leois there any way to install all multimedia codecs available? Im using ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS00:03
wxlyou mean lubuntu?00:06
wxlseems like you could just use medibuntu00:09
leoyes lubuntu00:13
leono... i have downloaded lubuntu dont want to download another iso00:13
wxlgo look up medibuntu00:15
wxlit is NOT a distribution00:15
wxlit is a repository of non-free stuff00:16
wxloops wrong channel00:55
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LubuntuPoweredhow do you turn off notifications?01:31
LubuntuPoweredit's annoying01:31
krasnozerthe lubuntu minimal install, did anyone here tried it ?01:57
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holsteinLubuntuPowered: you could remove whatever is generating them.. i forget what it is... *-notify?03:33
holsteinif you open synaptic and search notify, and through out a few, i'll know03:33
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l057c0d3rhello everyone, I was wondering if there was a mailing list or rss feed for new enteries into default repositories for the package manager?03:54
l057c0d3rsay a new office program or app is added, or new educational apps...03:55
holsteinl057c0d3r: there wont be new ones added04:03
holsteinthink of the repos as being frozen kind of04:03
holsteinthey get updates.. security updates, to a certain point04:03
holsteinl057c0d3r: like, ubuntu 10.04 for example04:04
holsteinit doesnt get firefox 8 or whatever they are up to04:04
l057c0d3rthats ok dont use firefox04:04
holsteinit just gets the latest 3.x or whatever it was04:04
holsteinl057c0d3r: its just an example04:04
holsteinif a new browser comes out, it doesnt get added to 10.0404:05
holsteinOR 11.10 for that matter04:05
holsteinit would be added in for 12.0404:05
holsteinmore likely, it would be added into debian upstream (AFAIK) and trickle in that way04:05
l057c0d3ri see04:05
l057c0d3rthanks for that information04:06
phillwholstein: as lubuntu uses Chromium as the default browser, I am not really suprised that it does not pick up FFox updates?04:06
l057c0d3rchromium isnt bad04:06
holsteinits just an example04:06
l057c0d3ri like developer tools..04:06
holsteinall of the apps are kind of frozen04:06
holsteinnew apps dont get added in to 11.1004:06
l057c0d3rhowever im disipointed in the adblock addon. works better on firefox04:06
l057c0d3ranyway thanks for the information04:07
holsteinas the software center matures, there will be more commercial apps that would be added on04:07
phillwThere has been a delay in backporting things to 10.04 some of pcmanfm is not happy, it is on his list of things to do.04:07
l057c0d3rnew to this flavor of linux...  moved from gentoo fluxbox04:07
holsteinalso, lubuntu = ubuntu04:08
holsteinthe same repos04:08
l057c0d3ra lot different when it comes to installing stuff.  and a lot faster...04:09
holsteinso, if something gets an upgrade, its upgraded there for everything04:09
phillwlubuntu chooses its default programmes carefully, whilst you are free to add any others you want - you need to keep them updated, lubuntu will only update the standard ones.04:09
holsteinlubuntu will update the packages you have installed04:09
holsteinthe package manger will04:09
l057c0d3ru sure they use the same repos..  because there is a game on ubuntu that cost 3$ that i cant find anywhere on lubuntu in software manager :-p04:09
holsteinif you install firefox, and it gets rev'd, it gets it just like buntu04:10
l057c0d3rwhat is that app..04:10
holsteinl057c0d3r: take a look04:10
holsteinopen up your sources and look for secret.lubuntu.source04:10
holsteini dont see that04:10
holsteini see just buntu ones04:10
Unit193The game on Ubuntu that costs is in the software center, that has pay for software, Lubuntu doesn't have that software center04:11
holsteineverything is open... dont take anyones word for it... open it up and take a look around :)04:11
l057c0d3ris it possible to install it?04:11
holsteinyeah, its in the repos ;)04:11
l057c0d3rk thanks04:11
phillwl057c0d3r: we do not currently have the 'paid for apps' that ubuntu has. the overhead for even running that as a search breaks the rules of memory / cpu usage. If you want the full Ubuntu software center, simply install ubuntu?04:11
holsteinkeep in mind that lubuntu has chosen this particular package set for speed though04:12
l057c0d3ri like the light interface and how it runs04:12
holsteinso, if you add a lot of things from main normal buntu, you can bog it back down04:12
l057c0d3rthats why i have lubuntu04:12
l057c0d3rand my games run better / other apps because of less resources being used :-)04:12
phillwholstein: indeed04:12
holsteinwould the software center bog it down? i dont think so04:13
Unit193Software center isn't lightweight04:13
l057c0d3rright but its not running all the time04:13
holsteinyeah, but its not running in the background right?04:13
phillwholstein: it has taken a lot of tweaks just to get a lubuntu version.04:13
l057c0d3rthats all that matters to me04:13
holsteinphillw: i bet, its nice and light, and slick too :)04:14
l057c0d3rso i could use it to download the game..  then play it with my less resource hungry lubuntu04:14
holsteinl057c0d3r: correct04:14
l057c0d3rand sorry to say this but on my sisters top end lappy ubuntu dashboard lags up terrible04:14
l057c0d3reverything else is lightning fast04:14
holsteinubuntu 22:57 < jmcantrell> what are the various apps in xfce built with?04:14
l057c0d3rbut items in the dashboard take forever to show up04:14
holsteinl057c0d3r: what dashboard?04:15
l057c0d3rthats why i have lubuntu04:15
holsteinunity 2d is pretty light actually04:15
l057c0d3rnothing but problems with unity on every system i've tried it on04:15
holsteineh, im not going to use it, but its tested ok for me04:15
l057c0d3rright it test fine04:16
l057c0d3rbut you will notice on startup sometimes it takes 5 to 8 min before all menu items in its dashboard show up..  even on top end systems..04:16
l057c0d3rnow on a desktop you may not notice as much because you don't restart near as often04:16
l057c0d3rbut anyway enough babling04:17
phillwif you guys & gals just want to have a chat about things, please use the #lubuntu-offtopic area. It is not logged like here & it's a great channel to chill out on & discuss things on instead of the logged support channel :)04:17
l057c0d3rthanks for the info and take it easy peeps04:17
Unit193Have a great night04:17
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OsmodivsHello. I am trying to Installa driver for my AcerONE D250 Netbook. The problem is, in the tutorial says I need to input this to know my model: lspci -vnn 14e4 But nothing happens, Is this the right way to know my Wifi model?21:50
Unit193You could just run lspci to get the model number21:56
OsmodivsI am trying to find out whether a PCI device is supported by the b43 or b43legacy drivers,21:59
OsmodivsBut I guess it is, since just typing: lspci -vv tells me that "Kernel driver in uses: b43-pci-bridge"22:00
Unit193You were looking for the command    lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4   (You missed the grep)22:00
OsmodivsAh, well, I was using it like this: lspci -vvnn grep | 14e422:01
Unit193Heh, yeah. You need to pipe it into grep ;)22:01
OsmodivsUnit193: Thx22:02
Unit193Sure, got what you need?22:03
OsmodivsNow lets see if I can compile a driver :D22:03
Osmodivs_Is there a way to put a gcc compiler by default in Lubuntu? I was trying to install a wifi firmware and asked me for a "make", do I downloaded "make" and did make on the firmware, but now i get a "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH"22:51
Osmodivs_This is outraegous22:51
Osmodivs_or whatever you spell that22:52
wxlnow that's just weird22:58
wxlOsmodivs_ i've got make and gcc and pretty much have a default install that's never run on wifi22:59
wxli don't thinki've ever had a reason to have make or gcc installed22:59
wxland yet i have both22:59
Osmodivs_Well, my verion of Lubuntu wants me to install such packages22:59
wxlwhat version?23:00
wxland how are you installing this wifi stuff?23:00
Osmodivs_11.10 32bits23:00
Osmodivs_Well, I have an Acer ONE D250, so they come with this Broadcom wifi and I need a firmware23:01
wxlso apt-get install firmware-b43-installer or whatever it is?23:01
Osmodivs_The thing is, I do not have an ethernet cable, So i guess thas the only choice23:01
wxloh gawd23:01
wxlso how did you download make???23:02
Osmodivs_I was trying to do it with .tarballs but I got this C compiler problem23:02
wxlok here's my totally not lazy absolutely serious best thing for you solution:23:02
wxlgo buy an ethernet cable23:02
Osmodivs_I downloaded make with my other PC, wich only has WiFi23:02
wxlit will be more of a pain in the butt to do it without the internet than it will with23:02
Osmodivs_Yeah, I guess that's the only solution. CABLE23:03
wxleven if it takes you all day to go make the money for and buy an ethernet cable23:03
wxlother option: resolve ALL the dependencies yourself23:03
Osmodivs_I 'll just go to a cyber-cafè23:03
Osmodivs_there must be like 250 of those dependecies23:03
Osmodivs_It's pretty much a light Lubuntu23:04
wxleven if there's 10 it's still a pain in the butt23:04
wxli must say tho23:05
wxli'm worried about your lack of gcc/make23:05
wxli seriously think that something must be wrong with the install23:05
wxlwhich method did you use to install?23:05
Osmodivs_I checked if the USB was corrupted, and it was not23:06
wxlare you running off the liveusb or did you use a liveusb to install to hd?23:06
Osmodivs_It is already installed in my Acer ONE NetBook23:07
Osmodivs_I used a USB23:07
wxljust making sure23:07
wxli don't see any reaosn why that would be any different23:08
Osmodivs_Wich is strange, because Ubuntu worked "out of the box". Does this means Lubuntu ... you know, scks?23:08
wxlb43 doesn't work out of the box on just about anything23:08
Osmodivs_Well, Ubuntu did23:08
Osmodivs_I've had Ubuntu in this machine since 9.0423:09
wxlthen why bother with the change?23:09
Osmodivs_But decide to change when Unity came23:09
Osmodivs_and Gnome323:09
wxlif that's your only problem just install lubuntu-desktop and get rid of gnome23:09
Osmodivs_It's anetbook, so Ubuntu is too heavy23:09
Osmodivs_Well, I decided to do a frsh install of Lubuntu23:10
Osmodivs_Deleting Gnome stuff kinda broke my system23:10
wxl!purelxde ! Osmodivs_23:11
ubot5wxl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:11
wxloh sheesh23:11
Unit193!purelxde | Osmodivs_23:11
ubot5Osmodivs_: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »23:11
wxlthx ubot523:11
Unit193Still isn't quite as good as a fresh install23:12
Osmodivs_Yep, thats the tutorial I followed23:12
Unit193Sure wxl23:12
Osmodivs_and it BROKE my system23:12
Osmodivs_not all system are made the same23:12

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