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OliveGreenHi all.08:02
OliveGreenHas the work on Ubuntu 12.04 started yet?08:02
geserof course08:03
OliveGreengeser, excellent. Can I give some small suggestions?08:03
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geserI guess so, but this channel might not be the best place for it. Better would be to contact the responsible team or if it's more general then use the mailing list (ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com)08:05
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OliveGreenWell, I just wanted to give two very small suggestions:08:08
OliveGreen1. Please.. pretty please.. Replace Gwibber. It's buggy, it's ugly (the UI is terrible counter-intuitive) and it's slower than a PS3 game running on a Commodore64 (if that was even possible).08:10
OliveGreen2. Please, replace Banshee with Rhythmbox. Leaving the mono issue aside, Rhythmbox is much more reliable and lighter.08:10
geserreplacing banshee with rhythmbox is getting considered (see the item in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-November/034392.html)08:15
OliveGreengeser, Yes. That's right.08:15
OliveGreengeser, I hope that the same is going to happen for Gwibber because it just plain sucks.08:16
geserand for gwibber: as I said this might not be the best place for suggestions as not many devs hang around here so your suggestion will most certainly get unnoticed08:16
OliveGreenYes. I will send this to mailing list some time later today.08:16
OliveGreento *the* mailing list..08:17
brendandsomebody needs to write a new social media client for ubuntu08:21
brendandi don't think there are *any* good ones08:22
OliveGreenbrendand, Agreed.10:28
OliveGreenHotot is kind of nice, but its progress and the way the project is managed is terrible, imho.10:29
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FernandoMiguel$ echo 1500 | sudo tee  /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness15:18
FernandoMiguelthat and adding acpi_blacklight=vendor to kernel boot15:19
FernandoMiguelseems to have allowed me to bypass my vaio setting bright to max15:19
FernandoMiguelanyone knows where I can hack udev or something so I can use my soft keys again?15:23
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mrdebare u using 120419:41
moo-put firefox 8 in ubuntu21:21
DaemonikUbuntu really screwed up with the transition to Gnome 3. Why is it that I install Ubuntu 11.10 and gedit's text encryption plug-in is missing. "It's due to the Gnome 3 transition" is NOT an acceptable answer. Gnome 3 should not be adopted until it's actually ready. No one cares about GTK3 unless the applications they are using have the functionality that is expected. I used Ubuntu in 2004, very much appreciating the project. You21:24
Daemonik guys are killing Ubuntu, you are hurting GNU/Linux, you are hurting the Free Software movement with your incompetence.21:24
micahgDaemonik: GNOME doesn't support the 2.x branch anymore, the GNOME3 transition wasn't a choice, also there are still many applications using GTK221:26
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Daemonikmicahg, The GNOME development team is not the Ubuntu project lead. The GNOME3 transition *IS* a choice. This is Free Software which any one has the Freedom to implement. Is Ubuntu development so broken that all you guys do is package what other people release? People use Ubuntu thinking they can use it for real work and daily life. Is Ubuntu nothing more than a "hey beta test this software" branch??21:27
DaemonikWho makes these terrible decisions? Is there not a small team of core engineers who make high-level decisions? This is why Mac OS X, which is JUST NOW catching up to what Compiz and GNU/Linux did OVER HALF A DECADE AGO is kicking our asses.21:28
micahgDaemonik: sure, given unlimited resources, what you say is true, anyways, these things are discussed at UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit), we just had one last week21:29
DaemonikAt least Linux Mint has a CLUE and releases "Gnome 2 with Gnome 3 functionality", or whatever they're doing. It's not just the "average person" aka the "teenage girl with an iPod" userbase that is pissed off. It's people like Linus Torvalds, Eric Raymond, and System Administrators.21:29
Daemonikmicahg, If you don't have the resources, don't push the broken software out. Stay with the old software. It doesn't matter how many resources are or are not available. Bad decisions were made, Ubuntu is losing mindshare and market trends are no longer anecdotal and now visible.21:30
JontheEchidnaresources are required to maintain the old software. If gnome isn't, ubuntu must21:31
micahgDaemonik: right, they're exercising the freedom you mentioned to do that, the Ubuntu desktop team decides which version of GNOME to take, a lot of people worked very hard last cycle to make sure that GNOME 3 wasn't broke in Ubuntu21:31
DaemonikJontheEchidna, It's a better temporary solution than shipping broken software.21:31
Daemonikmicahg, It's a sea-change with a LOT of missing functionality, and the "usability enhancements" suck.21:32
Daemonikthis is not the proper place to publish these thoughts21:32
DaemonikI'll get back to you guys later.21:32
moo-i hope unity sucks less in upcoming 12.0421:35
moo-i hope you can disable all the useless lenses and scopes21:35
moo-i hate the repository integration with app suggestions21:35
* micahg wishes people could be more positive21:39
dupondjeThey should fix it ;)21:46
bjsnideri can't wait for him to get back to us21:49
bjsniderhis stuff is so fun to read21:50
dupondjeseahorse-plugins is ported to gnome3 btw ?21:55
moo-put firefox 8 in ubuntu!! NOW!!!1122:13
guntbertmoo-: when will you learn that ranting in a support channel doesn't help at all?22:15
dupondjelike its such a big difference :P22:15
moo-can i plz has new firefox 822:18
moo-plz give it to me! plz put in repo so i can have22:19
guntbertmoo-: please stop22:20
moo-windows and mac have firefox 8, ubuntu is a old legacy operating system of yesterdays technology it only has firefox 722:21
guntbertmoo-: please stop - we heard that already22:21
moo-then put firefox 8 in ubuntu so it can be a modern operating system like windows 7 and mac os x22:22
moo-how the hell you gonna compete with modern operating systems if you use yesterdays legacy technology?22:22
guntbertmoo-: seriously stop that - this is a support channel22:23
dupondjemaby you can get firefox 1022:52
dupondjeFirefox 8 is really yesterday technology22:52
dupondjeyou should use Firefox 10 ofc22:52
moo-but its not stable yet22:56

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