunyguyjust don't remember much00:06
romeyroits complicated00:06
phunyguybonjour, comment allez vous?00:06
phunyguythat's all I remember00:06
phunyguythis was 15 years ago00:06
phunyguyand now I realize why you said "the diner"00:07
phunyguy"le diner"00:07
phunyguywe don't say "the dinner"00:07
phunyguywe say "dinner"00:07
romeyrook ok00:07
phunyguyso we narrowed the issue down to something in the wordpress database that is hardcoded to point to your private IP00:08
phunyguydid you use the wordpress setup page when you initially set up wordpress?00:09
phunyguydid you enter your private IP anywhere in there?00:09
romeyroi wrote localhost for the database00:09
phunyguythat is fine.  Only the server needs to know about the database00:09
phunyguyanywhere else?00:10
phunyguyearlier you said "I think I fixed it", what did you do to "fix it"?00:10
romeyrono i fixed 1 think00:10
romeyroyes thks haha00:11
romeyronow i can see the pictures00:11
romeyrobut when i check my ssl certificat there is website: localhost00:11
romeyroand its not my ip adress, i think its from there00:12
phunyguyok what did you change to see the pictures?00:12
phunyguyyes, you are correct00:12
phunyguyeverything should be relative to how the webserver was reached.00:12
romeyroto be honest with you i dont remember00:13
phunyguybut answer the question00:13
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phunyguydid it involve IP addresses?00:13
romeyroyes i did something let me check really quick my files00:14
romeyroin port.conf00:16
phunyguyahh, ok.  You mentioned that you set up a virtual host00:16
phunyguydammit brb00:17
romeyrophunyguy: i think that i set it up, but when i restart apache it says that i have no virtualhost configured http://paste.ubuntu.com/734796/00:21
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romeyrophunyguy: i just fixed it :D, login and register page are working well00:27
romeyrophunyguy: i changed localhost for the server ip_add00:28
phunyguyyeah but I bet it wont work for me00:33
phunyguywhere did you change that00:33
romeyroi changed that from the database in phpmyadmin00:34
romeyroi changed all entries localhost to my ipadd00:34
romeyrobut now i have another problem lol00:34
phunyguyof course you do00:34
romeyroits not working from internet00:34
phunyguynobody from the outside can see00:34
romeyroyeah :S00:35
phunyguyi can get to your phpmyadmin00:35
phunyguycan i login?00:35
TechnicusHello . . . I have 11.04 installed and I prefer to configure with verbose boot/shutdown.  I have adjusted /etc/default/grub line: '#GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"' to: '#GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" which boots to a consle.00:35
TechnicusThat is what I prefer.  What I am here for is that, during boot there is a moment when the screen turns blue, that is what I do not prefer.  How do I remove the momentary blue screen?00:35
romeyroi dont know why no one from outside cant get access00:37
phunyguyI do00:37
phunyguywould you mind if i logged into your phpmyadmin to look at the database?00:37
phunyguyor can you pastebin the database dump of what you changed?00:38
phunyguyyou could just dump the whole thing too00:39
phunyguythats up to you00:39
markithi, what should I do to have system fonts look as good as Ubuntu?00:59
markitis just a matter of choose a different font default (which one?) or is there some option to activate?01:00
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bartman2589question about network management, on my nice clean install of 11.04 my 'interfaces' file is practically empty, but if I click on the network manager tray icon, I get a little popup that shows 'Auto eth0' as being active even though it's not showing up in my interfaces file, anyone got any idea what's going on here?01:16
jmichaelxnetwork manager does not rely on, or even use, /etc/network/interfaces01:19
bartman2589ok, so what does it use, I'm still trying to figure out why when I open network manager itself there are absolutely no connections listed even though I know 'Auto eth0' should be listed on the 'Wired' tab01:20
jmichaelxi'm not sure what your asking. you configure a network manager in its settings dialogue01:22
bartman2589I'm aware of that, but there's already an 'Auto eth0' connection active but I can't access any of the configuration settings for that connection through network manager because it doesn't show up in network manager at all01:24
bartman2589I'm trying to get that connection to show up in network manager the way it's supposed to01:24
bartman2589the nm tray applet shows it but when I click 'Manage Connections' it doesn't show up in the network manager itself01:26
jmichaelxi have never heard of this problem, so do not know what to advise01:27
bartman2589I've had this problem all the way back to 9.04, every single version of Kubuntu I've installed has had this problem01:28
bartman2589I thought maybe it might have somehow been related to the way my particular network adapter was being detected, so this time around I disabled the onboard nic and installed a pci slot one before installing Kubuntu, still having the same problem though01:29
jmichaelxyou might want to look around in the forums on that one. this is honestly something i've never heard of01:29
jmichaelxok, that is making no sense01:30
jmichaelxare you doing fresh installations, or dist-upgrading each time?01:30
bartman2589fresh, wipe & format partition then install01:31
jmichaelxand by nm applet, i assume you are referring to the knetworkmanager plasma widget?01:32
jmichaelxnot nm-applet?01:33
bartman2589I've been fighting with this computer for the last 4 days, first I was trying to install 11.10 but no matter what I did I couldn't get it to install, so I gave up and now I'm trying to get 11.04 working, at least it installed for me and everything seems ok for the msot part aside from the fact that I cannot manage my network connections01:33
bartman2589yes, the plasma widget01:33
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bartman2589the thing is that both the plasma widget and the normal systray nm applet both launch the same network manager application when you click 'Manage Connections' as far as I know, so it's probably not related to the widget but rather a problem with some configuration file someplace I bet01:35
jmichaelxyou are still confusing me....01:37
bartman2589the network manager config file located at /etc/NetworkManager/nm-systemsettings.conf mentions a file that supposedly exists at /etc/default/NetworkManager but there's no such file present on my system01:38
jmichaelxfor one thing, KDE has plasma widgets... gnome had applets01:38
jmichaelxan nm-applet in KDE would not be normal01:39
bartman2589semantics, regardless when I open the network manager my connection is NOT listed01:39
jmichaelxit isn't semantics, from what you typed above, it would sound like you are trying to use two different network managers at the same time, which would not work01:40
bartman2589no, the widget isn't a full fledged network manager it merely calls the main network manager01:40
bartman2589and whether I go through the widget or if I go through systemsettings either one, my connection does not show up in network manager01:41
jmichaelxyou are not being clear. please try to use the correct terminology....  what you see in the system tray for network management IS a plasma widget01:41
bartman2589but the widget DOES show 'Auto eth0' as being active01:41
bartman2589yes I realize that, my mistake, now focus on the fact that the problem is not with the widget but with network manager please01:42
SIR_Tacoeveryone take a deep breath.....01:42
jmichaelxwhere do you see this in system settings?01:42
bartman2589System Settings>Network Settings>Network Connections01:43
jmichaelxbartman2589: i think where you are losing me, is that in KDE these things are all called widgets01:44
bartman2589that's the same window I get when I click 'Manage Connections' from the widget01:44
bartman2589get it now?01:44
jmichaelxi am not sure, but getting closer... i really did need to establish that you were not using two network managers at the same time01:45
bartman2589does kde install 2 network managers at the same time on a fresh clean unmodified install, no, and I already said it was a fresh clean install01:46
jmichaelxand you are saying that you have not configured anything manually in /etc/network/interfaces?01:46
bartman2589no, nothing01:46
SIR_Tacobartman2589: No matter how frustrated you are, being an ass is not going to help get your problem resolved01:46
jmichaelxbartman2589: i understand you being frustrated, but the terminology you were using would have been confusing to a lot of people01:46
bartman2589only if they are idiots as far as I can tell, since while KDE may call them widgets, and gnome may call them applets the functionality is the same no matter what they're called, so it IS a matter of semantics, you say potato I say potAto01:48
SIR_Tacobartman2589: they're actually called Plasmoids01:48
bartman2589either way did I say I was having problems with the widget or the applet? NO, I said my problem was in Network Manager itself01:49
jmichaelxbartman2589: plasmoids would be more accurate, but when you use naming conventions from the gnome world, only an idiot would suppose that it would not confuse anyone01:49
SIR_Tacostill not helping your case... I'm actually very impressed that jmichaelx is still helping you with they way you're acting01:49
jmichaelxbartman2589: what does 'lspci | grep -i ethernet' give you?01:50
jmichaelxbartman2589: many people have both gnome and kde installed on the same machines01:50
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jmichaelxbartman2589: don't get too frustrated... i've been there, and network issues will get a person sooner than about anything else01:52
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bartman2589I can't copy and paste the results from that lspci command since it's on a different machine than the one I'm on right now, but it shows my network card a Realtek based card01:54
jmichaelxbartman2589: does it show both the onboard NIC and the PCI add-in?01:54
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bartman2589no, onboard is disabled in bios right now01:55
jmichaelxahh, ok01:55
jmichaelxso is this realtek card in use right now?01:55
bartman2589I did that so it wouldn't see it if that nic was the cause of the problem01:55
bartman2589yes it is01:56
bartman2589and it connects to the internet just fine01:56
bartman2589but the connection it's using isn't listed in network manager for whatever reason, that's what I need to fix so I can change the settings on that connection01:57
jmichaelxthat means (obviously) that the network manager is configuring it, so i am also puzzled as to why it would not show up in the network manager's list of wired interfaces01:57
bartman2589me too, what I do know is that every single version of Kubuntu I've ever used on that particular machine has had this same problem01:58
jmichaelxone problem i have is that i do not use a network manager for wired connections01:59
bartman2589I do in case I need to change something for a moment, I'd rather do it with a gui than wade my way through countless config files02:00
jmichaelxif the network manager is giving you issues, for some weird reason, i could possibly help you set things up in your interfaces file.. then you could forget knetworkmanager02:00
SIR_Tacobartman2589: maybe the big question is: what do you need to change in your 'interfaces.conf' ?02:00
jmichaelxbartman2589: with wired connections, there are really only two files you'd need to worry about02:00
bartman2589well considering my interfaces file is practically empty, only a couple entries that relate to 'lo' are present in it right now02:01
SIR_Tacobartman2589: ok.... but what do you need to add/remove from the interfaces file?02:02
jmichaelxbartman2589: as SIR_Tacoasked, what is it that you are needing to change?02:02
bartman2589how should I know, I've never configured a system using that file before, what I need to do is specify a static IP address, my gateway, and a number of DNS servers somehow02:03
bartman2589even if I do configure it using the interfaces file, that would still leave the 'Auto eth0' connection that's not showing up in network manager active wouldn't it, possibly leading to security issues?02:05
bartman2589you mean it would disable that connection automatically?02:06
hspncbartman2589:I'm curious what would happen if you try to setup a 'new' connection in network manager for your wired interface.  Perhaps you'd see it afterwards.  It'd be interesting to know the results.02:06
jmichaelxyes, it that would be interesting02:06
jmichaelxbartman2589: from my experience, what is configured in /etc/network/interfaces overrrides network managers... that is at least my understanding02:07
SIR_Tacojmichaelx: yes02:07
bartman2589I just added a connection manually but only the one I added shows up02:08
hspncbartman2589:That's progress in my book02:09
bartman2589ok, still would much rather get the nm working but if that's my only option I may have to go with it02:09
jmichaelxbartman2589: the network manager is what we are talking about, though02:10
hspncbartman2589: over what interface are you connected to this IRC now?   The one that doesn't show up?  I take it that's a wired connection?  or are you using another connection?02:10
bartman2589on a different computer than the one having the problems right now02:10
hspncbartman2589:ok, so now see if you can setup the network like you want it in network manager on the busted PC, now that you've added a connection manually02:11
bartman2589yeah, but nm is still borked, otherwise the 'Auto eth0' connection would show up in it so I could disable/edit the 'Auto eth0' entry02:12
hspncbartman2589:Just try it and see what happens02:12
bartman2589I can edit the one I added manually without any problems02:12
hspncbartman2589:what do you see if you do this command in a shell: dmesg | grep eth02:12
jmichaelxi still think there is some miscommunication going on.... bartman2589, i think when he told you to try adding a connection, he was referring to network manager's settings, not to your interfaces file02:13
hspncI think he did add it in NM02:13
bartman2589I did it in network manager02:13
bartman2589I have no clue how to add one in the interfaces file really02:14
hspncbartman2589:did you run that command?02:14
bartman2589and the one I manually added in nm works fine, can connect to internet and everything02:14
SIR_Tacoeveryone forget about the interfaces file lol02:14
bartman2589sorry didn't see that one, one sec02:14
hspncbartman2589:is this a PCI card in a desktop or is it a USB interface, PC-card in a notebook, what?02:15
jmichaelxso that means the network manager isn't borked, doesn't it?02:15
hspncNM could be partly borked02:15
bartman2589not entirely, just won't show one of the connections02:15
SIR_Tacobartman2589: you should only have one connection with a wire connection02:16
bartman2589I agree, SIR_Taco, and if nm would let me edit the default 'Auto eth0' connection I certainly would have only one, but the default 'Auto etho' connection that the nm plasma widget says is active is not showing up in network manager at all, only the new one that I just added manually shows up02:17
hspncbartman2589:  Please open a shell - Konsole02:18
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bartman2589bear in mind that I cannot paste the results of any commands here, it's all on a different machine02:18
hspncit's ok02:19
bartman2589I have konsole open already on that machine02:19
hspncrun this command on the other computer: ls /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/02:19
hspncwhat's listed?02:19
bartman2589nothing at all02:20
hspncwhat's listed if you run this command: ls /etc/NetworkManager02:20
bartman2589-dispatcher.d (folder), nm-system settings.conf (file), system-connections (folder), VPN (folder)02:22
bartman2589at least I assume the blue entries are folders02:22
hspncis the affected computer a desktop?02:22
bartman2589as opposed to a laptop or netbook, yes, though it's a tower case02:23
hspncok, what do you see when you run this command: dmesg | grep eth02:23
hspncAnd, I know it's not how you'd like it, but if adding a connection manually results in you having a wired connection that you can see and fiddle with then is that a workable solution for now?02:24
bartman25893 results, rather lengthy, one is my Realtek nic, another is telling me the speed of the eth0 connection, and the last tells me there are no IPV6 routers present02:25
bartman2589all three point to eth002:25
hspncAnd, I know it's not how you'd like it, but if adding a connection manually results in you having a wired connection that you can see and fiddle with then is that a workable solution for now?02:26
Belial`anyone with an ios 5 device try copying music to it from clementine?02:26
bartman2589I'm concerned though about that 'Auto eth0' still being present and possibly being a security concern02:27
hspncNot sure about that one.  Your interface can only be configured one way at a time.  Either it has a statically assigned IP or it is getting one via DHCP.02:28
hspncDid you set a static IP on it via the new connection you created?02:28
bartman2589do you know where NM stores it configuration files, maybe if I manually remove it from the configuration files that might work02:28
hspncIf so, can you ping if from the other PC?02:28
hspncit stores them  in /etc/NetworkManager02:29
hspncIf you setup a connection as a "system connection" then it stores it in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections02:29
bartman2589then the new connection I just made should show up in /etc/NetworkManager someplace right?02:30
bartman2589if it's supposed to I have to wonder why it doesn't02:31
bartman2589but yeah I can ping without any problem02:32
hspncnot unless it's a 'system connection' - the way I understand it02:32
bartman2589so where would it be stored then?02:32
hspncyou should be able to see more information via the command line and you could enter the command: nm-tool02:32
hspncto get output on all known connections that NM manages02:32
bartman2589nm-tool is only showing the connection I manually added02:33
bartman2589but the plasma widget in the tray shows both 'Auto eth0' and 'Eth1' (the connection I manually added to nm) present02:34
hspncI'm no NM expert but there's a script that's run that turns up your interfaces (wired at least) automatically on boot.  Network Manager calls that script at start-up.02:34
jmichaelxeth0 may just be the network manager remembering your other NIC, despite that fact that you disabled it.02:35
hspncAnd you cannot manage connections, see Auto eth0 and delete it right?02:35
hspncoh, you have two NICs?02:35
bartman2589only one nic02:36
jmichaelxhe has 2 NICs. the onboard he disabled in BIOS02:36
bartman2589yes, only one active though, the other was disabled before I even installed kubuntu and kubuntu does not even see that one02:37
jmichaelxeth0 is probably the onboard02:37
hspncI'd have to shell into your box to do much more.  I'd just be happy that you have a working wired connection definition that you can fiddle with in NM for now.  Maybe post to the forums and get feedback from some other folks too.02:37
SIR_Tacoif it wasn't... ifconfig would show more than Eth0 and Lo02:37
hspncwell, we can tell if it's still visible by doing a little more CLI work02:38
bartman2589eth0 is not the onboard, the onboard is not even found by the system, we confirmed that with the lspci | grep -i ethernet command02:39
hspncYou could do this command and then look for something that references the onboard NIC: lspci -v02:39
SIR_Tacohspnc: .... "<bartman2589> I'm concerned though about that 'Auto eth0' still being present and possibly being a security concern"....  you really think he wants you to have any access to his box?02:39
jmichaelxbartman2589: it might also be worthwhile for you to install a package named 'pastebinit'.. then you can do things like 'lspci | grep Ethernet | pastebinit', and it will then give you link to the pastebin02:39
hspncSIR_Taco: I'm not offering to access his box, simply stating that diagnosing this way is pretty laborious02:40
hspncyeah, good idea jmichaelx02:40
bartman2589ok, I'll install pastebin02:41
jmichaelxit is 'passtebinit'02:41
jmichaelx(just to make sure you find it easily)02:42
bartman2589ok, thanks, was just going to ask for full package name02:42
hspncor just go to pastebin.com02:42
bartman2589bare with me a minute, installed it, need to reboot that box02:43
hspncyou don't need to reboot02:43
SIR_Tacobartman2589: do you know your static ip, netmask, network, broadcast, and gateway addresses?02:43
bartman2589not off hand but I can get it, just need to log into my modem to get some of that stuff, but the built in firewall might be a problem02:44
bartman2589it's a modem/router combo02:44
SIR_Tacobut you're sure it gives a static IP?02:45
SIR_Tacoto your computer, not the modem02:45
bartman2589with the new connection I just created earlier it does, the Auto eth0 one that's hiding someplace uses dhcp02:47
bartman2589Ok here's the results of lspci -v sent to pastebin: http://pastebin.com/deDH2cU002:49
bartman2589I'd rather not have someone poking around though, I'd rather learn how to do it myself, ok, no offense02:50
bartman2589anyway as you can see in the lspci -v output my onboard nic is not being detected02:51
bartman2589only the Realtek one is found02:51
jmichaelxbartman2589: if you had the onboard disabled in BIOS before you installed, then i agree that the system should not be aware of that NIC... however, if it ever saw it, udev will remember that it HAD been there at one time02:53
bartman2589oh and my mistake, I've been so frazzled the last couple days when I was trying to install 11.10, I ended up installing 10.10 on this thing even though I thought I had grabbed my 11.04 disc, been a very rough couple days02:53
bartman2589it never saw it, I made sure of that02:53
bartman2589it's only ever seen the realtek card, definitely made sure the onboard was disabled before install, like I said I wanted to make sure it didn't see it in case that was the problem02:55
bartman2589I had this problem on 11.04 though the other day before I tried a release updgrade to 11.10, so either way if we can figure it out then when I do actually get 11.04 on this thing I can probably straighten it out easily enough02:57
bartman2589still there?02:59
jmichaelxbartman2589: as far as i can tell, your problem has pretty much been solved.03:00
jmichaelxyou can now edit your network settings03:00
jmichaelxthe fact that eth0 is listed does not matter03:00
bartman2589still have that 'Auto eth0' ghost though someplace I want to make sure that connection isn't going to be active at all03:01
jmichaelxif you have the device desabled in BIOS, or it just does not exist , it just does not exist and will not connect to anything03:01
bartman2589ok, here's what you're missing, before I manually added the 'Eth1' connection, I was still able to connect to the internet and everything03:02
bartman2589so that 'Auto eth0' DOES exist!!03:03
jmichaelxwhat output do you get with 'ifconfig -a'03:03
* jmichaelx sigh03:03
EvilResistancei accidentially disabled KNetworkManager's autostart function... how can i reenable that function so it starts with login?03:05
jmichaelxbartman2589: all you have is eth0... it is eth1 that does not appear to exist03:06
bartman2589the thing to note here is that the address assigned to eth0 in those results IS NOT the address I assigned when I added the 'Eth1' connection manuallly03:06
bartman2589and yet I'm using my connection that I named 'Eth1' (note I named it that, it does NOT point to a separate nic identified as eth1)03:07
jmichaelxeth0 is the only device that it can see... and the only one with an IP03:07
zorobabelgetting tired of my wifi being slow as shite03:08
bartman2589you're missing the point that I named the connection as 'Eth0' I could just as easily have named it 'test' or something else03:08
bartman2589I mean 'Eth1'03:08
jmichaelxbartman2589: look.... eth0 is  the ONLY network device your system is aware of03:09
jmichaelxit's local IP is
bartman2589yes, but I have a connection to eth0 that I NAMED/NICKNAMED 'Eth1' that's the one I configured with an ip address of
bartman2589it is not a separate hardware device identified as eth103:10
jmichaelxthat may all be, but that is not being used, and will not be used03:10
bartman2589then why can I ping it?03:10
jmichaelxyou can ping 152?03:11
bartman2589YES, confirmed way up above!!03:11
jmichaelxcan you ping 161?03:11
bartman2589probably not because I can toggle it on/off in the plasma widget, let me toggle it on and try though03:12
jmichaelxalso, what is the MAC address it shows for eth1? is it not the same as eth0?03:13
bartman2589if I toggle it on then yes I can ping it03:13
jmichaelxthen eth1 and eth0 are the same device...  and you can do whatever you want with them, but this is not a security issues03:14
bartman2589my eth1 connection is set to bind to any mac address, not sure what the 'Auto eth0' is set to since that's the one I cannot edit03:15
bartman2589Is there a config file someplace that I can maybe manually remove that 'Auto eth0' connection from?03:16
jmichaelxi already showed you those details.... ifconfig -a shows you EVERY single network device that is enabled, configured or not03:16
jmichaelxand it shows the MAC address03:16
bartman2589ok miscommunication on my part, I meant to say I cannot tell if the 'Auto eth0' connection is set to bind to a specific mac address or if like the one I added it is set to bind to ANY mac address, because I cannot edit the connection settings, so I can't see if it's set for ANY mac address03:18
jmichaelxbartman2589: look, there is only one network device available... only one MAC address that could be used, unless you enable another network device03:19
bartman2589you're not getting it03:19
bartman2589I know there is only one HARDWARE DEVICE03:20
EvilResistanceis there any way to force network manager to start on login?  i accidentially somehow disabled that.03:20
bartman2589but the connection manager connection names DO NOT HAVE TO REFLECT WHICH HARDWARE DEVICE THEY USE03:20
* jmichaelx sighs again03:20
bartman2589either way I want to know  where the settings for that 'Auto eth0' connection would be stored03:21
claydohin the version of kde in 11.04, it is not possible to edit/remove the auto eth0 entry easily, though in kde 4.7 you can edit it delete it whatever, it is a known limitation03:22
claydohi don't know where it is stored atm03:22
* claydoh looks on google for the answer03:22
jmichaelxyou are probably dealing with udev settings03:23
bartman2589I do appreciate the attempts to help me jmichaelx03:23
jmichaelxty bartman258903:24
bartman2589I'm just getting so very very very sick of nothing working the way it's supposed to regardless of which release I install03:24
jmichaelxbartman2589: most people would feel that things are working. set network manager to use eth1, and configure it. there is no way that the 'auto eth0' device is going to compromise your security03:25
jmichaelxbartman2589: i would also recommend just ditching network manager on wired networks03:26
claydohtry wicd if it doesn't work, but in kde 4.7 you can easily edit remove disable anything about that default entry03:26
bartman2589with 11.04 the default grub resolution is one my monitor won't display, same in 11.10, on top of which 11.10 won't even load the installer, release upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 doesn't work, etc.............03:26
jmichaelxbartman2589: i have seen issues with resolutions in grub before03:27
bartman2589I'm ready to stick a propane canister in my pc and open it then use a remote switch of some kind to switch the pc on03:27
jmichaelxumm, don't do it03:27
jmichaelxwhat issues do you run into when trying to upgrade to a new release?03:28
bartman2589I can get around the grub resolution problem, but using the 'Boot Repair' cd I downloaded and telling it to uncomment the grfxpayload entry03:28
jmichaelxok, that is foreign territory to me03:28
bartman2589when I try a clean install of 11.10 no matter which install media I use I can't get the installer to load, boot screen comes up fine, but beyond that nothing works03:29
jmichaelxhmm, brb03:29
bartman2589boot screen where you choose 'start kubuntu' or 'install kubuntu' I mean03:30
bartman2589not the graphical one where you choose 'Try Kubuntu' or "Install Kubuntu" I never make it to that one03:30
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest44921
bartman2589even choosing "Install in text mode" won't work, switches to a display resolution my monitor won't display03:34
bartman2589and it's not a very old monitor03:34
OerHekssounds related to the videocard, too old or too new, like optimus.03:38
jmichaelxbartman2589: back03:38
phoenix_firebrdMy system takes 72 sec to boot :(03:38
* jmichaelx agrees with OerHeks03:38
jmichaelxbartman2589: what video card are you using?03:38
bartman2589nvidia 7600gs agp w/512 mb ram03:45
jmichaelxseems to me that card should work fine03:46
bartman2589yeah, 'should' being the operative word03:46
jmichaelxwhat is your monitor's native resolution?03:47
bartman2589max resolution is 1440x90003:47
bartman2589Acer X193W03:47
bartman258919" widescreen lcd display03:48
bartman2589using 15 pin d-sub vga connector03:48
jmichaelxi can understand why that would be frustrating03:49
OerHeksthe nomodeset fix won't work ?03:49
bartman2589I can try03:49
=== Zach__ is now known as zkriesse
=== zkriesse is now known as Guest55573
bartman2589let me quick make a bootable flash drive since that seems to install faster than cd does03:51
=== Guest55573 is now known as zkriesse
bartman2589making it from dvd iso that way I have access to the alternate installer at the same time03:54
bartman2589might take a few minutes though03:54
bartman2589amazingly 11.10 installs and works fine on my much older Compaq D510SFF with an ancient nvidia MX-4000 pci card and only a 2.2ghz p4 w/1.5gb ram03:55
bartman2589even the network manager works right on it03:56
bartman2589in that it shows and allows me to edit the 'Auto eth0' connection03:56
bartman2589unlike any previous version of Kubuntu on any of my computers03:57
=== ludo is now known as Guest79359
bartman2589Ok using nomodeset with alternate installer seems to be working so far to install 11.10, keeping my fingers crossed04:21
=== EvilResistance is now known as Resistance
zorobabelweird, apt-get of wine was totally jacked05:05
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest93718
=== Kalidarn1 is now known as Kalidarn
bartman2589Ok, used nomodeset and acpi=off switches to start install with alternate installer for 11.10, install went fine but now when I try to boot into 11.10 I get a relatively low resolution version of the animated boot splash (the one that says 'Kubuntu' with the dots under it), and then it goes to a display resolution I can't display, any thoughts?05:51
bartman2589I tried pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 through F6 to try switching to a different run level but apparently whatever is happening is keeping Kubuntu from booting far enough in to start the various run levels let alone start the x server05:53
bartman2589this is like my 10th try to install 11.1005:54
bartman2589ok so right now I have the following kernel switches being used: nomodeset acpi=off vga=normal fb=false.  And still it won't boot into a display resolution I can display, at least now though it is letting me access the different run levels so I can at lease login at a shell prompt, any thoughts on what to do now?06:00
zorobabelI want this desktop shell scripting console but don't seem to have it06:04
tohuwIf I've borked amarok's settings, how can I forcibly reset them to the installation defaults?06:04
tohuwI didn't see a config dir in my home anywhere...06:04
DarthFrogtohuw: It'll be under ~/.kde06:05
DarthFrogBTW, the "rc" at the end of a file name usually means "run control".06:06
tohuwAh, there they are! Thank you.06:07
DarthFrogYou're welcome.06:07
chaospsychexhi guys06:09
chaospsychexi'm having a problem launching a widget i installed from the 'panel tool box'06:09
chaospsychexit's the 'eg-syscon-qc' widget06:10
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excognachi all08:22
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
seemawni have a strange issue:08:50
seemawnwhen the screen is locked, I enter the password, and the system takes very long until the screen is loaded agein.08:51
seemawnThe dialog-box for pw-entering does not disappear.08:51
seemawnit seems that the screen remains unlocked. When the pw was incorrect, it reports immediately.08:53
seemawneven when the computer was not suspended or hibernated or sth.08:54
naftilos76For those who face problems with Kopete being unable to connect to MSN, please download and install latest libmsn0.3 from launchpad. My kopete worked immediately after the update of that lib. My KDE is 4.7.3. Link: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/84878856/libmsn0.3_4.2-1_amd64.deb08:56
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest93308
ichbinderhello. How can I share folders with a win7 computer over network using Kubuntu? I've shared with the same win7 system and Ubuntu 11.04 before, so the win7 is configured correctly... So, for ubuntu this works: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/04/share-files-folders-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/ for Kubuntu I tried to follow this guide but it seems outdated...09:10
progre55hi guys. anyone else has problems with sound on oneiric? not sure if skype is anyhow related, but I've only experienced it with skype on. when talking on skype, if any other app makes sound, the whole system sound is lost and skype freezes.09:27
progre55tried running skype on a terminal window, doesnt output any errors09:28
kubuntu_userwhen kde 4.7.3 will available for kubuntu 11.04 from backport ppa?09:58
szalchances are that it won't be, afaik there were no new KDE versions for Maverick either after Natty was released10:01
kubuntu_user4.7.2 was available in backport ppa in 20 days after official release.  I hope 4.7.3 will at 25 Nov10:03
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plotinohi every body11:50
plotinoi dont get to shutdown the PC with KDE plasma11:51
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest62202
KjetilKI have a weird problem: I can't get kmail to send messages in my outbox12:48
KjetilKI have two SMTP servers configured, they both work on a different computer12:49
KjetilKone is a really basic non-encrypted, no authentication SMTP server that I can trivially talk to using telnet12:49
KjetilKI see no error messages of any kind, it just fails to send the messages in the outbox12:50
KjetilKhmmm, there they went... I did a reboot... :-(12:59
BluesKajHowdy all13:03
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
Roeyhi how do I install Lancelot?  I apt-got installed its package, now what?13:54
BluesKajRoey, alt+f213:56
RoeyBluesKaj:  alt-f2 and then what?14:04
Roeyjust 'lancelot' ?14:04
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
saravanaguys help me i need to install skype im usin kubuntu 11.04 beta version14:25
saravanaguys help me here plz14:27
Lynouresaravana: you add the partner repo14:28
Lynouresaravana: then apt-get install skype    (this is all from memory, as I'm not on my home computer now)14:28
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest33877
adi11hi all. i installed ubuntu 11.10 on my hp dv 7600. this is dual boot with win7. after grub screen it starts the loading the os, so the ubuntu logo and the dots are loading. than it hangs on a black screen for about one minute. after that it load the OS ok. than on shut down it takes like a min or more. its like in the times of feisty fawn. what possibly causes the hangover ? is there a log text file to see what causes this? thanks14:39
adi11i installed nvidia 285 drivers and i like this but its just that it takes so long to load and shutdown.14:40
saravanahow to install skype in kubuntu 11.04 beta14:41
adi11saravana : kubuntu 11.10 is out. as for skype download skype from skype website. thank on your pc reight click and chose install with debi14:43
BluesKajsaravana,  upgrade to 11.04 , it's been out since April , then if you wish to 11.10, which was released last month14:45
=== ocs is now known as bau_buf
BluesKaj!pm | saravana14:46
ubottusaravana: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:46
BluesKaj!skype | saravana14:47
ubottusaravana: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:47
mr-richMy Mic makes me sound like Alvin the Chipmunk. It doesn't matter what app I use (audacity, skype), it always gets recorded 3X faster then it should. Is there some golbal Mic setting I'm missing?14:58
Deet`my internet connections time out when ever i leave the computer alone for a few hours, any idea as to why that is?15:00
naftilos76hi i have a problem with the appearance of GTK apps in Kubuntu. I am in 11.10 with KDE 4.7.3. I have already tried to select the different options that system settings->apps appearance->GTK appearance but nothing works. For example, pavumeter appears ugly with controls looking like gnome 5 years ago! Can anybody help?15:03
mr-richDeet`: prolly a function of your ISP ...15:06
mr-richnaftilos76: Ditto here ...15:06
=== root is now known as Guest59642
mr-richI use Evo for email and it look hidious ... icons missing, etc15:07
lolzerhi i have  just install the kde desktop in ubuntu .... i am facing problems with sound output in my headphones15:07
naftilos76I am sorry what exactly is the menaing of "Ditto here..."15:07
lolzerthe balance is not correct and the sound is comparatively  lower than it was15:08
mr-richnaftilos76: dating my self ... "me, too" ...15:08
naftilos76mr-rich: I guess then everyone has this issue...Briliant...15:09
mr-richnaftilos76: my guess is it will be fixed in a future update ...15:10
mr-richgotta go ...15:10
naftilos76bye bye15:10
lolzerhi i have  just install the kde desktop in ubuntu .... i am facing problems with sound output in my headphones15:11
lolzerthe balance is not correct and the sound is comparatively  lower than it was15:11
naftilos76future updates will fix everything...15:12
Deet`well mr-rich would be wrong as i have 3 windows machines that don't do it and one more kubuntu desktop that has no such problem15:12
lolzereverything was working fine in ubuntu15:14
naftilos76lolzer: go through all mixer settings, install, if not already installed, pavumeter and check all the levels there. You may also want to check alsa-mixer which is a konsole-based pseudo graphical mixer15:14
BluesKajnaftilos76, alt +f2 kdesudo systemsettings , set your gtk fonts and themes as root should give theme options that will look better and stick15:15
naftilos76BluesKaj: let me try that15:15
naftilos76BluesKaj: it didn't help. firestarter , pavumeter etc appear as if i am in 2005!!!15:19
naftilos76BluesKaj: Back in KDE 4.6.5 things were fine at least as this issue is concerned15:20
BluesKajnaftilos76, well. eye candy isn't a problem for me , i don';t let it over ride more important issues , so i can't you much15:21
naftilos76no harm done thanks though15:22
lolzernaftilos76, the pavumeter is not showign anything15:25
* BluesKaj likes the simple uncluttered "look" that oxygen and plastik provide , since I'm 3M away from my monitor I need larger titlebar (_) X etc15:25
BluesKajlolzer, have you setup your default device in phonon ?15:26
lolzernaftilos76, the alsammixer is working fine but it feels like something missing15:26
lolzerits default settings15:27
lolzerin phonon15:27
BluesKajlolzer, kmeny >computer>system settings>multimedia/phonon/device preference15:28
BluesKajmake sure the device works with the test button15:29
lolzerits in internal audio analog stereo .. and in test too the left right  balance is off15:30
BluesKajcheck your pavucontrol balance15:31
lolzerBluesKaj,  i checked and adjusted it to match ... but on the left side is more kindf of bass and the right is very flat15:35
lolzerBluesKaj, is there any software that gives a good effect we can adjust??15:35
BluesKajthere's an equalizer available with balaqnce ctrls15:36
BluesKajerr balance15:36
=== dave is now known as Guest73497
lolzerBluesKaj, i couldnt find the equalizer ... can you plz tell me where to find it??15:44
BluesKajin your package manager , muon or apper15:45
xuser1can you recomend me a alternative to gnome 3 ?15:50
xuser1excluding kde , lxde and xfce?15:52
phunyguyUbuntu unity?15:52
phunyguysudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:52
xuser1no unitry and gnome 315:52
phunyguye16 or e17, whatever it was called?15:53
phunyguymay I ask why you want to know all this?15:53
xuser1i hate gnome 315:54
szalxuser1: just noting that you are asking in #kubuntu, what do you expect us to answer? ;)15:55
xuser1maybe you can recommend me a good window manager like awn15:55
szalget the heck out of here with those DIY minimal window so-called managers :P15:57
xuser1diy ?15:57
xuser1what is diy?15:58
Lynourexuser1: if you like none of the *buntu default sets, but *buntu?15:58
xuser1i like ubuntu with gnome but i dont like that panel15:59
xuser1so i want a good window manager16:00
xuser1i want use gnome 3 withowt panel because  gnome have best aplications16:01
Lynourexuser1: if you like gnome, you are better off on #ubuntu16:02
Lynourexuser1: here people will tell you 5 ways to tweak your panels instead :)16:02
Lynourethe KDE panels, that is.16:02
xuser1i dont wanna use kde panel in gnome16:03
* Lynoure normally uses 4 panels, 3 corners and one side16:03
Lynourexuser1: indeed! so you are on the wrong channel16:03
xuser1other idea ?16:03
Lynourexuser1: this is the _k_ubuntu channel.16:03
xuser1i know , but in ubuntu channel are a lot of users who need help and i dont have a big 'problem'16:05
Lynourexuser1: the people who actually use gnome will have a better idea of all the panel alternatives for gnome16:05
* Lynoure gives up and goes home.16:05
xuser1i will ask ubuntu channel16:06
xuser1for a good alternative16:06
reisidoes anyone have vlc w/ fglrx hw video accel working on 11.10?16:07
saravanai installed skype using wine but its not loggin me in ..... help me out please16:11
saravanaany idea guys16:15
Stronzehow do i use the KDE gui over unbuntu? i tried lubuntu but i dont like the GUI16:17
BluesKajsaravana, why are you using wine ?16:17
BluesKajStronze, install kubuntu-desktop16:18
saravanato install windows software16:18
Stronzebluekaj - ubuntu software center?16:19
saravanabluekaj , any suggestions16:21
BluesKaj!skype | saravana16:21
ubottusaravana: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga16:21
BluesKajStronze, yes , or open a terminal , sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop16:22
saravanabluekaj thanks dude16:22
BluesKajsaravana, it's BluesKaj16:22
Stronzethanks bluekaj, i was putting incorrect search terms in the search bar16:23
saravanablueskaj, partner repo is not workin for me16:24
romeyrohello guys16:25
BluesKajmake sure you have it checked / enabled in software sources, saravana16:28
saravanaBluesKaj: is ekiga free for video callin and chat16:29
DarthFrog!ekiga | saravana16:30
ubottusaravana: ekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga16:30
BluesKajsaravana, alt+f2 kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , make sure there's no # infront of the canonical partners repository16:32
BluesKajsaravana, after editing the sources list you should be able to install skype16:34
saravanaits 2 ## BluesKaj16:34
=== chavo is now known as chavov
BluesKajsaravana,no the line that begis with deb16:35
BluesKajsaravana, of course after editing save the file16:37
BluesKajand update16:37
saravanaBluesKaj: i hav to type ah??16:38
* BluesKaj is distracted by 2 dogs on the loose going at the neighbours garbage ...bbl16:38
DarthFrogsaravana:  What version of Kubuntu are you running?16:39
saravana11.04 beta16:40
DarthFrogWow.  A beta of an earlier version.  Why?16:40
DarthFrogDid BluesKaj's instructions make sense to you?16:41
saravanaim new to linux16:41
saravanathats why16:41
saravanadid  mistake16:41
DarthFrogWhat mistake?16:43
saravanajust 8 hrs ago i installed this , i didnt notice the new version 11.1016:43
DarthFrogDo you want to know how to go to 11.10 without re-installing?16:44
saravanai dont know , do u 1?16:45
DarthFrogThat's up to you.  But I suggest that you at least update to the release version of 11.04 from the beta version.16:45
saravanahmmm how????????16:46
DarthFrogDo I know?  Yes, I know how.16:46
saravanatell me16:46
DarthFrogOK, read all of this before doing any of it.  First, type Alt-F2, which will bring up a small window that your can type into (called krunner).  Type "konsole" into that wee window.  This will launch a command line window.  Do this now and position the Konsole window somewhere convenient.16:48
saravanak i did , then16:48
DarthFrogEverything from now on is typed at the command line in that Konsole window.  Type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" all on one line.  Give your password when asked for it.16:49
DarthFrogThat will update you system to the full 11.04.  It'll take a while, perhaps a long while.  Let it run.  You can use your computer while it's running.  You will have to reboot once it's finished.16:50
DarthFrogOnce you're fully up to date with 11.04, you can then think about upgrading to 11.10.16:50
DarthFrogIf you want.16:51
DarthFrogIt's simpler to do.16:51
saravanai did16:51
saravanait shows16:51
saravanaE: The list of sources could not be read.16:52
DarthFrogReally???  Hmm.  Do you have /etc/apt/sources.list file open in an editor?16:52
DarthFrogi.e. in Kate?16:53
saravanait says doesnt exist16:53
saravanai hav16:53
saravanakate editor16:53
saravanai opened it16:54
DarthFrogType "cd /etc/apt", then type "ls".  What files are there (I don't care about sources.list.d)16:54
saravanaapt.conf.d  preferences.d  secring.gpg  sources.list  sources.list~  sources.list.d  sources.list.save  trustdb.gpg  trusted.gpg  trusted.gpg~  trusted.gpg.d16:55
saravanai did what u said16:56
yofelis "E: The list of sources could not be read." ALL it says? or does it say something before it?16:56
saravanathen wat to do16:56
DarthFrogsaravana:  Type "ls" and see what files are there.16:57
saravanaafter typin ls the above line came16:57
DarthFrogsaravana: If you have a kate window open, editing /etc/apt/sources.list, please close it.16:57
* genii-around makes more coffee16:58
* DarthFrog passes his mug to genii-around16:58
* genii-around fills it with tasty caffeinated goodness16:58
saravanaya man i closed it17:00
saravanaapt.conf.d     sources.list    sources.list.save  trusted.gpg~17:00
saravanapreferences.d  sources.list~   trustdb.gpg        trusted.gpg.d17:00
saravanasecring.gpg    sources.list.d  trusted.gpg17:00
DarthFrogOk, now do those "sudo apt-get ..." commands again.17:00
* BluesKaj is puffed out from chasing "dogs on the loose" away from the garbage bins . no collars or ID tags , they looked half wild ...probly some farm dogs on the run ...we get that periodically17:01
DarthFrogUse the Up arrow in your konsole window to retrieve the commands from your scrollback buffer.17:01
BluesKajoops wrong room17:01
saravanait shows some list of commands17:01
DarthFrogFind the sudo apt-get commands and hit Enter.17:02
DarthFrogGood morning ale152, we were wondering when you'd get here. :-)17:02
ale152I'l like to open the content of a file with mplayer. I tried with:  mplayer `cat %u` with no success :(17:02
DarthFrogale152:  "mplayer <filename>"17:03
ale152morning? what time is it for you? :D17:03
DarthFrog9 AM here, on the very wet coast of Canada.17:03
saravanawhich one17:03
ale1526 pm for me :D17:03
saravanathere is no such commands17:03
ale152DarthFrog, I'd like to configure the "open with" tool of firefox (kde)17:04
DarthFrogsaravana: OK, never mind.  Type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".17:04
DarthFrogale152:  That's under Edit/Preferences/Applications in Firefox.17:05
saravanaE: Type 'n0' is not known on line 46 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list17:05
saravanaE: Type 'p://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu' is not known on line 8 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubuntu-ppa-ppa-natty.list17:05
saravanaE: The list of sources could not be read.17:05
saravanathen wat to do17:05
DarthFrogsaravana: You'll have to fix the sources.list file.  You have typographical errors.17:06
ale152DarthFrog, I don't want to open the file, but the url  that is in the file17:06
DarthFrogale152:  Hmm.  I'd write a shell scrip to extract the URL.17:07
ale152why can't do a simple mplayer `cat %u`?17:08
DarthFrogDon't know. :-)17:08
DarthFrogWhat happens when you try it on the command line?17:08
ale152uh, problem solved!17:09
ale152I found --playlist that open file content :D17:09
DarthFrog:-)  I like it when that happes.17:09
ale152mplayer -playlist %u :)17:09
ale152no :O17:10
=== amd is now known as kruckss
ale152it doesn't work :(17:10
ale152mplayer -playlist file.m3u works17:10
ale152but "open with" mplayer -playlist %u no :(17:11
DarthFrogale152:  Does something like: "mplayer | xargs cat <filename> -" work?17:13
BluesKajDarthFrog, what about dist-upgrade , won't that bring him to latest 11.04 ?17:13
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Yes, but he's screwed up his sources.list file and will need to do an update first.17:13
Stronzegotta say, im in love with kubuntu's interface. it has the perfect mix of organized interface and good looking graphics17:14
DarthFrogBluesKaj: He's running a beta of 11l04.17:14
BluesKajok .. should  have scrolled back to take a look17:14
ale152DarthFrog, now it works just with -playslit :|17:20
ale152who knows :D17:20
DarthFrogNobody here but us chickens.17:27
adminkuNeed little help...17:28
adminkuneed little help...17:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:28
adminkujust installed kubunto 11.10 on DH67CL motherboard and resolution won't go higher than 1020/768...17:29
DarthFrogWhat driver are you using?  What video card do you have?17:30
adminkudon't know dh67cl says all17:30
DarthFrogPerhaps that's all it's capable of.17:30
adminkuon win 7 it goes 1920x108017:31
DarthFrogWell, you need to find out what video chip is being used.  It probably needs to have a proprietary driver installed to get that rez.17:32
adminkuok... thx17:32
DarthFrogadminku: At the command line, type "lspci" and look for a line that starts with "VGA'.17:32
DarthFrogThat'll tell you the chipset.17:33
DarthFrog!ATI | adminku17:33
ubottuadminku: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto17:33
adminkunot much... "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)17:34
DarthFrogSorry, I don't know anything about Intel based video.17:35
DarthFrogIf you want more info, type "lspci -vv | less"  and stand back. :-)17:36
adminkulshw:   *-display17:37
adminku       description: VGA compatible controller17:37
adminku       product: 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller17:37
adminku       vendor: Intel Corporation17:37
adminku       physical id: 217:37
adminku       bus info: pci@0000:00:02.017:37
adminku       version: 0917:37
adminku       width: 64 bits17:37
adminku       clock: 33MHz17:37
adminku       capabilities: msi pm vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom17:37
adminku       configuration: driver=i915 latency=017:37
adminku       resources: irq:52 memory:fe000000-fe3fffff memory:e0000000-efffffff ioport:f000(size=64)17:37
DarthFrogadminku:  Don't post that stuff here.  Use pastebin!17:37
DarthFrog!pastebin | adminku17:37
ubottuadminku: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:37
adminkuok, sorry...17:38
adminkuanswer to your "lspci -vv | less" at http://paste.ubuntu.com/735469/17:41
DarthFrogadminku: Ah, that was for your benefit.  I know nothing about Intel video.17:43
adminkushould I buy a NVIDIA/ATI video board?17:46
Resistanceadminku:  depends on your hardware and what it can support17:48
krypthi, hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem Telkom Mediencenter mounten?18:03
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:07
valoriereddit users, vote up: http://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/m8ver/help_kde_with_just_a_few_clicks_1000_euro/18:30
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MeanderingCodehello all.  anyone know why switching "activities" has now hosed left clicking on my panels?18:36
MeanderingCodebut only left clicking...right clicking works fine :/  this is across reboots18:36
MeanderingCodethe only thing i can click in the panel is the icon for pidgen in the tray widget18:37
MeanderingCodeand that includes the cashew18:37
=== hydralisk is now known as sea4ever
plotinohow to shutdown the PC with KDE plasma?18:46
plotinoi only get to exit from session18:46
plotinoand if i halt it18:46
plotinosystem say "system halted" but PC keeps ON18:47
Squidyhello guys... I'm trying to use Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) GUI in Kubuntu.. but it's not working...18:48
SquidyWhen I try to open UCK I see the warning window but after clicking OK the program closes18:49
Squidymay you help me?18:49
SquidyI'm getting this messages18:51
SquidyQPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap18:51
SquidyScript was cancelled by the user18:51
MeanderingCodewhy the fuck can i not click the panel???  sorry for swearing, but...really???18:52
ubuntuHELP in live CD now need help resizing partitions18:53
Tm_TMeanderingCode: language, please...18:54
MeanderingCodeYes, Tm_T, it's true.  I don't mean to be crude, i'm just so angry at the amount of time i have spent fixing broken things since i installed 11.10...10.10 worked so well for me, and i haven't lost this much productive time on linux since i was using a broadcom wifi chipset in 200418:56
ubuntuCan anyone please help me with resizing a partition to unallocated space? I am using gparted in a live CD, and am having issues18:58
sea4everWhat are the issues? That usually works18:59
ubuntuI think I figured it out. I had to delete the swap, then delete the extended partition, THEN I could extend the primary partition that had linux. I now have it as I want BUT, I have no swap, I do have 7GB of unallocated at the end of my HD19:03
BluesKajhow much RAM ?19:04
ubuntui have first primary as windows, second primary as Linux, unallocated. Should I make the unallocated primary swap or extended swap?19:04
BluesKajjust swap is fine , don't worry about primary or extended19:06
hannes3annkou: hey19:17
kaddihi, i just upgraded flashplugin through updates and now i have no more sound in flash. How to fix?19:18
nafgAfter upgrading to Oneiric, GTK applications don't have the KDE look and feel.19:30
nafgAnyone know what to do?19:31
jmichaelxnafg: with oneiric came a shift to GTK3 in some apps. apps using GTK2 with still use the GTK themes you had configured them to, but not GTK3 apps... i don't know whether or not there is a workaround for this19:43
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Daskreechhttp://blog.lydiapintscher.de/2011/10/10/help-kde-e-v-secure-funding-for-a-sprint-with-just-a-few-clicks/ if anyone has a secondary e-mail account. could you help with this?20:13
jmichaelxDaskreech: also, people should know that one can cast up to three votes. i do not think there are any instructions in english, so this may not be clear to everyone20:18
Daskreechjmichaelx: which is why I didn't link directly to the page20:18
jmichaelxahh, ok.. you have that covered20:19
jmichaelxsorry :)20:19
ath0I think I broke my plasma ? ...and it got rid of all my stuff (background, plasma, widgets) http://pastebin.com/Xmbcxhn120:20
ath0Last night I deleted anything that was openoffice.org or libreoffice...20:21
ath0And after restart this today...my desktop is broked lol20:21
ath0Can anybody help me?20:22
Daskreechath0: what do you have now?20:23
ath0Well, When it booted my desktop was Cleaned...just empty except for a couple of items that were in my plasma panel...everything else is gone and It won't let me add another panel...it crashes20:25
Daskreechath0: bleah. can you pastebin ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc ?20:26
BluesKajBBL, stuff to do20:27
ath0Daskreech: bash keeps telling me permission denied even as SU20:28
Daskreechbye BluesKaj20:28
Daskreechath0: permission denied to do what?20:28
ath0root@whastaHacker-lt:/home/whastahacker# ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc20:29
ath0bash: /root/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc: Permission denied20:29
genii-aroundThere's just so many wrong things there it's hard to start fixing20:30
Daskreechath0: do you have pastebinit ?20:30
ath0I do now20:30
Daskreechgenii-around: yep just wanted to see if it was a simple read permissions issue20:30
Daskreechath0: ok try put pastebinit in front of that whole line20:31
DaskreechYou should get a URL can you paste that URL here?20:31
ath0Your welcomed, Thank YOU for helping :P20:34
Daskreechath0: well that would explain that20:34
jmichaelxhmmm, i now have a new (to me) task manager bug20:34
DaskreechYour config is totally blank20:34
ath0lol :|20:35
Daskreechath0: can reset it pretty easily if you like20:35
ath0Daskreech: Sure how is that done...and can you think of any reason why that happened? :x20:35
Daskreechath0: not from removing office but I can probably think of a few ways20:36
Daskreechath0: are you still root in the terminal?20:36
=== gaurav_ is now known as Guest67200
Daskreechlogout from being root20:37
genii-aroundDaskreech: Are you sure it's the /home/username one and not /root  ?20:37
Daskreechgenii-around: bleah :)20:37
Daskreechgood catch20:37
Daskreechath0: can you do the pastebinit ~/.kde/ etc again?20:38
DaskreechYou are looking at the wrong file20:38
ath0So do that without root?20:38
Daskreechath0: yes20:39
ath0Ah: http://paste.ubuntu.com/735641/20:39
Daskreechath0: Much better :-D20:40
ath0Last night I did install libreoffice-gtk  ..If that matters20:47
Daskreechath0: ok lets try a quick reset20:48
Daskreechath0: mkdir ~/plasmabkup && kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 3 && mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* ~/plasmabkup && plasma-desktop20:49
ath0Daskreech: That fixed it, should I just rebuild my desktop now or should those settings already be saved somewhere?20:52
Daskreechath0: I saved your old ones under ~/plasmabkup20:52
Daskreechif you like you can just rebuild your desktop. It's probably a bit quicker20:52
Daskreechif you want to play around with how things work then you can look under there for all the settings and tweaks20:53
ath0Ok, Thank you!20:55
Daskreechath0: I'd probably try cp the plasma-desktop-appletsrc back to see if that would fix things back but it's just as likely to have been the one causing the problem20:57
ath0All of the stuff on the old one is just standard lol, my desktop background was set as the default Horos in the original one :|  ...really weird21:00
fofifodsad asdkms melf21:15
ath0Daskreech: Another quick question, do you know where I should unzip splash screen tarballs to add them to the list?21:17
Daskreechath0: I should  :)21:18
ath0Then where? :P21:19
ath0Found it :PP21:26
ath0Daskreech: I found it, but thank you again! :P21:29
Daskreechath0: :-) great21:29
ath0~/.kde/share/apps/ksplash/Themes == kde421:29
Daskreechath0: ~/.kde/share/config is where almost all configuration files go21:30
Daskreech~/.kde/share/apps/$APPNAME is where the data etc go21:30
haysIs there a way to install all of the fonts I have on my Mac into Ubuntu?21:36
chaospsychexwhy does my GUI lock up when i move my mouse cursor down towards the bottom-left of the panel?21:39
BarkingFishchaospsychex: you probably have a screen corner action switched on21:42
BarkingFishhold on and I'll find the instructions to switch it off :)21:42
chaospsychexok thanks21:42
BarkingFishchaospsychex: ALT+F2, type systemsettings and hit enter21:43
BarkingFishWhen you get there, go to the second row and click "Workspace behaviour"21:43
BarkingFishclick Screen Edges in the left panel21:43
BarkingFishthen click the Bottom left grey square in the monitor image which pops up21:44
BarkingFishyou'll see a dropdown list, select "No action" from that list21:44
BarkingFishand click OK21:44
chaospsychexit was already set to that21:44
chaospsychexstill locking up when i move my mouse cursor close to the bottom left21:45
BarkingFishtry the one in the center, and the one on the left side21:45
chaospsychexcould it be my gfx driver?21:45
BarkingFishone of them is most likely set to "Lock screen"21:45
BarkingFishchaospsychex: do you get asked for a password when you try to move your mouse after the GUI locks up?21:45
chaospsychexthe top left was set to present desktop all windows21:46
chaospsychexi turned it off21:46
chaospsychexstill doing it21:46
BarkingFishok.  That's odd then.21:46
BarkingFishI figured that was probably what was causing it.21:46
BarkingFishI don't know about your gfx drivers, I'm not that hot on stuff like that.21:46
BarkingFishAnyone else able to pick up the baton with chaospsychex and try to sort this please?21:47
ahoxHi, I use gmail with kmail and at every mailcheck I get an "gmail: Unknown error. (Could not create collection)" followed by an  "Select failed, server replied: NO Unknown Mailbox: ( now in authenticated state ) ( Failure ) [ NONEXISTENT  ]". Any ideas?21:48
Daskreechhays: fonts:/ in dolphin21:51
haysDaskreech: is there support for .bdf fonts?21:53
DaskreechNo idea21:53
Daskreechhays: seems that you can21:55
genii-aroundJust make dir ~/.fonts and drop them in there21:55
haysgenii-around: moved...21:56
haysgenii-around: do I need to update any kind of cache/etc?21:56
genii-aroundhays: xset fp rehash21:57
haysgenii-around: heh, cool  between that advice and this program I found to extract all the .dfont files... I've got 300 mac fonts :)21:58
hayswoot Helvetica haha22:04
vehemothhow do you type the characters that aren't on your keyboard?22:08
Daskreechvehemoth: how do I do it?22:16
vehemothcool, thanks22:16
ricardocomo faco para colocar as permmisoes para 1 usuario?22:18
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.22:19
ricardocomo faco para colocar as permmisoes para 1 usuario?22:29
BluesKaj!es | ricardo22:33
ubotturicardo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.22:33
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dankHello, I need help with kopete and msn-hotmail account... thank22:35
haysWow.  Apple fonts look good on Apple, but not great in Linux22:41
haysI wonder if its a tuning problem with the font engine22:41
Daskreechhays: Might be aliasing?22:59
phunyguyhmmm..  so my issues with chrome aren't related to chrome at all.  The same thing happens in firefox and rekonq23:06
phunyguybrowsing just doesnt work, and even pinging things like facebook time out.23:07
phunyguybut then the problem magically dissappears for another 5 minutes23:07
phunyguymeanwhile torrent traffic is flowing in and out flawlessly23:07
phunyguyso it leads me to believe it is DNS related, and my other PCs don't seem to have this issue23:07
_jamI finally upgraded to 11.10. I use kontact. My kmail got migrated, but not my calendar23:08
phunyguyso i go to a konsole, and type nslookup, then change server to   same thing.  lookups to google, facebook, etc fail.23:08
_jamwhat can I do to effect that migration?23:09
_jami had to run the kmail migrator manually, of course23:09
ScottyKis there a users guide for Kubuntu that is availabe for download?23:30
Colin0912Hello all i was wondering if some one could help me23:37
Colin0912Im new to linux and not sure hwo to install a tar.gz23:39
DaskreechColin0912: what is the tar.gz ?23:40
Colin0912D4X and open offic23:40
Colin0912i extracted them to my download folder23:42
Colin0912but not sure where to go from there23:42
vehemothColin0912: you know about libreoffice right?23:44
Colin0912i do yes but i do prefer openoffice i used to use it alot as a windows user23:45
vehemothd4x seems to be dead, I can't find much trace of it23:47
vehemothcan you send me a link to where you got it from?23:47
vehemothlast updated 200723:49
Colin0912mmm ok can you recommend a download manager?23:49
vehemothI've never used one personally but I can have a look for you23:50
Colin0912thank you23:50
vehemothwhat is different in libreoffice compared to openoffice?23:50
vehemoththe only thing I know is that libreoffice has far more features23:51
vehemothhave you tried kget?23:51
Colin0912ok i cant say i used it alot so i give it a try23:51
Colin0912i havent no23:51
vehemoththat seems to be the one you want to try first23:51
vehemothif you don't like I suggest opening up muon23:52
vehemothand searching for download manager23:52
Colin0912got it23:52
Colin0912i know how to do the software via DEB packages but not Tar.gz23:53
Colin0912i know its via the terminal i belive23:54
vehemothmost things you need are in the software center (muon package manager for kubuntu)23:54
Colin0912ahh ok23:54
vehemothI've yet had to install a .tar.gz23:54
Colin0912fair enough23:54
vehemothI mean I've never had to23:54
DaskreechColin0912: try kget23:57
Colin0912Anyone recommend a Email Client23:57
vehemothColin0912: KMail?23:58
Colin0912ok thank you23:58
Colin0912right im going now going to sort things out23:59
Colin0912thank you all23:59
DaskreechColin0912: If the tar ball has code in it then it should have a README or an INSTALLING file23:59
_jamok, i just had to manully import std.ics in the korganizer folder23:59
_jamweird, but fine23:59
DaskreechIf it doesn't then it shoudl have a configure file23:59

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