bkerensatopyli: Indeed... I have a free personal MediaTemple VPS and Linode VPS00:48
dholbachgood morning07:46
nigelbGood morning dholbach!07:49
dholbachhey nigelb07:51
* dholbach just saw the interview with Bilal07:51
AlanBellit is nice to be able to agree with the Americans that today is 11/11/1107:59
nigelbAlanBell: I disagree, its 11/11/11, not 11/11/11 ;)08:04
nigelb(if you see what I mean :D)08:04
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topyliAlanBell: https://twitter.com/#%21/laurenme0w/status/13468280042620518409:38
* popey shakes fists at MM/DD/YYYY09:46
AlanBellit is all kinds of wrong09:46
czajkowskihowever today we're ok10:43
czajkowskinobody can be confused10:43
AlanBellnever underestimate the ability of people to be confused10:43
czajkowskiam having one of them days10:46
AlanBellakgraner: it has been pointed out that the DPL does not actually work at Canonical . . . https://blip.tv/ubuntu-developers/ubuntu-uds-p-orlando-interviews-stefano-zacchiroli-debian-project-leader-572612213:18
popeywonder who the 'half billion' comment could possibly be aimed at13:39
AlanBellnot me :(13:40
scott-workgood morning everyone14:58
* scott-work hugs the channel14:58
akgranerjcastro_, thank you for your service - Happy Veterans Day!14:59
akgranerHOw did that video get titled wrong - working on getting that changed now....grrrr15:05
akgranerAlanBell, that's not the title I gave them - we're working on getting it fixed now15:07
AlanBellok, thanks akgraner15:08
akgranerI don't create the title slides15:08
AlanBellyeah, I know15:08
AlanBellit was just a bit more politically sensitive than most typos!15:08
akgraneryeah yeah  - I know - stefano been given a heads up as well and the videos have been pulled until they can be fixed15:09
jcastro_no big deal15:10
jcastro_we'll just fix them and repost them15:10
AlanBellhow are things jcastro_?15:12
jcastro_going back to bed now15:12
* jcastro_ is way behind on sleep15:12
dholbachwho admins the ubuntu facebook group apart from Jono?15:12
popeyI think it's just jono15:13
dholbachI'm somewhat surprised to see https://www.facebook.com/notes/ubuntu/ubuntu-1204-development-update/1015036078148154615:13
czajkowskiaye I do locooteams with jono and paultag15:13
dholbachI think it's great to have that kind of exposure, but I wonder if it's the right place for this15:14
dholbachone of the comments was "we can download 12.04 already?"15:14
czajkowskidholbach: it made work feed also of your blog on OMG and planet15:14
popeypeople are idiots15:14
popeymore so on youtube/facebook15:14
dholbachpopey, well, still it'd be good to make communications very clear, so it's harder to make wrong assumptions :)15:15
czajkowskitrying to learning about Type Inference so I can write an article within 20 mins is kinda blowing my head15:15
dholbachczajkowski, I put it on OMG and planet (through fridge) myself15:15
popeydholbach: its a giant wall of text15:15
czajkowskidholbach: ahh ok15:15
popeypeople on facebook don't read walls of text15:15
czajkowskidholbach: tis an interesting read15:15
popeythey scroll to the bottom and smash their keyboard15:15
dholbachczajkowski, gracias :)15:16
jcastro_turn off comments perhaps?15:16
dholbachI love http://xkcd.com/202/15:16
popeyi dont see why we should turn off comments15:16
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scott-workjcastro: you were in the miliatary?  i'm guessing army15:20
* scott-work was in the marine corps15:20
jcastrobut that was a long time ago15:21
jcastroI am more proud of the day off tbh. :)15:21
scott-workit changes a person, did for me at least15:21
scott-workin a good way too i should add ;)15:21
macowhen did Armistice Day turn into a day about people with guns instead of a day celebrating an *end* to war and a time of *peace*?15:21
maco(ie, this "Veterans Day" anomaly)15:21
maco(seeing amber and jorge in backscroll)15:22
macojcastro: day off?15:24
* maco looks around cubicles...15:24
macothis isnt a real holiday. there's still work!15:24
popeymaco: 195415:28
popeyIt's still Armistice Day in the UK (and other commonwealth type territories), it's Veterans Day in the US15:29
jcastrodang so I got the new Planet of the Apes15:30
jcastroand I was going to watch it today15:30
akgranerpopey, once the corrected video goes up on blip can you or jcastro make sure the corrected one makes it to youtube or is that an automatic thing15:30
jcastroand yesterday my brother was like "whatever you don't don't bother with planet of the apes, it's horrible."15:30
jcastroakgraner: just upload the new one, it's automatic15:30
akgranerjcastro, the video guys are fixing the title slide now15:30
Pendulumjcastro: he couldn't have warned you before you bought it?15:31
jcastroI own some pretty questionable movies15:31
jcastrolike Highlander 215:31
akgranergreat - that's all I needed to know - it should be fixed in just a few15:31
macopopey: did the US break everything in 50s? the focus on peace, the pledge of allegiance (adding the "under god")...15:39
* popey shrugs15:39
popeyGiven I am a) British, b) born in 1972, I can't really comment15:39
popeyc) not an expert on american history ☺15:40
AlanBelld) only *look* like Elvis15:40
Pendulumjcastro: watch it anyway, but make plans to follow up with a movie you know you like if it turns out that you don't like Planet of the Apes?15:45
technovikingHighlander 2, you are dead to me.15:49
technovikingalthough the Rise of the Planet of the Apes is pretty good15:50
jcastrois rise the new one?15:52
jcastrothat's the one I got15:52
popeyIMDB 7.8/1015:52
popeythats pretty good15:52
technovikingyeah from this year yeah15:52
popeymy threshold is ~7.115:52
technovikingnot the Markey Mark pieace of crap from 200215:53
dholbachpopey, you can't remember the 50s? :-P15:57
technovikingmy teenager ask me what is was like during World War I, #%!@#&!@& smart@#15:59
akgranertechnoviking, hahaha sounds like my kids...16:01
scott-workjcastro: all the people i know who saw the new planet of the apes said it was incredibly awesomely good16:02
jonodpm, will be two mins16:02
jcastroI will let you know then16:02
dholbachbah, I hate it when I try to put pics into my dev updates to make it more obvious that it's not "put together somewhere", but that actual human beings contribute to it and get stupid comments about the pictures back16:03
dholbachjono, did we set a time for when we wanted to talk?16:03
* jono hugs dholbach16:03
jonodholbach, we didnt16:03
jonocan we do it after I chat to dpm16:03
jonoin 30 mins or so?16:03
dholbachmy standard reply from now on will be "it's somebody who put a lot of work into Ubuntu" and everybody can conclude the sentence with "and you didn't"16:03
jonothanks dholbach16:04
dholbachwas just asking because I have a friend visiting me later on and stay over the WE - but 30m is totally fine16:04
jcastrodholbach: haters be hatin16:04
pleia2yay broder \o/16:05
dholbachok, the comment was removed from OMG - not from their FB page, but from the post - glad it worked ;-)16:05
jcastrodholbach: here is my "covers all the bases" video reply to when someone is mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0la5DBtOVNI16:05
jcastrojust use that16:05
dholbachjcastro, sure -  I just want to make sure the rest who has to read it knows how stupid that comment was :)16:06
dholbachhaha, great video16:06
jonodpm, all set?16:06
dpmjono, yep!16:06
jonodpm, lets do skype16:06
jonoI am not at my desk right now16:07
jonoFriday's are about working from the couch :-)16:07
dholbachjcastro, they even made remixes of it16:07
jcastrothe whole thing is brilliant16:07
dpmjono, can we try mumble? dholbach and I tried skype earlier on and did not work due to a problem on my end (I haven't been able to fix it)16:07
dholbachdpm, jcastro's skype is broken too16:08
dpmdholbach, what? jcastro broke my skype!!!??16:08
jonodpm, mumble doesnt work well for me for some reason16:08
jonolets do G+ but I just wont have videpo16:08
dholbachdpm, I think that's almost what he said16:08
dpmjono, ok, let's do that16:08
jonothanks dpm16:08
dpmjcastro, so what's up with your skype? On mine I can receive sound, but they don't hear me on the other end. Is that the same for you?16:11
jonodpm, ahhh cam is working16:11
jonobut laptop cam16:12
akgranercorrect interview with Zach will go up on Monday16:14
akgranerbut all the rest are up now :-)16:15
dholbachakgraner, I linked to the lot of them today16:18
dholbachincluding Bilal's (done by the Novacut people)16:18
akgranerdholbach, thanks!  :-)16:19
popeysomething on my computer is making a regular clicking noise16:20
popeymute and it goes away16:21
dholbachpopey, try asking diwic16:23
popeyit was an advert in chrome16:23
popeyunderneath everything on another desktop16:23
popeyso annoying16:23
dholbachI wonder how many bug reports we got about it already :-P16:23
dholbach"so I followed a tutorial to uninstall pulseaudio... the clicking is still there..."16:24
akgranerdholbach, I'd say this uds was the best one yet for video interviews  - I know I did 22 of them  - I need to see how many Jason and Tara ended up with.  I think the format is now established now if we can just get all the people to show up for them life would be grand...:-)16:31
* dholbach whistles innocently16:31
* dholbach starts looking very busy with something else16:32
akgranerhehe :-P16:32
akgraneryeah jcastro skated on his too...16:32
dholbachpopey, https://plus.google.com/114852031032123777881/posts/LcShtSkvyV816:32
akgranerbut he sent Marco so it was like having jorge there...16:33
scott-workakgraner:  i have some big plans for ubuntu studio ,maybe you should interview me at the next uds, i'll bring charts ;)16:42
scott-workakgraner: did you see the picture of my new hair?16:43
pleia2scott-work: I hardly recognise you!16:44
scott-worklol, i know16:44
scott-workmy wife keeps looking at me funny...her eyes kinda funny and she keeps holding me arm a lot now16:45
scott-worksomething about the man she married instead of a lumberjack :P16:45
akgranerscott-work, yep - and I'd love to interview you...it's always a pleasure to talk to you16:47
* scott-work blushes16:49
scott-workbut seriously, i'm working on a two year plan for ubuntu studio, i'm pretty pumped about lining out a set of goals and a comprehensive direction16:50
scott-workit's funny that when you articulate the problem and properly define the goals how many of the smaller questions already have answers16:51
* nigelb hugs jussi 16:51
nigelbjussi: tintin was *AWESOME* :)16:51
nigelbNow my favorite Book -> Movie.16:51
akgranerscott-work, proper articulation is the key to many things I've found out over the years (sometimes the hard way) :-)  I can't wait to see how it turns out - let me know if I can help you out somehow - not sure how but if you think of anything just let me know...16:54
jonodholbach, all set?17:09
dholbachjono, yes - skype?17:09
jonodholbach, lets do G+17:09
jonoalthough you get to see me in a robe17:09
jonoor what I prefer to refer to as a smoking jacket17:10
nigelbOh dear.17:10
dholbachnigelb, I told you this job was tough17:10
nigelbdholbach: Now I know how tough.17:10
dholbachalright my friends17:42
dholbachhave a great evening17:42
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:42
dholbachMonday :)17:42
mhall119night dholbach17:43
dholbachbye mhall11917:43
jonomhall119, arond?18:38
jonomhall119, around?18:38
mhall119jono: yup18:41
jonomhall119, timr for a quick call?18:42
jonoI am conscious not to eat into your day off18:42
mhall119I've actually been working today18:42
jonoskype work?18:42
mhall119yeah, logging in18:42
jonomhall119, call me up when you are set18:43
mhall119skype is misbehaving, let me try again18:43
pleia2are there SVGs available of the new pangolin logo? (I'm not sure where to properly ask this)18:44
pleia2have a loco member who is putting together a presentation and wants the scalable version18:44
cjohnstonhowdy all18:55
cjohnstonpleia2: #ubuntu-design18:56
cjohnstondont know if there is anyone in there yet who can answer it..18:57
pleia2hah, yeah, mostly the same people as here :)18:57
cjohnstoni know.. we are working on getting design team members there though18:58

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