yosefuHi people00:26
yosefuI'm trying to get back my sound in 11.10, which i lost after some risky tweaking00:27
yosefuanyone has the patience?00:27
CrOnOs2000yosefu, why dont you just reinstall your sound packages00:28
yosefuwhich i've done00:30
yosefu(i hope correctly, im a noob at this)00:30
yosefuaplay - l finds no soundcard (as it did before)00:31
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r4y>I plan on installing Ubuntu 10.04, how should I go about marking bad sectors with something from here: http://support.wdc.com/ or with the live cd of Ubuntu?, or both?02:56
r4yDid my post show up, or should I repost?02:58
urlin2uit shows, I have never seen advice to do this I think you are probably on your own here03:00
r4yI am going to assume that because it says it requires Windows that I should somehow use the live CD of Ubuntu to mark the bad sectors before installing.03:01
r4yGoogle it is03:02
urlin2uare you sure there are bad sectors?03:02
r4yWell Disk Utility says so03:02
r4yBut it could be a bug03:02
r4yI don't know03:03
r4yI have just recently downloaded 10.04.3 instead of the other I was using03:03
r4ySorry I meant 10.10 not 10.04, but I am going to install 10.04.3, not 10.0403:04
r4yI have read this before:03:06
r4yKeep in mind, all disks have some bad sectors, so as with all data important, back up03:06
r4yEven new hard drives have bad sectors03:07
r4yIt's just a question of how bad03:07
urlin2ua regular ubuntu install will not use bad sectors just install and pray it doesn't break overlal03:07
r4yright, well, I am going to Google this for a while because it couldn't hurt. I remember reading that there is an advanced option for this but I have read a lot of things that aren't true or change from version to version03:08
urlin2uhere is a link, but the deal is really that I would estimate 99% of the users you run into will say since HD are so cheap get a new one it just comes down to you being able to do it. http://www.ehow.com/how_6864409_fix-bad-sectors-ubuntu.html03:09
urlin2uyou could map it out and have it fail on the next boot .03:09
r4yBeing backed is very important03:10
r4ythank you for the links03:10
r4yI remember low level format being what to do03:11
r4yI am already backed up by the way03:11
urlin2uthats good I clone everything and have the stuff I can't loose backed up.03:14
r4yI went back to the first link I posted for the heck of it:03:19
r4yI am not sure if I want to go with any of those downloads03:19
r4yI think I would rather go with some other software that will mark the hard drive using a low level wipe, but what software is free for this?03:22
ashickur-noorhow can I  video chat using yahoo protocol in Ubuntu 10.10?03:33
holsteinthis might be relavant ashickur-noor https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bd/2008-December/002682.html03:35
r4yHello holstein. I am wondering if hirens or UBCD can do a low level format on a hard drive I have here. It's a WD Caviar Blue model WD3200JBRTL03:38
holsteinr4y: dont see why not03:38
holsteini havent used hirens though03:38
holsteinsure... ive used UBCD and gparted from live CD's on PATA03:38
r4yI don't see Sata written on the box03:39
r4yOK, I need a guide for this. Any links for what I should use off of either CD?03:39
ashickur-noorholstein:  it is not good03:40
holsteinfor formatting? i would just load up gparted03:40
r4yI mean I am looking here:03:40
holsteinashickur-noor: OK.. what are you trying to do?03:40
holsteinyahoo chat in ubuntu?03:40
holsteinwhats it take?.. a stand alone app?03:40
ashickur-noorya with video03:40
holsteinim only familiar with skype (loosely) and the gtalk one03:41
ashickur-noorI can chat but no video03:41
holsteinashickur-noor: in WINE?03:41
holsteinin the browser?03:41
holsteinhow are you chatting?03:41
r4yI used DBAN already. I want to do low format to have the bad sectors marked and remapped before I install Ubuntu 10.04.303:41
holsteini thought pidgin did yahoo with vid ashickur-noor ?03:41
ashickur-noornot works03:41
holsteinr4y: how many bad sectors?03:41
holsteinif its over the limit, it wont get much better03:41
holsteinif its clicking, i would just give up on it03:42
r4y80 some, I think, I can't remember03:42
holsteinashickur-noor: video doesnt work with pidgin?03:42
holsteinashickur-noor: have you tried wine?03:42
ashickur-noornot yet03:42
ashickur-noorWill try03:42
ashickur-noorneed to go now03:42
r4yWell, that's what this hard drive says which is 82, but for the hard drive I am going to install on, I can't remember how many sectors on that hard drive03:43
holsteina few bad ones is normal03:44
holsteinif you start seeing it in red in that disk utility.... you might want to consider moving on03:44
r4yRight, always make back ups, and even most new hard drives have bad sectors03:44
r4ywhat part red. Maybe I should just install Ubuntu and see what disk utility says after doing so03:45
r4yI read that when installing Ubuntu there is a way to have the live cd mark the bad sectors for install03:46
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r4yI know what I could try. bye I might be back03:47
r4y:) /03:47
holsteinr4y: enjoy03:48
r4yty for the help03:48
holsteinthe disk utility reports bad errors in red03:48
holsteinlike a high bad sector count03:48
holsteinanyways... you'll sort it out :)03:48
r4yright, I will keep that in mind03:48
holsteini have confidence in you!03:48
r4ywhat's considered high?03:48
r4yI suppose that depends on the HD size03:49
holsteini forget03:49
holsteinive seen a lot though03:49
holsteini think 500 is bad03:50
r4yOK, far enough. Thank you for the info03:50
holsteinbut, at some point, its just deteriorating03:50
holsteinand its just going to get worse03:50
holsteinand usually fast03:50
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r4yRight, that's the way of life03:50
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r4yprobiotics, no anti-biotics, lol03:51
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ashickur-noorHI any body here?11:55
Snicksieyeah, im here :p12:01
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truepurpleCan anyone help me fix indexing on mkv files please? A simple google search will not do it, most of the results are for avi only, or don't work.17:53
abhishekcan anyone suggest me where to start with ubuntu development18:51
urlin2uabhishek, we are not fond of dual posting as well, you might ask on the Ubuntu Forums, you will get a lot of answers there. :D18:52
eyadofhi everybody i tried to setup a bridge network between my ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu server 11.10 on virtual box but i'v failed and "device not managed " on the wired connection is written can somebody help please>19:29
clarkthehardy910my internal mic isn't working at all, can anyone help me find out what's wrong?19:30
clarkthehardy910well, its actually working because I can hear the sound through the speakers, but voice recorder isn't getting it, and neither is google talk (through chromium/firefox)19:31
clarkthehardy910any idea of what I need to do?19:32
thewrathhey all19:54
JackyAlcineHello thewrath19:54
thewrathhow are you JackyAlcine19:55
JackyAlcinethewrath: Could be better, but can't ask for too much. :D How about you?19:56
thewrathjust had to remove a rogue security software package from my paresnts computer19:59
thewrathit installs the rogue security package and a rootkit in the background19:59
thewrathso you can remove the app but the rootkit is still there19:59
thewrathluckily i was able to remove all of it19:59
urlin2uyousure you got it all?20:00
thewrathif they have an issue again i am just going to install Ubuntu on it20:00
thewrathfollowed all the steps that i found on the issue20:00
thewrathThe package was called "Privacy Protection"20:01
thewrathApparently my mom did not know the difference20:01
JackyAlcinethewrath: It happens, since they tend to replicate the system's look at times.20:01
thewrathbetween Avast and "Privacy Protection" so she told me that the system was infected with the blaster worm well that was a rip20:01
thewrathwhat JackyAlcine20:02
thewrathurlin2u: i am also work with IT security for my full time job20:02
urlin2uthewrath, you might check with the windows channel just to be sure you run highjack this to see whats there.20:02
thewrathurlin2u: ah i am going to run combofix20:02
urlin2uthewrath, I figured you know what your di=oing just asking?20:02
thewrathyea lol20:02
thewrathsorry been a long day lol20:03
JackyAlcinethewrath: some viruses go as far as to replicate a system program like Windows Defender to trick a user.20:03
thewrathi was trying to see if it was phoning home at all20:03
thewrathso i brought home my system20:03
thewrathJackyAlcine:  yea. she is not into IT like my brother and I are. one photo takeen of the screen with that up i would have known20:03
urlin2uthewrath, combofix is good this is an area  know only a little about, but many think things are gone when not, I had remembered that you were knowledgeable in this area, just curious really.20:04
truepurpleI am trying to get it so I can fastward and rewind in video files with broken indexing. I was told to try aviemux. There are two versions of avidemux in the software center,  gtk and qt, which version do I want?20:04
thewrathJackyAlcine: when is hte next team meeting?20:19
JackyAlcineit's typically posted in the topic.20:20
JackyAlcineEmpathy's not letting me see it.20:20
pers87all of my downloads of the ubuntu 11.10 x86 iso in ie&firefox fail,i have no trouble downloading stuff on irc,is there a bot i can get it from?20:36
bioterroruse torrent?20:41
bioterroror use wget20:42
bioterrorand if you fetch with wget, remember to do md5 checksum20:42
pers87ok, thanks bioterror!20:46
JackyAlcineIf your connection's weak, add the argument '-C' to wget so you can continue later.20:46
bioterrorI would use torrent20:47
bioterrorI get better speeds with too20:47
bioterrorwith it20:47
truepurplewith system monitor, what is the difference between free space, and available space?21:36

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