pooliehuwshimi, hooray for starting somewhere00:40
huwshimipoolie: Haha.00:41
huwshimipoolie: For too long I've been paralised by Launchpad not having the infrastructure to do things properly.00:43
huwshimipoolie: Making the infrastrucuture right has resulted in a trade-off for good UX in Launchpad00:44
huwshimipoolie: Now I don't care about the infrastructure, I just want the UX to be good00:44
huwshimi*flame war, GO!*00:46
lifelessinfrastructure for its own sake is waste ;)00:53
lifelesshuwshimi: I totally applaud reasoned cutting-of-gordian-knots, which I think you are doing here.00:57
huwshimilifeless: And likewise, I'm all for proper infrastructure00:58
huwshimiI actually really can't stand doing things poorly. I've just gotten to the point that I'd rather do things poorly than not at all at the moment01:01
lifelesshuwshimi: One thing launchpad has gotten stuck on in the past is defining 'right' - and ended up with bells and whistles we don't need.01:03
lifelessWe also tend to focus too much on doing it all ourselves, IMO01:03
* poolie cheers01:05
pooliei still like the idea of accumulating even just a set of screenshots of things we think were done right01:06
poolieby way of a cheap style guide01:06
huwshimilifeless: Also as this is the web we should be architecting for change01:06
lifelesshuwshimi: of course! you've seen my slides, right :)01:07
wgrantLaunchpad has never done any sort of, well, design or architecture.01:07
wgrantExcept when it designs things too much and badly.01:07
lifelesswgrant: you may find yourself stepping on toes if you don't qualify things a little :)01:08
huwshimilifeless: Are they slides from Dallas?01:08
huwshimior dublin01:08
lifelesshuwshimi: prague and dallas01:09
huwshimilifeless: Are they online somewhere, I remember your talk, but don't remember all the details01:09
lifelesslet me get you a link01:09
lifelessthere is one in the wiki under ArchitectureGuide, but also ..01:09
lifelessblargh, if either don't work let me know :)01:10
huwshimilifeless: They, work. Just taking a look01:11
pooliehuwshimi, the question came up the other day of: why do the importance labels look like "tags"  or labels01:16
poolienot sure if you were here for it but i'm curious if you know01:17
huwshimipoolie: There's no real science behind it. It's a very common design pattern for representing importance or status. Both importance and status were displayed like that in early mockups01:18
poolieit's ok with me01:27
lifelesswgrant: sob01:52
lifelesswgrant: 'TypeError: Could not serialize object set([u'OOPS-ABCDEF1234']) to JSON'.01:53
lifelesswgrant: is this just cruft - e.g. if I list() it, its good ?01:53
lifeless[list works]01:54
wgrantomg optus finally fixed it.01:56
wgrantlifeless: Yep, listing it should work fine.01:56
StevenKwgrant: It's only taken them until 1pm01:58
wgrantIt's apparently been broken since 3am or so.01:58
StevenKSo 10 hours of international routing being broken. Epic.01:59
wgrantOnly for most of Europe.01:59
wgrantWhich nobody cares about, I guess.01:59
lifelessand with that, oops-prune is dead.02:09
lifelessI need a hero^Wreviewer https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/bug-888375/+merge/81928.02:15
huwshimiwallyworld_: Not sure if you saw my last message yesterday about that javascript I was working on. I changed the io events and also fixed things up so they use classes instead of styles for show/hide. Do you want to give that one last look? https://code.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/tag-cloud-removal-709009/+merge/8168902:15
wallyworld_huwshimi: looking now02:16
huwshimiwallyworld_: Thanks, no hurry02:16
wallyworld_lifeless: i'll look at your mp too :-)02:16
wallyworld_huwshimi: looks good. were you going to write or update any yui tests?02:19
huwshimiwallyworld_: Erm, I didn't look02:19
huwshimiwallyworld_: I guess I'll need to have a look as I've moved this code around (I didn't write most of it, just fixed it up)02:20
wallyworld_huwshimi: understood. it's was naughty for it to be approved without any questions about tests :-)02:20
huwshimiwallyworld_: :)02:21
wallyworld_lifeless: do we want to make the search interval half closed as is common with date/time based searches?02:32
lifelesswallyworld_: I don't think we care02:33
wallyworld_or allow one of the start/end dates to be None, perhaps with a sensible default to disallow too broad an interval02:33
lifelessI think thats overthinking it02:33
wgrantIt is broken again.02:34
wallyworld_i would care because if you want all oops for a particular day, you would normally do 1/1/2009 00:00 <= date < 2/1/2009 00:00 for example02:34
lifelessour replication strategy alone means the former wouldn't be sufficient and the latter is unneeded - oops will always care about exact end dates as they won't be pruning very new things02:34
lifelesswallyworld_: between is fully open02:36
lifelesswallyworld_: a BETWEEN x AND y02:36
lifelessa >= x AND a <= y02:36
wallyworld_hmm. i checked the online. the example given was fully closed02:36
lifelesswallyworld_: so naive use will Just Work anyhow (subject to replication lag etc etc if we ever get the API running on slaves)02:36
wallyworld_but it could be wrong02:36
wallyworld_should there be asserts / ValueError checks to catch None dates being passed in then? also context_params is not checked for None. do we care?02:36
lifeless'addition to the comparison operators, the special BETWEEN construct is available:02:37
lifelessa BETWEEN x AND y02:37
lifelessis equivalent to02:37
lifelessa >= x AND a <= y02:37
lifelesscontext_params is internal code only02:37
lifelessdate ranges are the only thing clients are permitted to influence02:37
lifelessif they pass none in, it will do date between NULL AND <other>02:37
wallyworld_internal code can still be buggy :-) but fair enough02:38
lifelesswhich will match nothing (as null operator foo -> false)02:38
lifelesswallyworld_: it can be, which is why there are two ws tests that test the product and distribution glue is correct02:38
wallyworld_ok. thanks for clarifying :-)02:39
lifelesswallyworld_: I will teak the interface docstring02:39
lifelesswallyworld_: to avoid folk getting confused and thinking its like a slice vis-a-vis None02:39
wallyworld_cool. that would be good, since what's there is open to assumptions :-)02:39
wallyworld_lifeless: i can't see the replacement pruning functionality. there's apis to search for oopses but the pruning capability has been deleted ans there's no replacement in this mp?02:54
lifelessthats right02:55
lifelessits no longer a launchpad concern02:55
lifelessit should never have been part of the LP tree anyway :)02:56
wallyworld_sure. just checking that we weren't losing expected functionality02:56
lifelessoh we are02:56
lifelessjust it won't be coming back to the LP tree02:56
lifelessseparate project now02:56
wallyworld_and it's ready to go? or will we go without pruning for a bit?02:57
lifelessits about an hours work02:57
wallyworld_famous last words :-)02:57
lifelessgetting it deployed will take longer02:57
wallyworld_so we can afford not having oops pruning for X interval till it gets done i guess02:58
lifelesscarob suffers before the appservers do02:59
huwshimiDoes a + in one of our urls signify a static path (as opposed to dynamic data e.g. launchpad.net/dynamic/+static/)? Do all our URLs follow this pattern?02:59
lifelessand right now, for staging oopses, it has no pruning, because this APi isn't here, but they are using the amqp oops path02:59
wallyworld_thanks. i'm quite ignorant of our deployment requirements, so just wanted to check :-)02:59
lifelesshuwshimi: the + indicates a view of an object02:59
huwshimilifeless: Oh03:00
lifelesshuwshimi: so /~person/+index is the actual url for /~person03:00
lifelesshuwshimi: its a bit bong03:00
lifelesshuwshimi: it has a few reasons behind it, but it gets in the way too03:00
huwshimilifeless: So in a hypothetical world where we would map bugs.launchpad.net to a new URL would it be launchpad.net/launchpad/bugs or launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?03:01
lifelesshuwshimi: there are plenty of options03:01
lifelesshuwshimi: bugs.l.n has a distinct view from code.l.n, but you could do launchpad.net/+bugs-index and launchpad.net/+code-index03:02
lifelessfor instance03:02
huwshimilifeless: OK thanks, it's not a problem now, I was just trying to understand how the +s work03:03
lifelessde nada03:03
wgranthuwshimi: + is mostly used to disambiguate system- and user-controlled path segments. Since it's not permitted as the first character of a Launchpad name, we can support paths like /PROJECT/SERIES and /PROJECT/+bug/BUG without conflicts. It's also used in view names (eg. +bugs, +index), for similar reasons.03:08
wgrantSo yes, basically what you said.03:09
wgrantThere are some old paths where that doesn't hold true.03:09
wgranteg. /bugs/BUG03:09
wgrantBut it applies to most places.03:09
huwshimiwgrant: Great, good to know.03:09
lifeless /bugs/BUG was deliberate03:11
lifelesswe don't need to use it for new stuff, though it is a safe default03:11
huwshimilifeless: I imagine if we did map our subdomains then bugs.launchpad.net/ would become launchpad.net/bugs/ so /bugs/BUG would make even more sense03:15
lifelesshuwshimi: if we consolidate, I'd really love to see the namespace not deepend03:15
lifelesshuwshimi: would launchpad.net/$project -> homepage; click on bugs there, be ok ? I think google code basically do this..03:16
lifelesshuwshimi: or perhaps make 'bugs' subordinate to the project context :)03:16
huwshimilifeless: Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean?03:19
huwshimilifeless: I would imagine you would have something like launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs, launchpad.net/launchpad/+translations etc.03:19
huwshimilifeless: I was saying launchpad.net/bugs/ would become a homepage for bugs like bugs.launchpad.net is now (if we decided we still wanted it)03:20
huwshimilifeless: Is that what you were asking?03:20
wgrantThat's how it was originally, actually.03:20
wgrantuntil 2006ish.03:20
huwshimiwgrant: April, 200603:21
wgranthuwshimi: How'd you work that out?03:22
huwshimiwgrant: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/3003:23
nigelbWhat happened to Applications on subdomains? :)03:24
wgrantnigelb: That's what we have now.03:25
lifelesshuwshimi: I thought you meant e.g. bugs.l.n/launchpad/+bugs?field.. -> l.n/bugs/launchpad/+bugs?field..03:25
wgrantAnd have had for several years.03:25
lifelesshuwshimi: which I think would be ugly03:25
nigelbwgrant: Ah. Launchpad applications. Right.03:25
nigelbI confused that with projects.03:25
huwshimilifeless: Oh, yeah, not at all. Let's make the project the base and tack the app url on after that somehow03:25
lifelesshuwshimi: I think that makes a lot of sense03:26
huwshimilifeless: :D03:26
huwshimiwgrant: It's funny, there's a few things I think we got right a few years ago that I would like to revert to :)03:31
wgranthuwshimi: Yeah...03:31
lifelesswgrant: can you check I transcribed your fix for bug 884265 correctly ?03:32
_mup_Bug #884265: req_vars header values may cause crash in dboopsloader <python-oops-tools:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/884265 >03:32
mwhudsonlet's all go back to arch!03:32
wgrantmwhudson: A sound plan.03:32
lifelesswgrant: and if so, approve my MP ?03:32
wgrantlifeless: Your MP being rye's?03:33
lifelesst'other one03:34
wgrantWhich was created after I last looked.03:34
pooliehuwshimi, "a normal ux"04:09
pooliei think even google seems to be going away from having separate subdomains?04:09
lifelesscan has review? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/python-oops-tools/bug-888866/+merge/8193304:10
poolieit's hard to tell04:10
pooliebut the calendar is now google.com/calendary04:10
nigelbhuwshimi: I like this going back to no subdomains thing ;)04:12
poolieme too04:12
wgrantIt's also pretty damn easy to move away from subdomains.04:12
pooliei would like to see a mockup of what the navigation ought to look like04:12
wgrantWe've had so many different navigation UIs over the years.04:12
wgrantNone of them have worked :/04:12
pooliehuwshimi, one interesting thing from gdd was their stuff about breadcrumby/back-stack navigation in android04:12
wgrantAnd now GitHub has basically reproduced LP 2.004:12
poolieit does not map totally directly04:12
pooliebut there are some ideas04:13
poolieis that good or bad?04:13
pooliespecifically they have a plain 'back', crossing application or other activity boundaries04:13
poolieand also an 'up'04:13
nigelbwgrant: heh, yeah.04:13
poolietaking you towards the top level of that particular application04:13
poolieobviously for us its complex because there is browser back, and also going back towards the lp app root vs the pillar root04:14
pooliebut, perhaps we want to emphasize the latter04:14
lifelesscan has review ? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/python-oops-datedir-repo/bug-888866/+merge/8193704:50
lifelesswell, EOD for me.04:51
lifelessEOW even04:52
pooliecheerio lifeless05:20
pooliewgrant, ok, the package style is a bit more modern now05:20
StevenKDoes it make use of dh 7 yet?05:23
wgranthardy doesn't have dh7, but cat should if you want it.05:41
StevenKOh, drat. Hardy05:43
micahghardy-backports has dh7 :)06:25
poolieit doesn't06:33
pooliethat doesn't seem high on the list of issues06:33
poolieshould i add this to just launchpad-dependencies, or something more specific?06:35
pooliewhich one is used to run tests i wonder06:35
pooliedeveloper dependencies apparently06:37
huwshimiHave a good weekend all!06:38
poolieyou too06:38
wgrantpoolie: launchpad-developer-dependencies, probably.06:42
poolieyep, done and pushed06:43
pooliedo i _have_ to update the ec2 image for new dependencies?06:50
pooliecan't it just install them when it boots?06:51
wgrantIt doesn't apt-get upgrade06:51
pooliecould it?06:51
poolieso, to me it really does look like it does an apt-get upgrade07:03
pooliebut that may be a decoy07:03
StevenKpoolie: The only case that does is the AMI upgrade path07:46
poolieyeah, but istm i can, and might as well, just do it when a real test is booting07:47
StevenKI don't like that idea.07:47
StevenKSome tests on ec2 are fragile enough without adding more changes.07:47
pooliebut this is fairly determinisitic07:48
poolieand brings the tests closer to what people will experience elsewhere07:48
StevenKWe have been on rev 522 for over one month07:49
StevenKAnd given it takes about an hour to make a new AMI, I don't think the cost is high at all.07:50
pooliei think an hour of avoidable works' pretty high07:51
StevenKIt isn't an hour of work. It's one command and wait an hour07:51
StevenKMuch like our test suite07:51
pooliethat's worth cutting down too07:51
pooliean hour of latency is also worth cutting out07:51
StevenKI would seriously prefer you just make a new AMI and bring up changing it on the mailing list.07:52
pooliei am running my test in this now07:52
pooliewhich seems equivalent07:52
StevenKAnd I submit that changing it and then announcing it is as much akin to what you almost accussed me of with +personal.07:53
pooliei'm just going to put up an mp07:53
pooliei'm not going to just change the ami07:53
pooliein fact i'm pretty sure i am not trusted to change the ami, which is another reason i looked at just updating the single machine07:54
poolieand i did ask about it here07:54
StevenKpoolie: Have a look at lib/devscripts/ec2test/account.py, line 25 on.07:55
poolieas i suspected, it's out of date :)07:56
pooliewrt henninge07:56
StevenKWe don't remove people07:56
StevenKAnd I suspect adding your ID there would not cause much of an issue07:57
poolieyeah i could07:57
StevenKWe can probably remove henning, salgado, jml07:57
pooliei think current staff who are no longer on the lp team is a bit different08:00
pooliebut, maybe still least privilege08:00
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jmlactually, that reminds me, I need to delete my LP image08:44
jmlit's costing me US$0.53 and £2 each month in Amazon & then bank fees.08:44
StevenK2GBP is a bit steep08:55
danhgMorning Everyone09:18
adeuringgood morning09:20
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jam1I thought the new fast-oops was deployed. I got an OOPS trying to list my branches in a project page, but the oops (with a hash) hasn't shown up after about 10 min11:17
=== jam1 is now known as jam
jamhttps://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-55ae33da0714197906011068d73e95f3 if people care11:17
rvbajam: fast-oops is not yet deployed in production.11:17
jamah, I thought robert said that it will show up once we switch to hash-based ids11:19
jamanyway, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/88904211:19
_mup_Bug #889042: OOPS while viewing branch listing for ~user/project <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/889042 >11:19
jambrowsing to a per-user branch listing tracebacks11:20
rvbajam, hum, that's related to the new branch menu recently introduced, I think it's worth disabling the flag until the problem that you just had is solved… I'll take care of that…11:22
jamrvba: thanks. code.lpn/~jameinel works but code.lpn/~jameinel/project doesn't11:25
* nigelb wonders what mrevell was testing11:33
mrevellnigelb, hmm?11:36
mrevellnigelb, Oh, the mailing list archive seems to be delayed by a couple of days11:36
nigelbah, nice :)11:36
nigelbI did ask wgrant about it some days ago.11:37
nigelberr weeks11:37
nigelbBack then it was hours, not days.11:37
rvbajam: the flag has been removed so this should be back to normal, thanks for reporting this.11:46
jamrvba: confirmed, my ~user/project page loads now11:47
deryckMorning, all.12:49
rvbaHi adeuring, would you have time to have a look at this MP? https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/launchpad/bug-889042/+merge/8198814:26
adeuringrvba: sure14:26
flacostemrevell, sinzui, gnuoy, allenap: i realy doubt that the delays in mail being sent out is related to the delays in mail archiving14:27
rvbaadeuring: thank you. The diff should be available shortly…14:27
flacostemailman is using separate queue runner for all these aspects14:27
sinzuiflacoste, as wgrant remarked, there is a lot of list traffic in ubuntu-x-swat maybe14:28
flacostethat's a more likely explanation14:28
flacostein the past we had issues with the xmlrpc calls timing out, but that was fixed i think14:29
flacosteis mailman the bottleneck or our stmp server?14:29
flacostealso, mrevell tests seem to have been near instantaneous14:29
gnuoyflacoste there is no backlog in exim14:29
flacosteis there a backlog in mailman?14:29
mrevellDaviey, Is there still a backlog for the openstack list?14:30
mrevellDaviey, I mean delay14:30
deryckadeuring, https://dev.launchpad.net/QA/ExploratoryTesting/CustomBugListings14:33
deryckabentley, https://dev.launchpad.net/QA/ExploratoryTesting/CustomBugListings14:33
Davieymrevell: The archive doesn't seem to be showing recent mail, https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/14:35
Davieyregarding actual mail, i'm not sure.14:35
sinzuiWhy are there always 3 new bugs? I have checked for private new bugs that we might be be subscribed too, but there are none in production14:42
flacosteDaviey: right, mailing list archives isn't expected to work, a work around is to visit mail-archives.org14:42
flacosteall your lists are archived there in real-time14:42
Davieyflacoste: for the nosey, why is that?14:46
flacosteactually, it's mail-archive.com14:47
sinzuiexcellent, staging is broken in the same way.14:47
flacosteDaviey: because originally we didn't want to host archives ourself, because there is no good software for it14:48
flacostedown the line we decided to do a dirt-cheap solution14:48
flacostebut that's what we have now14:48
flacostethat doesn't work most of the time14:48
deryckSeems odd to me we have the same yuixhr failure in both devel and db-devel.14:48
* deryck is investigating build failures14:49
Davieyflacoste: thanks14:49
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adeuringrvba: r=me15:05
rvbathank you adeuring.15:06
gnuoyflacoste, there doesn't seem to be a  backlog in mailman15:16
flacostegnuoy: ok, so we think the delay problem is solved?15:17
gnuoyflacoste, no, sorry, I was just answering your question from an hour ago15:17
flacostewell, if we don't have a queue, there shouldn't be delays :-)15:18
gnuoyunless the thing putting them on the queue it the problem15:18
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deryckabentley, lines are up again if you need to land stuff.15:55
abentleyderyck: Cool, thanks.15:55
deryckmatsubara, we using mumble for the call?  or skype?16:00
matsubaraderyck, skype so danhg can join us16:00
abentleymatsubara: online now, as aaron_bentley16:02
deryckmatsubara, I'm ready to go too.16:03
deryckadeuring, you want in this call?16:03
matsubaraabentley, thanks. skype is taking forever to find your user id16:03
adeuringderyck: sure. skype?16:04
deryckadeuring, yup.  and tell matsubara your skype id if he doesn't have it.16:04
matsubaraderyck, can you host? I suppose you have aaron and abel already in your list?16:04
deryckmatsubara, sure.16:04
matsubarado you see me online?16:04
adeuringmatsubara: adeuring on skype. give me two minutes to śtart a machine where skype is installed16:05
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flacostederyck: with spurious test failures, don't cross fingers, disable tests :-)16:14
allenapgmb: Do you what's happening/happened with bug relationships?16:38
gmballenap: Not since I handed in the draft of the LEP. mrevell and flacoste will likely know where it's at.16:39
flacosteallenap: your squad is likely to work on it16:40
flacosteallenap: once gary squad is done with test suite parallelizatin16:40
allenapflacoste: So something for 2012 then. Ta.16:40
flacosteallenap: it's not clear what the exact scope will be yet16:40
flacosteallenap: yep16:40
flacosteearly 2012 is what is on our agenda16:40
deryckflacoste, sorry was otp.  I wasn't confident it was spurious enough to disable.  if it happens again, I will.16:45
allenapDoes anyone know why I can't find more than 1207 bugs at https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/ares (via advanced search), even though I know that there are 1515 bugs, and launchpadlib confirms it? I assume it's something to do with bugs/bugtasks, yet they are all newly created tasks from an import.17:15
deryckallenap, private bugs?17:16
allenapderyck: There's one private bug. Checking anonymously via launchpadlib yield 1514 bug tasks.17:16
deryckhmm, weird.  I remember something like that with a bug import for me.  either private bugs or closed bugs.17:17
allenapderyck: I sense that I've figured this one out before, but I cannot quite access the memory.17:17
deryckheh, yeah17:17
deryckallenap, do you know what the user sees?17:18
deryckallenap, also, expired maybe?17:19
* deryck is guessing :)17:19
allenapderyck: The user and I see the same things: just 1207 bugs (well, he sees 1206). Ah, I have an inking...17:19
allenapderyck: I've figured it out! There are 308 tasks with Unknown status, and that's not given as an option in the advanced search page.17:20
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deryckallenap, ah ha! :)17:20
allenapderyck: Thanks for prodding in the right direction :)17:21
deryckallenap, np!17:21
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lifelessallenap: evening18:06
rvbaHi lifeless!18:11
lifelesshi rvba18:11
lifelesssad news about the oopses!18:11
rvbayeah, but that's fixed, the branch is in ec2.18:12
sinzuilifeless,  do you know if the process that manages BugSummary ever pruges/rebuilds the stats? I am trying to understand why /launchpad always has three new bugs that the db says is not true18:37
* rvba EODs18:39
rvbalifeless: I've got a perf related question on this MP, maybe you could have a look next week… https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/launchpad/builders-timeout-bug-887078-eager-load/+merge/8200818:42
* rvba really EODs now.18:42
lifelesssinzui: it doesn't no. There is obviously a bug.18:58
sinzuiyes. I think one something odd gets into the data, it is stuck18:58
sinzuilifeless, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/735551/ show one of the bugs has a patch. I have been looking for such a bug in Lp. They are pretty rare.18:59
lifelesssinzui: could you file a bug ?19:00
lifelessI meant to last time I noticed, but I got distracted19:00
sinzuilifeless, I will19:00
* micahg hugs sinzui for cleaning up null bug tasks19:23
sinzuithank you.19:24
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deryckrick_h, ping.  you around?21:16
deryckabentley, would you like to review my integration branch, which gets toggling of fields working?21:36
abentleyderyck: sure.21:36
deryckabentley, thanks!  https://code.launchpad.net/~deryck/launchpad/listing-config-widget-integration/+merge/8202421:37
deryckabentley, I also did a little drive by to clean up some of that CSS/design stuff we've been discussing.21:37
abentleyderyck: ah, okay.21:37
deryckabentley, when we're nearly done, I'll do a pass to consolidate/polish CSS rules, and perhaps simplify.  But that should be closer to the mockup, and let everyone see we can get it right.21:38
abentleyderyck: It looks like you're specifying field visibility rather than using the values from LP.cache.  Is that right?21:41
deryckabentley, yes, I'm getting the value from when the form overlay is submitted.21:42
abentleyderyck: I mean BugListingConfigUtil.field_visibility_defaults21:43
deryckabentley, ah, yes.  I hard coded them in the widget.  so it echos the browser code.21:43
abentleyderyck: What is the purpose of echoing the browser code instead of using the values generated by the browser code?21:44
deryckabentley, to me it seemed better because the widget can work in isolation of the cache.  or rather, I did build it separate from the cache....21:46
deryckabentley, so there's no harm in pulling from cache in a later pass and not leaning on the hard coded defaults.21:47
abentleyderyck: I think this is a DRY violation.  If we change only one, then the bug listings (client-side or server-side) and the widget will disagree about which fields are displayed.21:49
deryckabentley, I agree.  Does it matter for the sake of this branch, though?  Can I change that when I fix the persistence issue?21:50
abentleyderyck: And consider that the browser code will probably start setting these values according to query variables, per the LEP's URL requirements.21:50
deryckabentley, I'm completely agreed with you.  Just wondering if fixing is a subsequent branch is ok.21:52
abentleyderyck: I guess you could, but I don't understand why you'd want to.  Violating DRY takes more effort then following it.21:52
deryckabentley, because, it's a larger change, and I want to think about how best to do it.  Assuming you don't have other issues, this could land now, and at least get the interaction live for people to see.21:53
abentleyderyck: It's not just a one-line variable assignment?21:54
deryckabentley, ah, you mean just in the page hook up?  I was thinking refactoring so the hard coded ones weren't there at all.  fixing tests, etc.21:55
abentleyderyck: Oh, I see.21:56
abentleyderyck: Well, if the tests are holding it back, I guess that's okay then.  I just didn't understand your reluctance.21:57
deryckabentley, ok, thanks.  I would like to fix it altogether, so the widget can't work without getting data from the cache.21:58
abentleyRight.  And then you could have a factory function for testing.21:58
deryckit's pedantic I guess, but it makes more sense to me if the test describes what you should do with the widget.21:58
deryckabentley, right21:58
deryckI meant my reluctance is pedantic, not your suggestion, abentley :)21:59
abentleyderyck: r=me.22:03
deryckabentley, thanks!22:04
rick_hderyck: pong, been afk most of the day22:04
abentleyderyck: We should also look at the module naming.  I see "lp.bugs.buglisting" and "lp.buglisting_utils" and they don't match.  And I'm not sure whether ListingNavigator shouldn't also be a utility.22:05
deryckabentley, yeah, I agree.  I'm not crazy about my namings of this and configutils.BaseConfigUtil.22:07
abentleyI'm not entirely sure what the style is supposed to be.  I've seen a lot of different things.22:07
deryckwe're inconsistent indeed.  I think everything should just live under lp, a la Y.lp.module.22:18
deryckand probably a listings module and a utilities modules would let us divide these pieces up nicely.22:18
deryckabentley, can you mark the mp approved too please?22:19
deryckLater on, everyone.  Have a nice weekend.22:46

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