slashtommyso is there an ubuntu hour this weekend?15:28
slashtommyi didn't see much of a responce on the mailing list15:28
* ebel was thinking today that a follow up email was required15:33
czajkowskieither of ye around december 2nd ?15:56
slashtommyaye, should be nicely snowed in by then :)16:01
ebelczajkowski: aye we should be. no plans.16:12
czajkowskislashtommy: oi do not jinx me16:32
slashtommybut snow is lovely!16:32
slashtommyanyways, how long you staying in town?16:33
czajkowskiin thursday night out saturday afternoon16:35
czajkowskiliterally a flying court visit :s16:35
slashtommywhat's the plan?16:38
tdr112i cant make it to this weekends hour16:39
slashtommyi'm not sure if it's even going to be on16:40
slashtommythought it could be a useful means to distribute CDs16:41
ebeltdr112: that's grand16:51
slashtommyoh noes, czajkowski's skynet is failing17:04

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