psusiCan someone fix the auto importer for btrfs-tools?  it shut down when kernel.org got hacked... it's back, but now it is just btrfs-progs.git, not btrfs-progs-unstable.git00:44
wgrantpsusi: It's the same repo, just renamed?00:45
psusiwgrant, I'm not really sure... I just know that it is the only btrfs-progs repo Chris Mason has put back up on kernel.org and he announced it was back online on the mailing list a few days ago.. I'm guessing before there were separate stable/unstable repos but there don't seem to be now... that one is the one having active development00:46
wgrantLet's see what happens...00:47
maxblooks to be a continuation, and someone's already updated LP00:47
wgrantI just did.00:47
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rvbaG'day mrevell.09:16
mrevellI suppose "S'lut" wouldn't be appropriate.09:16
rvbahum… I guess it would be ok… you can add that to your arsenal.09:16
danhgMorning all09:18
rvbamrevell: another one: bi'jour. That one will make you sound like a pied noir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pied-Noir)09:18
mrevellrvba, Ah, cool :) I learnt a bit of Picard when I visited Amiens a couple of times, but all forgotten now.09:19
mrevellThe only Picard in my heart, nowadays, in Jean-Luc.09:20
mrevellmorning danhg09:20
danhgMake it so09:20
rvbaIn Jean-Luc we trust.09:21
danhgI prefer Janeway to be honest09:22
mrevellOf all the captains to pick.09:22
danhgApart from young/youngish Kirk of course09:22
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jamespagehello - I keep getting an OPPS for the following bug tag search - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=java7-ftbfs13:47
jamespageit does return occasionally - any help appreciated as it tracks build failures related to Java 713:48
Sweetsharkany hints why https://bugs.launchpad.net/df-libreoffice/+bug/868229 does not remote update?13:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 868229 in LibreOffice Productivity Suite "CheckBookmarks fails with NoSuchElementException on names __UnoMark__1910_1361181355" [Medium,Confirmed]13:57
mardyjelmer: about that import issue, did you create a bug? If you didn't and are busy, I could do it14:19
jelmermardy: bug 87808514:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 878085 in Launchpad itself "NoSuchRevision error during git import" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87808514:22
mardyjelmer: thanks!14:22
jelmermardy: I didn't file a new bug, but that seems to be the same issue14:22
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iktIs there any way to get a list of recent bugs that have been touched by you via the api?14:49
iktfor a specific time frame*14:50
hlamerhi. I want to add dependency for my ppa. What should I enter to "Add PPA dependency" field?15:14
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mrevellhey allenap, how does danhg mimic right-click in Ubuntu on his mac? ANy ideas?15:40
allenapgmb: ^15:41
deryckmrevell, is he in a vm?  does two finger click not work?15:44
mrevellderyck, no, bare metal15:44
derycksorry, if I'm nosing in here :)15:44
mrevellplease do, danhg needs help :)15:44
deryckdanhg, does two finger click not work?15:44
gmbI have no idea, sorry.15:48
dobeyhow long does it take for the mailing list subscription prefs to change on LP? i changed which address one of them goes to, but just got mail to the address it was formerly set to16:06
allenapdobey: There are mailing list issues at the moment. I guess we can add that to the symptoms.16:12
allenapmrevell: ^16:12
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mrevellthanks allenap!16:13
mrevelland sorry fort he delay dobey16:13
dobeyah ok16:14
gustonegrohi, I'm trying to submit a source package (with dput) to launchpad for both natty and oneiric16:36
gustonegroI can submit the first natty package...16:36
gustonegrobut when I try to submit the oneiric one, it tells me that orig.tar.gz is different and can't accept it16:37
gustonegroso, I then use the previous orig.tar.gz file (with a few patches) and try to submit that16:37
gustonegrothis time lp tells me that the source code wasn't submitted.16:38
gustonegrodo I need to tell dput to explicitly upload teh source?16:38
gustonegrooh, nevermind.  it was a build error.  sorry for the noise.17:04
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gustonegrowhat does it mean to "register a branch" on a project?17:54
Renegade15you tell it a location of code17:57
Renegade15and/or the metadata of said code17:58
Renegade15i.e. in which state said code is (experimental, testing, stable)17:59
gustonegroI'm just trying to make the initial import onto a launchpad project that I registerd.17:59
gustonegrobzr push says:  you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration.18:00
jelmergustonegro: "register a branch" is probably not what you're looking for18:00
jelmergustonegro: we're actually going to remove that link18:00
gustonegroyeah, I'm tryin to figger out what I'm looking for18:00
jelmergustonegro: you probably just want to use "bzr push lp:~yourname/yourproject/branchname"18:00
jelmerwhere branchname can be anything you've made up18:00
jelmere.g. "trunk"18:01
gustonegrojelmer: that works...but I wanted to put it in the project, not under my name18:01
jelmergustonegro: every branch has an owner - that can either be a person or a team (such as yourproject-dev)18:01
gustonegrooh ...so that means I need to first make a bzr repo under my name and use that in the project repo somehow?18:02
jelmergustonegro: if you create a team you can use lp:~teamname/yourproject/branchname18:03
gustonegroso I cannot ever use "bzr push lp:myproject"  I always have to use "bzr push lp:~teamOrMyname/yourproject/branchname"  ?18:04
gustonegroare there docs on how to use the lp service?  I can't seem to wrap my head around all the variations18:04
jelmergustonegro: lp:myproject is a shorthand for whatever branch you have designated as your main development branch18:05
gustonegroso if I push to lp:~yourname/yourproject/branchname, I can tell others to branch off of lp:yourproject  ?18:06
jelmergustonegro: yes - you just need to specify in the launchpad web UI that lp:~yourname/yourproject/branchname is your main branch18:06
gustonegrohow do I do that?18:12
gustonegro"Link to a Bazaar branch already on Launchpad" ?18:14
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jelmergustonegro: once you've pushed the branch, use "Set development focus"18:18
* jelmer EODs18:20
gustonegrohmm. where is that? under my page or my project page? under the project page "Development focus:" I see a pull down list with only one option "myproject trunk"18:26
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gustonegrowhat is the "branches tab" in this doc? https://help.launchpad.net/Code/QuickStart18:42
gustonegrois that the "code" link at the top of a project page?18:42
jmlgustonegro: yes. it's an out-of-date document18:49
gustonegrojml: ah thanks.  I'm getting confused with branches, series  and trunk, mainline18:52
colon_Dhow can I delete old packages in my PPA?20:04
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Resistancecolon_D:  you click "Delete packages" in the PPA, then select the packages.21:18
Resistancecolon_D:  but if you uploaded a newer version of the package, it supercedes the older version21:18
Resistancecolon_D:  so  then there's no need to erase older version21:19
colon_DResistance: sorry, got comcasted there...  i'm not seeing a Delete packages button anywhere though.  but I guess if it's auto purging my superseded releases then that's ok21:36
Resistancecolon_D:  for instance21:37
Resistanceif you release pkg1.021:37
Resistanceand then later release pkg1.121:38
Resistancethe 1.1 package, if its a higher version, supercedes pkg1.0 and pkg1.0 goes into old information21:38
Resistancebut its files still exist21:38
Resistancebut you have no need to erase the older version because the newer one has the higher version.21:38
colon_Dmakes sense... so i can't actually purge pkg1.0?21:39
Resistancecolon_D:  not without deleting pkg1.1.22:46
Resistancebecause only the latest versions for each distro (i.e. natty, oneiric, etc.) are the initially visible ones22:46
Resistanceyou dont need to remove the older versions, due to the supercedence caused by the newer versions22:47

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