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brendandhas the method of writing the image to the card changed for oneiric (vis-a-vis pandaboard)10:28
brendandif i write a natty image using 'zcat <gz file> | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0' then it works fine10:29
brendandwith an oneiric image i get an error saying it can't find the root partition10:29
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ogra_lool, oh, seems i missed a ping from you (i was sick the last days) ... do you still look for me ?14:42
loologra_: Nothing urgent14:43
loologra_: do you have 5 mn for a phone call?14:43
loolwould save me some typing  :-)14:44
ogra_sure, can you use my mobile # ?14:44
looldoes it end in 7483?14:44
loolit's what I have in my address book, but directory shows it as your landline rather than mobile14:45
mirabiloshi, how can I get stuff test-built? (PPA seem to be amd64+i386 only these days)15:00
* mirabilos trying to fix dietlibc FINALLY15:00
suihkulokkimirabilos cool :)15:04
suihkulokkimirabilos: there is no virtualization for arm, that's why no arm on PPA's15:04
mirabilosah ok15:04
mirabilosdoes one of you guys have an sbuild or cowbuilder for ubuntu/arm oneiric or precise?15:05
mirabilosthe last times, doko built it, but he seems EAVAIL15:05
suihkulokkiI have a chroot :P15:06
mirabilosok, cool15:06
mirabilosplease build dietlibc (0.33~cvs20111108-2) from debian experimental (unchanged), then install its dietlibc-dev binary package in the chroot and build mksh (40.2-3exp1) from debian experimental, again unchanged15:07
mirabilosif that's ok for you15:07
mirabilosthe latter contains the best testsuite for it15:07
* mirabilos is mksh author, FWIW15:07
suihkulokkiwould it work on armhf also?15:07
mirabilosI hope so, but there's… hold a sec15:07
* mirabilos looks for link15:07
ubot2Debian bug 633479 in gcc-4.6 "ICE: gcc-4.6: ICE on armel+armhf with mksh, on armhf with oss4-4.2-build2004-1" [Important,Open]15:08
suihkulokkioh, ok15:08
mirabilosthis gcc bug (fixed upstream since 2 months or so) prevents armhf AND armel builds in debian currently15:08
mirabilosah, bot ;)15:08
mirabilos(another reason for me to look for doko… OTOH he _does_ do a _lot_…)15:08
mirabilosi haven't yet heard back from the hppa guys, but the alpha guys report success, as do all debian release architectures15:09
mirabilosplus, this dietlibc issue should fix the propolice SSP problems on ubuntu15:09
mirabilos(tested on precise chroot myself, but x86 only…)15:09
suihkulokkithat bug seems to be fixed upstream, needs backporting15:10
mirabilosthe gcc one? yes.15:10
mirabilosI don't really have access to ARM hardware, except Debian porterboxen (it's frowned upon to build gcc on them, which I can understand… it can take days, well on m68k it takes 3 days…)15:12
mirabilos(and can't install random software to test it there)15:12
suihkulokkimirabilos: ask lindi- for access15:13
mirabilosaccess to what? (he helped with fixing the dietlibc armhf bug, yesterday IIRC, too ;-)15:15
suihkulokkiARM hw15:16
mirabilosmh ok (when I get time and nobody beats me to it)15:17
mirabilosopenrheinruhr this weekend15:17
mirabilos(what platforms does ubuntu support from precise on, btw? I've just stumbled upon a bug re. powerpc and sparc breakage, dietlibc related)15:21
suihkulokkimirabilos: http://kos.to/mksh/16:00
mirabilosthanks, that's #633479 alright16:01
mirabilosdid dietlibc build fine?16:02
mirabilosalso, you might want to check that your box doesn't have clock issues:16:02
mirabilos] make[1]: Warning: File `/tmp/ccJCeRLb.mk' has modification time 0.089 s in the future16:02
mirabilos] make[1]: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.16:02
mirabilos(but that's unrelated to this)16:02
suihkulokkimirabilos: yes, it compiled ok16:03
mirabilosok thanks16:03
mirabilosdid it also run the two tests? (twice './ttt')16:03
mirabilosthe ttt binary compiled from the tc??????.c file (bug number) is the one that segfaulted before16:04
suihkulokkimirabilos: dietlibc compiled fine. just uploaded log to same dir16:05
fedon_what is multimedia extras perspective for ubuntu 11.10?18:30
fedon_for panda board18:30
fedon_any one knows how to make xv to work?18:32
mirabiloswonderful; I just uploaded dietlibc to sid (with ok from zumbi) and put a sync request into the ubuntu-sponsors direction; hopefully that'll fix the situation finally20:02
mirabilos(± the gcc bug)20:02
punxos1How can I put a global variable into a register ?? In sparc is like "set GlobalVariable, register" in arm ???21:28
punxos1ok, is -> ldr register,=Varglobal :)21:41
dtchenare there porter boxes accessible to ~ubuntu-dev? I've been using qemu+sbuild but keep getting ICEs that only occur locally.21:49
punxos1I the first asm line in a SWI ..How can I get sp from USER ? is banked!23:37

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