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iantoAlanBell: Hi. Sorry for not responding ages ago I've only just come out of hospital15:19
AlanBelloh, sorry to hear that, you OK?15:20
iantoAlanBell: Yeah, what's (/was) up?15:21
AlanBellthere was some discussion at UDS around language based LoCo teams which might be relevant to -cym15:22
AlanBellnot quite sure what the outcome was in the end15:22
iantoOh right fair play, thanks for the notification15:23
AlanBellI didn't follow all the arguments and I am not sure who won, but there are teams that do "french" or "spanish" but are not geographicly related to france and spain15:25
AlanBellthere seems to be some people who want to stop such teams existing, or stop them being on the LoCo directory15:25
iantoIt's correct that they are not LoCo15:26
iantoHowever they should continue to exist15:26
AlanBellpersonally I think if the LoCo directory doesn't support that well it is a bug in the LoCo directory, but hey, I don't want to get involved in that discussion :)15:26
AlanBellquite agree15:26
iantoNeither are they truly localisation teams. GloCo teams, Global Community ;)15:27
AlanBellanyhow, I think things just carry on as they are for the moment15:27
AlanBellI think some developers want to standardise the world into neat non-overlapping countries with single languages15:28
AlanBellwould be better from a developers perspective I have to agree :)15:28
AlanBellall countries should be the same size too15:28
iantoLike France with countles Langues D'Oile? :P15:29
AlanBellyeah, and canada just have to make up their mind whether they are going to speak English or French15:29
iantoIt shouldn't be Locality > Language but Language > Locality. Such as how en_GB or fr_FR are set15:30
iantoWhen sorting things into little groups, that doesn't mean that localities with multiple languages shouldn't have groups though15:32
iantoIt's a hard one to sort15:32
AlanBellyeah, the bottom line is they are not going to have much success reorganising the world to fit the database schema they want to build15:33
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