cprofittbdmurray: ping02:14
bdmurraycprofitt: hey there02:20
cprofittjust sent an email to you as well...02:20
cprofittat UDS the loco directory guys were looking to make use of the script that creates a map with markers for users02:21
cprofittthey were under the impression that is your script or that you had a copy of it02:21
cprofittI guess is it broken right now, but they were wondering of they could get their hands on a copy of it or if you were willing to work on it02:22
cprofittI also hope to get a first draft done of the bug-flow graphic this long weekend02:22
bdmurraycprofitt: this has some information - http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=9602:22
cprofittdo you want me to send that to you via email or post it on a wiki site for multiple people to review?02:23
bdmurraycprofitt: email would be great02:23
cprofittfantastic... thanks02:25
cprofitthope you are fully recovered from the travel with UDS02:25
bdmurraycprofitt: here is the code for what I was doing but it isn't working at the moment02:26
cprofittthanks... I will pass this on to them02:27
bdmurraybasically people can tell Launchpad about their location02:27
cprofittI am going to try to dig in a do some dev work with them too...02:27
bdmurrayhowever I think the only way to set it now is via the PAI02:28
bdmurrayer API02:28
* cprofitt nods02:28
bdmurrayso likely few people have it set02:28
bdmurraylet alone know how to set it02:28
bdmurraymaybe you could do something like put dots at people's time zones02:28
bdmurrayoh, or maybe you could make a greasemonkey script for people to enter their latitude and longitude02:31
cprofittyeah... that could work...02:32
bdmurraycprofitt: so it seems like a fair bit of work for questionable gain02:36
bdmurrayI've got to run though02:36
cprofittthanks bdmurray02:39
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om26erbdmurray, hey you there today?14:34
om26erstock responses are not working in chromium, I am not able to save a new response, also I dont see any exisiting responses there... the dialog says the response was saved but its actually not14:35
iktom26er: where in?14:51
om26erikt, in launchpad14:56
om26erusing the stock response extension14:56
iktom26er: wasn't aware of it15:46
iktchecking it out now15:46
bdmurrayom26er: can you file a bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-gm-scripts/16:01
om26erbdmurray, surely, doing it now :-)16:01

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